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									                                                                                                             LAWYER     Roundtable

worried about spending money on             in for your protection.                    attorney. People don’t shop around,
legal fees. That just makes them spend      Bateman, Bateman IP Law: Clients           and the divorce attorney can’t handle
much more on legal fees in the end. If      can get so caught up in a great new        complicated real estate litigation. Why
you let a lawyer look at a problem on       venture that they don’t think, “What       don’t people take more time to see
the front end, it will cost about $500.     happens if a year from now, the            what’s out there and see what other
If you let it get worse, you can drop       product isn’t selling? What happens if     attorneys say? I’ve been involved in
$20,000 on a case before you blink.         a year from now the other party finds       cases where the opposing attorney
You just spent 40 times as much by not      another source for the product?” If the    clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing.
addressing it head-on. It’s like mainte-    contract doesn’t mention they’re going     It causes money to be wasted. Cases
nance on a car. If you don’t take care of   to buy all of the product from you, you    that could settle for a small amount
little things as they happen, you’ll end    need to get it in there. Attorneys know    go on and on with fees. People should
up paying to replace the whole engine.      what questions to ask. You get knowl-      shop around, get second opinions, talk
                                            edge through experience, and lawyers       to other attorneys and find out which
Fillmore, Fillmore Spencer: The sad-        generally have been through similar        lawyers are good in particular areas.
dest thing a lawyer can hear is, “I just    things with other clients. They can tell   People tend to just go to the same per-
signed this contract. Tell me what it       you about the hazards that will come       son no matter what, and there’s usually
means. Did I do the right thing?” Very      up. It prevents both parties from be-      a big bill as a result.
bright people can read a legal contract,    coming dissatisfied and spending more
but it means different things to lawyers    money on lawsuits in the long run.         Melendez, Kirton & McConkie: It’s like
or judges. There are implications and                                                  going to a family doctor for a qua-
important meanings behind words.            Quesenberry, Hill, Johnson & Schmutz:      druple bypass. The results could be
Even though you are brilliant and may       Even with preparation, lawsuits still      disastrous. We hear lots of names used
even hold a Ph.D., you are still just       arise, and that is a crucial time. But     for attorneys — lawyers, sharks — but
reacting to the written word. It’s hard     many people just hire someone they         an attorney is essentially a counselor.
to recognize what’s not there. There        know who is a divorce attorney when        Create those relationships of under-
are paragraphs your lawyer would put        what they really need is a real estate     standing — it’s much easier to receive                                                  WINTER 2008   |   Utah Valley Business Quarterly   55

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