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									                        User Manual
                     Scavenger Hunt OBA

Team 3:
Steven Kok
Marijn van Gool
Bart Stokman                     Management team:
Stefan Wigny                     Remco van Swieten
Jaap oudejans                    Henk Hoogcarspel
Nickos Vassiliadis               Ahmed Nait Aicha
Introduction and purpose of Scavenger Hunt OBA

The Scavenger Hunt is an application for your mobile telephone. The idea of a
scavenger hunt is that the OBA visitor is lead through the entire OBA building.
During this hunt you will be guided by maps which will result in a couple of ways to
experience the facilities of the OBA. During the hunt you will have to scan specific
type of codes known as QR-codes. These codes will open up the games, quizzes and
information with which you will experience the diversity of the OBA.

Requirement: The mobile telephone as a platform

This product requires you to have an Android operated smart phone. Under the
settings menu of your phone you can find out which operating system it is using.
The application is functional on all the Android operating systems.

Popular Android Mobile Phones are:

      Samsung Galaxy S
      Nexus One
      Google Nexus S
      HTC Phones
Downloading and installing the application

Now, when you have an Android based phone in your possession, it’s time to
download the application. The two ways to get you up and running are the

       Type the following URL (website) address in the internet browser of your
        smart phone:
       Scan the QR-code that is located at the reception. If you don’t know what a
        QR-code is and/or how to scan one, check out ‘Scanning the QR-code’
        which you can read further in this guide. Be aware your phone must have an
        application that is capable of scanning QR-codes. Check the market place on
        your phone if you need to download one.

When the download is complete, simply press ‘Install App’. Keep in mind that
installing the application might take a few moments to complete. After this the
application can be started.

Using the application

When the application is downloaded and installed on your android mobile Phone,
you can start using the application. In this section of the guide you can read how to
get started.

       Open the application named ’Scavenger Hunt OBA’, this can be found on
        your phones main window.
       You now enter the main menu. Here you can choose between a handful of
        options by clicking on them.

The options stated from top to bottom with what it corresponds to:

    o    Start: Starts the application, you will now participate in the scavenger hunt
         that leads you through the OBA
    o    Uitleg: A short explanation of how the application works
    o    About: About the creators of the application and the company the creators
         made the application for.
    o    Exit: This will exit the application. All the points you gained in any unsaved
         progress in a previous session will be lost.


Once you start the application or finish an assignment a map will appear. This map
contains directions to where you have to go to find the next QR-code. Once you
found the code you must hit the ‘Scan’ button to continue. If you are in need of
one of the previous options on the main menu, please hit the return button.
Scanning the QR-code

A QR-code is a two-dimensional barcode in the form of a square picture of smaller
black and white squares. See the following example of a QR-code (Option ‘Uitleg’
in the main menu shows one as well):

This barcode needs to be scanned in order to be allowed to continue. The spots
where QR-codes are placed are specifically chosen to suit the assignment or
information that will come next. See next section for further explanation about the
different assignments and the information that is given. After you pressed 'Scan' in
the previous section a scanner appeared on the screen. To scan the QR-code hold
the camera so that the box on the screen covers the code as much as possible.
When the image of the QR-code fits nearly perfectly in the square of the scanner,
touch the 'Scan' button. At this point the QR-Code will be scanned. Once succeeded
the application will automatically go to the assignment or information
corresponding to the spot you are at.


Occasionally a QR-code will purely give information about the area or item it is
near. This way people get to know the diversity the OBA has to offer and/or gives
information that might be used later on in the hunt.

The Quizzes

One of the assignment that this application contains is a quiz. When you scanned
your QR-code, the quiz game will pop-up. The answers of the quiz will always
correspond to the floor or area you are in, keep in mind the information on the
screen might give you hints. After the scan you see the first question that awaits
for an answer. Per question the screen is formed as followed:

      Question.
      Answer A.
      Answer B.
      Answer C.

Every question has only one correct answer, so choose wisely. The more answers
you have correct the more points you will get for this quiz.
The mini-game

Another assignment that might pop-up when you scan your QR-code is a mini-game.
To keep the scavenger hunt upbeat and diverse these small mini-games are in
place. The games will test your reaction speed, wit and memory. The better you
complete these games the more points you will get for them.

Finishing the Scavenger hunt

Once you went through the entire scavenger hunt based on your performance you
will have a score. This score will be presented to you and can be committed to the
high score list of the OBA with your name and OBA id. After this you will return to
the main menu where you can restart or exit the application.

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