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									Royal Devon and Exeter Healthcare NHS Trust                           VISITORSPOLICY
STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE                                         Edition 1 - 8/24/2011
DEPARTMENT of CLINICAL CHEMISTRY                                               Page 1 of 1

                          LABORATORY VISITORS POLICY.

The purpose of this policy is to provide information to staff on the policy and procedures
to be followed for visitors to the Departments of Clinical Chemistry & Haematology.
This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and visitors.
Prearranged tours of the laboratory are allowed if a member of staff accompanies

 Contractors. Personnel performing specific contractual services on-site.
 Employee. All technical and non-technical personnel assigned official duties in the
 High Risk Areas. Includes any area within the laboratory where there are high-risk
  hazards including, laboratory support areas, specimen storage areas, chemical storage
  areas, hazardous waste storage areas.
 Visitors: Any person other than specified above granted access to the laboratory.

Visitors should:
 Be authorized to enter the laboratory. Compliance with this policy is the responsibility
   of all department employees.
 Comply with the laboratory's safety and security policies and procedures.
 Observe all requirements, procedures, instructions, signs, posters and warning signals.
 Be aware of the fire alarm system and evacuation procedures.
 Report accidents, near-accidents, unusual occurrences, unsafe conditions and potential
 Wear an approved coat or gown, properly fastened.
 Be instructed not to touch anything while in the laboratory, unless their visit demands
   such action.
 Wash their hands before leaving the laboratory.
 Not be left unsupervised.


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