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                                                                                                                     FEBRUARY 28—MARCH 12, 2008                                     NO. 7

                                                   RITES OF

THURSDAY, FEB. 28                                                              FRIDAY, FEB. 29                                                                                  SATURDAY 3/1
Silverstein with The Devil Wears Prada — Rocketown                             John Davey, Rebekah McLeod and Kat Jones — Rocketown                                             Sister Hazel — Wildhorse Saloon                                             The Regulars
Warped Tour alums and hardcore luminaries Silverstein bring their popular      Indiana native John Davey just might be the solution to February blues — his unique pop/         Yes, they’re still playing together and touring. Yes, they can still rock
sound to Nashville. The band teamed up with the Christian group The Devil      folk sound is immediately soothing and appealing and is sure to put you in a good mood.          with the best of ’em. Yes, you should go. Save all your money this          THE RUTLEDGE
Wears Prada for a long-winded U.S. tour.                                       ($5, 7 p.m.) 401 Sixth Avenue South, 843-4000                                                    week for that incredibly sweet sing-along to “All For You” (you know        410 Fourth Ave. S. 37201
($15, 6 p.m.) 401 6th Avenue S., 843-4000                                                                                                                                       you love it). ($20-$45, 6 p.m.) 120 Second Ave. North, 902-8200             782-6858
                                                                               Music in the Grand Lobby: Paula Chavis — The Frist Center for the
Steep Canyon Rangers — Station Inn                                             Visual Arts                                                                                      Red White Blue EP Release Show — The 5 Spot
This bluegrass/honky-tonk band from North Carolina has enjoyed a rapid         Nashville’s best-kept secret? The Frist hosts free live music in its lobby every Friday night.   Soft rock has a new champion in Red White Blue. Check out their EP          MERCY LOUNGE/CANNERY
popularity increase since it started playing gigs seven years ago.             Enjoy a selection of wine and other beverages and listen to the music of jazz pianist and        release party to hear their interesting blend of Americana, bluegrass       BALLROOM
($10, 9 p.m.)                                                                  vocalist Paula Chavis.                                                                           and soft rock. ($5, 9 p.m.) 1006 Forrest Ave., 650-9333                     1 Cannery Row 37203
                                                                               (Free, 6 p.m.) 919 Broadway, 244- 3340                                                                                                                                       251-3020
Vinyl Soup with Chronics of the Nar — Windows on the                                                                                                                            Will Hoge & Jason Isbell with Dawn Landes —
Cumberland                                                                     An Evening with the Jimmy Hall Trio — Bluebird Cafe                                              Cannery Ballroom
Local quartet Vinyl Soup seems to defy classification, drawing from a variety   Jim Hall, a world-renowned jazz guitarist, visits the Bluebird, bringing with him his current    This Dave Barnes-inspired act brings solid guitar riffs and touching        BLUEBIRD CAFE
of genres to produce its unique rock sound. Catch the band supporting its      touring band mates Scott Colley and Lewis Nash. Together the trio promotes “Magic Meeting,”      flights of piano to the table in the Nashville music scene. Head over        4104 Hillsboro Road 37215
brand new album, “Brandon and Travis,” released just this year.                Hall’s latest studio endeavor.                                                                   to Cannery Ballroom to find out why he’s kind of a big deal. ($15,           383-1461
(Cover TBA, 9 p.m.) 112 2nd Ave. N, 251-0097                                   ($10, 9:30 p.m.)                                                                                 9 p.m.)
The Refugees — Bluebird Cafe                                                   Griffin House with Sons of William — Exit/In                                                      The Jack Pearson Band — 3rd & Lindsley
All-girl trio The Refugees already have a Grammy to their name, and are        Twenty-five-year-old Griffin House has his unique breed of folk rock down to a science. His        Jack Pearson has been in the business for years and has worked with         2208 Elliston Place 37203
well-regarded as folk songwriters — many even describe them as the             deep, classic American voice, guitar strumming and storytelling lyrics make him reminiscent      everyone from Faith Hill to The Allman Brothers Band. Check him             321-3340
female version of Crosby, Stills and Nash.                                     of Bob Dylan — and definitely worth the ticket. ($12, 9 p.m.)                                     out to see why he’s been in bands with some of the most legendary
($10, 9 p.m.)                                                                                                                                                                   musicians in Nashville and beyond. ($8, 10 p.m.)                            STATION INN
                                                                               Gypse Pompe — Cafe Coco                                                                                                                                                      402 12th Ave. S. 37203
Chris Mitchell and the Collection — 3rd & Lindsley                             This bluegrass group will take you back to the days of cowboys and hoopskirts with charming      Dale Ann Bradley — Station Inn
Check out the Ohio native, whose “finely tuned voice can cross a multitude      fiddle and string arrangements. (Free, 11 p.m.)                                                   The 2007 International Bluegrass Music Association’s Female Vocalist        255-3307
of genre barriers.” Mitchell rejoined local dance band the Collection, with                                                                                                     of the Year will be sharing her incredible voice at Nashville’s Bluegrass
whom he worked in the ’90s, for exploration in jazz and funk sounds.           Jabe & The All Night Circus — 12th South Taproom and Grill                                       Mecca, Station Inn. If you haven’t heard of her (or bluegrass, for that     THE BASEMENT
(Cover TBA, 8 p.m.)                                                            Tracks from Jabe & The All Night Circus’s latest release “Rocket Surgery” are like a breath      matter), you seriously need to see this show. ($10, 9 p.m.)                 1604 Eighth Ave. S. 37203
                                                                               of fresh air — no, maybe a kick in the stomach, of some much-needed, hard-rocking                                                                                            254-1604
The Dust Poets — Blair School of Music                                         Americana. (Free, 9 p.m.) 2318 12th Avenue South, 463, 7552                                      The Art of Percussion — Schermerhorn Symphony
Head to Vanderbilt’s own Blair Concert Series, which is featuring Canadian                                                                                                      Center
folk-pop group The Dust Poets. The five-man ensemble dabbles in a variety       Cadillac Sky — Station Inn                                                                       Are you a drummer that really digs the Symphony? Shostakovich’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            F. SCOTT’S RESTAURANT AND
of traditional styles, using an entirely acoustic collection of instruments.   You’ve got to hear these guys. Their fusion of bluegrass melodies and layered harmonies is
                                                                                                                                                                                Symphony No. 10 in E minor (Op. 93) is the highlight of the show this       JAZZ BAR
(Free, 8 p.m.)                                                                 completely entrancing, and likely like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Walk, don’t run, to                                                                                 2210 Crestmoor Road 37215
                                                                                                                                                                                week with a percussion showcase that will definitely rock your socks
                                                                               the Station Inn tonight. ($12, 9 p.m.)                                                                                                                                       269-5861
                                                                                                                                                                                off (if anything at the symphony could do it, it’s this). ($30-105, 7
Doug Hoekstra with Tori Sparks — Douglas Corner Cafe                                                                                                                            p.m.)
Wired Magazine writes, “A lot of people write songs, Hoekstra writes five-      Ray Sisk and Friends with Daisy Dern, Dave Gibson and others —
minute worlds.”                                                                Douglas Corner Cafe                                                                              Grand Ole Opry — Ryman Auditorium                                           SCHERMERHORN SYMPHONY
($5, 8:30 p.m.) 2106 8th Ave. S., 298-1688                                     With so much diverse music in Nashville, sometimes you wonder, where can I just get some         Seriously, do you need a reason to see this Nashville tradition?            CENTER
                                                                               old fashioned country/ Americana? Head to Douglas Corner Cafe to see Ray Sisk, whose             How about acts like the Del McCoury band, Jimmy Dickens and the             1 Symphony Place 37201
Jonathan Richman with Tommy Larkins — The Five Spot                            melancholic voice and classic acoustic guitar is at the same time a nod to tradition and a       legendary Ricky Skaggs? Buy your tickets NOW. ($34-49, 6:30 and             687-6500
Velvet Underground fanatic Jonathan Richman is a near-forgotten name           breath of fresh air. ($5, 9 p.m.) 2106-A 8th Ave. South, 289-1688                                9:30 p.m.)
in rock, but his influence on the emerging punk scene in the late ’70s is
                                                                               John Birdsong — F. Scott’s                                                                                                                                                   3RD AND LINDSLEY
undeniable. His hit single “Roadrunner” has been covered by the likes of                                                                                                        Hotpipes CD Release Show — Exit/In
the Sex Pistols and the Violent Femmes, and it is often hailed as “the first    Need some more jazz in your life? Come to F. Scott’s for some classic American cuisine, an       The local foursome Hotpipes may fall into the extremely large and           818 Third Ave. S. 37210
punk rock song.”                                                               elegant atmosphere and most importantly, the music of John Birdsong, a well-known upright        now nondescript category of indie rock, but their new wave garage           259-9891
($12, 8:30 p.m.) 1006 Forrest Ave., 650-9333                                   jazz bass player in Nashville. (Free, 7 p.m.)                                                    rock sound definitely breaks the mold. The release party for their
                                                                               David Dewese of the Luxury Liners — Edgehill Studios Cafe                                        second CD will feature friends Courtney Tidwell, Hands Off Cuba and D       CAFE COCO
Cowboy Dynamite with Meemaw — The End                                                                                                                                           Funk DJ. (Price TBA, 8 p.m.)
Given their song titles (“Don’t Taze Me Bro” and “I Hate Chores I Love         Nashville-based singer-songwriter David Dewese certainly has a lot on his plate right now:                                                                                   210 Louise Ave. 37203
S’mores”), maturity may not be a strong point of the teenage punk quartet      He fronts two bands (The Luxury Liners and The Foxymorons), is releasing a solo CD and                                                                                       321-2626
from Franklin, but they still manage to produce a catchy pop-punk sound        is launching a clothing line. Despite his hectic schedule, he still manages to make some         Hip Hop Night — Cafe Coco
                                                                               thoughtful, acoustic music. (Free, 7 p.m.) 1201 Villa Place Nashville 301.8539                   Join Nashville local DJ Wick-it this week with his smooth beats that will
that will get you moving in no time. Expect material from their latest
                                                                                                                                                                                at the very least inspire some solid head bobbing utilizing old-school
album, “This World is our Playground,” released in April.
                                                                                                                                                                                jams mixed with modern dialogue created from personal voicemails,
                                                                                                                                                                                clips from Dave Chappelle and everything in between. (Free, 11p.m.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        FREE A DMISSION
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        February–March, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       7 p.m. in Sarratt Cinema

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              for complete schedule visit the Web site
               Versus  FEBRUARY 28—MARCH 12, 2008                             N 7  O.

                                                                                                                             THIS ISSUE
  Versus                                     FROM THE EDITOR
EDITORIAL BOARD                                                                                                                   Music
     Editor in Chief

  Darcy Newell                                                                                                                                                  5
    Managing Editor
 Chris Gearing
      Music Editor
Garrett Faulkner                                                                                                                  Culture
     Culture Editors
Courtney Rogers                                                                                                                                        8
Linda Vongkhamchanh
      Fiction Editor
      Ellie Mix
                                    As 2008 Rites performer DJ Kool once said (and will
                                 likely repeat on April 18th on Alumni Lawn),                                                     Features
     Jordan Bond                                                                                                                                   9

                                                                                                                               9 Diversions
    Owen Canavan                   LET ME CLEAR MY THROAT.
     Daniel Cherry
    Ben Grimwood
    Maria Hibbard                   The Rites of Spring lineup — crucial information for
    Amy Johnston                 which the campus has anticipated with baited breath. As
     Andrew Levy

    Davis McMillan               I received the Music Group’s press release, I admit I felt
    Tawney Milam                 like Charlie Bucket with the coveted lineup acting as my
    Mallory Morse                                                                                                                            10
      Will Parks                 golden ticket. I looked down at the headliners, prepared to
      Eliza Robie                be overcome with —
   Thomas Shattuck
     Sean Tierney
     Oliver Wolfe                  YESSSSSSS.
    Reanne Zheng

      Copy Editors
                                   The Rites lineup this year is, to use a word of the                                     PIC OF THE WEEK
                                 people, incredibly sick. The Music Group has accounted
Elizabeth Middlebrooks
     Medora Brown                for all music styles and preferences, ensuring that there is
    Hannah Twillman              something for every music fan, and beyond that, a unified,
      Art Director               diverse experience for everyone.
     Matt Radford                  But it’s true — they hasn’t brought a musical superstar
         Designers               back to campus after Quake, and you may argue that these
       Jose Garza
Elizabeth Middlebrooks           acts are not of “Kanye magnitude.”
    Courtney Rogers                Yet Rites of Spring is a music festival (not unlike the
     Avery Spofford              famous festivals we outline in the music section, plug
    Marketing Director           plug plug), and it’s less about Kanye running around the
    George Fischer
                                 stage like a nut wearing a backpack crooning “Stronger”
   Advertising Manager           and more about the experience, the warm weather, the day
   Madeline Pulman
                                 and the musicians picked whose styles inextricably lend
 Asst. Advertising Manager
     Angela Booker               themselves to badass, soul-infused, once-in-a-lifetime live
                                 performances. You don’t know bands like Grace Potter
     Advertising Staff
     Carolyn Fisher              and the Nocturnals or The Hill Country Revue? Well, it’s a
     David Gaffney               good thing you have two months to get ready. Don’t worry.
     Killian Lamkin
                                 We’ll help.
       VSC Director
      Chris Carroll
                                    The bottom line? The Music Group has lived up to its
    Asst. VSC Directors
      Jeff Breaux
                                 Quake-made reputation and booked fantastic acts. Now
     Paige Clancy                it’s up to you to get your hands on some of this music.
                                 Don’t blame us if you find some new favorites.

                                   Darcy Newell                                                                                              “NOOGIE! IN QUEBEC” OLIVER WOLFE

   Dine from a unique, eclectic and diverse menu
          of dishes from around the world

                              Wasabi crusted tuna salad
                             Asian style shrimp dumplings
                                 Smoke Salmon pizza

             Maple glazed duck over sweet potato risotto
                    Black pepper crusted salmon
                       Moroccan lamb shank
             Brazilian style Paella in spicy tomato broth

                                                                                            ch S
                                                                                                T             ntow
                                                                                        Chur s ST         Dow





   Directions from Vandy:

   Travel heading toward downtown,
                                                 st E

   go to 19th Avenue and take a left,

   take a right on Hayes Street                           Vanderbilt

   and Mambu is on the left
   between 18th and 19th Avenue.
                                                                                                  Versus            •    February 28—March 12, 2008                                 •     3


                            Ember                                                      fiction
                                                                                            “If you put yourself out there and you’re lucky, it
                                                                                             comes to you. You find it, and you know right away
                                 Will parks                                                  that’s it.”
                                    Contributor                                                                             — Michael chabon

         And as you spoke the night thickened
         so I listened to every word,
         every meaning,                                                   Haikus

                                                                                   Words to live by
         every subtly immured in ephemera
         stumbling from your mouth.
         And in spite of the moment we fell

                                                                                   in seventeen syllables
         backwards from our feet,
         forwards into a collapse and
         a spiral that neither of us
         asked the way out of so
         we searched for the exit
         separately.                                                          I don’t have the time
         The air cooled around us                                             To deal with your crap right now.
         in the heat of a passion we
         knew was there, somewhere;                                           Wish I could pause you.
         a caress of the shaded shoulder
         and a grasp of the fatigued spirit
         that faded onto our malleable form
         and our harsh rhythm,                                                                                    Time to study yet?
         the muted aria with chords
         that sounded beautiful but
                                                                                                                  I don’t think it’s quite that time.
         no one can ever hear,
         or at least I thought so.
                                                                                                                  Test’s not for three hours.
         And how animated was your face
         when you dictated the
         embellished brevity,
         our scarce attachment to the heart;

                                                                                                                   Anita Jobb
         and how lost were my eyes when
         I watched your face stare
         out of the window into the distant                                Vanderbilt University, VU Station B #1234 · Nashville, TN 37235 · (123) 456 -7890 ·
         and fall in love with
         the depth of space.

         We never wanted to sleep but                                     Internship Coordinator                                                                   February 28, 2008
         our souls were weary and                                         Human Resources Department
         I began to dream of a fire that                                  Worldwide Group (USA)
         consumed our bed and seared our                                  666 Judgment Day Lane
         naked bodies, melting together                                   New York, NY
         with faint force to a dirty brown,
         a blend into the dark where
         the last hue of red curled back                                  Dear Sir/Madam,
         beneath the dying embers.
                                                                          I read with interest about Worldwide Group (USA) Summer Internship Program through the company
         Yet when our night weakened                                      website. Please accept this cover letter as my official application for any position you can possibly offer
         the morning light cast                                           me because I wrecked my car and I badly need laser hair removal. I am convinced I am a perfect match
         a lonely shadow of the flesh                                     for your company because I’ve got the mad skillz and you’ve got the paycheck.
         on the ruffled sheets where
                                                                          I am extremely interested in the field of work Worldwide Group (USA) has to offer. Who am I kidding?
         my hands sifted through air,
                                                                          I have absolutely no idea what you do, what I would do; I found a flyer of yours at the Career Fair that
         where my lips were left
                                                                          says “You’ve Got What We Need.” And I guess I do! What have I got? A multi-figure car insurance
         entangled in an abandoned scent,                                 bill, a joke of a major and I suppose a pretty decent rack. Is that what you need? Can you transfer this
         where my head lay burning                                        cover letter to a Geico representative who needs a partner for his caveman?
         slowly, softly, discreetly.
                                                                          My experience spans from academia to the professional. For three years I have been active at the gym
                                                                          and getting my groove on at my favorite local fraternity. I can dance like I’m in a Timbaland music
                                                                          video and can walk in a semi-straight line after six mixed drinks. I have demonstrated my effective
                                                                          leadership through various programs at the university; I like to get things done. Like lunch and dinner.
                                                                          I am amazing at lunch and dinner. My main interests lie in sleeping, partying and LOST, interests that
                                                                          am I sure will add to the success of your company. This is how I know that Worldwide Group (USA)
                                                                          is everything I want to work for; I am just copying power phrases out of a book, so how about, “I have
                                                                          the depth of experience it takes to make a positive contribution.” Wow, that actually fits rather well.
PHotograPHy                                                               Awesome. Next paragraph.

                                                                          I am appreciative of the time you have spent reviewing this letter and accompanying material. I look
                                                                          forward to hearing from you in the near future, because otherwise I am going to have to resort to Target
                                                                          or babysitting in Kentucky since last summer I was sued in the great state of Tennessee for feeding
                                                                          toddlers whiskey with their milk to make them shut the hell up.

                                                                          Most sincerely,

                                                                          Anita Jobb


                                                  mallory morse /Versus                                                                                     “man at lake in hanoi” oliVer wolfe
4           February 28–March 12, 2008                          Versus

                                                                                         THURSDAY, FEB. 28                        FRIDAY, FEB. 29                         SATURDAY, MARCH 1

                                                                                         Get the funk rolling with G. Love        Kid Rock teams up with Allman           Don’t miss the Southern alt-rock quin-
                                                                                         and Special Sauce, who are               Brothers legend Dickey Betts            tet Sister Hazel at Wildhorse Sa-
                                                                                         bringing their unique blues-infused      and his band, Great Southern,           loon at 6 p.m. The band is touring
“My vocation is more in composition really than                                          hip-hop to City Hall. Their new-         in what will be an unforgettable        hot on the heels of their independent
                                                                                         est album, “Lemonade,” features a        show. The concert starts at 8 p.m.      release “Absolutely,” unveiled last
 anything else — building up harmonies using                                             variety of contributors, including Ben   at the Sommet Center, balcony           October. Be sure to snag a general
     the guitar, orchestrating the guitar like an                                        Harper and Jack Johnson. The doors       seats $22.50.                           admission ticket for $20, and stick
                          army, a guitar army.”                                          open at 8 p.m., tickets $20.                                                     around at least past “All For You.”


New albums
                                                                                                                                                   Have you been looking for a change of pace?

                                                                                                                                                 Has 2008 been disappointing your musical

                                                                                                                                                 senses? Look no further, fellow music fan. Our

         need to hear
                                                                                                                                                 writers have laid out some of the best albums

     you                                                                                                                                         of 2008 for your cochlear pleasure.

           ‘VAMPIRE                                                   Last week we claimed that the lissome quintet that is Vampire Weekend is the modern reincarnation of The Clash. However,
                                                                    don’t take them lightly, even if you aren’t a fan of The Clash — this is good stuff. After seeing the music video for “Mansard
           WEEKEND’                                                 Roof,” it makes some weird kind of sense that they play their seductively head-bobbing punk songs ironically on a yacht.
                                                                    When talking about the album, there are many highlights that should urge you to go quickly (perhaps even hurriedly) to your
                Vampire Weekend                                     local record store to pick up the LP. Even though the album is excellent, I couldn’t move past the masterful four opening
                                                                    songs. Seriously, that should give you an idea of the quality of this album. “Mansard Roof” combines modern existential
                                                                    commentary on top of rollicking percussion licks, while the simplicity of “Oxford Comma” brings a mellow mood. But the
                                                                    lyrics are the real show, with references to both Lil John and the Dalai Lama. The high energy single “APunk” showcases
                                                                    high-pitched lyrics and a fun riff, and the subtle charm of “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” is reminiscent of Guster with its
            Managing Editor
                                                                    nostalgic lyrics and solid musical score.
                                                                      As Spin Magazine’s choice for “The Year’s Best New Band,” Vampire Weekend is definitely worth your time and hard-
                                                                    earned dollars. Pick up their debut album for a refresher course on what modern rock ’n’ roll should sound like. z

  For some music to have when going to the beach, making breakfast or just to smile to, Jack Johnson seems to be a
mainstay among the realms of uplifting music. With his Hawaiian, acoustic-laden melodies, Johnson has never been one                                                            ‘SLEEP
to overcomplicate. Throughout his career, his simple songwriting format has been effective and well received by fans and
musicians alike. However, with his most recent effort, “Sleep Through the Static,” Johnson aimed to change up the approach.
With the eco-friendly studio of Johnson-owned Brushfire Records, Johnson wanted to diverge from his bread-and-butter
sing-a-longs and make more of a statement on the present state of the world. With lyrics like “The truth is as we say not as
                                                                                                                                                                                THE STATIC’
we do …” describing the Iraq war and his various overtures on global warming and energy consumption, Johnson’s vocal                                                            Jack Johnson
activism will be a different look to his music. This being said, his simple acoustic structure is still intact, like his references
to all things reminiscent of 1970s hippies. His breezy style leads many to undermine his credibility as a musician. Even so,
Johnson has never seemed so serious about preaching to his followers what concerns him the most. In the album, “Go On,”                                                                JORDAN BOND
                                                                                                                                                                                           Staff Writer
“Sleep Through the Static”, “If I Had Eyes,” and “Monsoon” are tracks that provide an adjusted lyrical approach with retention
of his mellow surfer guitar approach. Overall, the album seems to give nothing but a resounding feeling of welcoming and
well-being, or in Hawaiian vernacular, E komo mai! z

   ‘KEEP YOUR                                                         “Keep Your Eyes Ahead,” the latest album from the Portland band Helio Sequence, reaffirms the capabilities of this dynamic
                                                                    duo, which they so boldly stated with their last album, “Love and Distance.” You would not think two people could create
  EYES AHEAD’                                                       so much sound and energy; however, so many of these new tracks say just the opposite. “Can’t Say No” and “Hallelujah”
                                                                    especially have the power to rock you right out of your seat. But it’s not your typical intense guitar jam — Benjamin Weikel’s
                    Helio Sequence                                  keyboard/drum combination creates supernatural melodies, sending listeners on a musical voyage floating through outer
                                                                    space. Additionally, Brandon Summers’ vocals are an instrument in themselves, meshing perfectly with the mystical sounds
                                                                    of Weikel. The duo also knows how to slow it down and bring it back to reality, with a more classic acoustic guitar and piano
                                                                    sound. Although calmer, tracks like “Shed Your Love” and “Broken Afternoon” do not lack any musical talent. Their soothing
           ANDREW LEVY                                              tunes and meaningful lyrics clearly represent the band’s multifaceted skill. I have not yet been fortunate enough to catch
              Staff Writer                                          Helio Sequence live, but I would recommend their show to anyone who happens to cross their path. Until then, do as I have
                                                                    done and pick up this new album, “Keep Your Eyes Ahead.” Find out for yourself what Helio Sequence is capable of. z

  Jam bands are not often given credit for their studio efforts. Critics — many of whom are incompetent — generally have two
ways of dismissing the album outputs from the improvisational rock bands of today’s scene; either they are not representative
                                                                                                                                                                                ‘STICKS AND
enough of the band’s undisputedly heralded live performances, or they are too similar to their live shows, choosing to include
at times the aimless noodling of the live shows. One of New England’s jam band prides, moe., just released their eighth full-
length record, “Sticks and Stones,” which positively proves these critics wrong. This album is concise and clearly the product                                                  moe.
of a road-tested band that may be facing some interpersonal midlife crises. Upon my first thorough listen, I was completely
taken aback by two of the tunes: the opener “Cathedral” and the sure-fire new hit “Deep This Time.”
  Try delving deeper into the lyric’s meanings, a problem that many moe.rons have struggled with communicating to their                                                             OWEN CANAVAN
non-fan friends, and you will find not only that those two songs are even more enjoyable than first thought, but they also                                                                 Staff Writer
represent some of the band’s most mature instrumental nuances. With a guest fiddle player on “Conviction Song” and the
mournful “September,” along with some choice mandolin work from lead guitarist Al Schnier, one will hear that this record,
which was recorded in an abandoned church in upstate New York, brings out the already fascinating idiosyncrasies of
guitarist Chuck Garvey’s mechanical virtuosity, percussionist Jim Loughlin’s Mallet Kat and xylophone work and the always
thick interplay between both Rob Derhak’s melodic bass and fratty vocals and his drummer, Vinne Amico. If you cast it away
as a bad record after one listen, then I would cast you as the idiot screaming from the front row for “Plane Crash” before the
house lights go down. z

A spring break soundtrack
                                                                    Try something
                                                                                                            Going on some exotic            across the country. Jazz isn’t      change of pace. The characters
                                                                                                         vacation? Looking for music to     just for New York clubs or          in the movie road tripped to
                                                                    new for a week.                      accompany your hours under
                                                                                                         the sun? Try some authentic
                                                                                                                                            old movies; it’s guaranteed to
                                                                                                                                            put almost anyone in a good
                                                                                                                                                                                it; why can’t you? DeVotchKa,
                                                                                                                                                                                Sufjan Stevens’ and Tony
                                                                         MARIA HIBBARD                   Hawaiian music to accompany        mood. Try Mindi Abair’s “Life       Tisdale collaborate to an
                                                                               Staff Writer              your time in an exotic locale.     Less Ordinary” or Dave Koz’s        eclectic, yet somehow cohesive
                                                                                                         Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s (now       “Lucky Man” for some easy,          soundtrack — much like the
                                                                      Spring break: It conjures          that’s an authentic Hawaiian       catchy beats and soaring sax        movie itself. The distinctive
                                                                    up images of white sands,            mouthful!) album “Facing           melodies. Although both play        instrumental melodies that
                                                                    sun, relaxation, service work,       Future” is no lame attempt at      beautiful saxophone, Dave           accompany the movie, with
                                                                    mission trips and of course,         island music; this is the music    Koz’s music is more rhythmic,       their odd combinations of
                                                                    free time to listen to a plethora    to which the hula dancers          while Mindi Abair has found         instruments, appear in the
                                                                    of music. You don’t need to          jive. He was the most popular      her niche in her gorgeous           soundtrack, as well as the ever-
                                                                    switch on the old “Umbrella”         singer in Hawaii before his        melodies. Not a saxophone-          hilarious “Catwalkin’” and, of
                                                                    or other popular standbys —          death in 1997, and for good        type person? Try some of            course, “Superfreak.” Perhaps
                                                                    the extra time is almost a free      reason: His rhythms are            Chick Corea’s jazz piano            the most appropriate to a road
                                                                    excuse to explore! Whether           catchy, his melodies tuneful       for something light but also        trip, however, would be Sufjan
ISRAEL KAMAKAWIWO’OLE                                               your destination is the sunny        and his tenor clear and exotic.    catchy. His collaboration with      Stevens’ “Chicago” — a type of
                                                                    beaches of the Caribbean, an         Google him — he even looks         Bela Fleck in “The Encounter”       musical climax that combines
                                                                    ASB site or home sweet home,         like an authentic Hawaiian         is particularly engaging and        motifs from all the other
                                                                    some new music should                performer! He may be               different. Even if you’ve never     songs. Diverse enough to be
                                                                    accompany your journey and           obscure, but sometimes these       been a jazz person at all, try      engaging, yet light enough to
                                                                    your destination. This way, you      hidden gems turn out to be         them out — hopefully, you’ll        be entertaining, the soundtrack
                                                                    don’t have to just build houses      the biggest sensations.            come home from ASB with an          to the little movie that could is
                                                                    to the beat of Soul’ja Boy,             Going on Alternative Spring     entirely different perspective      perfect for a road trip.
                                                                    “soak up the sun” as Sheryl          Break might mean a good            on music as well.                      There’s so much music to
                                                                    Crow croons, or put “Sweet           excuse to try some alternative       Road-tripping it home or          listen to, so give it a shot —
                                                                    Home Alabama” on loop on             music. (Hint, hint). Yes, you’re   elsewhere? You’re going to          make an effort to try a new
                                                                    the drive home. Hopefully,           probably going to claim that       need something to keep you          musical palette this spring
                                                                    trying something different           you need Kanye or Rihanna          alert through the miles of          break. z
                                                                    will make your spring break          to get motivated, but for a        highway. This spring break,
                                                                    soundtrack as memorable as           change, listen to some jazz        try listening to the “Little Miss
DAVE KOZ                      LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE SOUNDTRACK       the trip itself.                     at your site or on your drive      Sunshine” soundtrack for a
                                                                                                                                                Versus                February 28–March 12, 2008                              5

SUNDAY, MARCH 2                            MONDAY, MARCH 3                       TUESDAY, MARCH 4                                   WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5
Check out Blameshift, a post-              Robin Trower may be                   Head out to the Schermerhorn                       Take a look at folk artist Malcolm
hardcore band from Long Island             racking up the years, but the         Center to see the renowned Chief-                  Holcombe, who specializes in
who have enjoyed a whirlwind               soul of his music remains the         tains. The band has accumulated                    a wide array of blues and old-time
series of successes since their debut      same. Don’t miss a live perfor-       six Grammys during their 45-year                   country styles. His virtuosity with a
album was released this past May.          mance of his epic “Too Rolling        career, but haven’t strayed from their             number of instruments and hillbilly
No need to break the bank, though;         Stoned.” Advance tickets for          traditional Irish sound. The tickets               persona earned him a minor role
a general admission ticket can be          the 9 p.m. show at The                aren’t cheap, though; be prepared                  in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”
scored for as little as $5. The show       Cannery are a bargain at              to shell out $75 for a main floor                   Reserve yourself a seat by 9 p.m.,
kicks off at 8 p.m.                        $25.                                  seat. The evening begins at 7 p.m.                 tickets $12.

Langerado festival a
                                                                                                                                                                             Munchie Mart man, myth
                                                                                                                                                                             and legend Will Farmer
                                                                                                                                                                             gives us 10 tracks that
                                                                                                                                                                             keep his speakers blast-

sublime experience
                                                                                                                                                                             ing. Stay tuned for other
                                                                                                                                                                             playlists from Vanderbilt
                                                                                                                                                                             faculty, staff and students
                                                                                                                                                                             in the coming weeks.
                ANDREW LEVY
                      Staff Writer
                                              1.          Without warning, moe. unleashed a
                                                       rollercoaster jam through the speaker stacks.
                                                                                                                       but the bigger site also allows for more onsite
                                                                                                                       camping and late night shows. If I could have
                                                                                                                                                                                      “LET’S RIDE”
                                                                                                                                                                                      Yo Gotti
                                                       The ups and downs of their astounding melodies                  changed anything from last year I would have
   Many people view music festivals as some
sort of hippie drug convention; an excuse for
people, young and old, to further their own
                                              2.       seemed to hypnotize the crowd, as many,
                                                       including myself, seemed to unconsciously
                                                       dance to the rhythm. Along with moe., My
                                                                                                                       camped on grounds, so I could experience
                                                                                                                       the festival at an even greater level. But the
                                                                                                                       location is nothing without the artists, and

personal corruption and aid in the demise              Morning Jacket delivered an unforgettable                       Langerado again has not failed in signing an
of others. However, many people have never             show to close out one night. Confronted by                      amazing line-up.                                               “POP BOTTLES”
even been to a festival themselves. Therefore,         an explosion of sound and light, I grasped the                    Headlining this year’s festival will be the                  Lil’ Wayne
I encourage those so uninformed to open                fence to keep my footing. As neon glow sticks                   Beastie Boys, R.E.M. and Grateful Dead legend

their eyes to the truths of these mind-altering,       flew threw the jet-black sky, Jacket ripped the                 Phil Lesh & Friends. Raised by a Deadhead,
cultural journeys that are music festivals.                                                                            I am most enticed by the possibilities Lesh                    “BIG SHIT POPPIN’”
   Walking through the entrance of the                                                                                 brings to the festival. Whether he plays old                   T.I.
Langerado Music Festival one year ago, I could                                                                         favorites or new hits, he is bound to leave

feel the fans’ passion encompass my body as                                                                            anyone with their mouth wide open and full
it resonated from everyone around me. I felt                                                                           of awe. R.E.M. and the Beastie Boys also bring                 “SWEETEST GIRL”
oddly comfortable surrounded by people and                                                                             a lot of musical diversity to the table, assuring              Wyclef Jean feat. Lil’ Wayne
in a place so foreign to my norms. Piercings,                                                                          that all tastes will be satisfied. The Beastie Boys

tattoos, hair dye, pants, shorts, jorts, an infinite                                                                   have opened up their style, cutting down on
range of styles, but no one wore shoes. And as I                                                                       the rap and showcasing their instrumental                      “ZOOM”
removed my own pair, I realized with the warm                                                                          skill, while R.E.M. has consistently shown                     Lil’ Boosie
grass between my toes, that this apparently                                                                            their musical genius since their birth in

diverse gathering of people were all one with                                                                          Athens, Ga. Along with those greats, many
the festival. I had begun my understanding;            night apart. “One Big Holiday” and “Off the                     other praised rockers will be lighting up the                  “YOU DON’T KNOW ME”
almost in awe from the feeling, I began to             Record” stunned the crowd with amazement.                       stages throughout the days, such as: The Roots,                T.I.
wander throughout the festival grounds                 The feelings from these incredible shows                        Ben Folds, The Wailers, Gov’t Mule and many

attempting to grasp everything I saw.                  were incomprehensible, and after Widespread                     other sensational musicians.
   Even with the beautiful social harmony, the         finished it all off, I was left to sit and wait until             Anybody still searching for a last-minute
                                                                                                                                                                                      “UMMA DO ME”
true spectacle lay within the music. Bands             the next year’s festival.                                       spring break trip should be forced down to Big                 Rocko
played on multiple stages starting around                 As spring break quickly comes upon us,                       Cypress, March 6 through 9. It is absolutely

noon, with the late-night shows rocking away           Langerado is only a week away, and although                     guaranteed to kick off this year’s festival
into the early morning.Toots, North Mississippi        I do not understand how, this year looks to be                  season with enormous excitement and power.
All-Stars, Trey Anastasio and Matisyahu were a         even better than last. The festival has changed                 Go for the fun, go for the music, but more than                Shawty Lo feat. Jeezy
few of the festival’s jaw-dropping sensations;         locations this time around, to Big Cypress,                     anything else, go for the experience. Everyone

however, not many compared to the body-                Fla., a Seminole Indian reservation in the                      should allow themselves to experience this                     “I’M STRAIGHT”
melting experiences left by moe. and My                Everglades. Not only does this add an extra                     indescribable phenomenon known as a music
Morning Jacket.                                        spice of Native American culture and history,                   festival. z                                                    T.I.

Enjoying the ‘Music of the Night’ at Nashville Symphony
     TAWNEY MILAM                    holds the potential for so         Craig Schulman and Philip                    Christine, Hernandez and
           Staff Writer              much more.                         Hernandez, all well-versed                   Hayden sang the lovely
                                       Entering                the      performers from Broadway                     duet “All I Ask of You.” The
  The chandeliers dim to             Schermerhorn, guests are           and stages around the                        sound of the full orchestra
a level just above darkness.         greeted by cool marble,            world.                                       coupled with the intensity
Silence falls on the crowd.          plush carpets and elegant            With songs like “If I Can’t                of the vocals was absolutely
A blue glow washes over the          chandeliers. The tinkle of         Love Her” from “Beauty                       captivating. But the evening
stage as the violins softly          laughter and whispers of           and the Beast,” “Impossible                  climaxed with Schulman, as
enter and with the words,            conversation waft through          Dream” from “Man of La                       the Phantom, singing “Music
“Look at my collection …             the lobby and halls as             Mancha” and “Stars” from                     of the Night.” “Nighttime
isn’t it neat?” A voice like         women in heels and soft            “Les Miserables,” there was                  sharpens, heightens each
that of Ariel begins to dance        wraps are escorted to              always something new to                      sensation / Darkness stirs
through the symphony hall.           their seats by well-dressed        enrapture the attention of                   and wakes imagination /
  Though Ariel has not               gentlemen. There is an             the audience. Humor and                      Silently the senses abandon
materialized from Disney’s           atmosphere     of    relaxed       fun were added into the                      their defenses.” Such raw
“The Little Mermaid” or left         expectation and excitement         mix with selections such as                  emotion laced with passion
the Magic Kingdom to visit           for the performance about          “Popular” from “Wicked”                      took everyone on a journey
Nashville, her presence was          to unfold on the stage.            as sung by Hayden. With                      through the world of the
felt in the Schermerhorn               As    a   part    of    the      the lyrics “Popular! / You’re                Phantom. You could not                                                    STEVE HALL /
last     Thursday        night.      symphony’s Pop Series:             gonna be popular! / I’ll teach               help but be pulled into
Through pieces like “Part            Broadway     Tonight,     the      you the proper ploys / When                  his words as the “music             music of the night…”          friends. It’s an easy way to
of His World,” the Nashville         evening’s      performance         you talk to boys,” you could                 caress(ed)” all those lucky         This is the perfect way to    get off campus and nurture
Symphony         released     a      began with selections from         not help but smile.                          enough to be in the room.           describe an evening spent     an appreciation for the arts.
hypnotic power that assails          “Guys and Dolls,” followed           “Keep your eyes on                         As the song reached its end,        at the symphony. Such a       Upcoming        performances
the senses with its beauty.          by    “Wilkommen”       from       the chandelier.” This was                    a hush of awe was evident           night is one of elegance,     you might be interested in
Many may believe that the            “Cabaret.” The music alone         the warning of singer                        and was quickly followed by         beauty, grace and sensory     attending include Beethoven
symphony will only lull you          would have been beautiful,         Hernandez as we entered                      an eruption of applauding           stimulation. The symphony     Takes a Stroll, March 13-15
into a deep sleep, but I insist      but we were graced with the        the world of “Phantom of                     and a standing ovation.             is a wonderful option for     and a Celtic Celebration,
that a night at the symphony         singing of Tamra Hayden,           the Opera.” As Raoul and                       “The     power    of    the       a date or an evening with     March 20-22. z

Amid slight changes in ‘Bedlam,’ the song remains the same
      THOMAS SHATTUCK                      a picture at what summarizing the                                                              Mars Volta opted out of ambient        albums will still find evidence of
               Staff Writer                album is like.                                                                                 noise and eerie background             his influence, though in a different
                                             This is the band’s fourth LP,                                                                passages. In “The Bedlam in            manner.
  I can’t say I’m the epitome of           released on Jan. 29, and represents                                                            Goliath,” the band makes an               In the past paragraph or
music criticism; in fact, I generally      everything the lead singer Cedric                                                              attempt at creating constant           so, I’ve mentioned all things
despise the entire process. I              Bixler- Zavala and guitarist Omar                                                              movement, rarely pausing. The only     that have changed. In spite of
won’t pretend I understand why             Rodriguez-Lopez have been striving                                                             real exception is “Tourniquet Man,”    these differences, the album
someone considers numbers useful           for. “The Bedlam in Goliath”                                                                   the sixth track of the album.          somehow remains faithful to
in relative comparison of two              would most likely be the band’s                                                                  The source of the constant           the sound defined in the band’s
dissimilar sounds — it doesn’t mean        most accessible album, though                                                                  movement seems to be the new           preliminary album “Deloused in
anything. I guess I believe reviews        that’s about as pointless as saying                                                            replacement drummer Thomas             the Comatorium.” This is true,
                                                                                           THE BEDLAM IN GOLIATH / by Mars Volta
should illuminate rather than sell,        “Ulysses” is more accessible than                                                              Pridgen’s desire to destroy his        for the band still maintains sonic
but that’s an art few (myself not          “Finnegan’s Wake.”                                                                             drum set through sheer force. In       manipulation as their identifying
included) possess.                           I’d prefer not to give “The Bedlam        starting with tracks three and four                comparison to the band’s previous      trait, and Cedric-Bixler’s lyrics
  With that in mind, I’m trying            in Goliath” a genre, but if I was           (“Ilyena”and “Wax Simulacra”) and                  work, the drums play a more central    refuse to become anything close to
to see how to approach The Mars            pressed to do so, I’d call it prog-         possibly following up with track                   and slightly less rhythmical role.     coherent to anyone but himself. I
Volta’s latest album “The Bedlam           latin-punk-free-style jazz fusion           ten (“Ouroborous”). At that point,                 Another change in the sound of the     have to admire his determination,
in Goliath.” Have you ever been            with heavy occult influences. I wish        if you don’t particularly like the                 new LP is that Rodriguez-Lopez         considering that most critics merely
woken by a bear, inexplicably              I could be more elucidating, but            album, I can understand. However,                  demonstrates an astronomical           assault him for being esoteric to the
wearing a taupe robe and a silver          The Mars Volta have made a habit of         if you say you hate it, I might be a               amount of restraint in his guitar      point of neurosis. I personally find
watch, mauling your walls in               making their music inconceivably            tad confused.                                      work. While his solos still approach   it appealing, but that’s just me.
attempt to rip them open and               difficult to pin down. You’re just             Assuming that you did in fact                   the incomprehensible, their length        So, if you have a penchant for the
muttering something about British          going to have to listen to it.              chose to listen to the album, there                and atonality has been truncated       occult, music or just a lot of free
Romanticism?       Assuming      the         Since the LP refuses to be                are a few things worth highlighting.               in exchange for precision. This        time, be sure to find your way to
answer is no, that might give you          user-friendly,     I’d    recommend         First of all, this time around, The                fact aside, those fans of his solo     “The Bedlam in Goliath.” z
6      February 28–March 12, 2008                        Versus

MOVIES NIGHTLIFE THEATER                                    CULTURE                                                                           RESTAURANTS FASHION ART
                                                                                                                                              THEATER NIGHTLIFE MOVIES


Crime report: Vandy students too fashionable
                     AMY JOHNSTON                                undergrads really skulk around campus after a long weekend                of the week when personal style should be overridden by
                             Staff Writer                        drenched in designer labels; or huddle in North Face fleeces,             an intense need for caffeine. Although innocent until proven
                                                                 “Fratagonia” jackets, and Uggs? A Versus fashion crime                    guilty, Versus holds the truths of these fashionable characters
  On a given Monday morning, it may seem at first glance that    reporter went to investigate.                                             to be self-evident: These suspects disprove long-established
the women and men matriculating on the Vanderbilt campus           The suspects below, spotted on campus on Monday, Feb.                   stereotypes of “Vandy” culture, even before a Tuesday. Though
wander around bleary-eyed; high-fiving one another over a        25, are charged with multiple crimes. First, each is suspected            each suspect stealthily escaped after questioning by Versus,
weekend of successful frat-hopping. Or it could appear they      of having a unique sense of style that goes against the                   the information below might provide some clue to his or
are bro-pounding in celebration of their fellow students’        cookie-cutter image of a “Vandy girl” or “Vandy boy,” and                 her future transgressions. And remember, in apprehending
ability to attend three different theme parties on a Saturday    wearing what expresses their unique views and cultural                    these fashionable perpetrators, citizens’ arrests are always
night. It may seem this way. But one must wonder if this         background. Second, these suspects are charged with the                   encouraged.z
homogenized assumption is substantiated? Do all Vanderbilt       crime of displaying too much personality and flair on a day

  Suspect: Naveed Nanjee                          Suspect: Maia Cole                                         Suspect: Russell Brewer                             Suspect: Ross Barajas
  Witnessed Wearing:                              Witnessed Wearing: In keeping with                         Witnessed Wearing: Elements of his self-            Witnessed Wearing: His father’s coat,
                                                                                                             described “relaxed, athletic and sporty”            a shirt he won in a raffle and pants of
  Gap sweater and jeans                           “eclectic, classic” style, a jacket, boots                                                                     unknown origin.
  Fashion Icon: Justin Timberlake                 with (the) fur and music note earrings.                    style; wearing Nike brand and workout gear
                                                                                                                                                                 Suspect’s Style: Self-described as
  Preparation Time: five minutes                  Fashion Icon: Natalie Portman                              Style Icon: Derek Jeter                             “preposterous”

     Suspect: Sean Kunz                                                 Suspect: Mariam Assadian                                                  Suspect: Frank Gallegos
     Witnessed Wearing:                                                 Witnessed Wearing: Her self-described “comfortable”                       Witnessed Wearing: Brown blazer. “I had an interview
     Lacoste pullover, Lacoste button down, Izod pants                  style, with “nothing really name brand.” Suspect sported                  (for the Officers’ Conference), so I wanted to look
     Fashion Icon: “None, I have my own style!”                         jeans from a Nashville boutique, red eyeglasses and                       professional” the suspect claimed).
     Interesting Fact About Suspect:                                    converses.                                                                 Fashion Icons: Super heroes. Gallegos claimed that a man
     Kunz confessed, “Boxers, not briefs.”                              Her favorite Nashville stores: Firefinch, 2L                              must dress for “what the occasion calls for.”

 FASHION                                                                                                FASHION

Lipstick’s hidden shades                                                                              Your aura is purple
of meaning and history                                                                                                  ELIZA ROBIE
                                                                                                                            Staff Writer

             TAWNEY MILAM                       lip shades, rendering them safe for wearing             ‘60s Sunshine. Psychedelic images
                  Staff Writer                  — and kissing.                                        of butterflies, summer pilgrimages,
  “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Epic      As a symbol, lipstick represents adventure,         headbands, stringy beards and hippie
words of the late Teddy Roosevelt. So since     glamour and high living at a lower price.             communes should wash over you like
he brought it up, let’s talk about the stick.   This was especially true during the Great             the sweet grooves of The Grass Roots,
Lipstick.                                       Depression when women bought lipstick                 The Youngbloods and The Association.
  The beautiful Cleopatra is an ultimate        as their one luxury item, empowering the              Bohemian styles are making a full
style icon dating back centuries. She           women to transform a bleak day into one               comeback this spring, and it’s time to
may have been one of the first women            with a sparkle of hope with one swipe of              revisit their flowery ideals of love, peace
to use a form of lipstick comprised of          their favorite shade. Lipstick contributes            and friendship.
henna and carmine. An ancient Egyptian          to first impressions and leaves a lasting               The hippie subculture began as a
scroll depicted women using a compact-          mark (literally and figuratively). Following          liberal youth movement in the 1960s, and
size mirror and applying lipstick. Other        World War II, women began lining their                followers celebrated the counter-culture,
founding mothers of the lipstick culture        lips in red to draw attention to their sexy           alternative lifestyles, music festivals and
we live in today include Queen Schub-ad         pouts and to give themselves an edge in               psychedelic drug use in hopes of self-
of Ur who used crushed red rocks as well        competing with returning soldiers for jobs.           exploration and spiritual revelation.                 important aspect of hippie culture, and
as Poppaea Sabina, the wife of Roman            As women began embracing feminist ideals,             Whether or not mellow mushrooms are                   they would hitchhike or pack themselves
Emperor Nero, who used a mixture of             they burned their bras and changed their              up your ally it is important to understand            into a paint-splotched VW bus en route
ochre, iron and ore.                            lipstick choices. Rejecting the femininity            that underneath the somewhat shabby                   to Monterey Pop and Woodstock music
  Lipstick use during the Middle Ages has       or submissive qualities of colors like red,           exterior of the movement, it is one                   festivals. In a 1967 article entitled “The
quite a history of designating social class.    women embarked on a trend of naturals                 associated with a political agenda of peace           Hippies: The Philosophy of a Subculture,”
In 19th century Victorian culture, using        with lots of shine.                                   and anti-war demonstrations. Hippies                  Time Magazine outlined the hippie
makeup was highly suppressed. Victorian           As evidenced through history, a woman’s             were known as societal dropouts; much                 culture with the following quote: “Do
women who felt they could not live without      choice of lipstick expresses her mood and             of their political expression relied on a             your own thing, wherever you have to
a touch of color on their lips would kiss       personality, can send an invitation and               pacifist approach. Traveling was also an              do it and whenever you want. Drop out.
rose-colored crepe paper to achieve the         has the power to seal the deal. Through                                                                     Leave society as you have known it. Leave
perfect pout. The Gibson Girls of the early     color and shape, a woman’s lips make a                                                                      it utterly. Blow the mind of every straight
1900s would bite their lips and suck on         statement.                                                                                                  person you can reach. Turn them on, if
hot cinnamon drops to make them appear            Without saying a word, your painted lips                                                                  not to drugs, then to beauty, love, honesty,
redder and more swollen.                        speak for you. So what are you saying? Do                                                                   fun.”
  Milestones for the lipstick jungle include    you command attention and authority with                                                                       Fast forward almost a half a century,
the 1928 invention of lip-gloss by Max          your shade of red? Or perhaps embrace                                                                       and we are seeing the hippie movement’s
Factor, the 1966 trend of white lips in         your more natural side with a sheer and                                                                     legacy on the spring/summer runways.
London, the 1973 introduction of Bonne          sexy shimmer? With the rainbow of colors                                                                    Did this arise because of a growing anti-
Bell’s flavored Lip Smackers, the decision      available on the market, the choices for                                                                    war movement in our country? I know
by Yves St. Laurent to number his lipsticks     lipsticks are endless. Today you want to be                                                                 not. No matter the motivation behind
in 1975, the onslaught of black lips in 1979    glamorous like the old Hollywood starlets                                                                   this trend, it’s very clear: This season, it’s
and the rebirth of the natural look in 1988.    in a shade of deep scarlet and tomorrow                                                                     hip to be a hippie. We are seeing tie-dye,
  Luckily for the boy next door, your next      you may want to prepare for summer fun                                                                      beads, floral prints and peasant blouses.
kiss won’t render him senseless because         by choosing a pink gloss. Try something                                                                     See by Chloe offers several ethnic printed
of your lipstick choice. Toxic ingredients      different and have fun because you can                                                                      blouses that radiate bohemia while Antik
used to be commonplace in lipsticks with        be the person you choose to be; and your                                                                    Batik’s brown suede vest would be perfect
substances such as lead, mercury, arsenic       lipstick can be the first step toward a new                                                                 for an afternoon of cloud gazing in a field.
and vermilion. In 1924, the New York            you.                                                                                                        It doesn’t matter if you are spending $250
Board of Health even considered banning           For more information on the cultural                                                                      to look like $2.50 or tie-dying your own
lipstick for fear men would be poisoned by      history of lipstick pick up “Read My Lips” by                                                               tees, just remember in the words of Scott
the seductively toxic lips of the 50 million    Meg Cohen Ragas and Karen Kozlowski.z                                                                       McKenzie, “Be sure to wear flowers in
women wearing lipstick. Fortunately for                                                                                                                     your hair.”z
women today, scientists got to work and
found new formulas to produce our favorite
                                                                                                                                                                Versus               February 28–March 12, 2008                          7

MOVIES NIGHTLIFE THEATER                                                                CULTURE                                                                              RESTAURANTS FASHION ART
                                                                                                                                                                             THEATER NIGHTLIFE MOVIES

 BOOK REVIEW                                                                                                                            ART

A Pulitzer ‘what if?’ in noir
Michael Chabon’s ‘The Yiddish Policeman’s Union’
                                                                                                                                        Art and the City
                                                                                                                                                   LINDA VON GKHAM C HAN H                     Upon arriving at Vanderbilt as a freshman
                                                                                                                                                          Culture Editor                    four years ago,Alex did not intend on pursuing
                                                                                                                                                                                            art. After taking drawing and painting classes,
              DAVIS MCMILLAN                                             mafia is a violent                                                On a Sunday afternoon, Alex Reich, a senior      she saw progress in her portraits and found
                           Staff Writer                                  sect of Orthodox                                               in Peabody College, took me on a mini tour          her niche.After years of practice and guidance,
  What if the state of Israel had fallen during                          Jews, headed by                                                of Vanderbilt’s Studio Arts Building, a haven       she overcame the obstacles that she constantly
World War II and the surviving Jews were                                 a morbidly obese                                               of skill and creativity for student artists. This   faced        as
given dominion over a small swath of land in                             rabbi. He takes                                                is the same place Alex spends several hours         a     portrait
Alaska? This region grows, taking in refugees                            care of the spiritual                                          a week painting portraits from photographs          a r t i s t .
from all over the world, and eventually                                  well being of all                                              she takes herself. Portraiture has been her         S u d d e n l y,
achieves a tentative status as a US territory                            the devout Jews of                                             long-time hobby and is the subject of her           her ability
known as Sitka.                                                          Sitka, and cuts a                                              independent study of studio art.                    to      render
  This outlandish idea is the premise for                                tidy profit on the                                                Wearing a paint-smeared tee with a               the human
Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon’s                                   side.                                                          paintbrush in hand, Alex casually chatted with      figure      on
“The Yiddish Policeman’s Union.” Part noir                                 Sitka’s      main                                            me about her passion for portraiture and her
                                                                                                                MICHAEL CHABON                                                              canvas had
novel, part alternate history, “The Yiddish                              language            is                                         hopes to pursue art after college, all while she    evolved into
Policeman’s Union” is a delightful, engrossing                           Yiddish,         and                                           continued working on the detailed shadows           exquisite
read from start to finish.                                               Chabon crafts a fascinating noir slang by                      of an unfinished oil-on-canvas portrait of a        one-of-
  Chabon’s novel centers around Meyer                                    melding Yiddish’s natural tones with a darker,                 subdued young woman.                                a - k i n d
Landsman, who, in true noir fashion, is a                                distinctly American edge. A stool pigeon is a                     “I find the human condition — the face           portraits,
rickety alcoholic well past his prime, living                            “shtinker,” a gun is a “shomer” and cigarettes                 and the eyes in portraits — very interesting.       a      n      d
in a run-down hotel in the outskirts of Sitka.                           are “papiros.” The characters babble back                      It shows emotion and I connect with it. A           thoughts
He is also recently divorced, and his new                                and forth like this, confusing the reader and                  portrait shows so much more than what               of graduate
boss happens to be his ex-wife and one true                              any Americans who cross their path.                            people think. There are so many layers to           school were
love. The district of Sitka is set to revert back                          Chabon’s         story       builds     quickly,             it. Every picture, every portrait, has a story      put on hold
to U.S. control in six weeks, and it is put to                           encompassing modern day events in an                           behind it,” Alex said.                              in order to
Landsman and his partner Berko Shemets,                                  almost unbelievably convenient way. He                            Alex considers Edouard Manet’s “A Bar at         see where this talent could take her.
an Inuit turned Orthodox Jew, to resolve all                             sticks close to conventional noir storytelling,                Folies-Bergere” an inspirational piece. She            After graduation, with the support of her
of their existing cases.                                                 but manages to make it his own along the                       said she is moved by Manet’s ability to speak       friends and family, Alex will follow her dream
  So things start off pretty complicated. It                             way. “The Yiddish Policeman’s Union” builds                    to the female viewer through the woman’s            of being an artist, despite the uncertainty that
only gets worse when a junkie living in the                              on recent religious ideas, featuring a group                   face and stare in the painting.                     comes with it. She aspires to eventually have
same hotel as Landsman                                                                          of Americans trying to                     Having grown up in New York City, Alex was       a studio in New York City and showcase her
is murdered. The boy                                                                            jump-start the apocalypse,              immersed in a world of exquisite architecture,      work in gallery shows.
was a chess prodigy,                                                                            but it manages to end on                renowned museums and rich culture. She                 Very aware of the risky career path she has
and possible Messiah,                                                                           a bright note for both                  attributes her love for art to her surroundings     chosen, Alex said, “A lot of people consider
and Landsman takes a                                                                            the Jews of Sitka and                   as a child and to the support of her family.        portraiture a dead art, but I’m passionate
personal interest in the                                                                        Landsman.                               She recalled a moment in her childhood as a         about it so why shouldn’t it be something I
case. Landsman disobeys                                                                            As an alternate history,             young girl innocently painting “little people”      pursue? If it doesn’t work out, I would just be
orders and takes on the                                                                         “The Yiddish Policeman’s                in pictures that still adorn her parents’ home.     happy to paint every day.”
case, quitting drinking                                                                         Union” works almost                     However, extensive schooling along with her            She laughed, “But I do want people to see
in the process (his DTs                                                                         perfectly. The situation                culturally rich background has strengthened         my work and want to buy it.”
provide the element of                                                                          is    unbelievable,       but           her artistic ability and the once “little people”      Alex’s ambition, smarts and gregarious
unreliable        narration                                                                     Chabon’s writing is so                  are now flawless portraits.                         personality will help her put a foot in the
and potential insanity                                                                          charming this doesn’t                      Alex started painting seriously when she         door, yet her undeniable talent is what will
necessary in all noir                                                                           really matter. In the                   attended a liberal arts high school in the          allow her to succeed in New York City’s art
novels).                                                                                        end, the reader is left                 Bronx that allowed her to practice six to eight     world.
  Pretty soon, Landsman                                                                         pondering      a      world             hours each week as an art major.                       Still carefully painting, Alex said, “I never
and Shemets are barreling                                                                       consumed by religious                      “I was lucky to attend a great school that       went in thinking I have to be an artist. I just
around Sitka, stepping                                                                          fanaticism, a reflection                exposed me to ceramics and life drawings,”          love it. Even though it’s a scary thing to pursue
on all the wrong toes.                                                                          from which we might all                 she said. “There, I saw a whole different side      this, I don’t want to look back in 20 years and
Sitka’s equivalent of the                                                                       benefit today.z                         of art.”                                            regret not trying.”z

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8       February 28–March 12, 2008                          Versus

MOVIES NIGHTLIFE THEATER                                          CULTURE                                                                       RESTAURANTS FASHION ART
                                                                                                                                                THEATER NIGHTLIFE MOVIES

Red-carpet fashion: The Oscar’s best-dressed celebs
                                                                                               REANNE ZHENG
                                                                                                     Staff Writer

                                   Anyone can read about who took home the statuettes, but the main event, as we all know, is the walk
                                    down the red carpet before the show. If you read my Oscar predictions a couple of weeks ago, you
                                  know I didn’t exactly ace all the predictions for winners, but I will venture to say who deserved honorary
                                                    mentions for their impeccable taste on the biggest night of the year.

  Heidi Klum, for her unparalleled
  The color of confidence is best when
  worn by the ultimate golden girl. Red                                                                         Cameron Diaz, for her natural glow
  is a popular choice on Oscar night,                                                                           The former Charlie’s Angel shows
  but it helps when the dress is by John                                                                        up in a ruched shell-pink number by
  Galliano and the wearer happens to be                                                                         Christian Dior. Diaz opts to keep the
  one of the most radiant supermodels on                                                                        romantic look demure by forgoing any
  the face of the planet.                                                                                       heavy makeup and keeping the (Bulgari)
                                                                                                                jewelry to a minimum. Even if women all
                                                                                                                around her are going for the dramatic,
                                                                                                                Diaz knows what looks good and works

                                                                       Jennifer       Garner/Keri                                                                           Jessica Alba, for working
                                                                       Russell, for sticking to the                                                                         the baby bump
                                                                       classics                                                                                             Normally, the idea of
                                                                       Black is safe, but it can                                                                            feathers usually causes
                      Cate Blanchett, for her originality              also come off as boring.                                                                             me to cringe and
                      In a sea of billowing skirts and trailing        Jennifer Garner offsets                                                                              conjures up images of
                      trains, twice-nominated Academy                  her black Oscar de la                                                                                exotic dancers (not that
                      Award winner Cate Blanchett stands               Renta with eye-catching                                                                              there is any shame in
                      out in a sleek, navy blue Dries Van              jewelry and her ravishing                                                                            exotic dancing — just
                      Noten. And while some of her peers               but casual side-swept up-                                                                            look at Diablo Cody).
                      lace themselves with an abundance                do.                                                                                                  I know Ms. Alba has
                      of diamonds, Blanchett elects to                 Keri Russell offers a                                                                                been named on some
                      distinguish herself by choosing                  similarly stunning package                                                                           worst-dressed lists, but
                      jewelry embellished by emeralds.                 in the lighter version with                                                                          the feathered detailing
                      Cate, we salute you for knowing the              a nude Nina Ricci gown                                                                               on Jessica Alba’s plum-
                      difference between being trendy                  and cream-colored Elazer                                                                             colored         Marchesa
                      and being a trendsetter.                         sling-backs by Jimmy                                                                                 actually helps to balance
                                                                       Choo.                                                                                                her baby bump.

RESTAURANT                                                                                                     VANDERBILT MEDIA

Seduced by Sambuca What’s up at VTV
            AVERY SPOFFORD                          spot for a sophisticated night out or a romantic
                   Staff Writer                     date (example: try ordering a vintage cocktail             “Balls to the Wall”                          “Cook!”
                                                    rather than the standard Bud or Natty).                   What do you get when you combine               What’s better than hanging out with your
   From its sultry music to its plush, dimly                                                                adrenaline, charisma, hilarity, 40 ounces     friends, catching up and enjoying a meal
                                                      Along with the luxurious atmosphere
lit interior and rich entrees, Sambuca oozes
                                                    and music, a diner at Sambuca can expect                of Nitroglycerin and three ballsy men?        care of VTV? The only catch is that you
                                                    decadent food. Light fare is rare — popular             Well, frankly, we’re not sure either ...      maintain a constant dialogue explaining
                                                    entrees include lobster enchiladas, hickory             probably Kiefer Sutherland’s wedding.         what you’re making. Easy and fun — that’s
                                                    smoked prime pork chop and zebra pasta                  But that has nothing to do with anything.     what “Cook!” tries to make everyday college
                 Sambuca                            (shrimp, scallops and lobster in lobster cream          Watch “Balls to the Wall.”                    cooking into.
            601 12th Avenue South                   sauce). And although Sambuca is a great late-
               615.248.2888                         night spot, it offers a special deal for early
                                                                                                             Produced by Brian Collura, Sahil               Produced by Rachael Geisler
                     $$$                                                                                    Patel and Benton Payne
                                                    diners: visit the restaurant Sunday through
                                                    Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. to enjoy the                                                           “SexRx”
  Located on 12th Avenue in the urban
                                                    Chef’s Special, a three-course meal (soup or               “Outlet”                                     “SexRx” is a call-in talk show about
                                                    salad, entree and dessert) for a flat rate of $20.                                                    relationships and sex. We take questions
Gulch area, Nashville’s new see-and-be-seen                                                                   “Outlet” is a program dedicated to
                                                      Whether dining at Sambuca for a big
hot spot for the business set, Sambuca offers                                                               GLBT life at Vanderbilt. Its goals are to     and try to give out useful and entertaining
a sophisticated atmosphere of metropolitan                                                                  promote awareness about this community,       advice.
opulence in a modern supper-club setting.                                                                   educate other students about GLBT issues        Why you should watch it: Even if you
  Sambuca mirrors the old-time feel of a supper                                                             and encourage involvement in student          think you know it all, you just might learn
club with a focus on musical performance:                                                                                                                 something new. Plus, it’s a great way to
                                                                                                            organizations committed to fostering a
jazz, classic rock or performances by what is
                                                                                                            welcoming environment on campus.              find out what Vandy students are really
described in a tabletop brochure as a “sultry
singer” are available seven nights a week                                                                     Produced by Kristina Lyons and              thinking about when it comes to sex and
from the restaurant’s main dining room stage.                                                               Brook Johnson                                 relationships.
The music’s carefree, elegant tone mirrors
the attitude of the restaurant as a whole:
unpretentious sophistication and sensuality.
                                                                                                                          “West End”
  The restaurant features multiple levels                                                                                  “West End” is a sitcom about the awkward adjustment to college
and dining rooms, including the “Balinese                                                                               life. It’s centered on a sexually ambiguous but morally fundamental
Balcony,” “Tambour Terrace” and a laid-back                                                                             freshman, his borderline alcoholic roommate and their increasingly
                                                    date, an evening out with friends or to get a                       insecure best friend. They usually hang out with the only two girls on
and intimate bar lounge. The bar itself is an
                                                    real meal during parents’ weekend, expect
after-work watering hole for the twenty- and                                                                            campus who haven’t filed restraining orders against them yet. All those
                                                    delicious food and luxurious music in a
30-something businessperson set, attracting
                                                    cosmopolitan setting. A menu, photo gallery
                                                                                                                        terrible things that happen to you and make you want to put a bullet
Nashville’s urban elite for relaxation and
                                                    and calendar of music are available at www.                         in your head, but leave your friends laughing their asses off — yeah,
networking. Sambuca is not the place to get                                                                             that’s “West End.”
Nash-trashed on a Thursday night, but is a great
                                                                                                                          Produced by Brian Rodenbeck

                                                                                                                                                          Bar and Grill
     Nashville's Favorite Burrito Since 2000

         Bring in this coupon for a                                                                                                               AND OPE NING
         FREE COMBO                                                                                                                            GR
                       (chips and drink)
                                                                                                                                                    Domestic longneck beers
         with burrito purchase                                                                                                                       $1.00 with student I.D.
                     (expires 4/21/08 V)

                    722 Thompson Lane                                                                                                                20% off all menu items
                    Nashville, TN 37204                                                                                                                       (excluding alcohol)
                   (across from 100 Oaks mall)
                                                                                                                            Versus              February 28—March 12, 2008                            9

       Friday,                                                                                                                                                          Soundtrack to
       April 18                                                                                                                                                          Rites 2008
                                                                                                                                                                      “Wagon Wheel”
    Colbie Caillat                                                                                                                                                    Old Crow
                                                                                                                                                                      Medicine Show
         DJ Kool
                                                                                                                                                                      “Get Low”
The Avett Brothers                                                                                                                                                    Lil Jon
     Jeremy Lister
                                                                                                                                                                      “The Underdog”

      Saturday,                                                                                                                                                       “Sea Lion Woman”
       April 19                                                                                                                                                       Feist
           Lil Jon                                                                                                                                                    “One Fine Wire”
            Feist                                                                                                                                                     Colbie Caillat

     Old Crow                                                                                                                                                         “Kiss Me In the Dark”
   Medicine Show                                                                                                                                                      Randy Rogers
 Grace Potter and
  the Nocturnals                                                                                                                                                      “Falling or Flying”
                                                                                                                                                                      Grace Potter &
    Randy Rogers                                                                                                                                                      the Nocturnals
                                                                                                                                                                      “Paranoia In B Major”
   Hill Country                                                                                                                                                       The Avett
 Revue featuring                                                                                                                                                      Brothers
   members of
 North Mississippi                                                                                                                                                    Jeremy Lister
                                                                                                                                                                      “Thrifty Bitch”
         H-Beam                                                                                                                                                       H-Beam

Lil Jon                                          Feist                                             Old Crow Medicine Show                               Spoon
  Who he is: Hailing from Atlanta, Lil Jon          Who she is: If Lil Jon became popular             Who they are: Although OCMS may have                Who they are: An indie rock band from
has made a career out of three guttural          singing “3,6,9, damn you fine,” then Feist         formed around the Ithaca, NY, area, it certainly     Austin, Texas, Spoon formed in 1993 and
words: “Yeah,” “Okay” and “What?” Growing        made a name for herself singing “1,2,3,4” to      remains true to the spirit of true bluegrass with    released its first album in 1996. The quintet
up in an upper-middle-class family, Lil Jon      the whirling of brightly colored iPods, while     guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle to spare.          has released six albums to date and shows no
(born Jonathan Smith) escaped the “hard          dancing in some spectacular onesies. Born         The band hit it big while playing outside of a       signs of stopping. Their most recent album,
knock life” that many rappers infuse in both     Leslie Feist in Toronto, Canada, Feist has also   pharmacy in North Carolina (no joke) where folk      “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga,” hit stores this past summer
their persona and lyrics, but still managed to   recorded music as a member of the super-          mogul Doc Watson took notice and immediately         and left fans speechless. For real though, the
earn himself credibility in the rap and hip-     popular indie group Broken Social Scene.          helped the band start building a career. He          album even debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard
hop game. Exploding onto the scene a few         Sure, she may owe some of her success to          moved the band to Nashville with a career plan       200 list. Despite (or perhaps because of) its
years ago with his hit with Usher “Yeah,” Lil    the Apple commercial (prior to its airing,        including playing the Grand Ole Opry, opening        stupid name, the album reached for the sky
Jon is probably most known for pioneering        “1,2,3,4” was downloaded about 2,000 times        for Dolly Parton and touring with Merle Haggard.     on Billboard and was listed as one of the
a new hip-hop sub genre, crunk. Yes, that’s      per week — after, it hit 73,000 downloads), but   But really, if you haven’t heard of OCMS by now,     Best Albums of the Year by Rolling Stone.
right — crunk. Emanating from the south,         I’m pretty confident she would have found          you must have been under a rock for a few years.     Contributing songs to shows like “The OC,”
the subgenre lets intricate lyrics go by the     her new indie queen crown on her own time.        The band has been dominating the country/            “Veronica Mars” and “Chuck” and even to
wayside in favor of strong bass beats and        She has been nominated for numerous Juno          bluegrass/Americana scene for years. Although        the soundtracks of “Wedding Crashers” and
frenetic chanting. What’s more, Lil Jon has      Awards, and thus far has won four of them         their rise to fame may have been Cinderella-like     “Stranger Than Fiction,” Spoon is perpetually
also popularized the “Crunk Cup” a jewel         for both her solo work and her recordings         in nature, they certainly back up their fame with    on the cusp of runaway success. But hey
encrusted chalice from which he sips.            with Broken Social Scene. This year she was       toe-tapping tunes that will please your ears even    diddle diddle, they won’t run away with the
  Why he rocks: You’d be hard pressed            also nominated for four Grammy’s for her          if you bought your ticket for the nefarious Lil      dish anytime soon.
to find a college student who couldn’t            2007 album “The Reminder,” but alas, went         Jon.                                                   Why they rock: Energetic yet seductive,
identify the tell-tale opening beats of          home empty handed.                                   Why they rock: You know National Public           Spoon promises to become the new favorite
“Get Low”: the “duh dum dum DUM” that               Why she rocks: Sometime in the past            Radio’s “A Prairie Home Companion”? Old              band of many Vanderbilt students this
makes you immediately want to dance like         few years, there has been a slow resurgence       Crow Medicine Show is the modern go-to group         spring. This rock ’n’ roll cornerstone’s live
a complete jackass, regardless of the place      of popularity to indie and folk music,            for playing the classic country variety show.        performances are downright fun and even
or time. And while he is not always the most     and musicians like Feist, who combine             Forget the innumerable times they’ve played the      more crowd-pleasing than Bruce Pearl getting a
comprehensible of folks (I thought “Snap         intellectual lyrics with an interesting           Opry; OCMS takes touring to the extreme. Since       technical. Catchy songs like “The Fitted Shirt,”
Yo Fingers” was actually “Snackin’ Bagels”       and appealing sound, are reaping all the          they’ve been cutting records, the band has pretty    ‘The Way We Get By” and “You Got Yr. Cherry
for weeks), he is a complete genius. Never       benefits. Furthermore, the Rites of Spring         much been on a constant touring schedule with        Bomb” will be stuck in your head days for days
seen without his shoulder-long dreads, gold      festival is traditionally dominated by men,       breaks only for eating, sleeping and breathing. If   after Rites. Their single “Don’t You Evah” has
grill or his signature shades (which he, like    both solo artists and in bands, and it is         you want to know why the group is so popular,        a delightfully snappy and funky bass line that
Corey Hart, wears at night), Lil Jon has made    refreshing to see a female musician as            pick up their album “O.C.M.S.” or their newest,      may leave you no choice but to shake those
himself into somewhat of a caricature, thus      talented and popular as Feist at the helm of      “Big Iron World.” With singles like “Wagon           hips from side to side. Their current anthem
tapping into a goldmine for both himself         this year’s stellar lineup (joined, of course,    Wheel,” the band shows that even if it does play     “The Underdog” utilizes all sorts of brass to
and for funnyman Dave Chapelle, who              by the effervescent Colby Caillat and rock        Bob Dylan covers, it knows how to have fun           add triumphant notes to their solid rollicking
impersonates the rapper frequently. As far       group The Nocturnal’s frontwoman Grace            while crooning, “So rock me mama like a wagon        acoustic guitar riff that keeps the rhythm going
as Rites of Spring goes, Lil Jon promises to     Potter). Her entire musical repertoire is         wheel / Rock me mama any way you feel.” Expect       as solidly as a conductor on a train. Honestly, if
bring a frenzied, energetic and unbelievable     superb, including her much older stuff, but       kind of an edgier Woody Guthrie as you wait          you’re not fighting the impulse to dance while
performance, and I wouldn’t miss it, not for     if nothing else, listen to “The Reminder.”        with baited breath for OCMS to take the stage        they’re onstage, you really need to turn up
all the Crunk chalices in the world. —DCN        B-A-D-A-S-S. —DCN                                 this April. —CSG                                     your hearing aid. —SFT
10    February 28—March 12, 2008       Versus

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                                          Official Wireless Provider of the
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                           numbers 1-9 appear just once in each
                           horizontal row, vertical column and 3x3 box.



                                                  “SUNSET AT HA LONG BAY” OLIVER WOLFE

                                                     “HULA! DOG SLEDDING” OLIVER WOLFE

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