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					                               Saskatchewan Regional Council of Carpenters,
                                Drywall, Millwrights and Allied Workers
                                                                           written, printed and delivered
                                     Newsletter                                  by union members                              Spring 2011

  Executive Secretary-Treasurer’s Report
                  T S a s stafftCouncilthe

                          ka chewan
                      Carpenters        and
                      Millwrights (SRC)
                      has been busier than
                      the proverbial one
                      handed paper hanger.
Kelvin Goebel, EST We        have      been
Sask Regional Council
                      d i s p a t c h i n g
carpenters, scaffolders and millwrights
to union jobs at an incredible pace. The
Regina refinery job alone has 650 or
so SRC members employed for the
                                                    G Lingenfelter promises to repeal Bill 80
shutdown and tie in of the expansion to
the existing plant. Every Potash mine,              calculated on hours earned instead of                   trained, superbly skilled and worth
whether PotashCorp, Mosaic or                       hours worked. Pyramided pensions are                    every penny.
Agrium, has a big complement of our                 just one benefit we would never have
members.                                            if we were not union members.                                Pyramided pensions are just one
                                                      Pyramided pensions, a hiring board,                         benefit of union membership.
   We have never been more busy.                    our excellent health and welfare plans,
  We have never had such high wages                 free training and a disputes resolution                   But there are some clouds on our
    and available overtime hours.                   procedure are some of the best reasons                  prairie horizon. BFI reported at a
                                                    for being a union member. Union                         recent pre-job meeting with the
  We have never been more busy. We                  pride, cameraderie and that shared                      Building Trades that it has lost three
have never had such high wages and                  sense of common purpose are hard to                     big bidding competitions for civil and
available overtime hours. It’s good now.            define but are very real aspects of the                 concrete work on PCS and Agrium
It’s going to be good later (way later for          union advantage. But let’s face it, the                 sites. The current industry buzz is that
our younger members) when our                       best thing is the big take-home                         these jobs will be done by a PCL
pensions reflect the effects of our                 paycheques. At this moment the                          company that uses CLAC. It is bad
pyramided pension benefits – when                   rewards for a hard day’s work are pretty                enough when big jobs go non-union.
our pensions reflect the bonus of being             good. As they should be! We are highly                                              (continued on page 3)

              KELVIN GOEBEL                                     CLARENCE GEORGE                                       LEE NAYLOR
           Executive Secretary-Treasurer                          Millwright Rep / Trainer                          Carpenter Rep / Trainer
                      Regina                                             Saskatoon                                         Saskatoon
            Ph: 585-0900 Fx: 584-7477                           Ph: 382-4355 Fx: 382-5828                         Ph: 683-0269 Fx: 683-0667

           SUE ARLING                           BARRY HOLMA                           KERRY WESTCOTT                        FAS INQUIRIES
            Office Manager                    Recruitment / Organizing                Organizing / Recruitment               1-800-770-2998
      Ph: 382-4355 Fx: 382-5828                        Regina                                Saskatoon
                    Ph: 585-3015 Fx: 585-3016               Ph: 382-4355 Fx: 382-5828            Saskatchewan Regional
                                                   Cell: 537-5311                          Cell: 221-8079                    Council Website

                                           Email: Web:
But we, at least, have the chance to             wages and benefits for everyone.               phone numbers, motel room numbers,
organize the employees and certify the             I urge you all to read the article in this   etc. of CLAC workers. They will seek
company. The notion of PCL being                 newsletter call, “Union Blues”. It             CLAC workers out and convince them
allowed to do big jobs while hiding              describes the current attack in the USA        of the benefits of being members of the
behind a sweetheart CLAC agreement               on unions, and even on democracy               UBC.
is unacceptable to the Saskatchewan              itself, by right-wing politicians, some
Regional Council. Carpenters and                 employer groups and a few greedy
                                                                                                     Sask Party is employer-biased
millwrights will join with the other             billionaires. Could it happen in
                                                                                                     and intends to restrain wages
building trades in opposing CLAC                 Canada? The Wild Rose Party in
                                                                                                          and weaken unions.
with every means at our disposal.                Alberta and Sask Party leaders like
                                                 Brad Wall and Rob Norris would love
        PCL may try to use CLAC                  to introduce Wisconsin-style union               And please get involved politically by
        on PCS and Agrium sites.                 busting to Canada.                             attending meetings, making donations
                                                                                                and volunteering your time. Dwain
  We are opposing at the LRB and in                  Building Trades will oppose CLAC           Lingenfelter and the NDP have
the Courts an attempt by CLAC to                     with every means at our disposal.          promised to repeal Bill 80 and they
certify four Alberta contractors that                                                           deserve the enthusiastic support of all
worked briefly in Sasktchewan. We                  I also urge you to read the exposé of        construction workers in Saskatchewan.
will organize and strip away CLAC’s              CLAC the SFL’s political action                If you hear any wage earners saying
talent and work hard to convince                 committee has produced. Get to know            they intend to vote for the Sask Party,
contractors of the advantage of using            the facts about CLAC and be prepared           speak up. Tell them that is crazy talk,
our more skilled and efficient                   to speak up. Let our organizers (Barry         because the Sask Party is an employer-
members. We need to educate all trades           537-5311 or Kerry 221-8079) know of            biased party intent on cutting wages
on what a large CLAC presence in                 any CLAC activity you see or hear of.          and weakening unions. L
Saskatchewan would mean – lower                  Barry and Kerry need the names,

  Federal Election
                                                 governing or opposition party. The             seems unfair that due to the way the
The May The BlocelectoralElection
             2nd Federal
              the            map
                   Quebecois was
                                                 NDP nearly doubled their vote, won
                                                 over 100 seats and Jack Layton will
                                                                                                votes split, Harper won a majority
                                                                                                government. The NDP’s performance
demolished by the NDP. The Liberals              move into Stornoway and lead the               will inspire us to work hard in the
have had a near death experience and             Official Opposition. Progressive anti-         November provincial election and
for the first time will be neither the           Tory parties won 60% of the vote.              beat the SaskParty. L
                                                   The Harper Conservatives’ vote was
                                                 static at a little less than 40%. So it

  Helping those in need
  On April 20, 2011, UBC Local           down to Round Lake to help others in      volunteered to go place sandbags in
1985 members working at K-2              need. The water levels are devastating    order to help locals with the water
Esterhazy for Steeplejack went down      right now. Homeowners are dealing         problem. Many volunteers stayed at
to Tantallon to move sand bags. The      with flooded yards, boat houses and       work to keep the job going. It just
water levels are higher than ever. 21    homes. There are well over 60 UBC         goes to show there is strength in
Steeplejack employees started out in     members working for Steeplejack in        numbers. We are all proud to be union
Tantallon and then made their way        the Esterhazy area and all had            members.             Charlie Downs

G UBC members sandbag Qu’Appelle River at Tantallon.”

  Union Blues
by Hendrik Hertzberg,                      Labor has come a long way since         they’re getting close to half. The top
Editor, The New Yorker                   then—a long way down. At the outset       one per cent is getting a full fifth,
                                         of the nineteensixties, one in four       double what it got in 1980. The super-
March 7, 2011 — “Fifteen million         workers had the protection of a union.    rich—the top one-tenth of the top one
Americans bring you Edward R.            By the early eighties, after President    per cent, which is to say the top one-
Murrow and the news.” From 1955          Reagan destroyed the air-traffic          thousandth—have been the biggest
to 1967, that line, heard on the ABC     controllers’ union, the proportion was    winners of all. What is always called
radio network every weeknight at 7       down to one in five. Now it’s one in      their “compensation” (wage workers
P.M., heralded the nation’s best news    eight. In a workforce twice the size it   lucky enough to have a job simply get
broadcast. Those fifteen million         was in Edward R. Murrow’s heyday,         paid) has quadrupled.
Americans were the members of the        the A.F.L.-C.I.O.’s onetime fifteen         Over the same period, the
A.F.L.-C.I.O., a federation that         million has shrunk to twelve million,     composition of the labor movement,
included nearly every union in the       with a couple of million more in          as it still defiantly styles itself, has
land. Organized labor was powerful       unions unaffiliated with the              radically changed. A few weeks ago,
and, for the most part, respected. Its   federation.                               the Bureau of Labor Statistics
economic and political muscle had          Organized labor’s catastrophic          reported that, for the first time, more
played an indispensable role in          decline has paralleled—and, to a          union members are government
insuring that the benefits of postwar    disputed but indisputably substantial     workers,        not      private-sector
prosperity were widely shared,           degree, precipitated—an equally           employees. The Times quoted an
transforming much of what many           dramatic rise in economic inequality.     official of the United States Chamber
had unironically called the              In 1980, the best-off tenth of            of Commerce as pronouncing himself
proletariat into an important segment    American families collected about a       “a little bit shocked,” and he wasn’t
of the broad American middle class.      third of the nation’s income. Now                                 (continued on page 5)

 UNION BLUES from pg. 4
the only one. Yet this development has     unions to face a certification vote       States. The analogy is as clever as it
nothing to do with some imagined           every year—and, to get recertified, a     is flawed. The Wisconsinites are not
spike in public-sector unionism. It is     union must win a majority of all          trying to kill the bill (they can’t stay
entirely a function of the collapse of     employees, not just a majority of         away forever); they merely want to
organized labor in the private sector.     those voting.                             delay a vote in the hope of mobilizing
For the past four decades, the                                                                public       support        for
portion of the public                                                                         compromise. And, instead of
workforce belonging to                                                                        simply       declaring       an
unions has held remarkably                                                                    intention—the only effort a
steady, at a little more than                                                                 modern filibuster requires—
one in three. In the private                                                                  they have to do something; to
sector, just one worker in                                                                    wit, camp out in cheap motels
fifteen carries a union card.                                                                 at their own expense, away
   The causes of the disparity                                                                from their families. They
are many and mostly familiar,                                                                 even have to forgo their own
the hollowing out of                                                                          salaries: the Republicans
American        manufacturing                                                                 have halted direct deposit to
notable among them. Unlike                                                                    their skedaddling colleagues’
factories,         government                                                                 bank accounts. If they want to
agencies cannot be relocated                                                                  get paid, they have to come
to China. Nor can government                                                                  back to Madison to pick up a
agencies flout the (notoriously weak)        The bill has not yet passed the         paycheck. And the Democrats have
labor laws with the insouciance of         Wisconsin Senate, because all             another point: although Walker now
private employers, many of whom,           fourteen members of its Democratic        claims that he ran on curbing
guided by anti-union “consultants,”        minority decamped for Illinois,           collective bargaining as well as
regard it as their fiduciary               thereby depriving the chamber of the      cutting employee benefits, no one has
responsibility to fire troublesome         quorum required for legislation of this   been able to find any record that he
workers illegally now and, in the rare     type. Governor Walker claims that his     ever said anything of the kind.
cases where a worker tries to get          bill is needed to
justice, pay a trivial fine years later.   close a budget gap.
In     short,    union-busting      has    That is false: the
traditionally been a matter for private    unions have already
business. But this winter it has           agreed to all the cuts
suddenly gone public, and its weapon       and givebacks he has
is not flouting laws but making them.      demanded. Anyhow,
   Last Friday—in the wee hours of         Walker has called his
morning, after two weeks of tumult         dedication to deficit
and      protest     demonstrations—       hawkery           into
Republicans in the Wisconsin               question by pushing
Assembly passed a bill that is             through large tax
breathtaking in its fealty to the          cuts for business
ideology of the far right. The bill,       (with more to come)
dictated by the new Republican             and a law forbidding
governor, Scott Walker, strips the         tax hikes without either a two-thirds       What’s getting awfully difficult to
state’s employees of their half-           legislative majority or a statewide       deny is that what the Wisconsin
century-old right to bargain               referendum.                               Republicans are doing—and they
collectively—except over base pay,           Liberals      who    applaud      the   have plenty of imitators and
which can never be increased above         Wisconsin senators’ interstate flight     admirers—is solely for a partisan
inflation without a public referendum.     have been accused of hypocrisy, given     purpose, and a potentially lethal one.
It makes union dues purely voluntary       that these same liberals indignantly
and prohibits their collection via         reject the undemocratic use of the
paycheck deduction. It requires the        filibuster in the Senate of the United                            (continued on page 9)

  Millwright Report
                                              is absenteeism. Please take your time-     agreements, out-perform non-UBC
                 Weunioninhours inmost
                      worked the

                           2010, and
                                              off between jobs, not during jobs.         competitors,        stay   ahead
                                                                                         technological change and improve

                  2011 will be even                                                      ourselves as tradespersons. Our
                  better. We have                                                        training is free for Local 1021
                  millwrights at Cory,                                                   members. We will reimburse you for
                  Kalium, Campbell                                                       any relevant safety or trades training
                  dam, Sandy Bay, Key                                                    you complete from other training
Clarence George   Lake and Cigar Lake.                                                   agencies.
                  Work is upcoming at                                                      We have space available for CWB
                  Allan,     Coronach,                                                   testing – second Friday of the month in
                  Colonsay, PA Pulp,                                                     Regina and last Friday in Saskatoon.
                  Cory               and                                                 Phone Clarence or Angie to register for
                  Lloydminster. The                                                      testing... or for information about any
                  Saskatchewan                                                           kind of training. Having the best
                  Mining         Supply                                                  training is a UBC Advantage. Make
                  Conference recently                                                    the best use of it! L
Dan Schimnosky    predicted $40 billion       MILLWRIGHT TRAINING
                  will be spent over the         If everything goes according to plan
next 15 years in Saskatchewan mining.         we will be moved into our new               CWB Welding Training
   These expansions and new builds            Saskatchewan Regional Council                 Please be advised there will be
will expand the maintenance industry          Centre in a year. The office, meeting       CWB testing every 2nd Friday of
and require hundreds of plant                 space, classrooms and shop are being        the month in Regina and the last
millwrights. In a few years the low           purpose-built to meet our needs for the     Friday of every month in
carbon power plant in Estevan, the            next several decades. The new welding       Saskatoon.
                                              shop will be a valuable asset. The new        Please call Angie at 382-4355,
BHP Jantzen mine, Shore’s diamond
                                              space, equipment and facilities will        ext. 6 if you require access to
mine, a coal project in Hudson Bay
                                                                                          booths for practice a few days in
and pipeline projects will pick up slack      enable us to deliver an expanded and
                                                                                          advance of the exam.
as the existing potash projects reach         improved course list.
completion.                                      The courses we deliver are mostly
   We are expanding our membership            cost-shared with government, and
to keep up with the work load. Our            most cost-effective when we have a          CODC Better
first priority is to sign up any local        full complement of 12 students. Last        Supervision Program
Saskatchewan talent before CEP or             minute cancellations and no-shows             The UBC offers a range of
CLAC does. UBC millwrights are                cost the training trust money and waste     post-journeyman updating and
better trained, safer and more                training space. Learning new skills and     upgrading           training         in
productive than our competitors. We           achieving new safety and training           Saskatchewan. CODC offers a
have to maintain and improve the              certificates are the best investments of    course in supervision that covers
“union advantage” so owners aren’t            time any millwright can make.               labour relations, productivity, quality
tempted to use non-union or rat-union            Our high level of training enables us    control, leadership and safety.
contractors. One area we must improve         to negotiate better collective                If your back is sore and your hair
                                                                                          is grey, but your head is full of
                                                                                          years of experience, and you are
  2011 WORK SCHEDULE:                                                                     willing to make the move to
                                                                                          supervision, you need to take this
  •   Sandy Bay turbine refit         •    Head frames at Allan and Rocanville            course. It is offered once a year in
  •   Co-Gen at Spy Hill              •    Colonsay                                       Saskatoon and Regina.
  •   Work expected at K-1 and K-2    •    Moosomin wind turbine                            Let us know if you are interested.
  •   Load-out at Rocanville          •    Regina Upgrader                                I’m sure millwrights would rather
  •   Co-gen at North Battleford      •    Co-gen at Cory                                 answer to a millwright super-
  •   Agrium expansion (PCL)          •    Various maintenance & shutdown jobs            intendent than an ironworker super.

  Carpenter Report
                                          owners and they didn’t get additional          to lose industrial contracts. We will
                T he
                                            If you see any non-union scaffolding
                                                                                         have union crews on these sites. It’s
                                                                                         critically important that the union jobs
                itself on having the      being erected, please call me or an            are safer and more productive than our
                best facilities and       organizer.     We                                                    competitor’s jobs.
                trades training in the    need to know                                                         The            owners
                                                                       We have to be better trained,
                industry. Members         who            the                                                   (PCS, Agrium,
                                                                        more skilled, safer and more
Lee Naylor      who have taken            contractor is, the                                                   SaskPower, etc.)
                                                                           productive than CLAC.
                courses or third year     names and phone                                                      are going to be
                orientation at the Las    numbers of its                                                       watching closely
                Vegas Training Centre     scaffolders, the jobsite, so we can            and deciding whether it makes better
                know it is the best of    follow-up. If the work doesn’t meet            business sense to use union contractors
                its     kind.      Our    OH&S standards, we need to know that           on future jobs.
                Saskatchewan              too. Local 1985 scaffolders must                 The institutional and commercial
                Training          Trust   refuse to work for non-union or CLAC           sectors offer us room for growth.
                delivers the most         outfits. We need to recruit into our           Except for Dominion, Gabriel and
                comprehensive level       membership any talent our competitors          Bird, it is a non-union playground. Our
Robin Mullock
                training, upgrading       hire. If we maintain our lock on the           legal battle against PCL and Graham’s
and inspection course in scaffolding in   training and talent, our union                 non-union spinoffs, died when Bill 80
the country. We hope to complete our      contractors will get all of the work.          was passed. These sectors were 80%
new Regional Council Centre in              The ICI sector is challenging. We            union until the 1980’s and we need to
Saskatoon next year. The classrooms,      had been getting a good share of the           reorganize        them.         Non-union
shop space and administrative offices     industrial civil work. Three big civil         contractors don’t often indenture their
and parking will be purpose-built to      packages at potash expansions recently         apprentices or allow them time off to
meet our needs well into the future.      were awarded non-union or maybe                go to level training. They have young
                                          CLAC. That is not good. It really hurts                                  (continued on page 8)
     We hope to complete our new
     Saskatoon building next year.

  Training our apprentices and
updating our journey people in new
materials and practices is our best
strategy in holding and expanding our
market share. We face new competition
from CEP and CLAC agreements that
have lower per work hour wage costs
than our Local 1985 and Local 1021
agreements. We don’t want to be
cheaper than CLAC, so we have to be
better skilled, safer and more
  Our challenge is to maintain our near
monopoly of engineered scaffold
erection and grow the amount of union
work in the ICI (Institutional,
Commercial, Industrial) sector. A few
non-union Albertan scaffolding
contractors have done jobs recently at
Lloyd, Key Lake and K-2. Their safety
and production didn’t impress the

 C ARP ENTER REPORT from pg. 7
crews often getting fourth
year or journey pay even                                                                              Online upgrading
though they have never                                                                                 course can be a
been     indentured       or                                                                         good organizing and
achieved journey status.                                                                              recruitment tool.
  This       creates       a
recruitment problem for                                                                          papers if they join UBC.
us. These carpenters don’t                                                                          In April, May and June
fit our apprenticeship                                                                           we are going to have
system. They may not be                                                                          several hundred UBC
able to prove their trade                                                                        members       who      have
time without their non-                                                                          travelled               into
union          contractor’s                                                                      Saskatchewan to work the
cooperation. If they have                                                                        Co-op shutdown and
no status, we can’t refer                                                                        potash expansions. We
them as journeymen, just                                                                         need these out-of-province
because Graham paid                                                                              UBC members to get us
them that rate, without                                                                          over a big hump of work.
undermining the credibility of our own                                              But there are good reasons to recruit all
                                              Report any non-union or CLAC          the talent we possibly can here at home
trades certification system. When they
                                            erected scaffold to our organizers.     before we bring people in from other
join the UBC they may be demoted to
                                                                                    provinces. Travellers may not be
                                         carpenter trade on their computers or      available when work picks up in
                                         iPads and qualify to challenge the         Alberta and the huge Churchill Hydro
                                         journey exam. We need to spread the        project starts in Newfoundland. L
                                         word and use this online course as an
                                         organizing and recruitment tool. We
                                         can recruit the best non-union, but          To visiting UBC members, Thank you
                                         uncertified, carpenters by helping them        and welcome to Saskatchewan.
                                         get quick, relatively no hassle, journey

2nd year status until they go to level
training and pass exams. This has made
it difficult to recruit some the most
talented non-union carpenters.
   Sask Apprenticeship and SIAST
have developed an online journey

  New online journey upgrading course
 allows carpenters with 10,800 hours
 to study on their home computers and
           achieve red seal.

upgrading course. Carpenters with
10,800 hours can now study the

                                                                                                                                                                                                           UN ION BLUE S from pg. 5
                                           Saskatchewan Carpenters Joint Training Committee                                                                                              May - 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Of the five biggest non-party
                Fall Protection Training
                                                    Protection Training
                                                                                 Fall 4.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          organizational       contributors     to
                - Two day ( 16 hours )
                9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                    - Two day ( 16 hours )
                                                    a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          political campaigns in 2008, the top
                                                                                                                                                                                                          two were unions, both of them pro-
8.              9.                                  10.                                 11.             Regina
                                                                                        Confined Space Training
                                                                                        - Two day (16 hours)
                                                                                                                           12.         Regina
                                                                                                                           Confined Space Training
                                                                                                                           - Two day (16 hours)
                                                                                                                                                           13.       Regina
                                                                                                                                                           Shop Stewad Training
                                                                                                                                                           - 1 Day ( 8 hours )
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Democratic and both composed partly
                                                                                        9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.             9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.          9:00-5:00.
                                                                                                                                                           ( Robin )                                      or wholly of public-sector workers.
15.             16.      Saskatoon                  17.                                 18.                                19.                             20.                           21.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          The other three were pro-Republican
                Shop Stewad Training
                - 1 Day ( 8 hours )
                5:00.                      (
                                                                                                                                                                                                          business groups or PACs. In 2010,
                Robin )
                                                                                                                                                                                                          after the Supreme Court threw open
22.             23.                                 24.                                 25.                                26.                             27.      Saskatoon
                                                                                                                                                           Scaffold Inspection
                                                                                                                                                           - one day ( 8hrs. )
                                                                                                                                                                                                          the cash sluices in the Citizens United
                                                                                                                                                           9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          case, only one union made it into the
29.             30.                                 31.           Regina              1.           Regina
                                                                                                                                                                                                          top five, and it came in fifth. And
                                                    Fall Protection Training
                                                    - Two day ( 16 hours )
                                                    a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                      Fall Protection Training
                                                                                 9:00 - Two day ( 16 hours )
                                                                                      9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          from now on, thanks to five Justices,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          corporate campaign spending will be
                                                                                                                                                                                                          literally limitless.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Yes, unions will have the same
                                                                                                                                                                                                          freedom. But unions are already
                                                                                                                                                                                                          maxed out—and their resources,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          stretched to the breaking point, are
                                         Saskatchewan Carpenters Joint Training Committee                                                                                                June - 2011      diminishing. If, as Anatole France
                                                                                                                                                                                                          observed, the law in its majesty
       Sunday              Monday
                                                    Fall Protection Training
                                                                                     Fall Protection Training
                                                                                                                           Fall Protection Training
                                                                                                                                                           Fall Protection Training
                                                                                                                                                                                                          forbids rich and poor alike to sleep
                                                    - Two day ( 16 hours )
                                                    a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                9:00 - Two day ( 16 hours )
                                                                                     9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                           - Two day ( 16 hours )
                                                                                                                           9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                           - Two day ( 16 hours )
                                                                                                                                                           9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                         under bridges, the Supreme Court, in
                                                                                                                                                                                                          its majesty, permits both to spend as
5.              6.                                  7.                                  8.                                 9.                              10.                          11.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          much as they can lay their hands on. If
                                                                                                                                                                                                          a Republican Party that has lately
12.             13.                                 14.                                 15.                                16.                             17.        Regina            18.               become          rigidly,     fanatically
                                                                                                                                                           Scaffold Inspection
                                                                                                                                                           - one day ( 8hrs. )
                                                                                                                                                           9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          “conservative” can succeed in
                                                                                                                                                           ( Robin )
                                                                                                                                                                                                          reducing public-sector unions to the
19.             20.        Saskatoon
                Rigging Training
                - 5 days ( 40 hrs. ) 9:00 a.m to
                                                    21.        Saskatoon
                                                    Rigging Training
                                                    - 5 days ( 40 hrs. ) 9:00 a.m to
                                                                                        22.        Saskatoon
                                                                                        Rigging Training
                                                                                        - 5 days ( 40 hrs. ) 9:00 a.m to
                                                                                                                           23.       Saskatoon
                                                                                                                           Rigging Training
                                                                                                                           - 5 days ( 40 hrs. ) 9:00 a.m
                                                                                                                                                           24.       Saskatoon
                                                                                                                                                           Rigging Training
                                                                                                                                                           - 5 days ( 40 hrs. ) 9:00 a.m
                                                                                                                                                                                                          parlous condition of their private-
                5:00 p.m                            5:00 p.m                            5:00 p.m                           to 5:00 p.m                     to 5:00 p.m
                                                                                                                                                                                                          sector brethren, then organized
26.             27.                                 28.                                 29.                                30.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          labor—which, for all its failings, all
                                                                                                                                                                                                          its shortsightedness, all its “special
                                                                                                                                                                                                          interest” selfishness, remains the only
                                                                                                                                                                                                          truly formidable counterweight to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ever-growing political power of that
                                                                                                                                                                                                          top onethousandth—will no longer be
                                                                                                                                                                                                          anything close to a match for
                                                                                                                                                                                                          organized money. And that will be the
      TRAINING REIMBURSEMENT                                                                                                                                                                              news, brought to you by a few very
        Any training delivered by the Training Trust at our centres in Regina                                                                                                                             rich, very powerful Americans—and
      and Saskatoon is free for Local 1985 members. We have courses for Fall                                                                                                                              many, many billions of dollars. L
      Protection, Confined Space Training and Scaffold Inspection available
      monthly. Phone the office if you are available to take these courses.
        The Training Trust will also reimburse you for almost any relevant trade
      or safety training you can arrange with any other private training agency.
      If you need Confined Space, for instance, and the Training Trust cannot
      provide the course to fit your schedule, you may take the course wherever
      you can. If you have a receipt and a completion certificate, the Training
      Trust will reimburse you.
        If you have any questions about training or our reimbursement policy,
      phone Lee Naylor (683-0269).

  Helpful Answers to Common Questions about Organizing

Often during the organizing campaign       The Labour Board requires that each        benefits, or have been with the
of a workplace there are questions that    worker supporting the union sign a         employer for a long time.
often arise. Here are a few of them:       petition or union affiliation card that
                                           says, “In applying for a membership, I     8. When does our company become
1. What does it mean to be certified?      understand that the Union intends to          certified?
Becoming certified means that the          apply to be certified as my exclusive      The union becomes certified to
union becomes your exclusive               bargaining agent.”                         represent the workers after a vote is
bargaining agent. Because we                                                          had on site with supervision from the
approach the employer with the             6. Will my employer or boss find out       Labour Board. If 55% of the workers
strength of all our membership, we are        that I signed a petition or union       voting vote in favour of the union, the
far better able to negotiate pay raises,      card?                                   company is then legally bound to
safer work sites, health benefits,         NO! Confidentiality is our top priority.   engage into a collective agreement.
pension         contributions,      and    The only people who know that you
opportunities for training and skill       signed are yourself, the union             9. Will I have to strike or wobble if
development through what’s called          representative and the Labour Board           the employer does not cooperate?
collective bargaining.                     and they are bound by the law to           NO! Our collective agreements are in
                                           conceal your identity. Almost all card     place to improve the quality of life for
2. Why do I need a collective              signing is done in the employee’s home     workers. Not working means no
   agreement?                              to protect his/her privacy.                paycheque! The union will negotiate
Without a collective agreement, your                                                  with the employer while the members
employer can take away benefits, avoid     7. Is there anyone else who will           continue to work, and further to that in
training and ticketing you, neglect your      know that I signed a petition           our collective agreements we include
future by failing to provide pension          card?                                   a, “No strike or Wobble,” clause.
contributions, pay you when he feels       That is up to you. The union will never    Together we will bring employers over
like it and take disciplinary action       tell anyone that you signed. The           to our side and develop a relationship
against anyone at anytime. Collective      Labour Board is bound to protect your      in which we all prosper. After all, the
agreements are contracts that protect      privacy, especially to your employer.      employer’s success in his field means
you and provide better working             So that leaves you, to be aware that       the opportunity for employees to
conditions by making conditions of         every employee might not want union        continue working. Win Win is what we
employment enforceable.                    representation. Those individuals          work for.
                                           usually sit in the highest paying
3. Will union take away any of my          positions, have the most company
   current benefits?                                                                                      (continued on next page 11)

No! Unions strive to improve wages
and working conditions, it is important
to have these conditions recognized in
a collective agreement. They are only
enforceable if a contract is recognized
by the Labour Board.

4. Do I have any say in what goes
   into a collective agreement?
YES! All negotiations are done in
consultation with the workers. All
collective agreements are ratified by
the employees before they are signed
by the employer and the union.
5. Why do I have to sign a petition /
   or union card?

                                                            · 10 ·
 Helpful Answers to Common Questions about Organizing from pg. 10

IMPORTANT                                           activities or of employees               witnessed the incident, what was said,
  Remember that when you sign a                 c) Promises or granting wage                 how it was said (whether aggressively
petition card, not only are you a part of           increases or other benefits to           or passively) and how you felt after
unionizing your workplace, you are                  discourage support for union             what you heard or experienced, i.e.
also protecting yourself against unfair             affiliation                              Whether you felt scared, threatened,
labour practices.                               d) Threats of retaliation against union      intimidated or anything similar.
  When you sign a petion/union card,                sympathizers, such as loss of job,         An easy way of remembering
the union commits to protect you with               pay cuts, or benefits or threats of      everything that employers cannot do is
legal representation, if you are                    closing down operations because          with the acronym SPIT, which stands
discharged from work unfairly.                      of unionizing                            for:

                                                   In Memoriam
  The employer cannot, by law, engage           e) Suspending, transferring, or              a) No Spying
in any activity that interferes with a              disciplining employees without           b) No Promises
union’s campaign to organize a                      just cause                               c) No Interrogations
company, here is a list of things your            If you have experienced any of the         d) No Threats and Discrimination
employer cannot do, but, will                   above, it is important that you write             based on union affiliation
definitely try to get away with:                down details of the event such as
a) Interrogation of employees to find           names of people involved, place where

        Local 1021 is sad to report the passing of two longtime UBC millwrights.
                                                                                             Contact Kerry Westcott (221-8079) or
    out their union feelings                    the exchange took place, times and           Barry Holma (537-5311) for more

                      George and Moe will be lovingly remembered.
b) Surveillance        of    organizing         dates, other people who may have             information

                                                                                          In Loving Memory of
           George Norman O’Neil Hallen
              August 13, 1947 - February 24, 2011                                 Maurice “Moe” Mallory
       What matters is not the dates of the beginning nor                          July 7, 1948 - February 7, 2011
       the end, but the dash. The legacy we leave behind                 who passed away Monday, February 7, 2011 at age 62.
           is determined with how we lived the dash.                         Donations in memory of Moe may be made to
       George lived that dash with gratitude and purpose                 Regina Palliative Care Inc., 4F-4101 Dewdney Avenue,
                     and his legacy lives on.                               Regina SK, S4T 1A5 or to the Regina Humane
                                                                               Society, Box 3143, Regina SK, S4P 3G7

                                                                    · 11 ·
    The Triangle Shirtwaist Inferno
                                          downtown New York and was                right to organize, that defined labour
March 2011New York. Inpoignantthere
           marked the          100
  year anniversary of the Triangle
Inferno in              1911
                                          witnessed by thousands. Out of this
                                          tragedy came a tremendous surge of
                                                                                   standards and raised the expectation
                                                                                   of a safe workplace.
were no unions, no labour standards       union organizing by the Ladies             Our brothers and sisters in the
and no OH&S regulations for               Garment Workers Union. Some              American trade union movement are
garment workers. But then, as now,        historians say it was a major impetus    under attack in Wisconsin, Ohio and
there were rapacious bosses willing to    to FDR’s New Deal. FDR’s first           elsewhere. Right-wing politicians
cut corners to maximize profits.          Labour Secretary, Francis Perkins,       bankrolled by corporate interests are
  A fire broke out on the upper floors    was an eyewitness to the fire and        trying to legislate a 100 years of
of a New York high rise building at       deeply moved by witnessing so many       progress away. Judging from the
the Triangle Shirtwaist company. The      young women leap to their deaths to      100,000 strong demonstrations and
fire escapes had been locked by the       escape the flames because the fire       the strong fight back campaigns to
boss to prevent pilferage. 146            exits were locked.                       recall anti-union politicians in
workers, mostly young women, died           This tragedy inspired the greatest     Wisconsin, the attack on labour is
horribly, either burned to death or by    organizing drives in North American      provoking the kind of reaction it did
defenestrating to escape the heat.        history. It also inspired the landmark   in 1911.
  This spectacle happened in              legislation ensuring workers had the       A hurt to one is an injury to all. L

    Organizer Job Posting
                                          members step up. There will then start   take direction from the EST. But
O ur organizers have been ridden hard,
  and soon will be put away wet.
Kerry Westcott has given notice that
                                          an evaluation and training process.
                                          This may involve training at the UBC
                                                                                   candidates must also demonstrate
                                                                                   good common sense, an ability to
2011 will be his last year. Like Kerry,   centre in Las Vegas. It may mean an      innovate and perform without
Barry Holma is nearing the home           internship in the second half of this    constant supervision.
stretch. Kerry held elective and          year on a fixed term provisional           The first step is to provide EST
appointive offices in the Operative       contract. Our preference is to find a    Kelvin Goebel with a resumé and a
Plasterers and Cement Masons for 20       suitable journey member of Local         500 word letter making your case for
years and has been an organizer /         1985 or 1021 to assume a full-time       the job. Fully trained Organizers /
recruiter for local 1985 and the          position on January 1st, 2012.           Recruiters can expect foreman’s rate
Saskatchewan Regional Council for           Candidates must be fully committed     and benefits. Intern and trainee rates
ten years.                                trade unionists convinced of the union   are yet to be negotiated. L
  Barry has been a job steward and        advantage. Ideally
activist for Local 1021 for longer than   the       candidate
he cares to admit. Barry has been a       would be young, an
charter member and architect of the       excellent verbal
Regional Council and an organizer /       and         written
recruiter for ten years. There is a lot   communicator with
of institutional memory in those two      good      computer
heads. As they say, old age and           skills, including
treachery will beat youth and beauty      social networking.
most days.                                The hours can be
  And yet, youth and beauty must          long and there is
have their day, as well. So the           considerable travel
Regional Council is giving notice of      i n v o l v e d .
the start of the selection process for    Candidates must be
replacement organizers. Step one is to    able to conform to
advertise the vacancy and see if any      Council policy and

                                                          · 12 ·

T he     United    Brotherhood
  Carpenters has long lobbied against
the production and use of asbestos
                                   of           third world nations, for use in such
                                                products as corrugated concrete
                                                roofing sheets. In poor countries these
                                                                                                           asbestos. Can the creation of a few
                                                                                                           hundred new (and highly dangerous)
                                                                                                           jobs in Quebec be worth the
because of well known asbestos-                 sheets are cut with handsaws by                            inevitable deaths of thousands in poor
related diseases. NDP Member of                 workers without respiratory safety                         countries like India? The UBC
Parliament, and former UBC business             equipment. One hundred thousand                            doesn’t think so.
manager of our Manitoba carpenters’             citizens of India are estimated,                             Nearly everyone in the construction
local, Pat Martin, has worked                   according to the World Health                              industry knows someone who has
tirelessly to raise public awareness            Organization, to die every year of                         COPD or mesothelioma as a result of
about the dangers of asbestos                   asbestos-related disease.                                  asbestos exposure. Not long ago
exposure.      The     Saskatchewan               Canada bears a load of guilt for                         asbestos was added to stucco mixes,
Regional Council participates in the            those deaths. Incredibly, Quebec and                       used in brake linings and pipe wrap.
Saskatchewan-based           asbestos           Canada are currently giving                                The headframe at PCS Lanigan was
awareness committee, headed by Bob              consideration to re-opening a                              once sheeted in asbestos board.
Sass, past-director of the U of S               mothballed mine and exporting                              Almost all of our older members have
Labour Studies Program.                         boatloads of asbestos to India.                            had some exposure. For more
   While the use of asbestos has been           Shamefully the United Steelworkers                         information, consult the excellent
banned in Canada for decades, the               union supports this proposal and the                       website at,
mines concentrated around the town              QFL and CLC have so far failed to                 
of Asbestos, Quebec long continued              unequivocally call for a complete ban                                or call Bob Sass at
to produce and export asbestos to               on the production and export of                                       (306) 249-0206.

                                                        We try to better service UBC members by directly billing FAS.

                   Your Healthcare Team is Ready to Advise You on Your Precriptions and to Answer All of Your Healthcare Questions

                     College Avenue Drugs                           Lakeshore Pharmacy                                  Towers Pharmacy
                      Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 6 PM                 Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 6 PM                    Monday - Friday 9 AM - 9 PM
                       Sunday & Holidays CLOSED                      Sunday & Holidays CLOSED                          Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM
                           Jack Mullock, BSP                          Manager: Brian Gray, BSP                     Sunday & Holidays 12 PM - 5 PM
                            636 College Ave                               1380 - 23rd Ave                         Manager: Kimberly Sentes, BA, BSP
                            Ph: 525-2513                                   Ph: 584-0717                                 2713 Avonhurst Drive
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                                                                                                                           Fax: 586-9306

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                     Sunday & Holidays 12 PM - 4 PM                  Sunday & Holidays CLOSED
                          Chris Perentes, BSP                       Manager: Megan Zmetana, BSP
                            2255 - 14th Ave                                4113 - 5th Ave
                            Ph: 757-9667                                   Ph: 545-5900
                             Fax: 569-2316                                   Fax: 54-4919

                              All stores have Compliance Drug Packaging, Free Blood Pressure Check, Seniors’ Discount
                                       and No Charge City-Wide Prescription Delivery to your Business or Home.

                                                                       · 13 ·
  SFL Organizers Meeting
                 MARCH 27, 2011 –

                  The SFL coordinates
                   a meeting for union
                 organizers           in
                 Davidson twice a
                 year. These meetings
                 provide a forum for
                 SFL affiliated unions
Kerry Westcott   and      non-affiliated
                 unions to discuss
issues of common concern. One issue
that concerns all unions is the
perception that the Labour Relation
Board (LRB) is biased towards
employers and against unions.
  Almost the first action of the Wall
government was to fire the chairperson
and two vice-chairpersons of the LRB,
without cause, in the middle of their
terms of appointment. The SFL sued
the Wall government on the grounds                                                        Applications for Certifications. The
that these dismissals were not legal.            Unions don’t trust LRB to make           employer is required to file a Reply and
Based on the government’s own public           fair and impartial changes to Trade        a Statement of Employment. Before
statements, the Saskatchewan Court of                Union Act’s Regulations.             Bill 6, the LRB would count the union
Appeal recently concluded that the                                                        support cards and check the Statement
government removed the incumbent              While this case proceeds, the new           of Employment to see if the union had
chairs because it lacked confidence in      chairperson of the LRB has announced          majority support. If so, the LRB issued
their “willingness or ability to give       his intention to make procedural              a Certification Order. With Bill 6, the
effect to the legislative policy choice     changes to the Regulations of the Trade       LRB checks for 45% union support and
embodied in Bills 5 and 6.”                 Union Act. One of the changes                 then orders an election that the union
                                            proposed is to do away with the               must win with 55% support.
      New LRB chairs are alleged to be      Statement of Employment the employer
  illegally appointed...and are perceived   must file when a union files an                     Certification elections stacked
       to have a pro-employer bias.         Application for Certification. Unions                       against unions.
                                            need an accurate Statement of
   This     remarkable       conclusion     Employment to monitor the fairness of            In certification elections the devil is
prompted law professor, Ron Ellis, to       the certification process. No union           in the details. The union will want the
write in The Lawyers Weekly, “It’s          wants the changes proposed. Every             quickest possible election because the
official. Saskatchewan’s adjudicative       proposed change fits the employers’           job may end and the crew may scatter
tribunals are biased...The Saskatchewan     wish list. Unions don’t trust this chair to   from Fort Mac to New Brunswick.
Court of Appeal confirms the                make changes that are fair and impartial      Delayed elections allow time for
Saskatchewan government’s success in        and they have good reasons to perceive        employer interference in the election. A
destroying the impartiality of its Labour   pro-employer bias.                            favourite employer tactic is to threaten
Relations Board.” The SFL is now              In a round table discussion at the SFL      layoffs or company closure if the union
proceeding with its lawsuit in hopes of     Organizers Meeting, many organizers           is certified. Bill 6 contains a big gift to
having these new chairs removed by          reported on perceived LRB pro-                employers called “the right to
court order, because the LRB is             employer bias, particularly in the            communicate.” Employers can use Bill
required by rule of law principles to be    conduct of the certification elections        6 to make threats that used to be illegal
and to appear to be independent and         required by Bill 6. Unions are required       unfair labour practices under the
impartial.                                  to attach signed support cards to their       unamended Trade Union Act.
                                                                                                                   (continued on page 15)
                                                              · 14 ·
 S FL ORGAN IZ ERS M EE TI N G from pg. 14

   Employers often pad the Statement of         This SFL organizers’ forum has
Employment to drown out the union’s           developed a series of educational
majority. For instance, if the UBC is         pamphlets outlining the reasons for our
filing a carpenter majority, the employer     opposition to Bill 5, 6 and 80. Of
may put carpenters and labourers on the       particular interest to tradespersons is its
Statement of Employment. If we are
trying to organize millwrights, the                  The Sask Regional Council is
employer may add ironworkers to the             fighting for fairness in the workplace
millwright list.                                       with a coalition of unions

     CEP and CLAC perceived to get            excellent pamphlet about CLAC. It
       priority treatment at LRB.             delivers a series of Direct Action
                                              workshops for union activists as part of
   Unions rely on an impartial and            our larger fight back campaign and
independent LRB to resolve disputes           coordinates it activities with labour’s
between unions and employers fairly.          Political Action campaign. L
When rat unions like CLAC and CEP
file applications, they get very quick
elections, sometimes before the Hearing
and just days after filing the
Application. The UBC, however, gets
its elections after the Hearing – weeks
or months after the Application is filed.
   To us, the pro-employer, pro-rat union
bias is apparent. The proposal to do
away with the “Statement of
Employment” is just another obstacle in
the employee’s ability to organize.
Without a verifiable Statement of
Employment, a union can never be sure
a card count or certification election is
being conducted fairly. One of the SFL   ’s
affiliate unions is collecting affidavits
from organizers in an attempt to
demonstrate that the LRB’s Registrar is
interfering with union applications. This
is a new low for the LRB. Never before
has an LRB Registrar been suspected of
interference in union rights or partiality.

                     Please let us know if your address
                       or phone number has changed.
                             Inform FAS as well.
                                                                · 15 ·
  Five Things About the Protests in Wisconsin
  ICEM/CALM — Just a month into              to education by $976 million over the        3. Public sector workers are not the
office, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker      next two years, and allows the governor      cause of Wisconsin’s problems.
wasted no time starting a major union-       to privatize any state public utility          Public sector workers are the last
busting effort.                              without soliciting bids and without          major segment of the U.S. workforce
  Walker used budget deficit hysteria as     Public Service Commission consent.           with significant rates of unionization.
an excuse to eliminate public-sector           In one further insult to public workers,   Resistance in Wisconsin is resistance to
unions by ending their right to bargain      the proposed law mandates a five per         a new demagoguery inside the U.S. to
wages and benefits. The firestorm of         cent cut in wages with the savings going     destroy public sector unions as the final
                                                            to public-sector pension      bastion of union strength. A defeat in
                                                            funds.                        Wisconsin means sweeping attacks on
                                                               The battle in Wisconsin    unions elsewhere.
                                                            has become a vanguard
                                                            against         right-wing    4. Well-funded business
                                                            extremism in the U.S. But     organizations and right-wing
                                                            why should it matter to       media outlets are trying to turn
                                                            the rest of the world?        American mainstream against
                                                               Here are five things to    public sector workers.
                                                            understand about the            Their ploy is to direct private-sector
                                                            Wisconsin struggle.           worker resentment on the things that
                                                            1. It is not really about     they do not have, or have been taken
                                                            deficits or austerity         from them like adequate pensions and
                                                            measures.                     benefits, towards public-sector workers
                                                                                          who still have them. To divide and
                                                              Wisconsin was on track      conquer, and distract from the rich who
protests that has overtaken Madison, the     for a modest budget surplus of $120          have sucked up nearly all of the wealth
capital of Wisconsin, has spread to other    million this year. However, by taking a      in the U.S., is the name of the game.
states, where different legislative          worst-case estimate of some real and
measures have surfaced that would            potential shortfalls in Medicaid, legal      5. The battle in Wisconsin is about
overnight turn the clock back by 80          aid, prisons, and debts owed to other        national political credibility of the
years.                                       states, Walker created the appearance of     U.S. union movement.
   In Madison, and throughout the U.S.,      a $137 million shortfall.                      There are many politicians who do not
and in many places of the world,               To put Walker’s budget deficit             believe it is worth their while to pay any
resistance to Walker’s draconian public      fabrications into perspective, the           attention to union demands. A loss in
spending cuts has drawn an ideological       documentary        producer      Robert      Wisconsin would cement the view that
line in the sand. In the early morning       Greenwald points out that withdrawing        unions are too weak to matter.
hours of February 25, Republicans who        just 151 U.S. troops from Iraq would           What is happening in Wisconsin is
control Wisconsin’s lower legislative        save more money than Walker’s                nothing less than a class war.
chamber used tomfoolery to pass the          trumped-up deficit. The earnings of just
                                             the top 13 U.S. hedge-fund managers                    • International Federation of
                                             (about $1 billion each), if taxed as                   Chemical, Energy, Mine and
   The regressive measure would have
                                             ordinary income instead of capital gains,                  General Workers’ Unions
been signed into law by Walker’s pen
had it not been for Wisconsin Democrats      would provide enough new revenue to
in the state senate. Republicans hold a      hire 68,000 teachers.                        He’s a winner
19-14 in that chamber, but need 20           2. It is not about union intransigence.      Internet/CALM
senators present to take legislative
action. All 14 Democrats left the state to     Public sector unions in Wisconsin          “IF CLASS warfare is being waged in
prevent a quorum.                            have agreed to cuts in wages and             America, my class is clearly winning.”
   The 144-page bill also contained          benefits. However, they will not agree to
                                             permanent removal of their right to                               — Warren Buffet,
sweeping cuts to health care for low-                                                              one of the world’s richest men
income families. It will reduce state aid    negotiate future wages and benefits.

                                                              · 16 ·
  Noise Levels and Hearing Damage
   Many of our members have hearing                                                         works like the Richter earthquake scale.
damage due to noise on construction                                                         So, 100 decibels is one hundred times
sites. Saskatchewan Regional Council                                                        more than 80 decibels.
President Warren Sauder recently                                                            Protect your ears
conducted some tests in our Regina                                                            Know which noises can cause
Shop and recorded the decibel range of                                                      damage. Wear appropriate hearing
some common construction noises.                                                            protection when you are involved in a
  Skilsaw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91-95 dB                                              loud activity.
  Dropping a 3 foot tube on to                                                              • 110 Decibels – Regular exposure of
  concrete floor . . . . . . . . 99-100 dB                                                    more than 1 minute risks permanent
  Dropping an 8 foot tube on to                                                               hearing loss.
  concrete floor . . . . . . . 100-102 dB                                                   • 100 Decibels – No more than 15
  Hitting clamp                                                                               minutes of unprotected exposure
  with a hammer . . . . . . . . . . . 86 dB                                                   recommended.
  Hitting tube with                                                                         • 85 Decibels – Prolonged exposure to
  a hammer . . . . . . . . . . . . 90-94 dB                                                   any noise at or above 85 decibels can
  Hitting a scaffold frame                                                                    cause gradual hearing loss.
  with a hammer . . . . . . . . 87-95 dB
  Hitting an Aluma beam                                                                       Warrren’s tests show that hammering
  with another Aluma beam                                                                   scaffold tubes, or dropping them on
                                                 is 10 decibels, a sound 100 times more     concrete, produces sounds that
  while stacking. . . . . . . . 99-100 dB        powerful is 20 decibels and a sound
  Hammering a nail. . . . . . 85-92 dB                                                      sometimes exceed 100 decibels. The
                                                 1000 times more powerful is 30             results are clear — you will lose your
  Radial arm saw. . . . . . . . 88-92 dB         decibels. A gas lawnmower is 90            hearing if you scaffold without hearing
   On the decibel scale 0 is near total          decibels and a heavy metal rock concert    protection. L
silence, a sound 10 times more powerful          or jet engine is 120 decibels. The scale

  Health and Welfare News
                                                                                            $5,000 to $10,000 for Spouses; $2,000
Recent Benefit                                   Dental Fee Guide Increase                  to $5,000 for each eligible Child.
Improvements!!                                     The Trustees make every effort to
                                                 ensure that your benefit payments are
                                                                                            Orthopedic Shoes
                                                                                              Effective for claims incurred on or
  When is is prudent to do so, the Trust         kept current. As a result, we are          after January 1, 2011, the Orthopedic
Fund looks for ways to enrich your               pleased to announce that effective         shoes maximum has been increased
benefit plan. Here is a summary of the           April 1, 2011 all dental claim payments    from $200 to $300 per year.
recent benefit improvements. For more            will be based on the reasonable and
detailed information please visit the            customary fees published in the 2011       Dental Benefits
website ( or                    Dental Fee Guide.                            Effective for claims incurred on or
contact the Fund Office.                                                                    after January 1, 2011, the Dental
                                                 Paramedical Practitioners                  Benefit will include White coloured
Increase to Weekly Disability Benefit              Effective for claims incurred on or      fillings on molars. For all claims
  In conjunction with the Employment             after January 1, 2010, the paramedical     incurred on or after January 1, 2011,
Insurance increase, the Board is                 practitioners limit is increased to $400   Dental Implants will be covered under
pleased to announce that the weekly              per practitioner year.                     Major Services at the 80% co-
benefit for all new disability claims            Dependent Life                             insurance up to the current combined
incurred on or after April 1, 2011 will            Effective for claims incurred on or      maximum for Basic and Major
increase to $468 per week, from $457             after January 1, 2011, the Dependent       services of $3,000 per individual, per
per week.                                        Life benefit has been increased from       calendar year. L
                                                                  · 17 ·
  Third Year Apprentice Program
  The 3rd Year Apprentice Program is
designed to give third year apprentices a
better understanding of the Brotherhood
and our industry, and the important part
they and all members play in the success
of both. The program includes:
  • Discussion with one
    or more Officers
  • The UBC: A 21st Century
    Union/Our Vision for the Future
  • Understanding Our Industries
    and Our Contractors
  • Taking Care of Our Customers:
    Skill, Productivity and Attitude
  • Contractor Panel: industry insights,
    with questions and answers              G UBC Centre classroom
  • UBC History and Heritage
  • A Spirit of Activism:
    What Can I Do?
  • Mentoring Others Back Home
  This year the program was held at the
UBC Centre in Las Vegas from April 7
to 10. Dale Sayese, Jerad Schellenburg,
Matthew Klassen, Jonathan Carey,
Mitchell Slorstad, Eric Farries, Brian
Drulard, Kristopher Burritt, Clinton
Davies,      Jeff   Andrews,      Justin
Waddington, Fathe Mohamed and Gary
Ecklund attended and represented the
Saskatchewan Regional Council of
Carpenters and Millwrights. L

                                            G Some SRC attendees

G General President McCarron
addresses attendees                         G McCarron and Saskatchewan Third Year Apprentices
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 SRC 3rd Annual Golf Tournament                                  Monthly Union
                                                                 Members’ Meetings
                                                                 Local 1021 meets every second
                                                                 Saturday of the month at the Town
                                                                 Hall in Davidson.
                                                                 Executive Board Meeting......9 a.m.
                                                                 General Members’
                                                                 Meeting ...............................10 a.m.

                                                                 LOCAL 1985
                                                                 Every Second Tuesday of the
                                                                 month at 7:30 p.m.
                                                                 Regina Union Centre
                                                                 at 12th and Angus
                                                                 Every third Wednesday of the
                                                                 month at 7:30 p.m.
Location: The Willows Golf and Country Club                      Ramada Hotel
                                                                 Idylwyld Drive and 30th Street
          South on Clarence Avenue - Saskatoon
   Date: September 17th - @ 11:00 A.M.
                                                                 LATE BREAKING
              (shotgun start)                                    NEWS
Format: Four man best ball - teams to be drawn                   – A billion dollar build in Regina
                                                                 – A billion dollar low carbon
         BBQ to follow tournament                                  power plant in Estevan
      Many door prizes to be awarded                             – NDP gains in Federal election
                                                                   give us new hope of defeating
      A $20 refundable deposit required (refunded at tee off)      the Sask Party in November.
         Four mulligans allowed per team at a cost of $20
                    Registration at 9:30 A.M.
             Deadline for entry is September 3, 2011             NOTICE OF
 There is a limited number of spaces available – SIGN UP EARLY   RESPONSIBILITIES
                                                                 – Pay any $20 monthly dues
      Sign up is at Saskatoon and Regina Union Offices &
                 at the Monthly Union Meetings
                                                                 – Maximize your training
                                                                 – Represent your union well –
                                                                   at home and at work
                                                                 – Attend union meetings

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