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        Victor Corpus, soldier turned communist rebel turned soldier again.
                               Victor Corpus (PMA Class 1967) was first put to limelight on
                              December 29, 1970 at the Philippine Military Academy. While
                             serving as officer of the day, he betrayed his trust, abandoned his
                          post, and deserted to the New People's Army of the Communist Party
                           of the Philippines. Corpus was a clandestine member of the militant
                          Kabataang Makabayan, the youth wing of the Communist Party even
                            when he was still a PMA cadet. As ISAFP Chief, his latest stint in
                            AFP, he served as the No. 1 accuser of Senator Panfilo Lacson and
                           care taker of Ador Mawanay and Rosebud. He was associated with
                              the LTA Building allegedly due to his collaboration with Mike
  Arroyo who gave him thousands of dollars before he went to the USA for evidence gathering
  expedition against Lacson. Mike Arroyo admitted that he sometimes get advice from Victor
                          Corpus on security matters for his family.

     Below are some historical sketches of his life gathered by Kevin D. Mitnick, author of

      1976 to 86             During his detention after his conviction, Corpus was seen by
                              Congressman Frisco San Juan in Malacañang Palace in
                              conversation with President Marcos. San Juan saw him at
                              least three times.
         1986                Granted amnesty by President Aquino shortly after EDSA 1.
         1987                Reinstated into the Army by President Aquino. Absolved him
                              of rebellion charges and allowed to return to the Army as a
                              Reserve Officer.
                             Assigned as Chief of the Combat Research Office of J 3 GHQ
                             Wrote a book, 'Silent War' where he outlined how the
                              communist insurgency can be defeated
         1988                Co authored the AFP anti insurgency program, 'Lambat Bitag'
         1989                Pioneered the Task Force Panay, a reforestation project in
         1990                Studied Public Administration at the Harvard University's John
                              F. Kennedy School of Government together with then Colonel
                              Angelo Reyes
         2000                Deputy Chief of the Operation Center, National Peace and
                              Development Plan, Department of Defense.
         2001                Appointed Chief, Intelligence Service, AFP (ISAFP)
                             As Chief of ISAFP, accused former President Estrada,
                              Senators Ping Lacson and Loi Estrada of stashing away some
                              $730 million from organized crime in banks in the United
                              States, Canada and Hong Kong.
         2003                Resigned from service after the mutinous soldiers demanded
                              his resignation
       Ernest Villareal was Chair of the Public Estates Authority, until a scandal arose
from the most expensive boulevard in the universe, named after President Diosdado P.
Macapagal (PDPM) allegedly overpriced by P600 million.

        Villareal together with board member and general manager Benjamin Carino, other board
members and executive technical officers of the PEA, and the JD Legaspi Construction headed
by Jesusito Legaspi were charged of plunder before the Office of the Ombudsman. PEA Director
Sulficio Tagud Jr. and cause-oriented groups, namely: Council on Philippine Affairs, Plunder
Watch Inc., Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, Bayan Muna, and the Equal Justice Movement for
Peace signed as complainants

       COPA alleged said that there’s money from PDPM project that went to Union Bank
Perea Branch where there is Jose Pidal account.

       Virgilio Angelo, former General Manager of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes
Office and now Administrator of the OWWA which has billions in trust funds.

        Virgilio Angelo allegedly approved P20.5 million for the campaign bids of the four PPC
bets otherwise known as the PCSO scam. Robert Rivero claimed the PCSO also paid RMN
and Bombo Radyo P12.8 million for the promotion of all the 13 candidates of the PPC when he
was PCSO General Manager on the request of PPC media coordinator Conrado "Dodie"
Limcaoco and on the intercession of Antonio Gatuslao, a staff member of the Presidential
Legislative Liaison Office. Rivero narrated that sometime in April, 2001 Limcauco visited him at
his office at the PCSO and requested that the media special operations for the four PPC bets be
expanded to include the entire PPC slate. Limcauco reportedly said he had gotten clearance
from Mr. Arroyo, a fact which was allegedly confirmed by no less than Mr. Arroyo during a
phone call which Rivero supposedly made during Limcauco's visit. On April 30, Rivero said, he
was summoned by Angelo to his office for a meeting, which was also attended by Gatuslao
detailing the proposed airtime cost for the PCSO advertisements to be aired on Bombo Radyo.
This was supposedly prepared by Mamar, with a total cost of P8.11 million. On May 2, Rivero
said, he called up Mr. Arroyo and told him it was not quite feasible to implement the expanded
media coverage for the PPC slate due to lack of time. However, Mr. Arroyo allegedly prevailed
on Rivero to have the proposed package approved and implemented.

        Early this year, OWWA under the leadership of Angelo initiated the transfer of the
OWWA-Medicare fund to the government‟s general health insurance fund through President
Arroyo‟s Executive Order 182 dated February 14, 2003. Both NGOs and DOLE opposed the
plan for fear politicization of the transfer of OWWA-Medicare funds and programs to Philhealth.
DOLE Secretary Patricia Sto. Tomas said she objected to the EO because she wanted part of the
OWWA-Medicare funds to remain with the OWWA. “That [EO] has been revoked because I
will not allow the transfer of funds that will not benefit the OFWs,” Sto. Tomas said. OWWA
manages a P2.7 billion welfare fund safely net intended for overseas Filipino workers(OFWS).
      Alfonso Cusi, General Manager of the Philippine Ports Authority since
February 2001.

       Cusi was charged with graft before the Presidential Anti-Graft Commission
(PAGC) last July 2003 for allegedly failing to divest shares in a company that was doing
business with the PPA, Starlite Marine and Industrial Services Corp., a cargo-handling
service company with a 15-year contract to lease a 1,003-square-meter PPA property in
Tagbilaran City, capital of Bohol province. A private complainant, Virgilio Casison of
Caloocan City, said Cusi's continued hold on the company constituted "conflict of
interest" that caused "damage and injuries to the government" alleging that he had "no
knowledge or information" that Cusi actually divested rights or interests in the company,
as the law required. Cusi‟s wife Marissa is of the current officials of Starlite. The port
under Cusi‟s leadership is slowly sinking.

       Cusi is also facing plunder charges before the Office of the Ombudsman for
allegedly constructing a defective P230 million port in the Culasi area of Roxas
City in Capiz province.
      -Posted: 5:21 AM (Manila Time) Jul. 16, 2003, By Armand N. Nocum, Inquirer News Service –

      How big and powerful PPA is as potential source of wealth? The
Philippine Ports Authority is a government corporation specially charged with the
financing, management and operations of public ports throughout the archipelago.
PPA is the main government agency concerned with the planning and development
of the country's seaports, a vital link in both domestic and international trade.
Executive Order 857 expanded its functions to cover the integration and
coordination of port development nationwide while promoting the creation of
autonomous port development bodies in trading centers in the region.

      Aside from its traditional functions of harbor development and cargo
handling operations, the PPA has gone into total port district development,
including the full use of the ports’ hinterland and tributary areas. Its tasks also
include ensuring the smooth flow of waterborne commerce passing through the
country's ports, especially in the conduct of domestic and international trade.

      The PPA is governed by a Board of Directors while its management is
exercised by its General Manager, Alfonso G. Cusi GM Cusi who is assisted
by three assistant general managers for finance, legal, administrative and
management services; engineering, and operations
       Dante Soriquez,        in an internet search appeared that “For his part, Brod Dante
Soriquez promised to help any Brod who has any unpaid account receivables from the DPWH”
(TauAlpha website). The DPWH Secretary is Florante Soriquez, maybe a relative of Dante
Soriquez. DPWH is one of the agencies known for SOPs or rated as one of the most corrupt
government agencies.

       Ephraim Genuino,              Chairman and President of PAGCOR, the gambling
monopoly who visits this incredible building regularly, or sends his personal representative, Mr.
Ryan Cordeta, to bring in big boxes or big bags.

       Edgar C. Manda, General Manager of the international airport, who is likewise
chief incorporator of Lualhati Foundation.

        Pantaleon Alvarez – This Ateneo law alumna before became a
public servant, first practiced law for two years from 1984-1986, then became
a career official in one of the agencies of Department of Transportation and
Communication. In 1998, he ran and won as the Representative of the First
District of Davao del Norte. As a congressman, he became the Vice-
Chairman of the House Committee for Transportation and Communications
aside from being member of nine other congressional committees.

        Then, he was appointed Secretary of the Department of
Transportation and Communication by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
when she ascended to presidency in January 2001. But after a year and a half, he resigned. He
was allegedly involved in the Telecom franchise scam wherein he and the First
Gentleman attempted to extort money from Philippine Communication Clearing-house Inc.
(PCCI) by raising the veto power of the president. Also, there were allegations of conflict of
interest and profits for his family in the construction of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Terminal 3. His family was part owner of the Wintrack Builders Corp., one of the sub-
contractors of the terminal‟s builder and Manager of PIATCO.

       Jocelyn Joc-joc Bolante, Undersecretary of Agriculture, who reports regularly
at this building either alone or in the company of an Indian rice trader, Mr. Kishore Hemlani..
Hemlani used to be a small garments trader more than a decade ago. He is now the biggest
importer of rice, most, if not all of it smuggled from his native India.

       Rey Nadal, who uses Subic Bay Freeport as the headquarters of his massive import
operation of new and slightly used vehicles.

       Atty. Teddy Cruz         of the Light Rail Transit Authority. . Atty. Teddy Cruz was
appointed Administrator of the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) in May 2001, his first
government job
       Jeffrey Cheng of the Philippine International Air Terminals Co. (Piatco), builder of
the controversial Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3

        Alex Magno. Dating kagalang-galang, sayang! He is a professor of Political
Science at the University of the Philippines and a columnist in Manila Standard. A Congressman
once filed a libel case against him for deliberately and maliciously maligning and exposing him
to public ridicule. Southern Leyte Representative, Aniceto Saludo, accused Magno of getting
back at him after his exposé of criminal entities poised to cripple the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

        Kelvin Tan , a known concessionaire in many outlets, one of which is McDonald's
hamburgers. Lacson described Tan as “loaded,” as his bank account maintained at the
International Exchange Bank – Perea branch, said to be owned by presidential crony Enrique
Razon, held more than P20 million in just a month's bank statement. Or a total of P41 million if
Union Bank deposits are added. Tan is said to issue “pay-to- cash” checks with amounts in
millions, reflected in the statements as such: P2 million, pay to cash on Dec. 4, 2002; P8 million,
pay to cash on Dec. 5, 2002; P10 million pay to cash again, on Dec. 5, 2002.

       Mary Ong a.k.a. Rosebud,                 The truth about Mary „Rosebud‟ Ong is that she
                      was a double agent of the PNP and Chinese Triad. She engaged in drug
                      deals as well as in kidnap for ransom. She even ran away with the PhP 4.5
                      million show money for a PNP buy-bust operation. Since this incident, her
                      handlers gradually limited her role in the operations. Then, she had
                      personal differences with the late Supt. John Campos, her handler and
                      lover, thus prompted her to switch loyalties. She then exposed these
                      “drug-related operations” and a string of illegal activities such as
                      smuggling, kidnap for ransom and summary execution, to the detriment of
                      anti-drugs campaign of the government.

       Ramon Tulfo,                           certified extortionist masquerading as a columnist.
          Marissa Bondoc, a lady, who I am told, is related to Jarius Bondoc, another media

          Ronaldo Puno, prominent political operator.
          Atty. Vic Padilla, the handler of Angelo "Ador" Mawanay.

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