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					 The Twitter Bot Manual

                                - - WARNING - -
                       YOUR INTENTION IS TO SPAM.


                  -- We are not held responsible for your actions --

I’m sure you want to get a quick start, so I’ll skip the crap. Below you
will see screenshots, and a sort explanation under each screenshot.

If you need more help please open a ticket here and we will reply within
minutes (as always).
When you first time run the twitter bot it will remind you to register.
Unregistered copies, have limitations to the amount of friends you can
follow or un-follow, and to other tasks as well, and you are also limited
to send messages up to 100 characters only, cause the twitter bot will
append the last 40 chars with ads.

Quick start guide to add/remove followers:
Open your text editor (ex. Notepad), place there your twitter username
and password divided by a “:” as you see below. You may put as many
accounts as you have:


Save the file as for example twitter_accounts.txt and open the twitter
bot, go to  File  open  User File. Load the text file with your twitter

Then go to  Tasks  Build follower  and from the popup window
choose 100-500 (4)*. Click on Start Button (1)*. The twitter bot will start
searching for new people to follow. (please note that you must have at
least one person that you follow in your account and the more followers
this person have the better for you).

Then click hide (3)* if you want to hide this popup window or the Stop
(2)* button if you want to stop the follow new people at any time.

If you choose to follow people that has a certain desired keyword, in
their profile or messages then write this keyword or keywords in the
text box (5)*, and tick the desired search method (8)*. You can use this
to follow people from a certain country or city, or a person that does a
certain profession that the person has add in his own profile or by the
type of messages that he/she sends, for example gossip about a certain
actor, or marketing of a certain product or book, etc.

If you choose to search by keyword, then you can only follow 100
people per run,(and per account) (4)* because this type of search
produces many API calls in twitter. See the image below for the popup
You can repeat the steps above if you want:

   1. To remove people that have stop following you.
   2. To Follow people that are following you. (plus you can send them
      a welcome message that you may type in the popup window).

   If you want to send messages or update your status, or reply to your
   friends, then read below the more extended instructions.
Step 1. On the very first screen choose: File  Open  User File.
        This will allow you to choose a .txt or .doc file from a folder.
        This is a text or word file with the username/password, of your
        twitter account. You can have there as many accounts as you
        like. The format is:


        Add as many as you like. (look above in the quick start guide
        about this step)

Step 2. You can then start adding friends or choose to send messages,
reply to followers, set auto updates etc. If you choose to send DM
(Direct messages) then just go to: File  Open  Message file.
You can select from a folder, a .txt or .doc file with pre-made messages
That you have already create and you have already saved before in
your hard disk. The format of these messages must be maximum 140
characters along with the destination URL (twitter limitation – not ours),
And at the end of each message you must put the ~ character.

Tip 1: if you have long domains or URLs you want to promote you can
use a sort URL free service like this here. ( you don’t have to register
also, it takes 10 seconds to make a long URL sort)

Tip 2: You can use Jokes or Famous Quotes as a start if you don’t have
ready messages to send.

Tip 3: You can insert some lines in your file with your ads, so our bot will
send one message with quote or joke and then a message with your
ads. ( the bot pick messages in random order so if you have 30
messages you can have the 15 to be jokes and the other 15 to be ads –
You can just use copy-paste to use the same ad multiple times if you
don’t have 15 different ads. Or just go and find affiliate programs you
want to promote and make small ads – adsense type of ads – and use to sorten your affiliate links and hide them too).

This is the format the text file must have;

A joke of the day, from @jamesaunders please RT, read it @ ~
RT Great ebook about twitter from @jamesaunders ~
Find out about the new #twitterbot from @jamesaunders ~
This is a nice affiliate product @ ~
Test message 1 ~
Test message 2 ~
Test message 3 ~
Etc., etc., ~

Etc. etc,.

(info: the @jamesaunders is going to be a link to my twitter account, while the
#twitterbot is going to be a search link to results about twitterbot inside the twitter
website it self. So you can replace those with @yourtwitteraccount or #ebook or
#google so people that will click those links will find results about ebook, or Google
that you or other twitter users have post in twitter before.)

Step 3. If you want to hide behind a Proxy you can add your own proxy
or proxies in a text file and load these proxies like this: Go to File 
Open  Proxy File…

Choose the saved on your local disk folder txt file (you can name it
proxy.txt) and the twitter bot will load the proxies and it will test them to
see which ones are alive. It will then use these alive proxies to connect
to your account or accounts and do all the process as normal.

The format of this file must be:

Proxy IP:port for example:

There is no limitation on how many proxies you will use. You can stop
the proxies test at any time by going to: Tasks  Proxy Tasks  Stop
Proxy checking. Or you can go to Tasks  Proxy Tasks  View
working proxies, to see how many proxies are good from your list.

Tip. To find open proxies search Google for “open proxies” or “High
Anonymity Proxies” and you’ll find several sites

If you don’t use a proxy file, twitterbot will notify you that it will use your
“Real IP” to perform tasks.
1. File functions. Open user file, proxy file, messages file here.
2. Several tasks can be performed here.
3. Go here to register as affiliate.
4. Sort Help for several tasks.
5. The user file name that you have load on #1 step.
6. The proxy file name that you have load on the #1 step.
7. Tick this box to enable time delay in seconds to send replies.
8. This is the file name with the pre-made messages you have, that you
load on step #1

9. Write here the message you want to send to new followers and the
seconds to delay the reply.

10. Write a single message that you can send by DM (Direct message)
to all your followers. Leave this empty if you have loaded a text file with
pre-made messages so each follower will not receive the same

11. In this window you can see the usernames that you have in twitter.
(your accounts). You can delete or add accounts at step 13. By clicking
on the show followers it might make your twitter bot to freeze for a very
long time. If you have many followers it is suggested that you don’t click
that button. The delay is caused by twitter web site when it is trying to
fetch all your followers.

12. Proxy checking progress bar, so you see the proxy checking in real

13. Add twitter usernames (accounts) and passwords in your loaded
text file from this step.

14. In this window you will see the selected account followers if you
click on the “Show followers” button as you see in step 11.

You can use this task to reply with a single message that you type in the
text box, or by a list of messages from a text file, that will have 140
characters per line(per message) and a ~ at the end of each message
as a divider.

You must enable the time delay, so your replies to the people that write
messages will not go out in seconds. Time delay is very importand here
otherwise your status will update frequently and your account will raise
red flags of spam at twitter administrators.
If you want to send automated status updates just create a txt or doc
file as described above with messages of 140 characters with an ~ at
the end of each message. Load this file in the twitter bot by going to:
File  Open  Message file or check the tick box and write in the big
text box a message that will be send always the same to your followers
at the time you select on the drop down menu. If you choose 40-60 the
bot will send a message every 40 – 60 minutes in random time each
message but always between 40 to 60 minutes intervals.

Same as above but here I demonstrate the case of sending a single
message again-and-again every 60-80 minutes. Please mind that this
can raise the red flags of spam. So using a text file with many messages
is better.

Do you want to know “What’s hot today in twitter? Who doesn’t? Well
this task will show you which keywords was used in the last 24 hours in
twitter and how many times each one. To work better with this task
please use a single account. As it will load for all accounts one-by-one
and will probably freeze your machine. To open a single account just
create a separate txt file with only one account in it (can be your good
You can add your own keyword filters to avoid to get results that you
don’t care to know about. There is a list of single stop words we have
already include if you see in the drop down list, but you should always
add your own stop words too.

Here is an example of the final results in descending order.
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James Saunders

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