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    Uniform Sales 2011 & Order Form

    by Mr C Ryall - Friday, 22 July 2011, 11:28 AM    Revision Materials
               GCUS_Uniform_Order_Form_2011.pdf       All Revision Guides & Info
                                                           Y11 Exam Dates
    School uniform order form 2011 is attached.             Revision Plan
    Uniform can also be tried on and purchased on       Y10 Mock Exam Dates
    the following days:                               Skip Latest Videos

           Monday 25 July 11 am to 2 pm
           Tuesday 6 September 11 am to 2 pm         Latest Videos
    Come to front reception then into CU Latte

    Work Experience 2011

    by Beverly Beales - Tuesday, 12 July 2011,
    10:09 AM
                                                                Receive news by email
          Work Experience 2011                                             Your email a

Well done to all of the Year 10 students who went out                      Subscribe
on Work Experience in June. We have had such
positive feedback from students, visiting tutors,
parents and employers. A number of employers have
telephoned and written letters to say that our
students are a credit to our school and their families.
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It was a very difficult task to select the top students to
receive Work Experience awards, but after much
deliberation we finally came to the decision that we         Tweets
would have six top student awards rather than the
usual three. They have received letters home and will              GCUS: 2pm on
attend the awards evening next week.                                Saturday 5 February
                                                                    at Great Cornard
We were overwhelmed by the support from our                         Library at GCUS,
employers and parents this year. So many employers                  come along to support
have already volunteered to take students next year                 the
and we hope to build on this in September. We have                  www.librarycampaign.
encouraged links with local employers through Work                  com #Save Our
Experience to help us improve the employability skills              #Libraries Day
of our students.                                                   GCUS: Petition
                                                                    number 1 for the
We have taken a few comments from the diaries by                    weekend: Help protect
employers, students and parents and have spoken to                  our school library,
several students.                                         
                                                                    ry - thanks!
Parent comment in a diary – 'We feel the Work                      GCUS: School is open
Experience offered to students is a wonderful                       on Wednesday 26
programme to help the children understand the                       January 2011 - there
transition of day to day life within a working                      was a misprint in the
environment.'                                                       planner - hope it didn't
                                                                    confuse you!
Employer letter to us – ‘He was an excellent                       GCUS: Great Cornard
ambassador for your school. He was very keen to get                 Upper School open for
involved and impressed his supervisor throughout the                all students on Friday
two weeks.’                                                         12 November 2010.
                                                                    Heating fixed!
Student comment to us - 'I was really worried about       
doing Work Experience, I didn’t hand in my parental                GCUS: 6 form lessons
form and wouldn’t call my employer. My first day                    at SUS will take place
was very scary and I didn’t want to go, but I did and               as usual, students
everyone was so nice to me. At the end of the two                   whould attend these
                                                                    when possible, buses
weeks I didn’t want to leave.'                               will continue to run
                                                             between the 2 schools
Employer comment in a diary –‘The student has been          GCUS: School Closed
very helpful, listening and responding to instructions       for most pupils, Thu
and taking on all tasks given to her with a positive         11 Nov, no heating!
attitude.’                                                   Y11 science exam,
                                                             y11 college students &
Parent comment in a diary – ‘We were extremely               6 form open evening
impressed with our son’s Work Experience. From               still on
getting up early, to coming home late. He got himself       GCUS: RT
organised with no pushing’.                                  @SAGCYFM: Aged
                                                             between 11 and 18?
Student comment in a diary – ‘I feel that I have             Come along to
gained a lot of confidence from Work Experience. It’s        SAGCYFM! 11-3
sad that I’m leaving everyone but I’ll be back in the        Sundays at Cornard
shop to see everyone so it’s not so bad. It was really       Old School, Wells Hall
fun and enjoyable. It’s very different from working in       Road.
school.’                                                 

Student comment to me –‘I loved working with young
children in week one, and wasn’t as keen on working
in an office in week two. Work Experience has helped
me decide which career route I will take.’

Employer comment to visiting tutor –‘ Very pleased
with your student. Has tackled all tasks and
completed everything efficiently. Is bright and has
fitted into our team. So pleased with him and would
have him back anytime.’

Sports Day Postponed until Wednesday 20

by Mr C Ryall - Wednesday, 6 July 2011, 05:48

Due to forecasts of unsuitable weather tomorrow
(Thursday 7 July) the school sports day has been
postponed until Wednesday 20 July 2011.

Students should arrive at school as usual, in
school uniform, and with their equipment and
books for their usual week 1 Thursday lessons.
Super Supper Friday 15 July 2011, 7-9 pm

by Mr C Ryall - Monday, 4 July 2011, 11:07 AM


Dear Family,

As you know, Mike Foley is leaving us at the end
of term to take up his new job as Headteacher at
Thomas Hardye School in Dorset.

To mark the occasion and celebrate his time at
Great Cornard Upper School, we would like to
invite parents and former students to join Mike at
his ‘last supper’.

The ‘Super Supper’ is on Friday 15th July 2011,
7pm – 9pm and will be held at school, it will cost
£7 a head for a two-course hot supper.

A group of our present students will be doing the
catering, facilitated by Mrs Lindsay, Head of
Design & Technology and her Food Technology

Places are limited, so an early booking is
essential. Please complete the slip on the
attached letter and return it to Mrs Welsh in Swift

We look forward to seeing many of you at this

Yours sincerely,
A Samways
Deputy Headteacher

Induction Day & Parents' Information Evening
- Tuesday 5th July

by Mr C Ryall - Sunday, 3 July 2011, 10:42 PM
Welcome - welcome to all our new Year 12s (who
finished their GCSEs in June this year) and, in
the evening, their parents.

A prompt 9am start (you can go in the Common
Room!) - the programme will be put up on the
Common Room doors.

We spend all day doing vital preparation for
September (if you miss this you will need to
contact us urgently as you may not be able to
start courses) as well as getting to know each
other. You will spend time with your tutor group
and with Year 13 and all your questions should
be answered. It will be an enjoyable and
informative day.

In the Evening the structure of new A levels and
BTecs will be explained, there will be
opportunities for Parents to meet tutors and
familiarise themselves with the new website for
the Sixth Form - and to sign up for email contact.

We very much look forward to seeing you.


PS: Everyone wish for sun!
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