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The London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association


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									       The London Criminal Courts Solicitors’
                    The 62nd Annual Dinner
                  The Sheraton Park Lane Hotel
                    Piccadilly, London WC1
                   6.45 for 7.30pm Friday 1st July 2011
              Guest speaker Mr Jeremy Carter-Manning QC

We are re-visiting the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel, which enables you to step into its
70-year old ballroom complex and let the history and magic surround you. It has
played host to many famous films and television programmes - from Jeeves and
Wooster and Brideshead Revisited to James Bond's Goldeneye. Today it remains an
ideal setting for our special evening.

Prices are inclusive of a three course meal, reception and table wine as well as an
after-dinner disco. Guests will be able to purchase more wine at their tables once
the allocated amount has been consumed.

The dinner is always well subscribed. At this new venue, we are not able to exceed
450 guests; late applicants may therefore not be accepted. Tables are placed in the
room in the order of application. If you wish for a good position, early application is

Attached to this notice is an application form. Please print names clearly to avoid
misspelling on the guest lists. All application forms must be accompanied by a
cheque made payable to LCCSA in the correct sum. Invitation cards will be
dispatched to you on receipt of the form and cheque.

Guests must be solicitors, barristers, members of the judiciary, trainees or ILEX
members. Our annual dinner has acquired an enviable reputation. Please do not ask
those who do not fall into the above categories. Place cards will be set out on the
tables in the order you place them on the form.
 A drinks reception will be held prior to dinner. Dinner will be held in the Ballroom
      The separate disco with bar will be open from 10.30pm in the Ballroom.

                     Application Deadline Friday 17th June 2011
    Problems or queries, please contact sandra@admin4u.org.uk 020 7837 0069
  Members will not need reminding that it is a matter of courtesy to remain
                          silent during speeches.

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