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					                                          Hopewell Middle School
 High School Transition Information, 2010-11
 Mr. Joey Robinson, 8th Grade Assistant Principal, Ms. Cynthia Cook, Curriculum Assistant
        Principal, Mr. David Susina and Mrs. Martha Foster, Guidance Counselors

                                                                   Parent night will focus on the following at both schools:
        High School Options                                                New Graduation Requirements
    Students entering high school may select from several
                                                                           Course Offerings,
options: the local feeder schools are Alpharetta and Milton
High Schools (dependent upon where the student is zoned) or                AP, Honors & General Education Courses
a Fulton County Magnet School in Math/Science, Performing                  Elective options, and activities information
Arts, International Studies, or Technology. Schedules will be              Registration Process
made for all students, as if they were to attend the feeder
school, with the basic academic placement and the student’s        Both High Schools will also host information sessions for
elective choices. If a child attends another school outside of     Advanced Placement:
Fulton County School system, this scheduling information can       Alpharetta High School         February 1 7:15pm
assist with placement.                                             Milton High School             February 7 7:00pm

VERY IMPORTANT:               The Guidance Counselor, Mr.          Eighth Grade Testing
Susina, must be notified if your child is going to a Fulton
County school other than Milton or Alpharetta High School to       Dates
ensure that records are transferred to the appropriate school in
a timely manner. You may email this information to                 Eighth Grade Writing Test        January 26, 2011 or phone him at 678-297-3240.             CRCT                             April 20-28, 2011
                                                                   (Criterion Referenced Competency Test)
   Magnet Open Houses                                              Georgia End-Of-Course Tests (EOCT) – May 4, 2011
   The Fulton County School System offers magnet or                Second Semester Exams: TBA
concentrated studies programs in math/science at Westlake
High School, math/science and performing and visual arts at
North Springs High School, international studies at Riverwood         Notice…notice…notice
High School, performing arts and visual arts at Tri-Cities High        Grades earned in the eighth grade impact eligibility for the
School and technology at Fulton Science Academy High               fall and some winter sports in high school. Selection for fall
School, formerly known as TEACH.                                   athletic teams and activities must be made prior to the end of
                                                                   the first marking period of the freshmen year. Some winter
    Essentially, a student transfers to a magnet school,           sports with late fall tryouts are also affected. Coaches and club
traveling by bus from the districted high school to the magnet     sponsors will use Hopewell second semester grades to
school and back after classes. Parents must provide                determine ninth grade eligibility.
transportation from their residence to and from the districted
high school. Additionally, parents must provide transportation
                                                                   Graduation Requirements
from the magnet for any extracurricular activities the child       Fulton County has approved new High School Graduation
may be involved in.                                                requirements beginning with the 2008 freshmen class.
    The following dates and times are planned to give
interested parents and students a thorough explanation of the                                       High School          Credits
program and a tour of the facility.                                There will be one common              Language Arts         4
                                                                   set of requirements for all           Mathematics           4
                                                                                                         Science               4
Open House Dates                                                   students.
                                                                                                         Social Studies        3
  North Springs      January 9, 2011           2:00-5:00 pm                                              Health and PE         1
  Riverwood          January 23, 2011          3:00-5:00 pm        The total number of credit            Foreign Language      3
  FSA                TBA                       TBA                 needed for graduation will be         And/or Fine Arts and/or
  Tri-Cities         January 27, 2011          7:00pm              23 credits                            Education
  Westlake           January 13, 2011          6:30 pm                                                   Electives             4

   These Open House sessions will be held at the
respective schools. Please see the Fulton County Schools                  High School Registration/
web site for directions to the schools.
                                                                          Course Selection
                                                                    The high schools will share important information vital to
    Milton and Alpharetta                                          completing course registration forms. Students will receive
                                                                   high school information and course registration forms in their
     Information Nights                                            homeroom. Please review this information and the registration
.                                                                  form. Academic placement recommendations will be
Milton High School Auditorium – January 19, 2011 at                completed by student’s current teachers on the registration
7:00pm. Milton will host a Parent Night for parents of rising      forms. Students are responsible for indicating elective choices.
9th grade students. Students are encouraged to attend              Elective options will be explained fully during the information
especially for the elective fair.                                  night sessions held at the high schools. The registration form
                                                                   is to be signed by both the student and parent, and
Alpharetta High School Auditorium - February 2 and 3,              returned to the homeroom teacher by Monday February
2011 at 7:00 pm. Alpharetta will host a Parent night for           7th.
parents of rising 9th grade students on two evenings. At
Alpharetta there will be a TAG session beginning at 6:30 pm.
Students are also invited to attend Please choose one night to     See back of newsletter for important dates
attend the same information will be provided both nights.
                             HOPEWELL MIDDLE SCHOOL
                     8TH GRADE TRANSITION PROGRAM 2010-2011
                         and Other Important Dates and Activities

                                 Please keep this schedule for future reference.
             The schedule is also posted on line on Hopewell’s web site, .

    Date              Time                                              Event/Activity
January 19       7:00pm-9:00pm    Milton High School Elective Fair and Information Session at Milton High School. Parents
                                  and Students are encouraged to attend.
January 26                        Georgia Writing Assessment

January 29       7:00pm-10:00pm   Eighth Grade Dance


February 1       7:15pm           Alpharetta High School Advanced Placement Information night, at Alpharetta High
                                  School. Parents and Students are encouraged to attend.
February 2       6:30pm           TAG Information Session at Alpharetta High School
and 3            7:00pm           Parent and Student Information Night, at Alpharetta High School
                                  Please choose one night to attend the same information will be provided both nights
February 7       7:00pm-9:00pm    Milton High School Advanced Placement night at Milton High School

February 7                        All signed and completed course registration forms are due to be returned to
                                  students’ homeroom teachers
February 18                       Course verification forms provided for students attending Milton High School

February 24      7:00pm           Athletic Fair Alpharetta High School
March 4                           Course verification forms provided for students attending Alpharetta High School
March 17         9:00- 11:00 am   School visit to Alpharetta High School for students districted to attend the school
March 24-26                       Eighth Grade South Georgia Field Trip
April 20-28                       Criterion Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT)
May 4                             Georgia End- Of- Course Tests (EOCT)
May 20                            Georgia Day
May 27                            Eighth Grade Breakfast and Recognition Assembly

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