7th Supp Eng by hedongchenchen


									                                BASALT MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                  7th Grade Supply List
 QTY        ITEM
   1        1" 3-Ring Binder (Math)
   1        2" 3-Ring Binder
   5        Folders: 3-hole punched with bottom pockets (plastic)
   4        Packs of looseleaf notebook paper
   2        Spiral notebook (S.S. & Math)
   2        Composition Book (Science, L.A.)
   1        Packs of 1/4" graph paper
 2 doz      Pencils (standard, wooden, graphite-based No.2)
   1        Hand held (enclosed) pencil sharpener
            Erasable Pens (blue or black)
            Fine and Extra Fine black Sharpie markers
  1pk       Highlighters (blue, green, yellow, pink)
  1pk       Dry Erase Markers (black, blue)
            Erasers (large and pencil top)
 1box       Colored pencils
 1box       Colored markers
  1         Large scissor
  1         Ruler (inches and centimeters)
  3         Family size box of tissues
            Index Cards (Small & Large - lined on one side)
   1        Large glue stick
   1        Calculator
   1        Water bottle - optional
   1        Flash Drive
  1pk       Tabbed dividers - 8 total

Recommended Home Resources
       World Atlas

*Some supplies will be collected by teachers for classroom use.
$30.00 Class Fee will be collected at beginning of year.

Revised 6/10

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