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					                                        Optimist Club
                                       of Keego Harbor
                                                             M ARCH 2007

                   Coming Attractions!
WEDNESDAY, M ARCH 14 – Program : LINDA HATFIELD, Birm ingham -
      Bloomfield Credit Union M arketing Services, “Identity Fraud”;
      15-W EEK RAFFLE W eek No. 10.
W EDNESDAY, M ARCH 21 – Program to be announced; 15-W EEK RAFFLE W eek
      No. 11.
      15-W EEK RAFFLE W eek No. 12.
W EDNESDAY, APRIL 4 – Program to be announced; 15-W EEK RAFFLE W eek
      No. 13; BOARD m eeting.
W EDNESDAY, APRIL 11 – Program to be announced; 15-W EEK RAFFLE W eek
      No. 14.                                                                    The O PTIM IS T C LU B O F K E EG O
                                                                                 H AR B O R (O ptim ist International,
W EDNESDAY, APRIL 18 – Program to be announced; 15-W EEK RAFFLE W eek
                                                                                 M ichigan D istrict N o. 17, Zone 13,
      No. 15.                                                                       C lub 227) serves the youth of
THURSDAY-SUNDAY, APRIL 19-22 – “3-on-3 Hockey Challenge” at Orchard Lake          K eego Harbor, Sylvan Lake and
      St. Mary’s ice arena.                                                      O rchard Lake. The club m eets at
                                                                                 7:30 a.m . every W ednesday at the
W EDNESDAY, APRIL 25 – Program to be announced.
                                                                                 Em ber’s Deli, 3258 Orchard Lake
THURSDAY-SUNDAY, APRIL 26-29 – “3-on-3 Hockey Challenge” at Orchard Lake            R oad (next door to the West
      St. Mary’s ice arena.                                                       B loom field Fire Dept.) Phone:
W EDNESDAY, M AY 2 – Program to be announced; BOARD m eeting.                      (248) 683-3344. C lub’s m ailing
                                                                                    address: PO B ox 535, K eego
THURSDAY-SUNDAY, M AY 3-6 – “3-on-3 Hockey Challenge” at Orchard Lake St.
                                                                                           H arbor, M I 48320.
      Mary’s ice arena.
                                                                                            O ur w eb site:
                                                                                   w w w .keegoharboroptim
             3-on-3 HOCKEY:                                                      M IC H IG AN DISTR IC T G OVER N OR :

Fun for all: boys and girls, men and                                                          LOU M OSS

                                                                                   M ICH IGAN D ISTRICT THEM E:
women; deadline extended to April 7                                                       “Expect Success”

        NOTE: Those of you who get the newsletter by e-mail, go to               2006-2007 OFFICER S:
                                                                                  President ED SIM O N S
our web site at for a copy of the                          st
                                                                              1 Vice President EARL LOW EN
enclosed program advertising agreement as well as for other                  2 Vice President STEVE PALM ER
                                                                                 Treasurer D O N H O R KEY
information about the Hockey Challenge.                                          Secretary P AU L LIP SO N
        The first (and, hopefully, annual) Original Six 3-on-3 Hockey
                                                                                         D irectors
Challenge – presented by the Optimist Club of Keego Harbor in                        BILL BERTAKIS*
cooperation with Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Preparatory – will be held                   JOD I FRAN KE*
                                                                                      DAN PETERS
on three consecutive weekends – Boy’s Youth Thursday-Sunday,                        N AN C Y PETSC H *
April 19-22, Girls Youth Thursday-Sunday, April 26-29, and                            G AYLE STU R T
                                                                                     (* 2 year term s).
Adults Thursday-Sunday, May 3-6 – at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s
Sports Complex ice arena.                                                       N EW SLETTER ED ITO R:
                                                                                      DO N H OR KEY
        The deadline to register has been extended to April 7.
Members, spread the word about the Challenge and the new deadline
to prospective hockey players.
        The competition divisions are as follows:BOYS: 1988-1999
birth years in both league and competitive levels. All players on the team must have a birth date
within the year they are competing.                       (Continued on page 3)
             Honor Roll                                         OPTIMIST CLUB OF KEEGO
            NEW MEMBERS                                       HARBOR 15-WEEK RAFFLE, 2007
                                                                 to benefit scholarships, activities and program s for youth
                    2006-2007                                   of the Keego Harbor, Sylvan Lake and Orchard Lake area.
         JOHN SCOTT (sponsor, Ed Sim ons)
        GARY GARNER (sponsor, Earl Lowen)                             * * *2007 PRIZE WINNERS* * *
                                                                          EARLY BIRD DRAWINGS:
                                                            DEC. 6: $25 each to JOHN SCOTT, JIM BAGLEY, SR.
                                                            (twice), and ED SIMONS . . . DEC. 20: $25 each to BILL
                                                            BERTAKIS, BILLY STALLARD and ED SIMONS

    LET’S CELEBRATE!                                                           OFFICIAL DRAWINGS:
                                                            Week 1 – JAN. 10: 1st ($100) – #264, Sarah Lenski (Don
         ANNIVERSARIES DURING                               Horkey); 2nd ($50) – #323, Teri Giannetti (Teri Giannetti);
             MARCH & APRIL                                  3rd ($25) – #304, Lori Henney (Eddie Delbridge).
                                                            Week 2 – JAN. 17: 1st ($100) – #322, Eugene Sherizen
                                                            (Teri Giannetti)); 2nd ($50) – #191, Liz and Ray Kobe (Ray
                  BIRTHDAYS:                                Kobe); 3rd ($25) – #107, Carol Bryant (Bob Burns).
              M ARCH 6 – BOB PYLES                          Week 3 – JAN. 24: 1st ($100) – #300, Russ Schulte (Eddie
                                                            Delbridge)); 2nd ($50) – #195, Denise and Alvie Yancey
                                                            (Ray Kobe); 3rd ($25) – #304, Lori Henney (Eddie
              M ARCH 27 – RAY KOBE
              APRIL 21 – JIM BAGLEY                         Week 4 – JAN. 31: 1st ($100) – #247, Jacquie R. (Ed
             APRIL 23 – BILL BERTAKIS                       Simons)); 2nd ($50) – #048, Elaine Nicholson (Ed Simons);
            APRIL 24 – SUSAN W EAVER                        3rd ($25) – #5, Steve Palmer (Steve Palmer).
            APRIL 28 – TONY PERKOVIC                        Week 5 – FEB. 7: 1st ($100) – #352, Donna Simons (Ed
                         ˜                                  Simons); 2nd ($50) – #318, Eugene Sherizen (Teri
                 MEMBERSHIPS:                               Giannetti); 3rd ($25) – #215, Lisa Jennings (Paul Lipson).
                                                            Week 6 – FEB. 14: 1st ($100) – #352, Donna Simons (Ed
         31 YEARS – JIM BAGLEY (4/1/1976)
                                                            Simons)); 2nd ($50) – #258, Jim Bagley, Sr. (Jim Bagley,
     4 YEARS – DAVE KARAGOSIAN (4/30/2003);                 Sr.); 3rd ($25) – #166, Don Horkey (Don Horkey).
             JODI FRANKE (4/30/2003).                       Week 7 – FEB. 21: 1st ($100) – #275, Alice Stoddard (Don
        3 YEARS – GAYLE STURT (4/21/2004)                   Horkey); 2nd ($50) – #273, Mary Tomlinson (Don Horkey);
                                                            3rd ($25) – #96, Ralph Behler (Ralph Behler).
        (If we missed your date, let Don Horkey know        Week 8 – FEB. 28: 1st ($100) – #290, Jon Sturt (Gayle
 at dhorkey@ or call 743-453-7226.)           Sturt); 2nd ($50) – #62, Marilyn Treuter (Marilyn); 3rd ($25) –
                                                            #355, Sherry Foster (Paul Lipson).
                                                             Week 9 – MARCH 7: 1st ($100) – #231, P. J. Bagley (Jim
                                                            Bagley, Sr.); 2nd ($50) – #373, Melissa Brown (Teri
                                                            Giannetti); 3rd ($25) – #291, Alan Sturt (Gayle Sturt).
                                                            Week 10 – MARCH 14:
                                                            Week 11 – MARCH 21:
Bowling ‘rousing success’                                   Week 12 – MARCH 28:
         Our sore-shouldered president, ED SIMONS,          Week 13 – APRIL 4:
declared the “Bowling for Kids” event March 4 “a rousing    Week 14 – APRIL 11:
                                                            Week 15 – APRIL 18:
success.” Nearly 60 kids from Roosevelt School
participated and had fun while, at the sam e tim e,
increasing the bottom lines of their club treasuries by a
com bined total of $466: Cub Scouts Pack 224; Girl
Scouts troops 1809, 2397 and 484; and Roosevelt
School Student Council. Our Club’s share of the funds       Jacket dinner a hit
am ounted to $495, which will eventually be poured back              The Keego Harbor Jacket Club’s annual wild
into supporting youth activities in the m onths ahead.      gam e dinner March 6 was another hit. A sold-out crowd
Congrats to PAUL LIPSON for chairing this project.          of nearly 300 people in Santia Hall enjoyed buffalo,
                                                            rabbit, elk, venison, pheasant, quail and other goodies.
                                                            The best part, for the Optim ist Club anyway, was
                                                            thedonation of $350 from the Jacket Club for our
˜DUES ARE DUE! – Treasurer DON HORKEY                       scholarship fund. A big thank you to Skeet Laidlaw, the
rem inds one and all that Third Quarter dues statem ents    heart of the Jacket club, and m em bers for their
will be com ing your way soon. Help him save a stam p by    generosity.
paying your dues now – in person at the m eetings or
through the m ail.
OPTIMIST CLUB                                      3-on-3 HOCKEY
Friends of                                         (continued from page 1)
                                                           GIRLS: Under 10, under 12, under 14,
                                                   under 16, under 18.

Youth                                                      MEN: Open/Elite, Men over 35,
                                                   recreational A & B. No “carded” players are
                                                   allowed in the “over 35" and “rec” divisions.
                                                   Those players should opt for the “open/elite”
FOR 2007                                           division.
                                                           WOMEN: Open Division /Rec.
Thank you . . . to the following                           There will be a maximum of six teams
individuals and businesses who have                per division. Jerseys will be provided bearing
made a commitment as a Friend of                   the names of the Original Six NHL teams: Red
                                                   Wings, Blackhawks, Maple Leafs, Canadiens,
Youth through their sponsorship of the             Bruins and Rangers. Teams will be guaranteed
programs and activities of Our Club                at least three games.
for the benefit of the youth of our                        The cost is $400 per 6-member team (5
community for 2007.                                skaters and a goalie). The teams will be
            Billy J. Stallard*                     confirmed on a first-come, first served basis.
         Complete Insurance*                       (Please make checks payable to Keego Harbor
             Ember’s Deli*                         Optimist Club). This is a USA Hockey-
             Keego Energy*                         sanctioned event.
                                                           However. . . before the puck is dropped,
        Roosevelt School PCG*
                                                   Our Club must be successful in securing
          Jim Sonkiss, D.D.S.
                                                   advertising for the program book.
* Renewed sponsorship for 2007                     The challenge is simple: members should
                                                   get as many ads as possible. Whatever
REALIZING OUR MISSION ***                          amount we raise combined with the team
                                                   registration fees have the potential to realize
                 Donated $100 and several          a hefty profit that would enable Our Club to
                 volunteer hours for the           significantly increase our support of our
                 Roosevelt School Fun Run . . .    community’s youth, such as scholarships and
                 Donated $200 to the West          underwriting of various activities.
                 Bloomfield Youth Coalition as a           The enclosed advertising contract has
                 co-sponsor of a mentoring         all the details: the size of the ads and the cost
program that is involving students from both       for each. All ads are important, from a business
Abbott Middle School and Roosevelt                 card size on up to a full page on the inside or
elementary school . . . Contributed $250 for       outside covers. If you have questions, contact
the Abbott School production of “Once Upon         Ed Simons (248-891-8848) or Eddie Delbridge
a Mattress” . . . Hosted an afternoon of           at 248-561-1025.
bowling for nearly 60 kids from Roosevelt
School, helping the Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts        Sorry, but no oration this year
and Student Council raise $466 for their                    Much to the chagrin of m em bers, Our Club will
treasuries . . . Donated $200 to the Keego         not be sponsoring an oratorical contest this spring.
                                                   Abbott Middle school principal, Am y Hughes, explained
Harbor Memorial Day Parade and pledged             that the contest happens at the sam e tim e as the
our participation in this annual event that is     school’s annual stage production, involving m any
viewed by thousands . . .                          students and faculty who would also be taking part in the
                                                   oratorical contest. President ED SIMONS said that Our
                                                   Club will host the contest in Novem ber with the winners
                                                   going on to district com petition the following spring.
The symphony is ‘a gem’                                          ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
A hum an whirlwind nam ed Fran Anderson swept through            GOLDEN MOMENTS
our March 7 m eeting and “conducted” us on an                              An elderly gentlem an had serious hearing
inform ative overview of the Pontiac-Oakland Sym phony.          problem s for a num ber of years. He went to the doctor
“It is a gem that no one knows about,” declared Fran,            and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of
                                 who is on num erous boards      hearing aids that allowed the gentlem an to hear
                                 in the com m unity and the      100%.The elderly gentlem an went back in a m onth to the
                                 developm ent director for the   doctor and the doctor said, "Your hearing is perfect. Your
                                 sym phony. She told us that     fam ily m ust be really pleased that you can hear again."
                                 pianist Melvin Chen will be               The gentlem an replied, "Oh, I haven't told m y
                                 perform ing with the            fam ily yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversa-
orchestra at 3 p.m . Sunday, March 25, at Oakland                tions. I've changed m y will three tim es!"
University. On April 28, the orchestra will hold a fund-
raiser, “All that Glitters.” Optim ist EDDIE DELBRIDGE is
involved in this project and is asking for donations to
create a m usical basket for the silent auction.
                                                                         Two elderly gentlem en from a retirem ent center
                                                                 were sitting on a bench under a tree when one turns to
                                                                 the other and says: "Slim , I'm 83 years old now and I'm
Parade preparations begin                                        just full of aches and pains. I know you're about m y age.
At our March 7 m eeting, Mel Hager, the long-tim e               How do you feel?"
chairm an of the Lakes Area Mem orial Day Parade,                          Slim says, "I feel just like a newborn baby."
provided an insight into the early preparations for the                    "Really !? Like a newborn baby !?"
annual parade, scheduled for Monday, May 28. He’s                          "Yep. No hair, no teeth, and I think I just wet m y
seeking financial support from the com m unity to m eet the      pants.”

parade’s budget of $2,500. At the sam e tim e, he’s on the
lookout for volunteers and participants for the parade that
begins in Keego Harbor and ends in Sylvan Lake. Hager
m ay be contacted at (248) 875-9773.
                                                                         An elderly couple had dinner at another couple's
                                                                 house, and after eating, the wives left the table and went
                                                                 into the kitchen.The two gentlem en were talking, and one
4-H is mind-boggling                                             said, "Last night we went out to a new restaurant and it
Accom panying Hager was 16-year-old David Derksen,               was really great. I would recom m end it very highly.”
who talked to us about his experiences in 4-H. “It’s m ind                The other m an said, "W hat is the nam e of the
boggling what I’ve learned,” he told us about his m ere six               The first m an thought and thought and finally
years with the club. A project that the club has becom e         said, "W hat is the nam e of that flower you give to
recognized for is m aking quilts for cancer patients in area     som eone you love? You know, the one that's red and
hospitals. “W e’ve m ade over 5,000 quilts,” he said. The        has thorns?"
                                                                          “Do you m ean a rose?"
idea has spread to other 4-H groups in Ohio and Indiana.                  "Yes, that's the one," replied the m an. He then
David and his m em bers will be attending exploration            turned towards the kitchen and yelled, "Rose, what's the
days at Michigan State University, where they will be
                                                                 nam e of that restaurant we went to last night?”
com peting for state-wide honors.
                                                                          Three old guys are out walking. First one says,
MICHIGAN FACTS                                                   "W indy, isn't it ?"
Q. W hen the territory of Michigan was created on Jan. 11                 Second one says, "No, it's Thursday !"
what town was selected as its capital?                                    Third one says, "So am I. Let's go get a beer."
A. Detroit.

Q. Bloom field Hills was first known by what nam e?                                            (
A. Bagley's Corners
                                                                         A little old m an shuffled slowly into an ice cream
Q. W here is the world's only marble lighthouse?                 parlor and pulled him self slowly, painfully, up onto a
A. Belle Isle ( Livingston Lighthouse)
                                                                 stool. After catching his breath, he ordered a banana split.
Q. Utica was originally known by what nam e?                              The waitress asked kindly, "Crushed nuts?"
A. Hog's Hollow                                                           "No," he replied, "Arthritis.”

Q. Approxim ately, how m any lakes are in the state?
A. 11,000
                                                                  ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

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