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Solution available on the In-Sight Support Knowledge Base search detailing:


Here is how to upgrade the workstation. The workstation has Windows 2000 installed. I
will assume your laptop has Windows 2000 installed as well.
1) Download and save the latest In-Sight version on your laptop. Save this to the C drive.
(no folders)
Connect the laptop and the Workstation either by using a cross over cable (connecting
directly from the laptop to the workstation), or a Straight thru ethernet cable (workstation
and laptop on a switch)

2) Set the IP addresses in each system, the laptop and the workstation, to 192.168.0.X.
The X meaning any number between 1 and 255. The laptop and the Workstation must
have different "X" values. Set the Subnet mask on each to

       How to Set the IP address and Subnet mask in Windows 2000?
             - Right Click on Network places on your Desktop
             - Select Properties, this opens a new window
             - Right Click on Local Area Connection Icon
             - Select Properties, this opens a new window.
             - On the General Tab, select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)
             - Click on Properties, this opens a new window
             - Select the "Use the following IP address" option
             - Enter in the IP address. For example:
             - Enter in the Subnet mask on the next line. For example:
             - Select OK to accept the changes.
             - Select OK to close windows

       Verify the IP address was set correctly:
               - Open a Dos Prompt by select Start->Run. Type in cmd.exe, press OK.
               - A dos window should open with a C:>
               - Type in: ipconfig, then press Enter
               - You should see your IP address you just set along with the subnet mask.

       Verify you can view each device on your network by pinging each other:
              - From the Dos prompt enter: ping (along with the IP address.)
              For Example. My workstation is, my laptop is
                            -From my laptop, I open a dos prompt and type: ping
                            - I should get a response from the Workstation. It should
                            not say connection timed out. You should get a Reply.
                            - This means the laptop can see the workstation.

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3) Open PCHost program on both the Laptop and the Workstation. Minimize the PCHost
program. (We will not use it but we need it open to use the FTP server from the PCHost.)
(For an alternative to FTP'ing see ALTERNATIVE below)

4) Open a Dos prompt on your laptop. Type in ftp at the C:>, this should change the Dos
prompt to ftp>
       (In this example, my laptop is and my workstation is
       - At the ftp>, type in open
                - This will open a connection TO the workstation.
                - It should respond with a User: prompt.
                - Enter in admin, press enter
                - There is no password so press enter again.
                -This should take you back to the ftp> prompt

        - From the ftp prompt type in:
                - put In-Sight2_30_08.exe
                        -please note the name of the In-sight self extracting executable that
you saved on your C drive. This is the file name you will use after the put command on
the ftp>. In this example - the file I saved on my C: drive on my laptop is named In-

               - This will transfer the file In-Sight2_30_08.exe to the Workstation.
               - This file will be "put" or saved to the In-Sight2 directory on the

Go to the In-Sight2 directory and double click to start the install of the new firmware.

This is basic FTP communication. This is the easiest way to upgrade these monitors.
This isn't a Cognex procedure. This is a procedure technical support uses for upgrading
these units.

Follow steps 1 and 2 above.
On the Workstation, after you have verified you can ping between the units, go to:
Enter in the following: \\\c$
This will open an Windows Explorer window which will display all the contents on your
laptop's C drive. You can browse and grab the In-Sight.exe file and save it to your
Workstations Desktop.

Alternative 2:
Follow steps 1 and 2 above.
On the Workstation, after you have verified you can ping between the units:
       1) Create a new folder on the C drive called "In-Sight Firmware"
       2) Rigth click on the folder and select Sharing
       3) Select "Share this folder" on the Sharing tab.

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      4) Select Apply and OK.
On your laptop
      1) Open Windows Explorer and Select Search
      2) Under the "Search for other items" section, select Computers
      3) Enter the Ethernet Workstations IP address as the computers name.
               In this example enter:
      4) Hit Enter OR select Search Now
      5) Wait for the Search to complete.
               You should see the IP address under the "Search Results - Computers"
               Double click on the IP address.
      6) If it asks for a network password then enter "cognex" as the Connect As. Click
      7) Right click on the directory you created and Shared on the Ethernet Display in
      steps 1-4.
      8) Click on Map Network Drive
      9) Map the Shared Folder as any Free Drive on your laptop. Click Finish.

       You can now Copy and Paste the Firmware Files from your Laptop into the In-
Sight Firmware Folder on the Ethernet display.

       Once these files are on the Ethernet Display, simply launch the install and it will
update the In-Sight2 folder with the new firmware.

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