41st Summer Seminar on Population

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Seminar on
The East-West Center’s
41st Summer
Seminar on Population
will consist of
three workshops:

Population Aging
and the
Generational Economy
6–19 June 2010
Honolulu, Hawai‘i

Financing and
Insurance Systems
29 May–18 June 2010
Honolulu, Hawai‘i
and 19–26 June 2010
Manila, Philippines

Communicating with
Policymakers about
Population and Health
29 May–19 June 2010
Honolulu, Hawai‘i

East-West Center
1601 East-West Road
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96848-1601 USA
Telephone: +1 808.944.7439
Fax: +1 808.944.7380
WORKSHOP                1                                                                                           WORKSHOP               2

Population Aging                                                                                                    Health-Care
and the                                                                                                             Financing and
Generational Economy                                                                                                Insurance Systems
Countries around the world are in the midst                                                                         This workshop will survey the basic issues
of a dramatic transition in age structure.                                                                          surrounding health-care systems in the
During this transition, populations are first                                                                       Asia-Pacific region and provide professional
heavily concentrated at young ages, then at                                                                         training in health economics, health-care
working age, and finally at old age.                                                                                financing, and health policy. The main
     These age-structure transitions have                                                                           topics to be discussed include: the
important economic implications because                                                                             institutional and economic structure of the
economic activities and flows vary substantially                                                                    region’s health-care systems; national
over the lifecycle. Children consume and                                                                            health-care expenditures; the demand for
invest in their human capital, but they produce                                                                     health insurance; moral hazard and adverse
very little through labor. As a consequence,         N Theories of macroeconomics and                               selection; comparative insurance systems;
children must rely on public and private                 intergenerational flows                                    design of health finance and payment
transfers and, in a few countries, on credit.        N Population aging and macroeconomic                           systems; efficient pricing of services; the
By their late twenties, young adults begin to            performance                                                respective roles of the private and public
produce more through their labor than they           N Economic lifecycle                                           sectors; and privatization policy. This will
consume, yielding a surplus that is used to          N Public and private transfer systems                          be followed by a one-week field study of
fund transfers to children and the elderly and       N Generational accounts and fiscal                             the Philippine health-insurance system.
to accumulate wealth. Finally in old age,                sustainability                                                  The workshop is co-sponsored by the
consumption again exceeds labor income,              N Lifecycle saving and other asset-based                       East-West Center and the Philippine
and the deficit is funded by family and public          reallocations                                               Health Insurance Corporation
transfers and from accumulated assets.             Participants will construct National Transfer                    (PhilHealth). Hawaii and the Philippines
     Economic growth, consumption,                 Accounts for a country. For this purpose,                        present excellent venues for the study of
generational equity, investment in human           they must have access to a comprehensive,                        health-care financing and insurance
capital, wealth, the sustainability of public      nationally representative income and                             systems. In the United States, Hawaii is
and private transfer systems, and many other       expenditure survey and basic national                            the only state with an employer mandate
macroeconomic variables are influenced by          income and product account statistics.                           to provide health insurance and nearly
the interaction between population age                  The second, concurrent section, on                          universal coverage. In the Philippines,
structure and the economic lifecycle. To           Research on the Generational Economy                             PhilHealth is a government-owned
improve understanding of this process and its      using National Transfer Accounts, will                           corporation attached to the Department
implications, the Center for the Economics         provide an opportunity for collaboration                         Health. With many innovative financing
and Demography of Aging (CEDA) at the              among experienced researchers who have                           and payment mechanisms and expanding
University of California-Berkeley and the          successfully constructed National Transfer                       health benefits, PhilHealth is close to
East-West Center have established an inter-        Accounts. The goal is to develop or refine                       achieving its goal of providing universal
national research project in collaboration         international collaborative projects.                            health insurance coverage by 2010.
with research teams in 28 countries.               Participants will focus on:
     An important part of the project has been       N Generational accounts                                        Who should attend?
to develop and estimate National Transfer            N Economic crises
                                                                                                                    The workshop will provide analytical
Accounts (NTA), a framework for measuring            N Public-sector spending
                                                                                                                    training in health-care financing and
economic flows by age that is consistent with        N Bequests and other capital transfers
                                                                                                                    health policy for: government officials in
National Income and Product Accounts.                N Balance sheets including transfer wealth
                                                                                                                    ministries of health, social services, and
Detailed information is available on the             N Simulation models
                                                                                                                    finance; academics in health management,
NTA website:                   or other topics that they propose. Applicants                    economics, medicine, and public health;
     As part of this project, the East-West        to this section must provide a brief                             and staff in related non-governmental
Center will hold a workshop in two                 description of their research objectives.                        organizations (NGOs) and country
concurrent sections. One section, on
                                                                                                                    foreign-aid offices. Participants whose
Fundamentals of National Transfer Accounts,        Workshop coordinators                                            work involves the design and financing of
will emphasize constructing and using              Andrew Mason (Ph.D. University of Michigan) is a Senior Fellow
                                                   in Population and Health Studies at the East-West Center and a
                                                                                                                    health-insurance systems will find the
National Transfer Accounts to analyze the
                                                   Professor of Economics at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.    workshop particularly useful. Participants
macroeconomic implications of changing             Ronald Lee (Ph.D. Harvard University) is a Professor of          will be selected on the basis of their
population age structure, employing a              Demography and the Edward G. and Nancy S. Jordan Professor
                                                   of Economics and Director of the Center for the Economics and
                                                                                                                    interest in health-care financing, health
comprehensive generational perspective.
                                                   Demography of Aging at the University of California-Berkeley.    insurance, and health policy and their
Participants must be experienced analysts
                                                                                                                    potential for conducting relevant research.
who are familiar with economic concepts
                                                   Resource persons                                                      The participants will be expected to
and statistical methods, but who have not
                                                   Amonthep Chawla (Thailand Development Research Institute),       identify and review primary and secondary
previously constructed or who have only            Young-Jun Chun (Hanyang University, South Korea), Gretchen       data sources before they arrive in
recently begun to construct National               Donehower (CEDA), Sang-Hyop Lee (University of Hawai‘i at
                                                   Mānoa and East-West Center), Tim Miller (United Nations
                                                                                                                    Honolulu and will bring to the workshop
Transfer Accounts. Sessions will include:
                                                   Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean—         relevant information on health-care
                                                   ECLAC), Miguel Sanchez-Romero (CEDA), and An-Chi Tung            financing in their home countries.
                                                   (Academia Sinica, Taiwan).
                                                             WORKSHOP                3

                                                             Communicating with
                                                             Policymakers about
                                                             Population and Health
                                                             Population and health researchers,
                                                             managers, and practitioners have extensive
                                                             knowledge of demographic surveys,
                                                             censuses, and other studies plus long
                                                             experience with programs and familiarity
                                                             with user needs that should play a key role
                                                             in guiding policy decisions. Yet all too
                                                             often, their research findings, knowledge,
                                                             and experience fail to reach influential
                                                             policy audiences and, consequently, are
Workshop sessions                                            not used to shape policies and programs.          development of clear and compelling
The workshop will include three weeks                             Since 1996, the East-West Center has         messages, and selection of appropriate
of intensive study of principles and                         offered an annual workshop to help improve        channels and formats. Discussion will
theory in Honolulu plus site visits to the                   communication among researchers,                  cover how to recognize communication
Hawaii health system, followed by one                        practitioners, program managers,                  opportunities, build a policy coalition,
week of health-care financing and health                     and policymakers. The objective is to             and design and carry out an action plan.
policy analysis in Manila. Sessions will                     improve the use of research findings and
                                                                                                               Communicating research results
begin with an intensive study of the                         professional knowledge in the design of
                                                                                                               through the media
principles and theory related to the                         population and health policies and
                                                             programs.                                         Participants will learn how to communicate
economics of health insurance.                                                                                 to policymakers through newspapers, radio,
The coordinators will introduce the                                                                            and television. Skill-building exercises will
economics tools of welfare analysis, cost                    Who should attend?
                                                                                                               include drafting a press release, practicing
analysis, and efficiency analysis and will                   Workshop participants must be actively            interview techniques, and learning how to
discuss how these tools are used to assess                   involved in population and health research,       build and maintain good relationships with
the performance of health-insurance                          program management, or policymaking.              the media.
programs. Coordinators will provide                          Participants should have computer
theoretical foundations, general                                                                               Writing fact sheets and policy memoranda
                                                             experience and be fluent in English.
background materials, and support                                                                              and conducting policy briefings
                                                             They should bring their own research
for empirical analysis.                                      results or project data that can be used          Participants will prepare fact sheets based
     During the second half of the                           to address a policy problem. They should          on current data from their home countries
workshop, participants, working either                       also be familiar with the most recent             and policy memoranda based on a case
individually or in teams, will prepare                       Demographic and Health Survey or                  study. In role-play exercises, they will
papers on the health-insurance systems in                    equivalent national survey from their             conduct policy briefings for high-level
their respective countries, including, but                   home country.                                     government officials.
not limited to, health finance, payment                                                                        Making oral presentations to
and delivery systems, policy-making                          Workshop sessions                                 policy audiences
mechanisms, and new project initiatives.                                                                       Workshop sessions will introduce a
The coordinators will work with                              Plenary and small-group sessions,
                                                             incorporating a hands-on, participatory           step-by-step approach to organizing
participants to develop county-specific                                                                        effective policy presentations and will
analyses and recommendations. Sessions                       approach, will cover five areas:
                                                                                                               provide design tips for presenting text,
in Honolulu will finish with participant                     Exploring the policy process                      graphs, flowcharts, and photos. Each
presentations on national health-care                        Participants will examine the factors that        participant will prepare an oral presentation
reform, national insurance systems, the                      influence the policy process, discuss the         of research results or project information
design of payment systems, and related                       differing roles of policymakers, practitioners,   for a policy audience. These presentations
policy issues.                                               and researchers, and generate ideas on how        will be videotaped and critiqued.
                                                             to increase the use of research evidence in
Workshop coordinators                                        population and health policy.                     Workshop coordinators
Gerard Russo (Ph.D. Northwestern University) is an Adjunct
                                                                                                               Sidney B. Westley (B.A. Smith College) is a Communications
Fellow in Population and Health Studies at the East-West     Designing strategies to communicate
                                                                                                               Specialist with the Research Program at the East-West Center.
Center and Associate Professor and Chair of the Economics    research findings to policymakers                 Phyllis Tilson Piotrow (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University)
Department at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.
                                                             Participants will analyze the policy context      was the founder and first Director of the Center for
Gilda Diaz (M.A. University of the Philippines) is Manager
                                                                                                               Communication Programs at the Johns Hopkins University
of the Corporate Planning Department of the Philippine       of their own research and will develop            Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHU/CCP).
Health Insurance Corporation.                                communication strategies that include
                                                             identification of policy goals, analysis of
Resource persons
                                                             primary and secondary audiences,
Karen Eggleston (Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific
Research Center, Stanford University) and
Ruben John A. Basa (Philippine Health Insurance
Seminar on
Questions?                                      Requirements for participation                         Accommodations
                                                                                                       and participant costs
                                                Applicants should be university graduates
Population and Health Studies and
                                                proficient in English with training and                Workshop participants stay in graduate-
Summer Seminar Coordinator
                                                experience in a field relevant to the topic of their   student housing at the East-West Center.
Robert Retherford
                                                workshop. Individuals will be selected on the          Accommodations consist of private rooms
                                                basis of their potential contribution to their         in all-male, all-female, or mixed dormitory
Program Officer                                 workshop and to future professional work.              areas, all with shared bathrooms and
Eugene Alexander                                Assessment of each applicant will be based on the      kitchens.
(                   information provided in the application form                 Estimated participant costs are
                                                plus the required workshop statement, other            US$3,019 for Workshop 1, $5,782 for
Workshop 1 Coordinator
                                                materials submitted as part of the application,        Workshop 2, and $4,911 for Workshop 3.
Andrew Mason
                                                and evidence of relevant experience and interest.      These costs include tuition, dormitory
                                                In preparing application materials, applicants         housing, a meal allowance, and all
Workshop 2 Coordinator                          should take care to address the selection criteria     activities in Honolulu. For Workshops 2
Gerard Russo                                    that are specified in each workshop description.       and 3, they also include a bus pass and
(                                                                                     insurance. They do not include air travel.
                                                                                                             A few small apartments are also
Workshop 3 Coordinator                          Deadline for applications
                                                                                                       available on a first-come-first-served
Sidney B. Westley
                                                Completed application documents need to                basis. The additional cost for apartment
                                                arrive in Honolulu by 31 December 2009.                accommodation is $17 per night.
                                                These include an application form, workshop                  All prospective Summer Seminar
                                                statement, funding and housing form, and               applicants are advised to seek funding
+1 808.944.7403 (Robert Retherford)
                                                reference form. Applicants should mail their           from their home organizations or from
or: +1 808.944.7332 (Eugene Alexander)
                                                completed application forms and other                  national or international agencies.
Fax: +1 808.944.7380
                                                documents as soon as possible to:                      Applicants are expected to seek their
                                                                                                       own financial support and indicate
                                                41st Summer Seminar on Population
                                                                                                       prospective sponsors on their application
                                                East-West Center, Population and Health Studies
                                                                                                       forms. The East-West Center can only
                                                1601 East-West Road
                                                                                                       provide financial assistance to a very
                                                Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96848-1601 USA
                                                                                                       few outstanding candidates.
                                                Applications sent by fax or email should be                  Formal confirmation of support may
                                                followed by an original sent by air mail.              be forwarded to the East-West Center after
                                                Incomplete applications will not be considered.        the 31 December deadline. Confirmation
                                                Acceptance letters will be sent out in                 of funding is essential, however, before
                                                February 2010.                                         documents can be sent out for visa purposes.

Learn more and
download application forms at:

East-West Center
1601 East-West Road
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96848-1601 USA
Telephone: +1 808.944.7439
Fax: +1 808.944.7380

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