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									                                    CURRICULUM VITAE
                               RICHARD L. KRAVITZ, MD, MSPH
                                  PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE

                                  University of California, Davis
                                  Division of General Medicine
                                    4150 V. Street, Suite 2400
                                     Sacramento, CA. 95817
                                   [916] 734-1248 (direct line)
                                   [916] 734-7005 (main line)
                                      [916] 734-1763 (fax)

1988     MSPH, Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of California, Los
1983     MD, University of California, San Francisco
1979     BS, Biological Sciences (With Distinction), Stanford University, Stanford, California

1986-1988 Clinical Scholar, Robert Wood Johnson - Veterans Administration Clinical Scholars
          Program, UCLA, Department of Medicine, Los Angeles, California
1984-1986 Resident, Internal Medicine, UCLA, Department of Medicine
1983-1984 Intern, UCLA Department of Medicine

1986      Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine
1984      Diplomat, National Board of Medical Examiners
1984      California State License (#G52777)

2006-               Director, CTSC K12 Fellowship Program
2003-               Co-Vice Chair for Research, UC Davis Department of Internal Medicine
1999-               Professor of Medicine, UC Davis Division of General Medicine
1996-2006           Director, UC Davis Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care
1996-1999           Associate Professor, UC Davis Division of General Medicine
1995-1996           Associate Professor (in Residence), UC Davis Division of General
1993-1995           Assistant Professor (in Residence), UC Davis Division of General Medicine
1988-1993           Assistant Professor (in Residence), UCLA Department of Medicine
1988-               Research Associate, Social Policy Department, RAND Corporation
1988-1990           Co-Director, NCHSR Research Fellowship, RAND-UCLA Center for
Health Policy Studies

Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                    1                                    3/30/2009
2005-6       Attorney General Consumer and Prescriber Grant Program, “The Marketing
             of Medicines: Development, Dissemination and Evaluation of a Critical
             Skills Curriculum for Prescribers”
2005         American College of Physicians, PIER (Depression Module)
2003         Journey to Health, Dallas Co. Community College District
2001-2002    Clinical Evidence (Subsidiary of BMJ Publishing Group)
2001         Healthwise, Inc.
2001         BestTreatment (Joint Venture of BMJ and United Health)
2001         RealAge Inc.

2006                       AcademyHealth, Article of the Year Award
2006                       Society of General Medicine, Best Published Research Paper of the Year
2005                       UC Davis Health System Ambassador of Diversity Award
2004                       AcademyHealth Outstanding Abstract (Health Disparities Category)
2003                       UC Davis School of Medicine Excellence in Research and Mentoring Award
1998                       Fellow, American College of Physicians
1997                       Fellow, Association for Health Services Research
1997                       UC Davis School of Medicine Faculty Research Award (annual award for
                           outstanding research contributions)
1993-1995                  Picker/Commonwealth Faculty Scholar
1993                       Association for Health Services Research, Article of the Year Award
1984                       Alpha Omega Alpha National Essay Award (Honorable Mention)
1979-1983                  Regents' Scholarship, University of California, San Francisco
1979                       Phi Beta Kappa, Stanford University

1993-         Attending Physician, UC Davis Health System (4 clinic sessions per month; 1
              to 2 months on wards and/or consults per year)
1988-93       Attending Physician, UCLA Hospital and Clinics (3 1/2 day clinic sessions per
              week; 1 to 2 months on wards per year)

GRANTS AND CONTRACTS: (Richard L. Kravitz is P.I. unless otherwise indicated)
Currently Funded Projects

1.     National Institute of Mental Health, R01 079387-01, “Targeted and Tailored Messages to
       Enhance Depression Care.” $2,934,256 total costs, 8/1/07-7/31/12.
2.     National Institute of Mental Health, K24 MH072756, “Improving Care for Comorbid Physical
       and Mental Illness,” $635,192, 10/1/05-9/30/10.
3.     American Cancer Society, “Patient Coaching to Reduce Cancer-Related Pain,” $1.51 million,
4.     California Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development, “California Coronary
       Outcomes Reporting Project,” Z. Li, P.I. 7/07-6/09, $850,000 (Co-investigator, 5%)

Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                       2                                      3/30/2009
Completed Projects

1.    UCLA Medical Education and Research Center, "Patients' Expectations for the Content of
      Ambulatory Visits." $2,500; 8/91 -7/92.
2.    University of California, Cancer Research Coordinating Committee, "Can A Visual Display of
      Patients' Pain Levels Improve Physicians' Treatment of Cancer-Related Pain?" $21,200; 1/92-
3.    Commonwealth Fund, "Is Coronary Angiography Underused Among the Medically
      Disadvantaged in Los Angeles County?" $97,000; 1/92-4/93.
4.    Kaiser Family Foundation, "Is Coronary Artery Revascularization Underused Among the
      Medically Disadvantaged in Los Angeles County?" $97,000; 1/92-4/93.
5.    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Health Care Policy and Research,
      "Failure to Test or Monitor in a Medical Malpractice Claims Database." $87,000, 1991.
6.    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Pepper Center), "A Randomized Trial of
      Post-Discharge Geriatric Assessment." (Co-Investigator) $750,000, 1991-94.
7.    Picker/Commonwealth Faculty Scholars Program, "Patients Expectations in Primary Care:
      Implications for Cost Containment and Patient Satisfaction." $100,000; 9/93-8/95.
8.    Hibbard E. Williams Grant Program, "Costs and Quality of Care for Patients' Requiring
      Interpreters," $49,600 7/96 - 6/97.
9.    UCDMC Rural Health and Telemedicine Program, “Evaluating a Jail Telemedicine Program,”
       $32,000, 4/97-10/98.
10.   California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, “Improving the Use of
      Cesarean Section in California,” $185,000, 1/1/97-6/30/99.
11.   U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Health Care Policy and Research,
      “A Taxonomy of Patient Requests and Physician Responses Under Managed Care,” $56,688,
12.   California Healthcare Foundation, “Evaluating Health Information on the Internet,” Gretchen
      Berland, P.I., $500,000, 7/00-12/00 (5%).
13.   Alpha Center (RWJF), “Quality of Care and Conditions of Practice: Physicians’
      Perceptions,” $100,000, 1/00-12/00.
14.   Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “Patient Requests and Physician Responses Under
      Managed Care,” $322,000, 9/1/98-8/31/00.
15.   Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “Palliative Care for Special Populations,” F. Meyers,
      P.I., $450,000, 10/98 – 9/01. (Evaluation Director, 5%).
16.   National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, “North-Central California Center for
      AIDS Research,” Richard Pollard, PI. $2.25mil, 9/1/01-8/30/04 (Evaluation Director, 15%)
17.   UC Davis School of Medicine Research Award, “The Clinical Negotiation Between Elderly
      Patients and their Physicians,” D. Paterniti, PI, $150,000, 7/01-6/03 (Co-investigator, 5%)
18.   Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, “Hand Held Computers to Reduce Warfarin-
      Associated Errors,” R. White, PI. $1.3 million, 10/01-9/04 (no cost extension through 10/05)
      (Co-investigator, 5%)
19.   National Institutes of Mental Health, R01 MH064683, “Consumer Influences on Treatment of
      Depression,” $2.1 mil, 9/1/02-8/31/05 (no cost extension through 8/06)
20.   Pfizer, Inc. “Accounting for Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects,” $293,000 7/15/05-3/31/07.
21.   Pfizer, Inc. “N-of-1 Trials” and “Evidence Farming,” $550,000 9/1/06-8/31/08. (NCE through
22.   Center for Disease Control, “Enhancing Shared Decision Making in Prostate Cancer
      Screening,” M. Wilkes, P.I. 4/05-3/08 (NCE through 8/09) (Co-investigator, 2.5%)

Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                    3                                        3/30/2009
Society of General Internal Medicine
- Editor, SGIM Forum and Ex Officio Member of Council, 2005-2008
American College of Physicians
California Medical Association
- Committee of Medical Student Representatives, 1981-1983
- California House Officers Medical Society
- Governing Council, 1986-1988
- Secretary, 1987-1988
- Delegate to the AMA-Resident Physicians Section, 1986-1988


University of California, Davis
-Director, Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care, 1996-
-School of Public Health Mission and Vision Committee, 2006
-Search Committee Member, Associate Director Office of Sponsored Programs, 2005-6

UC Davis School of Medicine and Medical Center
- Chair, Nominations Committee, Graduate Group in Clinical Research, 2006-
- Chair, Search Committee for Executive Associate Dean, 2005
- Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on the Scholarly Project Requirement, 2004
- Dean’s MPH Advisory Board, 2003-
- Academic Senate Faculty Executive Committee, 2002-2005
- Research Affairs Committee, 1997-2002
- Ad Hoc Committee for Curricular Evaluation, 1996
- Dean's Managed Care Conference Evaluation Committee, 1996
- Committee on Educational Policy, 1995-1997
- Medical School Admission Committee (interviewed 3 candidates, 1995
- Shriners Outcomes Research Center Planning Committee, 1994-1995
  (Co-chairperson; helped to develop proposal for presentation to Shriners 4/94)
- Strategic Planning: Research, 1994-1995
- Committee on Physician Health
- Information Services Oversight Committee, 1997-2004
- Utilization Review Committee, 1994-1995

Graduate Group in Epidemiology
-Chair, Membership Committee, 2007-
-Written Examination Committee, 2000-present
- Oral Examination Committee (ongoing) [Louise Miranda (1997), Bruce Hoar (1998), Peggy
Giannoni (2000), Ed Barakatt (2000), Banafsheh Sadeghi (2004), Nyann Wagner (2004), Madhan
Damar (2005)]

UC Davis Department of Medicine
- Co-Vice Chair for Research, 2003-
- Search Committee Chair, Program in Vascular Health and Disease, 2005-6
- MD-RESPECT Ad Hoc Committee on Residency Reform, 2004-5
- Ad Hoc Residency Program Review Committee, 2003-4

UC Davis Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care
-Immediate Past Director, 2006-
- Director, 1996-2006
- Ad Hoc Planning Committee, 1995
Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                     4                                  3/30/2009
- Executive Committee, 1995-

UCLA Center for Health Sciences
- Risk Management Committee, 1988-1991
- Service Chiefs Committee, Medical Service, 1992-1993
- Ad Hoc Committee on Laboratory Utilization, 1992-1993
- Housestaff Selection Committee, 1992-1993

Society of General Internal Medicine
- SGIM Forum Editor (term 2005-2008)
- Lawrence Linn Research Award Selection Committee, 1993-
- Abstract Selection Committee, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008
- Co-Chair, Abstract Selection Committee, 1995 National Meeting
- Chair, Scientific Program, 2000 Annual Meeting

U.S. Office of Technology Assessment
- Defensive Medicine Advisory Panel, 1992-1994

Medical Care, Journal of the American Medical Association, New England Journal of Medicine,
Journal of General Internal Medicine, Agency for Health Care Policy & Research, Annals of
Internal Medicine, Social Science and Medicine, General Hospital Psychiatry


Dissertation advisor/qualifying exam committee member for:
a) Lois Davis (PhD, UCLA School of Public Health)
b) Michael Wilkes (PhD, UCLA School of Public Health)
c) Marianne Laouri (PhD, UCLA School of Public Health)
d) Leah Estberg (PhD, UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology)
e) Louise Miranda (PhD., UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology)
f)   Peggy Giannoni (PhD, UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology)
g) Bruce Hoar (PhD, UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology)
h) Edward Barakatt, 2002-2004 (UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology)
i)   Banafsheh Sadeghi 2004 (UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology)
j)   Madan Dharmar, 2005 (UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology)
k) Nicole Bloser Gabler, 2005- (UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology)
l)   Elizabeth Yakes, 2008 (UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology)

Senior research project advisor to:
a) Eliot Wong, MD (1995)
b) Ken Maybury, MD (1995)
c) Greg Redmond, MD (1995)
d) Christina Fritsch (1996-97)
e) Andrea Ciaranello (2002-5)
f)   Ian Logan, MD (2006)
g) Christopher Moreland, MD (2007)

Research advisor to:

Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                  5                                       3/30/2009
a)     Jennifer Wright, MS II (1995-1996)
b)     Sheila Krishnan, BS (2002-2005)
c)     Camille Cipri, BS (2005-2007)

Major professor for:
a) Yali Bair, Cand. Phil, UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology
b) Carol Parise, Cand. Phil, UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology
c) Karla Van Meter, Cand. Phil, UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology
d) Nicole Bloser, Cand Phil, UCD Graduate Group in Epidemiology

Courses taught:
a) Clinical Epidemiology and Study Design: small-group leader, July 2003 (18 contact hours),
     July 2004 (8 contact hours), and July 2005 (10 contact hours)
b) K30 Introduction to Health Services Research: instructor of record, July-September, 2004;
     July – September, 2005; July-September, 2006; July-August 2007; July-August 2008
c) EPI 291-001: co-instructor of record, Winter 2005, and Spring 2005
d) Chronic Disease Epidemiology (EPI 260), Guest Lecturer, “Case Mix Adjustment”, April
     11, 2007; May 2008


2008         Instructor, Doctoring 2, “EPI Literature Review”, Summer
2007         Instructor of Record, FR001-019, “Topics in Health Communication”, Spring
2003         Instructor, IMD 470; 4th Year Elective – “Landmark Clinical Trials and Evidence-
             Based Medicine” (Ezra Amsterdam, MD)
             Instructor, EPI 299 (Karla Van Meter)
1998-0       Instructor, IMD 199 (Carrie Willis, Liza Silverio, Robert Dominguez)
1997         Instructor, IMD 199, Research Topics, Winter Quarter 1997
             (Susanne Marie Holst; Megan Francis Mihok)
1995-7       Instructor, FR 001, Freshman Seminar, "A Critical Approach to Prevention"


2008         “Psychiatry and Primary Care: Shared Challenges, Shared Solutions” Keynote
             Address, Central California Psychiatric Society, Monterey, California, March 8.

2007         “The Death of the Cognitive Specialist?” Keynote Address, Northern California
             Chapter, American College of Physicians, Dec 1.

2007         “Role of Generalists in the Clinical Translational Science Awards Program,” Society
             of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, April 30.

2007         “Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs and the Health of the Public,”
             Medicine Grand Rounds, West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, February 28

2006         “Patients as Agents for Quality in Primary Care,” Academy of Psychosomatic
             Medicine 53rd Annual Meeting, Tucson, Arizona, November 17.

2006         “Developing a Strategic Plan for Research” (invited panelist), UCD Department of

Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                     6                                        3/30/2009
             Psychiatry, November 3

2006         “Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects: What Is It and What Does It Mean?” Conference
             on Role of Technology in Healthcare and Advocacy, San Francisco, October 26

2006         “Communicating Risk in DTCA” (invited panelist), AHRQ Effective Communication
             Think Tank, Rockville, Maryland, September 28-29

2006         “Chronic Medical Conditions and Depression,” Depression Comorbidity Roundtable,
             Prescott Medical Communications, Seattle, Washington, September 18

2006         “Impact of DTC on Prescribing.” National Consumers League (panel with Dean
             Lillard and Joel Weissman), Washington DC, June 29

2006         “Direct to Consumer Advertising of Antidepressants and the Health of the Public”,
             Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, University of Washington, Seattle, June 22

2006         “Using Standardized Patients in Research” SGIM Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA,
             April 28

2006         “Scholarship in General Internal Medicine” (panel moderator), SGIM Regional
             Meeting, Palo Alto, CA., March 17

2006         “Clinically Significant Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects: Absence of Evidence or
             Evidence of Absence” Scientific Roundtable on HTE, Washington DC, March 8

2005         “Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in the US: Clinical and Ethical Considerations for
             Rheumatologists,” American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting, San Diego,
             CA, November 15

2005         “The Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising on Seniors’ Health, and Health
             Care Costs.” United States Senate – Special Committee on Aging, Washington, DC,
             September 29

2005         “Influence of Patients’ Requests for Directly Advertised Antidepressants,”
             AcademyHealth Best Abstracts Plenary, Boston, MA, June 28

2005         “Influence of Patients’ Requests for Directly Advertised Antidepressants,” Bay Area
             Health Care Quality and Outcomes Conference, Stanford, CA, May 27

2005         “Influence of Patients’ Requests for Directly Advertised Antidepressants”, Society of
             General Internal Medicine Plenary Session, New Orleans, LA, May 12

2005         “Factors Influencing Mental Health Referral in Primary Care – Results from a
             Randomized Trial Using Standardized Patients”, Society of General Internal Medicine
             Plenary Session, New Orleans, LA, May 12

2005         “DTC Advertising and Quality of Care for Depression”, UC Berkeley Health Services
             Research and Policy Analysis Seminar, Berkeley, CA, April 19

2004        “What Do Patients Want and How Can We Help Them Get It,” SNOCAP Convocation

Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                     7                                         3/30/2009
             Plenary Speaker, Denver, Colorado, November 5.

2004        “Patient Influences on Medical Decision-Making”, Cognitive Perspectives on Mental
            Health Practice, e National Institute of Mental Health Workshop, May 4.

2004        “Clinical Decision Making: Utilizing Evidence-Based Medicine”, Clinical
             Application of Recent Advances in Pharmacology: For Physicians, Nurses and
             Pharmacists. UC Davis Health System, April 23.


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Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                       8                                          3/30/2009
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Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                        9                                         3/30/2009
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Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH                      11                                        3/30/2009
(52) 2000 Kravitz RL, Helms LJ, Azari, R, Antonius D, Melnikow J. Comparing the Use of
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