Store Manager Training Program v1 by niusheng11


									Store Manager Training Program v1.0

Employee Name: ____________________________
Training Start Date: __________________________

As a store Manager for Extreme Tan and Smoothies you will have to wear many hats
and will be responsible for many things. In this training manual and through the
training exercises it is our goal to make you familiar with the most common job
responsibilities you will have and deal with on a daily basis. Of course we were
unable to put every aspect of the Store Managers job into this manual, but we
included some of the most important one’s. A Store Manager is backed up by a
management team, which if utilized correctly will make the Store run the way it
should run and will make the Store Managers job easy. A solid Store Manager will
delegate, follow up and offer feedback to their AMT staff, doing so will break up some
of the work load and of course increase training and knowledge amongst store
employees and AMT staff. If the Store Manager delegates, and manages, it will free
up the Store Managers time to do what should be done which is ensure that
Customer Service is always at it’s highest level and that the stores are always
spotless and perfectly maintained. All employees, Store Manager and AMT’s should
realize that they have a support team that is always willing to help and work with
them, this support team is the structure and back bone of Extreme Tan and
Smoothies, you can always contact your District Manager, Corporate Auditor or CEO
in regards to any questions or concerns about this training, you will get out of this
training exactly what you put into it.

   A. Inventory

Inventory control in our salons is a task that is by nature very easy, however it can
become difficult very easily. Inventory is affected on a daily basis, and many thing
effect inventory levels in every store.

Sales impact inventory because each time a sale is made, inventory is transferred
from the store to the customer that purchased it. At this time a quantity should be
automatically removed from the system. This can be impacted in a negative way
because an employee rings up the wrong product which would than decrease the
inventory level of a different item, rather than the item that was actually sold.

Theft also impacts Inventory levels, in a very negative way, because we actually pay
for the products that are in our store’s before we actually receive them. So when an
item is stolen by a customer or an associate it takes at least 3 more sales of that
same exact item to replace the lost value of the stolen product. Also when product is
stolen it effects your inventory count by a negative one, which means if your store is
not working on Inventory reports/Cycle counts on a consistent basis, you put your
salon at risk of being out of stock on certain merchandise, because the counts are

Receiving impacts inventory in a positive fashion, it’s when merchandise is received
from a specific vendor once we have ordered our product. An example of one of our
many vendors would be Level 21, inc. or Salon Support. When items are received
from our vendors they are received by the Home Office, at which time the Home
office splits the orders up between the stores. Receiving is excellent because it keeps
us in stock and our merchandise fresh, however there is a large area for shortage
(otherwise known as “Shrink” or a loss of inventory), keep in mind that the initial
order is put together by Humans that work for the Vendor, than the order is received
by our home office, which is than counted and split by Humans again. There is plenty
of opportunity for loss in those two area’s alone. Move forward through the process
and the next step for an order is to be loaded into a car, truck, etc. at which point it
is delivered to the Salon itself. Once the lotion hits the salon if things are not handled
in a timely fashion the chance for additional shrink or inventory issues grows,
because each time a sale is made on hand counts change. When inventory hits a
salon it should be inventoried ASAP in order to stop or control any discrepancies.
When inventory is received, and sitting around it’s much easier for potential theft to
occur because items are just laying around. Once the inventory is opened by the
salon it should be entered into the system to avoid any type of discrepancy.

Inventory Exercise 1:
Check in and receive an order of Indoor Tanning Lotion at the Home Office, once you
have checked this order in against the packing slip, separate the order’s between the
salons so that their order is ready to be received at store level. Once you have
completed separating the order, go over the received order paperwork and the
separated orders with your District Manager than have your District Manager sign off
on this Exercise.

Has the employee completed the above task? Y or N

District Manager Comments:


Inventory Exercise 2:
Await or deliver a lotion order to a receiving Salon, once the order is dropped at the
Salon, check the order in to ensure everything is there, once everything has been
noted as there enter all received quantities into the Salon Touch Inventory system.
Do this with the pre-selected Store Manager, and have the Store Manager sign off on
this Exercise as completed and make any comments.

Has the employee completed the above task? Y or N

Store Manager Comments:


Inventory Exercise 3:
Visit whichever store was pre-determined for this exercise, once in the store have a
Store Manager show you how to pull an Inventory Report. Once the Store Manager
has showed you how to pull the report, take a moment and show the Store Manager
how to pull the very same report. Once the Inventory report has been printed take
the Inventory Report and do a complete Cycle Count (Count the merchandise on
hand on the report vs the actual merchandise in the stores). For this exercise you
will work on doing Cycle Counts on the Tanning Lotions and Moisturizers only. Note
any discrepancies on your Inventory Report, once complete have the Store Manager
show you how to adjust the counts in the system, after the Store Manager shows
you how to adjust the counts, you should than show the Store Manager the exact
same thing they just showed you, however this time you will actually change counts
in the system, and save your updated counts. Report any discrepancies to the
Corporate Auditor as well as the District Manager upon completion. Once you have
completed this exercise have the Store Manager sign off.

Has the employee completed the above exercise? Y or N

   B. Ordering

Ordering product in any retail business is a very sensitive task for any company.
Ordering product controls numerous facets of your business and day to day
operations. It’s important for anyone that will be doing any ordering, running a
business or dealing with retail clients on a day to day basis to know the reasons and
impacts of ordering properly.

One of the largest issues with ordering or relying on employee’s to order is called
“Inventory Imbalance”, this is when a store has too much of one item that does not
sell and not enough of another item that sells very well. This is usually the cause for
the next issue, specifically in regards to ETAS, if you have too much of a certain
lotion that doesn’t sell it has a shelf life and could easily go bad over time, if you are
out of stock on the items you often sell a lot of, you are taking away the ability of
your sales staff to be able to sell the popular products that customers want. Although
we have a huge selection of lotion there are still customers that are stuck on a
specific product, they won’t venture on to other products to even try them, when
your out of their product it causes frustration and can easily cause a customer to
purchase lotion through other outlets, like on eBay or the web in general.

When ordering product rule #1 is to stand in front of the product so you know what
you have in stock. Be prepared by having the proper previous sales data that you
need to place an educated order. If you’re running your store properly and your
inventory counts are being done on a consistent basis, you could very easily order
from a remote location based on your previous sales data and the Inventory report

Another important part of ordering is something knows as “Trends” or “Seasonality
Trends”, although we do not currently have in store graphs that show the seasonal
months and spikes for ETAS, you can easily obtain this information from your District
Manager or from the Home office. We do know that from January to the 1 st week of
May is our busiest time, this is industry wide for every state, this is do to weddings,
heavy travel months, proms and gradations. During this time frame we run on what
we call a 4 week In Stock Condition, this is where we look at the previous 4 weeks of
sales data and try to catch trending in order to ensure we have 4 weeks of lotion in
stock for the next 4 weeks. This can be tough and because season is so volatile it
can change in an instance, so in many cases you are taking an educated guess.
During our slowest months which would be May through September we work on a 2
week In Stock Condition. This means we look at the previous 2 weeks of sales and
look to order and have enough in stock merchandise in stock for the next two weeks.

As ETAS continues to grow one of the most important things that our store managers
can do to balance Inventory Company wide and in their stores, which will keep lotion
fresh on the shelves and improve in stock conditions is to Balance Inventory between
stores. When one salon is low or almost out of stock on lotion if the salon needs that
merchandise we might very well need to make a $100 Minimum purchase through
home office for an order when we only need 3 bottles, etc. If the needing store
contacts the stores around it or communicates with the District office that it needs a
specific lotion the Store managers can transfer lotions between the stores.
Communication is key here, and the sending store would have to subtract that lotion
from their Inventory, when the receiving store would have to add the incoming lotion
to its Inventory.
When a store manager orders properly they have the best chance at increasing their
sales, because when your out of stock on a continuous basis you never know how
high is too high on a lotion, for instance if your selling 50 packets of Dangerously
Dark a week and you continue to order 50 packets of Dangerously Dark a week, your
sales are maximized at 50 packets a week. What would happen if you order 65
packets a week? You might very well sell 65 packets at which point maybe you would
increase your order size to 75 packets, etc. Being in stock at all times on all items
without being over stock is a very serious concern for Extreme Tan and Smoothies as
it continues to grow and looks to increase profits company wide.

Ordering Exercise 1:
From the Home Office call the Clearwater, FL location and inquire about the last time
they worked their Inventory report. If the Store Manager is unsure of when the
Inventory report was last worked, please make note of it as you will need it towards
the end of this training segment. Once you have the proper date for when the
Inventory Report was completed, print up the Inventory Report for that Store. Once
you have printed up the Inventory Report for that Store show it to your District
Auditor and ask any questions you might have. Have the District Auditor Sign off on
this Exercise.

Has the employee completed the above exercise? Y or N

District Auditor Comments:


Ordering Exercise 2:
Now you have your Inventory Data which you will need, however you are missing the
previous sales data for the same salon. Pull up and print out the previous 4 weeks of
Sales Data for that salon. Once you have printed out this information for the correct
store show the District Manager that you have pulled and printed the information and
have the District Manager Sign off on this Exercise.

Has the employee completed the above exercise? Y or N

District Manager Comments:


Ordering Exercise 3:
Now that you have the Inventory Report and the Previous Sales Data which will show
you On Hand Quantities that currently exist in the system and Sales History for that
Salon you will do what is known as a “Blind Order”. A Blind order is one of the things
that many managers will do that can easily put them in a bad position in regards to
Over Stock or Out of Stock condition.
Ask the District Manager for the ordering form that the salon’s use while placing their
orders on Monday’s. Once you have the ordering form while your at the Home Office,
site down and come up with an order based on having 4 weeks of Merchandise in
Stock using only your Inventory Report and your previous sales data. Once you have
completed your “Blind Order” using the information you given make a photo copy of
the Inventory Report and the Sales Data you printed, do not make a copy of the
Blind Order you just did. Leave the Blind Order in a file at the main office for later
review. Now take the copies you have of the other reports and physically visit the
Clearwater, FL salon and put together an order while in the salon in front of the
product. Don’t forget to check any storage area’s for over stock product.

Now that you have completed your order return to the Home Office, take your “Blind
Order” and compare it to the “Live Order” you just placed, take some time to write
down any differences between the two orders and discuss the differences you found
with John in detail. At which point you should also have your sales data and all other
information used for this exercise.

Has the employee completed the above exercise? Y or N

CEO or District Manager Comments:

   C. Scheduling

Scheduling is an essential part of any retail or service related business, there is a
very fine line between having the proper staff, not enough staff or being over staffed
and losing control of your hours. It is every Store Managers job to control their
payroll expense at all times, in seasonal months Payroll is expanded due to the
increase in sales, however in non seasonal months payroll would decrease based on
lower sales. This is perfect for the terminology that “Sales cure all Ill’s”. More sales =
More $, Less Sales = Less $’s.

In order to figure your “Projected Payroll” for your next week’s schedule you would
use the following formula or steps.

      Choose the same week’s sales from last year
      Take that week’s total sales and add in 10% for the average growth that any
       retail business should achieve after each additional year of being open.
      Once you have that figure, now figure 25% of that total number. 25% of the
       Total Store sales should be used towards payroll.

July 24th-July 30th 2004
Total Sales That Week: $2,152.80
Adding in the 10%: $2,367.08
Taking 25% of that adjusted number for your Payroll: $592.02

$592.02 is what your payroll should be for this week in 2005.

Now that you have the formula for figuring out exactly how much money should be
spent on payroll we can move on to the next step or series of steps to writing a
schedule that will allow you to have the proper coverage, with the best staff without
going over Projected Payroll.
It’s important for a Store Manager to know what their employee’s are paid by the
hour, knowing this information will help you in creating a schedule that isn’t over
budget before the week even starts.

Here is an example of how you can look to figure out your store’s “Average Hourly
Payroll”, now keep in mind this isn’t an actual dollar amount for a specific employee
per hour.

Your projected payroll is $1200 for an up and coming week
Store X is open for a total of 98 hours in this given week
This equates to: An allowance of $12.24 per hour that can be spent on staffing
Store Manager makes $20,000 per year, or $384.61 per week which based on 40
hours per week is an average of $9.61 per hour
Let’s assume you have 6 employees with the following pay rate’s:
Employee #1: $6.50 p/h
Employee #1: $7.50 p/h
Employee #1: $7.00 p/h
Employee #1: $6.50 p/h
Employee #1: $6.75 p/h
Employee #1: $6.50 p/h
Adding all of the above hourly pay rate’s including the Store Manager’s than dividing
by 7 (the total of hourly employee’s plus the store manager) total’s $7.19 per hour
as your Average Hourly Pay Rate in your store. (This number changes with every
raise or new employee hired or replaced).

Now with that formula figured out you can see approx. how many employee’s you
can have on each hour of the day. Based on the example above you would be able to
have 1 ½ employee’s on staff every hour we were open, keep in mind there is no ½
people nor do you need more than one person on during every single hour we are

In addition to knowing your numbers like what is shown above it’s important to know
your “Trends” when will your staffing needs need to be increased and decreased?
When is it time to hire up for seasonality purposes? When do you simply not have
enough employee’s scheduled on duty or when do you have too many scheduled that
you might be able to send cut or send home for the day? The main report in figuring
out who needs to be on and when is the Time Breakdown Report. An example of the
coverage that should be scheduled at any given time is below, you would use your
time breakdown report to figure out your schedule to ensure you have the right
amount of employee’s on to properly take care of the customers at all times and
keep the salon running smooth.

Staffing Chart to be used   with the Time Breakdown Report
Tan’s Per Hour:
00-10 Tans per Hour = 1     Employee on Duty
11-15 Tans per Hour = 2     Employee’s on Duty
15-19 Tans per Hour = 3     Employee’s on Duty
20-28 Tans per Hour = 4     Employee’s on Duty
29-36 Tans per Hour = 5     Employee’s on Duty

So far we have figured out which reports we use for the schedule such as the Time
Breakdown Report, we also used an equation to figure out the Average Hourly
Employee Payroll for the entire store. We also took a glance at the formula that we
use for staffing based on needs which is based on Tan Per Hour. Review the above
information and discuss any questions you might have with your District Manager
than continue.

Scheduling Exercise 1:
Now that you know the formula for figuring out projected payroll figure, take a
minute to figure out what your “Projected Payroll” for Week 1 of April 2006 would be.
Once you have figured out the Projected Payroll amount go over it with your District
Manager and have this exercise signed off on.

Did the employee complete the above exercise? Y or N

District Manager Comments:

Scheduling Exercise 2:
Now that you have the projected payroll amount for this exercise, take a minute to
do some research and find out what each employee at the Clearwater, FL salon
makes per hour, because Store Managers Pay Rates are Confidential assume that the
Store Manager makes $20,000 per year. Once you have done your research using
the formula above come up with your average hourly employee payroll. Once you
have completed this exercise discuss any questions with the CEO or District Manager
and have this exercise signed off on.

Did the employee complete the above exercise? Y or N

CEO or District Manager Comments:


Scheduling Exercise 3:
Now that you have figured out your Projected Payroll and figured out the average
hourly employee payroll rate, using all of the reports you know that you need to use
when doing the schedule, generate a schedule for Week 1 in April of 2006, in the
event that there is not enough employee’s currently working at that salon to fill
schedule gaps for week 1 of April use fake employee or previous employee names
when writing the actual schedule.

In addition to the above the key here is to stay within the guidelines of the Projected
Payroll, going above that when writing the schedule puts you at a disadvantage
before the week even begins. Once you complete the above exercise go over the
Schedule and the figures you used to come up with your Schedule with the District
Manager and the Corporate Auditor. Once completed have the District Manager sign
off on this exercise.

Did the employee finish the above exercise? Y or N

District Manager Comments:
   D. Scheduling Part II

Scheduling as explained above is extremely important, completing your schedule and
posting it a week ahead of time will keep your employee’s happy, using the systems
explained above will ensure that you have an accurate schedule which means having
the right coverage for your customers at your busiest times. One thing that is
extremely important that we have not discussed yet is scheduling the right people at
the right time. In professional sports you never see a team put their worst players in
during the toughest times in hopes of making big plays, they put their best players in
at the most important times. In retail that same theory can be applied, for example
why would you have your worst maintenance employee work over night to clean
your salon? Chances are you wouldn’t. With that same thought in mind, why during
your busiest times of the day where you foot traffic is the greatest would you
schedule the employee that is weakest at sales? You wouldn’t, or better yet you
shouldn’t, however people do than wonder why their sales in their salon drop or ask
why they didn’t bonus for the month. In order to help our Store Managers obtain
their bonus or have the best chance at obtaining their bonus we came up with the
“Employee Sales vs Payroll Analysis”, this report helps you see how much in sales
your employee’s are doing per hour when they work and how profitable they are
when they are scheduled. This is an excellent tool when used the right way, it will
help your salons be more profitable during season as well as out of season.

In order to use this system you need to know a few things such as how many hours
a specific employee worked last week or month and how much they had in “Product”
sales. We use product sales as the base for this because Services will typically sell
based on the aggressive advertising campaigns we have, and previous usage of
customers on our equipment.

Scheduling Part II Exercise 1:
Using the Largo, FL salon for this example pull up the total hours worked for each
employee in the previous month, and obtain their payroll information from the
District Auditor in the Home Office (this information is confidential and is not to be
shared with anyone at any time). The final step will be pulling up the report that has
the employee’s total product sales for last month. Using the formula below, figure
out each employee’s Sales vs Payroll figures, once you have that completed, write a
schedule using the Time Breakdown Report, Projected Payroll and your Sales vs
Payroll Analysis that will give you the best chance to capture the most sales in the
Largo, FL Salon if you were the Store Manager. Once complete go over your work
with your District Manager or the CEO and have this exercise signed off on.

Did the employee complete the above exercise? Y or N

District Manager / CEO Comments:

   E. Interviewing and Hiring

Before the Interviewing process is one of the most important steps in deciding who
you will possibly interview, it’s the application review process. This is serious and can
save you time in ensuring you bring in the right applicants for an interview instead of
just bringing in everyone and weeding through the poor applications. Follow the
following steps which will help you choose from the large amount of applications we
receive yearly.

          Did they put a “Position Applied for”?
          Did they put something in the “Referred to us by” section?
          Did they include SS#, Phone number, and Salary requirement?
          Did they fill out every section on the front page or skip around?
          Were they detailed on the previous employment section?
          Did they sign the application?
          Did they fill out the hours of availability page?
          Are the hours of availability what you need for your salon?

Interviewing and Hiring are some of the most exciting things in regards to being in a
higher level position, however if not done properly it can become the most
challenging thing for a Store Manager and the Management Staff, not to mention the
Legal Risks involved in Interviewing and Hiring. There are some very basic things
that people do not realize are illegal and should be avoided at all costs. This section
will involve Role Playing with either other managers, staff members or the corporate
staff, you will get out of this exercise and segment exactly what you put into it.

      Bad words

Let’s discuss a few things I like to call “Bad Words” these are a few of the things that
should be avoided either when a possible new hire is filling out an application, or
during the interview process.

      Writing on an application – this should never be done, some of the largest
       Corporate Lawsuits in history occurred because staff members or managers
       wrote comments directly on an application. Use a post it note and teach your
       employee’s to do the same. Avoid writing ANYTHING on applications
      Do you have transportation? – You cannot by law ask this question to an
       applicant, as it is considered irrelevant.
      How old are you? A very innocent question, but a very innocent question that
       will have the EEOC all over you.
      Sorry we are not hiring! – Regardless if you are hiring or not, you cannot tell
       a possible applicant that your not hiring when they ask you for an application,
       you simply give them the application regardless if you like them or not.
      Anything in regards to Sexuality, Sexual Preference or anything in the entire
       Sexual or Sex field.

With he “Bad Words” out of the way we can now move on to the process of
Interviewing and Hiring overall. Many Managers from New Managers to Existing in all
companies alike make some very basic mistakes that cause them to hire the wrong
people for the wrong job, the purpose of this is to help you as Managers avoid doing

When doing your Interviews the following can help you in hiring the correct person:
      You schedule the interview date and time
      Hold the applicant accountable for sticking to the date and time for the
       interview. If they are late to an interview and don’t call to let you know they
       were lost or anything else of that nature, it’s safe to say this applicant has
       issues in regards to being on time.
      Have a notepad handy to take specific notes in regards to the employee after
       you speak to them, avoid taking notes while your speaking with them
       because it takes away from the “Open Discussion” concept your trying to
       have the applicant fit into so they stay calm.
      Does the applicant look professional in nature, remember this is a possible
       new hire coming in for an interview. If they look sloppy when they know they
       will be interviewing, chances are they will look sloppy when reporting to work.
      No interruptions, don’t answer phone calls and make it clear to your
       employee’s that you don’t want to be disturbed. Expect your possible New
       Hire to be the same way, no answering Cell Phones, etc. Doing so shows the
       applicant is not taking the interview seriously or has a lack of respect for the
      Bring the applicant into the office where there should be two chairs, you sit
       down first without saying anything, if the applicant sits down before you tell
       them to this is a basic interview no no and they just broke it, the applicant
       shouldn’t sit down until you ask them to have a seat, this begins the respect
       process before the applicant is even hired.
      Sit directly across from your applicant during the interview, watch body
       motions and eye movement, are they focused or wondering off on to other
       things besides the interview. If they are wondering when they are trying to
       get the job, imagine what they will do when they have the job.
      Make your applicant feel comfortable repeat to them to be calm, and relaxed
       and that you’re just going to “Talk” more than do the traditional interview. In
       fact you are taking a traditional interview and attempting to make it more of
       an open forum for discussion between tow people.
      Now that your settled in, does the Applicant make eye contact, are they
       speaking clearly, are they fidgeting or overly uneasy? There is a visible
       difference between shy and extremely nervous or uncomfortable. Everyone
       will typically be somewhat nervous no matter what.

Now that your applicant is settled in, your watching their eyes and you know what
general things to look for work on asking the following questions in the following
order. This type of interview shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes and you as a
manager should control this. Remember the applicant should do most of the talking,
your interviewing them they are not interviewing you, nor are you trying to “sell
them” on how great of a company and job it is, remember they want to work for
you, your not begging them to work for you.

      Tell me a little bit about yourself – This is a time when you just let the
       applicant talk, listen for important things or characteristics that might give
       away specific details in regards to your applicant that might hinder their
       performance after they are hired. “I don’t like my family”, “I’m very shy”, “I
       hate getting up early.” And things of that nature should all be warning signs.
      Why do you want to work for Extreme Tan and Smoothies? – This
       question although very simple will be a very important and pivotal moment in
       the interview process. “I just want to make some extra money”, “I thought it
       would be a fun place to work”, “I heard you can tan for free when you work
    here”, “My friends work here” are all answers that show a lack of long term
    dedication, nothing in regards to growth, self improvement, or a long term
    commitment. Remember when we hire, we hire employees with the hopes of
    growing them for the future and long term return on our investment.
   Name 3 Strengths you have. – When you ask this question visually hold up
    3 Fingers showing the applicant that you want 3 answers, you don’t want 10,
    1 or 5, you want 3. This is another important question because the strengths
    that the applicant names can very well be strengths that can be applied in the
    work force. If the applicant names more than 3 things it shows they did not
    follow instructions, which of course could mean an issue following instructions
    or directions in the future. At this point based on the last 2 questions if the
    answers were not what you’re looking for, had too many red flags or just
    lacked eye contact, excitement, etc. you can decide to end the interview. If
    everything is going well continue with your interview.
   Name 3 weaknesses. – Again hold up 3 fingers when you ask this question,
    this question is important because it may help you expose if your applicant
    thinks they are simply too good for just about anything. An answer like , “I
    really can’t think of anything.” Either shows a lack of effort or shows that the
    applicant just simply things they are good at everything and do not need to
    improve in any area what so ever. This is somewhat unrealistic, as everyone
    has area’s they can improve in.
   Name 3 reasons why I should hire you? – Listen during this segment for
    anything out of the ordinary, most people will answer with general things
    such as “I’m friendly”, “I’m a good worker”. These are general, listen for
    things that are excellent and cause this applicant to stand out from the rest of
    the pack. Listen for key things we look for, “I enjoy customers”, “I have
    excellent customer service abilities.”
   Why did you leave or are you leaving? – Your current or last job? This is a
    important question because it may reveal something in regards to the person
    your getting ready to hire. For example: “I don’t get along with my manager.”
    First thing that goes through my head is that a Manager has a job to do, they
    require you to work, getting along with them is irrelevant and if you can’t get
    along with them in regards to working than what makes me think you will get
    along with me. “I don’t like the people that work there.” Is this a
    communication issue or a personality issue, if they don’t get along with
    people at their current or previous job than why would we assume they would
    get along with people at our place of employment? “The work was too hard.”
    Really? I thought it was called work for a reason, if the work was too hard at
    their previous place of employment, than what makes me think the work in
    our salons would be any easier?
   If I were to call your current/previous employer right now – and ask
    them to tell me three (3) things about you, what would they say? Again this
    is important because they may discuss a problem they had while employed
   What animal would you like to be and why? – Although this is a funny
    question it can cause people to loosen up a bit towards the end of the
    interview, however as with every other question in the interview process it
    has a level of importance. Studies have shown that people associate with
    animals that have tendencies very much like their own. This isn’t always the
    case and it’s certainly not a deal breaker for an interview, however it can
    show a little insight into the employee’s tendencies.
Now before moving on to the final part of the interview where we explain a few
things in regards to the company, it’s important for me to ask myself:
           A. Did the applicant mention Customer Service
           B. Were they out going?
           C. Would you hire them?
           D. What areas might they be strong in?
           E. Did they mention sales?

Now if you have answered yes to the above or have a strong feeling that you might
hire this applicant, and ONLY if you feel you might hire this applicant, would you
move on to the next segment.

Now keep in mind that it’s important for you to listen to the applicant, they should
spend most of their time talking to you, or better yet “Selling” themselves you, in
order to get hired. Once you have a general idea if your going to hire them is when
you would give them an idea of what they will be doing. You’re going to be general
when it comes to this, you could also give the applicant a copy of the “ales Associate
Job Description” in the event they did not receive one when filling out the initial
application. It’s very important during this segment for you to be factual and to the
point in regards to what their job entails and not sell them one why Extreme Tan and
Smoothies is so great. If you focus on why the job is so great your more likely to
paint a picture of false sense where the applicant might believe they are taking the
easiest job in the world, than when the time comes for them to actually start and do
physical labor, work late hours, etc. they become very frustrated which can result in
an early Termination either by the employee or by Extreme Tan and Smoothies.

Be sure to make the associate aware of some basic things like:
    We hire everyone under a Part Time employment window
    Part Time is anywhere between 4 and 40 hours a week
    We are open till midnight and you may be scheduled to work till 12:30am
    You will have to do Laundry and fold towels
    You will have to clean Tanning Beds
    You will have to sell products
    You will have to clean restrooms
    You will have to stock shelves
    You will have to dust
    You will have to clean constantly
    You will have to make smoothies/ice cream
    If over the age of 18 and a Female you will be expected to become Air Brush
    You will have to take random Tanning & Product Knowledge tests
    You may be required to work certain Holidays if we are open
    You will have to sweep
    You will have to mop
    You will have to operate Computers and Tanning Equipment

Extreme Tan and Smoothies is different than any other Tanning Salon anywhere in
the area, this should be made very clear to every applicant, we demand things from
our employees and we have standards for everyone to follow, we are very proud to
be part of Extreme Tan and Smoothies and they should be too. If someone is hired it
should be because they are the best person for the job, not because we “Needed”
someone, they should have earned it, they should fit into our salons with an open
and exciting mind, be self motivated and well mannered. We can teach anyone we
hire anything in the world, however if they lack the ability to be out going, make eye
contact and don’t have a good personality over all that’s something we cannot

Interviewing and Hiring Exercise 1:
Although you will be involved in an interactive class when it comes to this segment of
your training the best way to grow in this area and really experience what goes on in
an interview using the steps above is to do a real interview. Visit the Clearwater, FL
salon look through applications and pick 3 applicants that you feel would be good to
bring in for interviews. Once you have selected the 3 Applicants set up Dates and
Times that you would like to do the interviews and communicate these dates and
times with your District Manager, District Auditor and CEO you will do an interview in
front of each of those people members of the management team so they can see
how well you do putting the steps above to use. Once you have interviewed all three
(3) applicants take some time to write a short synopsis about each interview, what
area’s you felt you did well in and what area’s you felt you could have done better in
or had problems with. Once you have completed the synopsis have your District
Manager answer any questions or offer any feedback than sign off on this Exercise.

Did the employee complete the above exercise? Y or N

District Manager Comments:

Now that you have an idea how to interview applicants, the next step is of course
hiring those applicants that you thought were excellent for Extreme Tan and
Smoothies and our customers. The hiring process is no easier than the Interviewing
process; there are specific things that need to be done to ensure that we follow all
state and federal laws. We use a form called the “New Hire Checklist” this checklist
is meant to be an aid to the Store Manager and the District Auditor, it’s extremely
important that this form is used properly at all times and it is done as soon as the
employee starts their first shift.

At this time ask the District Auditor to show you a New Hire Checklist and go over
each and every piece of paperwork that is needed for the New Hire Checklist to be
complete, everything from a W-4 to an I-9 form and the types of ID a New hire has
to provide once they have been hired. If a New Hire is missing any of the New Hire
Paperwork we need from them, they cannot begin their employment. After the
District Auditor goes over the required paperwork and the procedures involving the
New Hire Checklist, take some time to roll play with the District Auditor, treat the
District Auditor as if they are the New Hire and go through the New Hire Checklist
and gather all paperwork and generate a file based on the New Hire (District
Auditor). Once completed have the District Auditor sign off on this Exercise to show
it has been completed.

Has the employee completed this Exercise? Y or N
District Auditor Comments:

District Auditor Signature:

In order to finalize the New Hire segment of your training, visit the Clearwater and
Largo salon with the District Auditor and go through the current employee files, are
they organized? Are they complete and contain all needed information? Have the
District Auditor show you which paperwork goes on inside which tab of our file
folders. If you find any differences between the Largo and Clearwater Salon
document those differences and bring it to the CEO’s attention.
          F. Counseling and Terminations

Counseling and Terminations are a part of every manager’s life, not saying that
anyone enjoys the thought of being terminated or terminating someone else’s
employment. This brings me to a very good point that I always try to get Managers
to understand, if you follow the Counseling system the right way and do it the way
that it was meant to be you will never actually be terminating anyone, they would in
fact be terminating themselves. Every business has a structure, Extreme Tan and
Smoothies has a tremendous structure for being what is considered a small business
in the area. Whenever you have a system of structure in place you will have an
employee that wants to challenge that system. Not every employee or every
employee that has issues while employed is trying to challenge the system, they
might just not be aware, or misunderstand the Policies and Procedures we have.
Policies and Procedures is a term you should become familiar with, as a Store
Manager it is your job to know and understand every Policy and Procedure that
currently exists in Extreme Tan and Smoothies. This segment will help you
understand our counseling system, how to go about counseling and how to counsel
an employee. It will also help you to understand when it’s time for a Termination and
who should handle terminations of hourly employee’s.

When counseling an employee it’s important to keep one thing in mind, Counseling is
a “Training Tool” not a punishment. It is meant to be something that gives you and
the employee a chance to sit down and discuss an issue, and explain why it is an
issue, and how running into this same issue can be avoided. Again it’s something
that should be used for training purposes.

There are steps to every counseling notice here are a few:

      The employee possibly breaks a Policy or a Procedure
      Within 48 hours the employee should be documented or counseled
      The “Homework” stage. Whenever there is a possible counseling situation it is
       important to do your “Homework”, what does this mean exactly? It means if
       an employee was late you should print up their schedule and their time sheet
       which shows what time they actually punched in. It would mean that you
       check with other managers (never employee’s) to see if the employee had
       called to inform a member of management that they would be late. Not every
       situation means an employee is guilty and that’s why doing homework is so
       important. Ask questions but ask them in a confidential way, counseling is
       meant to be confidential because it’s a Training Procedure.
      Check the employee’s file to see if it is the first infraction
      Be prepared; get all your “Homework” together, than gather your training
       tools (a copy of company policies and procedures) on the violation so it can
       be read off to the employee.
      Once you have completed the documentation, have all of your paperwork and
       facts ready, set time aside to speak with the employee with NO interruptions,
       no phone calls no employee’s banging on the door, etc.

How do I know when it’s time to terminate an employee? General rule of thumb and
company standards state that 3 Violations of a Policy or a Procedure (unless
otherwise noted on the policy or procedure) would be terms for Termination. It is
very important to keep in mind and understand that the counseling system is
designed as a system to protect the employee as well as the employer, it protects
the employee from being fired without warning and for no reason (even though
Florida is a Free work state), in addition it protects the Employer from paying
Unemployment Compensation for employee’s that do not deserve unemployment (to
date Extreme Tan and Smoothies has never had to pay out unemployment), as well
as protecting the Employer from false allegation lawsuits. It’s important that
documentation is done professionally and NEVER contains any opinions, simply facts.

The counseling process would look something like this:
    Verbal Warning – This can be done and placed into an employee’s file
      without actually sitting the employee down for a counseling session, it simply
      states and shows a history that this employee has been made aware of the
      issue and it was discussed with them once before. If done properly you
      typically will not even need to go on to the next step. As a training step you
      could put on this documentation that the employee will be monitored over the
      next X Days, in the event improvement is shown the Documentation would be
      removed. This would give the employee another chance based on the fact
      that they did improve. This is also rare but is an option for a Store Manager or
      Higher level Manager only.
    Written Notice – This documentation can be done in the event of a serious
      violation as the first counseling notice or it would be done if a “Verbal
      Warning” has already been given once before. In the “Written Notice” there
      are a few important things you should do, which is reference the previous
      “Verbal Warning” in the event there was one, and the second would be to
      inform the employee that this is the last time you will discuss this issue. The
      best way to do this is by putting the following line on the bottom of the
      counseling notice. “Another infraction of this sort can and may result in
      immediate termination without warning.”
    Final Warning/Termination – In the event you feel the employee has
      improved but simply made a mistake you can offer up one more “Final
      Warning”, however 99% of the time this would be the counseling notice that
      would end in “Termination” which means the employee would no longer work
      for the company.

The same way the counseling system can be used as a training tool to correct issues
or poor behavior, attendance, etc. It can also be used as a tool to say thank you,
show your appreciation or reward an employee for their consistent hard work. You
wouldn’t want to use a Positive counseling notice in regards to normal daily behavior
it should be used for an employee that continues to go over the top or an employee
that truly went above and beyond. It’s a great way to say thank you and show your
appreciation, it also builds respect. Many managers will often use Positive Counseling
notices at the wrong time, for instance if they feel moral in their stores is low and
they just want to become more “Friendly” with their staff they will over do it with
positive notices, or if they have a troubled employee that has already received a
negative documentation in order to make that employee feel better they give them a
good write up, this hurts the pre-existing counseling notices that are in the file.

For this training exercise you will be doing it as a group in a class setting with other
Managers and/or Corporate Staff. Once you have taken the training class and done
the role playing exercises have the class trainer sign off on this segment of your

          G. Reports and Their Purpose

Extreme Tan and Smoothies currently runs a software platform called Salon Touch,
this software not only controls our Tanning Equipment but it gives us the power to
track our day to day operations, sales figures, employee actions and so much more.
The Salon Touch system is something you already use on a daily basis; everyone
uses it to a different level. Some of the best features included with Salon Touch and
the main reason we currently use this software platform are do to the statistical data
that is stored and available within the system. It is my firm belief that a solid Store
Manager needs to know many things, one of the biggest is their numbers, if you
know your numbers running your business will be much easier. If you have your
numbers in line, know what it takes to get them in line and focus on your numbers
you will run the most profitable business that you possibly can. This segment is
meant to tell you about the reports contained within the Salon Touch system, what
and how you can use these reports to grow your business or know your numbers.
There are two different types of Reports, one is “Global” which will show data of all
Extreme Tan and Smoothies salons, the other is “Local” which will only show Data for
the salon you are logged in as. Some reports will show up in Local that do not show
up in Global.


Bed Usage – this is a report found under Local reports that can be used more often,
this report is excellent for seeing what kind of usage you have on each individual
bed. What makes this report so important is the ability to control where you put your
tanners when they come in, you can use this report to communicate to your staff
that Bed X is not being used as much as the other 20 Minute beds and that they
should work on putting more customers into the unused bed. This spreads out the
bed usage as well as helps to control the costs of maintenance on the tanning units.

Time Break Down – this report shows you tans per hour and breaks it down by
tanning unit, this is the report we use for scheduling to ensure we have the proper
customer service.

Client Memos (under Clients Tab) – this report shows you all memo’s that are
currently listed under any member. This report can grow out of control very quickly.
It is important to maintenance this report on a monthly basis. Getting rid of the old
messages and memo’s on customer accounts makes it less annoying when a
customer comes in so they don’t need to hear the same message from an employee
every time they visit us.

Clients with Multiple Tans – this is another report you should go through on a
monthly basis and communicate with your staff the dangers of customers tanning
multiple times in one day, as well as communicate with the customer the dangers of
them tanning more than once per day. It is illegal for a Tanning Salon to allow
customers to multiple tan.

Employee Tab

Sales – this will allow you to generate reports based on each employee’s sales, it
can generate Services, Surcharges or Products sold.
Time Card – the time card report is important for a Store Manager because you can
monitor which employee’s are taking breaks and when, do they take breaks when
they are suppose to or do they take them at times that might affect customer
service. It’s important for every Store Manager to control the break schedule in their
Salon. In addition to that it also shows you when employees are punching in early
(which increases payroll) or when employees are punching out early. A good store
manager will monitor this report on a daily basis.

Business Tab

Activity – will generate a report that show you all register activity for any given date

Activity Employee – will generate a report that shows your employee’s activity and
includes information like: Total Sales Transactions, Total Tanning Clients, Total
Clients Served, and sales on Products and Services. This report is also a Date Range

Cost Analysis Products – this report will show you the difference between cost and
margin, this report is only useful if the correct “Cost” is in the system.
Looking at this report will help you to understand which products in your store
generate the most profit dollars when sold.

Daily Packages Used – will display a report for any given date range that shows
what tanning packages were used in that date range.

Daily Totals – will show you what the sales are for the store that you are logged in
as for any specific date range.

No Charge Sale – will display what employees (if any) did “No Charge” sales, it’s
important to view this report on a daily basis to ensure that no employee’s are giving
away free tanning sessions or discounts, free products, etc.

Sales (Page 2) – Will display sales information on Products, Services or Surcharges
for any given date range for the specific store you are logged in under.

Sales Tax – will display a report of all collected sales tax for that store in a specific
date range.

Security Tracer – is an extremely powerful tool, it will display a report for any
specific date range that will show you key strokes that employee’s make when doing
any changes, you can see the inventory changes made by your AMT’s in this section
as well. Store Managers should view this report on a daily basis for the previous
day’s business and follow up with the Corporate Auditor as needed.

The difference between “Local” reports and “Global” reports is simply the display of
all stores data or a single stores data, again certain reports will not be available in
the “Global” segment, and not all reports will look alike if displayed as Global or
          H. Alarm Call Procedure

Alarm calls are a part of every managers life, especially a Store Manager, the biggest
problem with Alarm Calls is that they are so far and few between that when one
occurs Store Managers and Managers alike often don’t respond or respond in a way
that can put them in danger. It is the Policy of Extreme Tan and Smoothies to ensure
that Safety comes first. The following is the Alarm Call Procedure which should be
followed in the event of an Alarm Call.

ADT is the alarm company we use in all Extreme Tan and Smoothies locations, an
Alarm call from any other Alarm Company should be dismissed and the District
Manager should be notified. The employee that lives closest to the Salon should be
the employee that is listed first on the alarm call list, and each subsequent person
should be listed in the same order.

   1. Drive to the Salon
   2. Once you reach the salon, Drive around the entire building/complex looking
      for anything suspicious such as broken glass, chains hanging from the
      rooftop, open doors or broken locks.
   3. Once you have inspected the outside area, back your car into a parking space
      with your headlights facing towards the building. Wait for the police to arrive
      and have your ID ready for when they do arrive. DO NOT enter the building
      until the police get there.
   4. Once the police get there, open doors and do a walk through. Look at ceiling
      tiles and for debris on the floor where dust might have dropped from the
   5. Look through bathrooms and all tanning rooms.
   6. Follow the instructions given to you by the police officer at all times. In the
      event of a “real” break-in, call Michele, John and/or Lisa immediately.

It is important for a Store Manager to know and understand these practices, it is just
as important for the store manager to ensure their staff knows what steps to follow
in the event of an Alarm call, we never want any employee to be put in danger or
injured do to any break in or robbery situations.
          I. Coupon / Advertising Tracker

Extreme Tan and Smoothies is by far the most aggressive tanning salon anywhere in
this area in terms of advertising. Extreme Tan and Smoothies has spent over a
Million dollars on advertising in its first year of business. In order for Extreme Tan
and Smoothies to ensure it gets the most out of each and every advertising dollar
spent, we use what we call the “Coupon Tracker” to track how our customers hear
about us and come into the salons. It is very important that our staff does NOT give
coupons to customers when they come in, this affects sales in a negative way, trains
customers that they do not need to actually look for our advertisements, which
causes us as a company to waste our money on advertising. Coupons should be
presented whenever a customer is getting an advertised special price. At the end of
each month it is the Store Manager’s duty to fill out the Coupon Tracker and fax it
over to the Home Office where the information is compared, studied and filed for the
next advertising campaign.

If you are not already familiar with using the Coupon Tracker report you should visit
either Extreme Tan and Smoothies store and ask the Store Manager to go through
the Coupon Tracker report. If you have already done the Coupon Tracker report,
take a moment to write a short description of what exactly needs to be done with
that report, when it needs to be done and how one would go about doing it and turn
it in to the District Manager or CEO.

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