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Church ENEWS for August 12


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                                                 August 12, 2010
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                 copy click the button   "For if you are eager to give, God will accept your gift on
                      and add your         the basis of what you have to give, not on
                       information.                   what you don't have."
                                                       - 2 Corinthians 8:12

                     Office Staff
                                         Just a reminder, don't forget to return your ingathering
                  Vacation Schedule
                                         grocery bags filled with food for the food collection in
                 Canon Jenny Vervynck
                                         support of our food collection program for the South Bay
                   August 6 through
                                         Community Center. Please bring the bag to the altar
                      August 21
                                         during the announcement time as an outward and visible
                    Sandra Martinez      sign of our offering and as a reminder to others of our
                                         food gathering each week. Thank you!
                    July 26 through
                       August 16

                    Vestry Meeting
                      August 18

                The Rev. Canon Jenny
                Vervynck is
                responsible for all
                Parish and School
                communications.          If you would like to give flowers for
                Please send any event    the altar in memory of someone or in

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Church ENEWS for August 12                                  https://ui.constantcontact.com/visualeditor/visual_editor_preview.jsp?age...

                or calendar               thanksgiving for someone or an
                information to            important event such as a birthday or
                jenny@saint-johns.org     anniversary. Please send a check for
                with a copy to Wendy      $40 to the church office to cover the
                Romo at                   cost of flowers. Please include the date you request the
                wendyr@saint-             flowers and your intension for the flowers. You may also
                johns.org.                sign up for a specific date on the Flower Chart located in
                                          the Narthex of the Church. Please be sure to print clearly
                For the weekly E-News,    and to include all the information you want in the
                please have               bulletin.
                information to Canon
                Jenny by Wednesday
                of the week of
                publication and for the
                Eagle Newsletter by
                the 15th of the month.
                                          Thank you for keeping your pledges
                Thank you!                current during the summer. We all
                                          may go on vacation but the ministries
                                          and related expenses of the
                                          parish contiue. Enjoy the beauty of
                                          God's craetion in these gentle
                The Rev. John Goddard     summer days!

                Senior Warden
                Ana Garcia

                Junior Warden
                David Dennehy

                Bill Cheney               The next meeting for the Men of Saint
                Treasurer                 John's is August 16 at 6 p.m. The
                                          location is:
                Vestry Clerk                           Bob & Joan Smalley's
                Judy Butcher              home
                Bob Bailey                               at 2729 Valley Creek Drive,
                Bill Cheney                                  Chula Vista 91914.
                Mark Higginbotham                              619-421-0467.
                Mark Jordan                The main course will be roast turkey. Don't forget to
                David Laufer              bring along your favorite side dish or dessert for our
                François Maurice          potluck dinner. Father Goddard will join us to talk about
                John Schilpp              stewardship and opportunities for ministry for the Men's
                Adrianne Shaw             Club. Please come for another evening of fellowship and
                Robert Smalley            great food. We will have our usual short business
                Joyce Vogel               meeting.

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                             Women, get your hammers, screw drivers, and tool belts
                             ready for the women only build. The Women
                             Build date has been changed to November
                             20. Watch for more information to build
                             homes in National City .

                             Members of the Women of Saint John's, with
                             the leadership of Lucy Troncoso, make quilts
                             to be taken to people who are in need of our
                             prayers and support. Please contact Lucy at
                             (619) 427-6837 if you would like to donate
                             fabric scraps including usable clothing that
                             can be made into squares for quilting blankets
                             for abandoned and abused children.

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                             Sharp Hospice Care needs caring, compassionate adults
                             and teens to work with the terminally ill and their
                             families throughout San Diego County. Training for
                             hospice volunteers will be September 9, 2010 through
                             October 2, 2010 for a total of one Thursday evening
                             session and four Saturday sessions. The training's focus
                             is on: communication skills, ethics, needs of the
                             terminally ill, family dynamics, pain and symptom
                             management, grief and bereavement, spiritual care of
                             the dying and their loved ones. For more information,
                             contact Camelia McRae Gower: 619-667-1900.

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                             Pre-registration application and interview are required
                             by August 31.

                             Camp Coast Care on the Gulf Coast will wrap up its
                             ministry of post-Katrina recovery and rebuilding at the
                             end of August 2010. In the course of its five years, over
                             60,000 volunteers have:

                             - mucked/gutted 3500 homes
                             - rehabbed/built anew 550 homes
                             - case managed 2200 individuals/families
                             - consumed 1,250,000 meals
                             - input $15,000,000 cash into the Coast economies
                             - worked 2.5 million hours amounting to a value
                             of $45,000,000 in services

                             This creative and holy response to an otherwise horrific
                             and dark moment in our history is indeed a job well
                             done. To give thanks for the work of the past five years,
                             the Lutheran Episcopal Services in Mississippi invite you
                             to send your stories or a few words of reflection to be
                             included in the Archival Scrapbook. Please send these to
                             Lindsay Asker by August: 228-466-2900. All are invited
                             to attend a Celebration of Thanksgiving for Recovery and
                             Rebuilding on:

                                       Saturday, August 14 at 5:00pm at
                                              Mission on the Bay
                               647 DeMontluzin Street, Bay St. Louis. Please notify
                                     Lindsay Asker if you will be joining us.

                             Camp Web Site

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                             Despite the enormous challenges still facing Haiti nearly
                             seven months after the magnitude-7
                             earthquake of Jan. 12, the president
                             of Episcopal Relief & Development
                             says he returned from a recent visit
                             there with "tempered hope" for the
                             country's future.

                             Read More

                             St. Paul's LUV Gala supports
                             excellent programs for middle- to
                             low-income seniors in San Diego. St.
                             Paul's Senior Homes & Services will
                             hold its annual LUV Gala in
                             Coronado this year at the Hotel Del.
                             In keeping with the organization's 50th anniversary, the
                             theme of the fete is "A Touch of Gold."
                             Honorees are Marie Robinson, widow of founder Father
                             Harold Robinson, and the Revs. Canon Andrew Rank and
                             Barnabas Hunt. Proceeds from the gala will benefit St.
                             Paul's new memory care program. The party starts at
                             6:00 p.m. with a reception and silent auction followed by
                             dinner and dancing, egged on by the David Patrone Jazz
                             Band. Carol LeBeau, local television personality, will be
                             the emcee.
                             For more information, visit the St. Paul's web site or call

                                              Saturday, August 28
                                               Hotel Del Coronado
                                      1500 Orange Avenue, Coronado, 92118
                                                    6:00 p.m.

                                              St. Paul's Cathedral invites all churches
                                              in the diocese to showcase their
                                              organizations at the annual Alternative

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                                               Gifts Expo. On Sunday, December 5,
                                               holiday shoppers will be able to
                                               purchase gifts from the heart that serve
                             the poor, promote social justice and are environmentally
                             If your congregation supports a charity and you are
                             interested in attending the Expo, please contact Carolyn
                             Lief, 858-274-0587.

                             EDUCATION for MINISTRY. Powerful
                             words! Hello! My name is Cecil Keener. I
                             am the Education for Ministry
                             Coordinator (EfM) for the Episcopal
                             Diocese of San Diego. I am also an EfM
                             mentor at St Paul's Cathedral. Those of
                             us who are not called to the priesthood
                             and yet want to honor our baptismal vows, look for
                             deeper meaning to our lives in an effort to fulfill them.
                             When we say "Here I am; send me" what exactly does
                             that mean? Send me where? To do what? What am I
                             capable of? Where do my talents lie?

                             The University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee has
                             developed a correspondence course that enables you to
                             delve into those very questions and decide just exactly
                             what God is calling you to do! The course is called
                             Education for Ministry.

                             I invite you to investigate the EFM program. There are
                             seven mentors in our diocese. We are currently planning
                             for next year's sessions. If you live in the following
                             areas, please contact one of us and we will be happy to
                             answer questions. There are online opportunities for
                             anyone who has difficulty getting to a particular place.

                             Linda Nelson in Temecula:
                             Sandy Smolinski in Sun City:
                             sandy.smolinski@leusd.k12.ca.us (online)
                             Catherine Campbell in Del Mar: campbell953@gmail.com
                             Mary Wavrik in Del Mar:

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                             Sue Anderson in Del Mar:
                             Judy Preston in San Diego:
                             Cecil Keener in San Diego:

                             **A new group is currently being organized at St.
                             Peter's, Del Mar. Contact Sue Anderson or Mary Wavrik
                             (above) if interested.

                                          Online course at the Center for
                                         Anglican Learning and Leadership

                             The course description states: "participants are invited
                             to practice spiritual companionship attributes such as
                             spiritual hospitality, reflective listening, empathy, and
                             contemplative engagement with other people in their
                             own setting and regularly journal about those
                             experiences--as background for discussions, and most
                             importantly as reflective practitioners of spiritual
                             companionship. A 2-3 page reflection paper will help
                             synthesize learning and complete the course."

                             The course runs October 25 - December 17. Registration
                             deadline: October 18.$190 for the
                              7-week class. Save $40 when you register with a group
                             of 3 or more! Detailed course descriptions and online
                             registration are available. Earn 2 Continuing Education
                             Units (CEUs) for your work in this class. Just be sure to
                             note this on your registration form.
                             Email CDSP for more information.

                             On Line Registration

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                                                       Want to learn more about
                                                       Anglican liturgy and Christian
                                                       history? Perhaps current
                                                       themes in theological and
                                                       biblical studies is more your
                                                       interest. The Center for
                                                       Anglican Learning & Leadership
                             (CALL) at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific
                             (CDSP) is delighted to announce the fall line-up of online
                             classes. The selections include new offerings in the
                             areas of spiritual guidance, sustainable food practices
                             and dreamwork. Join us for a class and experience how
                             rewarding online learning can be!

                             Cost is $190 or $150 for groups of 3 or more.
                             For more information, contact: call@cdsp.edu
                             Check Out the full Fall Course List Here

                             The Diocese of San Diego's Cursillo
                             weekend will be October 21 - 24 at Camp
                             Stevens. Cursillo is a short course in
                             Christianity that enables spiritual renewal,
                             discipleship and the development of lay
                             leadership. Please talk to your church's
                             Cursillo representative to learn more or contact the Rev.
                             George Calvert, rector of Good Shepherd, Bonita:

                             "The latest love fest between Washington and
                             Jerusalem: Does it have anything to do with

                             Join St. Paul's Cathedral for a special Friday evening
                             town hall with the Rev. Canon John L. Peterson and the
                             Rt. Rev. Samir Kafity, retired bishop of Jerusalem. Canon
                             Peterson is the former canon for global justice and

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                             reconciliation at Washington, D.C.'s National Cathedral,
                             and former dean of St. George's College in Jerusalem.
                             He has extensive knowledge of the area, issues, and
                             personalities involved, and will update us on the latest
                             developments in the ongoing
                             Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is a unique opportunity
                             to learn about what is going on that goes beyond
                             anything you could hear in the mainstream media. A
                             question and answer period and reception will follow.
                             For more information, contact Chris Harris,
                             619-298-7261 ext. 334.
                                                  Friday, August 13
                                                 St. Paul's Cathedral
                                                 2728 Sixth Avenue
                                                  San Diego, 92103
                                                  6:30pm - 8:00pm

                             Many churches in our diocese
                             participate in the Interfaith
                             Community Services shelter, housing homeless people
                             for a period of two weeks on their church campuses.

                             This outstanding organization will hold its annual
                             meeting on Wednesday, August 25 and invites everyone
                             to attend to learn more about its important work. The
                             meeting will feature first-hand testimonials from people
                             Interfaith has helped.

                             Learn more Information on the Website

                                            Wednesday, August 25
                                Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church
                                   17010 Pomerado Road, San Diego, 92128
                                         11:00am welcome reception
                                                11:25am start
                                  RSVP to Mary Ferro, 760-489-6380 ext. 266

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                             Contemplative Outreach North San Diego (CONSD)
                             presents an introductory workshop on Centering Prayer.
                             All in the diocese are invited to attend. For more
                             information, contact langworthy4@cox.net,
                             Centering Prayer is a Christ-centered form of silent
                             prayer, a renewal of the ancient Christian practice of
                             contemplative prayer presented in a contemporary form.
                             Silent prayer, or contemplation, is a way to deepen a
                             intimate relationship with God.

                                             Saturday, September 18
                                           St. Peter's Episcopal Church
                                            334 14th Street, Del Mar
                                                 9:00am - 2:30pm

                             St. Alban's invites the people of the diocese to attend a
                             barbeque! Proceeds will go to the St.
                             Alban's "Raise the Roof" campaign.
                             Enjoy a meal, beverage and dessert
                             with other members of your diocesan
                             Contact Cora Osgood for more
                             information: 619-444-8212

                             Saturday, August 21
                             St. Alban's Episcopal Church
                             490 Farragut Circle, El Cajon, 92020
                             5:00pm - 8:00pm
                             $12 adults
                             $7 children

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                             All Saints' Episcopal Church in
                             San Diego welcomes you to
                             attend an evening of music
                             featuring "King of Kings and Lord
                             of Glory," a hymn of praise by
                             the Rev. Anthony Noble. The
                             evening is presented by The Ron
                             Gillis Singers. All music composed and arranged by Ron
                             Gillis. Please come and bring a friend! For more
                             information, contact Melissa Lamar: 619-298-7729.

                                              Friday, August 13
                                             Al Saints' Episcopal
                                  625 Pennsylvania Avenue, San Diego, 92103

                             We're proud to announce that Diana Butler Bass will be
                             our keynote speaker at Diocesan Convention 2011.
                             Mark your calendar now and please plan on attending
                             this once-per-year gathering of all Episcopal churches
                             throughout San Diego, Imperial, Riverside Counties and
                             Yuma, Arizona.

                             This gathering features business sessions where we vote
                             on how we live our life together, workshops
                             on relevant topics, a shopping venue, a gala
                             dinner and a chance to get to know people
                             around the diocese. All are welcome and
                             encouraged to attend. No one turned away
                             for lack of funds.
                             Stay tuned for more details.

                             Watch Video of Diana Butler Bass

                                            February 10 & February 11
                                          First United Methodist Church
                                           2111 Camino del Rio South
                                                 San Diego, 92108

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                             John Doan, a master of the rare
                             twenty-string harp guitar, will perform
                             a Celtic Pilgrimage concert at St.
                             Michael's by-the-Sea on Friday, August
                             13 at 7:30pm. John is a composer,
                             recording artist, concert performer
                             and a professor of music at Willmette
                             University in Salem, Oregon. Dessert reception will
                             follow the concert. Tickets are available for a suggested
                             donation of $15 each. Seats are limited; please reserve
                             your ticket early! Call
                             760-729-8901 or contact Diana Bennett.

                             Friday, August 13
                             St. Michael's by-the-Sea
                             2775 Carlsbad Boulevard, Carlsbad
                             Bio: Read about John
                             Video: Watch John play

                             St. Peter's, Del Mar is launching a
                             new initiative this fall called St.
                             Peter's Academy (SPA). SPA will
                             offer informal, college-level,
                             seminar-style evening classes for
                             inquiring minds on various religious
                             topics, taught by parishioner David Moseley, PhD. The
                             first two classes offered by SPA will be The Problem of
                             God: An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
                             (Wednesdays) and Exploring the Christian Scriptures: An
                             Introduction to the New Testament (Thursdays). Classes
                             will meet weekly, 6:30pm - 9:00 pm from September 15
                             - December 23 at St. Peter's. The course will be multi-
                             media, involving PowerPoint presentations, maps, slides,
                             movie clips, visual art and music. Detailed handouts will
                             be provided, reading requirements are minimal, and
                             there will be no tests!

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Church ENEWS for August 12                     https://ui.constantcontact.com/visualeditor/visual_editor_preview.jsp?age...

                             The cost for the class is $600. Scholarships are
                             available on request. For more information, please
                             e-mail Professor Moseley or call the church office:

                             "The biblical characters and places in the New
                             Testament became alive for me in David's class," said
                             parishioner Sun Spriggs. "He delivered the serious
                             scholarship of the New Testament in an entertaining
                             style such that I was mesmerized in every class."

                                             St. James by-the-Sea, La Jolla invites
                                             the people of the diocese to attend a
                                             SummerFest concert featuring works by
                                             Handel, Haydn, Mozart and Bach. The
                                             concert, called Age of Enlightenment,
                             includes a performance by Anthony Newman on the St.
                             James pipe organ. Also featured is a new medley of
                             Baroque masterpieces for organ, trumpets and timpani
                             arranged by Newman. Contact La Jolla Music Society for
                             tickets or call
                             858-459-3728. Episcopalians receive a 20% discount.

                                                Saturday, August 7
                                              St. James by-the-Sea
                                         743 Prospect St., La Jolla, 92037
                                                    $60, $40

                             Please remember theHandy Links
                                                     Rev Ralph Haines, who died last
                             week after a courageous struggle with cancer. Past
                                 Click All Saints' Episcopal Church in Vista, Father
                             rector of on the images below to be directed to the links.
                             Haines' memorial service will be sometime in October.
                             Please keep his family in your prayers.
                                                  Saint O Lord, and let
                             Eternal rest grant to him,John's Website light perpetual
                             shine upon him. Amen.

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