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									             July 2011

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                                                                                       Patron: His Grace the Duke of

  In this issue
                                                                                      Westminster KG CB OBE TD CD DL
                                                                                              John Edge
                                                                                              01270 522 234

                                                                                              Deputy President

 4 Club Contacts                        26 Homecraft                                          Jill Brown
                                                                                              01477 532 220

 5 President’s Report                   28 Rally Dance Presentations                          Chairman
                                                                                              David Roberts

 6 Chairpersons’ Report                 30 Rally Dance                                        07810 697 895

                                                                                              Lady Chairman

 9 Farm Business Management                                                                   Lynda Gough
                                                                                              07877 799 590

    Competition                                                                               lyndagough1@aol.com

11 Agricultural Study                                                                         Vice-Chairman

    Group Tour                          33 Cricket & Rounders                                 Paul Gerrard
                                                                                              07775 907 765
                                        34 Cheshire Show Stands                               Vice-Lady Chairman
                                                                                              Sarah Roberts

                                        35 Cheshire Show Water Fight                          07984 566188

                                                                                              Jon Furber
14 Dairy Queen Charity Ball                                                                   07968 823 704

16 Dairy Queen & Ladies in                                                                    Secretary
                                                                                              James Hague
    Waiting                                                                                   01606 832 163
                                                                                              07900 915 939
                                        36 Cheshire Show Floats                               secretary@cheshireyoungfarmers.co.uk
                                                                                              Bank Farm Cottage, Stanthorne,
18 Moody Bowl Points                                                                          Middlewich, Cheshire CW10 9JE

                                        39 Hobbies, Pastimes &                                Dairy Queen
                                                                                              Gemma Rees
21 Forthcoming Events                                                                         07973 215 192
                                        40 Let’s Dance                                        Skippy-rees@hotmail.com

                                                                                              Lady in Waiting

22 Rally Day                            43 Hockey & Netball Report
                                                                                              Emma Ollier
                                                                                              07581 255 827

                                        45 Club Reports                                       Lady in Waiting
                                                                                              Sarah Williams

                                        66 Talking Point
                                                                                              07969 690 899

                                                                                              Honorary Life Members
                                                                                             Mrs M Barlow, P D Brand Esq,
  Please visit us at: www.cheshireyfc.co.uk                                            Mrs E M England, G B Lawrence Esq MBE,
                                                                                          J Platt Esq OBE DL, A Sproston Esq.
   Deadline Date for October Edition - Friday 15th September 2011
                                                                                                    Vice Presidents
                                                                                       Mrs R Bailey, T Bunn Esq, V Croxson Esq,
                          Tel. 01606 837040 sales@williamsdesignandprint.co.uk         J Porter Esq, E Shaw Esq, Mrs J Williams.
                          The Glass Place, Middlewich Rd, Byley, Cheshire, CW10 9NF

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Club Contacts
   Area          Chairman/Lady Chairman                                                          Secretaries

                 Richard Horton . . . . 07834 179 143                      Caroline Horton
 Altrincham      email:tricky_rickyh@hotmail.com                           Weaver View Farm, Little Leigh, Northwich, CW8 4RR
                 Hannah Lees . . . . . . . 07817 270 559                   07815 700 113
                 email:hj.lees@hotmail.com                                 email: altrinchamyoungfarmers@hotmail.co.uk
                 Rob Cooke . . . . . . . . . 07591085575                   Racheal Houghton
                 email: rob-cooke-1991@hotmail.co.uk                       8 King Street, Elworth, Sandbach, CW11 3BS
                 Jennie Hales . . . . . . . 0929320966                     01270 762 006 / 07810 572 389
                 email: jennifer.hales@live.co.uk                          email: beestonyfc@hotmail.com, rh7moo@yahoo.co.uk
                                                                           Joanne Millington
                 Adrian Jones . . . . . . . 07855 835 852                  Hill Farm Cottage, Rake Lane, Eccleston, Chester CH4 9JW
                 Joanne Millington . 07809 142 682                         01244 674 280 / 07809 142 682
                                                                           email: joannemillington4@hotmail.com
                                                                           Charlotte Moseley
                 Charlotte McMullen ...07885 428 651
  Congleton                                                                12 Beechwood Drive, Eaton, Congleton, CW12 2NQ
                 Anna Wainwright . . 07842 887 797
                                                                           email: charlottemoseley1@hotmail.com
                                                                           Vickie Sellick
                 Josie Ratter-Evison 07581 243 638                         17 Rensherds Place, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire,
                 Georgia Lowe . . . . . . 07716 157 148                    WA16 6NG
                                                                           07720 708 024 email: knutsfordyfc@hotmail.co.uk

                 Hannah Barton . . . . 07974 086 311                       Alison Waller
                 email: hannah144@hotmail.co.uk                            Drove Hey Farm, Meg Lane, Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire,
                 Sarah Heath. . . . . . . . 07791 425 662                  SK11 0LY Tel: 01260 253 047 / 07801 266 842
                 email: sarahheath@hotmail.com                             email: alison.waller@elior.co.uk

                 George Hale . . . . . . . 07761 037 729                   Tom Langley
   Malpas        Sarah Williams . . . . . 07969 690 899                    Bickley Town Farm, Bickley, Malpas, SY14 8EQ
                 email: Sea_Williams@hotmail.co.uk                         07913 321 090 email: tom.langley@hotmail.co.uk

                                                                           Lisa Oakes
                 Sam Chambers. . . . . 07811 117 248                       Birch Hall Farm, Birches Lane, Lach Dennis, Northwich, CW9 7SU
                 Vicki Bennion . . . . . . 07716 157 148                   07584 164 618
                                                                           email: lisa.oakes@hotmail.co.uk
                                                                           Sarah Edge
                 Adam Vernon . . . . . . 07724 652 879
                                                                           Wimboldsley Hall, Middlewich, Cheshire CW10 0LW
  Nantwich       Matt Shelley . . . . . . . 07835 982 467
                                                                           Tel: 01270 522 234 / 07739 324 804
                 Sarah Weaver . . . . . . 07707 116 855
                                                                           email: sarah_edge1@hotmail.com
                 Jenny Ashmore . . . . 0161 292 1515                       Mrs Julia Mellor
                 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 07949 260 229   2 Higher Farm Cottage, Threaphurst Lane, Hazel Grove,
   Romiley       email: jenny-ashmore@fsmail.net                           Stockport, SK8 6NN
                 Sarah Taylor. . . . . . . . 07716 390 226                 Tel: 0161 456 6477 / 07939 565 896
                 email: sarahtaylor1281@o2.co.uk                           email: jujumellor@hotmail.com
                                                                           Alex Parker
                                                                           82 Manor Road, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 2NB
                 Francessa Speed . . . 07887 515 863                       email: speak2ali@hotmail.com
                 Simon Jones . . . . . . . 07714 242 619                   Caroline Bunn
                                                                           email: carolinebunn85@gmail.com
                                                                           Tel: 07891 545416
                 Richard Shepherd. . 07503186234
                                                                           Paul Gerrard
                 email: planet_sheps@hotmail.com
                                                                           Morris Farm, Knutsford road, Antrobus, Northwich, CW9 6NH
   Stretton      Kathryn Dutton . . . . 07854087511
                 email: kathryn133@hotmail.co.uk
                                                                           email: strettonyfc@hotmail.com

4 Toplink July 2011
                 John Edge
                                        I was also particularly delighted
                                        to see more of my generation,
                                        many as Club Presidents and            Once a young farmer,
                                        Vice Presidents, at the revamped      always a young farmer
                                        “After Rally Dance” to witness the
The Editorial team of Hannah,           early evening presentation of the
Katie, Lucy and Winston are                                     .
                                        coveted “Moody Bowl” You were
delighted to have had such              all very welcome, so too are the      Likewise, any new stock judges
wonderful comments and positive         new Club Officials, who have taken    would be most welcome to turn
feedback from the publication of        over from their predecessors at the   up at Beeston Auction on Sunday
the first edition of your revamped      beginning of a new competition        9th October for the last of this
“Toplink” The full colour update
          .                             year. Good luck to you all.           year’s stockjudging competitions.
has been extremely well received        Is there anyone who is not looking    By then the hockey, football and
by both advertisers and the             forward to “Clotton goes Gaga”        netball season will be in full swing,
membership alike, particularly the      at Park Hall Farm on Saturday         entertainment scripts will be
                                        13th August or the “Summer Ball”      taking shape and the clay pigeon
                                        as we all know it. Only time will     shooting on Sunday 23rd will be
 We are delighted to have               tell if my casual acquaintance,       quickly upon us.
  such positive feedback                on a flight from Crete, lives up to   So as we look forward to these
 from the first edition of              expectations, but I certainly hope    autumnal events, I hope that
                                        she does! We are indeed indebted      many of you will continue to
         Toplink                        to Stuart, Ann, Neil and Dave         support the organised activities of
                                        Roberts for their kind invitation     Cheshire YFC in the way that the
                                        and hope that the event is a huge     membership justly deserves and
effort that has been made to have       success.
them posted out to everyone at                                                fulfil that old adage, “Once a young
the same time.                          The Junior Quiz competition           farmer, always a young farmer”   .
                                        starts once again in August, so
Building on that initial success, we    that Clubs can utilise some of
move forward with this second           those university scholars before
larger edition to encompass             they fly the nest to far flung
the Rally at Reaseheath and the         centres of education, and the next
Cheshire Show at Tabley and it is       generation of speech makers can
my role to highlight some of the        take to the floor.
exciting YFC events coming up in
the next quarter.
Before I do that, I know that Lynda
and Dave will cover all past events
in depth in their report, but in this
last quarter, two new ventures
have taken place in which I was
an initial reluctant participant,
but what enjoyment and what
pleasure they have brought
to both Ruth and myself, and
hopefully to you the membership.
I refer of course to the “Let’s
Dance” competition and the
Study Tour to Cornwall. Detailed
reports will appear elsewhere,
but both ventures displayed the
wonderful qualities of an evolving
organisation that is prepared to
try something different and that
change can be good.

                                                                                                  July 2011 Toplink   5
                                                                                          very hard to separate them which just
                                             The Farm Business Management                 goes to show what excellent members
                                             interviews took place at Reaseheath          we have wanting to represent Cheshire
                                             where our entrants from each club            YFC.
                                             turned out all suited and booted to
                                             present their case to the panel our           Whilst trying to organise all the Rally
                                             thanks to Keith Thomas from AMC for          events we have also been invited to
                                             the organisation and sponsorship of          represent Cheshire at other County Rally
                                             this event. The night culminated in a        events judging competitions. It has been
Lynda & Dave                                 close fought contest with Altrincham
                                             winning the event and also the John
                                                                                          a privilege to visit other YFC events and
                                                                                          seeing what other counties do. A handful
                                             Platt scholarship fund which this year       of us braved the weather and brought
Hello everybody well what a busy few         gave them automatic places on the            YFC to the wider community at the
months since the last report we left you                                                  Reaseheath open day. Thanks to Si Jones
in the middle of dinner dance season                                                      and Mel Brown for turning up to help out
and all change with club top tables, not          Let’s Dance new                         on the stand talking to the community
to rest upon our laurels competition           competition was to raise                   about the best that YFC has to offer.
season was in full swing, from sports           money for the Teenage                     We held the Beef and Carcass stock
finals to new dance competitions not                                                      judging evening this year as a combined
to mention the Rally as the finale. We              Cancer Trust                          event which meant we headed off to
have had an amazing few months going                                                      Tarvin to Sheaf farm. Our thanks to
around the county and we wanted to                                                        the Heath Family for opening up their
just share a few highlights.                 Agricultural Discussion group tour. This     facilities to us. Our retiring Dairy Queen
                                             year we decided to hold the Hobbies          and her two Ladies in Waiting held an
Way back in April we had the Hockey          Pastimes and Careers at Byley Village Hall   extremely successful charity fancy dress
cup sports final between last years          to allow a bigger audience to watch what     evening at the Marrows Farm, raising an
champions Malpas and first time              is a gem in our competition calendar         extraordinary amount of money for two
entrants Macclesfield. The winners were      we were treated to an insight into what      excellent charities. That now brings us
Malpas but all credit goes to Macclesfield   our members do outside of YFC life with      nicely to what was an amazing day for us
for getting all the way to the final in      talks on skiing trips and charity trips to   both, Rally Day. We made some changes
their first year of competing. The Milking   Africa to representing GB in rowing. The     to the day by adding the imposed flower
Machine Competition was held this year       winner was Katie Lomas with her talk         class and the under 14’s classes in the
by kind permission of Stuart and Anne        on Journalism. The football final took       Home craft section. The standard of all
Roberts at Park Hall Farm Clotton. The       place at the Weaver Stadium at Nantwich      the exhibits is getting better each year
standard was very high this year and         between Beeston and Middlewich it was        as all day we were being told by judges
only a hand full of points separated the     nice to see a good crowd supporting.         that they were struggling to separate
top three however Congleton took the         Congratulations to Beeston. On the           the entrants. It was great to see so many
top spot with the best individual going      run up to the Rally we held our annual       friends there throughout the day and the
to Philip Jenkinson from Congleton. It       home craft demonstration night which         new layout of the Lord Woolley Centre
would appear that milking cows isn’t         this year we concentrated on the flower      allowed us to seat so many of them, so
Phil’s only talent as he along with Tom      exhibits of the Home craft schedule. Our     that everyone could see the girls as they
Hodgeson and Rueben Speed were               thanks go to Dianne Fair who gave an         paraded through the audience to be
the first recipients of the coveted Dave     excellent demonstration to a packed          selected as our new Dairy Queen and
and Lynda Trophy for the Let’s Dance         hall of members from beginners to            Maids. Congratulations to Gemma, Sarah
competition. This was a shared dream         very experienced florists. Everyone left     and Emma, our thanks to Hannah, Anna
we both had to bring a new competition       the room with some new ideas and             and Katie. We both want to extend our
to YFC and raise some money for The          had a fresh look at the craft of flower      most sincere thanks to the Agricultural
Teenage Cancer Trust. We had a nerve         arranging. It paid off well as we had a
racking few days prior to the night          young girl from Sandbach YFC watching
however in true YFC style we managed to      the demonstration that then went on to
pull it off we had six competitors on the    compete in the junior class at the age of
night that performed some memorable          10, which we were so encouraged by.
routines. Our thanks to Rob Ford and
Jane Smith for judging our contest. The      This year we had 19 girls enter into the
evening would not have been possible         Dairy Queen who faced our panel of
with out the support of our sponsors of      judges. Our thanks to Gill Leech, Pam
the evening we had 12 sponsors which         Lomas, Sally Ann Chesters and Nick
meant every penny taken on the door          Johns. The girls were all very nervous
went to the charity. The night went down     going in but found that they really
well with competitors and spectators         enjoyed the interview when they came
alike and we hope that the competition       away. All the judges remarked to us that
grows through the years.                     the girls were excellent and it would be

6 Toplink July 2011
team at Reaseheath on the run up to           and rounder’s competition. The weather      time. The weather managed to hold off
Rally and through out the day. We are         wasn’t on our side, but a much deserved     for us enough to have a good couple of
indebted to them for helping us to            BBQ lifted the spirits and we managed       days the stands were an excellent show
make the day such a success. We can’t         to finish the day with Malpas winning       case; of all the clubs stands which this
name everyone in person but we are                                                        year were judged by Michelle Briggs
especially grateful for all the work put                                                  wife of the President of the Cheshire
into by Mark Walton and Andy Sellick. To
                                                Rally Dance atmosphere                    Agricultural Society. Middlewich were the
all our judges and stewards thank you           in the tent was electric                  winners of the stands, where the theme
all for giving up you time on the day we                                                  was ‘Live a lot, Learn a lot, Laugh a lot’.
                                                 and the event was so                     The floats this year were themed Make
both have some excellent memories of
the day. Congratulations to all clubs who            well supported                       Believe we saw all sorts of interpretations
put on an excellent display the day was                                                   of this title thanks to all the clubs for
tremendous.                                                                               the tremendous effort they all put in.
                                              the cricket and Congleton winning the       Nantwich were crowned as winners
 This year we wanted to change things a       rounders. Our thanks to Mike Boffey for     two years in a row with another royal
little bit and we decided to hold the Rally   organising such a spectacular venue         wedding. This year we also awarded a
Dance in the marquee the week after the       to hold our competition. The following      trophy on behalf of the society for a club
Rally. This allowed us to open the night      weekend 28 of us headed off to the          who excels at raising funds for charity.
up to being more family orientated as we      West Country for our first Agricultural     This was a hard choice as one thing we
all know one thing we do best is turn out     Discussion Group Tour we managed to         can all be proud of is we have an endless
in force with support. The atmosphere         bring all 28 back so a success all round.   list of members who are willing to do all
in the tent all night was electric and        We will leave the finer details to Andy’s   sorts to raise money for charity. However
the event was so well supported. It was       report as we live by the mantra what        we awarded the trophy to Nantwich
lovely to see the shake up of the league      goes on tour stays on tour. Thanks to       for their amazing commitment over 40
table with some of the smaller clubs          Allan Sproey and John Edge for driving      years performing a pantomime each year
making their way to the top half of the       us and we are indebted to Andy Sellick      raising over £50.000 for local charities.
Moody Bowl. Congratulations to all the        for organising such a varied programme.     Well there you have it, that is the last few
trophy winners and our congratulations        It’s definitely going to be a popular one   months wrapped up it has brought back
go to Nantwich for winning the Moody          for next year, who knows where we may       some wonderful memories writing this
Bowl. With the winners announced we           end up. Now we bring you right up to        report, thanks to anyone who has helped
partied on into the small hours true YFC      date with the Cheshire Show. Thanks         in any way all your support is very much
style. The following morning we headed        once again must go to The Cheshire          appreciated. See you all at the summer
off to the picturesque Cholmondeley           Agricultural Society as we were provided    ball, one not to be missed, as this year
cricket ground for the start of the new       with excellent facilities and their         Clotton will go Gaga.
Moody Bowl year to hold the cricket           continued support is appreciated every



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      AND FREE RANGE                                                                      VICTORIA DEVON
      REQUIREMENTS                                                                           01625 828 636

                                                                                                                 July 2011 Toplink   7
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                                                    feeds for a better future

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...to ensure high performance
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                                 Farm Business
                                                      Management Competition

                     Andrew Sellick

It seems ages since we visited Tim and
Cathy Blackshaw at Walnut Tree Farm,
Stretton on Sunday March 20th at the
start of the Farm Business Management
Competition, but after plenty of late
nights and several cash flows later, all
our plans and entries were submitted
to Keith Thomas of AMC (Agricultural
Mortgage Corporation) Ltd to peruse,
before we all joined up again on Tuesday
May 3rd at Reaseheath College for the
final interviews, and of course the results.
As well as the tremendous support and
refreshments we had from AMC Ltd,
courtesy of Keith Thomas, Susanne Price
from Livestock North West also helped
and was most impressed with the very
high standard that each team achieved
during the competition.
                                                                  Altrincham - Winners
In the end, the team that impressed Tim
and Keith the most were from Altrincham,                                      a sound experience of all those financial
namely Richard Horton, Rob Cross, James                                       skills that are vital when trying to impress
Ollier and Stephen Cookson and they                                           an agent, a landlord or a banker in a real
were awarded a subsidised passage on              we had tremendous           life situation, whether it be tendering
the John Platt Study Tour to Cornwall, a                                      for a farm, justifying a loan application
most worthy investment. Close behind           support and refreshments       or simply understanding your business.
in second place were Stretton, with
Sandbach third and Beeston fourth.
                                                    from AMC Ltd              Thank you Tim and Keith, for providing us
                                                                              with the means to learn.
Although comment was made that the
competition was rather long and drawn                                         Andrew Sellick
out, it nevertheless does give everyone                                       Chairman Agricultural Discussion Group

                        Stretton -2nd                                         Sandbach -3rd
                                                                                                      July 2011 Toplink   9

     Scary,                           but not all farmers know how
                                      inheritance tax can affect them.

                                                                                                    We do.

     Too many farmers assume that every farm qualifies for Agricultural Property Relief
     making it free from inheritance tax, but unfortunately it’s not as simple as that.
     Inheritance tax is complicated and every farming business is different. Fortunately,
     we’ve been helping farmers with their inheritance tax planning for decades and we have
     a range of solutions to help you. After years of hard work it’s scary to think your family   We do right by you
     could lose a large slice of your farm just because you didn’t make the right plans.
     Call Louise Young on 01270 624074 who can arrange for one of our financial consultants
     to contact you. Our financial consultants advise on NFU Mutual products and, in special
     circumstances, those of other providers.
     Agent of The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited.
                                  Discussion Group-Study Tour
26 young farmers and 2 drivers left Cheshire                                                       the vineyard. The 12 acre site has been
                                                   focuses only on liquid milk and cream, and
in 2 minibuses early on Friday morning on                                                          developed to 6 acres of vines, a winery and
                                                   holds 33% of the UK liquid milk sector. Their
our way to the Cotswold Farm Park, home of                                                         3 holiday cottages. Hilary is in charge of the
                                                   many customers include Tesco, Sainsbury,
Adam’s Farm. We arrived in time for a brew                                                         vines and growing the grapes, while Richard
                                                   M&S and they will start to supply Co-op later
in the café, before being given a guided tour                                                      is the winemaker. The vines were planted
                                                   this year.
of the open farm by the Assistant Manager                                                          in 2008 and are now into their 4th year of
                                                   The Bridgewater dairy is the most efficient
Andy. He was a very informative guide, giving                                                      producing grapes. The varieties grown are
                                                   and environmentally friendly dairy in the
us lots of information about the Park and all                                                      traditional winemaking grapes as well as
                                                   UK. It cost £100 million and opened in
the opportunities that have arisen as a result                                                     a more modern hybrid variety especially
                                                   2008 producing 11million litres per week.
of the media attention given to Adam’s Farm.                                                       developed for the English climate. Everyone
                                                   150,000 litres is exported per week, their
A large part of their business is now media                                                        was very interested to learn about the
                                                   “Puriti” filtered milk is sold into areas of
based, especially in the line of hiring out rare                                                   industry, as none of us had much knowledge
                                                   large expat Brits, for extra long life. The
breed animals for films and TV.                                                                    of wine-making. Every 10 vines must be sold
                                                   breakdown of types of milk is 30% full fat,
The open farm consists of 33 acres, although                                                       accompanied with a passport, and all vines
                                                   60% semi skimmed and 10% skimmed milk.
the total farmed land was somewhere in the                                                         must be grafted onto an American rootstock,
                                                   All plastic bottles are produced on site and
region of 3500acres. The farm has thought                                                          to prevent disease. There is currently a ban
                                                   move directly into the processing factory.
about turning organic, but had taken the                                                           on the planting of any more vineyards in the
                                                   The factory uses 600,000litres of water per
view that with world population increasing                                                         EU however the UK was not included in the
                                                   day, and has its own water effluent plant, to
and less land available organic farming takes                                                      ban, as we are not considered a vine growing
                                                   recycle 200,000litres per day. We were unable
more land to produce the same quantity                                                             nation, so many European vineyards are
of food so is currently not a sustainable                                                          buying areas of suitable land in the South
farming practice. We watched a shearing                 A big thanks to John                       of England. We followed the trip around the
demonstration, followed by a tractor and                                                           vines with a tour of the winery, discussing the
trailer ride, and finished of with a picnic.
                                                      Edge and Allan Sproston                      equipment required to turn the grape into
                                                      for driving us round the                     wine. We tried a sparkling brut, a dry Rose
We moved on from Adam’s Farm to the new
Wisemans Dairy processing factory on the                    countryside                            and a medium white, before heading off to
                                                                                                   find our accommodation.
outskirts of Bridgewater, Somerset. We had
                                                                                                   On Saturday we got into the minibuses
a talk from Andrew Warner, Farm Advisor            to go down onto the factory floor, but spent
                                                                                                   nice and early for the one and a half hour
on the development of the Wisemans                 some time on the viewing gallery, watching
                                                                                                   trip to Wadebridge, and the Royal Cornwall
Company from one man with a horse and              the process from empty plastic bottles to
                                                   fully labelled filled and capped bottles. We    Show. There was plenty to see and do, with
cart in 1947 to the development of the black
                                                   also got a taste of their Puriti range before   everybody splitting up into groups to look at
and white brand in 1989. The company has
                                                   moving on to our next stop.                     what interested them most. I think everyone
developed more recently to 6 dairies and 16
                                                                                                   got into the Cornwall Young Farmers
distribution facilities, with 1500 vehicles and    We stopped for an enormous meat and
                                                                                                   Marquee- an enormous circus top style
4500 staff employed. The dairies are located       potato pie and veggies followed by huge
                                                                                                   marquee with plenty to see and do. Some
near high populations of dairy cows, with          puddings in a pub on our way to Eastcott
                                                                                                   of us got treated to display of the infamous
the distribution centres located near high         Vineyard. We were greeted at Eastcott
                                                                                                   Cornwall cabaret acts, as each of the 20 or so
populations of consumers. The company              by Richard and Hilary, the owners of
                                                                                                   clubs did a 3 minute piece to say farewell to

                                                                                                                          July 2011 Toplink   11
■ All types of Hay and Straw ■ All Bale Sizes available ■ All Excellent Quality
   ■ Competitive prices ■ Any distance covered ■ Crane Wagons available
                     ■ Hiab Services and General Haulage

                                                  ND STRAW
      PHONE 01625 522 249
         OR 01625 531 629
                                           H AY A
                        Discussion Group-Study Tour continued...
their County Organiser who has been in the       feeds for dairy, beef, sheep, poultry, pig and     adventurous individuals braved the weather
role for 22 years. Some of the group walked      game feeds in 25kg bags and in bulk. They          and went out around the huge silage pits
all the showground, others only got as far       produce over 1000 different diets specially        and in to the high health unit with its own
as sampling local “produce” The highlight        created for each farm environment, which is        parlour for lame, fresh calved and mastitic
of the trip home for our minibus was the         a unique selling point. Both the champion          cows.
picking up of traffic cones from one side of     beef and dairy cattle at the Cornwall show         A big thank you must go to Allan Sproston
the minibus, passing them through the bus        were fed on Harpers mixes. The mill runs           and John Edge for putting up with us and
and dropping them out the other side while       Sunday evening to Saturday, with the               driving us round the countryside. I think
crawling through the showground traffic, as      logistics of the operation well thought out        I speak for us all when I say we all had a
well as Johnny Brock and Richard Garton’s        to minimise empty loads, and a lot of night        brilliant time and are all looking forward to a
singing. On Saturday night we spent the          loading being done to reduce the number of         repeat performance next year.
evening in the local pubs of Okehampton,         lorries on the roads during the day, as they
Devon, finished off by a refreshing walk back    are in a high tourism area, and due to the
to the Youth Hostel up what felt like a 1 in 4   local road infrastructure. The aim is to deliver
gradient hill.                                   3 loads per wagon per day, and they use one
Sunday morning was spent at Harpers Home         haulier, whose business has grown with the
Mix, the 12th biggest feed mill in the country   growth of Harpers. We finished with a box of
and one of only 2 independents in the South      biscuits and a well needed cup of tea before
West. Our tour was led by the ruminant           venturing out into the buses and the rain.
nutritionist Pete Davis, who gave us an          Our last stop was at Neil Bakers, the Farmers
overview of the company from the comfort         Weekly dairy farmer of the year 2010, based
of the office, then took us down into the mill   in Crewkerne, Somerset, who was taking part
to see the bag packer as well as all the other   in Open Farm Sunday. The Bakers have just
equipment. The company was set up 19 years       over 1000 cows and produce homemade
ago by Bill Harper, who has a herd of South      cheddar. The rain did not stop, so after a
Devons and sits as Chairman of National Beef     look at the 80 point rotary parlour and the
Association’sTB council. The company has         enormous cubicle shed, most of us retired
a turnover of £30million, and specialises in     into the tent for a hog roast. Some more

                                                                                                                           July 2011 Toplink   13
Dairy Queen
                                     Charity Ball
This year the Dairy Queen Charity Ball
took place on 21st May 2011 at Bagmere
Farm, Brereton, by kind permission of
the Marrow family, in order to raise
money for the East Cheshire Hospice
and Muscular Sclerosis Charities. Katie,
Anna and I decided that an ‘Around
the world’ fancy dress theme would be
a great idea to celebrate the amazing
year that we have had and to help raise
money for the charities along with an
We couldn’t have wished for the event
to have been more of a success, with
around 300 people attending, and
local businesses so kindly supporting
us with generous sponsorship and
donations, and the Marrow family

                                           costumes was brilliant, and the night        our year. We have had a truly wonderful
                                           went so well with the auction being a        year and we will treasure the amazing
   Thankyou to everyone                                                                 honour for the rest of our lives.
                                           huge success, with items varying from
    for making the ball a                  a signed Football Shirt to a day’s Digger    Thanks again to Katie and Anna for
    successful night and                   Hire. Even our Wiseman Wellies made          the wonderful year that I have shared
                                           an appearance, raising over £100 a pair!     with you – I couldn’t have wished for
    helping us celebrate                   The best dress award went to the 5           two better girls to share such a great
          our year                         boys in their Foster’s cans, and the night   experience with.
                                           continued until the early hours of the       A huge congratulations and well done
                                           morning with a packed dance floor and        from myself and the girls must go to the
for the wonderful venue, enabling us
                                           the bar being drunk dry. Thank you to        new Dairy Queen Gemma Rees and her
to make a total of £4,200.50 for the
                                           everyone for making it such a successful     Ladies in Waiting Sarah Williams and
charities -an amazing amount that will
                                           night and for helping us to celebrate our    Emma Ollier, we would like to wish you
help the charities hugely. Thanks must
                                           wonderful year.                              every success for the forthcoming year
go to all the sponsors and to everyone
                                           A huge thank you must go to the              and hope you have a brilliant year – we
who attended, for enabling us to raise
so much for the charities.                 federation along with our family and         are sure you will.
The turnout, along with the huge           friends, clubs and everyone who has          Thank you again everyone.
effort that everyone had made with         helped and supported us throughout           Hannah Barton

14 Toplink July 2011
July 2011 Toplink   15
Dairy Queen

Gemma Rees                                  She has been on the debate team
                                            for the last three years and the club
When this year’s Rally Day drew to
                                            has been overall winners twice in
a close Gemma Rees was named
                                            this time, which Gemma says were
Cheshire YFC Dairy Queen 2011 and
                                            very proud moments for her.
as she, and her Ladies in Waiting, look
                                            Within her club Gemma has been
forward to their first official outings
                                            awarded the female member of the
over the summer we would like to
                                            year trophy and also the award for
introduce you all to the three of them.
                                            best female junior member.
                                            She has been social secretary and
Gemma, a member of Nantwich YFC,
                                            last year was vice-chairlady and
lives with her mum and dad, Tim and
                                            once her university commitments
Rachel, and younger brother Michael
                                            have finished she hopes to take on
on her family’s dairy farm Foxes Bank in
                                            the role of vice-chair again.
Hunsterson, Nantwich.
                                            This year she took part in the
Twenty-year-old Gemma has,
                                            Hobbies, Pastimes and Careers
however, been living in university
                                            competition gaining second place
accommodation for the last 12 months
                                            and she entered the under-21
while studying Human Nutrition at
                                            flowers at the rally for the first
Chester University. She will soon be
                                            time and was awarded third prize.
entering her final year at university and
                                            Gemma has also done horse
will live at home for this time.
                                            stockjudging at the rally and last
After doing her GSCEs at Brine Lees
                                            year captained the Nantwich junior
High School in Nantwich, she went on
                                            quiz team.
to study a two-year National Diploma
                                            Outside of YFC Gemma likes going
in Food Technology at Reaseheath
                                            to the gym and is currently training
College before moving onto university.
                                            to do a 10km Race for Life in July.
As her ambition has always been
                                            She is also a keen horse rider and
to work in the food industry, and
                                            while she hasn’t had much time to
in particular with people who are
                                            pursue this interest recently she
not able to manage their food well,
                                            hopes to get back into hunting
Gemma would like to be a dietician.
                                            when she finishes university.
At the moment, however, while not
                                            Venturing further outside of the
studying she is busy with Nantwich
                                            county Gemma has enjoyed a
YFC; a club she has been active with
                                            couple of trips to Blackpool for
for the last three years after attending
                                            the National YFC AGM. Two years
her first ‘young farmers do’ at the age
                                            ago, on her first AGM, Gemma
of 15. During these three years she
                                            experienced an incident while
has competed with great success in a
                                            carrying out the customary
range of competitions including rally
                                            swapping of club t-shirts on the
day homecraft, entertainments, and
                                            final evening of the weekend. She
junior quiz.
                                            was also introduced to the delights
                                            of drinking cider and black (very
  her favourite competition                 quickly) and also managed to tick
    is senior debate and its                everything off the AGM checklist
                                            – you’d best ask Gemma for more
   clearly an event Gemma                   details.
        looks forward to                    Looking ahead to her year as
                                            Cheshire YFC Dairy Queen 2011
However, by far her favourite               Gemma says she is looking forward
competition is senior debate and it’s       to attending the big county events
clearly an event Gemma particularly         especially the summer ball, but
looks forward to. She says she ‘loves       also she is keen to meet sponsors
the excitement of reading a speech to       and also the people who work hard
an audience and then battling it out in     behind the scenes to make Cheshire
the debates’.                               YFC happen.

16 Toplink July 2011
Ladies in Waiting

Emma Ollier
Emma is a member of Sandbach YFC             in Food Manufacture and Product
and is currently vice-chairlady and          Design.
membership secretary.                        Although she is busy with her studies
At 18-years-old Emma has been a              and YFC commitments Emma also finds
member of Sandbach for six years and         time to work at Waitrose part-time on
during this time has successfully taken      the meat and fish counter. She also helps
part in most events and competitions         out with milking and other odd jobs on
including the Cheshire Show float,           the farm.
                                             In the future Emma says she hopes to
      Emma says being                        either go into management at Waitrose
                                             or work in new product development in
   chosen as a dairy maid                    food.
   is one of her proudest                    While she says being chosen as a
                                             dairy maid is one of her proudest
       acheivements                          achievements Emma has also been
                                             awarded the best female member and
entertainments, junior quiz and netball.     best under-18 member in recognition of
Emma lives on her family’s farm;             her club achievements.
Wood Lane Farm in Bradwall, with her         Looking ahead to her year as Dairy
younger brother, Dave, and mum and           Maid Emma says she is looking forward
dad, Mike and Jayne, who were both           to raising money for charity, attending
past Sandbach YFC members.                   events around the county and meeting
After attending Sandbach High                new people.
School, where she completed her              She says being Dairy Maid is something
GCSEs, Emma went on to Reaseheath            totally new and different but it is
College where she is currently half-way      something she is very much looking
through a two-year Advanced Diploma          forward to.

                                           Sarah Williams
                                           Sarah has been a member of Malpas YFC         including entertainments, homecraft,
                                           for over four years and during this time      tractor driving and the bricklaying at the
                                           she has successfully taken part in a range    rally, which she won.
                                           of competitions and she is now club           Although she admits to having little spare
                                           chairlady.                                    time Sarah says she enjoys playing hockey
                                           As many of you will know from Sarah’s         for Whitchurch Ladies and this winter went
                                           dairy queen questions on rally day she        on her first skiing holiday.
                                           lives just over the border at her family’s    On July 16 Sarah, and other members of
                                           farm The Wood House in Marchwiel,             Malpas, will be taking part in a skydive to
                                           Wrexham, with her Dad, sister and brother.    raise money for Air Ambulance and Clwyd
                                           From school she went onto Reaseheath          Special Riding Centre.
                                           College studying a two-year course in
                                           Countryside Studies followed by a year-
                                           long course in Agriculture.
                                                                                             Sarah will be skydiving
                                           Now 22-year-old Sarah works for the               on the 16th July to raise
                                           Pilkington family at Wrexham, home to            money for Air Ambulance
                                           the Aintree herd of Holsteins. There her
                                           main responsibility is calf rearing.             and Clwyd Special Riding
                                           Sarah’s involvement in Malpas YFC started                 Centre
                                           when she left college and she went along      As well as meeting sponsors and people
                                           to events with her older brother Steve.       from other clubs, Sarah is also keen to
                                           Her older sister, Debbie, is involved with    raise the profile of her own club within the
                                           Whitchurch YFC while her dad was a            county and says she will be taking fellow
                                           Wrexham member and her mum was in             club members along with her to lots of the
                                           Whitchurch.                                   YFC events she is all set to attend over the
                                           Sarah has taken part in most competitions
                                                                                         next 12 months.

                                                                                                             July 2011 Toplink   17
Moody Bowl Points                                                                                                                         2010/2011








   14           10         20           15           16              22        18            11           -        24          22                Sports Heats
  100           70         55           60           60              85        60            55           -        60          70                   Cricket
   50             -        65           70            80             90        55           100           -        60          50                   Tennis
   60          100         50           60            50             70        85            60           -        60          70                  Football
   70           60         60           50            85            100        70            50           -        60          60                  Hockey
   60          100         60           70            50             85        50            60           -        70          60                   Netball
   60           60         60           90            75             60        60           100           -        75          60            Cheshire Show Floats
  120          140        150          185           170            120       140           200           -       120         100               Entertainments
  125          125        125          100           175            200       150           100         125       150         100                 Junior Quiz
  125          100        175          125           125            125       150           200           -        150            -             Senior Debate
  200          182            -        172           168               -       156           163          -        189         195           Farm Business Mgmt
   98           86        100              -          72             87        77            82           -        92          82              Milking Machine
  100           92         92           47            93             78            -         76           -        100         80             Conservation Quiz
      -         94         82           89            84             81        100           97           -        77          88             Hobbies & Pastimes
   70           75            -            -             -             -        90           100          -        81          77                 Clay Pigeon
  139           128        114          124          135             122       150           137          -        114         93             Senior Stockjudging
   80           130        143          102          129             113       135           112          -        134         150         Intermediate Stockjudging
   75           87         66           54            85             73        100           89           -        76          76             Junior Stockjudging
   43           49          49           49           50             46         49           36           -        40          47           Cereal & Silage Judging
   43           39          39           42           41             42         42           46           -        50          39            Machinery Valuation
   93           83          98           57           82             98         99           100          -        90          99               Tractor Driving
   50           40          27           23           37             25         30           37           -        50          28               Cow Rationing
   14              -        11           21           16             22         18           25           -        20            9            Design From Scrap
   14           19          15           11           13             25         22           13            -       17          14                 Woodwork
   41           50          26           19           26             48         35           24            -       35          50                  Welding
   18           25          16           16           17             24         23           20            -       21          21                Photography
   24           24          16           17           25             20         23            18           -        16          22                    Art
  454           436        470          356          434             500       491           478        147        492         447                Homecraft
   50              -        60           60           50             75         60           100           -        75          25               Dairy Queen
   50           50          20           75           20             30         30            20           -        65          20             Ladies Tug o War
   29           14          61           72           10             73         42            44           -       100          73                  Sports
   75           53            -         53            60             50        50            90            -       75         100               Gents Tug o War
 2,544         2,521      2,325        2,284        2,533           2,589     2,660         2,843       272       2,838       2,427                 TOTAL
    5            7           9          10              6             4          3             1        11           2           8          Ranking Moody Bowl
  732          (33)       261          (56)         (114)            14        20           298         (3)       (17)        (76)              Cooke Trophy
    1            8           2            9          11               4          3              -        7            -        10           Ranking Cooke Trophy
 1,292         1,227      1,231        1,151        1,230           1,386     1,399             -       147           -       1,313             Day Total Rally

18 Toplink July 2011
                                                     phy) - Nantwich YFC                         Jean Batchelor Homecraft
                   Tractor Driving - Team (Regent Tro roft - Malpas                                                       Trophies -Handicraft:
                                                                                                                   Cookery: Harriet Dewey - San Vicki Bennion - Middlewich
                         Individual - Charles Ravensc                                                                                           dbach

                                                                                                                         Homecraft section Runners up
                                                                   ch YFC and Stephen
                                   Marrow and Richard Beck - Sandba                                                            Sandbach YFC
Cow Rationing (BOCM Shield) -Andrew liam Glenn - Altrincham YFC
                      Cookson and Wil

                                                                                                          Winners of the Homecraft Sec
                                                                                                                                      tion Silver Challenge Bowl
                                                         tsford   YFC                                                         Malpas YFC
                        Winners of Ladies Tug o war - Knu

                                                                                         New Dairy Queen Gemma Ree
                                                                                                                  s - Nantwich with her Ladies
                                     t in the past year -Neil Hopley Ele
                                                                        ctrical Trophy                                and Emma Ollier of Sandba Waiting Sarah Williams - Malpas
  For Outstanding Sporting Achievemen anie Lancaster - Stretton                                                                                  ch.
                       awarded to Mel

                                                                                                                                                        July 2011 Toplink    19
            National Inspection Council for
            Electrical installation Contracting
                                                       Congratulations to the recent

                                                             15% off when quoting

                    Electrical Contractors Limited

        & DOMESTIC
  INSTALLATIONS & REPAIRS                            U N I Q U E    1 S T   D A N C E

              Brooks Lane                                       Two left feet?
              Middlewich                               Worried about your first dance?
           Cheshire CW10 0JG

        Telephone: 01606 833 993                         Want something unique and
            Fax: 01606 837 398
                                                       different on your wedding day?
          Mobile: 07976 661 061
                                                           Give Sophie a call on:
E-mail: enquiries@neilhopleyelectrical.co.uk
Matches,                                                   Forthcoming
Catches &                                                                                                                         Events
Hatches                                                   Wednesday 27th July
                                                          Nantwich Show & After Show party
                                                                                                               Wednesday 5th October- 7.30pm
                                                                                                               AG. Discussion group debate at Winsford
                                                          @ Gregs, Nantwich
                                                                                                               Lifestyle Centre
Scott Barnett & Hannah Leech (both Nantwich YFC)
Katie Jones (Beeston YFC) & Steve Buckingham              Saturday 6th August
James Ollier (Altrincham YFC) to Anna Heyworth            Congleton Country Fayre, by kind                       Sunday 9th October
(Malpas YFC)                                              permission of The Brown Family.                        Summer series Stock Judging at Beeston

Catches                                                   Stockjudging, TOW, Novelty games, BBQ,                 auction.
                                                          Bar and Entertainment.
Richard Brown to Sheetal Mehta (past Nantwich
Young Farmers Chairman)                                                                                          Sunday 23rd October
Edward Garnett and Rachael Lomas (Knutsford YFC                                                                  County Clay Pigeon Shooting at Mickley
                                                          Saturday 13th August                                   Hall,
and Nantwich YFC)                                         “Clotton goes Gaga”                                    Broomhall Nantwich. 10.30am
Hatches                                                   Summer Ball at Park Hall Farm,
                                                          Clotton, Tarporley. By kind permission of
David George Horton Esq. and Lauren Melton                the Roberts family.
(Stretton) had a baby girl Jemima Ruth Horton                                                                    Wednesday 2nd November- 7.30pm
Stephen Wilkinson and Vanessa Bloor (Stretton) had a                                                             AG. Discussion group meeting.
baby boy Charles Aston Wilkinson
Christine Greenwood (Beeston YFC) & Matt Bertram, a       Monday 22nd August                                      Monday 17th November
son James Andrew.                                         1st Round Junior Quiz Competition                       First Entertainment heat 7.30pm at
John & Judy Colclough, a boy, Edward George               7.30pm                                                  Winsford Lifestyle Centre
(Sandbach YFC)
Andrew & Vicky Griffiths, a little girl, Evie Amy                                                                Thursday 24th November
(Nantwich YFC and Past County Lady Charirman)             Sunday 4th September                                   Second Entertainments heat at Winsford
                                                          Romiley show Colishaw Brow, Romiley, Stockport,        Lifestyle Centre
Edward & Karen Witter, a girl, Grace Amelia
(Sandbach YFC)                                            SK6 4NU. Main Ring attractions include Xtreme
                                                          Trials Bike Display Team, a display of Shire/Heavy
Steve & Rachel Wilkinson a daughter, Chloe Faye.
(Middlewich)                                              horses turnouts and implements, Drag Hunt and
                                                          Hounds, Tractors, Fancy Dress Horse Section and         Thursday 1st December
Mark & Nicky Brassington, a little girl, Olivia Ann,                                                              Third Entertainment Heat at Winsford
(Nantwich YFC)                                            flyball display by the Allstars Flyball Team.
                                                                                                                  Lifestyle Centre
James & Erica Ashbrook, a girl, Gabriella
 Robert & Sarah Williams, a boy, Max                     Monday 5th Sept
(Sandbach YFC and Stretton YFC)                          2nd Round Junior Quiz Competition                         Thursday 8th December
                                                         7.30pm                                                    Entertainments Final Heat at Winsford
Linda & John Slack (Congleton YFC) a son, Oliver Jacob                                                             Lifestyle Centre
                                                         Monday 19th Sept
                                                         Semi-final of the Junior Quiz Competition
                                                         7.30pm                                                    Saturday 10th December
                                                                                                                   Christmas Ball at Nantwich Civic Hall 9pm

                                                         Monday 3rd Oct                                           Thursday 15th Decemeber
                                                         Junior Quiz Competition Final                            County Carol Service at Malpas Church 7.30pm
                                                         7.30pm at Byley Village Hall.

                                             (The Party People)
                              DJs from a farming family based in Delamere
                             For all occasions, barbecues and outside events
                           Special lighting available. Insured for Public Liability
                                       Also Children’s Party Specials
                      Games and competitions - Snow machine and Bubble machine.
                                               Ask for Maurice
                     Telephone: 01928 740 345 or 01928 727 569 Mobile: 07808 428272

                                                                                                                                    July 2011 Toplink   21
 Day 2011

22 Toplink July 2011
July 2011 Toplink   23
Rally Day
P re s e n t a t i o n s

                                                                                                                                         Junior stockingjudging- Beef: And
                                                                                                                                                                          rew Wa
                                                             winners - Congleton YFC                                                           Sandbach, Sheep: Richard Venable rd - Beeston, Carcase-Tom Lowe - Middlewich, Dairy Kathryn Ti
                         Milking Machine competition- Team n - Congleton                                                                                                       s - Congleton, Sam Lowe-Middlew                               ppi
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ich & Alison Street Stretton ng-
                                  Individual - Philip Jenkinso

                                                                                      ah Barton - Macclesfield, Dairy: Rob   WillGlenn-Altrincham,Horses:Emi dbury-Middlewich,Carcase:RobSutton-Nantwich,Dairy:LouiseHol
                                             Ratter Evison - Knutsford, Carcase: Hann e: Ashley James - Macclesfield.                                          lyWainwright-Macclesfield,Cere                                 t
                                                                                                                                                                                             als:VickieSellick-KnutsfordandJam -Altrincham Sheep:
     Intermediate stockjudging - Beef: Josie
                                                leton , Horses: Liz Andow - Congleton, Silag                                                                                                                                  esLomas-Middlewich.
      Beswick - Beeston, Sheep: Sam Bate - Cong

                                                                                                                                                                       Senior Stockjudging Team (Marshall Cup),
                                      Beef and sheep team (Wynnstay Trop                                                                                                       Won by Middlewich YFC
                                                 Middlewich YFC

                                     Intermediate Stockjudging Team (Spillers                                                                               Junior Stockjudging Team (Lloyds
                                                  Won   by Stretton YFC                                                                                                                      Bank Trophy)
                                                                                                                                                                       Won by Middlewich YFC
24 Toplink July 2011
Rally Presentations 2011
Milking Machine competition                                 Jean Batchelor Homecraft Trophies
Team -                    Congleton                         Cookery               Harriet Dewey - Sandbach
Individual -              Philip Jenkinson - Congleton      Handicraft            Vicki Bennion - Middlewich

Stockjudging Senior (Under 30)                              Margaret Barlow Trophy
Carcases –                Rob Sutton - Nantwich             Over 30s Cookery       Wendy Harding - Middlewich
Beef -                    Caroline Bradbury - Middlewich
Dairy -                   Louise Holt - Altrincham          Jean Williams Plate
Sheep -                   William Glenn - Altrincham        Under 14 Cookery       Michael Hartley - Knutsford
Animal valuation -        Rob Moss - Sandbach
Horses-                   Emily Wainwright - Macclesfield   Homecraft - Overall Winners - Malpas
Senior stockjudging Team Winners                                       Runners up    - Sandbach
 (Marshall Cup)      Middlewich
                                                            Art                    Lily Bracegirdle - Macclesfield
Stockjudging Intermediate (Under 23)
Carcases –           Hannah Barton - Macclesfield           Photography            Alistair Shallcross - Beeston
Beef -               Josie Ratter Evison - Knutsford
Dairy -              Rob Beswick - Beeston                  Welding                Rob Cooke & Mike Weaver- Beeston
Sheep -              Sam Bate - Stretton                                           Sam Etchells & Tom Earl - Stretton
Animal valuation
Inter / Junior –     Nicola Brocklehurst - Sandbach         Design from scrap      Steve Mason - Nantwich
Inter / Junior –     Liz Andow - Congleton                  Woodwork               Stuart Richards - Malpas
Intermediate stockjudging Team Winners
                                                            Ladies Tug o war       Knutsford
  (Spillers Shield)       Stretton
                                                            Cross Country Ladies   Kathy Stringer - Stretton
Stockjudging Junior (Under19)
Carcases –                Tom Lowe - Middlewich
Beef -                    Andrew Ward - Beeston             Cross Country Gents    Ben Wright - Stretton
Dairy-                    Kathryn Tipping - Sandbach
Sheep -                   Richard Venables - Congleton      Lady Athlete           Lauren Worthington - Knutsford
                          Sam Lowe - Middlewich
                          Alison Street - Stretton          Gent Athlete           Rob Moss - Sandbach
Junior stockjudging Team Winners
(Lloyds Bank Trophy) Middlewich                             Sports Personality of the Year (Neil Hopley Trophy)
                                                                                   Melanie Lancaster - Stretton
Dairy Cow stockjudging team
(Pauls Trophy)       Nantwich                               Sports Trophy          Sandbach

Beef and Sheep stockjudging team
(Wynnstay Trophy) Middlewich                                      AFTER RALLY DANCE
Cereal/Silage Judging                                             PRESENTATIONS 2011
Senior                    Vickie Sellick - Knutsford
                          James Lomas - Middlewich
Intermediate/Junior       Ashley James - Macclesfield       Tug-o-war – Nixon Cup           Stretton

Valuation of Farm Machinery                                 Cooke Trophy                    Altrincham
Senior                 James Witter - Sandbach
Intermediate /Junior   Will Marrow - Sandbach               Moody Plate                     Middlewich
Tractor Driving
                                                            Rally Day Trophy                Middlewich
Team (Regent Trophy) – Nantwich
Individual winner (Nifty Diggers and Cheshire
Bobcat Trophy) -           Charles Ravenscroft - Malpas     45-61 Challenge Bowl            Sandbach

Cow Rationing - Winning Team (BOCM Shield)
       Sandbach - Andrew Marrow and Richard Beck
                                                            Moody Bowl Winners              Nantwich
       Altrincham - William Glenn and Stephen Cookson

                                                                                                    July 2011 Toplink   25
Homecraft Section

                                                                    s YFC Homecraft Main stand -
                               at the     Allotment’ Winners - Malpa                             ‘A Day at the Allotme                                                - ‘A Day at the Allotme
                                                                                                                                                                                             nt’ 3rd   Place -
 Homecraft Main stand - ‘A Day                                                                 Sandbach YFC           nt’ 2nd Place -            Homecraft Main stand Knutsford YFC

                                                   annabell Oakes- Middlewich   Under 21 Cookery -5
                              try pork pie - 1st                                                    pieces of fudge in one                                                         nberg Cake
Open Cookery - Water crust pas                                                           1st Jess Britland Kn              flavour                          Over 30’s Cookery Batte ddlewich
                                                                                                               utsford                                       1st Wendy Harding  - Mi

   Under 14’s Handicraft - An Animal
   made from fruit and vegetables

                                                                                                                                  Under 14’s Cookery-A r-
                                                                                                                                homemade decorated gin y
                                                                                                                                  bread- Michae l Hartle
                                                                                                                                        - Knutsford
                                                                                          3rd Emma ich
                 1st Annabel Oakes                                                             Nantw                                                       Under 21 H
                     Middlewich                                                                                                                           bag- Laura Handicraft - a peg
                                                     2nd Victoria Britland                                                                                            olman Nantw
                                                          Knutsford                                                                                                                 ich

26 Toplink July 2011
                                                                                                                                                    Fashion’ 2nd Place   Carys                 Under 21 Flower Arrang
                                                                                                                            gement - ‘The Height of                                                                     ement
         Under 21 Flower Arrangeme                                                                     Under 21 Flower Arran                                                            The height of fashion -Gemm
                                     nt - ‘The Height of Fashion’
                  1st Place Lisa Oakes - Middlew                                                                              Williams - Malpas                                                                    a Rees - Nantwich

                                                                                                                                                        s provided
                                                                                                                       d Class, Pot luck- All competitor
                                                                                    Open Flower Arrangemnt - Impose                                 - Congleton                  Sweet and Savoury ‘A childs lun
                                                                petitors provid
                                                                                                                    ls. 2nd Place - Joanne Stonier                                                              ch box’ 2nd Kate Harper and
                                  posed Class, Po
                                                 t luck- All com
                    rangemnt - Im s. 1st place Louise Holt -
                                                                 Altrincham           with pack of identical materia                                                                         Charlotte Whittaker - Nantwich
    Open Flower          ntical material
         with pack of ide

                                                                                                                                              and Clare Rigby - Malp Open
                                                                                                                       ch box’ 1st Ali Latham                             Handicraft - A decorated
                                                                                        Sweet and Savoury ‘A childs lun                                                                            head dress- 1st Vicki Ben
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            nion - Middlewich

                                       Bayley- Congleton
Under 21 Handicraft a peg bag, Claudia

    All the Judges commented on the very high
    standard achieved, and thanks must go to
    our Chief Steward Rachel Rutter and all her
    helpers. This year saw the introduction of an
    under 14`s Homecraft Class and an imposed
    flower class which was a tremendous success
    and kindly sponsored Country Kitchen.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  July 2011 Toplink           27
After Rally Dance
P re s e n t a t i o n s

                                                                -61 Challenge Bo
                                       r People receiving the 45 oss
                      Sandbach YFC Chai dy Marrow and Emma M

                                                                                         Awarded to the seco Challenge Bowl won by Sandbach YFC
                                                                                                            nd highest point club
                                                                                                                                  in the mooody bowl co

                                       g-o-war - Nixon Tr
                      Winners of the tu
                                   Stretton YFC

                                                                                              The Cooke Trophy for the mo
                                                                                                                         st improved club over 3 yea
                                                                                                                      Altrincham YFC                rs went to

                                                                                won by
                                                                  tainment were
                                         for overall membership at
                           d Moody Plate
    The Rally Day Trophy an          Middlewich YF

28 Toplink July 2011
                  Nantwich YFC members celebrate winning the coveted Moody Bowl

                                    the moody bowl             Nantwich YFC Chair Peopl
Nantwich YFC Chair People receiving                                                    e receiving the moody bowl

                                                                         This years Rally Dance was held in
                                                                         the Marquee on the Rally Field which
                                                                         saw a tremendous turnout for the
                                                                         presentation of the prestigious “Moody
                                                                         Bowl” which this year was awarded
                                                                         after triple checking the closest result
                                                                         in years to Nantwich narrowly beating
                                                                         Sandbach by 5 points. The atmosphere
                                                                         in the marquee was true YFC spirit
                                                                         bringing a new twist to the event.
Nantwich YFC Chair People rec
                             eiving the moody bowl
       Sarah Stapleton and Pete Goo
                                                                                                    July 2011 Toplink   29

30 Toplink July 2011
July 2011 Toplink   31
Cricket & Rounders
The weather wasn’t on our side but that
didn’t dampen the spirits of the teams
who turned out to play in our rounder’s
competition. We were treated to the

    we were treated to the
   luxurious surrounding of
     Cholmondeley Castle
                                                                                   Congleton Rounders Winners
                                                 the rain clouds to allow us to complete the
luxurious surroundings of Cholmondeley           competition which resulted in Congleton
Castle, for this years competition. Our newly    as this year’s winners and Beeston as close
appointed county rounder’s secretary Philip      runners up. Thanks to Mike Boffey for
Jenkinson, did a brilliant job in organising     organising such a spectacular venue.
what turned out to be a fun morning for all
involved. A good atmosphere shone through
                                                 Lynda Gough
                                                                                                            Beeston Rounders 2nd Place

Six clubs entered the annual YFC cricket         winners were Malpas, Knutsford were second
competition this year held at Cholmoneley        and Congleton third in the group.
Cricket Club by kind permission of Mike
                                                 The third place play-off saw Nantwich going
Boffey, our thanks once again to him and
                                                 head to head with Knutsford. After setting
the staff and the cricket club. The standard
                                                 a respectable 36 to win Nantwich were
of cricket this year was better than ever, and
                                                 confident of securing the points however a
culminated in a fantastic close final.
                                                 late show by the Knutsford batsman led to
The six clubs were split into two groups, from
                                                 them needing one off the last over with two
                                                 wickets left, the first ball was a wicket which
   the standard of Cricket                       brought a tense few moments. However after                   Beeston Cricket - 2nd Place
  this year was better then                      the rest of the team had bitten away most of
                                                 their nails they managed to hit the winning        don’t mention their efforts as none cricketers
  ever and culminated in a                       run with three balls remaining, claiming third     getting 2 wickets each in the tournament.
     fantastic close final                       place.                                             Charlie getting 2 wickets in his over in the
                                                 The final was the highest scoring of               final. We were all surprised.
                                                 the competition Beeston posted a very              However Congratulations to Malpas and
                                                 commendable 66 off their 5 available over’s,       PJ who took the player of the tournament
Group A the winners were Beeston who
                                                 Simon Lamb retiring on 25no, and were              award, and here’s to another great
progressed to the final with Nantwich second
                                                 very confident as they took the field to           competition next year and hopefully better
and Sandbach third. The former progressing
                                                 bowl. However Malpas and in particular Phil        weather.
to third and fourth place play-off. Group B
                                                                        Johnson (PJ) had other      Thanks
                                                                        ideas a very quick fire
                                                                        30 off 8 balls put them     Owen
                                                                        in a matching winning
                                                                        position. Yes 22 of them
                                                                        were off me. There were
                                                                        37 runs still needed and
                                                                        the rest of the Malpas
                                                                        team did really well and
                                                                        got them over the line
                                                                        with two balls remaining.
                                                                        I will be berated by
                                                                        Charlie and Spud if I
                                                                                                                Cricket Man of the Match

                                                                                                                           July 2011 Toplink   33
Cheshire Show

                                                                    Malpas Club Stand - Placed secon

                       Winning Club Stand - Middlewich YFC
                                                             Macclesfield Club
                                                                                 Stand - Placed th

34 Toplink July 2011
July 2011 Toplink   35
Cheshire Show

                       Malpas Float -’Dr, Who’            Beeston Float - ‘E
                                                                            ngland win the w
                                                                                            orld cup’

                 Sandbach Float - ‘Alice in Wo            Altrincham Floa
                                                                          t - ‘The Chronicles
                                                                                                of Narnia’

                       Stretton Float -’Peter Pan’          Knutsford Float
                                                                               - ‘The Mighty Her

36 Toplink July 2011
The stands this year were themed “Live a lot, learn a lot, laugh a lot”
we had an excellent turn out by all clubs this year and the winners
were Middlewich. The floats didn’t disappoint as the imagination
of clubs keeps pushing what you can turn a 40 foot trailer into. The
theme this year was “Make Believe” this brought a broad spectrum
of floats, this year Nantwich won with “Another Royal Wedding” Once
Judging was finished and the commentary and presentations were
over the show ground turned into the YFC water fight. This year even
our Presidents didn’t manage to escape.

                                                                              Middlewich Float
                                                                                                 - ‘Shrek’ in joint
                                                                                                                      second place

                                              world of Congleton YFC’
             Congleton Float - ‘The Perfect

                                                                          Macclesfield Flo
                                                                                          at- ‘Tales of Toyl
                                                                                                             and’ Joint second

                                              her Royal Wedding’
             Winning Nantwich Float -’Anot

                                                                            Dairy Queen and
                                                                                              Ladies in waiting
                                                                                                                  in carriage

                                           tro  phy to Nantwich
              Presenting the winning float

                                                                                                                           July 2011 Toplink   37
Pastimes &
This year saw a change of venue for Hobbies, Pastimes and Careers to Byley Village                                                                                               ies’
                                                                                                                                            ks and daughter Evie ‘Water Bab
Hall. We had a fantastic turn out with 9 clubs entering. Thank you to our two judges                            Macclesfield YFC - Gayle Par
Joyce Percival and Jackie Whitlow who had the hard job of awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd
place. Congratulations to Katie Lomas from Middlewich, who came 1st giving us a brief
introduction into journalism and her job with the Farmers Guardian. This was a fantastic
insight into the hard work that goes into reporting and writing for a national news
paper. In 2nd place was Gemma Rees from Nantwich who gave an interesting talk on
health and nutrition which she is currently studying at university. Finally in 3rd place
was Stu Smith from Beeston, he talked to us about his recent travels and gave us an
insight in to different countries cultures and way of life.

                                                                                Sarah Roberts
                                                                                                           Sandbach YFC - Emma Oll
                                                                                                                                  ier and   Rueben Speed ‘“Waitrose
                                                                                                                                                                   ” Meat and Fish’

                                               ham   ‘Skiing and
                       lliams and Gareth Cheet
  Malpas YFC - Sarah Wi owboarding’

                                                                                                                        Congleton YFC - Mel Brown ‘ Showing

                                                        Beeston YFC - Stuart Smith
                                                                                     ‘My Trip to Malawi’

                                                                                                                    Middlewich YFC -Katie Lomas

                                               radio DJ’
                           alton ‘Working as a
      Knutsford YFC - Sam W

                                                      Nantwich YFC - Gemma Rees ‘Human
                                                                                       Nutrition’                      Stretton YFC - Katy Jacques ‘Rowing’

                                                                                                                                                   July 2011 Toplink           39
 Our very first Let’s Dance charity competition was a roaring
 success. The event was well supported and all who came had
 a great night. We saw our very own president impersonate
 superman showing he is a good sport as our surprise guest
 opening the evening. We had 6 very different acts from a
 troop of line dancers from Malpas and a solo performance
 from Sam Spruce from Beeston. The Beeston East meets
 Wales dance off made another amusing appearance. The
 second half was a bright opening by the Knutsford lads with
 the red and blue two step mash up followed by the Nantwich
 girls giving us a very polished high tempo routine. The night
 ended with the winners of the Dave and Lynda trophy which
 was awarded to Phil Jenkinson, Tom Hodgeson and Rueben
 Speed for their interpretation of Dirty Dancing. The winning
 team donated the prize money back to the charity which
 this year we are both supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust.
 Thanks must go to all our sponsors who supported the event
 which meant that every penny taken goes to this excellent
 charity. Thank you to all the competitors, sponsors, judges
 Rob Ford and Jane Smith and the audience for making it such
 a memorable evening, we raised £1342.00 for The Teenage
 Cancer Trust.
 Lynda Gough

40 Toplink July 2011
July 2011 Toplink   41
                                             
                                      



42 Toplink July 2011
Hockey & Netball Cup Final

The Fed Cup Hockey Final was an exciting
climax to the season and was held on the
astroturf at Deeside Ramblers’ ground at
Tiverton, Tarporley, between the favourites
Malpas and the underdogs Macclesfield.
Support for both teams was substantial and

  Support from both teams
    was substantial and
                                                                Malpas Winners                          Malpas Winners of Hockey Cup
   every goal was warmly                           every goal scored was warmly applauded,
         applauded                                 even though most of them went through
                                                   the Macclesfield net, despite their new goal
                                                   keeper kit! At full time, it was Malpas who
                                                   were declared the victors, but let us not
                                                   take anything away from an enthusiastic
                                                   Macclesfield side, who did incredibly well
                                                   to reach the final, considering that twelve
                                                   months ago they did not even have a hockey
                                                   team. The after match celebrations in the
                                                   clubhouse demonstrated all that is best in
                                                   YFC with both captains, namely Phil Johnson
                                                   and John Brocklehurst, buying the drinks!              Macclesfield Runners up

            Macclesfield Runners up                Graham and DJ

Well the season is over and what a season.
The season started playing at Malbank
School, where clubs got off to a great start. As
the season progressed the fight to become
top of the league became a lot fiercer.
Umpires have noticed a great improvement
in most clubs games and past members have
been shocked to hear how the league table
stands, with clubs like Beeston, Knutsford and
Congleton fighting strong and aiming high.
This year’s league winners Sandbach were
only 3 points clear of 2nd place Beeston.
Towards the end of the season we started
to play the cup games. This too was also an
interesting time. Malpas beat Altricham and                                           Beeston Winners
Beeston beat Sandbach to get in to the final
which was held on the 12th March. Both             came to support and help with the evening.
semi final games were well fought, leading         That’s it for me for this year; I wish the
on to a tough final. Beeston were victorious       new netball secretary the best of luck and
in the end winning 20-4. The first time in         everyone a great season ahead.
history that Beeston have won the league,
Once again unfortunate for Malpas they were
piped to the post 2 years running.
A huge thank you must got to all those that         Sarah Roberts
                                                                                                            Malpas Runner up

                                                                                                                    July 2011 Toplink   43
  `Annual Will Boffey Football KO Competition`
                        This year is taking place at:
         Brine Leas High School, Audlem Road, Nantwich, CW5 7DY

              On: Sunday August 21st 2011 commencing at 10 am.

                            Charge per Team of £30
        7 a side with rolling subs - maximum of 10 players per team.

                               Further information & entries to:

      Liz & Mike Boffey TEL: 01948 871250 EMAIL: liz.boffey@virgin.net

  In Aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research - South Cheshire Branch

Focusing on the
needs of farmers
        Agricultural Leases & Agreements
        NVZ Calculations & Future Options
        Compensation
        Valuations
        Planning & Development
        Single Farm Payment
        Environmental Schemes & Grants
        Milk Quota
        Entitlement Trading
        Property & Land Sales

                        West Vew House, Whitchurch Rd,
                        Hatton Heath, Chester CH3 9AU
                        Tel: 01829 773000
                        Fax: 01829 773001
                        Email: info@rostons.co.uk
                                                                                         club report
                                           petrol and had to be rescued on more          her on the day, and I came third in my
                         Miss C            then one occasion.                            first ever home craft entry in the open
                                                                                         handicraft with a crocheted head band.
                                           Shortly after our dinner dance we
                                           elected our new top table, before             Caroline Horton’s new design for the
                                           introducing them I would like to say          CYF logo was beautifully drawn and also
We had fantastic weather for               a huge thank you to Hazel for all her         managed a third place. Hannah pulled
Cumberland sports day, which was           hard work and commitment in the past          everyone together for our stand (a day
modestly attended by Altrincham            year, I’m sure you will all agree she did     at the allotment) with a foodie feast of
members. After just arriving Chris         a bang up job and showed us all how it        gazpatcho soup, strawberry and rhubarb
Childs jumped straight into the 400m,      is done (with and without fuel). Hannah       tarts and a summer quiche, looked over
the starter said go, he dropped his        Lees and Richard Horton have taken to         by Ollie the Altrincham scare crow and
bag jumped over the barrier and            the lead roles, and with the amount of        accompanied by a nicely sown seed
started running, he still had his hat      dedication that they both have it is sure     pinny and a rather excellent display of
and jumper on! Dave Windle (Tinsile)       to be a great year, Emma Dickens and          meadow inspired flowers. Louise once
put in a valiant effort in the 800m as     Simon Dowle (Moley) have taken up the         again brought the cows home in the
he crossed the finish line in 4th . Ruth   vice positions. There have been a few         open dairy for her second trophy of the
Alison was playing her own game in         alterations elsewhere on the top table
                                           with Caroline Horton taking up the spot           Altrincham one again
                                           of Secretary and Rachael Ollier taking
  Ruth Alison played shot                  up the position of treasurer after Tony’s         picked up 1st prize for
  put, getting it closest to               many years of service.Tom and Helen                most improved club
                                           are now the male and female sports
  throwing circle and won                  reps. Thank you to everyone for putting
                                           yourselves forward and we look forward        day, with Moley herding in a respectable
                                           to another great year.                        second in the Beef stockjudging and
the shot put - who can get their shot                                                    Will Glenn managed to round up the
                                           The hockey team played in the
closest to the throwing circle, she won.                                                 flock to win senior sheep. Well done to
                                           semi finals of the cup against Macc.
Some how, Hannah Lees and I made it                                                      all involved and thank you all for all the
                                           Unfortunately, the team was split
into the 200m final and we are safe in                                                   hard work.
                                           between this fixture and a tug of war
the knowledge that we made everyone
                                           match, but Alti put up a valiant effort
else feel better as they did not come in                                                 The After Rally Dance was a great night
                                           in the sunny weather (which is very
last or second to last. Michelle Norcott                                                 and it actually managed not to rain,
                                           unusual for the hockey team who
managed to run a total of 1200m after                                                    there was plenty of dancing around
                                           usually play in the rain) alas we lost, but
completing both the 400m and the                                                         handbags and everyone was busting a
                                           I would like to thank everyone for taking
800m, however Tom Jones thought                                                          move. Alti once again managed to pick
                                           part. Most of the team went on to the
better of it and decided that the 400m                                                   up the prize for most improved club and
                                           Point- to- Point at Tabley and getting
was plenty far enough. Rachael Ollier                                                    managed to end up in 5th place for the
                                           to soak up the sun a little more, it was a
backed up Michelle in the 400m and                                                       Moody Bowl. Keep up all the good work
                                           good day all round.
doubled up nicely as a very welcome                                                      guys we might catch them yet.
cheerleader and bag holder (though         The farm planning team put in a stella
sometimes she held on to the bags little   performance and managed to come               I hope you all had fun at Cheshire Show
too tight and it was hard to prise them    in first! Thank you to Richard Horton,        and that the only reason we get wet is
back out of her hands). A big thank you    Robert Cross, Steven Cookson and James        because of the water fight. Hope to see
to everyone that attended.                 Ollier for all your hard work.                you all out and about.
Alti came out to play at our dinner        The Rally was a rather
dance, which was once again held at        wet and drizzly affair,
the Cresta Court Hotel. The awards were    though that did
all hotly contested and the Top Table      not deter the Alti
had a hard time deciding on the lucky      members as we were
recipients. Chris Childs picked up the     there in force. Home
prize for new member and the most          craft was a rather
contribution to Tony. Tom managed to       triumphant affair
pick up sports male of the year with       with Alty scoring its
his aunty Helen Worsley picking up         first ever placing in
sports female. Young male went to          the tent - Louise Holt
Jack Richards and female to Georgina       managed to construct
Cookson. Male member went to Mick          a very beautiful and
Jones and Female to Caroline Horton.       innovative design in 2
However, there was a clear winner this     hours to win the open
year of the wooden spoon, our chair        flowers using only
lady Hazel Ford managed to run out of      the flowers given to
                                                                                                              July 2011 Toplink   45
                                                                    club report
                                              night of the final presentation we put in     have a quick one in Yates’ turned into a
                          Rob Bez             our best effort, but even Cookie’s alleged
                                              visits to the London boroughs to do
                                                                                            whole day spent saving our poor queen
                                                                                            from drowning, and also the less said
                                              market research on the area’s prestigious     about Lancashire’s drink of choice the
                                              car storage facilities failed to clinch us    better. Cookie learnt important lessons
Alright everyone, Trying to get this done     the top spot. Well done to Altrincham         regarding when to lock your door, but
while at work without the boss noticing       on their win, we all know who to turn to      to make sure he wouldn’t forget we
is proving pretty difficult as this looks     now if in need of some business advice.       thought the complete stripping of his
nothing like a schematic drawing of           Both Beeston and Nantwich trecked up          room, mattress and all, would help him
the hydraulic ram I’m supposed to be          to Warrington circuit for an inter-club Go-
checking but since I’ve got away with it      Karting championship. After donning the
this far I’ll carry on.                       boiler suits, racing began, well I thought
                                                                                              Cookie managed to come
I’ve got to be honest, when I started out     it had but for some reason all my races        in third place in the heats.
at Beeston 9 months ago, I thought I’d        were cut in half by the four black flags I              Good Lad!
come along for a few jollies, see what        managed to receive from the first four
they got up to and try and get back into      races, after a stern talking to by the boss
young farmers after a few years absence       man I was allowed back on, not that it        remember in the future. This was shortly
from Leek YFC. To be fair this is pretty      made much difference since my points          followed by a close encounter with a
much all I’ve done and it was pretty          total had remained at zero throughout         hair trimmer, and although succeeding
unexpected when Cookie turned round           (not bitter in the slightest). After the      in shaving a patch in Cookie’s hair Matty
and asked if I’d do vice chair. Even more     heats had finished the final began and        Aidley also took a flying lesson courtesy
unexpected was the moment everyone            included our own Neil Roberts and             of Rob’s legs as he was sent sailing over
swivelled round towards me when the           Rob Cooke. With Neil following my lead        the bed and into the wall.
subject of Toplink reports came around,       falling foul of the over-excited arm of the   The beef and carcase Stockjudging
and found out that the job of writing         black flag man, allowing Cookie a nice        at Sheaf Farm, Tarvin proved to be
it now fell to me, not sure how this fact     opening and he managed to come home           a successful night for Beeston with
escaped me, but never mind let’s get on       in third place. Good lad!                     Andy Ward putting in a sterling effort,
with it.
                                              Following this was Beeston’s                  managing to get 1st place in the
This has been a very busy three months        Entertainments Uncut, at Tarporley            intermediate beef and 2nd place in the
in the world of young farmers so I            Community Centre, despite a slight            intermediate carcass.
shouldn’t find it too hard to find stuff to   deviation from the original lines of the
write about.                                                                                After weeks of preparation for homecraft
                                              show the event proved to be a success         we were ready for the biggest event
                                              and was well attended by young farmers        within the calendar year. The County
                                              and their families. A big thank you to        Rally and After Rally dance both held
    Congratulations to                        everyone that came.                           at Reaseheath College, a busy day of
 Nantwich on their victory                    On to the Beeston dinner dance at             competitions seeing Beeston win dairy
      well deserved                           the Fourways Inn, Oakmere, where we           stockjudging, welding and ATV handling.
                                              were served some great food and a             Our ladies also did extremely well
To start this quarter we went for a           surprisingly short speech from Goughy,        getting to the semi –finals in the tug
lesson in how to compete in debate            with myself, Jennie Hales and Andy Ward       o war, and after many hours spent ‘not
competitions at Byley Village Hall at the     taking the senior male, senior female and     training’ the male team managed to win
debate final between Congleton and            junior member of the year awards.             two ends against Middlewich, not that
Nantwich, a great performance was             Inconveniently, the county sports day         we got excited about this or anything.
made by both teams, and I for one now         followed the Beeston dinner dance and I       This brings me to the last event to add
feel well informed about the alternative      think the lack of medals can be put down      to this edition of toplink, with 3hours
vote system and the worrying state of         to the previous evening, however Henry        to go before the deadline so finally to
British dairy farming. Congratulations to     bucked the trend with his daddy long          Cheshire Show. This proved to be a great
Nantwich on their victory well deserved!      legs carrying him to victory in the 400m.     day and the rain managed to hold off
The beginning of the Beeston sports           The milking machine competition               and left the drenching to the water fight!
trophy haul began with our football           followed with the Cooke bros entering         The floats this year brought an excellent
team playing on top form winning the          but the sibling partnership couldn’t          turnout with all the clubs putting in a
Cheshire Federation Cup final 3 – 1           produce and they unfortunately walked         lot of effort in. Beeston managed to get
against Middlewich, followed by the           away with nothing. Next came the              into the Football spirit with Stuart Smith
Netball Cup final winning 40 – 8 against      Hobbies and Pastimes competition              constantly blowing his referees whistle
Malpas.                                       at Byley Village Hall with Stuart Smith       and the judges joined in singing along
Continuing with the competitions, many        managing to talk his way to 3rd place.        with the National Anthem. Thanks must
nights and many cans were spent around                                                      also go to Genus who kindly sponsored
                                              The beginning of May only means one           the Beeston float.
the kitchen table firing round business
                                              thing...AGM! This included a genuine
ideas that would have shamed even the                                                       That’s about it for my first toplink report;
                                              intention to visit the pleasure beach,
best of tools on The Apprentice. On the                                                     forgive me if I’ve missed anything out.
                                              which quickly failed when ‘should we
                                                                                                                  July 2011 Toplink   47
                                                                                         club report
                                             AGM. There is plenty of gossip from the     (yet another win in a non-Moody Bowl
                                             weekend, and I must thank a certain         competition), but not so much luck in
                                             female member for helping to build club     the Cricket. Congratulations to Jenko,
                                             relations with Altrincham.                  who certainly looked the part in his
               Anna &                        Thank you to everyone who attended
                                                                                         stockjudging coat & sunglasses, on his
                                                                                         successful year as Federation rounder’s
               Charlotte                     Anna, Hannah and Katie’s Dairy Queen
                                             Ball, held by kind permission of Mr &
                                                                                         captain, I hear you did us proud!
                                             Mrs G. Marrow. Congratulations to the 5
                                             Congleton fosters can’s for winning the          We are both looking
Hi Everyone,
                                             best fancy dress. Scott and Tom provided
                                             their usual banter, ending in Scott             forward to the next 12
Well this is mine and Charlotte’s first      toppling over in his can. Also thanks to        months as Chair Ladies
report as Chair Ladies of Congleton          Andow Snr for her bid for 15lbs of beef,
                                             we’re sure you won’t go hungry anytime
                                             soon.                                       Just to remind you all that we now
   Thankyou to Lynda &                       This then brings us onto Rally day,
                                                                                         hold a monthly Social Night at the
                                                                                         Black Swan, Lower Withington, on the
   Dave & the rest of the                    and a massive thank you must go to
                                                                                         first Wednesday of every month 7.30
 top table for making ‘Let’                  everyone who took part. After lots of
                                                                                         onwards - Please come along.
                                             meetings and preparation beforehand
 Dance’ a successful night                   we all pulled together and had a            We are all busy working on the float,
                                             fantastic day, shame the sun didn’t         ready for The Cheshire Show at the
                                             hold out all day, but it certainly didn’t   minute, this year JK Ashbrook have
YFC. We would like to thank Tom & Phil       put a downer on things. Well done           kindly lent us a trailer and by the time
for the past 12 months and I’m sure we       to Jo and Claudia for their 2nd’s in        the TopLink comes out hopefully we will
will all agree it’s been an eventful year.   homecraft. Well done to Rick for coming     still be celebrating our big win, either
                                             joint 1st in sheep stockjudging, and to     that or we are still trying to retrieve the
So, the first event since our last update    Paul and Phil for winning the milking       Palm Trees & Beach Balls from the A556,
was the Federation’s ‘Let’s Dance’           machine competition once again. Not         we will update you in the next report.
competition held at Winsford Lifestyle       forgetting well done to the plank race
Centre, to raise money for the teenage       team for winning. We would also like to     Finally, congratulations to Chloe for
cancer trust. This was the first time we     Congratulate Gemma Rees on becoming         passing her driving test and to Steve,
had this event and for those of you          Dairy Queen 2011 and her Ladies in          Chrissie and Sam for turning 18.
who came and watched I’m sure you            Waiting Sarah Williams and Emma Ollier,     We would also like to Congratulate
will agree Phil, Tom, Lynda & Reuben         we are sure you’ll have a fantastic year.   James & Erica Ashbrook on the birth of
Speed’s dance was very entertaining,                                                     Gabriella and wish them all the best.
                                             A week later we all ventured to the After
with Mrs A’s wedding dress making            Rally Dance, this year to be held for the   Well hopefully we have covered
a re-appearance, and for those who           first time in the Marquee at Reaseheath     everything that’s happened in the past
didn’t I’m sure you’ve heard all about it    College. I hear Tom had a good night        few months.
by now. We would like to thank Lynda         and so did a couple of our younger
& Dave and the rest of the top table for     members – I won’t mention any names         Just a note from us both to say we are
all the organization and effort put into     but you know who you are. I’m sure          looking forward to the next 12 months
making it a successful night.                everyone will agree that we will blame      as Chair Ladies and can’t wait for the up
The next event on the agenda was             the absent BBQ for the sore heads the       coming events.
Hobbies and Pastimes at Byley Village        next day.
Hall, after all the preparation and          The following day we
practice Mel Brown did a fantastic talk      had the Federation
on showing cows in the ring, thank you       Cricket & Rounders
Mel.                                         competition and a
A couple of nights later CYFC held a         group of us headed
Caleidh night at Ray and Jill Brown’s,       over to Cholmondeley
in order to celebrate Jill’s 3 years as      (via Mc Donalds) to
our club president. This was a brilliant     take part.
night with lots of oldies and youngsters     Thank you to our
both joining in. Thank you to everyone       cricket and rounders
who helped out, both on the night and        team; Ben, Harry, Tom
preparing the food.                          & Phil Moss, Sam,
                                             Annie, Laura B and
At the beginning of May a few of us
                                             Charlotte. We managed
headed to Blackpool for the National
                                             to win the Rounders
                                                                                                              July 2011 Toplink   49
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       •   n u t r i t i o n a l                       i n n o v a t i o n             •
                                                                                      club report

Well well well... what can I say about
Knutsford YFC?

   Now then boys, you had
     better watch out!

Firstly, I’ll start at the top and there has
been a change: Sam has stepped down
after two fantastic years in power and
relinquished the role of ‘chief’ to Miss
Georgia Lowe and Miss Josie Ratter-            Dutton. Thank you for giving up your         done also to Jess Britland for winning
Evision so it’s what you would call “Girl      precious time and coming home a very         the fudge class. A special mention must
Power” in Knutsford this year. Now then        respectable 5th.                             go too Mikey Hartley who won the
boys, you had better watch out.                                                             under 14’s cookery with his incredible
                                               At the beginning of May a few members
Way back in April, Sam Walton took to                                                       Gingerbread House, it was worthy of
                                               went on an annual road trip to the
the floor to delight the crowds at Byley                                                    a place on Grand Designs. There was a
                                               National AGM in Blackpool. There was
Village Hall with a presentation about                                                      good showing from the boys (and girls)
                                               plenty of merriment and mayhem and
his star- studded, multi-million pound                                                      who definitely know more about A, B,
                                               a great time was had by all, well all
career at Cheshire FM for this year’s                                                       X, Y in the stock judging than I do. Our
                                               those who can actually remember what
Hobbies and Pastimes competition.                                                           proudest moment on the day had to be
There’s no wonder he is perfectly suited                                                    the Ladies tug-of-war team, who were
to a life on the airwaves, he certainly has    The week before the Rally we all headed      crowned winners without even breaking
the ‘gift of the gab.’ Chris Moyles had        off to Brereton, to the Dairy Queen’s ball
better watch out.                              and to particularly celebrate the year
                                               of our very own Lady-in-Waiting, Katie         Remember guys, it’s not
We then held our annual Mini-Rally at          Dutton. She has done a fantastic job
The Hartley’s and a great night was had        for the club and county and it was only
                                                                                             the winning it’s the taking
by all, secretly there is more competition     right we helped celebrate by partying                   part
in KYFC at the mini rally than there is        the night away. It was a great night
at the real one. Let’s hope we will be         especially as a few interesting costumes
allowed back next year for round two.          made their way to the dance floor.           a sweat. This year’s team included, Josie
We entered farm planning as usual              There’s an old saying “if you go down        Ratter, Georgia Lowe, Kirsty Munday,
with our team consisting of Neil Worth,        in the Knutsford woods today you are         Danni Johnson, Katie Dutton and Holly
Steve Hartley, Andy Hartley and Katie          sure to find: an intimidating Indian, a      Pratico. Thanks to everyone who took
                                                         Greek Goddess, a feisty French     part on the day.
                                                         Maid, a proficient Pilot and
                                                                                            With a new setting and format the After
                                                         an accomplished airhostess.”
                                                                                            Rally do was rapidly with us and the
                                                         Shame we didn’t win best
                                                                                            Barmy Army sent its troops to show
                                                         dressed this time though.
                                                                                            them all how to party. We didn’t win the
                                                        This year the Rally was upon us     Moody Bowl this time unfortunately but
                                                        all too soon and after hours of     we had fun, made friends and laughed
                                                        brewing and baking, pondering       loudly on our journey over the year. But
                                                        and deliberating we were            remember guys it’s not the winning, it’s
                                                        ready, just. The Girls arrived      the taking part... well sometimes anyway.
                                                        bright and early to show off
                                                                                            Right, that’s enough gossiping from
                                                        their skills and they certainly
                                                                                            me, I must go and help paint the float
                                                        did just that. Once again we
                                                                                            which is once again a masterpiece of
                                                        came third with our stand;
                                                                                            architectural genius. Until next time...
                                                        it’s not quantity, its quality.
                                                        Congratulations girls. Well
                                                                                                                 July 2011 Toplink     51
                                                                                   club report
                                              Macclesfield left the hills and headed
                                              down to Middlewich to take part in                A fabulous ‘Around the
                                              a Stockjudging Master class, by kind
                  Berneard                    permission of John Edge. It was a very            World Ball’, with some
It’s come to that time of the year again
                                              educational night, with a real insight into
                                              what to look for when judging animals.
                                                                                                  hilarious costumes,
where we inform you of what has been          It must have paid off, as Macclesfield             including a 5 pack of
happening in Macclesfield YFC.                managed to win a few Stockjudging
                                              classes at the rally...                                    fosters
Firstly, Macclesfield took a team of up and
coming Linford Christies’ and Kelly Holmes’   In the Farm Business Management
to compete in the Rally Sports Heats.         Competition our team consisted of John        winning their categories. We all had such
It was an enjoyable day for all. Rowena       Brocklehurst, Jordan Potts, Sarah Heath       fun – thank you to the federation for
and Sarah then went to the Federation         and Hannah Barton and they managed to         organising such a good day. After a whole
Homecraft Meeting, which proved very          come a respectable 6th. Well done.            year, it was time for Hannah Barton, to
interesting. Sports have proved to be                                                       hand over her Dairy Queen crown and
a great enjoyment in the club so far, as      Just before the Easter weekend an             Molly Taylor and Sarah Heath entered this
Macclesfield Hockey team got through to       Easter Egg Hunt was arranged around           Dairy Queen Competition for Macc, but we
the finals against Malpas. Lots of members    Gawsworth, members teamed up and              eventually saw Sarah Williams and Emma
went to support and encourage the team,       set off in cars, they all had the challenge   Ollier as the new Ladies in Waiting, with
and Macc managed to come second. Well         of answering questions and collecting         Gemma Rees being crowned Dairy Queen
done to Malpas for winning and a massive      specific items. To end the hunt everyone      2011. We wish you all the best of luck, and
well done to all of the Macc players, you     met at the Harrington Arms, Gawsworth         are sure you will do a fabulous job.
did us proud.                                 where the results were tallied and
                                              everyone had a chance to socialise. The       The After Rally Dance was a brilliant night,
Our chairladies, Hannah and Sarah,            winners of the hunt were Alison Waller        with plenty of people attending. We came
have organised social nights on the first     and Jordan Kenyon; and won a large Easter     a very good 6th place, and well done to
Monday of every month. This gives a           egg, well done to you both.                   Nantwich for coming 1st and Sandbach
chance for new and existing members to                                                      a very close 2nd. It sounds as though
socialise and meet new people. It would       Hobbies and Pastimes competition was          everyone had an enjoyable night.
be great to get as many members, new          next, and Gayle Parks, along with Macc’s      At the moment, the club is full-steam
members and friends to come along and         youngest ever member Evie, gave a             ahead working on the float for Cheshire
                                              fantastic demonstration on Water Babies,      show. Fingers crossed team.
                                              and were placed 5th.
                                                                                            Keep up the good work Team Macc.
      sports are great                        Then there was the National AGM held in
                                              Blackpool, many Macc members attended,
 enjoyment as Macclesfield                    and lots of fun was had but, what goes on
                                              tour stays on tour.
  hockey team got through
                                              A fabulous ‘Around the World Ball’ was next
        to the final                          and there were some hilarious costumes,
       against Malpas                         including Mexican miners, and even a 5
                                              pack of fosters! Over £4,200 was raised
                                              for MS and East Cheshire Hospice. Many
                                              thanks to the Dairy Queen, Hannah and
join in.                                      her Ladies in Waiting, Anna and Katie, for
Next we had the milking machine               organising this event.
competition, Mikey Symons and Pete            The following week Rally Day proved
Lomas competed in this, well done to                                                           (top left to right)- Lee Watson, Stuart Parks,
                                              great fun where Macc took part in                 Claire Newton, Anna Lomas, Jordan Potts.
them both. The federation Let’s Dance         every competition from Tug-of-War to
competition on Saturday 16th April                                                              (bottom left to right)-Emily Harper, Jennie
                                              Stockjudging. We would like to make               Lomas, Richard Garton, John Brocklehurst,
was very successful and entertaining.         a special mention to Ashley James, Lily
On Wednesday 20th April a few of                                                             Victoria Newton, Mark Hadley & Mikey Symons
                                              Bracegirdle and Emily Wainwright for

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                                                                                                                    July 2011 Toplink     53
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                                                                  club report
                                                what a great party it was! Well done to
                                                Nantwich for winning the Moody Bowl,
                                                let’s hope next year it will end up with
Well hello again fellow toplink readers.        us again.
Lots to talk about again this time, Malpas      Preparations for the Cheshire show float
have been busy yet again.....so lets start      are well underway, and possibly by the
from the top.                                   time we speak again, it may all be over.
Rally day is the hot topic in my report         The Float is however looking better
this time. So much preparation goes into        than ever, well done to all the dedicated
a day that seems to fly by.                     painters and designers that have been
                                                supporting the build. Fingers crossed for
The weeks of dedicated ladies meetings          the show.                                        Macho-Malpas’ first four legged
every Monday night most certainly paid                                                       member at Clwyd Special Riding Centre,
                                                So far, the new top table are doing
                                                brilliantly. Lots has been organised and     Llanfynydd, Wrexham (Malpas YFC hand
                                                the last few months have been jam               over the money they raised at their
   Malpas won overall title                     packed of events. Not so long ago, our                   Charity Auction)
  in the Home Craft section.                    chairman George Hale took members on
                                                his long awaited JCB tour, and everyone     Three of our long-standing members
        Well done girls                         who went said how much they enjoyed         and past chairmen have turned 30
                                                themselves.                                 recently. Charlie Ravenscroft and Charles
                                                Malpas have also had a celebratory          Hughes have already crossed the line,
off for Malpas, being winners of the            “home craft” team night out, kindly         Happy birthday lads. Ed Jones is soon to
main stand and the children’s lunchbox          organised by our very own president         follow, and most probably when by the
competition, and together with several          Anne Bowden.                                time you are reading this Ed will have
other well placed entries, Malpas won                                                       too, so just for you...Happy Birthday.
the overall title in the Home craft             A few weekends ago, we took a trip
                                                to the Clwyd Special Riding Centre          So until next time, keep yourselves busy
section. Well done girls.                                                                   Malpas. There are lots to look forward
                                                to donate a cheque for £1000 which
Our trusty farmer-turned-carpenter              was raised during our charity promise       to in the next few months again, and it
Mr Stuart Richards secured his title of         auction, Malpas YFC are now the proud       would be lovely to see as many faces as
woodwork champion, and our very                 sponsors of “Macho” a little bay pony       possible.
own Gaz “belly flopper” Cheetham                new to the riding centre. Watch this        Until next time...
reigned supreme in the ball bobbing             space....he may be our new mascot.
competition, celebrating in style with a
not so elegant flop into the pool.
The Dairy Queen competition was a
definite highlight of the day and Malpas
most certainly won the title of most
supportive club. A huge well done to
Ellie Mitchell and Christina Langley for
their club dedication and braving the
large crowd entering the competition.
Now for as long as I can remember,
Malpas have never really been
too successful in this particular
competition...however, this year is the
exception. Our newly crowned, dazzling
Dairy Maid Sarah Williams will now be
gracing the county in style. On behalf of
Malpas YFC we would like to wish Sarah
a fantastic year, it was absolutely brilliant
(if not a little emotional) to see such a
dedicated Malpas member to be titled
with such a highly regarded position.
Well done Sarah.
                                                 Gaz “belly flopper” Cheetham in Action at Rally day (Our Vice-Chairman Ball bobbing
The Rally dance was next in line, and                                               on Rally day)

                                                                                                                 July 2011 Toplink   55
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                                                                                         club report
                                             taking them to the final against Beeston.   for showing off their exceptional talent.
                                             Middlewich played an excellent game,        Congratulations to everyone who took
                         Becks and           however, luck was not on our side and       part in the homecraft events, you all
                         Mike                Middlewich lost 3-1 but we are all very
                                             proud of Middlewich’s success this year.
                                                                                         did Middlewich YFC very proud. A
                                                                                         massive well done to all involved in the
Hi all, it’s that time where we update you   After the sports, all hands were on deck    stockjudging on the day too, again we
about all that’s happened in Middlewich      for Rally Day preparation. Homecraft        did exceptionally well at this year’s Rally
YFC in the past while.                       meetings became a regular Sunday            Day and we certainly think there’s a lot
                                             evening occurrence; thanks must go          of future talent in this field (so to speak).
It was all change for the club in April
when we had our AGM. We had an               to the Bennion family for hosting our       This year, we were presented with new
excellent turnout at Byley Village Hall,     meetings and keeping our glasses            tug of war shirts, in a very dashing red.
and all of the available positions were      topped with orange or apple juice. After    Thanks must go to the sponsors of these
filled, some more enthusiastically           inter-club competitions to find the         shirts, Williams Design and Print, Border
than others though (for some reason          perfect fudge (at the expense of Becks’     Plants and Lowe’s Farm Shop. Although
Middlewich has a lack of budding Andy        £60 pan), pizza and muffin recipes, we      we had the shirts, luck wasn’t on our side
Murrays). Nonetheless, we would like         felt confident we had picked the best       at Rally Day in the tug of war but well
to welcome our new top table of Sam          person and the best recipe for the day.     done everyone for taking part.
                                             The theme for the main stand this year      A week later Reaseheath also played
                                             was ‘A Day at the Allotment’ so we spent    host to the after rally dance. Everyone
                                             a lot of time deciding on what to present   who attended had a great time,
                                             on the stand. We were very pleased with
                                             the outcome, so well done to everyone
                                             involved.                                     Thanks to the sponsors
                                             For stockjudging preparation,
                                                                                            for our dashing shirts,
                                             Middlewich YFC was invited round             Williams Design and Print,
                                             to Booth Hall Farm to an Ayrshire            Border Plants and Lowe’s
                                             stockjudging evening. Thanks must
                                             go to the Norbury’s for hosting the                  Farm Shop
                                             evening. In addition to that, a County
                                             stockjudging evening was hosted             Middlewich YFC was very proud to win
Chambers as Chairman, Vicki Bennion          by our President, John Edge. Thanks         the Rally Day trophy again and to come
as Lady Chairman, Mike Norbury and           must also go to all who organised that      third overall in the Moody Bowl. It really
Rebekah Jackson as the two Vices and         event; it was again very useful for all     does make all the hard work through the
Lisa Oakes as Secretary. All the best for    involved. To complete the stockjudging      year worth it.
the coming year.                             masterclasses, a beef event was held        So now, we are knee deep in paint and
The first big event after the AGM was        with kind permission at the Bradbury’s      preparing for this year’s Cheshire Show.
the Sports Day in the Cumberland             farm in Davenham, and a silage/cereals      We will report on how that goes on next
Sports Ground in Crewe. Thanks to all        and sheep evening was held at the           time, but until then enjoy your summer
for making it there on the Sunday and        Lowe’s residence in Byley. Thanks           and hope you all look forward to next
doing your best in all the events, special   to both the Bradbury and the Lowe           time’s roundup of events.
mention must go to Faye Sharpley for         family for providing us with those
her success in the running.                  opportunities,
                                             everyone who
                                             attended found
   Special mention to Faye                   the evenings really
   Sharpley for her success                  informative.
       in the running                        Finally, the Rally
                                             Day came along on
On Sunday 10th April Middlewich              Sunday 29th May.
played Malpas in the federation hockey       We were all up
semi finals. It was an extremely tough       bright and bushy
match which took place on an extremely       tailed to prepare
hot day. Unfortunately, Malpas made          the homecraft tent,
it into the final with a 2-1 win over        and Katie Lomas
Middlewich, well done to all who took        and Lisa Oakes
part for Middlewich and best of luck         spent a lot of time
for next year. However, Middlewich           on their flowers
football team managed to beat Malpas         for the day. Well
in the federation football semi finals       done to both girls

                                                                                                               July 2011 Toplink   57
                                                                             club report

It’s that time again where the experts
report on the affairs of Nantwich Young
When we wrote last month’s report,
Nantwich were in the semi final of the
Senior Debate, which we won and got
through to the final against Congleton.
The team was Rich Edge (Redge), Scott
(popped the question) Barnett, Lauren
(Next Model) Wilson, Rich Goodwin,
Amanda Bailey and Captain marvel Stuart
Furber. Gemma Rees had helped out in
previous rounds. Stu has now retired as
he is too old but has captained the team       speech went down a treat. Trophy               final where from Nantwich we had Rob
to 7 wins in 8 years, and due to this our      winners were Male Member, Tommy                Sutton, Phil Goodwin and Adam Vernon.
President has decided to knight Stu for        Dodd, Female Member, Claire Lancaster,         Neil Roberts from Beeston played dirty
his efforts. Thank you very much Sir Stuart.   Junior Male Member, Matt Wright, Junior        and knocked Phil Goodwin out the race
                                               Female Member, Charlotte Barber, Most          early, with Neil getting black flagged.
The Football season came to a close,           Charitable Member, Tricia Boffey and Mug       However, as much as people tried, Rob
which was closely fought between               of the Year, Will Ellwood. Later on in the     Sutton kept it cool throughout the final
Nantwich A and Beeston B. However,             evening James Parton was found in the          and was a deserved winner. Ian again set
due to Beeston B fielding an unsigned          girl’s toilets alone with Nicole Richardson,   us a bad example, by still believing he was
member they were deducted 3 points             but then Big Mike Boffey walked in and         in the go kart and overtaking the whole
and hence the winners are yet to be            sorted the job out, good on you Mike. Our      way home!
announced as County are holding a              president Ian Bulkeley was a little worse
Steward’s Inquiry. Also, Nantwich B went       for wear, so his wife decided to leave him     Hobbies and Pastimes was the next
into administration and Nantwich C just                                                       competition with Gemma Rees entering
missed out on promotion. But they will                                                        for us and coming 2nd with her talk on
both hope for better next year with Rob          A great night had by all at                  nutrition, well done Gemma! The next
Sutton aiming to pull the B team out of                                                       thing on the agenda was stock judging
administration, and Mark Thomasson                Nantwich Dinner Dance                       night at the home of the Goodwin’s.
taking on the captain role for the C                                                          Machinery and Animal valuation took
team after Tommy (Gary Neville) Adams                                                         place as well as Beef, Sheep and Dairy
decided to hang up his boots. Fed Cup          there when she left; hence Ian was left        stock judging. It could have been better
came quickly round with us having              lying in a bush outside, until Jill Cliffe     attended by members but a good night
Beeston in the first round, we went 1-0 up,    offered him a lift home. This proved to be     all in all, as many tips were given out
and then Beeston got a lucky penalty and       a bad decision, as when on the Weston          ready for Rally Day. Hopefully Dave Petrie
scored. So, even though we dominated           Roundabout Ian put his window down             listened to advice because when he was
the game, due to poor light the game           and shouted, ‘I’m going to do it, I’m going    asked to share his reasons on Goodwin’s
went to penalties. The match was tied 7-7      to jump, 1000, 2000, 3000, JUMP!’ Luckily      New Holland TS115, he made a huge list
after every penalty had been scored, even      Catherine Norbury was there to hold onto       of negatives, for example, rust, damaged
though Dan Done had got his hands to           his legs. You do set us a bad example Ian!     PTO shaft, indicators didn’t work and so
every Beeston penalty. It was up to Phil       Nantwich and Beeston’s joint Go Karting        on. So when asked for his valuation one
(Gareth Southgate) Goodwin to keep             was next up, a highly anticipated event,       member of the crowd said ‘about 3 quid
us in it, he stepped up, and somehow           which proved to be a barrel full of laughs.    after those reasons!’ Dave, if the negativity
managed to slip over on the hard, dry          Each person had 5 races each, so the           you use about tractors is anything to
ground and the ball didn’t even reach the      pressure was on to make each race count.       go by, that may be the reason you’re
Beeston keeper, the Beeston players burst      Some struggled to get going, mostly            struggling to pull any women, you’re too
out laughing and celebrated their win.         Tom Dodd and Jim Parton, due to the            negative about them. Think positive Dave,
Don’t worry Phil, there’s always next year.    lack of confidence with the high speed         positive.
                                               overtaking. And poor Mark Wright had a         The National AGM in Blackpool was next
Nantwich Dinner Dance at Crewe Hall            shocker. He struggled to get off the start
followed. A great night had by all which                                                      on the agenda and a lot of cider black
                                               line most times and when starting 1st in       and snakebite was consumed over the
was greatly attended by many past and          one race he was in 5th position when he
present Nantwich members. Good food,                                                          weekend. One highlight was Miss T Boffey
                                               approached the first corner. We got to the     falling down the stairs in Yates and then
Bingo and Pete’s big time Chairman’s

58 Toplink July 2011
sporting an impressive bruise the next       Letter 1 – Mike Rees wrote in asking for         sorely missed by the club, especially the
morning! Fancy dress turned out to be        some advice for the next time he sees Big        younger members, who you have been
a real success, to the theme ‘song titles’   Mike Cliffe after playing a practical joke       an inspiration to in getting involved and
and the three Nantwich members new           on Jonty which got out of hand. After            showing them what Young Farmers is all
to the AGM ; Will Ellwood, Matt Wright       making up that he had been pulled over           about. You deserved to win the Moody
and Graham McNaugher went as Bob             by the police and got 3 points on his            Bowl and all of Nantwich thank you for
the Builder, showing off their physique      licence for the lights not working on one        making the club successful in 2011.
in fluorescent jackets! A weekend not to     of Mr Cliffe’s trailers they had hired, so Big
be forgotten for a while especially for Em   Mike went to the Rees estate to sort it out
Boffey who celebrated her 24th birthday!     and found out Reesy was playing a joke.          Congratulations to Griff and Vicky on
Bring on Torquay 2012.                                                                        their baby girl, Evie. Griff you’ll have to do
                                             Deirdre says – Mike you need to know
                                                                                              a bit of feeding and bedding up inside
Rally day approached and we knew we          the difference between pulling a woman,
                                                                                              rather than outside nowadays. And also
were roughly 60 points ahead, so we          and pulling a silage trailer, and be able
                                                                                              congratulations to Scottie and Hannah
knew we needed a strong day. We won          to recognise when their winking and
                                                                                              who have got engaged, we can’t wait for
tractor driving (Charlotte Whittaker, Adam   flashing at you. Stop getting confused
                                                                                              the big do.
Vernon, Matt Wright and Dave Petrie) for     between the two.
the second year running! Design from         Letter 2 – Gemma Rees wrote to Deirdre
scrap (Steve Mason) who made a cattle        asking for some advice on how to keep
crush, we won every single novelty race,     her recent date with a Knutsford member           Congrats to Scottie and
had numerous placings in the homecraft,      a secret.                                        Hannah who got engaged,
where we finished 4th overall and the
Dairy stock judging team of Rich Edge,
                                             Deirdre says – Well Gemma, last year it           we all can’t wait for the
                                             was the younger Walton brother who
Robbie Bailey and Mike Rees came 2nd.        decided to date the Dairy Queen, so I’m                    big do.
Thanks to all who took part it made          sorry to say you may struggle to keep this
all the difference. Finally, the biggest     under wraps, as the Walton brothers like
congratulations must go to Gemma                                                              Float Building eventually got underway,
                                             Dairy Queen’s.
Rees on being crowned Dairy Queen,                                                            we decided to do ‘Another Royal Wedding’
she deserved it by a mile as she looked      Letter 3 – Joe Goodwin wrote in about            so we set out to make Windsor Castle.
stunning in her dress, spoke brilliantly,    his worries about Tom Dodd & James               Tom Dodd came up with the idea of
and who can forget that lovely trademark     Parton’s relationship whilst he’s been in        ratchet strapping the castle to the float,
Rees smile. You’ll do a great job Gemma,     New Zealand as he’s been told they have          but then Adam Vernon and Matt Shelley
good luck from us all!                       been doing the tractor work at Holly Farm        took over and we welded everything
                                             together since he went away with Tom’s           on thankfully. No thanks to Mike Rees,
                                             6920.                                            breaking a hammer, tape measure and
Then came the big night of the year, the     Deirdre says – Tom & James have been             many other tools during the 2 weeks.
                                             at it for months Joe, but you can’t blame        Cheshire Show arrived and we put the
                                             them when your machine was withdrawn             last decorations on to our float, we got in
 Gemma, good luck from us                    from the group.                                  our costumes and never really expected
                                                                                              to win, then our name got called out
    all, you deserve it                      Letter 4 – Paul Robinson (SLM) has wrote         and we couldn’t believe it! But well done
                                             Deirdre a letter all the way from Spain, as      to everyone, we deserved it, we pulled
                                             he’s been living it up for a month their,        together when time was running out.
After Rally Dance, with the results of the   due to him being fed up of all the ferrying,     Thanks to Ben Hockenhull for taking the
Moody Bowl. This year it was held in a       he wanted to thank Deirdre for her help.         float and Dave Petrie for his second to
marquee at Reaseheath, which I think         Deirdre says – Paul, I’m so happy for you.       none welding skills. Our winning streak
many will agree was a brilliant choice as    I knew you’d pull through, you just love         did not stop at the Floats though, we
it was a lot more enjoyable than previous    life at the moment, now come back home           also won trophies for being the most
years. The awards were announced, and        with some unexpected news please.                charitable club and the club with the
with it down to Sandbach and Nantwich                                                         most points from the cattle showing
and only 5 points between 1st and 2nd,                                                        (Redge and Beth Ford). Great start to the
Pete and Sarah and everyone else looked      Just like to say good luck to the newly          year, Nantwich YFC float winners 2 years
nervous, but we WON! We all cheered          appointed top table, Sarah Weaver,               running? Oh yes.
for joy and proudly lifted the trophy        Matt Shelley and
and brought it back to where it belongs.     Adam Vernon as
Highlights of the night were Dan Done’s      Chairpeople! Well
new hair cut, looking like Olly Murs with    done for taking on
shaved sides and back. Pete Goodwin          the role, you will
struggling to speak at around 11pm after     have a great laugh.
several shandys, and then due to a late      And lastly I think
arrival, Will Ellwood thought he’d make a    we need to say a
big entrance by trying to climb over the     big thank you to
fence to get in. This proved a disaster as   everyone who took
it fell over and all the bouncers ran over   part in an event this
screaming at him, but then he realised       year, because you
Jonty Cliffe had a ticket waiting for him    helped us win the
on the door, so after pleading his case he   Moody Bowl. But
was allowed in to join the celebrations.     mostly thank you to
Dear Deirdre (sponsored by Cliffeys          Pete and Sarah for
Cleaners)                                    all your work, you’ve
                                             been a credit to
Deirdre is back as usual folks with her      Nantwich and will be
brilliant advice
                                                                                                                     July 2011 Toplink   59
                                 WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES
                                        AND BUSINESS DINNERS
                                  ARE JUST AN EXAMPLE OF THE EVENTS
                                        WE PROVIDE BARS FOR.

             MOBILE: 07932103339
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60 Toplink July 2011
                                                                  club report
                                            at Low End Farm courtesy of Mark                Colishaw Brow, Romiley, Stockport, SK6
                                            Cheetham. Jane Barlow won the seniors           4NU. We offer great value for money
                                            with Graham Taylor second and Sarah             at £5 for adults and £2 for children and
                                                                                            concessions entry fee plus £2 per car
                                                                                            parking – where else can you get a full
It seems absolutely ages since the last       A sticky time was had by                      days entertainment for £5. Main Ring
write up, but then I suppose it is – the
last report mentioned Christmas and            all and the competition                      attractions include Xtreme Trials Bike
                                                                                            Display Team, a display of Shire/Heavy
our Dinner Dance back in March, quite                    fierce                             horses turnouts and implements, Drag
frightening as now we are (supposed to
                                                                                            Hunt and Hounds, Tractors, Fancy Dress
be) in the heights of summer.
                                            Taylor third. Laura Bennett won the             Horse Section and flyball display by the
What have Romiley’s little gang been        juniors with Eleanor Daniels second and         Allstars Flyball Team.
up to?                                      Elliot Taylor third – well done to all of you   Lots going on soon with a visit to the
                                            and many thanks to our host. Further            Greyhound Racing at Belle Vue, a Ladies
We started in April by welcoming Mary                                                       (plenty of those in Romiley) Day Out
                                            stockjudging’s follow until mid-July.
Hamnett as our new President, Jenny                                                         to Clitheroe, indoor crazy golf at The
Ashmore as Chairman, Julia Mellor           After several months of searching and           Trafford Centre and maybe even a Spa
has remained as Secretary as has Jane       liaising we are finally in a position to hold   Day – if anyone would like to join us
Barlow Treasurer and Sarah Taylor joins     our Annual Agricultural Show. As we get         at any time either on The Show or on
our Officials as Vice Chairman.             back in the swing of things and to act on       outings please do not hesitate to contact
                                            the side of caution as our Great British        our Club Secretary Julia (See club contact
The first event of our New Year was our
                                            weather seems to have it in for us, we are      page).
Easter Bonnet Competition – a sticky
                                            holding a one day Show on Sunday 4th
time was had by all and the competition                                                     Keep in touch and see you all soon.
                                            September on land running alongside
fierce, but our Judge David Mellor
managed, after great deliberation, to
pick Joshua Long and Luke Hazelhurst
as winners. At the moment, we have a
                                                   Romiley Show – Sunday 4th September
lot of younger members who are very                A full day’s entertainment for all ages – Entry £5 for adults, £2
quickly growing up and will soon be                for concessions.
competing at Federation level – watch
this space. However, it was amazing                Main Ring attractions include Xtreme Trials Bike Display Team,
at the tea party following the bonnet              a display of Shire/Heavy horses turnouts and implements,
making how many sandwiches and
cakes were eaten, no wonder they are               Drag Hunt and Hounds, Tractors, Fancy Dress Horse Section
quickly growing up.                                and flyball display by the Allstars Flyball Team.
We have made a start on our
Stockjudging competitions with the
                                                   Location - Land running alongside Colishaw Brow, Romiley,
dairy one being held last Thursday                 Stockport, SK6 4NU.

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                and Coal Bunkers                                             Hand Carved Stone Fireplaces

                           Cheshire Town & Country
                                   Fuels Ltd
                                       01260 298 098                01625 860 809
                                                                                                                July 2011 Toplink   61
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                                                                              club report
                                             nice to see so many people having a          Soon, arrived the Hobbies, Pastimes
                                             go, especially the younger generation.       and Careers competition, where
                                             Watch this space.                            I represented Sandbach with my
                                                                                          presentation on Waitrose. Hope
                                             Team Jackson and Cowman Taters went
                                                                                          everybody enjoyed the Sausages, and
                                             to the Milking Competition, coming
                                                                                          that I didn’t overload you with too much
                                             back with 3rd, well done boys. Looks like
                                             you’ll both be doing it next year.
                                                                                          After a long time waiting, the AGM
                                             On the night of the 15th of April
                                                                                          soon arrived. Everyone enjoyed it, and
                                             brought to us Emma Moss’s 21st held
                                                                                          a massive thank you must go to Chez
      Emma & Johnny                          at Smallwood Village Hall, and what a
                                             brilliant night it was as well. I hope you
                                                                                          and Anna for organising it. A weekend
                                                                                          to ‘remember’…yeah. Here are some
                                             had a good night Emma, and that you
Hello Hello Hello.                                                                        things that can, and must be mentions…
                                             had a lovely 21st Birthday..
                                                                                          others will stay in Blackpool.
How are all you lovely people out there?     The night after, was the ‘Let’s Dance
                                                                                          First of all…quote of the weekend ‘Wind
We are the new Sandbach Toplink              for Charity’ night at Winsford Lifestyle
Reporters, taking over from Si and Chez,     Centre, where our very own Hunky
who have done a fantastic job over the       Reuben Speed stunned us all with his              Well done to all the
year.                                        moves with his dancing partner Lynda,             winners over all the
                                             also featuring Romeo and Juliet. Such
So, let’s start with the ‘Cow’s Out, Leg’s   fantastic team work got them a well-             different competitions
Out’ party, which was a brilliant success.   deserved 1st Place. I can definitely say I
Bradwall Village Hall was packed, and        am Reuben’s number one fan, and was
a good night had by all. Watch out for                                                    ya neck in.’….
                                             blown away by his dancing..
the next party this summer, same place,                                                   Jimmy Norbury having a deforestation
same time, with the theme ‘My Big Fat        This brought us to the Stockjudging
                                                                                          session in the girls room using hairspray
Gypsy Wedding vs The Only Way is             Masterclass held at John Edges. It was
                                                                                          and a lighter, leaving the remains in the
Essex..’ - The date will be on Facebook      such a good night, and those who
                                                                                          sink. Yes, what a pleasant surprise the
soon.                                        attended from Team Sandbach can
                                                                                          next morning when we were brushing
                                             hands down say they learnt so much,
                                                                                          our teeth.
                                             and it was a very useful night.. Well
                                             Recommended to all you stock judging         Matt Jackson running around the hotel
     Well done to all the                    competitors who want to geek it up.          in just his underpants and a towel,
     winners over all the                    Farm Planning soon came around again,
                                                                                          thinking he was superman.
    different competitions                   and this year saw Rich Beck, Rob Moss,       Also, Andy’s birthday was well
                                             Nic Brocklehurst and Andy Marrow             celebrated. Hope you enjoyed
                                             taking part. Well done on coming 3rd         celebrating your 21st in Blackpool Andy.
Soon after the Party, was Sandbach’s         overall.
                                                                                          These are a few, but it was such a
AGM, Well done those who got awarded         Soon came Chez Speeds 21st Birthday          brilliant weekend….roll on AGM 2012..
with Trophies, you all know who you          (We hope you had a Brilliant birthday
are. Also, a big mention to Sarah Furber,                                                 The weekend after the AGM was Andy’s
                                             Chez. To celebrate, she decided to have a
who stepped down as Treasurer, and                                                        21st. What a fantastic night, the Jager
                                             BBQ at Phil and Toms, and then off out to
has done a fantastic job and taking her                                                   was flowing, and Party Rock Anthem
                                             Congleton after. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
place is Nic Brocklehurst, who will we all                                                played several times. Thanks for a
know will be just as good. Also, we were     Another 21st birthday approached, our        brilliant night Andy, I never knew you
elected as Chez and Si’s vices, we look      very own Vice, Mr John Sumner. Hope          could pull such smooth dance moves..
forward to the next 2 years.                 you had a good day Jonny. Celebrated         Also, thanks to those who decided
                                             with an open house. Such a lovely day        to hide (very well) Rach’s car. After
Next up was the annual Sports Heats          for it, and hope we weren’t too much         spending at least 2 hours looking for it..
at the Cumberland Arena. Thanks to           trouble Mrs Sumner.
Dave Marrow for organising a team,                                                        Chairman’s Sunday soon followed, with
every race was entered. Welldone Team                                                     the younger ones looking slightly tired. It
Sandbach.                                                                                 was a brilliant turnout. Who’d of thought
                                             Next on the event sheet was Dairy and
                                                                                          the Vicar would have the Four Marrow
First of two stock judging evenings          Sheep Stock judging with the kind
                                                                                          lads doing press ups at a church service.
soon arrived, with a night of Beef and       permission of the Beck family, and
Machinery with kind permission of the        thanks’ to Team Speed for bringing           The following weekend, came the Dairy
Holdcroft Family, it was a brill night       the sheep and letting us judge them.         Queen’s and Maid’s Charity Ball, with
had by all, and a good turn out. Was         Brilliant turnout and a successful event.    the theme ‘Around the World!’ It must
                                                                                                               July 2011 Toplink   63
Sandbach Continued...                         After some busy weekends, and lots of
                                              preparation, the Rally Day soon arrived.
                                                                                              the Cricket and Rounder’s competition.
                                                                                              Even still feeling a bit worse for wear..
be said, Hannah, Anna and Katie’s hard        Thanks to everyone who participated,            or ‘jagered’ as I was told, everyone had
work brought us such a brilliant doo. I       supported and came to watch. Team               a good day. I hear that Jonny pulled a
was very impressed with the inspiration       Sandbach did very well overall on the           few stunts…one being hitting himself
of our lads…representing Ireland with         day, getting second in the Homecraft            around the head with the rounder’s bat.
their Gypsy look. Very brave of Will, Pete    tent and many more. I was also very
                                                                                              After many months of building the float
and Jimmy who thought they’d go for           honoured to have got Dairy Maid, my
                                                                                              for Cheshire Show, with the theme of
the look, and shave their hair. My hat        mother could not get me off the roof for
                                                                                              ‘Make Believe’ we decided to do Alice in
goes off to you. Also, it’s got to be said,   at least a week after..
                                                                                              Wonderland. I hope everyone enjoyed
the Sandbach Jager Train was on top
                                              Soon after the Rally, came the After            the preparations and the show day.
form. With Captain Jackson and his co-
                                              Rally, what a brilliant night held in the       Thank you to everyone who took part.
pilot Jimmy.
                                              Marquee at Reaseheath College. Well             The float and costumes looked amazing..
                                              done must go to Andy, Emma and Team
     Well done to all the                                                                     So, that is it for now.
                                              Sandbach for getting placed second
                                                                                              Bring on a summer full of activities and
     winners over all the                     overall. Been a fantastic year, and as I like
                                              to say….BRING ON THE NEXT YEAR.                 Traa now.
    different competitions                                                                    Emma and Johnny.
                                              The morning after the After Rally, was

                                                                                   Supplied at Your Convenience!!

                                                                                         ALL TYPES FOR
                                                                                         ALL OCCASIONS
                                                                                              Stuart Massey

                                                                          Telephone: 07801 223405 or 01260 224253

64 Toplink July 2011
                                                              club report
                                                                                         bar. Secondly, a couple of incidents for
                         Richard                                                         myself. Firstly, a cracked middle finger
                                                                                         after dropping a pallet tine on it and
                                                                                         secondly, a written off silage trailer, (one
                                                                                         of the bolts at the back where the trailer
The summer months are nearly upon us                                                     pivots when tipping, sheared, turning
and busy times in the fields have already                                                the whole body and as a result cracking
begun. But that’s no excuse for Stretton                                                 the casting on one of the rams). Sorry
YFC to stop having fun and competing                                                     SK contractors, but it really wasn’t my
hard in all the events. Congratulations                                                  fault.. However, in the aftermath of it all,
to everyone for their achievements over      the competition next year. Well done        Ed Bate very next load, decided our shed
the last 12 months as we embark on a         to Philip Hopley, Rachel Ollier, Richard    needed refurbishing by catching it on
new federation year.                         Shepherd and Chris Warburton.               the corner with his trailer.
                                             Next was the National Young Farmers         Special mention to Swiss who returned
                                             AGM in Blackpool. Certainly a messy         back from New Zealand in April. He’s
     Well done to all the                    weekend was had by all but a                certainly been making his presence
                                                                                         known since, in every sense of the word.
     winners over all the                    thoroughly enjoyable one all the same
                                                                                         Time will tell whether the likes of Rob
    different competitions                   Next on the agenda was the big one,
                                                                                         Norcott and James Speed return back
                                                                                         this year from New Zealand or next,
                                             the Cheshire Young Farmers annual
                                                                                         whilst we wish Ed Bate all the best in
Since the last newsletter it’s been          Rally at Reaseheath College in Nantwich.
                                                                                         his middle year down in Hereford. Pack
very busy in the YFC calendar, starting      Winners on the day included Swiss and
                                                                                         a few boxes of pro plus Ed and you’ll be
with Stretton’s annual rally, which this     Sam Etchells in the welding, Ben Wright
                                                                                         fine. Having said that the site of all those
year was held at our chairman’s house        in the gents cross- country and Kathy
                                                                                         John Deere’s will no doubt get your
at Hilltop Farm, Aston-by-Budworth           Stringer in the ladies cross-country and
by kind permission of Mr and Mrs TI                                                      pulse racing.
                                             both Alison and Sam Bate in the sheep
& JA Shepherd. The day was a huge            judging. Last but not least the tug of      Since the fed rally, many of the members
success from start to finish, the weather    war team, who as it seems now, routinely    have been busy building this years float,
stayed fine and the competitions were        wIn the tug of war competition. To          which had the theme ‘make believe’.
supported in a good fashion. Thanks          everyone else though, whether it was        For us we chose Peter Pan. A lot of
must go to Gill Warburton and Jane           the homecraft, stockjudging or rally day    effort went into making the boat and
Gerrard, who were busy keeping bellies       sports, you all did a fantastic job and     I think it is fair to say the float did look
filled and mouths watered over the           deserve a pat on the back.                  good on the day, even if it wasn’t quite
day, not forgetting the rest of the VP’s                                                 good enough to get placed in the top
who helped with the catering. Thanks         The past few months have been quite
                                                                                         3. Thanks to everyone who put the
must also go to all our judges for both      eventful for Stretton members when
                                                                                         time and effort into building the float.
homecraft and stock judging and also         it comes to incidents most notably
                                                                                         Well done to Middlewich and Macc for
Mr Andrew Gibbon and Mr Robert               the superman impression that our
                                                                                         coming joint second and to Nantwich
Butterworth for the loan of their animals,   federation vice chairman decided to
                                                                                         for winning this years float comp.
without any of you, the day couldn’t         do in Blackpool, which didn’t end too
have gone ahead. Well done to all the        well. Friday night in A&E of all places,    Till next time... keep the Stretton flag
winners over the day in all the different    after falling over the banister in Yates’   flying high...
Stretton’s football team had successfully
reached the federation cup semi final
beating last year’s winners Knutsford in
the 1st round 2-1, before missing out on
a final spot. The Beeston team were too
strong on what was to be honest the
worst ‘grass’ pitch you will ever come
across. Nevertheless, well done to the
Beeston team who eventually won the
tournament and well done to all the
Stretton team who did so well.
Stretton took part in the ‘Farm Planning
competition’, a competition we are going
from strength to strength, improving
on last years 3rd position and finishing
2nd. The pressure is really on as we look
to overcome the Altrincham team in

                                                                                                               July 2011 Toplink    65
                                                                                                           Toplink Team
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                                                                                                       Katie Lomas 07799 622 454
                                                                                                     Hannah Studley 07720 396 782
                                                                                                       Lucy Smith 07734 904 097
    Cheshire YFC Website                                                                            Membership Secretary
    On the 21st June, Cheshire YFC’s new bright and colourful website,                                Nicola Bonner 07841 106 363
    www.cheshireyfc.co.uk was launched.                                                              @cheshireyoungfarmers.co.uk

    I aim to keep the website fun and full of information to reflect what                                 Website Officer
    being involved in YFC is all about. The website hosts write-ups on past                            Sarah Heath 07791 425 662
    events, information about future ones as well as galleries and links to                             sarahheath@hotmail.com
    our new Facebook and Twitter pages!
                                                                                                        Trustees Secretary
    I would love to hear what everyone thinks of the new website, and if
    you have ideas, then please let me know.                                                           Jean Williams 01270 763 904
    In order to encourage attendance to your club events, we can now
    feature your club programmes, so please email me any information                                Child Protection Officer
    that you wish to have featured.                                                                    Lynda Gough 07877 799 590
    Launching the website has been a huge step forward in bringing the
    federation up-to-date, hopefully in the future you will even be able to                           County Press Officer
    purchase event tickets online.
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    Sarah Heath                                                                                         katielomas@yahoo.co.uk
                                                                                                    Stockjudging Committee
                                                                                                      Andrew Sellick 07876 306 310
                                                                                                           Dairy Captain
                                                                                                       James Lomas 07990 528 619
                                                                                                          Sheep Captain
                                                                                                    John Brocklehurst 07535 618 963
                    County Sports Secretaries                                                         johnny_b1990@hotmail.com
                                                                                                    Agricultural Discussion
                   Football                                          Hockey                           Group Chairman
       Charlie Briscoe   07973 797 413                     Stuart Symms   07730 943 209
                         briscoe1989@hotmail.co.uk                        stuartsymms@hotmail.com
         Josh Walton     07913 037 359
                                                                                                      Andrew Sellick 07876 306 310
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                    Netball                                                                         Senior Debate Chairmen
        Sarah Roberts    07984 566 188
                         Sroberts@dairygold.co.uk                    Tennis                           Jackie Whitlow 01606 891 502
                                                            Daniel Done   07765 035 218
     Anna Wainwright     07842 887 797
                         anna.wainwright@hotmail.co.uk                                               John Richardson 01270 768 246
                    Cricket                                        Rounders
     Owen Williamson     07984 196 148
                                                                                                     Junior Quiz Chairman
                                                         Philip Jenkinson 07729 154 345
                         ogwen7@hotmail.com                               bigsexyphil@hotmail.com
                                                                                                    Michael John Parkin 01270 625 347
 Deadline Date for October Edition - Friday 15th September 2011                                         michael-john@talk21.com
66 Toplink July 2011

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