vmcc black mountian 2011 REGS by ashrafp


									                              THE VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE CLUB LTD
                                 WEST SOUTH WALES SECTION
                                      BLACK MOUNTAIN ROAD TRIAL
                         FOREST BARN SALEM LLANDEILO SA197NS
                       ACU NO 32136              RAC NO 26485JU26
                                    26th JUNE 2011

A Club restricted Motor Cycle Competition held under the National Sporting Code of the Auto Cycle Union.
                                          With Supplementary Regulations
   The Announcement:-
   The West South Wales Section of the VMCC is pleased to invite VMCC members and members of
   ACU affiliated Clubs riding machines before 31/12/85 to the Black Mountain Road Trial

   The event will take place at Pantglas Hall ,Llanfynydd, Llandeilo. SA327BY.
   The Officials:-
   Clerk of the Course no 136838                 -      Mr. Phil Harries
   Secretary of the Meeting                      -      Mrs. Helen Harries
   Timekeeper                                    -
   Officials – Members of the West South Wales Section

   Arrangements for Weekend:-
   FOR B/B ON THE 25th JUNE 2011:-
   C Thomas 01558 668060, Mrs Smith 01558824655
   Caroline Heatly at the Cottage Inn 01558 824756
   All of these are with in within 4 miles approximate
   Self catering Andrew Webb 01558 624237

   Sunday 26th June 2011: Regularity Road Trial:-
   Participants will sign on at from 9am producing a VMCC or affiliated membership card. The first riders
   will leave at 10.30am and return to Pantglas Hall to sign off at the end of the day

                                 All entries to the Secretary of the Event:-
                      Mrs. Helen Harries Forest Barn, Salem, Llandeilo SA19 7NS
           e-mail dpharries1@aol.com Telephone: 07968168486 (EVENINGS ONLY)
           Closing date for entries 20th June 2011 – late entries will be accepted @ £22.00
   Supplementary Regulations
       A route of approximately 75 mile will be designated containing a number of controls. Gradients
         will not be larger that 1 in 5.
       Riders will be required to ride a safe and consistent speed so as to maintain their selected
         average speed and to arrive at each control at the correct time.
       Rider numbers will be issued with your packs given to the rider after signing on and each
         riders start time will be indicated.
       It is the rider’s responsibility to present themselves at the start line on time and to follow the
         route correctly.
       Riders must nominate an average speed of either 20 or 24 mph and maintain it between each
         control at which they will have their time noted on master cards. Each stage is timed
         separately and points will be incurred for early/late arrival and approaching from the wrong
       Any driver reported to have exceeded the legal limit or for driving in a manner liable to cause
         public criticism anywhere on the course will be disqualified.
       Machines must finish the route by their own power to qualify as finishers. A back up
         breakdown vehicle will follow the riders and riders are asked to stay with their vehicle until the
         breakdown vehicle arrives. It is the rider’s responsibility to load and strap their vehicle and the
         organisers cannot be held responsible for any damage caused in transit in the breakdown
       Bonus Points                 Deducted Points
       Pre 1914              10     Early/Late                             -1
       Pre 1925              5      Missing Control                        - 30
       Two speed             3                                   -15
       Belt Drive            6      Approaching a time check from wrong direction
       No Speedo             2

       All changes of machine after the closing date must be made with the Secretary of the meeting
        prior to event start.
       All Competitors must hold a valid motorcycle licence and must possess valid insurance for this
        type of event on a public road.
       Vehicles must display a valid Road Fund License and carry an operative horn or other audible
        warning device. Machines must comply with all legal requirements have a current MOT
        certificate. No trade plates will be permitted.
       No electronic aids for pacemaking will be permitted.
       The team award will be made for the best aggregate performance by a team of three riders.
        All Team Entries must be with the secretary before the closing date.
Drivers must sign off at Pantglas Hall Llanfynydd Llandeilo SA327BY in order to receive their
finisher’s awards. Riders who do not sign off will not be included from the results and awards.

       All protest must be received in writing within 14 days of the publication of the results and must
        be accompanied by a £50 fee which will be refunded by the organisers if the protest is upheld.
       Should a tie occur the rider of the older machine shall be the winner. Should there still be a tie
        the rider covering the greatest distance before incurring a penalty shall be the winner.
       Points accumulated at this event will count toward the Western Region Championship.

                           Entries can only win one class in the timed event
 CLASS 1 veteran motorcycles manufactured before 01.01.15
 CLASS 2 vintage motorcycles manufactured between 01.01.15 & 31.12.30
 CLASS 3 post vintage motorcycles manufactured between 01.01.31& 31.12.45
 CLASS 4 post war motorcycles manufactured between 01.01.46 & club eligible[25 yrs old]
 CLASS 5 motorcycle combinations or three wheelers manufactured before Club
         eligible [25 yrs old]
 CLASS 6 best times keeping by lady rider
 CLASS 7 best time keeping by two-stroke machine
 CLASS 8 the most accurate time keeping by the rider of a machine in any of the above
         classes will be the overall winner of the meeting

                      The riders time will be reset at each CHECKPOINT

All entries to the Secretary of the Event:-
Mrs. Helen Harries Forest Barn Salem Llandeilo SA197NS

Closing date for entries 20th June 2011 - late entries will be accepted

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