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									                                     The Wall

Many of you wanted me to forward this great diversity workshop. It is such a powerful
exercise. You can add other social groups such as middle eastern, women and men just
to name a few. I have modified it as I use this exercise with a small group of 15-20
students, where instead of using bricks I use butcher paper and I have them use post-
it's to write all the negative stereotypes that they have heard about that social group.
Before we reconvene I have them look at the wall of stereotypes and I have them pick
one word that that when they first heard it they were hurt/angered by it. I ask them to
share their story with the whole group so that the whole group can see how hurtful these
words are. It works because every time they hear that word they can associate it to
someone they care about and are be able to stand up against it. Very powerful. If you
want me to elaborate please feel free to call me.

Again, I use this with my TAKE group. The TAKE program is an evolving performance
of skits that are written, produced, and performed by 10-12 students on challenging
social issues that college students may face when coming to college dealing with Body
Abuse, Prejudice, Transition and Relationships and this workshop is used during their
weekend retreat.

Thank you!

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March 8, 2007
                                          The Wall
                                Full Value No Discount Contract
                                        An Agreement to:
Fully Value and Not Discount Self
     - Honor your feelings
     - Give open and honest feedback

Fully Value and Not Discount Others
     - Respect the time with the group
     - Respect the integrity of the group
     - Respect the feelings of others
     - Be open to receiving feedback

Fully Value and Not Discount the Learning Process and Activities
     - Assume responsibility for your own participation
     - Assume responsibility for your own learning
     - Assume responsibility for addressing your own limits

                                                                                         Signature & date

Social Groups:
Multiracial                           International Student                  Non-Traditional Students
Asian-American                        Hispanic / Latin American              Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual
Rich                                  White / Caucasian                      Other groups…
Poor                                  Physically Handicapped
African American                      Religious

- Assign each group a social group, giving them 5 bricks each.
- Direct groups to write down one negative stereotype per brick that they have heard about
   their social group. Remind students to be brutally honest. (Many students are reluctant to write
    negative stereotypes that may be associated with fellow OLs; therefore, I remind my students again
    and again that these are not their opinions.)
-   As the students fill out their bricks have the groups tape the bricks up on the wall or shower
-   Now that all the bricks are on the wall, ask students to look at the wall that stereotypes
-   Ask students to take turns coming up and removing one brick at a time. As they remove the
    bricks they must explain why the stereotype is wrong and trash it. (I have never had a group
    totally remove the wall one brick at a time. By the half-way point, someone inevitably tears the wall
-   Reflect. (Take time to debrief and reflect. This activity takes a lot of emotional energy.)

why do people stereotype others?
How are stereotypes developed?
Which stereotypes are most prevalent on campus?
How have you been affected by stereotypes?
How will you confront stereotypes?

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