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					                                Panorama PAC Meeting
                                  February 16, 2011

Present: Christina Purnomo, Angela Plagemann, Georgette van de Bovenkamp, Bonnie
Chung, Dana Smith, Jackie Hamnett, Serena Shaughnessy, Fiona MacEachern, Mandi
Sellers, Helen Rapin, Archana Nicholas, Charmaine Nickason, Mr. Carabine, Mrs. Strang

Housekeeping Items: Introductions; Meeting Called to Order (7:07 p.m.); Timekeeper
appointed (Serena); Approval of the January 19th PAC Minutes (Bonnie moved; Fiona
seconded; motion passed)

School Report (Mr. Carabine):

Kindergarten Registration: The English and the French Immersion classes are both full.
For French Immersion, we used the “first come, first served” system. (Unless you
already had a child in the school, since siblings get in automatically). Some parents
started lining up at 4 p.m. the day before registration! For French Immersion, 52
registered for 44 spaces, so there are 8 on the Waiting List. Next year, the District will
probably do a “Lottery System” to eliminate bias against working and single parents, who
can’t as easily line up early to register.

Spring Concert: “Assignment Earth” will be April 12th and 13th. There will be two
complete casts, 4 performances altogether (times: 1 p.m., 7 p.m.) Mr. Spira and Mr.
Nordheimer are in charge.

Student Teachers at Panorama: We have two French Immersion student teachers, and
one English teacher, who is also teaching F.S.L. They are currently in the “observation”
part of their practicums. They will be teaching in 3 weeks. This is good professional
development for Panorama’s regular teachers, as the fresh energy, enthusiasm and ideas
inspire them.

Articulation: Our Feeder Schools (Summit, Scott Creek, and Maple Creek) are meeting
with our grade 5 teachers this week to organize “Grade 6 for a Day” for our grade 5’s.

If you have requests for your children re. their class placements in grade 6, you should e-
mail these requests to the Principal early, to avoid too much disruption in September.

Parent Satisfaction Surveys: Notices will be going out to all grade 4 parents re.
anonymous school/district surveys for parents to complete on-line. These are due any
time before midnight, April 15th, 2011.

Emergency Preparation (“Shake Out”): Happened at our school one day earlier (than the
provincial). Went smoothly.
School Goals: Social Responsibility: Want anecdotal reports, not just “data”. For
example with recess soccer: There was a meeting at lunch to discuss the rules. The
grade 5 students often didn’t “allow” the younger ones to play on the lower fields with
them. Now they are! The culture at the school is a good one.

New Business:

Gaming Funds: Rules for use: No teacher gifts. Also, can’t be on anything directly
related to the Curriculum. Can be used for student publications, sports, yearbooks,
student playground, equipment, competitions (chess, music, etc.), music, trophies, student
activities such as Drama Club.

A parent suggested Lunch Hour Activities. (eg., Tom Lee Music lessons or a Publishing

We need to know extra-curricular wants/needs before April to utilize Gaming Funds. We
have about $2, 000 - $3,000.

Funds for our Knitting Club can definitely come out of the Gaming Funds!

Knitting Club (Fiona):

Hoping to include grade 3’s soon. Also, she wants to start “Knotting”, to entice more
boys. They will use fleece for the knotting. These squares will also be donated to
charity. So far there are 10 squares. She need 30 for one blanket. Fiona will price out
some shops for Knitting and Knotting supplies. Motion by Bonnie to spend up to $300
on this noon-hour activity; Georgette seconded; All in favour.

Reading Link (Christina):

6,000 grade 4 and grade 5 students in U.S. and Canada are participating. Panorama has
48 Team Members, and 7 teams. There are competitions between schools and between
different levels, including Vancouver. Finally, in Level 4, there will be an International
Video Conference against the U.S. There are food prizes, etc., and a Pizza Party on
March 10th, after the Competition.

Christina would like to use Gaming Funds, as well, for the Ceremony, to award
certificates and pens to the children.

Altogether, she needs $100 for prizes; $20 for juice boxes, $60 for 4 pizzas ($15 each),
and $30 for fruit plates. Total: $400

Mr. Carabine suggested Pizza/Pizza , as their pizzas are only $5 each. And he suggested
Christina ask them for their recommendations (how many/what kinds of pizza) for 48
Motion by Serena to give $400 for Reading Link; Mandi seconded; all in favour.

Muffins for Mom/Donuts for Dad:

Georgette and Bonnie volunteered to organize these events.

Angela: At her younger child’s school they have “Noisy Reading”. She suggested we
incorporate Reading with Dads into Donuts for Dad. Mr. Carabine will ask the staff
what they think of this proposal.

Fiona suggested for the Muffins for Mom event that we sell Usborne Books, as a small

Georgette would also like to purchase flowers at I.G.A. for each table.

Old Business:

Parent’s ACN Fundraising idea: Svetlana at the last meeting offered to donate her
commission to the PAC from selling a Telecommunications Company’s services to
Panorama’s Parent Community.

The PAC discussed this proposal, but decided it was too complicated. Its long-term
nature would saddle future PACs (it would require another person to follow through with
it after Svetlana leaves the school. Mr. Carabine also spoke to another administrator
about this. He said having a person with a vested interest selling something at our school
could result in bad feelings if something goes wrong. Decision: We appreciate the
interest and idea, but there are too many potential problems.

Helen suggested another possibility could be a Local Business/Craft Fair/Fundraiser.
Parents with businesses could rent out tables, and access our population at this event.
However, Mr. Carabine said fundraisers generally want access to the entire school
population. The turnout might not be favourable.

Retirement Gift for Mme. St. Laurent:

Georgette: Has been shopping for First Nations Art and possibly a book for Madam’s
Alaska Cruise Trip or another B.C. book. The book may cost between $10 and $20.
There was a motion by Serena to give Georgette $200 to buy the gifts. Bonnie
seconded. All in favour.
Bench for Carla: (Mandi)

The PAC discussed whether to buy a plaque for $150. However, most people preferred
the indoor bench idea. This will be a Memorial to acknowledge Carla’s extensive
volunteer work at Panorama. Benches can cost up to $300. Serena motioned; Archana
seconded to spend up to $300 on the bench. If the total amount ends up exceeding
this, we will have another vote at a future date.

Fiona suggested some kind of ceremony (eg., candlelight) to formally dedicate the bench,
and to remind everyone of why we are placing it. Mr. Carabine said he will contact the
Crisis Team about this suggestion, as they are the experts in how to deal with these
sensitive matters.

Treasurer’s Report: (Mina)

General Account: $24,232.37 (this is the real figure of PAC money which excludes
grade 5’s sweatshirts’ money that we’ve kept here)

Gaming Account: $12,842.82 (includes the $770 profit/fundraising from the raffle basket

Teacher Enrichment Fund Balance: $4760 - $2651 = $2109
(The fund for field trips and/or in-school performances at $10/child)

Teacher Incentive Fund Balance:         $3555 - $891 = $2664
(The fund for teachers to buy small things for their class, like stickers, pencils, or any
other thing that will benefit the kids)

Gaming Fundraising: $770 from raffle baskets

General Fundraising:
    Hot Lunch Program:
      -- Oct. 2010: $1150.05
      -- Nov.2010: $ 930.21
      -- Dec. 2010: $ 842.37
      -- Jan. 2011: $ 984.29
              Total: $ 3906.92

      Fam. Photo Night: $720     (Oct. 2010)
      Family Fun Night: $620.21 (Nov. 2010)
      Movie Night:      $478.03 (Dec.2010)
      Lunch Lady         $667.45 (Sep.10-Feb.11)
      Purdy’s            $558.47 (Jan. 2011)

   Total General Fundraising Up to Feb. 16 2011
Committee Reports:

SPC:: No meeting to report.

DPAC (Dana):

Their AGM will be April 29th – May 1st.

Banting parents: concerned about Bill 33 (the Class Composition Bill). They went
through the proper channels, in sending a delegation, etc., but in the end, there was no
resolution. The Bill is not working. They are asking for support from other schools and
parents via proxies.

         Mr. Carabine: supports DPAC. He is supporting the Banting initiative. He
         said too much teacher time is wasted every September with class-size disputes.

Re: Crossing Guards: Some intersections are still very unsafe, even where there are

Re: Voting on Resolutions: Must use our proxies. Dana will forward the information.

Movie Night:

Controversy about whether or not to have pizza. If we don’t have pizza, we make as
much profit as if we do. Also, it’s hard to anticipate how many pizzas we need to order,
and pre-ordering is a lot of work.

There was a consensus that we should have pizza, $2.00 was a good price to charge, and
that the pizzas should be cut the pizzas “regular” size, not too small. (10 – 12 slices per

Hot Lunch Day: Melissa (absent)

We will serve hot dogs for next time, February 25th.


Purdy’s (Helen): The deadline to order is March 16th. Delivery date is April 8th (Friday);
pick-up is on the 13th (Spring Concert Day).
Fun Night:

Will be Thursday, June 2nd. 5:30 – 8:30. We will be using Party Works as our supplier.
Cost will be $650 + taxes. They have a bouncy castle, a dunk tank, mini-golf course,
face paining. Mr. Steward (mayor) may volunteer again. Angela will ask for high
school volunteers again.

Parent comment: CN Rail has a free dunk tank.

We will possibly have a Cake Walk and another Game of Chance

Re: Food: Last year, people complained that the burgers were of poor quality. Last
year we pre-ordered. This year we should have hot dogs, plus chicken and veggie dogs.

Baskets: Will do baskets, ½ of the school at a time, for a Raffle. However, we will do
the baskets earlier this year.

Helen will submit a receipt from her Visa statement to cover the baskets that she and
Jackie bought. She needs two cheques, payable to Helen Rapin: $363.44 x 2 Total:
$726.88 Charmaine motioned to approve; Bonnie seconded; all agreed.

Helen asked about school photos. MJM for next year or Life Touch? There were
problems this year with MJM.

Parent Education: (Mandi)

Asked if parents are interested in a social media and internet safety talk. She can book a
speaker for free. She will arrange this.

Safety Day: (Fiona)

Fiona checked into it: St. John’s Ambulance and Heroes can each donate 1 hour of their
time. She would also like to have a presentation by “Bear Aware”. All of these groups
are mobile and are happy to come here. Also, they are brief, and know how to keep the
attention of children. The “Bear Aware” group operates on a seasonal basis and is hired
by the City of Coquitlam. When should we have these groups at our school? If we book
them on a Saturday, it would be more expensive, as we would need to pay for a custodian
So perhaps it would be better to have them either during our Friday School Assemblies,
or after school. Parents could come, as well.

Re: Bear Aware: They start being booked at the beginning of March. We need to know
the Assembly time slots ahead of time. Also, we need to decide whether to have
consecutive assemblies, or whether to break up the presentations.

The drive-thru takes a long time after school. But it is better than everyone coming at
once. Recommended for the morning that some parents try to drop their kids off earlier
(starting at 8:30), so there wouldn’t be such a rush when the bell rings.

Class Liaison: (Serena)

The parent communication system, via e-mails that Serena forwards to class reps, is
going well. However, sometimes the parents e-mail Serena back, instead of the
originator of the e-mails! They don’t realize (or they forget) that Serena is just
FORWARDING the e-mails on behalf of others who have written them.

CPF: (Julie)

Absent today; no report.

Communications: (Dawn)

Dawn would like the submissions to the PAC newsletter to get to her by the 1st
Wednesday of the month, in order to be attached to the school newsletter, which usually
goes out the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The next newsletter will be in March.

You can send your information to Dawn in rough form, and she will “polish it up”.

Next PAC Meeting:

Should we keep it as April 13th, 9 a.m., or should we change it because of the Spring
Concert, to April 20th? The majority wants to keep it on April 13th.

PAC Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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