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					                             SAFETY EMPHASIS
                                      “SAFETY THROUGH EDUCATION”


October 2001                                                                                            Vol. 22 No. 2

2000-2001 Executive Board
President -                                                            Chapter Meeting
    Barbara Aguon, ARM                                                 October 8, 2001
President-Elect/Scholarship Chair
                                                             ASSE Welcomes Bosses!
    Dan Sabatino, CSHM
    503/241-4812 Ext 364                      Robert Pater, Strategic Safety Associates, will be speaking to us on a
Vice-President/Prof.Development       very timely subject ~ “Leading in Time of Pressure”.
    Dave Parsons
                                              Robert Pater is one of ASSE’s most respected speakers and educators.
                                      Some of his clients include Alcoa, Anheuser-Busch, Boeing, BNSF, Conoco,
Secretary, Chapter Records            Frito-Lay, Harley Davidson, James River Corp., Nabisco, PGE, United Parcel
    Donna Ritter
    503/393-0980                      Service to name a few. He has articles published in “ Professional Safety”,
                                      “ASSE’s Transportation Division/Practice Specialty Newsletter”, “ASSE’s
Treasurer, Finance Chair -
    Ken Greenhill, ASP
                                      Management Division/Practice Specialty Newsletter”, “Occupational
    503/789-8898                      Health and Safety”, “Safety + Health”, “Safe Workplace”, “Oregon Busi-
                                      ness” and many others and is the author of three books. He has made presenta-
Membership Chair/Job Placement
   Clint Van Arsdall                  tions all over the world.
   503/761-0572                             Invite your Boss to attend this dynamic presentation, and evening of net-
House Delegates:                      working, and great food! Reserve your space early ~ see flyer insert.
   Gregg Bieber
   Terry Ellis                          Meeting Location: Governor Hotel, 611 SW 10th Street (10th & Alder), downtown Portland
   503/460-4093                                    Social Time-5:30 pm - Dinner-6:00 pm - Program-7:00 pm
Delegates at Large:                                        Next Meeting: Monday, November 12, 2001
    Mike Benjamin, CSHM, CHCM
    503/628-2846                         Note: Dinner Price has Changed ~ Effective October 8, 2001
    Gary Hales
    503/373-4423                      Member ~ $16.00          ~    Student ~ $8.00        ~     Retired Member ~ $13.00
Section Chairs:
Santiam Section -                         Executive Committee Meeting                          Executive Committee
   Trudi Tyler                             The Executive Committee meets on the                 Meeting Highlights
    503/378-3274                                                                               submitted by: Donna Ritter
Mt. St. Helens -                       4th Monday of each month at Elmer’s, I-205
    Marsha Holborn                     & Sandy—1001 NE Sandy Boulevard                     The Executive Committee Meeting was
    360/414-9113`                      (Parkrose) 503/256-2150. Note change in day.   called to order on Monday, August 27, 2001.
                                           The next Executive Board Meeting is        A quorum was established.
Safety Emphasis:                       scheduled for Monday, October 22, 2001 at
Editor:                                7:30 a.m. All members are invited to attend    Treasurer Report: Ken Greenhill reported
Judy Reschke                           and participate.                               there is $28,669.26 in checking and
Ph: 503/205-6690                                                                      $86,994.64 in AMEX Money Market Account
FAX: 503/205-6721                                         ♦♦♦♦♦                       for a total of $115,663.90. Ken reported on the
E-mail:                                                         Chapter's current total assets and accounts
                                                                                      receivable from the last GOSH Conference.
    Our Success as a Chapter                 Safety has a value …                     Ken said that quicker invoicing and overall
depends on the Participation of our                                                   good bookkeeping was the biggest
           Volunteers!                      What is it worth to you?                  contribution to low outstanding receivables.
 2000-2001 Committee Chairs                           special meetings (i.e., past Presidents'        Benjamin has stepped up to Chair this
Past President, Nominating      Phil Lemons
Past President                  John Remmers          Night) and charge a flat rate at the door.      Committee.
Past President                  Eric Fullan
Past President                  Karen Blythe          Karen Blythe explained that the Chapter              Construction Safety Summit (CSS):
Past President                  Bruce Poinsette
                                                      must guarantee the number of meals at           144 Safety Summit members are also
Sub-Committee Chairs:                                 $13.00, including gratuity. All meals over      ASSE members. The Finance Committee
Brown-Bag Lunch Series          Dave Parsons
Dinner Meetings                 Dave Parsons          our guarantee will be charged at $18.00.        has budgeted for CSS as a Practice
GOSH Conference                 LaVeryne Gray
NAOSH Month                     Barbara Aguon         and we cannot exceed more than 5% of our        Specialty.
Seminars                        Dave Parsons
ASP/CSP Preparation                                   guarantee. Question is how to get members            Grant Committee: The E-Committee
Membership                      Dan Sabatino
Internship                      OPEN                  to guarantee attendance and not lose            accepted a motion to accept the Grant
By-Laws                         Ken Greenhill
Historian                       Bruce Conrad          money. We lose less money when we               Committee Proposal and Application for
Scholarship                     Dan Sabatino
SPY Award                       Al Arguedas           over-estimate attendance and charge a flat      membership's approval at September 10th.
Communications                  Mike Benjamin
Photography                     OPEN                  rate at the door. After extensive discussion,   Dinner Meeting. Karen Blythe went over
Student Sections:                                     the E-Committee agreed            to change     the how the grant would be distributed and
OSU Student Section Chair       Anthony Veltri        October's dinner cost. Flat rate: $16 for       eligibility requirements. The deadline for
  Faculty Advisor
MHCC Student Section Chair      Javid Mohtasham,PhD   members, $13 for retired members and $8         Grant applications is November 1st. and
  Faculty Advisor
                                                      for students. Special meetings will still       announcement of Grant recipients will be
WA Gov.Indust. Safety &         Herb Maxey
Health Advisory Board                                 require an RSVP, via flyer insert.              in January. Barbara Aguon is looking for
Columbia-Willamette Chapter     Kim Gamble                                                            two additional members to sit on the
Construction Safety Summit      503/283-6712          Committee Reports:                              selection committee. Phil Lemons asked
Job Placement Coordinator       Clint Van Arsdall          Professional Development Education:
Send your Resume to:            17107 SE Kelly                                                        how the Chapter would monitor funds
                                Portland, OR 97236    Dave Parsons reported the PDC is
                                                                                                      distributed by the ASSE. Karen suggested
                                                      scheduled for October 17th and is a joint
   Chapter Web Site Address:                                                        that Barbara appoint a committee and the
                                                      effort with OR-OSHA. the topic is
                                                                                                      Grant to the ASSE Foundation be set up as
     Review Chapter Budget: The                       “Accident Investigation”. Dave must be
                                                                                                      an endowment. If any ASSE member
E-Committee approved a motion to accept               kept abreast of seminars, workshops and
the Finance Committee's 2001-2002 final                                                               would like to participate in Grant
                                                      PDC's for the Chapter and Sections to
Budget draft. $500.00 was added to cover                                                              recruitment and selection, please contact
                                                      avoid date conflicts.
potential dinner meal expenditures.                                                                   Karen Blythe at 503/665-1149,
                                                           Membership: Dan Sabatino,
SOG for Travel Expenses                                                                      or Gregg Bieber at
                                                      Committee Chair, shared ideas on
     The E-Committee approved the                                                                     503/240-2003,
                                                      membership involvement and current
motion to accept the Standard Operating                                                                    Student Section: Nationally there is a
                                                      chapter indicators. Barbara Aguon and
Guideline (SOG) for Chapter-related travel                                                            concern associated with the Student
                                                      Dan Sabatino would like to see a 45%
expenses. It was suggested that Ken put an                                                            Sections’ involvement. Mark Hopkins
                                                      participation among members. Dan would
article together for the Safety Emphasis,                                                             reported that he and John Remmer’s
                                                      like to see personalized surveys
post guidelines on the Chapter's web site,                                                            intend to revitalize the Oregon State
                                                      implemented to identify what activities our
give a copy to members before they travel,                                                            Student Section. There is small core group
                                                      members need or want. Contacting 500
and add the guidelines to the E-Committee                                                             of students interested in keeping the
                                                      members could be achieved through a
member orientation packets.                                                                           Section intact.
                                                      phone tree system with 50 people
                                                                                                           Scholarships: Mark Hopkins
Section Reports: -                                    contacting 10 members each. 10% of our
                                                                                                      reported that Regional did not receive any
     Santiam - Charlie Crawford                       Chapter members have been in the Chapter
                                                                                                      applications for this year’s scholarships.
inquired as to when the Section will                  for more than 20 years. Barbara would
                                                                                                           ROC Meeting: Karen Blythe, Dave
receive GOSH proceeds from the Chapter.               like to recognize those long term members.
                                                                                                      Parsons, Dan Sabatino and Barbara
Ken is sending the proceeds out next week.                 Safety Emphasis: Barbara Aguon is
                                                                                                      Aguon attended the ROC meeting in
     Mt. St. Helens: Dan Petersen is                  looking at different options for Safety
scheduled for a      full-day seminar on              Emphasis Editor. Judy Reschke has
                                                                                                           Chapter Achievement Award:
December 4, 2001 from 8:00 am to 4:00                 agreed to help out until we transition to a
                                                                                                      Barbara Aguon recognized Phil Lemons
pm., at the Doubletree Hotel, Jantzen                 new editor.
                                                                                                      for all the work he put into the application .
Beach. Marsha Holborn met with                             By-Laws Update: Review the
                                                                                                      It will be a great working document for
Barbara Aguon and Trudi Tyler to                      By-Laws this year to offset the volume of
                                                                                                      this year’s E-Committee.
review the membership list. Second PDC                work in the GOSH Conference year. Need
                                                                                                           NAOSH: Regionally, Michelle Kelly
planned for May 2002; details to follow.              to include Practice Specialty section. Will
                                                                                                      is going to coordinate the campaign. Terry
     Student Sections - No report                     select a committee chair in October or
                                                                                                      Ellis will be working on this locally.
     Dinner Meetings: The E-Committee                                                                 ROC1 wants to continue with
                                                           Awards & Honors: Funding past
agreed to continue to hold monthly dinner                                                             transportation safety theme, possibly
                                                      presidents to retrieve Chapter Achievement
meetings at the Governor Hotel at this                                                                adding sea and air travel to include Hawaii
                                                      Awards was partially dependent on
time. The agreement is a month-to-month                                                               and Alaska Chapters.
                                                      defining and accepting SOG for travel
contract with attendance guarantees and set                                                                Nominations: Phil Lemons is
                                                      expenses. Nominations for the Regional
pricing. Last year's attempt to have                                                                  coordinating the nominations for officers
                                                      SPY award is due by November 1 and
members RSVP was not successful. The                                                                  in the 2002/03 year.
                                                      National SPY nominations are due
E-Committee accepted a motion to                                                                           GOSH Conference: A draft of 2003
                                                      December 1, 2001.
discontinue RSVPs with exception of                                                                   GOSH Partnership Agreement will be
                                                           Communication Committee: Mike
                                                                                                      e-mailed out to E-Committee members for
review and comment. Dan Sabatino                 2001, featuring Dan Peterson, at the           process, beginning with the mixing of
                                                 Jantzen Beach Doubletree Hotel. More           ingredients right on through baking,
reported that the Gosh Executive Committee
                                                 details to follow.                             inspection, and packaging. Matt pointed out
considered moving the Conference to a non-
                                                                                                that in an 8-hour shift, Nabisco produces
legislative year. The conclusion was that
                                                                   ♦♦♦♦♦                        enough Oreo Cookies to line the highway to
moving the Conference out by one year                                                           Mt. Hood and back to Portland! Wow, that
would interfere with current conferences in                                                     is a lot of Oreos, and we saw them coming
Eugene, Central Oregon and Hawaii. The                      Santiam Section
                                                                                                off the line!
E-committee accepted a motion to                      The regular monthly meeting of the
recommend to the GOSH E-committee to             Santiam Section is held the first Tuesday                         ♦♦♦♦♦
maintain the GOSH Conference on the              of each month.
current two-year cycle.                               The next regularly scheduled Section
     Government Affairs: Dan Sabatino            meeting will be Tuesday, October 2,                 Dinner Meeting Highlights
reported that the Multi-Employer Work Site       2001, 7:15 a.m. at A Change of Seasons                 September 10, 2001
Study Group is meeting on draft language.        Restaurant, Salem. call Trudi Tyler,
                                                 503/378-3274.                                       The September 10th Dinner Meeting
                                                      The speaker for the September Section     was the kickoff for the new year. There was
    (A complete copy of the E-Committee                                                         a great turnout and a lot of great feedback
minutes is available on the Chapter              meeting was Bob Pierson of Pierson’s
                                                 Nutrition, who presented the topic, “What      about the topic of discussion.
website.)                                                                                            We would like to thank Dennis
                                                 You Eat Makes a Difference”. Our diets
                                                 have changed dramatically over the last        VavRosky and Steve Pfeifer of the Law
                                                 several years, the major difference being      Firm VavRosky, MacColl, Olson & Pfeifer
                                                 the extensive use of chemicals for             for their excellent presentation in regards to
                                                 preservation. In 1985, 1 in 10 people had      the different workers’ compensation
                                                 cancer, whereas today that number is 1 in      changes in Oregon and Washington.
        Mt. St. Helens Section                        Coronary and vascular disease are also                       ♦♦♦♦♦
     The regular monthly meeting of the Mt.      on the rise. Sugar is a major contributor to
St. Helens Section is held the third             plaque buildup in our arteries and is often
Thursday of each month.                                                                           Travel and Expenses Guideline
                                                 added to food products to offset an
     The next Section meeting will be on         unpleasant taste. One example is the use            A Standard Operating Guideline (SOG)
Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 7:30 a.m. at       of nitrites, a known carcinogen, used in       for the reimbursement of travel and other
the Red Lion, Exit 39, Kelso. For more           lunch meats, is often included with sugar      member expenses has been developed by
information, contact Marsha Holborn,             to overcome its bitter taste.                  the Finance Committee and approved by the
360/414-9113.                                         Certain foods can help protect your       Executive Committee. The purpose of this
     Our August speaker was Ron Bowles,          body against cancer and heart disease.         guideline is to provide consistency and
Cascade Training Worx, who talked about          These include brightly colored fruits and      clarification to what expenses are
the “Level of Accepted Risk” (LOAR),             vegetables, which are rich in phito-           reimbursable for Chapter officers or other
which refers to the types of at-risk behaviors   chemicals. Examples are cabbage, brussel       members that incur expenses related to
and at-risk activities that go unnoticed or      sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli. The         business on behalf of the Chapter.
uncorrected in a particular environment. An      USDA is conducting research to find ways            This guideline follows many of the
organization’s LOAR affects their                of providing phito-chemicals in a tablet or    same criteria as National ASSE’s Standard
frequency and severity of injuries. Those        processed food form. The big four (4)          Operating Guideline for travel and expense
who need to change often don’t see the need      vitamins for health are Vitamins C, E, A       reimbursement. The SOG will be posted on
because they accept the risk.                    (beta carotene) and B vitamins.                the Chapter Website where you can
     We must first learn to recognize the
                                                                                                download a copy. You can contact the
risks, then we must DO something                                   ♦♦♦♦♦
differently. Some commonly accepted risks                                                       Chapter Treasurer, Ken Greenhill, to obtain
                                                                                                a hard copy or if you have any questions
are climbing on, standing on, working off
                                                                                                about the new guideline.
of, operating faulty equipment, inadequate              Brown-Bag Highlights
lockout procedures, no or improper PPE,                  September 7, 2001                                         ♦♦♦♦♦
improper use of tools, lifting loads that are
too heavy/awkward. Ron also discussed                Eighteen (18) members of our Chapter
some risks taken at work that are still          converged on Nabisco for the first Brown-
accepted as necessary to get the job done        Bag Lunch Meeting of the new year. Did
today, I.e. reaching into machines while         they show for the training or for the
they are operating, working at elevation         possibility of free goodies?
without fall protection, working with                Matthew Thomason, Safety and
hazardous chemicals without PPE, to name         Health Coordinator, gave an excellent
                                                 presentation on the improvements Nabisco                   Welcome to all recent new
a few.
                                                 has made to provide a safer and healthful                  members. If you have recently
     We often think what we do is ok,
                                                 work environment for their employees.                      become a new member and are
because we are “in control”.
                                                 After the power-point presentation,                        not receiving our mailings,
        Mark Your Calendars!                     Matthew gave us a tour of the bakery. The                  please contact Judy Reschke,
   Mt. St. Helens announces a dynamic            tour moved through the whole bakery                        503/205-6690.
PDC scheduled for Tuesday, December 4,
             Key Dates to Remember
                    October                          A Word From
2    Tues     Santiam Section Meeting
                                                     Our President...
                @ Change of Seasons 7:30 am
                                                     Welcome to Fall!
3    Wed      Mt. St. Helens E-Board Meeting              Time for another newsletter; wow, time is
               @ Red Lion/Kelso 12:00 p.m.           flying by. The Executive Committee is working
5    Fri      Brown-Bag Lunch                        on so many things, it's simply amazing. This
               @11:30 a.m. —1:00 p.m.                includes beginning the work with Oregon
8    Mon      Chapter Dinner Meeting                 OSHA on the 2003 GOSH Conference; initiat-
               @ The Governor Hotel 5:30 p.m.        ing planning for several professional develop-
                   “Bosses Night”                    ment seminars at both the Section and Chapter
8    Mon      Safety Emphasis material due           levels; coordinating the elections for next year's
18   Thurs    Mt. St. Helens Membership
                                                     officers; seeking marketing opportunities for
              @Red Lion/Kelso 7:30a.m.               ASSE and our Chapter scholarships; and many
                                                     more things.
18   Thurs    Santiam E-Board Meeting
               @ 385 Taylor St NE, Salem 4:00 p.m.        Is there anything you would like to cham-
                                                     pion? Either because you have a particular pas-
22   Mon      E-Board Meeting @ Elmer's
                7:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m.                  sion for something or you see where an ASSE
                                                     activity dovetails nicely with what you have going on at work or your personal life? We
23   Tues     Construction Safety Summit
               @ North’s Buffet/Gresham 11:30 a.m.   have many partnership opportunities merely because someone is willing to be on a com-
                                                     mittee, or volunteer at an event. So get out of the bleachers of life and get out onto the
                                                     playing field.
                  November                                "Do you ever ask yourself "What will be the impact of my efforts on safety for the
2    Fri      Brown-Bag Lunch                        future?" What difference are we making, collectively, on both the safety of our homes
               @ 11:30-1:00                          and our workplaces? How is technology helping us deal with safety? Conversely, what
6    Tues     Santiam Section Meeting                are the monkey wrenches technology is throwing at us? The faster paced computer,
              @ Change of Seasons 7:30 am            PDA's (personal digital assistant) such as hand-held, real-time computers; cellular; mi-
7    Wed      Mt. St. Helens E-Board Meeting         crochips and other new inventions just on the horizon.
               @ Red Lion/Kelso 12:00 p.m.                Networking has never been more important. Come on out and join us at some of
12   Mon      Chapter Dinner Meeting                 our monthly events and watch for special seminars.
              Bosses’ Night                               Bosses Night, October 8 dinner meeting is an opportunity to bring your Boss.
                @ The Governor Hotel 5:30 p.m.
                                                     Robert Pater will be delivering another motivating program designed to catapult our
12   Mon      Safety Emphasis material due           thinking into the future, challenge our perspective of safety management and leadership.
15   Thurs    Mt. St. Helens Section Meeting         We hope to see you there.
               @ Red Lion/Kelso 7:30 a.m.                                                 Sincerely,
15   Thurs    Santiam E-Board Meeting
               @ 385 Taylor St NE, Salem 4:00 p.m.
26   Mon      E-Board Meeting @ Elmer's                                                  Barbara Aguon, ARM
                7:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m.                                                      President
27   Tues     Construction Safety Summit
              @ North’s Buffet/Gresham 11:30 a.m.