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									                                                                                                   Ne ws
                           Volume 50, Number 3

                           APAR TMENT
                           July - September 2010

In this Issue:
NAA Conference & Exhibition. . . . . . 2              Accessibility . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5        CityConsiders Smoking Laws. . . . . . .9
Calendar of Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2   Conference Photos. . . . . . . . . . 6,14        More Vacancy Ahead. . . . . . . . . 10
ROC Event . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3       America Moves in ‘09 . . . . . . . . . . . . 7   Luxury Rentals & National Parks . . . . .. 11
ROC Registration Form. . . . . . .4                   Committee Urges Rent Freeze . . . . . 8          Support Your Members. . . . . . . . . . 15
     Sponsor Board                Calendar of events
       Colonial Exterminating     August
           Cort Furniture         10th & 11th
        Integrity Carpet Sales    ROC (Rental Owners Course:
                                  see flyer page, 3)
        The Times Picayune        12th
                                  Management Seminar:
                                  Passion for Performance
                                  9 a.m.—12 p.m.
           Barry’s Flooring       Instructor: National Speaker Jackie Ramstedt
             Coinmach             Location: Cort Furniture Rental
                                  Cost: $35.00 members $85.00 non members
        Cox Communications        3 cec for all NAA designations
       First Advantage Saferent
             HD Supply            26th
                                  BATT 5 – Fair Housing & Curb Appeal
           Ideal Appliance
                                  9 a.m.—12 p.m.
         Orkin Pest Control       Instructors: Marilyn Trosclair & Tammy Esponge
      Sherwin Williams Paint &    Location: Esplanade at City Park
              Flooring            Cost: $30.00 per person or $150.00 entire program

          Apartment Finder
    AT&T Connected Communities    13th–16th
        Commercial Flooring       NALP-National Apartment Leasing Professional
                                  Watch for flyers for more information
                                  Cost: $350.00 per person
            Amcat Global          21st
                                  BATT – Appliance
                                  9 a.m.—12 p.m.
         Billiot Pest Control     Location: The Esplanade @ City Park
         DA Exterminating         Instructor: TBA
                                  Cost: $30.00 per person or $150.00 entire program
     Fontenelle & Goodreau Ins.
        Helm Paint & Supply       23rd
         Lifestyle Landscape      Luncheon – Crowne Plaza
                                  11:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m.
       The Lake Insurance &
           Financial Inc.         Speakers – Mark Madderra and Larry Schedler
                                  Apartment Market update
                                  Cost: $27.00 per person
  The Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans                                                   presents ...
                                                                Tuesday & Wednesday
                                                                August 10 &11, 2010

                                                                Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans Office
                                                                3017 Harvard Ave., Suite 201
                                                                Metairie, LA 70006

                                                                $350.00 per person for two day course
                                                                or $199.00 per day

                National Speaker Jackie Ramstedet, CAPS, CAM, CAS will instruct this two day National Course
          Jackie has more than 24 years experience in the multi-housing industry. She has presented the ROC course
             at several local affiliates. She is a nationally renowned motivational keynote speaker, Published Author,
             Consultant, Professional Coach and Professional Trainer who has spoken to thousands of professionals
                          on a national level during her 25 years experience in the multi-housing industry.

                       Discover the Keys to Success in Property Management!
                     Learn the Fundamentals in this 2-Day Intensive Training Seminar!
                             Professionally run properties see a positive impact on the bottom line.
                        So whether you own one unit or 200 units, or whether you are new to the business or
                                       a seasoned landlord, you will benefit from attending.

The ROC course is offered to the Independent Rental Owner (IRO), who owns and
manages their personally-held multifamily property or properties.

The Independent Rental Owner serves several roles in property management, serving as public relations
specialist, administrator, chief financial officer, marketing director and operations manager. Independent
Rental Owners take the ROC as an overview of the many business practices of property management. With
the help of other IROs who devoted their time and expertise to this program, the new Independent Rental
Owner will receive the “insider’s view” of property ownership and management practices.

Among the updated content is the addition of new subject matter         Some of the benefits of the program include:
that directly relates to the Independent Rental Owner.                  •	 Improving	efficiency	of	operations		
These new topics include:                                               •	 Teaching	you	how	to	avoid	problems		
• Media relations                                                       •	 Knowing	how	to	comply	with	changing	regulations		
•	 Personal	safety                                                      •	 Relieving	stress	and	worries		
•	 Emergency	response	and	disaster	planning                             •	 Increasing	income	and	reducing	costs.
•	 Human	resource	management
•	 Physical	versus	economic	occupancy
•	 Alternative	income	opportunities
•	 Scheduling	move-ins/outs
•	 Lease	terminations	(military	and	domestic	violence	situations)
•	 Key	control
•	 Resident	and	neighbor	relations

    Schedule	of	Events:                                                              Sign Up Today!
    Day 1: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    •	 Ownership	&	Property	Management                   Name:
    •	 Code	Enforcement                                  Company:
    •	 Rent,	Rental	Agreements	&	Lease	Forms
    •	 Preparing	the	property
    •	 Financial	Management	&	Taxes                      City/State/Zip:
    •	 Handling	Objections                               Email:
    •	 Marketing
    •	 Section	8	Housing
                                                         p Both Classes @ $350.00
    Day 2: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm                            p Day 1 Only @ $199.00
    •	 Applications,	Screening,	moving	in
                                                         p Day 2 Only @ $199.00
    •	 End	of	the	Lease	Term
    •	 When	Resident	problems	arise	&	Evictions
    •	 Employees                                         Please make checks payable to AAGNO, and mail to:

    •	 Maintaining	Property	Value
                                                           3017 Harvard Ave., Suite 201
                                                           Metairie, LA, 70006
    •	 Maintenance
    •	 Protecting	the	Investment

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‘Green’ Apartments in Springfield, MO
 Built with Mother Nature In Mind
SPRINGFIELD, MO -- In recent years we’ve been seeing everything from                          “[Now] I recycle.
earth-friendly shopping centers, to business parks, cropping up in Springfield.                  I didn’t used to.”
Now, green has come home.

Eko Park Apartments on Kansas Expressway is now billing itself as the city’s first “green” community.
It’s the fruition of a simple idea. “Everyone talks about green, the ozone, the environment. So let’s go
ahead and do a property that demonstrates that,” explains Shannon Allen, complex manager.

The concept is to help residents leave less of a mark on mother nature. “A lot of people are green-
friendly and they want something to reflect that,” says Allen. No corners were cut, from the more
efficient lighting; to the water-saving plumbing; to the recycled wall studs and insulation. Resident
Kara Knox tells us living in a home that saves the earth is helping changing her own habits. She says, “I no
longer buy bottled water, I refill a canteen, I recycle. I didn’t used to.”

Developers just hope their green message resonates beyond this new complex. Allen says, “There are
little things that everyone can do to make a difference I think that’s what we are sharing here.”

After hours of debate, City Council voted 5-3 to pass an                  the analysis of impediments to be done,” said Josue
ordinance that will lower the required number of apart-                   Rodriguez, who opposes the ordinance.
ments that are accessible for disabled people. Now,
                                                                              On the other side of this story you have the apartment
when new apartment complexes are built, just 3%
                                                                                    developers who say many of their accessible
of the units have to be accessible instead of
                                                                                    units are empty and have to be rented to
5%. Even before Council took up the issue,
                                                                                    able bodied people at a lower rate. “You
dozens of disabled people protested outside
                                                                                    have units unoccupied by people who have a
city hall this morning. They said it’s already
                                                                                    disability, or you have under occupied units,
hard for them to find accessible apartments
                                                                                    causing developers to rethink about building
with features like ramps, wider doors and
                                                                                    additional until apartment complexes. The
larger bathrooms.
                                                                                    federal requirement is two percent, the city
The disabled community says there needs to                                          had five percent. We now have 3%. That’s 50%
be more accessible apartments being built,                                        above federal standards,” said Rep. Steve Ortega.
not less. Members of the disabled community wanted city
                                                                          City council still wants that study to be done to find out
council to wait for the results of a study to find out just how
                                                                          just how many people are in need of accessible housing
much of a demand there is for accessible apartments. “I feel
                                                                          and could change the percentage of the accessible
our city council doesn’t care about people with disabilities.
                                                                          apart−ments required based on the results.
We wouldn’t have lost anything with them waiting for
           Americans Moved in ‘09,
           ...But Not Far
                 More Americans moved last year than             steady at 1.6%, the same as in 2008, according to an analysis
                 in 2008, according to new Census data, but      of Census data by William H. Frey, a demographer at the
                 that was almost entirely the result of people   Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank.
                 moving within their home counties, as they      “These data show that the great migration slowdown, which
                 lost their homes to foreclosure but had no      began three years ago, shows no signs of reviving to normal
                 incentive to move longer distances for new      U.S. patterns,” said Mr. Frey. “Since labor migration is often
                 jobs in a poor employment climate.              seen as the grease that spurs the flow of goods, capital and job
                                                                 creation, these new numbers are not encouraging.”
The mover rate, which is the percentage of people who re-
ported a move last year, increased to 12.5% from 11.9% in        With the U.S. economy now adding jobs, it is likely that the
2008. About 37.1 million people moved last year, compared        state-to-state migration rate will increase for 2010. Mobility
with 35.2 million in 2008, the Census said. The 2008 figures     almost always slows during recessions. But the most recent
were the lowest mover rate since at least 1948, when the         recession has included the most drastic drop in mobility since
Census started keeping track of the data.                        the Great Depression, in large part because of the outsized
                                                                 role housing played in the recession, demographers say.
More moves are generally a positive sign for the economy,        While many people aren’t moving across state lines because
because many people move for jobs. But Monday’s data             they can’t find a job, many others are unwilling or unable to
showed the increase in the 2009 rate was almost entirely the     move because they owe more on their home than the home is
result of a rise in intra-county migrations, the Census said.    currently worth.
Demographers said that is likely a reflection of the millions
of people who moved in with family or to a nearby rental         By region, the lowest mover rate, at 8.1%, was in the
property after losing their homes to foreclosure.                Northeast, followed by the Midwest (11.6%), the South
                                                                 (13.7%) and the West (14.8%).
According to the Census, 8.4% of people surveyed had moved
within county, up from 7.8% a year earlier. But state-to-state
migration, which is more tied to the the labor market, was

    Committee Urges Rent Freeze
    LOS ANGELES—Cheered by tenants and jeered by                   Councilwoman Jan Perry, the only council member on the
                landlords, a city committee Wednesday              panel to vote against the freeze, said the best way to keep
                recommended a four-month freeze on rent            rents affordable was to encourage more development. “I’m
                increases for Los Angeles’ 630,000 rent-           concerned this will create false expectations by many renters,”
                controlled units. If approved by the full City     Perry said. Councilman Herb Wesson called the rent control
                Council later this week, the freeze would          issue the most vexing the city was facing. “I believe there are
                prevent landlords who own buildings built          problems that adversely affect landlords and tenants,” Wesson
                prior to 1978 from raising rents in the period,    said. “I want us to try to strike a balance.”
                which could
                be extended by two months.                         One area the City Council wants to study during the freeze
                                                                   involves rent increases for mobile home parks, which face a
    Council members said the freeze will give them time            further limitation of raising rents by only 10 percent when
    to study the city’s rent stabilization ordinance and           spots become vacant as opposed to being increased to market
    recommend changes. “It will be a while before we turn          rates. The city’s rent control ordinance took effect in 1978
    this economy around,” said Councilman Richard Alarc            following the passage of Proposition13. Under the measure,
    n, who sits on the council’s Housing, Community and            landlords of rent-controlled units are allowed to raise rents
    Economic Development Committee. “While everyone is             to market rates only after a unit is vacant. Meanwhile,
    struggling through this horrible economy, I don’t want         they can raise rents by a base rate of 3 percent a year. Rent
    to allow a group that is struggling to face the prospect of    in-creases can be higher, if approved by the city, to reflect
    losing their homes (because of rent hikes).”                   increased costs. Landlords and their representatives said the
                                                                   freeze would drive many of them out of business or result in
    The San Fernando Valley has about 200,000 rent-control         higher unemployment, noting they would have to reduce the
    units scattered across a wide area. With an overflow crowd     number of contractors, landscapers and others who maintain
    of landlords and tenants at the meeting, the committee         their properties.
    heard about the problems all are facing in the sluggish
    economy, with un-employment hovering around 14                 The California Apartment Association opposed the freeze,
    percent. In a 3-1 vote, the committee rejected complaints      saying the city has had a report from a special Economic
    from landlords who said a freeze will do little to help        Roundtable on the rent issue for several months that shows
    tenants in a market that already favors them.                  32 percent of the units are held by small business owners and
                                                                   many would be forced into foreclosure. At the same time,
    Mark Wagner, who told the committee he manages                 many said they have tenants who have lived in the same units
    700 units, said the freeze would only hurt landlords.          for several years and now are paying several hundred dollars
    “Responsible landlords take care of their property,”           below market rates.
    Wagner said, responding to complaints from some tenants
    that landlords do not make proper repairs. “None of us         However, Larry Gross of the Coalition of Economic Survival,
    have ever seen economic times like this. But, there are        a tenants-rights group, said the economy should determine
    expenses that go up. It takes real money to operate a          the need for the freeze. “It’s clear
    property and to fix and repair it.” Several other landlords    any increase on July 1 is not justified,” Gross said.
    said the market conditions now favor tenants so much           “The CPI was a negative 6.5 percent last year. No
    that landlords have been forced to offer free rent for up to   other jurisdiction is allowing as much as Los Angeles
    several months in order to fill their units.                   is considering. A freeze is just and is needed.”
    city considers sweeping laws on smoking

Could become first in county to earn an ‘A’ from Lung           can smell the smoke there’s already a significant level of
Association                                                     exposure taking place,” she said.
If history is any indication, smokers in Solana Beach could
soon be facing another pack of extinguishing restrictions.      The city council could consider a resolution requiring a
                                                                certain percentage of apartments in each building to be
In 1993, the city became the first to outlaw smoking            non-smoking, or even one defining secondhand smoke as
in restaurants. In 2001, Solana Beach was the first to          a “public nuisance,” enabling someone to sue if an issue
ban lighting-up on beaches. Later this month, it will           becomes irresolvable. “Basically it’s just another tool for
consider how much staff time to invest in researching the       private citizens to protect their health if they so choose
possibilities of a variety of tools that could make it the      to do that,” Councilman Dave Roberts said. While no
first in the county to limit smoking in apartments or           other city in the county currently has a public nuisance
multiunit housing.                                              law, Kelley said task forces in the City of San Diego and
                                                                National City are currently looking into them. Also, San
Currently El Cajon is the only city in San Diego County         Diego County ranked top 25 in several categories of most
that extends its public smoking ban to common areas             polluted metropolitan areas in the ALA’s State of the Air
of apartment buildings. It does not, however, limit use         Report released last week.
in apartments themselves. Thought of by many as a
champion of anti-smoking legislation, Solana Beach was          Mayor Tom Campbell said the issues around smoking
one of only 15 cities in California last year to receive an     should be discussed and prioritized when the council goes
overall “B” grade in the American Lung Association’s            over next year’s budget at a meeting later this month.
anti-smoking annual report card. Just four out of the more      Some ideas were referred to as “low-hanging fruit” that
than 400 jurisdictions assessed in the state received “A’s”.    would require less staff time to enact. Deputy Mayor
The reason the top grade is so rare is that cities must take    Lesa Heebner said she liked the idea of a disclosure
steps to limit smoking in apartment buildings, which is         requirement, where landlords would have to provide
controversial and can be hard to enforce.                       prospective tenants details about smoking in the building.

“I don’t take issue with their efforts to ban smoking in        Since Solana Beach got “A’s” in two of the three categories
public places, but when you’re talking about people’s           of the Lung Association’s grading system, Kelley said the
homes you need to be very cautious about how you pro−           city could become the first in the county to earn an overall
ceed,” said Michelle Slingerland, public affairs manager for    “A” if it banned smoking in common areas of apartment
the San Diego County Apartment Association, adding that         buildings and enacted disclosure to prospective tenants.
landlords are free to impose their own smoking limitations      It would not need to limit smoking in actual apartments
if they so wish.                                                to earn this grade since the averages from the other two
                                                                categories, which are outdoor smoke-free policies and
Nearly 14 percent of Californians smoke, as compared to         limiting tobacco access, would boost its overall score. “The
roughly 20 percent for the rest of the country, according to    purpose of this is not to get to an ‘A,’” Roberts said. “The
the Lung Association’s most recent figures. Debra Kelley,       purpose of this is to protect our citizens from second-hand
senior director of advocacy for the group’s San Diego office,   smoke.”
said second-hand smoke poses a major health risk when
drifting from unit to unit in apartment buildings. “If you
     More U.S. Commercial Property Vacancies Ahead

     Vacancy rates will rise at most U.S. commercial properties into 2011 due to the delayed effects of
     the recession, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) forecast on Wednesday.

     Apartment buildings will probably be the only type of commercial property to see a drop in vacancies, the
     NAR said in an outlook. Vacancies are a key measure of the income needed to pay debts and help dictate
     the value of properties. “The multifamily sector can expect increased demand as the economy creates jobs
     and new households are formed, likely in the second half of this year,” Lawrence Yun, the NAR’s chief
     economist, said in a statement.

     The impact from the economic rebound for office, industrial and retail buildings will be delayed until
     next year, he said. Office vacancies will likely climb to 17.6 percent in the first quarter of 2011 from 16.9
     percent in the same period of this year, the NAR said. In warehouses and other industrial properties,
     vacancies are seen rising to 14.8 percent from 14.3 percent. Retail store vacancies are seen edging up to
     12.8 percent from 12.6 percent.

     But multifamily vacancy rates are expected to fall to 6.3 percent in the first quarter of 2011 from 7.3
     percent. Rents for all property types are seen falling through 2010, the NAR said. The group forecasts

                                                                         a mixed picture in 2011, with rents in office and
                                                                         industrial buildings falling more but rising in retail
                                                                         and apartment properties.

                                                                         A separate survey by the Society of Industrial and
                                                                         Office Realtors measuring attitudes of 700 market
                                                                         experts showed significant fallout from the recession
                                                                         remains. Nine of 10 polled said development activity
                                                                         was virtually nonexistent in their markets.

Luxury Rentals Help National Park Pay Its Own Way
SAN FRANCISCO — Renters here will soon have an                  be financially self-sustaining, relying on income from the
unusual housing option: a 154-unit luxury apartment             commercial and residential tenants that have gradually
building inside a national park. For the last 30 years, the     occupied the Presidio’s renovated office buildings and homes.
property was an abandoned hospital covered in graffiti,         “We’re headed toward self-sufficiency in a couple years —
where trespassers caroused in operating rooms and shot          and we’ll make it,” said Craig Middleton, executive director
photos of empty drawers in the morgue. The rehabilitation       of the Presidio Trust. “In fiscal year ’09, we made $70 million
of the 78-year-old building, once the Public Health Service     in revenue, and 95 percent of that was rental income.” The
Hospital, is the biggest renovation project undertaken so far   Presidio’s annual operating budget is about $56 million,
by the Presidio Trust, the government agency established in     which is used for maintaining the buildings and grounds and
1996 to oversee the Presidio, the former military base in San   other administrative costs.
Francisco that is now a 1,500-acre national park.
                                                                That rental income ranges from the $9 million a year paid by
But unlike most parks, the Presidio has about 800 build−        Lucasfilm for the Letterman Digital Arts Center, a 23-acre
ings, more than half of them listed on the National Register    campus on the site of the Letterman Hospital, to the $1,700
of Historic Places. Preserving and maintaining those old        a month renters pay for modest apartments on the base.
military barracks, officers’ quarters, stables and other        In early April, a six-bedroom former officer’s home with San
structures has been an expensive challenge. Even more           Francisco Bay views was available to rent for $9,580 a month.
daunting is that the Presidio’s Congressional financing         While the trust has handled many renovation projects on
runs out at the end of 2012, when the trust is expected to      its own, it joined with Forest City Enterprises on the Public

     “Luxury Apartments help Parks” continued

     Health Service Hospital redevelopment, which will open             bring to the area. The smaller scale of the project may turn
     this summer as the Presidio Landmark apartments. The               out to be an advantage as the economy struggles to recover.
     six-story apartment complex, on the southern edge of the           Although rental prices have not yet been announced, Kevin
     park, will offer one- and two-bedroom apartments and all the       Ratner, president of Forest City Residential West, said
     amenities of modern living, including a doorman, stainless         he did not think it would be a problem to find tenants
     steel appliances, granite countertops, a fitness center, a wine    because of the building’s setting. Mr. Middleton said the
     storage room and a communal lounge. Renters will have easy         overall occupancy rate in the Presidio was 97 percent for the
     access to the park’s miles of hiking and biking trails, bucolic    park’s residential units, which are mostly larger apartments
     views — some looking out to the Pacific Ocean — and a              originally built for military families. About 3,000 people
     green buffer from city noise. They will also have one of the       currently live in the Presidio, with preference given to
     most coveted perks of any urban setting: a parking spot.           employees of organizations that have offices in the park.
                                                                        Between 12 and 19 percent of the apartments are priced
     But the level of detail involved in designing that parking         based on the tenants’ income level, Mr. Middleton said,
     lot illustrates the challenges faced by developers working on      although the Presidio Landmark units will be market-rate
     a project inside a national park. “You have to think about         rentals. According to RealFacts, a research firm that surveys
     how the parking lot is designed so there’s minimal headlight       buildings with 50 or more apartments, the average asking
     spillover,” Alexa Arena, a vice president of Forest City, said     rent in San Francisco was $2,219 in the first quarter of
     as she gave a tour of the site last month. Saucer-shaped hoods     2010, down 4.5 percent from the same quarter last year. The
     above the lampposts minimize the light shed on the park at         occupancy rate was 92.4 percent, down 3.5 percent compared
     night, while berms around the terraced lot keep headlight          with the first quarter of 2009.
     glare from spreading far and wide. Other rules restricted
     demolition projects during raptor nesting season and               Still, compared with other parts of the country, San
     mandated that native plants be used for landscaping.               Francisco’s rental rates have held up well. “Because it’s a
                                                                        blue-chip market, it hasn’t depreciated as much as many
     The former hospital’s historical designation presented             other markets,” said Sarah Bridge, the owner of RealFacts.
     additional renovation hurdles. The original width of the           The soft economy has had more of an effect on the Presidio’s
     hallways had to be maintained, Ms. Arena said, and painted                                                                continued
     indentations appear along halls to show the places where
     doors were removed. In some cases, exposed brick had to
     be covered with drywall, since the modern appeal of brick
     interiors was not in keeping with 1930s standards — though
     remnants of the graffiti still visible on some walls represented
     another bit of history that would becovered up.

     Forest City removed two wings added to the hospital in
     the 1950s, which was partly a concession to community
     concerns about the developer’s original proposal to create 350
     apartments. The hospital building, in an area of the Presidio
     that had mostly been abandoned for decades, was widely
     considered an eyesore, but some neighbors were worried
     about the additional traffic a large apartment complex would

“Luxury Apartments help Parks” continued

 commercial space, according to the trust’s latest annual
 report, with newly renovated offices taking longer to fill. Yet
 the roster of tenants that have moved to the Presidio includes
 a mix of nonprofit groups, arts organizations, athletic
 facilities, schools and commercial enterprises, creating a
 diverse and growing community within the park. The Walt
 Disney Family Museum opened alongside the Main Post
 parade ground last October, occupying barracks originally
 built in the 1890s. Near Crissy Field, a former airfield that
 has become a recreational area along San Francisco Bay, a
 hangar has been converted to a swimming school for children.
 A rock climbing center is nearby (Planet Granite), and an          Do We Have Your Email?
 indoor trampoline facility is due to open this summer.
                                                                     Receive AAGNO newsletters
 Mr. Middleton said all of these tenants not only helped to
                                                                        and announcements
 restore the historical buildings, but also brought visitors             right in your inbox.
 to the park; meanwhile, their rent supports initiatives like
                                                                    Please email aagno@bellsouth.net
 hiking trails and camping programs for children. “The best
 way to preserve a building is to reuse it,” he said, adding that
 the trust’s mission encompassed a larger goal, “To take the
 real estate of the Presidio and use it not only to preserve the
 place, but also create programs for the public.”

     NAA Conference 2010

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Broker                                     Fontenelle & Goodreau – 504-454-8939
 Larry Schedler & Associates               Lake Insurance and Financial, Inc
                                                                                    Resident Screening
    – 504-836-5222                                                                   First Advantage SafeRent – 615-481-9143
                                              – 504-831-1778
                                                                                     Trak 1 Technology – 866-998-7251
Cabinets                                   USI Insurance Service - 504-355-5037
 Alliant Cabinets Direct – 504-736-0406   Investors                                 Resurfacing
                                                                                     Surface Restoration – 504-231-1871
Carpet Cleaning                            New Orleans Real Estate Investors
 Complete Carpet Care – 504-734-0135         – 504-455-4500                         Roofing
 SJS Carpet Cleaning – 504-451-4304       Janitorial Supply                          Independent Roofing Systems
                                                                                        – 601-922-4301
Contractors                                Guillot Sanitary Supply – 504-835-1687
 Camp Roofing – 225-356-5001              Landscaping                               Security Alarms
                                                                                     Firetrol Protection Service – 504-826-
Construction                               Dan’s Landscaping – 504-398-0928
 ACS Partners – 1-877-ACS-LLC              Lifestyle Landscape – 985-643-4008
                                          Laundry Service                           Signage/Signs
Corporate Housing                                                                    Gold Rush Signs – 504-467-7750
 Beyond Home Properties                    Coinmach – 800-535-7327
    – 337-232-1664                         Pierce Commercial Maytag – 985-626-      Solar Energy
 Southern Comfort Corporate Suites           7852                                    South Coast Solar –504-529-7869
    – 877-862-9777                        Legal                                     Stationery/Forms
 Southern Living Corporate Housing         New Orleans Legal Assistance Corp         Business Forms – 504-467-3620
    – 504-463-5581                           –504-529-1000                          Storage
Credit Card Service                       Lighting                                   Elmwood Self Storage – 504-737-7676
 First Data – 504-701-0068                 NOTOCO – 504-469-2801                    Telecommunications &
Electric Repairs                          Marketing                                     Cable Service
 Metzler Electric – 504-525-4803           Lifetopia – 646-264-0723.                 AT&T – 504-528-7980
Faucets/Plumbing                          Marketing Apartments-                      Cox Communications – 504-304-1870
   Moen - 904-797-7622                     Tulane.ApartmentSource.com                Direcpath – 404-961-7004
Fencing                                   Maintenance Product & Service             Utility Management – Submetering
 Nu Arrow Industries – 504-467-6467        HD Supply – 504-884-2460                  Submeter One, LLC – 225-706-5696
                                           Johnstone Supply – 504-733-1495           Vertex 813-985-6666
                                           Wilmar – 225-767-2891                     Utility Outsourcing Specialist
                                                                                        – 225-302-0520

                       The Apartment Association
                           of Greater New Orleans, Inc.
                                  3017 Harvard Avenue
                                       Suite 201
                                   Metairie, LA 70006


                                                          APARTMENT NEWS is the Official publication of the
                                                          Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans.
                                                          The articles herein do not necessarily represent the
                                                          views of the majority of its numbers, but is published in
                                                          the interest of managers, owners, and suppliers of the
                                                          multifamily housing industry. We thank our members
                                                          who advertise in this publication; they make it possible
                                                          for you to receive this at no cost.
                                                          President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marilyn Trosclair
                                                          President Elect . . . . . . . . . . . Mark Madderra
                                                          Secretary/Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . Katie Rigsby
                                                          Immediate Past President . . . . . . . . David Abbenante
                                                          Associate Director . . . . . . . . . . . Carolyn Couto
                                                          Asst. Associate Director . . . . . . . . Steve Catalano
                                                          Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . Katie Rigsby
                                                          Directors . Michele Shane L’Hoste, Charlie Fontenelle,
                                                                      Sandy Feraci, Jacob Kansas, Larry Schedler,
                                                              Tina Kennedy, Stacey Shane-Schott, Michael Kraft,
                                                                         Jose Lago, Donna Wallace, Mary Persky,
                                                                                      Connie Bowers, Joe LeBlanc

                                                          PUBLICATION                                                STAFF

                 MDU Team                                 Editor . . . . . . .
                                                          Photographer . . . .
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