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									    CUB SCOUT

   Parent Handbook

                              Cub Scout Pack 1046
                               Parent Handbook
Welcome to Cub Scouts and Pack 1046!!!
This page will give you an idea of what Cubbing is all about:

The Cub Scout Promise:

“I promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack”

The Cub Scout Law:

“ The Cub Scout follows Akela
The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
The Cub Scout gives good will.:

Cub Scouts should foster self-esteem while teaching cooperation and the meaning of
healthy competition through games, crafts, sports, skills building, recognition, special
activities, camping, and lots of fun! Cub scouting is a family activity.


Cub Scout Pack 1046 is made up of approximately 30 boys, from the Bowie Community.
The boys meet in small groups (dens) of 5 to 9 boys. Each den has two adult leaders. All
parents should be very active with their sons’ den.

Pack 1046 is in the Prince George’s District of the National Capitol Area Council. There
are over 300 councils in the United States.

Our youngest cubs are the Tiger Cubs. Tiger Cubs are first graders. Tiger Cubs form a
team with an adult partner. Tiger Cubs wear the blue scout uniforms, have fewer den
meetings, and parents equally share den leadership. Tiger Cubs earn awards and have

Our second graders form the Wolves den. Third graders form the Bear den. Our fourth
and fifth graders advance to being Webelos (We’ll BE Loyal Scouts).

Sixth graders and older, or after obtaining the “Arrow of Light” award will join the Boy
Scouts. The Boy Scouts are organized into troops and patrols. One of the most important
differences of Cub Scouts and Boys Scouts is that in Boy Scouts the youth will lead

Den Meetings: Most dens meet weekly. At least two adults are required at each
meeting. Den meetings may comprise of crafts, fulfilling advancement requirements or
field trips

Pack Meetings: Usually on the last Tuesday of the month. Pack meetings are for all the
boys of Pack 1046. We expect a parent or the whole family to attend the pack meeting.
When not announced differently, pack meetings are at Kenilworth Elementary School at
6:30 pm on the last Tuesday of the month.

There are many special events, parent and son campout, Blue & Gold Banquet, Pinewood
Derby, as well as council events.

Leader meetings: The Pack Committee meets to discuss organizational matters such as
budget, fundraisers, communications, membership, future events and exchange ideas.
The form advice and guidance to the Pack Leaders. The Pack Leaders (Cubmaster,
Assistant Cubmaster and Den Leaders) meet to discuss Pack Meeting themes, assign
Pack Meeting responsibilities,, and share ideas and experiences. Parents are welcome
and encouraged to volunteer for a pack leadership position as well as attend leader


Advancements challenge a boy to work on skills that match his ability and interest level.
A boy is not supposed to be perfect, but to do his best. Boys will be exposed and
motivated to try out a lot of different activities.

All Cub Scouts earn the Bobcat rank first, and later the ran k appropriate for their age

Tiger cubs advance by participating in activities.

Wolf cubs earn the Wolf rank by completing 58 tracks in 12 achievements. After the
Wolf badge, they can earn Arrow Points.

Bear cubs earn the Bear rank (12 achievements with some choice) and then Arrow Points.

Fourth grade Webelos earn the Webelos rank and can earn additional pins to get compass
points. Fifth grade Webelos earn the “Arrow of Light”.

Wolf and Bear advancements are signed by the parent, Webelos advancements are signed
by the den leader.

Belt lops are awarded for tying out many sports and academic subjects. Sport and
academic pins are awarded for more serious participation.
Paperwork and Uniforms

Applications to join Pack 1046 are available at the fall sing up or from and Pack Leader.
Adult applications: Available a the fall sign up or from any Pack Leader

Uniforms: Cub scouts buy their own uniform, including council patch and pack
numeral. The pack provides badges. Tiger, Wolf, and Bear cubs use the blue Cub Scout
uniform. Webelos can choose whether to wear blue Cub Scout uniform or tan Boy Scout
uniform shirt. Official BSA policy requires each boy to wear only authorized BSA
trousers. Pack 1046 accepts any dark blue pants or blue jeans with the uniform.

Uniforms can be purchased at the BSA Service Center in Bethesda, MD or online at

Handbooks. Pack 1046 provides the Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos books. We
recommend that parents read the books for their child’s age group cover to cover.

If you boy has a friend who is interested in Cub Scouts, bring him to any pack or den
meeting. Don’t wait for the next year’s membership night.


We leaders will do our best to provide a quality program. All the leaders in Pack 1046
are volunteers and have many other obligations; we depend on parents to help provide the
good program we have. We ask every parent to help the pack in some capacity. The
most important (and the most fun) job is den leader. However, there are many other areas
where your help in running the pack is appreciated.

You should take your share in organizing den meetings and working with the den leader
of your son’s den.

A parent should attend the pack meeting together with the Cub Scout.

You might notice that every handbook for boys has a parent guide at the beginning.

A parent should take the Youth Protection Training online at

There are not secrets in Cub Scouts; parents are welcome in any organizational meeting
of the pack, district, or council.

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