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Assistant HR Business Partner         1
V2 / April 2010
Policy Title:                 Consultant Appointment Procedure

Executive Summary:
                              This procedure is designed to provide best practice guidance for all stages of
                              the consultant appointment procedure. It relates to the Trust Recruitment
                              procedure, and the January 2005 NHS (Appointment of Consultants)

Supersedes:                   V1

Description of                Version 2 provides general updates e.g. revised job titles and terminology,
Amendment(s):                 the use of e-recruitment, a revised approval process and other updated
This policy will impact on:

Trust recruitment practices when planning for and appointing to consultant posts.

Financial Implications:

Costs associated with selection techniques; enhanced performance and quality / financial gains from
employing high calibre applicants.

Policy Area:              HR                             Document Reference:
Version Number:           2                              Effective Date:             1 April 2010
Issued By:                Director of HR                 Review Date:                30 April 2012

Author:                   AHRBP                          Impact Assessment           August 2009

                                           APPROVAL RECORD

                                      Committees / Groups / Individual          Date
Consultation:                         Senior HR Team                            August 2009
                                      Local Negotiation Committee               October 2009

Agreement:                            Local Negotiation Committee               March 2010

Ratified:                             Director of HR                            March 2010

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                                  2
V2 / April 2010
4                 1.0                    Procedure Statement

4                 2.0                    Planning the post

5                 3.0                    Process for Approval
5                 4.0                    Recruitment Process
6                 5.0                    Advertising and response management
6                 6.0                    Shortlisting the applicants
6                 7.0                    Preliminary Visits
7                 8.0                    Invitations to Appointment Advisory Committee (AAC)
7                 9.0                    Competency based Interview Framework
7                 10.0                   Additional Selection Methods

8                 11.0                   Training & Development
8                 12.0                   Constitution of the AAC Panel
9                 13.0                   AAC set-up and organisation

9                 14.0                   Reference requests
10                15.0                   Follow up communication
10                16.0                   New Consultant Induction Programme
13                17.0                   Audit
13                18.0                   Review
13                19.0                   Impact Assessment
14                1. Consultant Approval Process Flow chart
15                2. Template Job Description
22                3. Person Specification
24                4. Consultant Shortlisting Framework
25                5. Invite to interview letter
27                6. Consultant Competency based Interview
29                7. Reference Request
33                8. Equality and Human Rights Policy Screening Tool

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                  3
V2 / April 2010

This procedure is designed to provide best practice guidance for all stages of the consultant
appointment procedure. It relates to the Trust Recruitment procedure, and the January 2005 NHS
(Appointment of Consultants) Regulations. In this process the AAC is the Advisory Appointments
Committee, the interview panel for a consultant post.


Due to the time frames involved, planning for an appointment will begin as early as possible – in the
case of a replacement post this will be as soon as it is known that a vacancy is to arise. It is
important to plan the timetable for the whole process at the outset, which should be confirmed after
prospective AAC members have been contacted.

The Trust will begin by considering the service needs and developments to be supported by the
post, and also consider:

          Continuing educational requirements
          Teaching
          Training
          Supervision of junior doctors
          Research
          Special interests

Although not all will necessarily apply to every post.

It is important to consider the post with regard to others within the clinical team and to take into
account the views of other consultant staff within that team. Obtaining appropriate, professional
advice at this early stage will reduce the potential for delay later in the process.

There should be a presumption that all consultant posts are suitable for those wishing to work less
than full-time (e.g. job sharers and flexible workers). If there are specific reasons why the post is
deemed inappropriate for someone wishing to work less than full-time, this decision should be

The recruitment of a Consultant can be initiated through one of two routes – by a post becoming
vacant or via the need for an additional post.

2.1     Vacant post
Once it is known that a post will become vacant, it is the responsibility of the Business Unit
management team i.e. Clinical Director (CD), Associate Director (AD) and Clinical Lead (CL) for the
area to evaluate the need to replace. This could be assessed for example by reviewing existing job
plans, by networking with other providers or determining whether there are any GP’s with special
interest who can improve the service in the community.

2.2    New post
A service development proposal requiring the recruitment of an additional consultant(s) must be
supported by a business case which should outline:
     the current position and the predicted future workload
     in and outpatient activity and the targets to be achieved
     the financial implications of the increase offset by income generation which will include any
       potential relocation and additional support costs eg secretarial
     workforce implications both inside and outside the business unit
     supporting activities eg diagnostics
Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                       4
V2 / April 2010
         proposed Job Plan


All Consultant posts within the Trust will need to satisfy a business case whether it is to replace a
vacancy or to initiate a new post. In either situation, the Clinical Director, Associate Director and
Clinical Lead for the Specialty will review the needs of the service and any potential future
development with both HR and Finance in order to determine the most cost effective way of
providing patient care.

Once agreement has been reached within the Business Unit, a business case with the financial
implications, including any potential extra costs such as additional secretarial support or relocation
costs (please refer to Relocation Policy) will be prepared and submitted to Executive Management
Team (EMT) and Operational Communication Forum (OCF) for information.

When a proposal is agreed a Job Description (which includes the proposed Job Plan) and Person
Specification, needs to be generated using the templates appropriate to the Business Unit (See
Appendices 2 and 3 for example job description and person specification). The Job Description and
Person Specification must satisfy the business case and be agreed by the Clinical Director,
Associate Director and Clinical Lead for the specialty concerned.

These draft documents can then be submitted concurrently by either the Business Unit or HR to the:
    Regional Adviser for the specialty for approval – submitted by Human Resources
    MSC for information and comment – submitted by Clinical Lead or Clinical Director
    Completion of Recruitment Approval Form REC1 following the Vacancy Management
      Process. This will confirm that the recruitment still conforms to the long term workforce
      strategy initiatives – submitted by the Associate Director

Any amendments suggested by the Regional Adviser should be considered and the amended Job
Description and Person Specification resubmitted to them for final approval. Once the final approval
has been received, copies of the agreed Job Description and Person specification should be sent to
LNC and the BMA representative for information.


A recruitment lead is identified from within the Business Unit and can be Clinical Lead or Clinical
Director who along with HR Business Partner (HRBP) or Assistant HR Business Partner (AHRBP)
will have overall responsibility for the management of the process. The preferred advertising
medium is agreed – usually e-recruitment and medical journal eg BMJ. Wording of the
advertisement is agreed and approved by the recruitment leads together with a closing date and
suggested shortlisting and interview dates. Ideally if the interview date can be agreed at an early
stage, this enables applicants to arrange their schedule accordingly. It also assists in defining the
time frame for CCST registration of the applicants in line with the requirements of the Person

Adverts are then placed in the defined media.

The following activities in the recruitment schedule are prepared and actioned by Human Resources
Assistant (HRA):
    Agree dates for short list and interview with the PA to Chief Executive, Chair and Medical
        Director. It is important to allocate at least one hour per candidate and therefore anticipate
        the selection process may need to be conducted over a day.
    Secure Regional Adviser availability (college representative) for interview
    Confirm shortlist and interview dates with Regional Adviser, clinicians and HRBP
Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                            5
V2 / April 2010
         Pull together AAC and confirm
         Book venue, hospitality (from the business unit budget) and car parking for Regional Adviser
         Liaise with Recruitment Office to ensure advertisement in BMJ as per agreed Recruitment


Consultant level posts, as with other roles can be advertised on e-recruitment via the NHS jobs

Adverts should attract those who can satisfy the job requirements and eliminate those who would
be unsuitable. The wording should be clear, concise and inviting and provide interested parties with
    Details of the job – title and content
    Where it is based
    What level of knowledge & skill is required
    Any restrictions which apply
    How to apply
    The deadline for applications

However, of critical importance is the need to ensure that the language used does not discriminate
either directly or indirectly on the grounds of sex, race, age, disability, religious belief, sexual
orientation or caring responsibilities is not discriminatory and has no sexual or racial message.
Certain exclusions can be indicated where there is a genuine occupational reason. Consequently
terms such as enthusiastic, young, motivated and reference to unnecessary years of experience
could lead to claims that an advert is discriminatory. In all cases, HR can provide advice on what is
acceptable and there are separate Guidelines for Managers for the Recruitment & Selection
Process which support the Recruitment & Selection Policy.

Posts are usually advertised in the BMJ (or suitable alternative journal) and applicants are directed
to the NHS Jobs website to make their application.

All applications are provided to the panellists via an NHS Jobs e-mail link at least 48 hours prior to
the date of the shortlisting panel, so that they can be viewed and printed if necessary.


During shortlisting, the applicants must be compared with the requirements of the Person
Specification, ensuring that qualifications are appropriate and equivalent and obtained within the
stipulated time frame.

A template for each candidate is provided (See Appendix 4) with the shortlisting pack which enables
everyone to evaluate the applicants prior to the meeting. This will assist the shortlisting process as
everyone will have their own notes for discussion. It is important that prior to the meeting all
members of the panel have given due consideration to this shortlisting template so that key points
can be raised at the meeting. Use of this template will also reduce the need for lengthy application
forms to be printed, as at least one copy of the forms will be available to the shortlisting panel on
the day. In addition, the facility to shortlist on-line at the shortlisting panel will also be available to
reduce admin time and the amount of paperwork needed.


Trusts, individual applicants and other parties must not canvass support for any consultant post
applications. However, applicants short listed for the post should be invited to visit the Trust and
meet some of their prospective colleagues prior to interview. This should be made clear to
shortlisted applicants and a list of relevant contacts supplied in the job description e.g. Clinical
Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                            6
V2 / April 2010
Director, Associate Director, Medical Director and Chief Executive. Visits will not necessarily be
accommodated prior to short listing however phone calls to the above people will be welcomed.


Standard letters (Appendix 5) sent out to shortlisted applicants must include not only arrangements
for the AAC and the opportunity for a preliminary visit, but also details on the psychometric testing
process and presentation details, including the presentation title, media to be used and instructions
on how to send the presentation beforehand so that it can be pre-loaded onto the equipment


Having identified the key competencies required to fulfil the Job Description and Person
Specification, it is important that the selection process is objective and fair in determining the most
appropriate candidate. Any questions must also be applicable to all candidates and in no way
discriminate unfairly against an individual on the grounds of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender
reassignment, disability, HIV status (unless required as negative for health reasons), race, colour,
language, religion, political, trade union or other opinion or belief, national or social origin.

Identifying the question framework beforehand and determining who will lead in each area provides
the opportunity for both the candidate and interviewer to build a rapport. The questions must be
direct but incisive in order to elicit the response required. In some instances, the panel may have a
predetermined list of key points which they would expect the candidate to include in their answer.
This would also make scoring their response more accurate and objective.

The short listing meeting should include an opportunity to discuss and identify appropriate
competency based questions, plus additional questions to probe issues identified on an individuals
application form. At this time, predetermined key points which they would expect the candidate to
include in their answer can be drafted.

All members of the AAC panel will make appropriate notes during the interview, so that effective
feedback can be given to candidates. Scoring of responses should be done after each candidate
has completed their session as this will provide evidence if a decision is questioned. As described
above, the use of a predetermined set of key points expected in an answer will also improve the
objectivity of scoring.

Attached is an example of questions grouped into competencies which can be used in the context
of a Competency Based Interview (See Appendix 6).


In addition to the competency-based interview, two other elements of selection are available:

      1. 10 minute presentation by the candidate to the AAC panel. Topic of the presentation to be
         identified at shortlisting panel, however the suggested scenario could include “what would
         be your role in working as part of the clinical and managerial team to address (specifically
         identified) issues, and what would be your individual role within this process?” The aim of
         this it to identify leadership qualities of individuals, their understanding of the broader picture
         within the NHS, and to test effective communication skills. This can also have predetermined
         key points to include which will assist objective scoring of competencies.

      2. Psychometric testing is a measure of mental capacity and processes and is frequently
         used as a method of assessment of the suitability of an individual for a role. The suggested
         format is for on-line completion prior to interview by AAC panel, with exercises to measure

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                             7
V2 / April 2010
                The way people make judgements about what they see
                How an individual acts with other people
                An individual’s work style
Candidates would receive feedback and the panel would be provided with a management report
which interprets the findings.


It is imperative that all AAC panel members have received regular training on current Recruitment
and Selection procedures, Employment Law in relation to recruitment and Equality and Diversity
and that this is recorded. Sessions provided by the Trust will be advertised via Learning and


To meet the provisions governing the membership of AAC panels, the Trust should seek to secure
a balanced Committee with both a local and medical majority. The following key people would be
expected to be present at the AAC panel:

12.1   Chairman (Chair)

The Trust Chairman is responsible for agreeing the constitution of the AAC panel and any changes
that may be required due to unforeseen circumstances. The Chairman is also responsible for
ensuring that all panel members are up to date with the above mentioned training. The Chairman
will chair the shortlisting and AAC panel; this involves introducing the panel, putting the candidate at
ease, outlining the process for the interview and closing the proceedings. The Chairman will also
typically ask questions around personal skills and attributes.

12.2   Chief Executive

The Chief Executive will typically ask questions around personal skills, management and

12.3   Medical Director

The Medical Director will typically ask questions around performance, audit and clinical

12.4   Clinical Director

The Clinical Director will typically ask questions around service development and improvement.

12.5   Clinical Lead for Speciality

The Clinical Lead will typically ask questions around teamwork and personal skills and attributes.

12.6   Royal College Advisor

The Royal College Advisor will typically ask questions around training and experience and teaching.
They will also provide impartial knowledge and specialist advice to the interview panel, and will give
feedback to unsuccessful candidates and offer constructive comments.

12.7   Other Trust Clinical Representatives

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                         8
V2 / April 2010
Other consultants may be invited to attend as appropriate and this will usually be agreed in
conjunction with the Chairman.

12.8   Human Resources

HR will advise the panel on HR best practice in relation to selection criteria, procedure and
employment law, interpretation of the results of psychometric profiling and will typically ask
questions around personal skills and competencies.


The following indicates a typical table plan for consultant interviews:
         Clinical Lead   Clinical    College    Chairman      Chief       Medical    HR
                         Director    Advisor                Executive     Director



It is also important to identify suitable waiting areas for candidates, away from the immediate vicinity
of the interview room, to ensure they are not sitting outside the room while candidates are coming in
and out for interview.

It is anticipated that, given the introduction of psychometric testing and presentations, time per
candidate on the interview panel should be at least 1 hour. As a result, the selection process may
need to be allocated a full day in order to determine the most suitable candidate from an objective
and fair process.


References provide some additional information about the applicant but should on no account be
used to make a decision. With a robust and objective selection process, they should only confirm
the panel’s decision.

The template in Appendix 7 sets out the new referencing procedure for Consultant posts which has
three parts:

      Part 1 asks for specific details about the individual
      Part 2 requires objective comment about competency and skills
      Part 3 allows for free text for any other relevant information

This can be completed electronically which will also speed up the process and provide a standard
form of reference.

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                         9
V2 / April 2010

Offer letters will be issued as soon as possible, i.e. within 2 working days. It is acknowledged that
information from the applicant’s current employer may sometimes be required prior to formulating
the offer, which may result in a time delay beyond our control. However every effort will be made to
expedite this as soon as possible. Written confirmation of acceptance will be requested from the
candidate within 10 days of the date of the Trust offer letter. Once this has been received and
following satisfactory pre-employment checks, the contract of employment should, wherever
possible, be issued before the candidate starts in post.

Once the successful candidate has been identified and issued an offer letter which they accept, it is
usually 3 months before they actually commence in post. During this time, it is important that
communication links are maintained in order to ensure the candidate knows they have not been

If relocation is agreed as part of the Approval process (REC1 form in Appendix 5), information can
be supplied by the relevant HR team confirming the Relocation Policy together with any forms
requiring completion.

During the month prior to their start date the new Consultant will be
    asked to complete paperwork in relation to their entry onto Electronic Staff Record (ESR)
    provided with information regarding where they should attend on their first day
    informed who will meet them on their first day
    informed of the date of the Trust Induction day
    provided with the Business Unit induction programme which has been planned for them.


A detailed Induction for New Consultants will be developed to provide support during the first 6
months in post. Details of this programme follow.

16.1 Trust Induction
Any new employee will be booked onto the Corporate Trust Induction, which includes Statutory and
Mandatory training programmes.

16.2 Business Unit Induction
It is expected that each department will also arrange an Induction session which will include
introduction to colleagues, orientation and the key elements to ensure effective working. An
example of suggested meetings for a Business Unit induction is provided below.

      Chief Executive and/or Chairman
      Medical Director
      Clinical Director
      Associate Director
      Medical Secretary
      Nursing & Patient Standards
      HR
      Finance
      Service Planning

In order for a new member of the team to become fully operational, a balance between clinical need
and the induction process is required and it is up to the Business Unit to determine the best means
of effecting this assimilation.

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                      10
V2 / April 2010
16.3    New Consultant Induction

    To improve knowledge of the workings of the NHS and affiliated bodies
    To develop leadership skills in the consultant career
    To develop peer group relationships

Outlined below is a list of proposed topics followed by individuals who have offered their assistance
or who might be appropriate for the section. It is anticipated that some elements could be accessed
by e-learning programmes. The programme would not be delivered in one 4 day session but would
be planned over a period of 3 - 6 months which will improve the assimilation of information and
encourage practical application.

                           PROPOSED PROGRAMME OF ACTIVITIES
Day 1

       NHS in Cheshire & Merseyside
       How Trusts function
       PCT’s and how we interact
       Power, politics and leadership
       Leadership in the NHS
       Role of the Deanery & MMC

Day 2

       DoH, GMC and the changing role of the Consultant
       Consultant roles and responsibilities
       Consultant as teacher
       Motivation and leadership
       Improving work life balance
       Maintaining Professional Standards
       Relocation, Travel & Expense Policies

Day 3

       Job Planning
       Office management
       Use of IT systems
       Continuing Professional Development
       Study Leave
       Equality & Diversity
       E Learning – Ethics & the Law

Day 4

       Patient perspective and Communication
       Complaints management
       Law and managing litigation
       Clinical Risk Management
       Demystifying Clinical Governance

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                     11
V2 / April 2010
    Topic                                       Suggested contributor or facilitator

       Consultant responsibilities             Medical Director

       Improving work life balance             HR

       Patient perspective and Comms           Patient & Public Involvement

       NHS in Cheshire & Merseyside            SHA contributor

       How Trusts function                     Chief Executive

       How PCT’s & Trusts interact             Chief Executive

       Clinical Risk Management                Medical Director

       Demystifying Clinical Governance        Medical Director

       Power, politics and leadership          Executive contribution

       Leadership in the NHS                   HR

       Law and managing litigation             HR & possible external source

       Complaints management                   AD for Nursing & Patient Standards &
                                                Complaints Mgr

       Office management                       Medical Secretaries Supervisor

       DoH, GMC and the changing role of the   HR & Medical Director

       Role of the Deanery & MMC               HR

       Consultant as teacher                   Medicine & Surgery volunteers

       Motivation and leadership               HR

       Equality & Diversity                    HR and/or PPI

       E Learning – Ethics & the Law           On Line

       Continuing professional Development     Medical Director

       Maintaining Professional Standards      Clinical Director/Clinical Lead

       Job Planning                            Clinical Director/Clinical Lead

       Study Leave                             Clinical Director/Clinical Lead

       Relocation, Travel & Expense Policies   HR & Finance

       Use of IT systems                       IT

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                          12
V2 / April 2010
17.0   AUDIT

The use of this policy will be monitored by Human Resources during consultant recruitment
processes to ensure it is being implemented effectively.

18.0   REVIEW

This policy will be reviewed every 2 years by management and staff side representatives in light of
experience and changes in legislation.


The purpose of an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is to improve the work of the Trust, by
promoting equality and ensuring that policies and functions do not discriminate either directly or
indirectly against staff and service users.

East Cheshire NHS Trust recognises its responsibility to ensure that no-one is discriminated
against, disadvantaged or given preference, through membership of any particular group,
particularly including people with disabilities, people from different ethnic backgrounds or religions,
or on the grounds of their gender, age, or sexual orientation. This policy has undergone an impact
assessment to ensure that it does not discriminate on the above groups either directly or indirectly.

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                       13
V2 / April 2010
      APPENDIX 1 - Consultant Approval Process

        Service Development
                                                            Consultant Vacancy

                                                              New consultant/replacement
                                                                NOT agreed alternative
                                     Business Unit                 solution required
                                       reviews                                       END

                                Agreed new/replacement
                                 consultant is required                            Not
               Business case developed (including all associated costs)
                        sent to EMT and OCF for information

                      Job description / job plan sent at earliest
                          opportunity and concurrently to:

                                   MSC for Information
                                      / Comment
                                     Regional Advisor
                                       for Approval
                                                                    Job plan agreed

                                                                    Recruitment Starts
                                                                (with Recruitment Forms)

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                14
V2 / April 2010
APPENDIX 2 – Template Job Description

                        JOB DESCRIPTION

                                 Consultant in xxxxxxxxx

                                   Consultant in xxxxxxxxxx


East Cheshire NHS Trust

The successful applicant will join an existing team of xx Consultants, plus xx Associate Specialists,
who provide a full range of xx procedures with special interest in xx. An expertise in xx is required,
and preferably an additional specialist interest to compliment the needs of the department.

The East Cheshire NHS Trust was established in 1993 to provide community health care, hospital
and mental health/learning disability services for people in Macclesfield, Knutsford, Handforth,
Congleton and the surrounding areas.

On 1st April 2002, Mental Health services transferred to the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS
Trust. In October 2006, a new Primary Care Trust was formed following the merger of Mid
Cheshire and Eastern Cheshire creating Central and Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust. The
East Cheshire NHS Trust maintains close contact with these organisations and continues to provide
a wide range of hospital based services. We work closely together to deliver local health services in
partnership with social services and the local authorities.

Central and Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) has the responsibility for commissioning
the healthcare for a population of 460,000 residents – the geography of which is spread across rural
areas, small towns and villages with the two larger conurbations of Crewe and Macclesfield.
The 6 practices within Macclesfield all reside within one building – Waters Green and is a unique
new development.

The hospital has 446 beds are available for general and acute services a across the Trust. The
District General Hospital has an accident and emergency department, and a day case unit for
procedures which do not require an overnight stay.

The Trust has inpatient beds at Congleton War Memorial Hospital and Knutsford and District
community hospitals. Each year, staff treat around 20,000 patients in our hospital, see over 116,000
outpatients, and deal with over 50,000 attendances in the Emergency Department.

As the main provider of health services for people living in East Cheshire, the Trust is concerned
with the health improvement of individuals and the community. We work closely with the local
Primary Care Trust, Social Services and the local authority with regard to this.

The Trust is organised around a Business Unit structure:
    Medicine Business Unit

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                      15
V2 / April 2010
        Surgical Business Unit
        Outpatients Business Unit
        Women’s and Children’s Business Unit
        Corporate Business Unit

The corporate Business Unit includes the following:
    Finance
    Human Resources
    Service Planning & Improvement
    Nursing & Operations
    Chief Executive
    IM&T


The successful candidate will be expected to work flexibly and achieve high quality care with
particular emphasis on:-

   Ensuring that optimal use is made of all available resources by developing appropriate services
    and techniques.
   Working together with colleagues to provide effective management of patients and NHS
    standards are met for outpatients and inpatients/day cases.
   Participation in direct and planned booking initiatives.
   Ensuring policies for communications with patients and GPs are adhered to.
   Demonstrate a firm commitment to the principles of Clinical Governance.
   The education and training of medical students, doctors, professions allied to Medicine including
    primary care.


The clinical commitments of the post are as follows:

   2 ½ elective theatre lists
   1 trauma list
   2 Outpatient clinics
   On Call 1:7

The provisional job plan with on call is assessed at 10 PAs.

Indicative Job Plan & Summary (draft)
                                                                  DPC hours             SPA hours
                        am                                           2.0
        Monday                                                                              2.0
                        pm                                            4.0

                        pm                                            4.0

                        pm                                                                  2.0

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                     16
V2 / April 2010
                       am                                             4.0                   4.0
                       pm                                             4.0

                       am                                             4.0
                       pm                                             2.0

 Non-scheduled hours for ward rounds, patient admin and               6.0
 TOTAL HOURS                                                          30                    10

*Departmental meetings, audit, research, non study leave CPD, management activities, education
and training of other staff, appraisal and validation

Summary of Average Weekly PA's

                     Category                                   Average weekly PA's

 Direct Clinical Care                                                       7.5
 Supporting Professional Activities                                         2.5
 Additional NHS Responsibilities                                             0
 Extra Duties                                                                0
 Extra Programmed Activities

 TOTAL                                                                      10.0

On-call Availability Supplement

 On-Call Rota 1 in 7                                                        1:7
 Category                                                                    B
 On-Call Supplement                                                         2%

A job plan review will take place when the incumbent is initially appointed and again at 3 months. In
line with good practise there is annual appraisal and job plan review.


Trauma and Orthopaedics services are provided from a self contained unit, linked by a corridor to
the main District General Hospital.

Facilities include

    Two 28 Bedded Wards for inpatients and day cases.
    State of the art twin operating theatres.
    Out patient suite.
    Plaster room.
    Orthotic outpatient services.
    X-ray suite.
    Physiotherapy.
    Occupational therapy

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                     17
V2 / April 2010
    Consultant and Secretarial offices.
    Teaching and meeting room.
    Junior Doctors study.
    Staff Facilities.


Pathology services are provided and organised within a collaborative framework that services both
ECT and Mid Cheshire Hospitals. The local pathology service is provided under the supervision of
Consultants in Histopathology, Haematology, Microbiology and Biochemistry.


There are 7 Consultant Radiologists undertake a full range of investigations, including CT scanning,
MRI, ultrasound, isotope imaging and angiography. X-Ray Departments are also situated at the
Community Hospitals and Handforth Clinics where peripheral clinics are facilitiated.


There are 8 Consultant Anaesthetists provide Anaesthetic and associated services, special
interests include Trauma and Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Intensive Care and an Acute Pain service.

Acute Pain Service

This is led by a Consultant Anaesthetist and a dedicated Specialist Nurse, providing a
comprehensive service to patients in surgical and orthopaedic wards and departments.


Office accommodation and secretarial support will be provided for the successful candidate within
the Orthopaedic Department.


Consultants with Special Interests

Mr K Barnes (Clinical lead):         Revision of Hip and Lower Limb Joint Replacement.
Mr S Kershaw:                        Lower Limb Surgery
Mr G W Keys:                         Knee Replacement and Reconstruction
Mr J Fischer                         Upper Limb Surgery / Hand Surgery
Mr M Waseem:                         Upper Limb Surgery

Associate Specialists with Special Interests

Mr K R Ratnam:                 Foot and Ankle Reconstruction and Trauma Surgery.
Mr P Denn:                     Hip and Knee Replacements

Middle Grades Tier (6.00 wte)
There are 4 STR’s from Mersey deanery and two Staff grades for middle grade cover.

FTSTA’s Tier (6.00 wte)
There are 4 FTSTA’s from Mersey deanery who are in a 1:9 Rota with General surgery for
weekends and hospital at night.

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                       18
V2 / April 2010
F2/or equivalent Tier (6 wte)
This tier provides cross cover between orthopaedics and surgery during the out of hours period
from 20:00h each night and during weekends. There is one orthopaedic F2.

F1 / or equivalent Tier (0 wte)
Currently under review

Peri-operative Surgical Practitioners/PSPs (3 wte)

Specialist nurses who have undertaken additional master’s degree level education and training to
prescribe and oversee the pre and post-operative clinical care of ward patients.


The Trauma and Orthopaedic Department is part of the Surgical Business Unit (SBU). SBU
includes Trauma and Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Breast Surgery, Urology, ENT,
Ophthalmology, Oral Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Theatres, Day Case Unit, Endoscopy
Treatment Unit, Critical Care including ITU and HDU. The Clinical Director is Dr A Shribman,
Consultant Anaesthetist, and the Associate Director is Ms K Senior. All Consultants belong to the
East Cheshire NHS Trust Medical Staff Committee, which meets monthly and is currently chaired
by Dr C Loughran, Consultant Radiologist


Academic Links

Academic links are with the University Departments of Manchester and Liverpool. There is an
extensive teaching programme, to which all Consultant staff are expected to contribute in rotation.
This includes a weekly tutorial, bedside clinical teaching and case presentation sessions, as well as
bi-monthly multi-specialty meetings.

A multi-professional Health Sciences Library opened in the summer of 1998 as the first phase of the
new Education & Training Centre. The Library supports Evidence Based Patient and Health Care,
together with all aspects of Clinical Governance.

Educational Facilities

A multi-professional Education & Training Centre was opened in September 2000. The centre has
a highly equipped lecture theatre and suite of training rooms, all with access to an extensive range
of audio-visual equipment, including video conferencing facilities. A Clinical Skills Laboratory was
completed in April 2002, which supports a wide range of practical skills training including
resuscitation. There is also a dedicated dining room and catering facility.

The Health Sciences Library is also fully multi-professional and supports evidence-based patient
and health care, together with all aspects of clinical governance. Networked PCs allow access to
major databases and with over 125 current journal titles and with extensive collection of other
media, the library provides a comprehensive information resource.

Clinical Governance

Clinical Audit
All clinicians are expected to take an active part in clinical audit, as well as supervising audits
undertaken by their teams, ensuring that the audit cycle is completed, and any required change in
practice is implemented.
Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                      19
V2 / April 2010
The Trust encourages involvement in portfolio research working with the Clinical Effectiveness,
Research and Development Department to ensure only the highest standards of research are
achieved. All staff involved in research must undertake regular GCP training.

National Clinical Guidance
The individual will be expected to implement NICE and other national guidance,
providing evidence of compliance through audit, and working with the Business Unit to achieve full
compliance where this is not initially demonstrable.

The Trust and Business Units are continuing to develop arrangements for taking forward the clinical
governance agenda building on existing frameworks. Consultant representatives sit on the Clinical
Governance Committee. The Trust has a Clinical Effectiveness Unit which offers advice and
support on developing audit systems.

The Trust is committed to providing safe and effective care for patients. To ensure this, there is an
agreed procedure for medical staff that enable them to report, quickly and confidentially, concerns
about the conduct, performance or health of medical colleagues (Chief Medical Officer, 1996). All
medical staff practising in the Trust should ensure that they are familiar with the procedure and
apply it. Details collected on a patient are vital to the quality of their care. Care and thought is
expected to be applied to the quality of such data whether electronic or paper based.

Patient Based Information Systems

The NHS has recognised that IM&T serves an increasingly important role and is undertaking an
extensive and wide ranging implementation of patient-based information systems, critical to this is
the electronic patient record in both acute and primary care. This system will build to include the
patient’s radiology, pathology, pharmacy and theatre history together with decision support software
and specialty systems; through the direct bookings initiative links into the primary sector will be
forged. All clinical staff now have email, internet access and intranet access.
The ability to use and understand technology e.g. Choose and Book, PACs, Electronic Staff
Records etc., as it affects the post holders job on a day to day basis.
Choose and Book is implemented throughout the Trust and consultants will be required to manage
requests for advice and guidance and accept or reject referrals for their service by direct use of the

Health & Safety

All staff have a duty to comply with all relevant ECNHST guidelines and policies in relation to
Infection, Prevention and Control. You have a duty to ensure that you minimise the risk of infection,
infectious diseases and particularly Hospital Acquired Infection. This responsibility includes
minimising the risk by highlighting any concerns you may have to the appropriate person as
identified in the policies and guidelines.


East Cheshire Trust has a responsibility for, and is committed to, safeguarding and promoting the
welfare of children and young people and for ensuring that they are protected from harm. The post
holder will be expected to work in accordance with the East Cheshire Trust Safeguarding Children

Contactpoint users
Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                      20
V2 / April 2010
          This post is subject to a three yearly Enhanced CRB.

The 3yrly CRB requirement is only if the post holder will be a contactpoint user

Terms & Conditions of Service

The post holder must be either on the Specialist Register with the GMC, or be within 6 months of
receiving a CCST at the time of the interview.
The posts are subject to Trust Terms and Conditions of Employment for Hospital Medical and
Dental Staff, as amended from time to time. This job plan is subject to annual review and may be
changed in consultation between the post holder and the Clinical Director/Medical Director. The
postholder will undergo annual appraisal in accordance with the national appraisal system for

Successful candidates will be required to maintain a private residence in contact by telephone with
the Trust. Persons appointed are required to live within 30 minutes travelling time of the DGH,
exceptions may be made and this will be discussed with the successful candidate. Removal
expenses will only be approved if the Trust is satisfied that the removal of his/her home is essential.
A relocation package is offered, where appropriate, in accordance with the Trust’s Relocation
Expenses Policy.
All employees are expected to comply with appropriate Trust Health and Safety policies.
Appointments are made subject to satisfactory Occupational Health clearance and Criminal Record
Bureau Check.

XX Any candidate who is unable for personal reasons to work whole-time will be eligible to be
considered for the post, if such a person is subsequently appointed, modifications to the job plan
will be discussed on a personal basis in consultation with Consultant colleagues and the Medical
Director and/or Chief Executive. XX


Prospective candidates are encouraged to visit the department and this can be arranged by

XXName, XX Title for an informal discussion and to arrange a visit on Xxcontact Number

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                        21
V2 / April 2010
   APPENDIX 3 – Template Person Specification


ATTRIBUTES           ESSENTIAL                                          DESIRABLE                     HOW TESTED
Qualifications          Entry on specialist register (or will attain
                         within six months of interview date)           MD or equivalent              Certification
                                                                                                      and CV
                                                                        Advanced life support
                        MRCP(UK) or equivalent                         accreditation

Clinical                Clinical training and experience equivalent    Experience at senior grade
                         to that required for gaining UK CCST in                                      CV and
                                                                        of a critical /emergency
Experience               general (internal) medicine                                                  interview
                                                                        care specialty or general
                        Broad range of recent experience in            medical sub-specialty
                         general (internal) medicine
                        Training and experience to manage an
                         acute medical ‘take’
                        Expertise in relevant practical procedures
                         eg insertion of intercostals drains, central
                         venous lines, & lumbar puncture
                        Evidence of ability to change clinical
                         practice and service provision
                        Up to date practice in line with recent

Management and       Evidence of developing and delivering change       Ability to engage and
                                                                                                      CV and
Administration                                                          communicate the benefits
Experience                                                              of organisational change to
                                                                        stake holders

Clinical             Understanding of principles of governance          Evidence of having
                                                                                                      CV and
Effectiveness        and audit                                          undertaken audit

Teaching             Experience of successfully supervising and         Evidence of having
                                                                                                      CV and
                     teaching junior doctors and other staff            developed learning
                                                                        opportunities for others

Personal                Leadership qualities                           Willingness to undertake
Skills/Attributes       Effective communicator, able to work in a      additional professional
                         multi-disciplinary team                        responsibilities
                        Good inter-personal skills
                        Ability to work under pressure
                        Flexibility
                        Commitment to CME/CPD
                        Familiarity with information technology

   Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                              22
   V2 / April 2010
                    and general computer skill

Assistant HR Business Partner                    23
V2 / April 2010
APPENDIX 4 – Consultant Shortlisting Framework

                                Consultant Shortlisting Framework

Post                              Consultant in ….



Key Elements                      Supporting Information        Areas for further enquiry

Clinical Experience

Management & Admin

Clinical Effectiveness


Personal skills / attributes

Invite to Interview

Reasons for rejection

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                               24
V2 / April 2010
APPENDIX 5 – Template Invite to Interview Letter

PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL                                           Cheshire HR Administration Services
                                                                                     Recruitment Team
NAME                                                                           Macclesfield Town Hall
ADDRESS                                                    c/o - Macclesfield District General Hospital
ADDRESS                                                                                   Victoria Road
ADDRESS                                                                                    Macclesfield
POST CODE                                                                                      Cheshire
                                                                                             SK10 3BL
12 April 2010                                                                         Tel: 01625 66****
                                                                                    Fax: 01625 425281


Further to your recent application for the above post, I would be grateful if you could attend for an
interview to be held on *************. The interview will be held at **** in ****. On arrival at ****, please
report to ****, based in ****.

Your interview will last approximately 1 hour, during which you will be asked to present a 15 minute
presentation on the following subject –


This presentation should be in power point format and must be emailed to ****.****@echeshire- and cc’d to ****.**** by *** on ***. If we do not receive the
presentation by this deadline you will not be able to present at interview.

As part of the selection process you will also be required to complete an Occupational Personality
Questionnaire (OPQ) online, prior to attending the interview panel. **** will be sending you an e-mail
shortly containing the instructions you will require. This will be sent to the e-mail address you provided
on your application form. Please ensure you monitor your inbox over the coming days as there will be
a deadline attached to completing the OPQ.

The interview panel will consist of:

        *****************************

I would be grateful if you could telephone me on 01625 66**** by ********* at the latest to confirm your

Reimbursement for travel / subsistence will not exceed £30.

If you have any form of disability that may require special arrangements for your attendance, would you
please advise us as soon as possible so that we may make the necessary arrangements.

Should you be successful in this application, the Trust may need CRB disclosure for the successful
candidate to ensure suitability for employment. We will ask you to complete the relevant paper work
for this as and when required.

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                                   25
V2 / April 2010
Please see details on the attached list of the documents we require you to bring with you to the

Yours sincerely,

HR Administrator
On Behalf of Cheshire HR Administration Services - Recruitment

                             DOCUMENTS REQUIRED AT INTERVIEW

Please provide original and copies of the following documentation.

Right to work

You are required to bring confirmation of right to work within the UK. This can be in the form of a
British Passport, National Insurance Number, British Birth Certificate, EEC Passport/ID or Work Permit.

Evidence of Identity

You are required to bring photographic evidence of your identity. This can be in the form of a passport,
photo-driving licence, photo club membership documentation etc. If you are unable to provide
photographic evidence, please contact our office to discuss the options available to you.

Professional Qualifications and Registration

If professional qualifications are an essential requirement of this role, please bring a copy of your
certificate(s). Also, please provide your professional membership card(s) which show your registration

Evidence of Current Pay Scale

You are required to bring confirmation of your current pay scale. Please bring original copies of your
previous pay slips for the last 3 months.

NB. If a CRB is required for the post, then the successful applicant will be required to
present original ID Documents again at the pre-employment check stage.

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                        26
V2 / April 2010
APPENDIX 6 – Consultant Competency based Interview

   Time                                  Questions                                Panel   Competence
  0-5 mins    Introductions                                                        KC          N/A
 5-15 mins    Presentation
 15-22 mins   Review of training                                                  JRN      Training and
              Explain why your background and skills make you an                           Training and
              appropriate candidate for this post.                                         Experience

              What experience have you got of training other groups of staff?               Teaching
 22-29 mins   Why do you want to come to work at Macclesfield and what            CED     Personal Skills
              personal qualities do you have that will benefit our Department?            and Attributes

              How do you adapt your style between leading a team and                      Management &
              working within a team?                                                       Admin Exp

              When things haven’t gone to plan as a team, how have you                    Management &
              dealt with this?                                                              Admin Exp
 29-36 mins   What service improvements have you initiated and led?                PF         Service
              Were they all successful? If not, why not?                                     Initiatives

              Are there particular areas of the Older People’s service you
              would wish to develop? (If needed following presentation)                      Service
 36-43 mins   Tell us the methods by which you can demonstrate you are an         RJS        Clinical
              effective doctor.                                                           Effectiveness

              Tell us about a particular audit you have undertaken and how it                Clinical
              has affected your practice.                                                 Effectiveness

              Which of your publications is most dear to you?                                Clinical
                   Why?                                                                  Effectiveness
                   How did this influence practice?
                   Any resistance?
 43-50 mins   Can you give me an example of a conflict you have been              JW      Personal Skills
              involved in?                                                                and attributes
                   How did you resolve this?

              What are the benefits of Foundation Trust status?                           Management &
                                                                                           Admin Exp
              Give us an example of a time you felt pressure in your
              professional life and what mechanisms you use to deal with this.
 50-55 mins   Can you give me an example of a complaint you have received?        KC      Personal Skills
                   What actions did you take to resolve it?                              and Attributes
 50-60 mins   Any Questions of us                                                 KC           N/A


Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                     27
V2 / April 2010
                                        CONSULTANT INTERVIEW
POSITION:     Consultant
DATE:                 CANDIDATE:
 COMPETENCE           Please use this space to make notes of evidence gathered during the interview
                                                 (positive and negative)







                                         Poor    Acceptable     Good        Outstanding

        Training & Experience              1         2            3              4

        Clinical Effectiveness             1         2            3              4

        Service Improvement                1         2            3              4

        Management                         1         2            3              4

        Teaching                           1         2            3              4

        Personal skills                    1         2            3              4

                          Total Score

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                    28
V2 / April 2010
APPENDIX 7 – Reference Request


Applicant :

Post applied for :

The above named applicant has applied for a position at East Cheshire NHS Trust and has named
you as a referee. Enclosed with this reference request is a copy of the Job Description. Based on
your personal knowledge of the individual, please answer the questions as accurately as you can in
relation to their suitability to fulfil the needs of the position for which they have applied.

This reference request is in 3 parts :
Part 1 requires specific details about them as individuals and your relationship with them. You may
need to contact your HR department to provide some of this information
Part 2 asks for your objective opinion about their competence and skills
Part 3 allows for free text with any other information you consider significant to the position for
which they have applied

Part 1

If you are unable to complete a section, please indicate the reason why.

Capacity in which this person is known to
you ie Friend, Colleague, Direct report,
Supervisor. Please identify the
How long have you known this person         Personal capacity :
both in a personal and professional
capacity ? Please identify the time         Professional capacity :
periods separately
Please describe their working
relationship with their peers

Please describe their working
relationship with their supervisor(s)

Describe how they build relationships
with patients

Have any complaints been made against
this individual either by patients or
colleagues ?

If yes, please give details

Are there any outstanding investigations
involving this individual ?

If yes, please give details

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                     29
V2 / April 2010
What Continuous Professional
Development has this individual
undertaken in the last 12 months ?

Please give details of their attendance
record in respect to timekeeping and
How many days off sick have been taken
in the last 3 years ?

Was any of this absence related to a
disability as defined under the Disability
Discrimination Act ?

If, please give details

What other leave has been granted in the
last 12 months which was not annual
leave ?

Part 2

The following section asks you to rate their competence on a score of 1 to 4 in specific areas.
Please circle the appropriate response in the box alongside the competence. The scoring matrix is
as follows

4 : Exceeds expectation and demonstrates this skill at every opportunity
3 : Shows a willingness and enthusiasm to learn but needs some coaching to maintain this level
2 : Some evidence of this ability but needs regular coaching and mentoring to achieve the
required standard
1 : No evidence of this competence is demonstrated

Clinical Expertise :                                               1   2   3   4
Capacity to apply sound clinical knowledge & awareness to fully
investigate problems. Demonstrates good clinical judgement
Management :                                                       1   2   3   4
Demonstrates an ability to tackle contentious issues and promote
solutions to problems which may be unpopular
Communication :                                                    1   2   3   4
Capacity to adjust language and behaviour to the situation.
Actively engages patients (& colleagues) in discussion
Professional Integrity :                                           1   2   3   4
Takes responsibility for own actions and respects/defends
contribution and needs of others (patients & colleagues)
Organisation & Planning :                                          1   2   3   4
Works in a structured & planned manner, thinking ahead,
prioritising conflicting demands and building contingencies.
Delivers on time
Problem Solving Skills :                                           1   2   3   4
Capacity to think/see beyond the obvious; analytical in approach
Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                    30
V2 / April 2010
and ability to maximise information, time and resources
Ability to Deal with Pressure :                                       1     2   3   4
Capacity to put difficulties into perspective and retaining control
over events. Aware of own strengths & weaknesses
Team Involvement :                                                    1     2   3   4
Collaborative style, works in partnership with colleagues, able to
compromise when necessary. Can be leader or team player as
the situation requires. Sees self as part of a larger organisation.
Clinical Effectiveness :                                              1     2   3   4
Readily participates in audit; promotes improvement and
understands implications for service provision
Teaching :                                                            1     2   3   4
Active participant in teaching, coaching and mentoring of juniors
with ability to present information in readily understandable
Learning & Development :                                              1     2   3   4
Can identify own needs and commits time and resources to
appropriate training & development activities

Part 3

Please feel free to include any other information which you consider is relevant to their application
for this post.

Finally, if you could give them one piece of advice, what would that be ?

Name of Referee :

Signature :

Position held :

Date of reference :

In order to fast track the selection process, we would be grateful if you could email the completed
reference to: where we will acknowledge receipt.

Many thanks for your assistance

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                         31
V2 / April 2010

4 : Exceeds expectation and demonstrates this skill at every opportunity
3 : Shows a willingness and enthusiasm to learn but needs some coaching to maintain this level
2 : Some evidence of this ability but needs regular coaching and mentoring to achieve the required
1 : No evidence of this competence is demonstrated

Competence                                     Referee score           Total score

Clinical Expertise                             1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Management                                     1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Communication                                  1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Professional Integrity                         1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Organisation & Planning                        1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Problem Solving Skills                         1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Ability to Deal with Pressure                  1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Team Involvement                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Clinical Effectiveness                         1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Teaching                                       1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
Learning & Development                         1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4
                                               1   2   3    4

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                    32
V2 / April 2010
APPENDIX 8 – Equality and Human Rights Policy Screening Tool

                            Equality and Human Rights Policy Screening Tool

Policy Title: Consultant Appointment Procedure                         Directorate: HR

Name of person/s auditing / authoring policy: Charlotte Foster, Assistant HR Business Partner

Policy Content:
     For each of the following check whether the policy under consideration is sensitive to people of a
      different age, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion or belief, and sexual orientation?
     The checklist below will help you to identify any strengths and weaknesses of the policy and to
      check whether it is compliant with equality legislation.

1. Check for DIRECT discrimination against any minority group of PATIENTS:
                                                                      Action                 Resource
Question: Does the policy contain any statements which Response
                                                                     required                implication
may disadvantage people from the following groups?
                                                        Yes No      Yes    No                 Yes       No
1.0 Age?                                                       √            √                            √
1.1     Gender (Male, Female and Transsexual)?                           √               √              √
1.2     Learning Difficulties / Disability or Cognitive                  √               √              √
1.3     Mental Health Need?                                              √               √              √
1.4     Sensory Impairment?                                              √               √              √
1.5     Physical Disability?                                             √               √              √
1.6     Race or Ethnicity?                                               √               √              √
1.7     Religious Belief?                                                √               √              √
1.8     Sexual Orientation?                                              √               √              √

2. Check for DIRECT discrimination against any minority group relating to EMPLOYEES:
                                                                        Action  Resource
Question: Does the policy contain any statements which Response
                                                                       required implication
may disadvantage employees or potential employees
from any of the following groups?                       Yes No        Yes    No  Yes     No
2.0 Age?                                                        √             √           √
2.1     Gender (Male, Female and Transsexual)?                           √               √              √
2.2     Learning Difficulties / Disability or Cognitive                  √               √              √
2.3     Mental Health Need?                                              √               √              √
2.4     Sensory Impairment?                                              √               √              √
2.5     Physical Disability?                                             √               √              √
2.6     Race or Ethnicity?                                               √               √              √
2.7     Religious Belief?                                                √               √              √
2.8     Sexual Orientation?                                              √               √              √

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                                        33
V2 / April 2010
3. Check for INDIRECT discrimination against any minority group of PATIENTS:
                                                                       Action     Resource
Question: Does the policy contain any conditions or     Response
                                                                      required    implication
requirements which are applied equally to everyone, but
disadvantage particular people because they cannot      Yes No       Yes    No    Yes     No
comply due to:
3.0 Age?                                                       √             √             √
3.1 Gender (Male, Female and Transsexual)?                     √             √             √
3.2   Learning Difficulties / Disability or Cognitive           √             √            √
3.3   Mental Health Need?                                       √             √            √
3.4   Sensory Impairment?                                       √             √            √
3.5   Physical Disability?                                      √             √            √
3.6   Race or Ethnicity?                                        √             √            √
3.7   Religious, Spiritual belief (including other belief)?     √             √            √
3.8   Sexual Orientation?                                       √             √            √

4. Check for INDIRECT discrimination against any minority group relating to EMPLOYEES:
                                                                        Action   Resource
Question: Does the policy contain any statements which Response
                                                                       required  implication
may disadvantage employees or potential employees
from any of the following groups?                      Yes No         Yes    No   Yes     No
4.0 Age?                                                       √              √            √
4.1 Gender (Male, Female and Transsexual)?                     √              √            √
4.2   Learning Difficulties / Disability or Cognitive           √             √            √
4.3   Mental Health Need?                                       √             √            √
4.4   Sensory Impairment?                                       √             √            √
4.5   Physical Disability?                                      √             √            √
4.6   Race or Ethnicity?                                        √             √            √
4.7   Religious, Spiritual belief (including other belief)?     √             √            √
4.8   Sexual Orientation?                                       √             √            √

Signatures of authors / auditors:                             Date:
      AHRBP                                                   April 2010

           Equality and Human Rights Compliance / Percentage Calculation

Number of ‘Yes’ answers for DIRECT discrimination.                  (A) 0

Number of ‘Yes’ for INDIRECT discrimination.                        (B) 0

Total answers for POLICY CONTENTS discrimination.                   (A+B) 0 + 0

Assistant HR Business Partner                                                            34
V2 / April 2010
Percentage content non compliant   = (Divide a+b by 36 x 100) 0

Assistant HR Business Partner                             35
V2 / April 2010

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