Document Sample
					Mirabella Villas Condominium, Inc.
 New Resident Welcome Package

     Mirabella Villas COA, Inc.
     2925 S. Federal Highway
     Boynton Beach, FL 33435
         Ph: 561-369-5585
        Fax: 561-369-4549

              April 2007

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the beautiful community of
Mirabella Villas and congratulate you on your decision to live here.

Moving into a new home can be a very stressful and hectic event. We have taken the
time to prepare some useful information to ease your transition and help you become
familiar with living in Mirabella Villas.

Mirabella Villas is an active COA community comprised of thirteen, three story
buildings totaling 312 units. This package has been prepared to assist you in becoming
aware of the governing documents, additional rules and forms that you may find useful.

You will need to complete the New Owner Registration and Television form
immediately. Once settled in, please take the time to familiarize yourself with this
package and keep it handy for future reference.

If you have any questions or concerns, the staff in the Mirabella Villas office, located in
the Club House, is available from 8:30am to 5:00pm weekdays (open until 7:00pm on
Wednesdays) to assist you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Courtney Smith, Property Manager or Mara Bell, Administrative Assistant at (561)369-
5585.Emails are accepted by our property manager via All
phone and email inquiries are responded to politely and within one business day.
Should you need after hour emergency assistance, you can reach Prime Management's
on-call manager at (561)997-4047.

Emergencies consist of the following:
           A.    Fire/Flood
           B.    Main water line break.
           C.    Major damage to common element resulting from
                 hurricane, tornado, or other Acts of God.

When you call our emergency number you will be asked to leave a message stating the
nature of the emergency. The message is immediately sent to the On-Call Emergency
Property Manager to respond.

Thank you for choosing Mirabella Villas as your place to live and call home.


Mirabella Villas COA, Inc.

If you have any questions or concerns, the staff in the Mirabella Villas office, located in the Club
House, is available from 8:30am to 5:00pm weekdays (open until 7:00pm on Wednesdays) to assist
you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Courtney Smith, Property Manager or
Mara Bell, Administrative Assistant at (561)369-5585.Emails are accepted by our property manager
via All phone and email inquiries are responded to politely and within one
business day. Should you need after hour emergency assistance, you can reach Prime
Management's on-call manager at (561)997-4047................................................................................ 2

New Owner Registration Form
At the end of this package, you will find the New Resident Registration form. This will need to be
completed quickly as it contains information about your vehicles, and it will allow us to set you up in
the gate entry system. Please be prepared to supply a copy of your driver’s license and vehicle
registration along with the registration form.

Quarterly Maintenance Payments
Your Association maintenance is to be paid monthly on the first of the month for: 1 bedroom: $207.69,
two bedrooms: $297.27; three bedrooms: $350.44; payable to Mirabella Villas HOA, Inc. To insure
proper updating of your records, it is requested that you furnish a copy of your closing statement to the
Prime Management, Boca Raton office to the Accounts Receivable department. Additionally, you may
sign up for automatic payments by going to under homeowners request
information section at the top of the page.

Additional Transponder Request
When you closed on your home, you should have received a gate clicker/Access cards from the prior
owner. These need to be recorded in your file. If you are in need of additional clickers for persons
living in your home, you will need to bring a copy of the registration for the vehicle showing it is
registered at your address. Clicker access is NOT permitted for permanent guests, vendors or anyone
living outside of Mirabella Villas. You can purchase these for $25.00 (checks only please) payable to
Mirabella Villas

There are two gates to Mirabella Villas. The main (middle) gate is opened by the call box. Guests
scroll through alphabetically to find your name and press call. This will ring to your local (561) phone
number, either landline or cell phone, where you press the number nine (9) to grant access. The east
gate is for resident use only. This is opened by your Door King Access Card or black remote clicker, if
one was given to you. Please make special note that the exit gate is supplied with tire shredders, and
attempting to access the community through that gate will guarantee tire damage as well as any fees
necessary to repair the gates. The gates are monitored by 24 hour surveillance, and all violators will be
held liable for any and all damages.

Prestige Security is our current alarm provider. Regular monthly monitoring is included in the monthly
Association maintenance payments. Their contact phone number is 954-818-4062. We have a security
guard on duty for 16 hours each day, from 4:00pm through 8:00am. Any suspicious activity, overly
noisy neighbors, or general concerns or questions should be directed to them and/or the office staff.

Club House - Hours of Operation
The fitness center is open twenty four hours, for your enjoyment. You can gain access to the gym or
racquetball court with your gate access card. The pool/barbecue area is open from 6:00am until
9:00pm daily. The bathrooms on the common elements are locked at 11:00pm by security every night.

Anyone who wishes to utilize the barbeque area is welcomed to do so, however, please remember to
clean up after yourself, as well as provide your own utensils. This area is monitored, and any damages
will be reflected back to the damaging party.

No swimwear is permitted inside the clubhouse. Minors under sixteen (16) years of age are not
permitted to use the billiard room, fitness center or the pool without adult supervision (parent or legal
guardian present).

Club House Facilities – Rentals
The various rooms (with the exception of management offices) of the clubhouse are available for
private party rentals. These rentals are open to resident use only. No commercial activities are
permitted. The rental fee is $125 per five hour period; extended hours may be available upon request.
Renters are responsible for clean up and disposal of all trash. A security deposit is also required and is
refundable upon final inspection of the premises. For your convenience, forms are attached.

Cable Television
(Dish Network) is the cable provider for Mirabella Villas. Your monthly maintenance covers one
digital cable converter box and basic cable for other outlets in your home. Additional services and
boxes may be ordered by calling ______________. These additional services are billed directly to your
home. A cable lineup sheet is provided for your convenience.

Pet Registration
Owners are the only occupants that are allowed to have pets on the premises. In order to comply with
the association’s rules and regulations, upon moving in, please provide the included form to to the
office along with vet vaccinations and a photo of your pet. You will receive a Mirabella Villas dog tag
in turn.

Useful Phone Numbers
Direct TV Account Activation                  1-800-266-4388
FPL                                           1-800-4 OUTAGE
Front Door Networks (DSL)                     1-800-791-7165
Mirabella Villas Club House                   561-369-5585
Mirabella Villas Club House – fax             561-369-4549
Mirabella Villas Guard Contact                954-818-4062
Mainstream Communications                     1-800-308-3980
(DTV Work Orders)
NES (Water Company)                           1-800-780-8848
Prime Management – Accts. Receivable          561-989-5045

Thank you for taking the time to read this document. We look forward to being of assistance to you.

                             RULES AND REGULATIONS


  1. Passenger automobiles, sport/utility vehicles, mini-trucks, vans, and motorcycles that do not exceed the
      size of one parking space may be parked in the areas provided for that purpose but may not impede the
      sidewalks. Trucks, campers, motor homes, trailers, boats, boat trailers, commercial vehicles, and
      vehicles with advertising are prohibited. Vehicle maintenance, other than emergency repairs, is not
      permitted on the condominium property. All vehicles must be currently licensed and registered with the
      Association, and the designated parking decal must be placed on the lower left hand corner of the
      vehicle’s windshield.

  2. No inoperable or unsightly vehicles may be kept on condominium property.


  1. The exterior of the Condominium Units and all other exterior areas appurtenant to a Condominium
     Unit, including, but not limited to, balcony walls, railings, ceilings or doors, shall not be painted,
     decorated or modified by a Unit Owner in any manner without the prior consent of the Board.
  2. Lawns, shrubbery, or other exterior plantings will not be altered, moved, or added to.

  3. Nothing, including, but not limited to, radio or television aerials or antennas, signs, notices or
     advertisements, awnings, curtains, shades, window guards, light reflective materials, ventilators, fans or
     air conditioning devices, or other items shall be attached or affixed to the exterior of any Unit or
     balcony/terrace or exposed on or projected out of any window, door or balcony of any Unit without the
     prior written consent of the Board. No one shall alter the outside appearance of any window of any Unit
     without the prior written consent of the Board.

  4. Signs for sale, rent or garage sales are not permitted on the property premises.

  5. Laundry shall not be displayed outside of the units or on the balcony.

  6. No nuisance of any type or kind will be maintained on the condominium property.

  7. Any grill that produces an open flame or propane tanks is prohibited by State and local codes and
      ordinances from being used or stored on the balcony, porch.

  8. Repair, construction, decorating, or remodeling work will be done on Mondays through Saturdays
     between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. only, and all applicable laws and rules for decorators and
     subcontractors must be complied with.

  9. The Board may adopt hurricane shutter specifications for each building within each condominium
      operated by the association, which specifications shall include color, style and other factors deemed
      relevant by the board. All specifications adopted by the board shall comply with the applicable building
      code. The Board shall not refuse to approve the installation or replacement of hurricane shutters
      conforming to the specifications adopted by the Board. Hurricane shutters may be installed only once a
      ‘Watch’ has been issued by the National Hurricane Center. As specified in the Florida Building Code,
      the temporary installation or closure of storm shutters, panels, and other approved hurricane protection
      devices shall be permitted on emergency escape and rescue openings in the condominium’s units during
      the threat of a storm. While such protection is provided, at least one means of escape from the
      condominium’s units shall be provided. All hurricane shutters must be removed no later than November
      30th unless a Watch or Warning from the National Hurricane Center is in effect.

1. All common elements inside and outside the buildings will be used for their designated purposes only, and
   nothing belonging to unit owners, or their family, tenants, or guests, will be kept therein or thereon. Such
   areas will at all times be kept free of obstruction. Owners are financially responsible to the association for
   damage to the common elements caused by themselves, their tenants, guests, and family members.

2. The number of guests allowed at the condominium’s amenities shall be limited to two (2) per unit. All
   guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times while using the condominium’s amenities.

3. The following rules shall be complied with by residents and their guests while using the condominium’s
   Fitness Center and Racquetball/Basketball Court:

        a.   Residents and their guests must be 18 years old or older to use these amenities.
        b.   Residents must accompany their guests at all times while using these amenities.
        c.   Appropriate workout attire is required. No swimsuits are allowed.
        d.   No Smoking is permitted.
        e.   All equipment must be wiped down after use.
        f.   Black sole shoes are prohibited in the Racquetball/Basketball Court.
        g.   Lights in the Racquetball/Basketball Court must be turned off after use.

4. The following rules shall be complied with by residents and their guests while using the condominium’s
   Swimming Pool and Spa:
      a. Residents must accompany their guests at all times while using these amenities.
      b. No children under 13 years old shall use these amenities without adult supervision.
      c. No pets or glass containers are allowed in the swimming pool or deck area.
      d. No pets, food, drink, or glass containers are allowed in the Spa or Spa deck.
      e. Residents and their guests must shower before entering the pool or Spa.
      f. Residents and their guests shall swim at their own risk.
      g. No Diving is allowed in the swimming pool or Spa.
      h. Swimming pool and Spa hours shall be from 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. (ET).
      i. The maximum time allowed for Spa use is fifteen (15) minutes.
      j. Pregnant women, small children, people with health problems, and people who use alcohol,
           narcotics or other drugs which cause drowsiness should not use the spa without first consulting a

5. The clubhouse may be rented for use by owners and residents for a fee of $125 for up to a five-hour period
   and a refundable security deposit of $500. An application must be submitted to the Property Manager no
   less than five (5) days prior to the event.


1. No garbage or other articles shall be placed in the halls, on the balconies, or on the staircase landings, nor
   shall any linens, rugs, mops or laundry of any kind or other articles, be shaken or hung from any of the
   windows, doors or balconies. Fire exits shall not be obstructed in any manner, and the Common Elements
   shall be kept free and clear of rubbish, debris and other unsightly material.

2. No Owner, resident or guest shall allow anything whatsoever to fall from the windows, balcony or doors of
   the premises; nor shall they sweep or throw from the premises any dirt or other substance into any of the
   corridors, halls or balconies, ventilators, or elsewhere in the building or upon the grounds.

3. Refuse and bagged garbage shall be deposited only in the area provided therefore. In this regard, all refuse
    must be bagged in sealed garbage bags. Arrangements for bulk garbage pick-up shall be made in advance
    through the management office. Any applicable fee for this service will be passed onto the Unit Owner.


1. Pets may be kept in a Unit but must be registered with the Association. No pet shall be allowed to commit a
    nuisance in any public portion of the Condominium building or grounds. The term pets shall be limited to
    dogs, cats, birds and tropical fish. All other animals are expressly forbidden unless otherwise allowed by the
    Association. The total weight of all pets belonging to a Unit Owner shall not exceed forty (40) pounds. No
    more than one (1) pet is allowed per Unit, tropical fish excluded. Pets shall not be allowed on the balcony of
    a Unit unless the Unit Owner is present. Household pets not being kept or raised for commercial purposes
    will be permitted with the following conditions:

2. Messes made by pets must be removed by owners or handlers immediately. The Board will designate the
    portions of the property that will be used to accommodate the reasonable requirements of unit owners who
    keep pets.

3. Pets that are vicious, noisy, or otherwise unpleasant will not be permitted in the condominium. In the event
    that a pet has, in the opinion of the Board, become a nuisance or an unreasonable disturbance, written notice
    will be given to the owner or other person responsible for the pet, and the pet must be removed from the
    condominium property within three days.

4. All pets must be leashed at all times when outside a Unit or outside of any enclosed patio or porch area.

5. Guests and tenants are not permitted to have pets.


1. All owners and residents must be registered with the Association before the time of their occupancy of the
    unit. An application and a copy of the sales contract and/or lease together with an application fee of $100
    plus all other applicable expenses must be submitted to the Association at least twenty (20) days prior to
    closing of title or occupancy.

2. Units may not be rented for periods of less than ninety (90) consecutive days or more than twice a year. All
    leases shall have a term of no more than twelve (12) consecutive months and shall be subject to review by
    the Board before they are renewed. A copy of these rules and regulations must be given to the tenants and
    guests by the unit Owner or the unit owner’s agent. No unit may be permanently occupied by more persons
    than the number of bedrooms times two. Occasional guests shall be defined as any person(s) visiting for
    two (2) weeks or less and shall not require any approval.

3. Moving furniture and other property into and out of units must take place Mondays through Saturdays
    between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. only. Moving vans and trucks used for this purpose shall
    remain on condominium property only when actually in use unless otherwise approved by the Board.

4. The association shall retain a Passkey to the units, and the unit owners shall provide the association with a
   new or extra key whenever locks are changed or added for the use of the association pursuant to its statutory
   right to access to the units. The keys shall be maintained in the management office in a secure fashion in a


1. Loud and disturbing noises are prohibited. All radios, televisions, tape machines, compact disc players,
    stereos, singing, and playing of musical instruments, etc, will be regulated to sound levels that will not
    disturb others and are in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances.

2. Illegal and immoral practices are prohibited.

3. Residents and their guests must maintain proper decorum at all times while on the condominium’s property.
    Under no circumstances, shall any resident or their guests disrespect, threaten, or assault, either verbally or
    physically, the Association’s professional, maintenance and service staff; the Association’s Officers,
    Directors and Committee members; or any other residents and/or guests.

4. Children shall not play on or about the Common Elements of the Condominium in an unruly or in an
   exceptionally noisy manner. Parents will be responsible for ensuring that their children are properly
   supervised while using Common Elements.


1. These rules and regulations must be abided equally by owners, their families, guests, domestic help, and

2. These rules and regulations do not purport to constitute all of the restrictions affecting the condominium
   and common property. Reference should be made to condominium association documents.

3. As prescribed in the Association’s Bylaws, the Board may impose fines in reasonable sums as the Board
   may deem appropriate, not to exceed $100 for violations of the Declaration of Condominium, the
   Association’s Bylaws, or these Rules and Regulations, by owners, their guests, invitees, or tenants. Each
   day in violation shall be considered a separate violation. The party against whom the fine is sought to be
   levied will be afforded an opportunity for a hearing before a committee of unit owners after reasonable
   notice of not less than fourteen (14) days as stipulated in the Association’s Bylaws.


1. Pursuant to the Association’s Bylaws, in the event of a conflict between or among the provisions
   of any of the following documents, the order of priorities shall be, from highest priority to lowest:
       a. The Condominium Act
       b. The Declaration of Condominium
       c. The Articles of Incorporation
        d. The Association’s Bylaws
        e. The Condominium’s Rules and Regulations

                    Mirabella Villas aka Villa Del Sol
                         As of January 1, 2004

Q:   What are my voting rights in the condominium association?
A:   Each unit shall be entitled to one (1) vote to be cast by its owner.

Q:   What restrictions exist in the documents on my right to use my unit?
A:   There are restrictions regarding alteration and repair of a Unit, the keeping of pets in a
     Unit, and parking. The restriction is set forth in Article 11 of the Prospectus, Article 13
     and 23 of the Declaration, and in the Rules and Regulations.

Q:   What restrictions exist in the condominium documents on the leasing of my unit?
A:   All leases shall be deemed to include a clause requiring the tenant to comply with all terms
     and conditions of the Condominium Documents. The restrictions are set forth in Article
     XV of the Declaration (Schedule 1).

Q:   How much are my assessments to the condominium association for my unit type and when
     are they due?
A:   Will be provided with estoppel – amounts are subject to change.

Q:   Do I have to be a member in any other association? If so, what is the name of the
     association and what are my voting rights in this association? Also, how much are my
A:   No.

Q:   Am I required to pay rent or land use fees for recreational or other commonly used
     facilities? If so, how much am I obligated to pay annually?
A:   Will be provided with estoppel – amounts are subject to change.

Q:   Is the condominium association or other mandatory membership association involved in
     any court cases in which it may face liability in excess of $100,000? If so, identify each
     such case.
A:   No.


                                              CABLE TV CHANNEL LINEUP
                                   CHN                                      CHN                                                 CHN
NETWORK                              #    NETWORK                             #    NETWORK                                        #
ABC FAMILY                          180   CD-SONGBOOK                        954   TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES                         132
AMC                                 130   CD-STROBE                          958   TURNER NETWORK TELEVISION                     138
AMC                                 890   CD-SWING KINGS                     974   TV GAMES NETWORK                              405
ANGEL ONE                           262   CD-THE LIGHT                       975   TV GUIDE CHANNEL                              102
ANGEL ONE                          9701   CD-UNFORGETTABLE                   955   TV LAND                                       106
ANIMAL PLANET                       184   CLASSIC ARTS SHOWCASE              406   UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA                     9412
ANIMAL PLANET                       887   CNBC                               208   UNIVISION                                     270
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT                118   COLLEGE SPORTS TELEVISION          152   UNIVISION                                     827
BBC AMERICA                         135   COLOURS TV                        9396   UNIVISION WEST                                828
BBC AMERICA                         879   COMEDY CENTRAL                     107   USA NETWORK                                   105
BEAUTY & FASHION CHANNEL            225   COUNTRY MUSIC TELEVISION           166   VH1                                           162
BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION      124   C-SPAN                             210   WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT                     128
BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION      875   C-SPAN2                            212   WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT                     889
BRAVO                               129   DAYSTAR                            263   WEATHER CHANNEL, THE                          214
BRAVO                               880   DISCOVERY CHANNEL, THE             182   WGN SUPERSTATION                              239
BYUTV                              9403   DISCOVERY HEALTH                   189   WGN SUPERSTATION                              881
CABLE NEWS NETWORK                  200   DISCOVERY HEALTH                   885   SIRIUS MOVIN EASY-EASY LISTENING HITS        6004
CARTOON NETWORK                     176   DISNEY CHANNEL (EAST)              172   SIRIUS OCTANE-PURE HARD ROCK                 6020
CCTV-9                              265   DISNEY CHANNEL (WEST)              173   SIRIUS OUTLAW COUNTRY                        6063
CD-AURA                             977   E! ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION        114   SIRIUS POPS-CLASSICAL FAVORITES              6086
CD-BACKPAGES                        957   ESPN                               140   SIRIUS PRAISE-GOSPEL MUSIC                   6068
CD-BYU RADIO NETWORK                980   ESPN ALTERNATE                     145   SIRIUS PRIME COUNTRY - 80'S & 90'S COUNTRY   6061
CD-CASHMERE                         956   ESPN CLASSIC                       143   SIRIUS PURE JAZZ-CLASSIC JAZZ                6072
CD-CONCRETE BEATS                   963   ESPN2                              144   SIRIUS REMIX- DANCE CLUB MIX                 6012
CD-EASY INSTRUMENTALS               973   ESPN2 ALTERNATE                    146   SIRIUS REVOLUTION - Christian Rock           6067
CD-ENSEMBLE                         971   ESPNEWS                            142   SIRIUS RUMBON - Reggaeton/Tropical           6092
CD-ESTILOS                          821   ETERNAL WORD TELEVISION NETWORK    261   SIRIUS SHADE 45                              6045
CD-ESTILOS                          964   FEC/PAEC                          9418   SIRIUS SIRIUS GOLD - 50 & 60 HITS            6005
CD-FEEDBACK                         960   FOOD NETWORK                       110   SIRIUS SIRIUS HITS ONE - TOP 40 HITS         6001
CD-FIESTA MEXICANA                  820   FOX NEWS CHANNEL                   205   SIRIUS SOUL REVUE-CLASSIC SOUL               6053
CD-FIESTA MEXICANA                  965   FOX SPORTS FLORIDA                 423   SIRIUS SPA 73 - NEW AGE                      6073
CD-FREQUENCY                        966   FREE SPEECH TV                    9415   SIRIUS SPECTRUM - WORLD CLASS ROCK           6018
CD-HAWAIIAN MUSIC                   981   FUSE                               158   SIRIUS SPIRIT - CHRISTIAN HITS               6066
CD-IMPRESSIONS                      968   FX                                 137   SIRIUS STANDARD TIME-STANDARDS               6075
CD-INK'D                            961   FX                                 878   SIRIUS SUPER SHUFFLE                         6002
CD-INTERMEZZO                       972   G4                                 191   SIRIUS SYMPHONY HALL-SYMPHONIES              6080
CD-JAZZ TRADITIONS                  967   GALAVISION                         273   SIRIUS THE COFFEE HOUSE                      6032
CD-JUKEBOX GOLD                     953   GALAVISION                         833   SIRIUS THE GLOBE                             6098
CD-KIDTUNES                         976   GAME SHOW NETWORK                  116   SIRIUS THE METROPOLITAN OPERA CHANNEL        6085
CD-KIDTUNES                         983   GOOD SAMARITAN NETWORK            9416   SIRIUS THE PULSE-THE 90'S & NOW              6009
CD-KINGSTON                         979   HEADLINE NEWS NETWORK              202   SIRIUS THE ROADHOUSE-CLASSIC COUNTRY         6062
CD-LUCILLE                          978   HEALTHY LIVING CHANNEL             223   SIRIUS THE STROBE-CLASSIC DISCO              6037
CD-NASHVILLE USA                    952   HISTORY CHANNEL, THE               120   SIRIUS THE VAULT-DEEP CUTS CLASSIC ROCK      6016
CD-NUJAZZ                           962   HITN                               843   SIRIUS THE WHO-MELLOW ROCK                   6010
CD-PLAZA                            970   HOME & GARDEN TELEVISION           112   SIRIUS - BBC Radio 1                         6011
CD-RAWHIDE                          951   HORSERACING TV                     404   SIRIUS - BOOMBOX                             6034
CD-ROCK SHOW                        959   HSN                                 84   SIRIUS - ELVIS                               6013
CD-SCREEN DOOR                      950   HSN                                222   SIRIUS - LOVE SONGS                          6003
iDRIVE TV                           221   RFDTV                             9409   SIRIUS - MARGARITAVILLE                      6031
INDEPENDENT FILM CHANNEL            131   RESEARCHCHANNEL                   9400   SIRIUS - UNDERGROUND GARAGE                  6025
INDEPENDENT FILM CHANNEL            894   RESORT & RESIDENCE CHANNEL         216   SIRIUS 60'S VIBRATION - 60'S HITS            6006
INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FEED            157   RFDTV                             9398   SIRIUS ALT NATION - ALTERNATIVE ROCK         6021
iSHOP                               229   SCI-FI CHANNEL, THE                122   SIRIUS AREA 63                               6033
Jewelry Television                  227   SHOPNBC                            228   SIRIUS BACK SPIN-OLD SKOOL RAP               6043
KBS WORLD                           652   SITV                               159   SIRIUS BIG 80'S-80'S HITS                    6008
LEARNING CHANNEL, THE               183   SITV                               874   SIRIUS BLUEGRASS-BLUEGRASS MUSIC             6065
LIFETIME                            108   SOAPNET                            188   SIRIUS BLUES - CLASSIC BLUES                 6074
LINK TV                            9410   SPEED CHANNEL, THE                 150   SIRIUS BROADWAY'S BEST-BROADWAY MUSICALS     6077
Mens Outdoor and Recreation         218   SPEED CHANNEL, THE                 891   SIRIUS BUZZSAW - CLASSIC HARD ROCK           6019
MENS2                               219   SPIKE TV                           168   SIRIUS CLASSIC REWIND-RECENT ROCK            6015
MSNBC                               209   SPORTS ALTERNATE 1                 445   SIRIUS CLASSIC VINYL - EARLY ROCK            6014
MUSIC TELEVISION                    160   SPORTS ALTERNATE 2                 446   SIRIUS DISORDER-FREE FORM ROCK               6024
MUSIC TELEVISION 2                  161   SPORTS ALTERNATE 3                 447   SIRIUS FACTION-ROCK/HIP-HOP/PUNK             6028
NASA                                213   SPORTS ALTERNATE 4                 448   SIRIUS FIRST WAVE-CLASSIC ALTERNATIVE        6022
NFL NETWORK                         154   SUN SPORTS                         422   SIRIUS HAIR NATION-80'S HAIR BANDS           6023
NICKELODEON/NICK AT NIGHT (EAST)    170   TELEFUTURA EAST                    271   SIRIUS HARD ATTACK-HEAVY METAL               6027
NICKELODEON/NICK AT NITE (WEST)     171   TELEFUTURA EAST                    830   SIRIUS HEART & SOUL - R&B HITS               6051
NOGGIN                              169   TELEFUTURA WEST                    272   SIRIUS HIP HOP NATION-UNCUT HIP HOP          6040
NORTHERN ARIZONA                   9411   TELEFUTURA WEST                    831   SIRIUS HOT JAMZ-HIP HOP & R&B HITS           6050
OXYGEN                              127   THE WATER CHANNEL                  217   SIRIUS JAM ON-JAM BANDS                      6017
PAX TV                              181   TOON DISNEY                        174   SIRIUS JAZZ CAFE-SMOOTH JAZZ                 6071
PAX TV                              882   TOON DISNEY                        847   SIRIUS TOTALLY 70'S - 70'S HITS              6007
PENTAGON CHANNEL                   9405   TRAVEL CHANNEL, THE                215   SIRIUS UNIVERSO LATINO-LATIN POP MIX         6090
QVC                                 226   TRINITY BROADCASTING NETWORK       260
REELZ                               299   TURNER BROADCAST SYSTEM            139


NAME: _________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE: ____________________ WORK PHONE: _______________________

PARTY DATE REQUESTED: ____________ # PEOPLE EXPECTED:_____________

TYPE OF FUNCTION: ____________________________________________________

ACTUAL HOURS OF FUNCTION: _________________________________________

TIME OF ARRIVAL FOR SETUP: __________________________________________

WILL FOOD BE SERVED? ________      IF SO, WILL IT BE CATERED? ________

CATERED BY WHOM? ___________________________________________________


IF YES, PLEASE DESCRIBE: ______________________________________________


PARTY RESERVATION APPROVED BY: ___________________________________


1) RENTAL FEE RECEIVED $ ______________ BY ___________________________
      $125.00 check payable to Mirabella Villas (Non-Refundable)

2) SECURITY DEPOSIT RECEIVED $ __________ BY _________________________
      $500.00 check payable to Mirabella Villas (Refundable)

3) OVERTIME FEE RECEIVED $ ______________ BY _________________________
      Check payable to Mirabella Villas after (if necessary)

                                     TOTAL DUE $ ____________________


                                      MISCELLANEOUS RULES


   1. Only residents/homeowners of Mirabella Villas are permitted to rent the clubhouse and

   2. All security deposits will be deposited ten (10) business days prior to the date of the function.

   3. All returned check charges will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

   4. Management must receive a copy of liability insurance(s) for all entertainment companies, who
      are contracted by the resident to perform services during the scheduled function.

   5. Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Management reserves the right to book only
      one (1) function per day to allow for set up.

   6. Confirmed reservations will be made on Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:00
      AM and 5:00 PM.

In the event of a cancellation, thirty days or less prior to the reservation, the Association reserves the
right to charge $ 50.00.



I have read, understand, and agree to abide by all rules and regulations. I further agree that any and all
damages, which may not be indicated on the attached checklist, will be my full responsibility: and I
agree to reimburse the Association for the full cost of restoration.

___________________________________                        ________________________
Resident Signature                                          Date Signed

___________________________________                         _________________________
Employee Signature                                          Date Signed

                           (To be completed before the event)

I, ______________________________, do hereby agree with the condition of the clubhouse
equipment and furniture listed below. I further agree to place the equipment
And furniture back, as I found it, and that any damage to equipment and / or furniture will be at my
total expense. I understand that the billiard table cannot be moved under any circumstances.

________________________________                  _____________________________
Resident Signature                                Date Signed

________________________________                  ______________________________
Employee Signature                                Date Signed

        ITEM                                              CONDITION NOTED




POOL AREA (if applicable)





Note any additional items:

                                     WAIVER OF LIABILITY

I, the undersigned, hereby agree that any and all liability, caused by or arising from any acts that may
increase the hazard of susceptibility to loss on the described premises, shall not be held against the
Association and indemnifies the Association for all losses, expenses, and attorney’s fees in connection
with the renting of the Mirabella Villas clubhouse.

_____________________________                   _____________________________
Resident Signature                              Date Signed

_____________________________                    _____________________________
Resident Signature                               Date Signed

_____________________________                    _____________________________
Employee Witness                                 Date Signed

                              Mirabella Villas Resident Information Form
                                      (Please Print Legibly or Type)
                    This form must be completed separately by each household member.

Unit Number_____________________________

Local Telephone #_________________________

(Must Be a Local ‘Boynton Beach’ Land Line or Cell Phone)
(Note: Not All 561- Area Code Phone Numbers Are Local)

Last Name_______________________             First Name___________________________

(Please circle one): Owner or Tenant    (If Tenant): Lease Expiration Date___________

 (To be filled by Mirabella Villas Management)
 Access Card Number ___________________

                              OWNER’S / LANDLORD’S CONTACT INFORMATION
                   Please provide this information if the Main Resident is NOT the Owner of the Condo
                        Unit or if the Owner’s Mailing Address is different that the Unit Address.

Last Name_____________________                        First Name_________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________


Home Telephone #____________________

                                              VEHICLE REGISTRATION

Make _______________________________
                                                              (To be filled by Mirabella Villas Management)
Model & Year ________________________
                                                              Parking Decal Number __________________
Color _______________________________                         Expiration Date ________________________

Tag Number __________________________

Driver’s License # _____________________

I, __________________, the undersigned hereby agree to obey and comply with all Parking Regulations of Mirabella
Villas, including but not limited to not parking my vehicle backwards as well as not parking any trucks, campers, motor
homes, trailers, boats, boat trailers, commercial vehicles, and vehicles with advertising on the property. I understand that
failure to obey these Regulations may result in my vehicle being towed away at my own expense.

_______________________________                                ______________
Signature                                                      Date


                                          PET REGISTRATION

The following owner(s) #____________________________________________________________________ of
MIRABELLA VILLAS do hereby provide the Condominium Association with the following information in compliance

TYPE OF PET _________________________________________________________________________

NAME OF PET_________________________________________________________________________

AGE OF PET___________________________________________________________________________

LICENSE #_____________________________________________ EXP. DATE_____________________






Name of person to be contacted in case pet is found on premises lost or injured:

________________________________________________ PHONE #_______________________________

OWNER___________________________________________________                           DATED____________________

OWNER___________________________________________________                           DATED ____________________

                        Windows XP Connection Instructions
 The San Marino Internet access network is a straight-forward, high-speed connection to the Internet.
  Once your computer is connected and configured properly, you will be automatically be connected to
the Internet 24/7. No firewalls, security or port blocking is performed providing a direct connection to
    the internet. There is no need to connect to a phone line or use modems. As soon as you open your
Internet browser you will be able to surf the web, upload/download files, access your own online service
  i.e. AOL, and send and receive email. The speed at which you are connected is 10 times faster than a
 56k modem connection. However the “speed” at which you will be able to access information and web
sites depends on many factors i.e. the number of people accessing the site, the speed of the connection to
                           the site and the speed of the server the site is hosted on.

               This connection is a residential based connection that is ideal for general surfing.

        It is not designed OR supported for running a business, hosting websites or any type of server.

  Virus Protection Software is required at all times and is the reasonability of the resident. Violations of this
 policy will have the DSL service suspended until network administration verifies the issue has been resolved.
 Please evaluate the status of your Virus Protection Software AS WELL as if your computer is infected BEFORE
                                         YOU CONNECT to the system.

                                   Virus Protection Software Recommended

   Norton Internet Security 2005            MaCaFee VirusScan 2005
 Requirements:                                              • AOL USERS: Obtain AOL for
        • Windows 98’ or                                   broadband connection instructions
          later Operating                                   from the Clubhouse, or
        • 650MHz                                          • Residents MUST have updated
          Processor/64                                          working virus protection
          Megs Ram                                    •   Register for Your Free Email Address
        • 1 gig Hard                                          @
          Drive                                           • Technical Support Available at
        • 10/100                                     
          Ethernet Nic

 Up to three computers can be attached to the DSL at one time. We recommend using a
wireline or wireless router to achieve this. Visit and click on
                                 the ‘Hardware” section.

                   Step 1: Connecting your Computer to the DSL Connection
                                                                                     NIC Card Port On PC
   In order to connect to the network you must have a Network Interface Card
(NIC) installed in your computer. Most computers less than two years old have a
 built-in Network Interface. This looks like a “Wide Phone Jack,’ on the back of
 your computer. A regular phone cable will NOT work. Most NIC’s have small
                       green light that comes on if correct.

                                                                                         CAT5 Cable
The “NIC” card (or Ethernet Port) connects your computer to the DSL system
using a very common computer cable known as a “CAT 5” cable; or an ‘Ethernet
                            THE DATA JACK

 Plug one end of the CAT 5 cable into your NIC card and the other end into the        DSL DATA JACK
    ORANGE DSL DATA JACK located inside your apartment. If you are
 properly connected, you will see a green link-light’ turn on near the NIC Card
                            port on your computer.
       1. Upon finishing the successful connection of your computer to you
           DSL jack, restart your computer.
       2. Find Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator under your
           programs and attempt to surf the web.
       3. If successful, please skip to step 3
       4. If NOT successful, please proceed to step 2

                         STEP 2:       Computer Software Configurations
Click on the Windows “Start” button usually located in the lower left hand corner of the Desktop screen.
       1. Click on the “Control Panel” Click on the icon              6. In the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
           labeled “Network and Internet Connections”.                    Properties” window, select “Obtain an
       2. Click on the “Network Connections” icon.(this                   IP address automatically”. (The “IP
           step might need to be done twice)                              address”, “Subnet Mask”, and “Default
       3. Right Click on the “Local Area Connection”                      gateway
           icon and chose the option Properties.                      7. Click the “OK” button in at the bottom
       4. Leave ONLY the ‘Internet Protocol TCP/IP box                    of the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
           checked. Uncheck ALL OTHERS.                                   Properties” window.
       5. Highlight the “Internet Protocol” icon in the               8. Click the “Close” button in at the
           white box by clicking on it once. Once it is                   bottom of the “Internet Protocol
           highlighted then click on “Properties” below it.               (TCP/IP) Properties” window.
                                                                      9. Click the “Close” button in at the
                                                                          bottom of the “Local Area Connection
                                                                          Properties” window.
                                                                      10. Restart your computer
    You should now be able to browse the Internet. If you have any problems, re-read your computer
 manual, check the connection between your computer and the data jack, and carefully go through these
                    instructions again. If still not connected, call support number below.

                                        Technical Support
       Technical Support is divided into a two part system differentiated by
                      Resident Issues and Network Issues

               •  Resident issues are independent problems residents might
                experience. These issues can be any number of problems that
              disrupt connection to the Internet. Resident issues are responded
                  to within a maximum of 7 days. Resident messages left are
              returned and initial trouble-shooting is addressed 6-9pm Mon-Fri.
               Our call center offers free technical support 6-9pm, Mon-Fri for

         •    Network Issues include disruptions of service to an entire building,
              group of buildings or an entire property. We monitor ALL buildings
              and networks 24/7/365 and are made aware immediately when/if
               there is a problem. Technical response time to network issues is
                                        within 24 hours.

              Once connected, surf to www.SANMARINOLIVING.COM and click on the “NEW
                                               RESIDENTS” link.
        Located in this section are general computer maintenance procedures that will assist in keeping
        your computer working correctly and our systems working smoothly.

   •                                                        •

  Virus Protection Software is the responsibility of the resident
             and is required to use the DSL Network
Internet Virus’s and Trojan Worms have become a very large problem causing outages of service, slow
connection speeds and resident computer crashes. Keeping your computers up-to-date with Virus
Protection software keeps your valuable information safe and our networks running smoothly. Resident
connections found with virus activity will have the service disrupted until the issue is resolved.

        Remember that %90 of all connectivity issues can be repaired by re-starting your
        computer and/or routers.

             Technical Support is available for issues regarding the connection of
                            your computer to the Internet only.
                    Please do not address “PC issues” to these resources.
               Please do not call the clubhouse or office with technical issues.

List of Approved Vendors for Mirabella Villas Condominium

•   Rack Lighting and Electrical
    3601 No. Dixie Hwy, Suite 10
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
       Phone: (561) 391-3550

•   Sullivan Electric & Pump
    2115 7th Avenue North
    Lake Worth, FL 33461
    Phone: (561) 588-5886

•   Dawson Electric
    1400 S.W. 14th Drive
    Boca Raton, FL 33486
    Phone: (561) 362-9742


•   Premier Plumbing
    6300 Park of Commerce Blvd
    Boca Raton, FL 33487
    Phone: (561) 989-5002
    Contact: Monica Scurrah

•   Plumbing Experts Inc.
    3500 NW Boca Raton Blvd.
    Suite 730
    Boca Raton, FL 33431

•   Jenco Plumbing
    896 N Federal Hwy PMB 914
    Pompano Beach, FL 33062
    Phone: (954)720-5838

                      List of Approved Vendors (Cont.)
             Air Conditioning
  •   Quality First Air Conditioning
       4350 NW 19th Avenue, Suite B
      Pompano Beach, FL 33064
      Phone: (561)272-2727

  •   Air Around the Clock
      Delray Beach, FL 33444
      Phone: (561) 278-3554

  •   Climate Control Services
      1740 Corporate Drive
      Boynton Beach, FL 33426
      (561) 738-9100

  Locksmith (Mailboxes/Door Locks)

  •   CK Lock
        301 SE 4th Street
        Boynton Beach, FL 33435
        (561) 732-9418

  •   Thanks-A-Lock, Inc.
      9834 Glades Road Suite C l
         Boca Raton, FL 33434
         (561) 852-0433

                                   ** DISCLAIMER**
The above names are being provided as a convenience to the unit owners, and the
Mirabella Villas Board of Directors assumes no responsibility for their performance, nor
does it indorse any of the listed vendors. A/C Technicians


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