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									        THE                           Third Event with a Difference
                                   International Conference on
                         Higher National Productivity in Food & Agriculture &
             Expo of Food & Agricultural Products, Equipment, Machinery & Services
                                  Lahore - Pakistan November 26-27, 2011

                                     Ref No: F&A/OS/05                                          Dated: August 18, 2011
Planners & Organisers:
The Development Times                M/s Ali Akbar Group
Cooperation by:                                                   Attn. Mr. Muhammad Zubair Ahmad
                                                                         Manager (Media & Marketing)
    National Productivity
 Organization Govt of Pakistan
                                                 Subject: FOOD & AGRO ASIA 2011 – Nov 26-27, 2011
                                                  Expo to ensure Fast Track Business Development
                                     Dear Sir,
                                             The above captioned Event—Food & Agro Asia 2011 has been planned to be held
                                     befittingly as per the attached information in Aiwan Iqbal Complex Lahore from Nov 26-27,
                                     2011. The Event is being organized by THE DEVELOPMENT TIMES in cooperation with NPO-
                                     Govt. of Pakistan , University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan Agri Forum and others &
                                     Engineers Study Forum. (Regd). A copy of the nationwide ad of NPO – Govt. of Pakistan is
                                         Delegates from Member countries of Asian Productivity
                                     Organization (Japan) are also likely to participate in the Event in
                                     addition to local agriculturists, entrepreneurs, senior executives
                                     and professionals from public and private sectors.

                                        We have organized similar two Mega Events in the past
     Asian Productivity              Agro Asia 2003, & Food & Agro Asia 2005 in Hotel PC Lahore &
                                     Al Hamra Arts Council Lahore respectivel y which were
    Organization (Japan)
                                     highly successful.
                                          We invite you to set up an impressive Stall in the Expo (suggested size 10’x20’
 University of Veterinary &          approx) which would be visited by executives, Professionals, Farmers, businessmen
  Animal Sciences, Lahore            from the public & private sectors, media men, intelligentsia & the public at large. Your
                                     earlier decision would get you a better position in the Expo & at the current rates which
        University of                will go up after August 20, 2011 by 20%.
   Agriculture,Faisalabad            Other related information is also attached.
                                                     Best regards,
Agri Forum Pakistan (Regd)               Attachments
         N.B.                        1. Space Reservation Form                               Yours Truly
  Engineers Study Forum              2. Layouts                                      for Food & Agro Asia 2011
          (Regd)                     3. Participants Registration Form
                                     4. Souvenir Rates                                        Secretary
     (All rights reserved)           5. Layouts                                         Contact # 03008420787

                     Secretariat FOOD & AGRO ASIA 2011, Office of The Development Times
                        75-H, 2 Floor, Commercial Area, D.H.A., Lahore Cantt., Pakistan
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