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                        Welcome To Your
              Mableton Girl Scout Resource Center!
              770-702-9610 (or toll-free at 1-800-771-4046)


What IS the Girl Scout                          using the materials. HOWEVER… we do
Resource Center?                                requires a security deposit (see below)
                                                when checking out materials.

The Resource Center is your Girl Scout
library, with the following materials
available for checkout by registered Girl
                                                     When Is the Center Open?
                                                Our hours of service are Monday–Friday,
 Activity and resource kits (―program in
                                                10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed for lunch,
    a box‖)
 CDs and audiotapes                            1:30-2:30. Call ahead to arrange a pick-
                                                up during the lunch hour.
 Books
 Games
                                                Saturday Pick-Ups & Returns
 Poster sets
 Videotapes (VHS) and DVDs
                                                The Resource Center is closed on
 Flag sets and stands
                                                Saturday, but you may return items to the
                                                Badge & Sash Girl Scout Store from 10
                                                a.m. – 2 p.m. on Saturdays during the
How Do We Use the Center?                       school year.
Just like a public library! Come in to          You may also arrange to pick up
browse, do research, or preview or check        materials from the Badge and Sash on
out materials. The Program Resources            Saturdays during the school year. Call the
Coordinator is available to answer your         Resource Center to reserve the items you
questions and help you find materials.          need; the Resources Coordinator will fill
                                                out the Checkout Form over the phone,
                                                using your credit card information for the
Is There A Charge?                              security deposit. Materials must be picked
                                                up during store hours.
Your contributions to Girl Scouts of
Greater Atlanta‘s Annual Fund support the
Resource Centers, so there is no fee for        How Many Items? How Long?

You may check out up to 4 items and keep           cost of the item is required. You may
them for 3 weeks. Materials may be                 make this deposit using a personal or
renewed one time, usually for one more             troop check or with a VISA, MasterCard or
week. Renewals may be requested by                 American Express credit card. Your check
phone, by e-mail, or in person. If the             or credit card information will be held until
items are not already on reserve, they will        the materials are returned. We do not
be renewed.                                        process your check or credit card unless
                                                   the item is lost, damaged beyond repair,
                                                   or is not returned within one month of the
                                                   due date. You may replace lost or
Reserving Materials: An Option                     damaged items yourself or add a $10
                                                   replacement fee to have Girl Scouts of
Materials may be checked out any time              Greater Atlanta replace them for you.
the Resource Center is open, but you may
also reserve materials up to six weeks in
advance. Call or e-mail the Program
Resource Center at 770-702-9610 (800-
771-4046 ext. 7672) or
                                                   Materials are due back three weeks from
                                                   the day of checkout. (Check the date due
                                                   sticker on your materials.) If you or your
The materials you reserve will be available
                                                   troop need more time with materials, call
in the Resource Center for two days
                                                   or e-mail the Resource Center to ask if
beyond your pickup date; after that they
                                                   they may be renewed (see above.) If a
will be returned to general circulation.
                                                   problem arises (a family emergency, for
                                                   example) and you will not be able to
                                                   return your materials on time, please call
Pickup/Check Out and Security                      or e-mail the Resource Center as another
Deposits                                           troop may be waiting and must be
                                                   notified. We will always try to work with
The first time you check out materials,            you if you let us know there is a problem
we‘ll ask you to fill out a Check Out form         returning materials.
which includes your troop number, service
unit, name, address, phone number and              When returning activity kits, please
e-mail address. If you like, we‘ll keep your       allow time to check the contents with
information on file and you can use a              a staff member. You will not be held
simple sign-out process after that.                responsible for items that are used up,
                                                   worn out, or have minor damages, but
If you are checking out an activity kit,           you may be asked to help clean or
we‘ll be glad to go through the contents           repackage supplies that were returned
with you to make sure everything is there.         dirty or in a careless manner. This check-
We ask troops to use the Contents                  in helps the Resource Center ensure that
Checklist before they return the box, to be        items are replaced and boxes are ready
sure everything is there, clean, dry, and          for the next troop to use. Boxes with
undamaged                                          missing items or unusual wear/damage
                                                   will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

                                                   Returns by mail or shipper – Materials
                                                   may always be returned to the Resource
                                                   Center by US mail, UPS, FedEx, etc., at
                                                   the borrower‘s expense. Please package
                                                   items securely and safely; you are
For each item you check out, a                     responsible for replacing items damaged
security deposit for the replacement               because of improper packaging.

PLEASE RETURN MATERIALS                          home or place of business by mail or
CLEAN AND DRY! We reserve the                    UPS, follow these steps:
right to NOT accept wet and dirty
                                                    Call the Program Resource Center to
materials (including containers)                     request the items you want to borrow.
and to hold your deposit until                       The maximum number of items
materials are returned in good                       allowed per checkout is four.
condition. Late fees may be
applied.                                             Be prepared to give your troop
                                                     number, Service Unit name, and your
                                                     name, address and phone number at
                                                     the time you make the request.

                                                    You will also have to give your credit
                                                     card information (MasterCard, Visa, or
               LATE FEES
                                                     American Express)
We give a ―grace period‖ of three business          The Resource Center Coordinator will
days past the date that materials are due.           take your information and bill the cost
After that, late fees of 20¢ per item, per           of shipping through the Badge & Sash
business day will be charged.                        Girl Scout Store‘s credit card system.
                                                     Materials will be shipped out the next
For overdue items returned by mail or                business day. The same credit card
shipper, fines are assessed for the                  information will be used for your
time after the “grace period” through                deposit.
the postmarked date on the returned
items.                                              You may return you materials by mail
                                                     or other shipping services, or in
Payment of late fees should be made                  person.
when materials are returned. Late fees
may be paid by cash or check, or may be
deducted from the borrower‘s credit card         Sorry, we cannot ship games, flags,
account, at the discretion of the Resource       posters or activity kits.
Center staff.

       Direct Delivery (Credit
Card Required)

To have books, audiotapes, CDs and
videotapes or DVDs delivered to your              Your Resource Center Online!

                                                  Go to www.gsgatl.org and check out
                                                  Events and Things to Do (―More
                                                  Troop Activities,‖ ―Take Action‖) and
                                                  The Volunteer Zone (―Focus On
                                                  Ability, ―Girl Scouts Around the Globe‖,
                                                  Leader to Leader and To Serve God.‖)
                                                  for up-to-date Girl Scout/Girl Guide
                                                  news and activities.
                                “Instant Meetings”
Are you (or the girls!) feeling overwhelmed? Did your meeting plans fall through at the last
minute? Or did your life just take an unexpected side trip? Never fear – help is here: these
―grab it and go‖ modules have enough information to help you make it through a troop
meeting with minimum supplies and preparation. See the ―Series‖ Pathway Resources,
below, for even more ideas. (Or grab one of our activity kits!)

DAISIES & LADYBIRDS ACTIVITY                      leader of Brownies (ages 7 and 8 in
NOTEBOOK– Ladybirds (ladybugs) are                Canada), all designed to be one and a half
what 5 -7 year olds are called in the Irish       hours long: A First Meeting; Where Is It?
Girl Guides; this notebook has games, a           (map reading); Careers; Food Fun; A Visit
music-theme meeting outline, and five             to a World Centre; Make a Gift; A Puzzling
seasonal activity sections: September,            Experience (team-building); My
October, November/December, January               Community; New Games (teamwork);
and February. There are many meetings‘            Prepare for Camp.
worth of activities! Can be e-mailed to
you as an attachment.                             INSTANT MEETINGS FOR GIRL SCOUT
                                                  DAISIES – Girl Guides of Canada, 2001 –
GIRL SCOUT BROWNIES: BUILDING                     Ten themed meetings for the busy leader
ART TRY-IT - A packet of Building Art             of Sparks (5-7 year old Guides in
Try-It activity ideas and resources,              Canada). Easy to adapt for Girl Scout
including information and reproducibles.          Daisies: New Friends, Let‘s Have a Picnic,
You‘ll need paper, rulers, and pencils.           Mad Hatter‘s Tea Party, Vegetable Soup,
                                                  We Can Cook, Winter Fun, Bats, Ducks,
GIRL SCOUT DAISY ―PETALS TO GO‖ -                 Ready for Camp, Our Guiding Family.
A print-out of troop meeting activities           Meeting length varies from one hour to 90
focusing on Daisy Low, the Girl Scout             minutes.
Promise, and each Learning Petal, for a
total of 12 meeting outlines. Call ahead          INSTANT MEETINGS FOR GIRL SCOUT
and we‘ll have it ready for pickup or, we         JUNIORS (And 6th Grade Cadettes) –
can e-mail it to you!                             Girl Guides of Canada, 2001 – Ten
                                                  complete themed meetings for the busy
GIRL SCOUT JUNIORS: ―BE A SPORT!‖                 leaders of 9-11 year olds (the ages of
Includes the Klutz Guide to Classic               Guides in Canada): International; Our
Outdoors Games, a small Chinese jump              Community; Tool Time (tools available for
rope, and coloring and activity pages and         checkout); Healthy Lifestyles; Weather;
word searches. (Also see the ―RU Game?‖           The Wonderful Outdoors; An Evening of
activity kit or a sports activity kit.)           Discovery; Ready for Camp?; Water for
BROWNIES – Girl Guides of Canada,                 INSTANT MEETINGS FOR GIRL SCOUT
2001 – Ten themed meetings for the busy           CADETTES (and 9th Grade Seniors) –

Girl Guides of Canada, 2001 – These ten           Bangles, Glitter Snow Globe, Beaded
theme meeting have been created                   Tiara, Star Decorations, Glittered Hair
especially for 12-14 year olds (the ages of       Clips and more! Enough for a whole series
Pathfinder Guides in Canada). Each is             of science or creative fun meetings.
presented like a recipe, from opening to
closing: Careers; Citizenship;                    The Mailbox: ―APRIL SHOWERS
Communication; Global Understanding;              BRING MAY FLOWERS‖ –
Heritage; Hike Preparations; International        Kindergarten – This ―Idea Magazine for
Crafts; Leadership – New Games; Mining            Teachers‖ is great for Girl Scout Daisy
Cookies; Waterfront Safety.                       leaders, too, with ideas, activities,
                                                  posters, games and reproducibles for one
―SPARKLE IDEAS NOTEBOOK‖ FOR                      or many meetings. Includes ―Get Ready
GIRL SCOUT DAISIES & BROWNIES -                   for Rainbows‖, ―A 14-Carrot Collection‖,
Sparkling things to make, eat and play            ―The Kingdom of Good Manners‖ and ―It‘s
with: Sugar Crystal Necklaces, Sparkly            Raining.‖

                         ―Series‖ Pathway Resources
                                and Leadership Opportunities!

Series Pathway: Taking part in a ―Series‖ Pathway is one way girls (usually Juniors and
older) may participate in Girl Scouts. The same group of girls and adult volunteers take part
in a series of 6 to 8 activity sessions built around a specific theme or purpose. The kits or
notebooks below were developed to be used for six or more sessions led by an adult
volunteer or by a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador who has completed her Program Aide,
LIT, or CIT training – a great way to complete leadership or service hours. Of course girls in
troop Pathways may do these activities as well!

FABULOUS FRIENDS! RAINBOWS                        the first six meetings of a brand-new
ACTIVITY PACK – Rainbows are 5-7 year             Brownie troop, and includes learning the
old Guides in the United Kingdom. Daisies         Promise and Law, learning about Juliette
and young Brownies will have fun with             Low, and putting the Law and Motto (―Be
these 12 hands-on activities designed to          Prepared‖) into action: girls learn healthy
help them learn what it means to be               habits and how to make nutritious snacks;
―friendly and helpful, considerate and            fire emergencies and learning not to be
caring, to respect themselves and others          afraid; being responsible and helping at
and to be a sister to every Girl Scout.‖          home; managing money; self-reliance. At
                                                  the 7th meeting, girls plan and carry out
                                                  their Investiture (pinning) ceremony.
―GIRL SCOUT K.I.D.S.‖ – for grades 2
& 3 – The Kids‘ Independence
Development System is designed to cover

LEMONS TO LEMONADE: Program                         TAKING CARE OF ME (Girl Scout
Passages for Preventing Child Abuse -               Daisies) – The Irish Girl Guides, 2006
Girl Scouts of Wilderness Road                      - Six ―healthy living‖ themed meetings for
Council (1996) – The purpose of this                Ladybirds (5-7 year old Guides in
booklet is to provide the busy Girl Scout           Ireland); easy to adapt for Daisies: Self
leader with a quick program reference for           Esteem; Bullying; Personal Hygiene;
troop meetings; it focuses on helping girls         Relationships (people-to-people skills);
develop the coping skills and self-esteem           Healthy Eating; Physical Fitness.
needed to deal with the negative forces in
life. (―When life hands you lemons…‖) For
all ages. Sensitive Issues parent                    ―SAY NO TO BULLYING!‖ Activity
permission slip needed.                             Pack for 5-7 Year Olds (Rainbow
                                                    Guides, UK) – Create your own bullying
                                                    comic strip, practice saying no on the
P.I.C.K.L.E.S. Program Passages – Girl              bullying obstacle course, let mean words
Scouts of Wilderness Road Council –                 bounce off, make ―feelings‖ puppets, try
all ages. Life is like a pickle – sometimes,        relaxation techniques, build self
sweet, sometimes sour (violence, anger,             confidence, positive qualities and ―Yell,
abuse, conflict, etc.) The activities in this       Run, Tell.‖ Girl Scouts of the USA‘s ―Daisy
booklet help girls: Prepare for the ups and         and the Bus Bullies‖ can be checked out
downs; Individual differences are                   with this notebook. Also: See the NEW
respected; Cooperate to find solutions;             Zink Against Bullies” program kit on page
Kindle trust and responsibility; Limit              31.
battles and bad responses; Encourage
expression of feelings; Spend time being
kind and caring.                                    T.A.G.S. – The Action Girl Scouts –
                                                    The Girl Scout Council of Kentucky,
                                                    2005 – This health and well-being
―PROTECT LITTLE HANDS FROM                          program for all ages focuses on good
POISONS‖ – Georgia Poison Center,                   nutrition, getting enough sleep, body
2004 – for grades K-3 – includes                    image and active games for fitness fun.
introduction/information section for adults
plus seven Children‘s Lesson Plans
(activity sessions); these include a lesson         TEEN SMART! Ready-to-Use Activities
plan, activity ideas, and reproducible              to Help Teens Build Positive
activity sheets. They are designed to               Relationships With Peers & Adults –
teach Daisy and Brownie-age children to             (High School) Teacher-created, this
protect themselves and others from the              BOOK uses a combination of discussion
harm of poisons.                                    and activity worksheets for five sections:
                                                    Family Bonding (appreciation of family
                                                    and heritage); Character Development
―I‘M PEER-PROOF‖ (Training                          (reinforcing positive values); Community
Required) – Grades 3-5 - After                      Involvement (developing an aversion to
completing the ―I‘m Peer Proof‖ workshop            injustice, violence and intolerance); ―It
(check Learning Opportunities for dates             Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child‖
and locations) you may check out the                (making wise choices); and Choices,
Notebook, posters and hand-outs needed              Changes and Challenges (self-esteem).
to lead the six friend-making and peer-             Each section might be the topic of a six-
proofing sessions. Additional resources             session Pathway, or pull out activities for
available.                                          an Instant Meeting.

―YOUNG TEENS GAMES LEADERSHIP                     activities help teach understanding,
PROGRAM‖ - suggested for grades 8-                respect, compassion and acceptance of
10 - Notebook contains 10 training                ourselves and others. Includes the story
sessions: seven sessions focus on                 of Zink and the young girl who created
increasing teen‘s repertoire of games,            her, plus discussion topics, hikes, outdoor
leadership skills and techniques; the last        games, crafts, and other activities – there
three sessions concentrate on planning            are even snack ideas that focus on
how each girl will work with younger              understanding differences. $$ - stuffed
children, setting up the program, and             zebras and patches must be ordered and
meeting the younger children. PROGRAM             paid for in advance at the Badge and
LINK: Community Service Bar.                      Sash. A teen program leader training
                                                  design is available. Also: See the NEW
                                                  Zink Against Bullies” program kit on page
ZINK GOES TO CAMP and ZINK GOES                   31.
– Use at day camp, a service unit
Camporee, or a troop camping weekend.             MORE RESOURCES are always being
How does it feel to be a spotted zebra in a       added! Call or e-mail the Resource
striped zebra world? Zink the Zebra               Center for updates.

                                BOOK CATEGORIES
       A complete list of books at the Atlanta Resource Center is available by
       request: ProgramResources@gsgatl.org or telephone 770-702-9610.

                                                        Honest…Fair…
             To Serve God… explore                      Responsible…telling the
              and compare different belief               truth, being fair, acting
              systems, including                         responsibly
              Hinduism, Buddhism,                       Friendly…Helpful…Con-
              Judaism, Christianity and                  siderate…Caring: the care
              Islam.                                     and keeping of friends,
             To Serve My Country…                       getting along, cliques,
              patriotism activities, flag                teasing and gossip
              etiquette and good                        Respect myself…others…
              citizenship.                               authority…personal safety,
             To Help Other People…                      respecting differences,
              service project ideas, kids                human rights, good
              and community service,                     manners, respect for others
              service learning,                         Courageous and
              understanding service                      Strong…moral and ethical
             To Live By the Girl Scout                  courage, physical courage,
              Law… character-building                    health, nutrition and fitness.
              and values activities; being              Respect myself…
              your best.                                 Others…Authority…respec

    tfulness, good manners,                 First Aid, Safety and
    good and bad touches.                    Stress Management...
   Use Resources Wisely:                    basic first aid for kids,
    reduce, re-use, recycle,                 personal safety, traffic
    conservation, eco-art.                   safety, being street wise,
   Make the World a Better                  dealing with stress.
    Place…Earth Day,                        Focus On Ability…
    environmental action, global             inclusive troop activities,
    awareness and service.                   games for kids with
   Be a sister to every Girl                disabilities, working with
    Scout…exploring other                    challenging kids, disability
    cultures and heritages in                information.
    America                                 Games… Wide Games,
   American Indian Culture                  indoor and outdoor games,
    & Heritage… stories,                     team-building and challenge
    games, sign language,                    games, water fun, travel
    beading, designs, recipes                games, and more.
    and traditional crafts.                 Girl Scout Basics…
   Campfire Programs &                      handbooks, leader/advisor
    Night-Time Fun…                          guides, Try-It, badge, and
    campfire activities, story-              Interest Project books, and
    telling, astronomy, and                  other Girl Scout
    nature at night.                         publications, in English and
   Ceremonies &                             in Spanish. REFERENCE
    Dramatics… sample                        ONLY!
    ceremonies for Girl Scout               Girl Scout History…
    occasions, including                     historic handbooks,
    Investiture, rededication,               collector‘s guide, ―Walk the
    bridging, flag ceremonies,               History Trail‖ and more.
    and campfires; books of                 Girls Are Great/Great
    poems, prayers, words of                 Women… teen and ‗tween
    wisdom and inspirational                 issues/challenges; puberty
    readings; campfire skits and             and periods, growing up
    simple plays.                            female in the 21st century;
   Cooking & Eating                         women in history;
    Outdoors: recipes and tips               outstanding women; gender
    for outdoor cooking, from                equity/Girl Power issues.
    picnics and backyard                    Girls Through Time…
    camping to backpacking.                  colonial and pioneer crafts
   Create & Invent                          and activities, home life,
    (―making things‖) - arts,                school and games of long
    crafts, SWAPS, gizmos,                   ago; Girl Scout handbooks
    gadgets, concoctions, and                from the 1940s onward.
    experiments.                            Instant Meetings & Other
   (Coping with) Death,                     Helps For Leaders –
    Loss and Grief…                          meeting themes and easy
    explaining death to children,            activities, practical tips on
    what to expect when                      troop management,
    someone dies, tips for                   discipline, program activity
    helping a grieving child,                ideas and resources
    living through loss, when a              especially for 5 and 6 year-
    pet dies.                                olds (look for the daisy

   Holiday &                                   Savannah and Coastal
    Celebrations…Holidays                       Georgia.
    and holy days from different
    religions and cultures;
    includes craft ideas.
    International
    Friendship/ World
    Thinking Day/ WAGGGS:
                                         CAMPING
    Trefoil Around the World            EQUIPMENT
    and other WAGGGS/
    international publications;
    foods, games, arts/crafts,          A CAMPING WE WILL GO! – Box for
    and celebrations from               outdoor cooking and dishwashing
    around the world; specific          includes skillet, pots and pans, toasting
    country cultures and                forks/skewers, tongs, spatula, can
    lifestyles; geography.              opener, paring knives, measuring cups
   Juliette Low and Her                and spoons, colander, bowls with lids,
                                        dish pans, dish towels, scrubbers, hot
    Times: biographies of
                                        mitts and line for drying. A complete
    Juliette Low (1860-1927);
                                        list can be e-mailed to you.
    activity and resource books
    about the Civil War,
    Victorian, Edwardian and            CAMPFIRE COOK KIT – A BIG
    ―Flapper‖ eras; Girl Scout          (heavy!) box of cooking and
    history.                            eating utensils for open fire or
   Money Matters: money                charcoal grill cooking: coffee pots,
    earning project ideas,              frying pans, cook pot, bowls, plates,
                                        spoons, forks, mess kits and a sheep
    money management skills,
                                        herder‘s grill (heavy-duty folding grill).
    banking and credit
                                        A complete list can be e-mailed to you.
   Outdoor Fun & Adventure
    gardening, nature                   CAMP COOK KIT (A) AND KITCHEN
    discovery, hiking,                  KIT (B) - Two BIG boxes to help
    backpacking, knot-tying,            you set up your outdoor kitchen,
    compass and map, knives             including toasting forks, cutlery,
    and tools, planning and             dishwashing supplies, serving and
                                        storage pieces, grilling utensils, hot
    packing, fires and meals,
                                        mitts and grill gloves, etc. A complete
    camping activities.
                                        list can be e-mailed to you.
   Smiling At Myself:
    building self-esteem,
    positive self-worth and             CAST IRON COOKING EQUIPMENT:
    confidence; respecting              - Dutch Oven
    yourself and others.                - Frying Pans (assorted sizes)
   Songbooks: Girl Scout               - Skillet
    songbooks, Wee Sing, tent           - Tools for lifting lids, pulling Dutch
                                        oven, etc.
    and trail songs,
                                        CHARCOAL CHIMNEY fire starter;
    international songs.
                                        requires crumpled newspapers.
   Teen Topics: raising
    confident girls, manners for        COFFEE URN (Electric) – 30 cup. No
    teens, goal-setting skills,         instructions/directions.
    ―mean girls‖.
   Trips & Travel: places to           CROCK POT (Electric) – Rival mini
    go and things to do in              slow cooker. No directions/instructions.

General use instructions and ice cream                    FINDING THE BOX YOU
recipes included.                                    WANT - the activity and resource
                                                     kits are now grouped by category
PIE IRONS (6)- Maybe you know these                  and the categories are in
campfire “Panini grills” as a mountain pie or
pudgy pie iron. Pie irons are a way to cook
                                                     alphabetical order (below.) Look
grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit pies over        for the LINKS to Petals, Try-Its,
an open fire. A few minutes over the heat            badges, Interest Projects, Journeys
and a perfectly toasted sandwich or pie              and enrichment patches at the end
emerges from the cooker. Go to                       of the description. The categories
http://www.pieiron.com/what.htm for pictures         are:
and details. Recipes available.

                                                          American Indians –
SKEWERS for stick cooking (9) –                          culture, heritage, Georgia‘s
sturdy coat hanger wire with plastic                     Native People awards
bead handles. Recommended for                             Camping & Outdoor
Juniors and older.                                       Living Skills – camping skills
                                                         and activities (things to do at
                                                         camp, including evening
                                                         programs); knives, knots,
LOOK IN Camping Skills &
Outdoor Fun for:
                                                          Ceremonies – candle-
    Compasses/Compass Crazy
                                                         holders, Brownie Ponds and
    Keepers of the Night/Night
                                                         teaching tools [See also Flags,
     Watch/Night Owls
                                                         Posters and Music]
    Knots/Knot-Tying                                     Babysitting 101
    Lost in the Woods
                                                          Fun! Luau, sock hop,
    Magnifying Glasses
                                                         bubbles and s‘mores!
    Nature Kits
                                                          Girl Scout Brownies -
    Pocket Knives                                       Try-Its, cooking, Cookie Sale
    Pen Knives for Whittling
                                                          Girl Scout Cadettes,
                                                         Seniors & Ambassadors –
                                                         interest projects; bridging
LOOK IN “Fun!” for:
                                                          Girl Scout Daisies –
   S‘mores Cooker
                                                         outdoor fun, friends around the
                                                         world, journey activities
                                                          Girl Scout Juniors –
LOOK IN Girl Scout Brownies
                                                         badges, journeys, bridging
                                                          Good Health, Fitness &
     Brownies Mix, Measure, Peel
                                                         Safety – exercise, healthy
      & Pour
                                                         eating, stress-less, keeping
                                                          Hunger 101 – resources
                                                         for patch module; training
                                                          International/Global Girl
                                                         Scouts - World Thinking Day,
                                                         the World Association of Girl
ACTIVITY KITS &                                          Guides and Girl Scouts
                                                         (WAGGGS), Guiding in other
  RESOURCE                                               countries, world issues.
    BOXES                                                    It‘s Your Planet: Love It!
                                                         nature discovery games, eco-

   exploring, gardening, pond and              Around the World (online only:
   stream exploration, the water               http://www.girlscouts.org/program/gs
   cycle.                                      _central/insignia/online/junior/now_the
    Juliette Low and the Girl
   Scouts – life and times of
   Juliette Gordon Low, the                    NATIVE AMERICAN NEIGHBORS –
   Juliette Low Birthplace                     for grades 2-5 – Resource and
   (Savannah), Girl Scout history.             activity books and folders, story books,
    Making Things - paper                     and a music audiotape to help girls
   crafts, wood-working, leather-              learn more about America‘s First
   work, quilling, wood-burning,               People, with an emphasis on the Plains
   Big Messy Art.                              and Southwest nations. PROGRAM
                                               LINKS: Now and Then Stories from
    Science Fun & Math
                                               Around the World online badge
   Adventures – electricity,
   magnetism, the science of air,
   eco-action, numbers and
   shapes.                                     NATIVE AMERICAN NEIGHBORS OF
    Games & Sports –jump                      THE SOUTHEAST – for grades 2-5 --
   rope, Double Dutch, Chinese                 Video (VHS), resource and activity
   jump rope, mini-lacrosse,                   books (including games, recipes,
   playground ball games, field-               stories and crafts) help explore the
                                               history and culture of the Native people
   day fun.
                                               of the USA, with an emphasis on the
    Understanding
                                               nations of the southeast. PROGRAM
   Differences – Zink the Zebra,               LINKS: Our Own Council‘s ―Georgia‘s
   disability awareness, Braille,              Native People‖ Try-It and badge; Now
   sign language, adaptive sports              and Then Stories from Around the
    Uniquely Me – self                        World online badge
   confidence/self-esteem, being               (www.girlscouts.org)
   your best.
                                               TRAIL OF TEARS, THE – Brownies
                                               and older – What happened to the
                                               flourishing Cherokee and Creek Nations
AMERICAN INDIANS/                             that were once in Georgia? Where are
NATIVE PEOPLE                                  they today? Follow ―the trail where
                                               they cried‖ though northwest Georgia
GEORGIA‘S NATIVE PEOPLE –Girl                  as you uncover this sad story.
Scout Brownies and Juniors – Video             PROGRAM LINKS: Our Own Council‘s
(VHS), books, recipe cards, games              ―Georgia‘s Native People‖ Try-It and
folder and other resources for Brownies        badge; American Indian Youth Award.
and Juniors working on the Our Own
Council‘s ―Georgia‘s Native Peoples‖
Try-It or badge.                               WE THE PEOPLE (ANIYUNWIYA):
                                               THE CHEROKEE NATION –
                                               recommended for Juniors and
MUSCOGEE: PEOPLE OF THE                        older - books and videos exploring
CREEKS – for Brownies and Juniors              the history, traditions and culture of
– Resources, activity books and a VHS          the Eastern Band of the Cherokee
video help tell the story of the               Nation. PROGRAM LINKS: Our Own
Muscogee (Creek) people, once the              Council‘s ―Georgia‘s Native People‖
most powerful Native American Indian           badge; Celebrating People badge; My
nation in Georgia and Alabama.                 Heritage badge; Wildlife badge; Now
PROGRAM LINKS: Our Own Council‘s               and Then Stories Around the World
Georgia‘s Native People Try-It and             online badge; Folk Arts IPA; Heritage
badge.; Now and Then Stories from              Hunt IPA; American Indian Youth

 BABYSITTING 101                               COMPASS CRAZY: MAP & COMPASS
                                                BASICS – recommended for Juniors
                                                and older – includes 16 compasses
                                                plus map and compass tips, games and
BABY-SITTING 101– for ages 11 to
                                                activities. PROGRAM LINKS: Hiker
13 – An opportunity for girls to learn
                                                badge; Orienteering Interest Project;
and practice basic skills, using the
                                                Camping IP; Outdoor Survival IP;
Babysitting 101 and Baby Home Care
                                                Camping Together badge; Finding Your
videos (VHS), The Babysitter‟s
                                                Way badge; Year-Round Troop
Handbook, and the American Red
                                                Camping enrichment patch.
Cross Babysitter‘s Training instructor‘s
manual and handbook (for information
only.) This is NOT the equivalent of a
                                                ―COMPASSES ONLY‖ BOXES ––
class! PROGRAM LINK: Caring for
                                                recommended for Juniors and
Children badge; Child Care IPA.
                                                older – each box contains 12 Silva or
                                                Starter compasses and basic
                                                instructions. (NOTE: The Resource
                                                Center also has books and modules, on
                                                compass and map use available for
 CAMPING SKILLS &                              checkout.) PROGRAM LINKS: Finding
OUTDOOR ADVENTURES                              Your Way badge; Hiker badge; Camp
                                                Together badge; Orienteering Interest
                                                Project; Camping IP; Outdoor Survival
―BEFORE YOU GO‖ SKILLS*                         IP; Year Round Troop Camper
                                                enrichment patch.

helping Girl Scout Daisies and                  ―COMPASSES & GAMES‖ BOX ––
Brownies get ready for outdoor fun              recommended for Juniors and
and adventures is teaching them how             older –12 compasses and basic
to ―stay found‖ (in other words, not get        instructions, plus the directions, score
lost!) But it‘s also important to teach         cards and markers for a competitive
them what to do if they do get lost; it         compass game that uses taking
could save their life. The story Lost in        bearings and counting steps.
the Woods and the related activities            PROGRAM LINKS: Finding Your Way
were created by a kindergarten                  badge; Hiker badge; Camp Together
teacher, and are designed to help               badge; Orienteering Interest Project;
young children in a way that actively           Camping IP; Outdoor Survival IP; Year
involves them in the learning process.          Round Troop Camper enrichment
Hands-on and non-threatening.                   patch.
PROGRAM LINK: Outdoor Adventurer
                                                WAY TO GO! Finding Your Way
* Also see Girl Scout Brownies                  With A Compass – recommended
section for Outdoor Adventurer Try-It           for Juniors – Contains Way To Go
and Ready, Set Go Camping Try-It                activity book (a great resource for the
kits; and the ―Let‘s Go Camping‖ board          Finding Your Way badge,) 14 map
game in Games.                                  compasses, and map and compass
                                                activities. MORE PROGRAM LINKS:
COMPASSES                                       Camp Together badge; Hiker badge;
                                                Orienteering IPA; Outdoor Survival
BEGINNING COMPASS GAMES –                       IPA; Camping IPA.
ages 8 and up - Geometric Shapes
and Code Word game instructions and
supplies are provided. Does NOT                 FLASHLIGHT FUN & NATURE
include compasses! (See boxes, below)           AT NIGHT

see ―GAMES‖ section
                                               MINI-KNIVES FOR SOAP CARVING
                                               – recommended for grades 3 and
                                               up. Use these 2 ½ ― knives to carve
recommended for grades 2 and up
                                               Ivory soap (tips included) for simple
Help girls become more comfortable
                                               sculpture projects or on potato halves
with nature at night, or take along for
                                               for print-making.
campout fun. Includes a Cat‘s Eye
Hike, Nightwatcher‘s Nature Snoop,
astronomy activities, story telling and
                                               PEN KNIVES FOR WHITTLING –
more night-time fun activities.
                                               recommended for grades 5 and up.
PROGRAM LINKS: Outdoor Adventurer
                                               Twelve smaller pocketknives especially
Try-It; Camp Together badge; Now
                                               good for whittling or wood carving;
and Then Stories From Around the
                                               includes sharpening stone; steel wool.
World (online badge.)
                                               [ALSO see ―Precision Knife-Sharpening
                                               Kit,‖ below.] Program Links: Camp
                                               Together and Art in 3-D badges.
recommended for grades 3-7 --
Stories from America‘s Native people
                                               POCKET KNIVES BOX –
plus discovery tools and activities to
                                               recommended for grades 2 and up
explore nature after dark; Cat‘s Eye
                                               Each box includes 12 large multi-blade
Hike and other games; star-gazer
                                               camp knives, whetstone, steel wool
activities; campfire fun and creative
                                               and basic knife-use instructions.
activity ideas. PROGRAM LINKS:
                                               (“Knife Knowledge” module available
Outdoor Adventurer Try-It; Camp
                                               for checkout with box.) Program
Together badge; Now and Then Stories
                                               Links: Outdoor Adventurer Try-It;
Around the World online badge.
                                               Camp Together and Art in 3-D badges.

NIGHT OWLS – for grades 2 and up
                                               POCKET KNIFE SAFETY TEACHING
- Discover what the night-time world
                                               BOX –– for ages 5 to 7 – Teach very
has to offer with a room-projection
                                               young girls how to open, close, and
planetarium and star globe, Cat‘s Eye
                                               handle a pocket knife safely with these
Hike and Night-Time Nature Snoop,
                                               craft foam ―practice‖ knives. (“Knife
campfire songs and star tales
                                               Knowledge” modules available for
(audiotapes) and activity guides and
                                               checkout with box.)
resources. Use at an evening troop
meeting or outing or take it to camp.
PROGRAM LINKS: Outdoor Adventurer
                                               PRECISION KNIFE-SHARPENING
Try-It; Space Explorer Try-It; Camp
                                               KIT – ages 10 and up – includes
Together badge; Sky Search badge;
                                               honing oil, 3 grades of sharpening
Now and Then Stories Around the
                                               stone, knife clamp and guide for
World online badge
                                               sharpening, and instruction booklet.
                                               Specially shaped stone can be used for
                                               sharpening serrated knives.
NIGHT WATCHERS – for grades 3
and up: discover what happens when
the sun goes down and our side of the          KNOTS & LASHING
earth moves into the shadow time;
includes everything you need (except           ―CAMPING KNOTS‖ –
flashlights) for a Night Watcher‘s             recommended for 3rd grade and
Nature Snoop at camp or in your own            above – includes knots instruction
backyard. PROGRAM LINKS: Outdoor               book, 17 individual practice ropes and
Adventurer Try-It; Camp Together               one long practice rope. PROGRAM
badge.                                         LINKS: Ready, Set, Go Camping Try-It;

Outdoor Fun badge; Water Fun badge;            LOTS OF KNOTS – recommended
Yarn and Fabric Arts badge.                    for ages 8 and up - Knot-tying
                                               instructions, how to make string
KNOT AGAIN! – recommended for                  figures (―cat‘s cradle‖) and friendship
ages 8 and up – includes books with            bracelets; practice cords, string, and
clear directions for tying a variety of        fashion string. PROGRAM LINKS:
knots, hitches, lanyards and friendship        Ready, Set, Go Camping Try-It;
bracelets; 20 practice ropes and               Outdoor Adventurer Try-It; Outdoor
wooden dowels; knot-craft examples;            Fun badge; Water Fun badge; Yarn and
leader‘s guide. PROGRAM LINKS:                 Fabric Arts badge.
Ready, Set, Go Camping Try-It;
Outdoor Adventurer Try-It; Outdoor
Fun badge; Water Fun badge; Yarn and
Fabric Arts badge.
                                                CEREMONIES

KNOTS BOX - recommended for ages               BRIDGE-IN-A-BAG – for any group
7 and up - contains 15-20 practice             planning a bridging ceremony. You
ropes and a knot-tying instruction             may need a little imagination to
book. PROGRAM LINKS: Ready, Set,               envision it, but tucked in this bag are a
Go Camping Try-It; Outdoor                     stream (originally a blue shower
Adventurer Try-It; Outdoor Fun badge;          curtain) and a bridge (formerly a
Water Fun badge; Yarn and Fabric Arts          brown area rug) plus a water lily and a
badge.                                         frog on a lily pad (decorative, not live!)
                                               and a blooming ―shrub‖ so girls can
                                               create their own bridge and ceremony.
KNOTS & LASHING – recommended
for ages 8 and up – includes booklet
on knots and lashing, 20 long and 5            ―BROWNIE POND‖ – for Brownie
short pieces of rope, and 17 wooden            Girl Scout investiture ceremonies -
dowels. PROGRAM LINK: Camp                     “Twist me and turn me, and show me
Together badge; Year Round Troop               the elf…” Girls can create their own
Camper enrichment patch.                       forest pond using a mirror, faux
                                               flowers and greenery (or fall leaves
                                               and accessories) and ―Brownie magic.‖
GADGETS - recommended for ages
8 and older – knot-tying books, rope,          CANDLE HOLDERS/CANDELABRAS
twine, dowels and sticks plus resource         Candle-holders for Investiture,
notebook to help girls learn this              Rededication, or any ceremony where
traditional campcraft skill (sometimes         girls want to incorporate lighting
called ―pioneering‖) of making camp            candles (candles NOT included).
furniture, gates, bridges, towers and          Most have space for 13 candles,
gadgets with wood and twine.                   standing for the 10 parts of the Girl
PROGRAM LINK: Camp Together                    Scout Law and the 3 parts of the Girl
badge; Year Round Troop Camper                 Scout Promise; some have only three.
enrichment patch.
                                                       ―Black & Silver‖: sleek,
                                                        modern set; two five-candle
KNOTS OF FUN! – recommended                             holders and one three-candle
for ages 8 and up - Resource books                      holder. Uses 10 ―fat‖ tapers
for traditional knots, friendship                       (or pillar candles) and 3 votive
bracelets, lanyards, and knot-tying                     candles.
games; lacing, fashion strings and                      ―Candelabras for
ropes to practice with. PROGRAM                         Ceremonies‖: formal black
LINKS: Ready, Set, Go Camping Try-It;                   metal candelabras: two 5-
Outdoor Adventurer Try-It; Outdoor                      branch and 3 single-branch;
Fun badge; Water Fun badge; Yarn and                    requires tapers.
Fabric Arts badge.

       ―Ceremony Log I‖: this                   on board: goldenrod center (Promise)
        ceremonial log candleholder is           and 10 white petals (Law). You‟ll need
        26‖ long and 4.5‖ around, with           blue tape or Handitak.
        holes for 13 candles.
       ―Ceremony Log II‖: 21‖ long              ―DAISY LEARNING PETALS FELT
        and 3.5 inches around, with              BOARD‖ – Girl Scout Daisies –
        holes for three candles                  Daisy-blue felt board, blue Promise
       ―Ceremony Log III‖: 15 ½‖                Center, and ten Learning Petals.
        x 1 ½‖ mini-log uses 13                  Daisies can use the board to learn
        Hanukkah candles (provided.)             about the Petals, as part of an awards
       ―Promise & Law‖                          ceremony, or as part of an Investiture
        Candleholder Set: 3 bridge/              or rededication.
        arch-type candleholders: two
        hold 5 votive candles and one
        holds 3.                                 ―FLOWERS OF FRIENDSHIP‖ –
       ― Stars‖: a box of 13 star-              Adults, teen volunteers – This kit
        shaped glass candle-holders +            uses flowers and herbs to symbolize
        star ceremonies                          the different parts of the Girl Scout
       ―Trefoil‖ Candleholder: a                Law; includes basket, flowers, and
        flat wooden trefoil with holes           reading (script.)
        for 13 tapers.

See also: ―Ribbons & Candles‖ and                ―RIBBONS & CANDLES‖ PROMISE
―Uniquely Us‖ ceremony kits, below.              AND LAW CEREMONY BOX: 13
                                                 white candles, glass candle-holders,
                                                 and 10 colored ribbons for Investiture/
―CANDLE-LIKE‖ CEREMONY KITS –                    Rededication ceremony (script
Daisy & Brownie – When girls aren‘t              included; Juniors and older)
ready to light real candles, or candles
are not allowed in your meeting place,
try one of our candle-like felt board            ―SANDY‘S CEREMONIES BOX‖ -
kits:                                            Tips and tools to help troops of all
       Faux Candles and Petals                  ages plan their first ceremony. A
        includes 12 flat wooden                  ―Ceremony Basics‖ notebook, plus
        candles with Velcro backing; 10          candles and holders, music CDs,
        felt Learning Petals and a               resource books of poems and sayings,
        Promise Center; and a 19‖ x              and even a small flag, will spark girls‘
        28‖ green felt rectangle.                ideas for the opening, main part, and
        Sample ceremonies available.             closing of their ceremony

       ―Candle-Like‖ Ceremony
        Felt Board includes 16 felt              ―UNIQUELY US‖ CEREMONY KIT:
        ―candles‖ and ―flames‖, five felt        13 different candleholders – all sizes,
        ―holders‖ and a 18‖ X 24‖ navy           shapes and colors – for a special
        blue felt board.                         ceremony that focuses on each girl‘s
                                                 uniqueness (script included; Juniors
                                                 and older.)
―CREATE A (Ceremony) BRIDGE‖ –
contains laminated 8 ½ X 11‖
decorative paper (water, grass, boards           ―WORLD TREFOIL FELT BOARD –
for bridge, and stone for path) that             all ages – Girls assemble the World
girls arrange to make a ―flat on the             Trefoil (stars, needle, leaves, stalk,
floor‖ scene for bridging ceremonies.            flame, circle) as they learn the
                                                 symbolism of each part and how it
                                                 links Guides and Girl Scouts around
―DAISY FLOWER INVESTITURE/                       the world together. Use as a teaching
REDEDICATION BOARD‖ – any age                    tool or as part of an Investiture or
Clear ―Contact‖ paper-covered bright             World Thinking Day ceremony.
green poster board; daisy to assemble

                                               handbooks, storybooks and uniforms
   FUN!                                       from the past. You may request either
                                               Box #1 (activities focus on the 1930‘s)
                                               or Box # 2‘s (the 1940s) For the
BUBBLEOLOGY – Daisy – Junior
                                               1950s, see “Pony Tails & Poodle Skirts”
Girl Scouts: the art, science and fun
                                               under FUN!
of bubble-making! Includes book and
leader‘s guide on bubbles and bubble-
making, containers to make your own
                                               BROWNIE RING & CIRCLES – use
bubble stuff and bubble blowers, and
                                               this felt board and script to show Girl
an assortment of store-bought bubble
                                               Scout Brownies how they can manage
blowers and giant wands. PROGRAM
                                               their troop using the Ring (whole
LINK: Science Wonders Try-It.
                                               troop) and circle (small groups.) Girls
                                               will actually do idea-sharing and
                                               planning during the two activity
LUAU IN A BOX – all ages – created
                                               sessions with the felt board.
by Senior Girl Scout Troop 4715: ―We
had a luau as the reception for the two
service unit bridging ceremonies we
                                               ―BROWNIES MIX, MEASURE, PEEL
organized… Each troop brought food
                                               & POUR‖ (and Cut, Chop, Slice and
and we supplied decorations…Our
                                               Grate!) – Teach your Brownies (or
activities were the hula video, limbo,
                                               Daisies) the safe way to prepare food
hula hoops and leis for everyone.‖ Box
                                               for snacks and meals. Contains
includes 6 ―grass‖ skirts, table
                                               serrated knives (and a few paring
decorations, and a book on Polynesian
                                               knives) plus peelers, graters,
Hawaii. Hula hoops available for
                                               measuring cups and spoons, can-
                                               openers, and a No-Cook Cook & Learn
                                               Book. PROGRAM LINKS: Make It, Eat
                                               It Try-It; Ready, Set, Go Camping Try-
Your Sock Hop in a Box! – ages 6-
11- Shades of Grease! Includes 9
poodle skirts and matching scarves,
                                               ―COOKIES COUNT & SMART
CDs of ‗50‘s dance music, and Girl
                                               COOKIE CASH BOX‖ - Use play
Scout handbooks, songbooks and
                                               money and activity sheets to help girls
activity books from the 50‘s. PROGRAM
                                               work on the ―Making Change‖ activities
LINKS: Brownie Girl Scouts Through
                                               in these two Try-Its.
the Years Try-It; Dance badge.

                                               EARTH AND SKY TRY-IT – includes
S‘MORES MAKER – Juniors and
                                               leader‘s guide plus magnifiers,
older – for indoor or outdoor s‘more
                                               tweezers, 2 trowels, lengths of rope,
making: small grill, burner holder with
                                               and flashlight and balls for learning
handle and snuffer, and four roasting
                                               about eclipses.
forks. Chafing fuel [“Sterno”]
                                               EARTH IS OUR HOME TRY-IT –
                                               includes an activity book, model solar
                                               cooker, and a recycling game.

―BROWNIE GIRL SCOUTS                           ECO-EXPLORER TRY-IT –Easy to use
THROUGH THE YEARS‖ –Work on                    and carry backpack of resources and
the Try-It or just have fun exploring          materials to help girls complete
the past using American Girl® activity         activities from the Eco-Explorer Try-It;
books, audio and video tapes, and              includes a Food Chain Game and
other resources. Also includes Brownie         magnifying glasses.

Catch, Strike - Assorted racquets,              TRY-IT – four big foam-core posters
balls and beanbags for Try-It activities        with the name of a country, a picture
no. 2, 3 and 6 – or just for fun!               of it‘s flag, and game instructions for
                                                Red Light Green Light, Hawk and Hens,
                                                Kim‘s Game and Sheep and Hyena.
simple resource kit for Numbers and
Shapes includes information,                    ―READY, SET, GO CAMPING!‖ for
directions, patterns and other                  beginning campers ages 6-9; work
reproducibles. PROGRAM LINK:                    on the Ready, Set, Go Camping Try-It
Numbers and Shapes Try-It; Stitch It            or just learn and practice your outdoor
Together Try-It.                                living skills with a Roll-A-Bag Relay and
                                                two ―fun‖ ways to use an overhand
                                                knot and square knot plus learning how
OUTDOOR ADVENTURER:                             to make a bedroll.
FLASHLIGHT FUN! – for beginning
campers ages 6 to 9 – Activities and
resources to prepare girls for night-           ―SPACE EXPLORER‖ TRY-IT–a
time at camp and help them choose               compact, easy-to-use packet of
after-dark activities. Includes night           information, instructions and patterns
sounds CD, campfire ideas, song tape            to help you help girls complete this
and CD, Stellaluna picture book and             exciting award.
board game (bats), night-time treasure
hunt, and simple astronomy/
stargazing activities.
                                                WATCHING WILDLIFE Try-It
                                                Resource Box - includes games,
OUTDOOR ADVENTURER: SLEEP                       activity sheets, props, books and
OUT! – for first-time campers ages              videos.
6 to 9 – for girls and leaders planning
their very first overnight camping
experience; includes planning tips and
games, sample kaper charts, basic
resource books, and lots of camp
                                                 GIRL SCOUT CADETTES,
activity ideas.                                 SENIORS & AMBASSADORS

                                                ALL ABOUT BIRDS IPA Resource
OUTDOOR ADVENTURER: WHAT TO                     Box - Includes a bird song audio
WEAR – for beginning campers                    cassette, field guide and ID cards,
ages 5-9 – Everything you need to               resource and activity books, and 5
play the ―Dress for the Weather‖ Relay          mini-binoculars.
in the Outdoor Adventurer Try-It or to          BRIDGE TO GIRL SCOUT SENIOR!
review ―what to wear‖ with other                Includes copies of the most recent
campers.                                        Senior materials, including the
                                                GIRLtopia and Sow What? Leadership
―PET-A-PONY‖ –Lots of books and a               Journeys.
video about horses, horse care and
horseback riding, plus a notebook with
horsey puzzles and coloring pages for           ―DON‘T SWEAT IT!‖ –resources for
duplication.                                    the From Stress to Success IPA
                                                (managing stress, coping skills, etc.)

Try-It RESOURCE BOX – Contains                  ―FROM FITNESS TO FASHION‖ IPA
books and videos for Junior or Brownie          Resource Box – recommended for
Girl Scouts to use as they work on the          ages 11-14 --– includes videos,
Pet Care badge or Animals Try-It.               notebook, magazines and other
                                                resources for hair and skin care and

health and fitness; recipes for natural         Habitats badge; Silver Leadership
cosmetics; fabric drapes for color              Award.
analysis; mirror.

and videos on horses , horse care, and
riding. Notebook has horsey puzzles             DAISIES ARE DIFFERENT; DAISIES
and coloring pages that can be                  ARE ALIKE - Resources and activity
reproduced.                                     supplies for the ―Understanding
                                                Disabilities‖ council enrichment patch
                                                for Girl Scout Daisies, including dolls
―OK 2 B U” - Grades 6-12: Five                  with glasses or hearing aids, toy cars,
posters challenge girls to think about          cardboard tubes, and cereal box
and talk about differences and how              ―viewers.‖.
diversity brings both beauty and
challenge to our lives. OK2BU
Facilitator guide from ―Zink the Zebra‖
included. Posters:                              DAISY GIRL SCOUTS AROUND THE
1. OK2BU                                        WORLD – for 5-7 year olds- story
2. Share Your Heritage                          books, paper dolls, games and other
3. Diversity creates dimension in our           activities introduce your Girl Scouts to
   world                                        their sisters around the world.
4. Different Individuals Valuing Each           PROGRAM LINKS: World Thinking
   other Regardless of Skin Intellect           Day; Violet for Be a sister to every Girl
   Talents or Years.                            Scout Learning Petal; Brownie Girl
5. Courage is deciding to follow your           Scouts Around the World Try-It.
conscience instead of the crowd.
                                                ―HAPPY LITTLE CAMPERS‖ – Daisy
                                                Girl Scouts Go Outdoors! – 5 and 6
PAPER CAPERS –especially for girls              year olds – videos and activity books
9 - 17 – books and videos on paper-             to introduce Daisy Girl Scouts to simple
making, paper crafts, stencils and              hikes and nature discovery activities.
origami; stencils. PROGRAM LINKS:
Paper Works IPA

                                                 GIRL SCOUT JUNIORS
WILDLIFE Badge & Interest Project
Resource Box – Includes binoculars,
magnifying glasses, field guides, and           BEING MY BEST Junior Badge –
activity books and folders to help girls        print and video resources, including
work on badge and IP requirements.              activity sheets, for Juniors working on
WORLD NEIGHBORS – designed for                  this badge designed to help girls grow
high school Girl Scouts to present              in self-confidence, take healthy risks,
to Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts:              and make friends.
includes scripts and supplies for 4
activities: learn what it‘s like to be a        BRIDGE TO GIRL SCOUT CADETTE!
girl in a developing country; learn what        Includes copies of the most recent
factors contribute to poverty and how           Cadette materials, including the a-
to break the cycle; learn about the             MAZE and Breathe Leadership
HIV/AIDS epidemic and its impact on             Journeys.
the world; make decisions between
funding a ―want‖ and a ―need.‖ Also             ―ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH‖
includes an interactive CD on clean             BADGE KIT – 2004 – for Junior Girl
water needs. A joint project of                 Scouts: includes EPA video with short
WAGGGS and UNICEF. PROGRAM                      ―spots‖ on sun exposure, saving water,
LINKS: Citizen Near and Far Try-It;             second-hand smoke, recycling, and
World Neighbor badge; Humans and                saving energy; brochures on

environmental health hazards; activity          (Picaria,) #5 (It‘s In the Cards,) #6
and tip sheets.                                 (It‘s Magic) and #7 (The Game of

FOR THE BIRDS – recommended
for Girl Scout Juniors - Take-along             ―SKY SEARCH‖ JUNIOR BADGE KIT
tote for camp and nature outings or to          – for Girl Scout Juniors – Contains
help with birding activities. Contains 8        a home planetarium, star guides and
assorted binoculars, field guides and           activity books to help you complete
activity books, and bird songs                  activities from this celestial badge.
audiotape. PROGRAM LINKS: Wildlife              Great for camp and evening troop
badge; Science In Everyday Life                 meetings.

                                                WILDLIFE Badge & Interest Project
―GIRL SCOUTING AROUND THE                       Resource Box – Includes binoculars,
WORLD‖ JUNIOR BADGE -                           magnifying glasses, field guides, and
Everything the girls need to complete           activity books and folders to help girls
activities 6, 9, and 10: Juliette Low           work on badge and IP requirements.
World Friendship Fund, Common Roots
of Guiding and Girl Scouting, and the
four World Centres.                              GOOD HEALTH, FITNESS &
recommended for ages 8 and up -
uses a battery-operated projector and           FIRE SAFETY SENSE
interchangeable overlays to project 31          Box # 1: Daisy and Brownie
constellations on the ceiling. There‘s          Box #2: Daisy, Brownie, Junior.
also a beginner‘s guide to identifying          Activity noteb
star groups and Greek and Native                ook (includes coloring pages,) fire chief
American star legends. PROGRAM                  hats and other ―Wide Game‖
LINK: Sky Search badge.                         accessories, phone for practicing
                                                emergency calls, and street signs for
                                                Safety Sense Try-It. OTHER LINKS:
HORSE FAN BADGE & HORSE                         Safety First badge.
and videos on horses , horse care, and
riding. Notebook has horsey puzzles
and coloring pages that can be                  GET FIT- FITNESS FUN – Junior Girl
reproduced.                                     Scouts – Develop good habits now for
                                                a fun and healthy life! Props and
LOOKING YOUR BEST – for Girl                    resources for the Girl Scout Junior ―A
Scout Juniors - tools and tips to help          Healthier You‖ badge, ―Fit and
girls working on the Looking Your               Fun‖ badge, and ―Highway to
Best badge. Includes fabric swatches,           Health‖ badge.
accessories, hair style and nail care
books and aerobics video.
                                                GOOD SENSES & HEALTHY HABITS
                                                – Girl Scout Brownies & Daisies:
―PET CARE‖ Badge & ―ANIMALS‖                    touch, smell, listen, look and taste –
Try-It RESOURCE BOX – Contains                  our senses help us discover our world!
books and videos for Junior or Brownie          This box has lots of the tools girls need
Girl Scouts to use as they work on the          to complete the activities from the
Pet Care badge or Animals Try-It.               Amazing Daisy activities in The Guide
                                                for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders and the
                                                Good Senses and Healthy Habits
PUZZLERS BADGE- for Junior Girl                 Try-Its for Brownies.
Scouts who choose badge activities #4

HEART POWER! - Daisy & Brownie                   INTERNATIONAL/GLOBAL
Girl Scouts - A program from the
American Heart Association (1996) to
                                                GIRL SCOUTS
help girls learn to keep their hearts
healthy through exercise, good
nutrition, and not smoking. The kit             AFRICA REGION: WAGGGS – some
contains a resource/activity book,              resources for all ages – Books,
video, posters, and stethoscopes.               videos, posters and a notebook give an
PROGRAM LINKS: Red for Courageous               overview of the Africa Region of
and Strong Learning Petal; My Body              WAGGGS, including a sampler of
Try-It.                                         games, crafts, foods and traditions.
                                                PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around
                                                the World badge; Global Awareness
RAINBOW ON MY PLATE – grade K-                  badge; Humans and Habitats badge;
3 - ―Eat your colors everyday to stay           World Neighbors badge; World of
healthy and fit.‖ Use games, activities,        Understanding IPA; World Thinking
craft ideas and coloring pages to help          Day.
girls learn more about good
nutrition/healthy eating. Includes
supplies for games and a multicultural           AUSTRALIA & GUIDES AUSTRALIA
―Food Fun‖ magnetic food shapes                 – Brownies and older – Check out
activity kit. PROGRAM LINKS: Manners            the pins, patches, badges and swaps
Try-It (Eating Customs); Around the             from our sister Guides in Australia!
World Try-It (Troop Recipe Book); Red           Also a good collection of books, a DVD,
for Courageous and Strong Daisy Girl            and an activity guide to help you
Scout Learning Petal.                           explore the world down under.
                                                PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around
                                                the World badge; Global Awareness
                                                badge; Humans and Habitats badge;
 HUNGER 101                                    World Neighbors badge; World of
                                                Understanding IPA; World Thinking
Training required – see the
Learning Opportunities catalog
(online or print) for class dates.              BANDEIRANTES DO BRASIL
                                                (Scouting In Brazil) – all ages –
HUNGER 101 – for all ages –                     Bandeirante (Scouting) booklets and
Includes resources for working on the           uniform ties, activity notebook (food,
Hunger 101 patch project: books,                games, crafts, culture,) video,
games, activities and community                 storybook, and music CD. PROGRAM
resources related to hunger and                 LINKS: Girl Scouting Around the World
homelessness, growing food and good             badge; Global Awareness badge;
nutrition. PROGRAM LINKS: Spring                Humans and Habitats badge; World
Green and Rose Daisy GS Learning                Neighbors badge; World of
Petals; Humans and Habitats badge;              Understanding IPA; World Thinking
World Neighbor badge; Creative                  Day.
Cooking Interest Project.

This patch was developed by the                 ―BROWNIES UK STYLE‖ – for
Atlanta Community Food Bank; the                Brownies and young Juniors –
requirements can e downloaded from              handbooks, badge book, uniform,
the Atlanta Community Food Bank‘s               patches, song tape and other materials
Web site at                                     to help girls explore Brownie Guides
http://www.acfb.org/projects/hunger_            (7-10 years old) in the United
101/curricula/.                                 Kingdom. Also has My Family From the
                                                UK video. PROGRAM LINKS: World
                                                Thinking Day; Brownie Girl Scouts
                                                Around the World Try-It; Girl Scouting
                                                Around the World badge.

                                                 GERMANY & THE
                                                 PFADFINDERINNEN (Girl Scouts) –
CANADA, GIRL GUIDES OF – all                     fact book, cook book, travel and
ages – includes handbooks and                    tourism information, Girl Scout
activity books for all age levels of             (Pfadfinderinnen) information..
Canadian Guiding, dolls dressed in               PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around
uniforms, sample camp crests                     the World badge; Global Awareness
(patches), history of Guiding, songbook          badge; Humans and Habitats badge;
and books about Canada. PROGRAM                  World Neighbors badge; World of
LINKS: World Thinking Day; Girl                  Understanding IPA; World Thinking
Scouting Around the World badge;                 Day.
Global Awareness badge.

                                                 GHANA & THE GIRL GUIDES
CYPRUS AND THE GIRL SCOUTS –                     ASSOCIATION – all ages – books,
all ages – includes a notebook with              video, and activity sheets about Ghana
information about and pictures of                (Africa Region) and the Ghana Girl
Guiding in Cyprus; games, traditions             Guides Association. PROGRAM LINKS:
and foods; a doll dressed in a Cyprus            Girl Scouting Around the World badge;
Guide uniform; tourist information,              Global Awareness badge; Humans and
including maps. PROGRAM LINKS:                   Habitats badge; World Neighbors
Brownie Girl Scouts Around the World             badge; World of Understanding IPA;
Try-It; Girl Scouting Around the World           World Thinking Day.
badge; Global Awareness badge;
Humans and Habitats badge; World
Neighbors badge; World of                        GIRL GUIDING UK-STYLE - ages 9
Understanding IPA; World Thinking                and up - handbook, badge book,
Day.                                             neckers & woggles, patches, song tape
                                                 and other materials to help girls
                                                 explore Guides (10-14 years old) in the
DAISY GIRL SCOUTS AROUND THE                     United Kingdom. PROGRAM LINKS: Girl
WORLD – for 5-7 year olds- story                 Scouting Around the World badge;
books, paper dolls, games and other              Global Awareness badge; Humans and
activities introduce your Girl Scouts to         Habitats badge; World Neighbors
their sisters around the world.                  badge; World of Understanding IPA;
PROGRAM LINKS: World Thinking                    World Thinking Day.
Day; Violet for Be a sister to every Girl
Scout Learning Petal; Brownie Girl
Scouts Around the World Try-It.                  GREECE – all ages - Discover the
                                                 land and people of Greece, including
                                                 the Soma Hellinidon Odigon – the Girl
FRANCE & THE FRENCH GIRL                         Guides of Greece. PROGRAM LINKS:
SCOUTS: SEE ―VIVA LA FRANCE!‖                    Girl Scouting Around the World, Global
                                                 Awareness, Humans and Habitats and
                                                 World Neighbors badges; World of
GEORGIA-TO-GEORGIA                               Understanding IPA; World Thinking
International Treasure Box – for                 Day.
Brownies and older – contains
resource materials about the history
and culture of the Republic of Georgia,          ICELAND SCOUTING ASSOCIATION
and the new Girl Guide organization,             – all ages – Activity notebook with
including books, recipes, crafts and             information about the Bandalag
music. PROGRAM LINKS: World                      íslenskra skáta and Iceland (food,
Thinking Day; Girl Scouting Around the           games, crafts, culture;) Scout CD,
World badge; Global Awareness badge;             books, patch, scarf; video; books.
World Neighbors badge;                           PROGRAM LINKS: Brownie Girl Scouts
.                                                Around the World Try-It; Girl Scouting
                                                 Around the World, Global Awareness,
                                                 Humans and Habitats and World

Neighbors badges; World of                    and the Kenya Girl Guides Association‘s
Understanding IPA; World Thinking             award-winning materials on AIDS
Day.                                          Education. PROGRAM LINKS: Girl
                                              Scouting Around the World, Global
                                              Awareness, Humans and Habitats and
INDIA AND THE BHARAT SCOUTS &                 World Neighbors badges; World of
GUIDES– all ages - Bharat Scouts &            Understanding IPA; World Thinking
Guides Handbooks and Activity Books;          Day.
My Family from India video (VHS) ;
Music of India CD; Sangam‟s Kitchen;
Sari fabric; embroidered table cover;         [South] KOREA, GIRL SCOUTS OF
beaded wall hanging; peacock feather          – all ages – book and video on Korean
fan. PROGRAM LINKS: Brownie Girl              culture, with lots of recreation activity
Scouts Around the World Try-It; Girl          information; WAGGGS materials;
Scouting Around the World, Global             Korean Girl Scout pins, scarf and
Awareness, Humans and Habitats and            calendars. PROGRAM LINKS: Girl
World Neighbors badges; World of              Scouting Around the World, Global
Understanding IPA; World Thinking             Awareness, and World Neighbors
Day.                                          badges; World Thinking Day.

INTERNATIONAL KIDS- all ages –                KUWAIT & THE GIRL GUIDES - all
12 bulletin board-size characters in          ages – a rare chance to learn about a
traditional dress representing Egypt,         member country from the Arab Region
China*, Kenya, Mexico, Australia,             (thank you Troop 3524!) – Includes
Germany, Saudi Arabia*, Japan, the            info on Arab and Muslim culture,
Netherlands, Brazil and the USA;              recipes, activities, a CD of Arabic
International Kids resource book and          music, and an authentic abayah, hijab,
clip art; desk-top size flags from 30         and bushiya (adult size.) PROGRAM
countries (no holders) and flag chart.        LINKS: Girl Scouting Around the World,
* Not a member of WAGGGS                      Global Awareness, Humans and
PROGRAM LINKS: Brownie GS Around              Habitats and World Neighbors badges;
the World Try-It; World Neighbor              World of Understanding IPA; World
badge; World Thinking Day.                    Thinking Day.

JAPAN, GIRL SCOUTS OF – all ages              NEW ZEALAND, GUIDES OF – all
– Discover what Girl Scouts in Japan          ages – learn about Guiding in New
wear and do; read or listen to a              Zealand, Magazine; games (including
Japanese tall tale; try some simple           the Maori Stick Game,) crafts; and
origami (paper folding) and try a             tourism, including video. PROGRAM
Japanese recipe. Table-top display            LINKS: World Thinking Day; Girl
also available. PROGRAM LINKS:                Scouting Around the World badge;
Learning Petal for ―a sister to every         Global Awareness badge.
Girl Scout‖; Around the World and
Playing Around the World Try-Its; Girl
Scouting Around the World, Global             NORWAY, GIRL SCOUTING IN – all
Awareness, Humans and Habitats and            ages – information and activity books
World Neighbors badges; World of              (food, games, crafts, holidays,) video
Understanding IPA; World Thinking             on Scouting in Norway, Norwegian
Day.                                          magazines. PROGRAM LINKS: Girl
                                              Scouting Around the World badge;
                                              Global Awareness badge; Humans and
KENYA & THE KENYA GUIDES                      Habitats badge; World Neighbors
ASSOCIATION – all ages – books                badge; World of Understanding IPA;
and notebooks with pictures and               World Thinking Day.
information about Guiding in Kenya
and about the country; includes
games, crafts, and cultural activities

OUR CABAÑA - recommended for                    World badge; Global Awareness badge;
Juniors and older - “‟Neath the                 Humans and Habitats badge; World
grand Sierra Madres on a plain in               Neighbors badge; World of
Mexico, lies our beautiful Cabaña               Understanding IPA; World Thinking
where Girl Scouts and Guides go…” .             Day.
Learn more about Our Cabaña, the
WAGGGS World Centre in Cuernavaca,
Mexico, and about the people and                SWEDEN and the Skvenska
culture of Mexico. Includes books,              Scoutrådet (Swedish Scouts) –
video, audiocassette, and folk crafts.          Brownies and older – Did you know
PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around             that in Sweden, girls and boys are
the World badge; World Thinking Day             Scouts together? Learn more about
                                                Scouting in Sweden plus Swedish
                                                games, foods, crafts, holidays and
OUR CHALET – recommended for                    other customs. PROGRAM LINKS:
Juniors and older - “High up upon a             Brownie Girl Scouts Around the World
mountain…” in the Bernese Alps of               Try-It; Girl Scouting Around the World
Switzerland, lies Our Chalet, the oldest        badge; Global Awareness badge;
of WAGGGS‘ four World Centres. This             Humans and Habitats badge; World
kit includes videos, books, maps,               Neighbors badge; World of
information packets, souvenirs and              Understanding IPA; World Thinking
more. A large wooden model of Our               Day.
Chalet is also available. PROGRAM
LINKS: Girl Scouting Around the World
badge; World Thinking Day.                      SWITZERLAND & THE SWISS
PAX LODGE – recommended for                     GUIDES/SCOUTS – all ages - Listen
Juniors and older - Take a ―virtual‖            to cowbells, yodeling and Alp horns as
trip to the WAGGGS‘ World Centre in             you look at pictures of Swiss Scout
London, England through books, maps,            uniforms, pins and badges, play Swiss
posters, videos, audiotape and Pax              games, try a traditional craft, and mix
Lodge information notebook. PROGRAM             up a batch of Birchemüesli. You can
LINKS: Girl Scouting Around the World           also learn about Our Chalet, the
badge; World Thinking Day                       WAGGGS hostel high up in the
                                                mountains above Adelboden.
                                                PROGRAM LINKS: Learning Petal for
―SARAH‘S SANGAM BOX‖ – all ages                 ―be a sister to every Girl Scout;‖
– Namaste! Welcome to Sangam, the               Around the World and Brownie Girl
WAGGGS‘ World Centre in India. When             Scouts Around the World Try-It; Girl
you open this box (created by a young           Scouting Around the World badge;
adult council member who attended a             Global Awareness badge; Humans and
special session at Sangam in 2000)              Habitats badge; World Neighbors
you will be surrounded by the smell of          badge; World of Understanding IPA;
incense all the way from India.                 World Thinking Day.
Discover a typical day at Sangam,
Indian culture and cuisine, and
Scout/Guide activities in India.                THAILAND, GIRL GUIDES OF – all
PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around             ages - books, photos, activity
the World badge; Girl Scouting In My            notebook, displays, Guide pins and
Future badge; World Thinking Day.               scarves, and other resources about
                                                Thailand and the Girl Guides
                                                Association of Thailand. PROGRAM
SOUTH AFRICA & THE GIRL                         LINKS: Girl Scouting Around the World
GUIDES ASSOCIATION –all ages –                  badge; Global Awareness badge;
pictures and information about Guiding          Humans and Habitats badge; World
in South Africa, Guide patches, swaps           Neighbors badge; World of
form the 2008 World Conference, and             Understanding IPA; World Thinking
traditional handcrafts. PROGRAM                 Day.
LINKS: Brownie Girl Scouts Around the
World Try-It; Girl Scouting Around the

VIVA LA FRANCE! For ages 8 and                 GOIN‘ BUGGY – recommended for
up – ―Jeanette‖ (Brownie), Guide, and          grades 3-6 – creepy crawly crafts,
leader magazines from Les Guides de            songs and learning activities. Includes
France (the Catholic Association) and          lots of bug boxes for catching and
patches and photos from Les                    observing, resource books, and
Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs de France            audiotape. Great for nature walks,
(Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of France.)        camping trips and awards like the
PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around            Watching Wildlife Try-It and
the World badge; Global Awareness              Wildlife badge.
badge; World Thinking Day.

                                               JUST NATURALLY FUN –
                                               recommended for ages 5-10 – Great
 IT‘S YOUR PLANET – LOVE                      for a weekend at camp or a day at a
                                               park: ideas and resources for nature
IT! (Nature & Ecology)                         games, songs, art projects, and
                                               discoveries – both indoors and out!
AQUA-ACTION! – all ages – use this
compact kit to explore what lives in
and around water: nets, scoops,                MAGNIFYING GLASSES – all ages –
containers, magnifying glasses, and            Each box contains 12 assorted
resource and activity books. PROGRAM           magnifying glasses for nature and
LINKS: WOW! Wonders of Water                   science investigations: Box One –
Journey; Water Everywhere Try-It or            multi-lens; Box Two – folding lens;
Water Fun, Water Wonders, or Science           Box Three – single lens. PROGRAM
Discovery badges; Wetlands council             LINKS: Earth and Sky, Watching
enrichment patch. Be sure to follow            Wildlife, and Outdoor Adventurer Try-
Safety-Wise guidelines on wading!              Its.

AQUA-EXPLORERS – recommended                   NATURE BOX, THE – for grades K-6
for Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts:            Filled with nature discovery ―tools‖ and
a plastic laundry basket full of simple        activity ideas, including magnifying
pond and stream discovery tools and            glasses, Web of Life game, Color and
resource books. Explore a pond or              Shape hike cards and bandanas for
stream or work on these watery                 blindfold discovery games. PROGRAM
awards: WOW! Wonders of Water                  LINKS: Eco-Explorer Try-It; Ready,
Journey, Water Everywhere Try-It;              Set, Go Camping Try-It; Outdoor
Water Fun, Water Wonders and                   Adventurer Try-It; Your Outdoor
Science Discovery badges; Wetlands             Surroundings badge; Camp Together
council enrichment patch. Be sure to           badge.
follow Safety-Wise guidelines on
                                               NATURE QUEST – for grades K-4 –
                                               Resources for making your own nature
BUG HUNTER‘S TOOL BUCKET – for                 trail, taking a nature hike or scavenger
ages 5-9 – Books, bug boxes,                   hunt, nature discovery games, and
butterfly nets and magnifiers in an            activities for the Eco-Explorer Try-It
easy-to-carry plastic bucket. Good for         and Your Outdoor Surroundings
land and water bug hunting!                    badge.

GARDEN TOOLS BUCKET - plastic                  NATURES‘ MAGIC – for grades K-5
bucket of trowels, garden forks and            – a ―tool kit‖ for the Nature‘s Magic
gloves; rakes available. PROGRAM               program: a take-along nature trail, one
LINK: Welcome to the Daisy Flower              where you (the leader) don‘t have to
Garden (Girl Scout Daisy Journey)              know the names of things! Instead,
                                               you have fun using creative ways to
                                               help girls explore the natural world

using their senses of sight, touch,              DISCOVERING OUR HISTORY: Girl
smell, hearing and curiosity.                    Scouting In the USA – Juniors and
                                                 older – includes a resource notebook
NIGHT WATCHERS – for grades 3                    on the early days of Girl Scouting in
and up: discover what happens when               the Atlanta Council and the USA; old
the sun goes down and our side of the            handbooks; classic video; audio
earth moves into the shadow time;                cassette of Girl Scout Roundup songs.
includes everything you need (except             PROGRAM LINK: Girl Scouting in the
flashlights) for a Night Watcher‘s               USA badge.
Nature Snoop at camp or in your own
backyard. PROGRAM LINKS: Outdoor
Adventurer Try-It; Camp Together                 JULIETTE LOW ―KIM‘S GAME‖ - A
badge.                                           fun way to tell the story of Juliette Low
                                                 and the Girl Scouts to girls ages 5 to
                                                 10: read the script and hold up the
SHARING NATURE WITH CHILDREN                     objects that represent different events
– for ages 5 and up – Joseph                     in Daisy‘s life; then cover up the
Cornell‘s outstanding nature discovery           objects and see how many the girls
activity books and audiotape, plus               remember. Also includes a Juliette Low
supplies to help kids of all ages have           Story Game and other resources.
fun experiencing the natural world.
PROGRAM LINK: Eco-Explorer Try-It.
                                                 SHE WAS A DAISY! For grades 3-5
                                                 - Learn more about the Founder of Girl
WATER CYCLE GAME – for Girl                      Scouting in the USA and the historical
Scout Brownies working on ―WOW!                  periods she lived in , with an emphasis
Wonders of Water‖ leadership journey             on 1860-1886. Try crafts, games,
and Juniors working on the Water                 music, social skills and other activities
Wonders badge - or anyone who wants              Daisy might have enjoyed as a girl and
a ―fun‖ and hands-on way to                      young woman. Includes The Golden
understand the water cycle. Includes             Eaglet video (VHS.)
water cycle poster.

                                                 STEPS TO SAVANNAH - Juniors &
                                                 Cadettes – If the girls are planning a
                                                 trip to Savannah or just want to know
 JULIETTE LOW & GIRL                            what‘s involved, this box is a good
                                                 starting place. It includes ―Birthplace
SCOUT HISTORY!                                   Bound‖ booklets (2008) and the
                                                 ―Planning A Girl Scout Heritage Visit‖
                                                 DVD; books and a video about
DAISY‘S DAYS: THE LIFE AND                       Savannah; Girl Scout history materials;
TIMES OF JULIETTE LOW –                          tourism brochures, sample patches
recommended for Juniors and                      and postcards, and a leader‘s guide for
older - Learn more about the Founder             using the kit with girls.
of Girl Scouting in the USA and the
historical periods she lived in , with an        TEA WITH MISS DAISY (Daisy-
emphasis on 1860-1886. Try crafts,               Junior) – Mrs. William Low (Daisy to
games, music, social skills and other            her friends) is having a tea party – and
activities Daisy might have enjoyed as           she‘s asked you to help! A teapot,
a girl and young woman. Includes a               teacups, saucers, napkins and your tea
video, period fashion albums, The                equipage is included; you make the tea
American Girl‟s Handy Book (1887),               and bring the teaspoons, serving
embroidery hoops; spatter painting               utensils and food. Also includes
supplies [paint not included] and                Victorian and Edwardian-era resources
extensive resource notebook and                  and activities, games and craft ideas.
leader‘s guide.

                                                – recommended for grades 3 and
                                                up. Use these 2 ½ ― knives to carve
BIG MESSY ART! - for ages 8 and
                                                Ivory soap (tips included) for simple
up - includes the Big Messy (but easy
                                                sculpture projects or on potato halves
to clean up) Art Book and the ―tools‖
                                                for print-making.
needed for 5 art activities - you
provide the paint and other
consumables. Fun, creative, and great
                                                PAPER CAPERS –especially for girls
for a day or weekend at camp.
                                                9 - 17 – books and videos on paper-
                                                making, paper crafts, stencils and
                                                origami; stencils. PROGRAM LINKS:
                                                Paper Works IPA; Science Sleuth
―Real tools for real girls‖ - includes
                                                badge; Art in 3-D badge; Prints and
woodworking project book, 8
                                                Graphics badge.
hammers, 3 handsaws, a cordless drill
and bits, awls, screwdrivers, clamps,
level, tape and safety goggles.
                                                QUILLING – for Junior Girl Scouts
PROGRAM LINKS: Ms. Fix-It badge;
                                                and older – Once girls have learned
Do-It-Yourself online badge
                                                the basics of this ancient art of paper
(www.girlscouts.org;) Home
                                                rolling, they can use their skills to
Improvement Interest Project;
                                                create scrapbook pages, hand-made
Architecture and Environmental Design
                                                cards, wall hangings, and even jewelry.
                                                The kits contains rulers, quilling tools,
                                                tweezers, resource sheets, instruction
                                                book, and samples. PROGRAM LINK:
                                                ―Making‖ Hobbies; Folk Arts badge;
ages - 2 project books, cordless drill
                                                Paper Works IPA.
and drill bits, rotary hand-drill, mitre
box, back saw, awl, screwdrivers, 8
hammers, 9 saws, clamps, tape
                                                WOOD-BURNING KIT -
measure, 8 safety goggles. PROGRAM
                                                recommended for Juniors and
LINKS: Ms. Fix-It badge; Do-It-
                                                older – (3) wood-burners with extra
Yourself online badge
                                                tips, instruction sheet; project book.
(www.girlscouts.org;) Home
                                                Works best on soft woods such as
Improvement and Architecture and
                                                basswood. CAUTION: hot!!!
Environmental Design Interest

hoops: (1) 9‖ hoop; (7) 8‖ ; (1) 7‖ ;            THE SCIENCE OF…
(3) 6‖ ; and (4) 4‖; blunt-tip plastic
needles, embroidery needles, and                ELECTRO-MAGNETIX LAB! – 8 to 11
cross-stitch needles; cross-stitch              year-old Girl Scouts- Discover the
embroidery patterns. PROGRAM LINKS:             cool connection between electricity and
Stitch It Together Try-It; Yarn and             magnetism with safe, hands-on
Fabric Arts badge.                              experiments. Includes an Electronics
                                                Lab for girls 10 and older – a great
                                                PROGRAM LINK for the Making It
LEATHERWORK (STAMPING) KIT –                    Matter badge.
all ages - Alphabet Sets, Bird and
Animal stamps, Assorted Stamps,
6 wooden mallets, 6 handles 14                  ELECTRO*WIZ: MAGNETISM! – 5 to
polished cardboard and Plexiglas sets,          9 year-old Girl Scouts- Fun and
6 ―C‖ clamps and 10 pipe clamps;                easy, hands-on discoveries about
instruction manuals. NOTE: $580                 magnets, magnetism, electromagnets,
security deposit!                               compasses and more! PROGRAM
                                                LINKS: Science In Action and Science

Wonders Try-Its; Science Discovery               4 sizes of noodles needed to play most
badge.                                           of the games.

MAGNETIC MAGIC – Daisies,                        ARE YOU GAME? – for ages 8 to 11
Brownies and even Juniors are                    - includes marbles, dominoes, jacks,
fascinated by magnets and the                    card games, sidewalk chalk, foxtails
seemingly magical way they attract               and rubber band balls, plus activity
and repel. Learn a little about the              books. Great for rainy days or evening
science of magnets: contains an                  programs at camp.
assortment of magnets, plus a baggie
of items to test for magnetic attraction.
PROGRAM LINK: Science Wonders Try-               BOUNCE ‗N‘ TOSS! – Net bag
It.                                              contains one flying disc and one floppy
                                                 flyer; a football, jingle ball, beach ball
                                                 and playground balls; a 12‘ parachute ;
MAGNETS! AND MORE MAGNETS! –                     ring-toss game.
especially for Girl Scouts ages 5-7,
who can experiment, build and play
with an assortment of magnets in all             CHINESE JUMP ROPE – all ages -
shapes, sizes and colors. There is a             includes 8‘ and 16‘ length jump ropes,
leader‘s guide with suggested science            instruction booklet and video.
and art discovery activities as well.            PROGRAM LINK: Brownie Girl Scouts
                                                 Around the World Try-It.

BOXES - The ―Science Of‖ Treasure                DAISY/BROWNIE GIRLSPORTS –
Boxes are full of fun, easy, hands-on            includes most supplies needed to carry
science discovery activities for troop           out a ―Fitness Carnival‖ for 5 to 8 year
meetings or camp; includes activity              olds: beanbags and target, ring toss
book(s) and most of the supplies                 game, jump ropes, stopwatch,
needed to carry out safe experiments             playground ball, safety softball, and
or activities.                                   sports first aid and safety information.

        THE SCIENCE OF AIR (grades
         K–3) - Program Links:                   DOUBLE DUTCH, DOUBLE FUN &
         ―Amazing Daisy Activities:              OTHER JUMP ROPE GAMES – all
         What Would Happen If?‖;                 ages - includes vinyl Double Dutch
         Movers Try-It                           jump ropes and Double Dutch/Double
        THE SCIENCE OF                          Fun Rule Book. PROGRAM LINK:
         ELECTRICITY (grades 2-6) –              Outdoors In the City
         Program Links: Science
         Wonders Try-It; Making It
         Matter badge.                           GO GIRL GO! Field Day Fun for All
                                                 Ages - Includes wooden eggs and
                                                 spoons, burlap bags for sack races,
                                                 batons for relay, flying discs, jump
                                                 ropes, playground ball, and a 12‘
         SPORTS, GAMES &
           FITNESS FUN!
                                                 GIRLSPORTS ―SPORTCRAFT‖ KIT:
                                                 includes (plastic) horseshoes, lawn
5O WAYS TO USE YOUR NOODLE –                     darts, splat balls, ring toss, Magic
all ages – Fun and creative land                 Mitts, flying disc, badminton (no net),
games using the foam ―noodles‖ you               lacrosse and ping pong equipment.
associate with the pool! A box and a
bag include an instruction book and the
                                                 HULA HOOPS – 5, in assorted sizes.

                                                  R U GAME? – Girl Scout Brownies
                                                  and Juniors – rainy day and quiet
―JUST JUMP!‖ – ages 8 to 11 –                     time fun for campouts or lock-ins:
includes jump rope video, instruction             jacks, pick-up sticks, dominoes, card
and rhyme books, and 30 individual                games, marbles, Silly Olympics and
jump ropes from 7 to 10 feet. Also has            other low-tech fun!
4 Chinese jump ropes. PROGRAM
LINKS: Listening to the Past Try-It;
Fun and Fit badge.                                ―SKIP IT STYLE – Double Dutch &
                                                  Other Jump Rope Fun‖ – all ages -
                                                  includes vinyl Double Dutch jump ropes
MINI-LACROSSE – 12 plastic sticks                 and cotton single long ropes; Double
and 5 lacrosse Whiffle balls. PROGRAM             Dutch Double Fun Rule book; and the
LINK: Georgia‘s Native People badge.              video Skip It Style, 52 Rope Skipping
                                                  Skills.” PROGRAM LINK: Outdoors In
                                                  the City.
OH, CHUTE! - for all ages;
recommended for groups of 12 to
24 – each box contains a 24 foot-                 STOP! THE WATCH – all ages -
diameter parachute and a leader‘s                 contains a variety of ―fun‖ challenges
guide with instructions, games,                   for girls to do, some while timing each
activities, and assorted Nerf-type balls.         other with a stop watch (4 watches
 OH, CHUTE! JR. – for smaller                     included.) Also: simple ways to explore
groups and/or smaller children -                  what it‘s like to play when you have a
Contains a 12-foot-diameter parachute             disability. PROGRAM LINKS: Daisy
and a leader‘s guide with instructions,           Understanding Disabilities council
games and activities, plus assorted               enrichment patch; Our Own Council‘s
Nerf-type balls. Will accommodate up              ―What If I Couldn‘t?‖ awards;
to 12 younger children.                           GirlSports Try-It.

                                                  STOPWATCHES – Box of six (6)
SPECIAL NEEDS – designed for
early childhood but adaptable for
special education – 6 foot mini-
parachute and CD with songs that                   UNDERSTANDING
direct movements and set the pace.                DIFFERENCES
Leader‘s guide in CD case.

                                                  DISABILITIES AWARENESS KIT –
PARACHUTE GAMES – for smaller                     recommended for Brownies and
groups (up to 12) and/or smaller                  older –Resources for many different
children - Contains a 12-foot-                    disability simulation experiences and
diameter parachute and a leader‘s                 awareness activities help girls begin to
guide with instructions, games and                understand what it means to live with
activities, plus assorted Nerf-type balls.        a disability. PROGRAM LINKS: Our Own
Parachute Games also has a copy of                Council‘s ―What If I Couldn‘t?‖ Try-It,
the Parachute Games video and                     badge and interest project; Building
booklet.                                          Arts Try-It; The World in My
                                                  Community and Science In Action
                                                  online badges (www.girlscouts.org);
PLAY…BALL! – Net bag with three                   Camping and Home Improvement
playground balls, soccer ball, ―Jingle‖           Interest Projects.
ball, Bump Ball and instructions for
games with balls.
                                                  I‘VE GOT THE BRAILLE BUG! –
                                                  recommended for ages 8-14; How
                                                  do you tell a $1 bill from a $20 bill if

you can‘t see? How do you know if              it feel to be a spotted zebra in a striped
your drink is diet or regular without          zebra world? Zink‘s story and activities
taking a sip? How can you work on              about differences help girls learn to
badges at home if you can‘t see well           respond to differences with
enough to read the requirements? Find          understanding, respect, compassion
the answers to these and many more             and acceptance.
questions about visual impairments             Kit contents:
plus learn a little Braille with the           Girl Scout Daisy – animated video,
activities from this Treasure Box.             patch requirements, and Zink puppet.
PROGRAM LINKS: Senses Try-It;                  Girl Scout Brownie – story book,
Communication badge; Understanding             patch requirements, and Zink puppet.
Disabilities enrichment patch and Our          Girl Scout Junior – story book and
Own Council ―What If I Couldn‘t?‖              patch requirements.
awards.                                        Girl Scout Cadette and Senior –
                                               video of live stage play and patch
SIGNING AT SCHOOL & SCOUTS –                   Zink Goes to Camp – all ages;
recommended for girls 8 and older              extended program for day or resident
Includes the VHS video, Basic ASL for          camps.
Girl Scouts, the book Signing At               Zink Goes to Camp for the
School, and signing flashcards. A              Weekend – Brownies and older;
manual alphabet poster is also                 perfect theme for a troop camping trip
available. PROGRAM LINKS: People               or a Service Unit event. Teen facilitator
Are Talking Try-It; Senses Try-It;             training outline available.
Celebrating People badge; ―Doing‖
Hobbies badge; Communications
badge; The Lure of Language Interest           NEW!!! ZINK AGAINST BULLIES –
Project.                                       all ages - Zink wants everyone to
                                               discover and understand what bullying
                                               is and how harmful it can be to people.
SING, DANCE, AND SIGN! – for                   This new Zink program teaches girls
Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts -                about bullies and gives them tools to
Video (VHS), books and poster help 5           help deal with bullies. Girls who
to 7 year olds learn to sign the               complete the program earn a ―Respect‖
alphabet, simple phrases, and songs.           bar patch to wear under their Zink the
PROGRAM LINKS: ―Respect myself and             Zebra patch.
others‖ Daisy GS Learning Petal;
People Are Talking Try-It; Senses Try-         ** Does NOT include stuffed zebras
It.                                            (purchase at Badge and Sash.)

                                               Want more information about Zink the
―UNDERSTANDING DISABILITIES‖                   Zebra? Request an information sheet
– recommended for Brownies and                 from ProgramResources@gsgatl.org or
older - includes props for disability          at 770-702-9610.
simulation experiences, awareness
games and activities, Braille samples,
and sign language resources.                    UNIQUELY ME!
PROGRAM LINKS: Our Own Council‘s
―What If I Couldn‘t?‖ Try-It, badge and
Interest Project; Building Arts Try-It;        Uniquely ME! - ages 8-10 and 11-
The World in My Community and                  17 -- Resource Kit for the two Focus
Science In Action online badges                awards (―The Real Deal‖ and ―Inside
(www.girlscouts.org;) Camping and              and Out‖) and the Way to Be! patch for
Home Improvement Interest Projects.            Girl Scouts ages 8-10. Includes all
                                               related Girl Scout publications plus
                                               videos and activity notebook, paper,
                                               markers and pens.
―ZINK THE ZEBRA‖ Patch Project
Kits** for each age level. How does

                                               Pokey, The Twist, Willie and the Hand
                                               Jive, Kung Fu Fighting, The Chicken
                                               Dance, The Bunny Hop, and the
                                               Mexican Hat Dance. PROGRAM LINK:
                                               Dancercize Try-It.

                  DVDS                         ―RHYTHM KIDZ: TAP FOR TENNIS
                                               SHOES‖ – ages 9 and up – 40 min.
                                               No tap shoes needed! Rhythm Kidz
                                               takes basic tap steps and adds easy-
CAMPING                                        to-perform rhythmic moves for a
                                               follow-along dance routine with high
                                               energy fun. PROGRAM LINK: Dance
―A GUIDE TO CAMPING‖ - Girl                    badge.
Scout Brownies and Juniors - A
2007 Bronze Award Project of Troop
22314, the girls‘ video traces their           ‖STEP-BY-STEP PARTY DANCES‖ –
progression in camping from cabins to          Juniors and older - dance
platform tents to pitching their own           instructions, demonstrated by adult
tents in a state park campground. A            couples but suitable for ‗tweens and
great over-view for younger Girl Scouts        teens. PROGRAM LINKS: Invitation to
who want to see what camping is all            the Dance IPA; Dance badge.
                                                     50‘S FAVORITES – bring the
                                                      sock hop to your troop meeting
DANCE                                                 and learn the steps to ―At the
                                                      Hop‖ (swing/jitterbug), ―Rock
                                                      and Roll Is Here to Stay‖
 ―FIESTA LATINA‖ – Cadette –                          (jitterbug variations),
adult; 45 min., 2006 - This workout                   ―Jailhouse Rock‖ (Elvis-inspired
video in English and Spanish features                 moves), ―Willie and the Hand
Luly Mitchell leading the viewer                      Jive‖ (hand jive). And ―The
through a forty-five minute workout.                  Twist.‖
She utilizes modified forms of
traditional dances like Flamenco,                    DISCO PARTY DANCES –
Tango, and Samba in order to burn                     catch disco fever when you
calories – and have fun! PROGRAM                      learn these classic moves: The
LINKS: Invitation to the Dance IPA;                   Hustle, Nightclub Two-Step,
From Fitness to Fashion IPA.                          West Coast Swing, and
1 & 2) – 2005, 45 min. – grades 1-
6: this step-by-step program includes                LATIN FIESTA – put some
a warm-up and dance combination with                  spice in your steps when you
instruction by 11-year old Janelle                    learn these Latin dances:
Ginestra and four other kid hip-                      Rhumba, Cha-Cha, and Salsa.
hoppers plus more advanced
instruction with choreographer Shane
Sparks (―So You Think You Can
Dance.‖) PROGRAM LINK: Dance
                                               GIRL SCOUT HISTORY &
Turn Up The Music – 48 minutes –
Daisy and Brownie; fast forward
through the introduction and go right          ―GOLDEN EAGLET, The" -- GSUSA,
to the dance instruction: The Hokey            1918/1982 - 20 minutes -- for

grades 3 and up; this classic silent               ―ZINK THE ZEBRA‖ PATCH
film (with subtitles) made in 1918               PROGRAM– Zink the Zebra
shows the early days of Girl Scouting.           Foundation; for adults – Short
Shot on location with real Girl Scouts,          overview of the Zink the Zebra project,
it was intended to raise community               how it started and how Girl Scouts are
interest in starting Girl Scout troops.          involved and can earn age-level
Juliette Low appears briefly at the              patches. Also available in VHS.
beginning and end of the movie. Also
available in VHS.

(AMERICA‘S CASTLES) – A&E Home                   INTERNATIONAL/
Video - 1998 - 50 minutes – for                  GLOBAL GIRL SCOUTS
grades 4 and up; a video history of
Savannah‘s architecture, featuring
some of the city‘s mansions; includes            ―GIRLS WORLDWIDE SAY…
indoor tours as well as tours of                 ‗DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL‘‖ (10
exteriors and gardens; most                      min., WAGGGS) - Girl Scout
interesting to Girl Scouts will be the           Brownies and older – Guides from
tour and description of the Juliette             many countries share their feelings
Gordon Low Birthplace and of the                 about WAGGGS and the benefits of
Andrew Low House. [ALSO IN VHS]                  Guiding: fun and friendship, adventure
                                                 and challenge, and building a better
                                                 world. PROGRAM LINKS: World
 ―QUILTS OF GEE‘S BEND, THE‖                     Thinking Day; Girl Scouting Around the
plus music CD, How We Got Over,                  World and Global Awareness badges;
Sacred Songs of Gee‘s Bend – This                Global Girls IPA (requirements at
documentary was created to                       www.girlscouts.org at Girl Scout
accompany The Quilts of Gee‘s Bend               Central)
art exhibition of the same name. Set in
the quiltmakers‘ homes and yards,
and told through the women‘s voices,             ―JAPANESE-AMERICAN HERITAGE‖
this music-filled 28 min. film takes             – Grades K-4 – 25 min., 1997.
viewers inside the art and living history        Children are introduced to the history,
of a uniquely American community and             culture and geography of Japan, and
art form. BONUS: The Gee‘s Bend                  everyone learns to count to 10 and say
documentary audio tracks on 2 CDs,               a few words in Japanese, sing a folk
How We Got Over: Sacred Songs of                 song, make a furoshiki, see an
Gee‟s Bend. PROGRAM LINKS: Artistic              animated Japanese folk tale, and visit a
Crafts IPA; Folk Arts IPA; Heritage              Japanese restaurant. PROGRAM
Hunt IPA; On A High Note IPA                     LINKS: People of the World Try-It; All
                                                 In the Family Try-It; Citizen Near and
                                                 Far Try-It; Global Awareness badge;
TROOP 1500: Girl Scouts Beyond                   Celebrating People badge; My Heritage
Bars‖ 2005, 68 min. – high school                badge; Now and Then Stories from
and adult Girl Scouts, general                   Around the World (on-line badge ,
public - Their mothers may be                    www.girlscouts.org.); World Thinking
convicted thieves, murderers and drug            Day.
dealers, but the girls of Troop 1500
want to be doctors, social workers, and
marine biologists. Once a month this             ―KOREA, FAMILIES OF‖ - Arden
innovative Girl Scout troop brings               Films, 2002 – 30 minutes – [CC] –
daughters together with their inmate             recommended for grades 3-5. Visit
mothers, offering them a chance to               with two children from breakfast to
rebuild their broken relationships.              bedtime, exploring their culture, way of
                                                 life, family interaction, foods and even
                                                 celebrations. One visit is to an urban
                                                 family, the other a rural family; one

features a boy, the other a girl.                In the Family Try-It; Citizen Near and
PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around              Far Try-It; Global Awareness badge;
the World badge; Global Awareness                Celebrating People badge; My Heritage
badge; Humans and Habitats badge;                badge; Now and Then Stories from
World Neighbors badge; World of                  Around the World on-line badge
Understanding IPA; World Thinking                (www.girlscouts.org.) Viet Nam is not
Day.                                             currently a member of WAGGGS.

Grades K-4 – 25 min., 1997 -

Children are introduced to the
geography, history, and traditions of
Korea, along with what life is like there
today. Everyone learns to count to 10
and say a few words in Korean, sing a
Korean folk song, make a kite, watch
an animated folk tale, and explore the
Korean community of Los Angeles.
PROGRAM LINKS: People of the World               CAMPING * NATURE *
Try-It; All In the Family Try-It; Citizen        ECOLOGY
Near and Far Try-It; Global Awareness            ―BUTTERFLIES‖ – Callaway Garden,
badge; Celebrating People badge; My              1990 – 15 min. – grades 4 + up: a
Heritage badge; Now and Then Stories             colorful and educational look at
from Around the World (on-line badge ,           butterflies; good preparation for a trip
www.girlscouts.org.); World Thinking             to Callaway‘s Day Butterfly Center or
Day.                                             for work on the Our Own Council‘s
                                                 Butterfly badge.

Films, 2002 – 30 minutes – [CC] –                ―CAMPING IN PLATFORM TENTS‖ –
recommended for grades 3-5. Visit                Created and produced by Girl Scout
with two children from breakfast to              Junior Troop 2505 for their Girl Scout
bedtime, exploring their culture, way of         Bronze Award Project (2005) – about
life, family interaction, foods and even         30 minutes. Rough editing, but shows
celebrations. One visit is to an urban           basic skills for taking care of a platform
family, the other a rural family; one            tent and living in a platform tent unit
features a boy, the other a girl.                at a council camp. Recommended for
PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around              7-9 year olds.
the World badge; Global Awareness
badge; Humans and Habitats badge;
World Neighbors badge; World of                  ―DISCOVERING ARABIA
Understanding IPA.                               MOUNTAIN ― - Girl Scout Juniors –
* Viet Nam is not currently a                    2002, 20 min. Join 5 student
member of WAGGGS.                                explorers as they discover the geology,
                                                 ecology, history and mysteries of
                                                 Arabia Mountain at Davison/Arabia
―VIETNAMESE-AMERICAN                             Nature Preserve in south DeKalb Co.
HERITAGE – Grades K – 4; 25                      PROGRAM LINK:
min,; 1997 – Children are introduced             Earth Connections badge.
to the varied geography of Vietnam
and see how the people of Vietnam
live, work and play. Everyone learns to          ―FROM SIDEWALKS TO TREETOPS‖
count to 10 and say a few words in               [CC] – GSUSA, 2003, 14 min. –
Vietnamese, sing a folk song, make a             Daisy – Junior – The amateur‘s guide
dragon costume, watch an animated                to exploring nature in your
folk tale and visit a Vietnamese-                neighborhood! Video and leader‘s guide
American community. PROGRAM                      will show you how to lead hands-on
LINKS: People of the World Try-It; All

activities that help girls discover the            instructions enclosed. PROGRAM LINK:
wildlife and plants that live in their city        Dancercize Try-It; Dance badge;
– even if it‘s a ―concrete jungle.‖                Invitation to the Dance IPA.

―HOW TO CAMP‖ – Cadette Troop                      TIME TO DANCE – grades 1-5, 1999
2884 – 2002 – 16 minutes – for                     – An introduction to creative
older Brownies and young Juniors                   movement and jazz dance, beginning
– Cadette Girl Scouts working on the               with basic steps and becoming
video production interest project                  progressively more challenging as the
created this video covering fire-                  girls learn a dance routine. PROGRAM
building, outdoor cooking and                      LINK: ―Dance‖ badge.
dishwashing, and putting up a pop
tent. Comes with a ―catch them doing
it wrong‖ quiz and a copy of Take A
New Bearing (minimal impact camping                ―GETTING ALONG‖ – Conflict
skills and activities.)
                                                   Resolution - Healthy
                                                   Relationships – Self Esteem
Brownie and Junior troops                          ―BUILDING HEALTHY
planning their first platform tent                 RELATIONSHIPS‖ –2003; 18
campout. Come along with Senior                    minute video + leader‘s guide -
Girl Scout Troop 2216 as they visit                grades 3-5 – Under the management
Camp Scout Haven and introduce you                 of a ―magical‖ baseball coach,
to camping in a platform tent unit.                youngsters learn the skills they need to
You‘ll explore the camp site and meet              decide when they are in a healthy
the ranger, learn how to clean and tie             relationship. Includes standing up for
up your tent, make your bed and set                yourself and conflict resolution.
up your gear, how to pack for your                 PROGRAM LINKS: Working It Out Try-
trip, and how to take care of your tent.           It; Healthy Relationships badge.

                                                   ―BULLY ON THE BUS‖ – 1993; 15
                                                   minutes-- for grades 5-8: the story
DANCE                                              of a girl who becomes the target of a
                                                   former friend‘s campaign to put her
                                                   down and shut her out, and how she
                                                   learns how to deal with her conflicting
1993, 34 min. – Girl Scout
                                                   emotions by making decisions that are
Brownies – Dances include The Twist,
                                                   good for her. Addresses self esteem,
Bunny Hop, Alley Cat, Hokey Poeky,
                                                   conflict resolution, and peer pressure.
Virginia Reel, The Hora, Conga,
                                                   PROGRAM LINKS: Healthy Relations,
Chicken Dance, Limbo Rock, Mexican
                                                   Being My Best, and The Choice Is
Hat Dance and more. Lyrics and
                                                   Yours badges; Conflict Resolution and
instruction sheet included. PROGRAM
                                                   From Stress to Success IPAs.
LINK: Dancercize Try-It

                                                   ―CLIQUES: WHO‘S IN…WHO‘S
                                                   OUT‖ – Sunburst, 2000 – 24
Educational, 1999 – 35 min. – for
                                                   minute video, leader‘s guide –
ages 6-11 – Ten popular dances
                                                   grades 5-9 -- The pressure to be
starring a bunch of kids just having
                                                   popular can cause teens (and ‗tweens)
fun, performing each dance in an
                                                   to do or say anything to stay ―in‖ with
exuberant approach to fitness:
                                                   their peers. Using true-to-life
Everybody Dance Now; YMCA; Shout;
                                                   scenarios, real students, peer
La Bamba; The Loco-Motion; Electric
                                                   counselors and mediators, this
Boogie; Mashed Potato; Hot, Hot, Hot.
                                                   program explores the nature of cliques,
Song lyrics and written dance
                                                   offering insights and positive

alternatives to joining a clique.                grades 3-5. Presenting two children‘s
PROGRAM LINKS: Becoming A Teen,                  first-person accounts of their success
Being My Best, and The Choice Is                 in learning how to deal with a bully,
Yours badges; Understanding Yourself             this program helps students
and Others IPA.                                  understand how their behavior and
                                                 attitudes affect how others treat them.
 ―CONFLICT MANAGERS‖ – 1996,                     Explains why bullies act the way they
27 minutes - for grades 3-6; video               do and provides easy-to-learn
teaches specific steps that can be               strategies for dealing with a bully.
learned, used and taught by children in          With a 14-minute video, teachers
conflict situations; realistic scenarios         guide, and worksheets.
are dramatized. Leader guide includes
the video script, role plays,
worksheets, bibliography, and more;              ―I LIKE BEING ME: SELF-ESTEEM‖ -
poster.                                          - Sunburst Communications, Inc -
                                                 26 minutes -- for grades 5-9;
                                                 shows kids the powerful impact self-
―DON‘T CALL ME NAMES‖ –                          esteem has on their ability to behave
Sunburst, 2000 – (15 minutes)                    in their own best interest; shows how
Grades K-2 –Name-calling is one way              self-worth is fostered by positive
young children show anger or                     feelings and built in small steps that
frustration; but being called names can          lead from one success to another;
be painful. With the help of older teens         encourages kids to be open to the
and the program‘s host, girls learn how          possibility of change, and suggests
to stop someone from calling them                helpful ways to begin. Very believable
names. Pauses built into the video               scenarios; leader‟s guide contains
allow time for discussion. Includes              reprint of script, list of other resources,
leader‟s guide. PROGRAM LINKS:                   questions and activities to use with
Spring Green Learning Petal; Caring              group. PROGRAM LINKS: Being My
and Sharing Try-It.                              Best badge; uniquely ME! The Way to
                                                 Be patch project; uniquely ME! Focus
Learning – 26 minutes – for middle               ―RELATIONSHIPS: WHEN THEY
and high school-age; video deals                 HELP…WHEN THEY HURT‖ –
with various types of negative and               Sunburst Communications, Inc.,
positive peer pressure; presents ways            2002 –28-minute video with
to deal with peer pressure and how to            teacher‘s guide - for grades 7-12;
make decisions; promotes peer                    Healthy relationships lead to a fulfilling,
counseling and positive reinforcement.           productive life, but unhealthy ones can
                                                 hurt you and hold you back. Program
                                                 explores relationship problems to help
―GETTING ALONG: CONFLICT                         teens recognize the warning signs of
RESOLUTION‖ – Sunburst Videos,                   an unhealthy relationship trap, offers
26 minutes – grades 9-13 :                       ways to break loose, rebuild their self-
strategies for resolving real-life               esteem, and forge the healthy patterns
conflicts with family or friends. Viewers        that can enrich their lives. Program
enter a classroom where an actual                Link: aMAZE! Leadership Journey
conflict resolution is in progress and           (Cadette); Conflict Resolution IPA.
students use role-play to demonstrate
positive and negative ways to handle a
conflict. PROGRAM LINK: Conflict
                                                 ―RESOLVING CONFLICTS
Resolution IPA; Leadership IPA
                                                 (STUDENT WORKSHOP)‖--
                                                 Sunburst Communications, Inc.,
                                                 199? - 24 minutes -- for grades 9-
                                                 12; the video is intended for use with
BULLIED‖ – Sunburst
                                                 accompanying leader‘s guide and
Communications, Inc., 2002 –for

 student handouts; the workshop takes             GOOD MANNERS/
 teens step-by-step through the conflict
 resolution process with specific, easily-
                                                  RESPECT MYSELF AND
 learned strategies for resolving                 OTHERS
 conflicts peacefully
 PROGRAM LINK: Conflict Resolution
 IPA; Leadership IPA.                             "BEHIND THE MASK" -- Anti-
                                                  Defamation League, 1986 - 8
                                                  minutes -- for grades 1-6; animated
―STOP PICKING ON ME!‖ – Sunburst                  film by and for elementary school
Communications, Inc., 2002 - 16-                  children, with the basic script in
minute video, worksheets and teacher              rhymed verse and set to a rap beat.
guide - for grades K-2. From her                  The film‘s message is to respect both
command post at ―Bully Control                    one's own uniqueness and the
Center,‖ Major Hassle uses realistic              differences of others. Includes
mini-dramas to show youngsters the                Teacher‘s Guide with activities for
do‘s and don‘ts for dealing with bullies          different ages. PROGRAM LINKS:
safely. Students learn the techniques             Caring and Sharing Try-It; Manners
that will help them contend with one of           Try-It; Celebrating People badge; It‘s
the most difficult problems facing them           Important to Me badge.
in school.

                                                  ―LEARNING GOOD MANNERS‖ - for
 ―WE CAN WORK IT OUT‖                             ages 5-11 – 2000; 30 min. – Good
(CONFLICT RESOLUTION) –                           table manners, telephone etiquette,
Sunburst Communications, Inc.,                    thank-you notes, making introductions,
2002 – for grades K-2; includes 11-               respect for property and more
minute video, worksheets,                         everyday etiquette. PROGRAM LINK:
audiocassette, poster, audiocassette of           Manners Try-It.
songs, and game Teaches Daisy and
Brownie Girl Scouts age-appropriate
strategies for resolving conflicts. Shows         ―SLURPS, BURPS, AND SPILLS!‖
how asking questions, listening, and              Amazing Advantage for Kids
thinking if ways to do things differently         Series, 1994; 20 minutes; grades
can provide satisfying solutions.                 K-4- -- What everyone should know
PROGRAM LINK: Working It Out Try-It.              about table manners: children learn
                                                  how to set the table, the proper way to
                                                  use utensils, the napkin and other
 ―WHAT WE LEARNED ABOUT                           tableware. Lessons include correct
 BULLYING‖ – Sunburst                             table manners, polite conversation,
 Communications, inc., 2002 – for                 how to eat different courses, and much
 grades 3-5; with a 16-minute video,              more. PROGRAM LINK: Manners Try-It.
 teacher guide, worksheets, game,
 audiocassette of songs. Being bullied at
 school or at home can leave a child              ―STOP TEASING ME!‖ – Sunburst
 feeling hurt and threatened. This                Communications, Inc., 2002 – 13-
 program offers youngsters the                    minute video, teacher guide,
 strategies to stop the cycle of                  worksheets, and audiocassette for
 bullying/victim behavior. Through a              grades K-2. Help youngsters
 combination of dramatization and real            understand how teasing affects other
 kids‘ revelations, students will identify        people‘s feelings. Using lively music, a
 and begin to understand the                      spaceman narrator, and a robot that
 motivations and feelings that exist              speaks in rhyme, this video makes it
 within the bully and the victim. Poster          clear that ―Teasing isn‘t fun – not for
 set available. PROGRAM LINK: Healthy             anyone!‖ The program emphasizes
 Relationships badge.                             that no one likes to be teased nor do
                                                  they like the teaser. Students are
                                                  shown that they can make amends for
                                                  teasing by doing something nice for

the person they teased PROGRAM                    first-time leaders – Actual leaders
LINK: Daisy GS yellow or spring green             speak about what the experience has
Learning Petals; Manners Try-It.                  meant to them. Overview of the origins
                                                  of the Movement, the Promise and
                                                  Law, and the Program Goals, and the
―WHAT DO YOU TELL A PHONE?‖ –                     importance of volunteers. Girls
Amazing Advantage for Kids                        comment on what their leaders have
Series, 1997; 20 minutes; grades                  meant to them. Close-captioned for
K-4 – Focuses on telephone and                    the hearing impaired.
doorway manners: kids learn the safe
and polite way to answer the door and
telephone, the proper way to make                 "GOLDEN EAGLET, The" -- GSUSA,
phone calls, and how to treat guests.             1918/1982 VHS and DVD - 20
PROGRAM LINK: Manners Try-It.                     minutes -- for grades 3 and up;
                                                  this classic silent film (with subtitles)
                                                  made in 1918 shows the early days of
                                                  Girl Scouting. Shot on location with
GIRL SCOUT HISTORY/THE                            real Girl Scouts, it was intended to
                                                  raise community interest in starting
GIRL SCOUT STORY                                  Girl Scout troops. Juliette Low appears
                                                  briefly at the beginning and end of the
―A GIRL CAN DO ANYTHING‖ –                        movie.
GSUSA, 1996 - 5 minutes – for all                 ―GROWING STRONG MUSIC
ages; music video performed by                    VIDEO‖ - Girl Scouts USA, 2000 –
―Potomac Red‖ and young singers;                  for al ages – A 3 ½ minute music video
promotes Girl Scouting, gender equity,            about the Girl Scout story, set to
and career awareness; can be used for             Melinda Carroll‘s ―Growing Strong.‖
adult recruitment.                                Use at ceremonies, parent meetings,
                                                  adult recruitment events.

GSUSA, 1981 - 5 minutes -- for                    ―GROWING STRONG TOGETHER‖ –
grades 4-adult; an imaginary                      Girl Scouts USA, 2000- 9 ½ minute
interview with Juliette Low recaps                promotional video aimed at adults
some history of Girl Scouting in the              and teens – Girl Scout Cadettes and
U.S. as well as the ideals behind the             Seniors share what being a Girl Scout
Movement; contains many archival                  has meant to them. Participants at
photos; explains the organization of              Camp CEO, a ropes course, community
Girl Scouts at the national and council           service project and ―destination” all
levels. PROGRAM LINK: Girl Scouting in            cite benefits their Girl Scout experience
the USA badge; Juliette Low‘s Birthday            has brought them.
(Founder‘s Day); Girl Scout Birthday.

                                                  ―HELPING BROWNIE GIRL SCOUTS
―FROM KHAKI TO KELLY: WATCH                       GROW STRONG‖ – GSUSA, 2000 -
OUR GIRL SCOUT STYLE‖             --              15 minutes -– for adults who work
Greater Minneapolis GSC, 1995 -                   with Girl Scout Brownies; real-life
20 minutes -- for grades 2 - adult;               scenes of girls and adults show ways to
this video style show features 24                 have a Brownie troop meeting. Also
different historical uniforms; a girl             includes an introduction to Brownie Girl
narrator tells the story of the historical        Scouting, leader responsibilities, and
period when each uniform was worn,                developmental characteristics of 6 to
from 1912 to 1995. PROGRAM LINK:                  8-year-olds. CLOSE-CAPTIONED FOR
Girl Scout Birthday/Week.                         THE HEARING IMPAIRED.

GIRLS‖ – Girl Scouts USA, 2000 –                  GROW STRONG‖ –GSUSA, 2000 —
An introduction to Girl Scouting for              18 minutes -- for adults who work

with Girl Scout Daisies; real-life                Girl Guides from Brazil, Canada and
scenes of girls and adults                        the U.S., held in conjunction with the
demonstrating the ways to hold a                  12th World Association Conference in
Daisy Girl Scout meeting. Also an                 Cooperstown, NY; story follows the
introduction to Daisy Girl Scouting,              experiences of three girls in camp,
pre-meeting activities, and the                   including meeting Lady Baden-Powell;
developmental characteristics of 5 and            emphasizes the international scope of
6-year-olds. CLOSE-CAPTIONED FOR                  Girl Guiding and Scouting, and the fun
THE HEARING-IMPAIRED.                             of learning about other countries and

14 minutes – for adults - Girl Scout              (THE) GIRL SCOUT
Junior troop meeting, girl-adult
partnership, choosing activities, family
                                                  LAW/LEARNING PETALS
involvement, community service,
behavior management, and                          ―DOING THE RIGHT THING‖
characteristics of 8-11 year olds.                (BUILDING CHARACTER)—
                                                  Sunburst Communications, Inc.,
                                                  2002 –for grades K-2; Help Daisy
―SAVANNAH, GEORGIA‖                               and Brownie Girl Scouts understand
(AMERICA‘S CASTLES) – A&E Home                    the meaning of integrity. Through
Video - 1998 - 50 minutes – for                   true-to-life vignettes, children learn
grades 4 and up; a video history of               how doing the right thing not only
Savannah‘s architecture, featuring                benefits others, but also gives them a
some of the city‘s mansions; includes             sense of pride and self-respect. The
indoor tours as well as tours of                  program focuses on telling the truth,
exteriors and gardens; most                       living up to your responsibilities,
interesting to Girl Scouts will be the            treating others as you would like to be
tour and description of the Juliette              treated, and standing up for a friend.
Gordon Low Birthplace and the Andrew              With a 16-minute video & teacher‟s
Low House. [ALSO IN DVD]                          guide, worksheets, posters and game.
                                                  PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scout Daisy
                                                  Learning Petals (Light Blue, Yellow,
"SOMETHING FOR THE GIRLS"                         Spring Green, Red, and Orange;)
-- GSUSA, 1962 - 21 minutes -- for                helping young Brownie Girl Scouts
grades 5 and up; original film was                understand how the first five parts of
produced for the 50th anniversary of              the Girl Scout Law apply in everyday
Girl Scouts in the U.S.; shows photos             life. Also: Manners Try-It.
from the early days of Girl Scouting;
includes some biographical information
about Juliette Low. PROGRAM LINK:                 ―(The) FOURTH R:
Girl Scout Birthday/Week                          RESPONSIBILITY‖ -- Sunburst
                                                  Communications, Inc., 1998 - 23
                                                  minutes-- for grades 7-12; realistic
―UNCOMMON SENSE‖ – The History                    situations are portrayed in a way that
of Juliette Low and the Girl Scouts.              helps teens explore what is meant by
Old photographs and interviews tell a             ―responsibility,‖ and to understand the
short history of Juliette Low‘s life up tp        ethical choices and decisions that form
the founding of the Girl Scouts in                the basis of responsible behavior;
America. Recommended for Juniors                  helps teens think about consequences
and older.                                        and be able to identify where
                                                  responsibility lies; leader‘s guide
1948 - 19 minutes -- for grades 4
and up; an historical film featuring an           ―I CAN DO IT: TAKING
international camp for Girl Scouts and            RESPONSIBILITY‖- 1992 - 11

minutes-- for grades 2-4; explains               voices share what ―courageous and
different elements of responsibility and         strong‖ means to them.
its consequences through examples                ** Video is a loop, for continuous
and role play; includes leader‘s guide           showing; each segment is 2 ½
and children‘s activity sheets.                  minutes. PROGRAM LINK: ―I will do
PROGRAM LINKS: ―I will do my best to             my best to be courageous and strong.‖
be responsible for what I say and do.‖           (Red Learning Petal); Girl Scout Ways
Girl Scout Ways Try-It; It‘s Important           Try-It; It‘s Important to Me badge.
to Me! badge

                                                 ―WHAT IS COURAGE?‖ (BUILDING
―I CAN MAKE GOOD CHOICES‖--                      CHARACTER) – Sunburst
Sunburst Communications, Inc.,                   Communications, Inc., 2002 –for
1995 - 17 minutes -- for grades 2-4              grades 3-5; with a 16-minute video,
- - helps children learn to evaluate             teacher guide, worksheets, game, and
their options, predict outcomes, and             poster. This inventive and captivating
accept the consequences of their                 program shows students that true
choices. Viewers are shown situations            courage comes in many forms.
where children have decisions to make,           Whenever children face their fears and
and some open-ended situations for               demonstrate fortitude by standing up
viewers to practice the decision-                for what they believe in, they are
making skills that were presented;               choosing to act courageously.
includes leader guide and children‟s             Thought-provoking questions after
pages. PROGRAM LINKS: Citizen Near               each segment encourage students to
and Far Try-It; The Choice is Yours              explore the many facets of courage.
Try-It; Creative Solutions badge.                PROGRAM LINK: It‘s Important to Me

―LEARNING TO CARE‖ – Sunburst,
1999 – 15 min—for grades K-2 –                   ―WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN NEXT?‖ –
The importance of letting others know            Sunburst, 1996 – grades K-2;
you are there for them when they are             includes a short video, song tape and
feeling sad, lonely, or frightened. Helps        leader‘s guide. ―Think before you act!‖
children understand and help a friend            This simple step can prevent many
through difficult experiences.                   problems. Three realistic vignettes
(Demonstrates the concepts of                    feature children who have to use the
“friendly and helpful” and “considerate          ―stop and think‖ strategy to make
and caring.”) PROGRAM LINKS: Yellow              decisions about their actions.
and Spring Green Daisy Girl Scout                PROGRAM LINK: ―I will do my best to
Learning Petals.                                 be responsible for what I say and do.‖
                                                 (Orange Learning Petal.)

MARCH‖ – [CC] 40 min., 2004 – for                ―WHAT‘S RESPECT?‖ – Sunburst
middle and upper grades -                        Communications, Inc., 2002 – for
Academy Award-winning                            grades K-2; with a 13-minute video,
documentary tells the story of how               teachers guide, worksheets, poster,
the young people of Birmingham, Ala.,            image cards, audiocassette of songs.
braved fire hoses and police dogs to             Respect is the best way to get along
help end segregation in 1963.                    with others, but what is it really? With
PROGRAM LINK: Girl Scout Challenge 3             the help of a series of vignettes
                                                 bracketed by catchy songs, kids learn
                                                 that respect includes a respect for
―WHAT DOES COURAGEOUS AND                        people, property, rules, differences,
STRONG MEAN TO YOU?‖ – Girl                      abilities, and also for the environment.
Scouts of the USA, 2.30** minutes                Viewers learn how to spot disrespectful
– for girls ages 5 to 10; also an                behavior, and how to be respectful
adult promo – as pictures of Girl                themselves. PROGRAM LINKS: ―I will
Scouts flash across the screen, girls‘           do my best to respect myself and

others, respect others, use resources            ―WORKING IT OUT: A SURVIVAL
wisely, make the world a better place,          GUIDE FOR KIDS‖ -- Perline
and be a sister to every Girl Scout.‖           Strategies, Inc., 1996 -- for ages 9-
(Purple, magenta, green and rose                15 and adults; produced by a crime
Learning Petals; Girl Scout Ways Try-           prevention and personal safety
It.)                                            educator; presents realistic solutions
                                                for safety issues that confront kids,
                                                including school bus safety, anger
                                                management, negative peer pressure
HEALTHY LIVING/                                 and refusal skills, sexual harassment,
                                                bullies, kids home alone and weapons;
KEEPING SAFE                                    leader guide included. PROGRAM
                                                LINKS: The Choice Is Yours badge;
―THUMBS UP FOR KIDS: AIDS                       High On Life badge; Understanding
EDUCATION‖- 23 minutes -- for                   Yourself and Others IPA.
grades K-3; basic AIDS education that
young children can understand uses
song, dance, visual effects, games, and
conversation; topics include hygiene,
germs, AIDS * GSUSA Guidelines                  GLOBAL GIRL SCOUTS
on Sensitive Issues must be
followed, and parental permission
secured. PROGRAM LINK: Healthy                  AFRICA CLOSE-UP: EGYPT &
Habits Try-It.                                  TANZANIA‖ – 28 minutes –
                                                recommended for Girl Scout
                                                Juniors and older. Includes
―HOW TO SUCCEED IN MIDDLE                       discussion guide. Egypt:15 year-old
SCHOOL‖ – Sunburst                              Samah gives an intimate view of her
Communications, Inc., 2002 – for                neighborhood in Cairo and a glimpse of
grades 5-9 - gives students practical           the challenges faced by a girl trying to
help in adapting to the demands of              be a modern teen in an Islamic culture.
middle school. This program presents            Tanzania: 15 year-old Bernard lives in
strategies for managing time, meeting           remote, rural East Africa where his
teachers‘ expectations, utilizing school        people struggle with the loss of trees
resources, and handling a changing              and water and celebrate the opening of
social life. Demonstrates the                   a new well. PROGRAM LINKS: Girl
importance of these self-management             Scouting Around the World, Global
skills for academic and personal                Awareness, Humans and Habitats, and
success. With a 21 minute video and             World Neighbors badges; World of
teacher‟s guide.                                Understanding IPA; World Thinking

Walking Through Grief As a                      ―ARAB-AMERICAN HERITAGE‖ –
Teenager” – 2002, 20 minutes –                  Grades K-4 – 25 min., 1997-
Helps teens understand the grief                Children are introduced to the
process through the testimonies of              countries and cultures of the Arab
young people who have walked                    world; everyone learn to count to 10
through it, and gives hope that you can         and say a few words in Arabic, see an
heal and grow through this life-                animated folktale, create a mosaic
changing experience. Covers topics              picture frame, listen to a folk song, and
such as surviving the first days, weeks         visit a Syrian market and bakery.
and months after a death; grieving the          PROGRAM LINKS: People of the World,
relationship lost; grieving particular          All In the Family and Citizen Near and
types of death; facing your future,             Far Try-Its; Global Awareness,
learning to cope, and rebuilding your           Celebrating People, and My Heritage
life.                                           badges; Now and Then Stories from
                                                Around the World on-line badge

(www.girlscouts.org.); World Thinking             project in Santo Domingo, the capital.
Day. (NOTE: not all Arab countries are            The video visits his home and school.
members of WAGGGS.)                               PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around
                                                  the World badge; Global Awareness
                                                  badge; Humans and Habitats badge;
―ASIA CLOSE-UP II: THAILAND &                     World Neighbors badge; World of
PHILIPPINES – Children of the                     Understanding IPA; World Thinking
Earth Series, 2003 – 14 minutes                   Day.
each: Girl Scout Juniors and older -
Thailand – 11 year-old Impia Saiyong
and her family are Burmese exiles                 CENTRAL-AMERICAN CLOSE-UP:
living in Thailand. While her mother              GUATEMALA & EL SALVADOR –
and stepfather farm a small plot of               [CC] Girl Scout Juniors and older -
land outside the village, Impia and her           two 14- minute segments will
sister attend a local school for tribal           introduce you first to Natividad
children.                                         Hernández, a 14-year old Maya girl
Philippines – 11 year-old Jurrick                 who lives in an isolated mountain
Aponte is a public school student living          village in Guatemala. But her world is
with his family in upper Del Carmen, a            changing, and soon Natividad will have
squatter area in Davao City with                  to make important decisions about the
wooden-frame shacks and no running                directions of her life. Marvin Benítez of
water. His father is a carpenter and his          El Salvador is 15, the child of refugee
mother is active in projects to build a           parents. Marvin and his family live in a
better future. PROGRAM LINKS: Girl                jungle cooperative village of 200
Scouting Around the World, Global                 refugee families. PROGRAM LINKS:
Awareness, Humans and Habitats and                Global Awareness and World Neighbor
World Neighbors badges; World of                  badges; A World of Understanding and
Understanding IPA; World Thinking                 Global Girls IPAs.

                                                  ―CENTRAL-AMERICAN HERITAGE‖
―BURKINA FASO, My Family From‖                    – 1997 [CC] – 25 minutes – grades
[CC] 15 min. 2003 – Grades K-4 –                  K-4: Exciting adventures appear at
Meet Charly, a 12-year-old boy from               every turn as children are introduced
the tiny village of Sabou. As the oldest          to the seven colorful countries of
of 7, Charly has many adult                       Central America. They see what it‘s like
responsibilities since his father died. He        to live there and how immigrants from
also plays soccer, celebrates village             those countries have brought their
festivals, and explains the sacred                traditions to North America. Everyone
legend of Crocodile Lake. PROGRAM                 learns to say a few words and count to
LINKS: World Thinking Day; Girl                   ten in Spanish, make a decorative
Scouting Around the World badge;                  weaving, sing a folk song and watch an
Global Awareness badge; Humans and                animated Mayan folktale. PROGRAM
Habitats badge; World Neighbors                   LINKS: People of the World, All In the
badge.                                            Family, and Citizen Near and Far Try-
                                                  Its; Global Awareness, Celebrating
                                                  People, and My Heritage badges; Now
―CARIBBEAN CLOSE-UP: HAITI &                      and Then Stories from Around the
THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC‖ – 14                      World on-line badge
min. each, [CC] Girl Scout Junior                 (www.girlscouts.org); World Thinking
and older - Haiti: 14-year old Marie              Day.
Julie and a younger sister live in
desperately poor conditions in a fishing
village on Haiti‘s south coast; the video         CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN (20
includes the chores of daily life,                minutes) – Girl Scout Senior Troop
cockfighting, Haitian proverbs and the            621‘s trip to Europe, including a
girls‘ education. The Dominican                   session at Our Chalet.
Republic: 13-year old Jonathan lives
with his family in a crowded housing

2002 – 30 minutes – [CC] –                       ―JORDAN, My Family From‖ –
recommended for grades 3-5. Visit                Grades K-4 – 15 min., 2003 – Meet
with two children from breakfast to              Issa, an 11-year-old boy living in
bedtime, exploring their culture, way of         Amman, the capital of Jordan. Issa and
life , family interaction, foods and even        his family are Muslims, and their
celebrations. One visit is to an urban           religion is an important part of their
family, the other a rural family; one            lives. Issa is learning to tend the family
features a boy, the other a girl.                farm so he can manage it one day
PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around              when her is older. Join Issa and his
the World; Global Awareness, Humans              family as they observe the Muslim
and Habitats and World Neighbors                 tradition of Ramadan. PROGRAM
badge; World of Understanding IPA;               LINKS: World Thinking Day; Girl
World Thinking Day.                              Scouting Around the World, Global
                                                 Awareness, Humans and Habitats and
                                                 World Neighbors badges.
Films, 2002 – 30 minutes – [CC] –
recommended for grades 3-5. Visit                ―MEXICAN-AMERICAN HERITAGE‖
with two children from breakfast to              – American Cultures for Children
bedtime, exploring their culture, way of         Series, 1997 [cc]; 25 minutes;
life , family interaction, foods and even        grades K-4 – Exciting adventures
celebrations. One visit is to an urban           appear at every turn as children are
family, the other a rural family; one            introduced to Mexico and learn about
features a boy, the other a girl. .              the country‘s interesting landscapes,
PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around              history and culture, as well as life for
the World, Global Awareness badge,               Mexican-Americans. Everyone learns to
Humans and Habitats and World                    count to ten and say a few words in
Neighbors badges; World of                       Spanish. Then it‘s off to a tour of the
Understanding IPA; World Thinking                Olvera Street Market in LA for lots of
Day.                                             great food, music and shopping. Next,
                                                 children see how to make a colorful
                                                 yarn painting, watch an animated
―ITALY, My Family From‖ – Grades                 folktale, and sing along to a Mexican
K-4 – 15 min., 2003 – Meet Greta,                folk song. PROGRAM LINKS:
an 8-year-old living in Sorrento. She            People of the World, All In the Family
rides to school on her dad‘s motor               and Citizen Near and Far Try-Its;
scooter and after school walks to her            Global Awareness, Celebrating People
family‘s pizza restaurant. Mealtime is           and My Heritage badges; Now and
very important in her family – a times           Then Stories from Around the World
when everyone gathers together.                  on-line badge (www.girlscouts.org);
PROGRAM LINKS: World Thinking Day;               World Thinking Day.
Girl Scouting Around the World, Global
Awareness, Humans and Habitats and
World Neighbors badges.                          MEXICO, FAMILIES OF - Arden
                                                 Films, 2002 – 30 minutes – [CC] –
                                                 recommended for grades 3-5. Visit
"JAPAN, CHILDREN OF " -- Disney                  with two children from breakfast to
Educational Productions, 1987 - 20               bedtime, exploring their culture, way of
minutes -- for grades 4 and up:                  life , family interaction, foods and even
documentary focuses on the everyday              celebrations. One visit is to an urban
life of a 6th-grade Japanese boy and             family, the other a rural family; one
life in Japan as seen through his eyes;          features a boy, the other a girl.
shows similarities and differences               PROGRAM LINKS: Girl Scouting Around
between the U.S. and Japan. PROGRAM              the World, Global Awareness, Humans
LINKS: Girl Scouting Around the World,           and Habitats and World Neighbors
Global Awareness and World Neighbors             badges; World of Understanding IPA;
badges.                                          World Thinking Day.

American Cultures for Children
Series, 1997; 25 minutes; grades
K-4 – Children are introduced to the            ―JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE: LIVING
US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and              WITH DISABILITIES‖ – Middle &
learn about Puerto Ricans who have              High School - 1999, 29 minutes –
come to live on the USA mainland,               includes Teacher‟s Guide – Meet 5
bringing their unique cultural                  teenagers with disabilities and discover
traditions with them. Everyone learns           what they can do rather than what
to say a few words and count to ten in          they cannot: Trisha is Deaf; Jesse has
Spanish, then visit the town of Ponce,          cerebral palsy; Joylene lives with
PR, where a carnival celebration is in          neurofibromatosis; Kay talks about her
full swing with parades, festive music,         12-year old brother, who has autism;
dancing, colorful costumes and masks.           the last segment is narrated by
Kids make their own masks, watch an             wheelchair athlete Scott Hollenbeck.
animated folktale, and sing a folksong          Note: Some of the language is not the
from Puerto Rico. PROGRAM LINKS:                ―people first‖ language of today – for
People of the World, All In the Family          example, ―disabled teens,‖ and
and Citizen Near and Far Try-It; Global         ―confined to a wheelchair.‖ PROGRAM
Awareness , Celebrating People and My           LINK: Our Own Council‘s ―What If I
Heritage badges; Now and Then                   Couldn‘t?‖ IPA.
Stories from Around the World on-line
badge.                                          ―NO BODY‘S PERFECT-
NOTE: Puerto Rico is part of Girl Scouts        EVERYBODY‘S SPECIAL!‖ –– 21
of the USA (Caribe Council). The                minutes – for grades 1-5; Designed to
Puerto Rican Spanish phrase for a Girl          increase awareness and acceptance of
Scout is Niña Escucha, but the phrase           people with disabilities, this upbeat
Girl Scout is widely understood and             program profiles three children who
used.                                           talk candidly about their physical
                                                impairment and how it affects their
                                                lives. Along the way, viewers learn
―SISTERS ALL, FRIENDS FOREVER                   about signing, Braille, prosthetics and
Girl Scouts/Girl Guides, A Global               other devices that assist people with
Adventure‖- GSUSA, 1999 – Version               disabilities. PROGRAM LINK:
One: 6 minutes- for ages 9 and up;              Understanding Disabilities council
Version Two: 18 minutes—for ages 11             enrichment patch for Daisies; Our Own
and up; exploring the sisterhood of             Council‘s ―What If I Couldn‘t?‖ Try-It
Guiding and Girl Scouting, our diversity        and badge.
as well as the things that link us
together. Interviews with staff
members and girl and adult visitors at           ―SING ‗N‘ SIGN FOR FUN‖ – 1996,
the Four World Centres highlight the            42 minutes; grades K-3 – A multi-
video. PROGRAM LINKS: World                     award winning PBS TV special: Join
Thinking Day; Girl Scouting Around the          Gaia and her KidSign Club friends in a
World badge; Girl Scouting In My                musical adventure into the fascinating
Future badge.                                   world of sign language. Read, sing and
                                                sign along with open captions‘ learn
                                                your ABC‘s and how to fingerspell your
―THIS IS SWITZERLAND‖ – 1988, 1                 name, learn signs for activities,
hour Cadettes and older -                       feelings, and greetings, and learn to
Somewhat dated but still an interesting         sing and sign fun songs. Lyrics sheet
trip through a spectacular country –            with ASL sign translations included.
home of Our Chalet World Centre.                PROGRAM LINKS: People are Talking,
                                                Making Music, Manners and Lets
                                                Pretend Try-Its.

―WE SIGN… CLASSROOM                            each of the Four World Centres and
FAVORITES SIGN & SING-ALONG‖                   earn as many pints as possible by
– 2003, grades 3-6 – The ―We Sign‖             answering questions about each centre
series combines ASL vocabulary with            correctly.
songs, communications, rhyme and
more. ―Classroom Favorites‖ is a
collection of songs including BINGO/           ―THEY SAY THAT IN GIRL
Jingle Bells/Home on the Range/Earth,          SCOUTING…‖ – for new troop
Earth, Earth. Learn ASL signs for over         leaders – Jennifer Taylor‘s 2002 GS
100 words. PROGRAM LINKS: People               Gold Award Project is a CD and
are Talking, Making Music and                  notebook of Girl Scout ―basics‖,
Communication badges; ―Doing‖                  including troop mechanics and format,
Hobbies and Music Fan badges.                  planning with girls, ceremonies,
                                               outdoor fun, recipes, crafts, and songs.

DIFFERENT‖ – Sunburst                           TREFOIL ROUND THE WORLD –
Communications, Inc., 2002 –for                WAGGGS, 2004 – Juniors and older
grades 3-5; 14-minute video,                   – provides details of the World
teacher‘s guide, worksheets, and               Association and its (then) 144 Member
game. Poster set available. Every child        Organizations, their membership,
wants to fit in and be accepted, and           Promise and Law, their development
being different in any way often causes        and current activities.
painful teasing. This program helps
kids develop sensitivity to others by
showing them how it feels to be
different. Four true-to-life scenarios
reveal how a personal attribute or
opinion can make someone the target
of teasing, putdowns, and ridicule.
Questions that prompt discussion
about feelings and encourage the                             GAMES!
celebration of differences follow each
vignette. PROGRAM LINK: Celebrating
People badge; Our Own Council‘s                ―ALIEN CHASE‖ – for girls 8 and up
―What If I Couldn‘t?‖ Try-It and badge.        ―There‘s a spaceship here that roams
                                               the night, spinning and whirring, its
                                               lights shining bright.‖ A variation on
―ZINK THE ZEBRA‖ PATCH                         the ―Cat‘s Eye Hike‖ (below); in this
PROGRAM – Zink the Zebra                       after-dark treasure hunt, girls use a
Foundation; for adults – Short                 flashlight to find clue cards with
overview of the Zink the Zebra patch           reflectors attached. Not recommended
project, how it started and how Girl           for anyone who can‘t sleep after
Scouts are involved and can earn age-          hearing ―Listen now…hear that
level patches related to understanding         spaceship beep? Don‘t let an alien grab
and accepting differences. Also                your feet!‖
available in DVD.

                                               BUILDING CONFIDENCE – A Self
                                               Esteem Game for 2-6 players –
                                               elementary school ages - In this
                                               cooperative board game, players have
CD-ROMS                                        to work together to build the word
                                               C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E. It‘s designed to
                                               teach kids the importance of replacing
FOUR WORLD CENTRES                             negative thoughts and feelings about
ADVENTURES - English, Español,                 themselves with positive ones.
Français – the object of the game is           PROGRAM LINKS: Being My Best
to travel around the world through

badge; uniquely ME! The Way to Be                 It‘s Your Planet: Love It! Leadership
patch                                             Journeys; Eco-Action IPA; Planet Power

ages 6 and up who want to have fun                FEA$T OR FAMINE: the Food
and increase their financial IQ at the            Security Board Game - for up to 5
same time; and for leaders who want               players, ages 8-14 – includes
to create a fun way to teach girls an             Teacher‘s Guide. Players navigate a
essential life skill: cash flow                   month with low wages and the normal,
management. PROGRAM LINKS: Penny                  as well as the emergency, expenses
Power Try-It; Money Sense badge;                  confronting families every day. Helps
Dollars and Sense IPA; Got Money?/                girls understand the challenges of the
¿Quieres Dinero? and Cashin‘ In Focus             working poor. PROGRAM LINK: Hunger
awards.                                           101 enrichment patch; Dollars and
                                                  Sense IPA; Home Is Where the Heart
                                                  Is [online] IPA.
CAT‘S EYE HIKE –.“Only the strong
and the daring can go/Out in the dark
where the cat‟s eyes glow!” An                    GIRL SCOUT TALK-1997--ages 5
adventurous night-time treasure hunt              and up. Each card in the deck
for ages 8 and up. Consists of 15 clue            presents a Girl Scout fact, then poses a
cards with reflector tape ―eyes,‖                 related question to start conversations.
instructions sheet, and string and                There are no right or wrong answers
clothespins for hanging or attaching              and no special knowledge is needed.
cards along trail. Bring your own                 It‘s a fun, light way to get the
flashlight.                                       conversation rolling.

―CSI – CRIME SCENE                                GIRL SCOUT TRADITION -- Great
INVESTIGATION‖ THE BOARD                          Rivers GS Council, 1987 – for Girl
GAME - Ages 13 & Up – Join                        Scouts 10 and up How much do YOU
Grissom‘s team, gather the evidence,              know about Girl Scouting, camping,
then solve the crime. Includes rules,             Juliette Low and other Girl Scout
crime scene photos, crime scene                   traditions? This is a challenging trivia-
descriptions and solutions and CSI                type game played without a board; can
character profiles for 8 different crime          be played by individuals or teams.
stories (games.)

                                                  GLOBAL PURSUIT – a geography
―CORAL REEF‖ GIANT FLOOR                          trivia game from National
PUZZLE – ages 4 and up – Five feet                Geographic for 2-6 players or
long, 48 large pieces, identification key         teams of all ages – NOTE:
and information sheets included. Use it           information is based on data available
for a start-up or ―early bird‖ activity at        at time of publication: 1987. The
your Daisy or Brownie meeting where               object is to gain as many points as
you‘ll be focusing on ―use resources              possible while creating an ever-
wisely‖ or ―make the world a better               changing view of the world; players
place.‖                                           assemble an actual map of the world,
                                                  so a large smooth playing surface is
                                                  needed. A great rainy day activity!
& Adult – The 48 questions (and                   ―HEALTH SPA MURDER MYSTERY
insightful answers) in this quiz deck             WIDE GAME‖ - for ages 11-13 –
will help you shrink your ecological              written by a Guider in the UK for her
―footprint‖ – your impact on the planet           group‘s weekend at camp, the packet
– and establish a greener, more                   includes your secret instructions,
sustainable lifestyle. PROGRAM LINKS:             menus, ―forensic report‖ and Wide

Game instructions. We can e-mail you           think about many kinds of situations
a cop; contact the Resource Center at          which require good manners, and what
ProgramResources@girlscoutsofgreater           behaviors are appropriate. PROGRAM
atlanta.org.                                   LINK: Manners Try-It.

―HOT COMPANY‖ – The Money                      ―MORE S‘MORES‖ – A graham
Game With Attitude for 2-8 players             cracker ―rummy‖ card game for 2-6
ages 12 – adult. It‘s your                     happy campers ages 6 and up –
opportunity to be the CEO of a cutting         playtime approximately 30 minutes.
edge company, challenge the rules of           Count points as you build your graham
business, and uncover your own                 cracker treat: toasted marshmallow
entrepreneurial spirit. PROGRAM                and chocolate bar cards add points;
LINKS: Mind Your Own Business Focus            burnt marshmallow and chocolate-
Award; Your Own Business Interest              eating ants take them away.

                                               ―PAYDAY‖ – for 2-6 players ages 8
JULIETTE LOW ―FIND-IT‖ GAME –                  to adult – The object of this ―Where
all ages – Twist and turn a jar full of        Does All the Money Go?‖ game is to be
beads, beans, rice and confetti to find        the player with the most cash after
22 hidden objects related to Juliette          playing through one or more ―months.‖
Low and the Girl Scouts. Check lists           (Or, for poor money managers, the
and script provided.                           least amount of debt!) PROGRAM
                                               LINKS: Money Sense badge; Dollars
                                               and Sense IPA
―KID TALK‖ – Brownie & Junior –
Great conversation starters with kids!
Each card in the deck presents a               ―PUT & TAKE‖ – all ages – A
fascinating fact, then poses an                Hanukkah dreidel game, with dreidel
intriguing question to start fun-filled        (spinning top), tokens and bowl for
conversations. There are no right or           holding the ―kitty.‖ Includes directions
wrong answers, no special knowledge            and story. Any number may play.
needed. Pick a card and let‘s talk!

                                               ―SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE CASE OF
"LET'S GO CAMPING" -- Delaware-                THE SILVER BULLET‖ Murder
Raritan GS Council, 1992 -- for                Mystery Dinner Party – Seniors,
Brownies and Juniors preparing for             Ambassadors, Adults - The night of
troop camping: board game format               21 March 1905 saw a full moon rise
for 4 players or teams; aspiring               over the remote village of Thor
campers answer question;                       Bridge…the Brazilian wife of a
demonstrate outdoor skills, and earn           millionaire has been murdered and
money to buy camping equipment so              Sherlock Holmes has gathered the
they can go to camp.                           subjects together. Kit includes a DVD,
                                               invitations, Exhibits A-H, party planner
                                               booklet, character booklets, a CD of
"MANNERS MATTER‖ - 1996 – a                    ragtime piano music, and a little
board game for 2-4 players ages 5-             English cookbook.
10 helps children think about many
kinds of situations which require good
manners, and what behaviors are                ―SMART CHOICES‖ – elementary
appropriate. PROGRAM LINK: Manners             school – These handy flash cards will
Try-It.                                        help girls make smart choices in lots of
                                               different situations. For example, you
                                               are at a movie theater and someone
 ―MIND YOUR MANNERS‖-1987                      behind you keeps talking loudly. Do
-- for ages 5-9; board game for 2-6            you yell to get the manager‘s
players or teams; game helps children          attention? Do you say nothing and

have trouble hearing the movie? Or is            what a ―beetle‖ is; you have to roll
there a better way to handle the                 certain numbers on the dice to earn
situation. Play a Smart Choice game              certain pieces of the puzzle or beetle.
and find out! PROGRAM LINKS: Caring              This puzzle is the World Trefoil symbol,
and Sharing, Manners, People Are                 with the blue and gold leaves, stars,
Talking, and Working It Out Try-Its;             needle and flame. An explanation of all
Being My Best, Healthy Relationships,            the parts is given.
and The Choice is Yours badges.

& Junior Girl Scouts - Road Sign
Challenge, Road Sign Dominoes, I Spy,
I Spy Too, Alphabet Traveler and I‘m
Going On A Trip. Mini (travel) Ludo
game and ―Go Fish‖ cards; travel
BINGO and scavenger hunts; ―Girl
Scout traditions‖ trivia game.                   ―102 CAMP SONGS‖ – 3 volumes of
PROGRAM LINK: Travel Right Try-It.               full length favorites, 34 songs on each
Note: Books of travel games are also             disc; volumes are checked out
available for check out.                         separately. Lyrics available! Includes
                                                 such ―classics‖ as Black Socks, I‟m A
                                                 Nut, Squirty Orange, Announcements,
―TWISTER‖ – The game that ties you               Do Your Ears Hang Low, Tom the Toad,
up in knots; for two or more players             Baby Bumblebee, The Baby Prune, and
ages 6 and up. Includes Twister Mat,             I‟m A Little Piece of Tin.
spinner, and instructions. Instrucciones
del juego en ingles y español.
                                                 ―ALOHA PARTY MUSIC‖ - Hawaiian
                                                 and Caribbean instrumental music: 14
"UNGAME – TEEN VERSION‖                          songs for listening, dancing, or limbo!
(pocket-size) -- Talicor Inc.; for
teens -- non-competitive game
facilitates communication while                  ―AMERICAN PRIDE‖ – Marine
teaching sharing & listening skills; both        Guards Marching Band: The Bridge
light-hearted and serious questions              Elect, The Gladiator March, Manhattan
give each player a chance to speak and           Beach, High School Cadets, El Capitan,
to be heard; questions are geared to             Washington Post, Hail to the Spirit of
teens; game uses cards only.                     Liberty, The Thunderer, Stars & Strips
                                                 Forever, Semper Fidelis, Diplomatic
                                                 March, Invincible Eagle, Liberty Bell,
―WOMEN WITH A MESSAGE:                           Hands Across the Sea, King Cotton
FAMOUS BLACK WOMEN AND                           March, The Belle of Chicago, Crusader,
THEIR PHILOSOPHIES‖- 1993-- for                  Blaze Away, Colonel Bogey.
grades 1-8; flexible program for
different age groups; leader‘s guide
included. Different games for groups of          ―BEST OF NORTH SOUND, VOL. II‖
up to 25 help children appreciate the            Selections range from classical to
contributions of African-American                contemporary and feature nature
women to the development of the                  sounds including rain, ocean surf, loons
U.S.A. and to accept and appreciate              and wolves howling. Use for
cultural differences. PROGRAM LINKS:             ceremonies, stress-less activities, or
Her Story Try-It; Celebrating People             for go-to-sleep music at a sleepover.
badge; My Heritage badge.

                                                 BIRDS OF THE FOREST – 56 min.
WORLD TREFOIL PIN ―BEETLE‖ –                     Authentic nature recordings (no music)
Brownies and older – If you‘re ever              featuring birds recorded in their natural
played the game of ―Cootie‖ you know             forest settings. Use for ceremonies,

stress-less activities, or for go-to-sleep        older - Soprano Xin Jie sings classical
―music‖ at a sleepover.                           and folk songs of love from France,
                                                  China, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy
                                                  and America. (All except China are
―CARIBBEAN CELEBRATION‖ – 52                      members of WAGGGS.)
min., 2008 – Tropical steel band
music from the Caribbean: Limbo;
Bamboo Stick; Island Home; Sounds of              ―ITALIAN CAFÉ‖ – 33 min., 2009 –
the Sea; Melodies; Mambo Mama; Flag               Mandolin music: Carnival of Venice; O
Woman; Marianne/Mathilda; Yellow                  Sole Mio; Capricio Italienne; Cavalleria
Bird; Carnival; Rhythm.                           Rusticana; Il Bacio; Un Sera A Napoli;
                                                  La Mattinata; Tarantella.

―CELTIC ODYSSEY‖ – 32 min., 2009
– Traditional harp music: The Weaving             ―KIDS DANCE AND PLAY‖ - Vol.
Song; Stirling Castle; Maurice                    One – Traditional action songs for
O‟Conner; Lady Gethin; Biran Boru‟s               Daisy and young Brownie Girl Scouts:
March; Biddy the Bold Wife; Trip to               Goin‟ On a Bear Hunt/ Build „em Up/
Sligo; Cameron‟s Wife; Fanny Poers;               Clap If You Want To/ Crocodile Rock/
Rory O‟More.                                      Dr. Knickerbocker/ Head & Shoulders/
                                                  Mulberry Bush/ Hokey Pokey/ I Am the
                                                  Music Man/ I‟m A Little Teapot/If
―HAWAIIAN LUAU‖ – 55 min., 2008                   You‟re Happy and You Know It.
– Traditional, popular, and Hawaiian-
style music: Hawaii Aloha; Pretty Ke
Hulani; Kanaka; Kaulana Na Pua;                   ―KIDS‘ FLICKS‖ – Music to sing and
Sands; Songs of the Islands; Pua                  dance to from kids‘ favorite movies:
Sadinia; Tiger Rag; Hano Hano                     Men In Black, You‟re the One That I
Hanalei; Aloha Oe.                                Want, Ghostbusters, I‟m A Believer
                                                  (―Shrek‖), Raiders of the Lost Ark,
                                                  Funkytown (―Shrek 2‖), Hound Dog
―I CAN LEARN SPANISH‖ – ages 5-                   (―Lilo and Stitch‖), Independent
8- ―Sing a song, learn a language‖ CD             Women Part I (―Charlie‘s Angels‖),
and kid‘s lesson book with complete               Tomorrow, Livin‟ La Vida Loca (―Shrek
translations and reproducible coloring            2‖), One Way Or Another (―New York
pages; all songs sung in both Spanish             Minute‖), Soul Bossa Nova (Austin
and English: The More We Get                      Powers‖), Sea Cruise (―Finding
Together; Where Has My Little Dog                 Nemo‖), Over the Rainbow.
Gone; One Elephant; I Love to Go
A‟Wandering; La Bamba; La
Cucaracha; El Sereno, and 20 more.                KID VISION: Relaxation and
                                                  Imagination Tools for Life – For all
                                                  ages- 48 min. – Guided imagery and
―I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND‖ – Songs                   relation techniques help kids, teens,
and Activities for Young                          and even adults learn to focus and
Peacemakers – Southern Poverty                    improve skills and eating habits, create
Law Center, 2003 – all ages - -                   positive behaviors, find inner strength,
Songbook and sing-along CD with                   relax their minds and go to sleep more
songs from many different cultural                easily. PROGRAM LINKS: Stress Less
traditions and songwriters,                       badge; From Stress to Success IPA;
encompassing rap, folk, gospel, jazz,             Don‘t Sweat It Focus Award.
show tunes and traditional songs.
PROGRAM LINKS: Celebrating People,
Making Music and Music Fan badges.                ―LET‘S MAKE MUSIC‖ – An
                                                  Interactive Musical Trip Around the
                                                  World – elementary and middle school
 ―INTERNATIONAL SONGS OF                          – CD and song book: sing and play
LOVE‖ (2004; 34 min.) –                           songs from around the world; create
Recommended for Seniors and                       instruments from 10 different countries

using recycled materials. PROGRAM                all ages – The girls of Girl Scout
LINKS: World Thinking Day; Making                Troop 20266 and their ―fearless leader‖
Music Try-It; Music Fan badge.                   Nancee McGraw chose songs from Girl
                                                 Scout events and day and resident
                                                 camp to share with you: Thunderation/
MELINDA CARROLL PRESENTS Girl                    Singin‟ In the Rain/ He‟s Got the Whole
Scouts Greatest Hits 10th                        World/ Tarzan/ The More We Get
Anniversary: The Highlights (Vol.                Together/ Make New Friends/ Hawaiian
9) – 72 minutes – all ages – 23                  Punch/ The Washy Woman/ Sippin‟
songs from previous CDs: Ocean of                Cider/ Boom Chicka Boom/ America/
Goodness; Growing Strong; Juliette;              Dip, Dip and Swing/ Brownie Smile
Show Us How You Get Down; Swinging               Song/ I Love the Mountains/ Jelly
Along; We‟re All Together; Everyday              Beans/ My Leader Don‟t Wear/ The
Angels; Motion of the Ocean; Lion                Princess Pat/ Barges/ Linger/ Scouting
Hunt; Duck Girl Song; Every Girl,                Grace/ Johnny Appleseed/ Do Wah
Everywhere; Make a New Friend; Circle            Diddy Grace/ The Frog Song/ Louise/
of Love; Flicker of the Campfire; Sister,        We Are the Girl Scouts/ Taps.
Sister; Peace of the River; The Ash              SONGBIRDS OF SPRING – ―Pastoral
Grove; Plant a Tree; Children Go                 Countryside‖ (30 min.) is a journey
Where I Send Three; In a Circle, Light           through New England, with birdsong,
a Candle; We Change the World; Girl              church bells, and a rolling brook.
Scout Rap; Irish Lullaby.                        ―Songbird of Spring‖ (30 min,) is a
                                                 solid symphony of birdsong.

Performed by the Party Dance Band:               ―SQUARE DANCE CLASSICS‖ –
The Twist, The Alley Cat, Mexican Hat            Mostly traditional Southern
Dance, The Tarrentella, Opus 1                   Appalachian square dance tune, about
(Jitterbug/Lindy), The Hora,                     16 minutes of music without calls and
                                                 about 20 minutes of music with calls:
Charleston, The Stripper, Dance of the           The Town and Country Square Dance;
Qua Qua (Chicken Dance), The Bunny               Old Joe Clark; Buffalo Gal; Soldiers
Hop, Muserlou (Greek), Limbo Rock,               Joy; Joes‟s Been A-Gittin‟ There; Flop-
Beer Barrl Polka, Can-Can, Irish Jig,            Eared Mule; Billy‟s Hornpipe; Blue Jay
Conga Line                                       Rag; Arkansas Traveler; Turkey In the
                                                 Straw; Jim‟s Guitar Rag; Mississippi
THE‖ and Other Asian Tales of Love
and Honor, by Motoko – 2001 –                    TALES OF NOW & ZEN, by Motoko –
Ages 8 & up – An award-winning                   ages 10 and up – 2006 –Sakura
story-telling CD: Kang Ding Love Story           (Cherry Blossom Song); The Tale of
(Chinese); Water of Life (Japanese);             Twelve Animals (Chinese/ Japanese);
The Promise of Chrysanthemums                    The Cost of Racism (Motoko); The
(Motoko); Zui Zui Zukkorobashi                   Tale of a Kokeshi Doll (Japanese); Meiji
(Japanese children‘s song); Hekoki               no Onna (The Woman of the Meiji Era)
Nyobo (Japanese); The Love Story of              – Japanese; Heaven and Hell (Zen
Takeda (Motoko); Boundless Strength              parable.)

                                                 ―TANGO, INVITATION TO‖ – 2003;
―SALSA, INVITATION TO‖ – 2003 –                  34 min. – Middle school and older –
53 min. - Middle school and older                North and South American music to
– 12 tunes to listen or dance to. Salsa          tango or listen to: 12 tunes.
dance instructions available.

                                                  ―TRAVELING GOURMET: Music for
THE SASSY SINGERS Present                        Authentic Dining‖ Set the tone for
Essential Songs for Your Troop –                 an international dinner or event with

traditional music from one of these             Hawaii; songbook accompanying tape
countries. Each CD has approximately            has information about each country,
40 min. of music plus 20 downloadable           and directions for the games/dances
recipes (requires Adobe Acrobat R               that go with some of the songs

1) FRANCE: 13 songs including                   ―WEE SING SILLY SONGS‖ -- Price
―Moulin Rouge,‖ ―Hymne A L‘Amours,              Stern Sloan, 1982-- for all ages;
―Air D‘Accordeon,‖ ―J‘Attendrai,‖ ―Lili         songs include John Brown‟s Baby /
Marlene,‖ ―Comino,‖ and ―Sous Le Ciel           Nobody Likes Me / Who Did Swallow
De Paris.‖                                      Jonah? / Three Jolly Fishermen / Lloyd
                                                George Knew My Father / The Limerick
2) ITALY: 15 songs, including                   Song / Dry Bones / What Did
―Carnivall of Venice,‖ ―O Sole Mio,‖            Delaware? / Father‟s Whiskers /
―Cavalleris Rusticana,‖ ―Violette,‖             Michael Finnegan / Go Get the Ax / She
―Tarantella,‖ ―Una Sera Napoli,‖                Waded in the Water / Do Your Ears
―Quando Quando,‖ and ―Capriccio                 Hang Low? / My Hand On My Head /
Italienne.‖                                     Once An Austrian Went Yodeling /
                                                Risseldy, Rosseldy / Animal Fair / The
3) MEXICO: 14 songs, including                  Bear Went Over the Mountain / Boom,
―Torero,‖ ―Guadalajara,‖ ―Las                   Boom, Ain‟t It Great to Be Crazy? /
Mañanitas,‖ ―El Mariachi,‖ ―La Raspa,‖          Rabbit Ain‟t Got / Little Bunny Foo Foo
―Las Cotonelas,‖ ―Silverio,‖ and ―Las           / Mules / We‟re Here Because We‟re
Perlitas.‖                                      Here / Ten In A Bed / Grasshopper /
                                                Baby Bumblebee / The Crocodile / The
                                                Ants Go Marching / Little Skunk‟s Hole
―WE ARE FAMILY: GIRL SCOUTS‘                    / Bill Grogan‟s Goat / Be Kind to Your
GREATEST HITS VOL. 7‖ – All ages                Web-footed Friends /The Horse Went
Recorded at destinations ―We Are                Around / Found A Peanut / A Peanut
Family‖ in 2005; includes karaoke               Sat On A Railroad Track / Oh, You
style: It‟s In Every One of Us; We Are          Can‟t Get to Heaven / There‟s A Hole in
Family; Show Us How You Get Down;               the Middle of the Sea / There‟s A Hole
Ocean of Goodness; Ging Gan Gooli;              in the Bucket / 99 Bottles of Pop / 99
Tongo; Girl Scout Cheer; Humpty                 Miles from Home / Nursery Rhyme
Dumpty; Tumba Ta Tumba; Hymn to                 Song / It Ain‟t Gonna Rain / Throw It
the Russian Earth; Sinhalese Song (Sri          Out the Window / My Hat, It Has Three
Lanka); Cancion del Movimienta                  Corners / The Green Grass Grows All
(Argentina); Sister, Sister; Przyjaciele        Around / Down by the Bay / Hinky
(Poland); Estonian Lullaby (Estonia);           Dinky Double D Farm / One Bottle of
Walk In Beauty Grace; Who Can Sail?             Pop / No, No, Yes, Yes / I‟m A Nut.

                                                ―WEST AFRICAN MUSIC‖ (The
―WEE SING AROUND THE WORLD‖                     Rough Guide) – 71 minutes – Music
-- Price Stern Sloan, Inc., 1994 --             from Mali, Niger, Guinea, Ghana,
for all ages; tape includes the singing         Senegal and Mauritania (Guinea,
of children and adults from around the          Ghana, Senegal and Mauritania are all
world sharing songs native to their             members of WAGGGS.) A great
lands and cultures; songs are from              resource for parties, exploring your
Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, West Indies,            own heritage and/ot other cultures and
Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guyana, Brazil,           World Thinking Day.
Argentina, Peru, Norway, Sweden,
Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Scotland,
England, Netherlands, France,                   ―WORLD PLAYGROUND‖ – Activity
Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy,             Book & CD – songs, lyrics, and
Greece, Russia, Yugoslavia, Ghana,              translations from 14 countries, more
Nigeria, Zaire, Kenya, Turkey, Iran,            than 50 hands-on, simple activities
Israel, India, China, Korea, Japan,             including music, movement, and art:
Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and           Senegal, Bolivia, Jamaica, Australia,

Canada, USA, Greece, France, Congo,              all ages, especially Junior Girl
Puerto Rico, Brazil, Israel, and Ethiopia        Scouts and older; includes the Sing
(which is not a member of WAGGGS                 Together songbook; Sing Together / All
                                                 Is Silent / Old Hungarian Round /
                                                 Rock-a My Soul / He‟s Got the Whole
                                                 World In His Hands / Thanksgiving
                                                 Canon / Michael, Row the Boat Ashore
                                                 / The Silver Moon Is Shining / Song of
                                                 the Sea / In the Forest Lonely / The
                                                 Mermaid / This Train / Water Come A
                                                 Me Eye / Skye Boat Song / I Know
       CASSETTE                                  Where I‟m Going / Oleana / Sakura /
                                                 Hevenu Shalom Aleichem

                                                 ―GIRL SCOUTS SING"-- for all ages,
―ACAPELLA ANGELS: SONGS FOR                      especially Junior Girl Scouts and
GIRL SCOUTS AND MORE‖--- Girl                    older; songs include God Has Created
Scout Troop #4009, San Diego GSC                 A New Day / Alleluia / Wayfarer's
-- for all ages; songs include Gracias,          Grace / World Hunger Grace / All
Señor / Back of the Bread / Bless This           Night, All Day / Where Go the Boats?/
Food / God Our Father / „Neath These             Bed Is Too Small / Peace of the River /
Tall Green Trees / Thank You for the             Evening Star / Kum Ba Yah / Girl
Food / Dona Nobis Pacem / Ah, Poor               Scouts Together / Our Chalet / Song
Bird / Rose, Rose / Hey, Ho / Zum Gali           Without Words / Tancuj / My Home's
Gali / Black Socks / Campfire‟s Burning          In Montana / Linstead Market / It's A
/ Fare Thee Well / Let Us Sing Together          Small World / Land of the Silver Birch /
/ I Love the Mountains / One Bottle o‟           Barges / Song of the Southland / Rise
Pop.                                             Up, O Flame / Caravan Song (Let Us
                                                 Go Walking Together) / Zum Gali Gali /
                                                 Buon Giorno / Dona Nobis Pacem /
―FIESTA! MEXICO & CENTRAL                        Swinging Along
AMERICA‖ --Fearon Teacher Aids,
1993-- for all ages, especially
grades 2-5; part of a global                     "IN HER OWN WORDS: LADY
awareness program for children;                  BADEN-POWELL" -- WAGGGS-- for
accompanies activity book of the same            Junior Girl Scouts and up; Lady
name; one side of tape is instrumental           Baden-Powell, World Chief Guide, tells
only, other side includes vocals; songs          the story of the beginnings of Girl
include A la Vibora (The Serpent) /              Guides/Scouts and Boy Scouts, how
Piñon, Pirulin / Charrada (Dance of the          some Scouting traditions began, and of
Mexican Horsemen )/ Las Mañanitas                founding of the World Centers.
(The Morning Song) / El Coyotillo
(Little Coyote) / Feliz Cumpleanos
(Happy Birthday) / A Mambru Chato                MELINDA CARROLL - GIRL SCOUTS
(Pug-nosed Mambru )/ Tengo Una                   GREATEST HITS: VOL. 1,2,3 & 6 –
Muneca (I Have A Doll) / Los Pollitos            songs traditionally sung by Girl Scouts
(The Little Chicks) / Riqui Ran /                plus new compositions by Melinda
Cancion de Cuna (Cradle Song) / El               Carroll and other artists. Side 2 of each
Tambor de la Alegria (The Drum of                tape is instrumental/karaoke:
Joy) / Niño Querido (Dearest Child) /
La Piñata (The Piñata) / Para Quebrar            VOL. 2 ―The Wind Beneath Our
la Piñata (Breaking the Piñata) / El             Wings‖ – Sussex Campfire Song,
Coqui (The Croaker) / Arre, Caballito            America the Beautiful, Swinging Along,
(Get Along, My Little Pony)                      Music Alone Shall Live, The Wind
                                                 Beneath My Wings, You Gotta Sing,
                                                 Shalom Chaverim, Pokare Kare, This
―GIRL SCOUT SING TOGETHER                        Pretty Planet, We Change the World,
SAMPLER‖ -- GSUSA, 1997 -- for                   Ira Congo, Thanksgiving Canon, The

World Song, Kyrie, I Love the                    Sarasponda / The Ash Grove / Goin‟ to
Mountains, Aloha My Friend, We                   Leave Ol‟ Texas / Covered Wagon Song
Change the World/Girl Scout Rap                  / Tell Me Why / Kum Ba Yah / I Love
                                                 the Mountains / Whene‟er You Make A
VOL. 3 ―Brownie Girl Scouts                      Promise / Brownie Smile Song / Make
Growing Strong‖ – Growing Strong,                New Friends / Peace of the River /
Brownie Smile Song, A Friendly World,            Round-About Round / Now the Day Is
The Bear Song, We‟re All Together,               Over / Weave / God Has Created A
Make New Friends, Sakura, The Frogs,             New Day / Hark to the Chimes / Back
Kookaburra, When E‟re You Make a                 of the Bread / Wayfarer‟s Grace /
Promise, The Crocodile, Orchestra, Hey           Traveler‟s Grace / Thank You / Brownie
Hey Jubilee Hey, Alouette, Back of the           Hiking Song
Bread, White Coral Bells, A Ram Sam
Sam, Punua, Hyda, Tell Me Why, This
Little Light of Mine.                            ST. LOUIS SINGS II: SONGS FOR
VOL. 4 ―Celebrate Together!‖ –                   BROWNIE GIRL SCOUTS– Girl
Celebrate Together, Hello, Make a New            Scout Council of Greater St. Louis -
Friend, In a Circle Light a Candle, Irish        - for all ages, especially Brownie
Blessing, Campfire‟s Brining, Each               Girl Scouts and their leaders;
Campfire Light‟s A-New, Plant a Tree,            traditional favorites; songs include
The Thank You Song, Everyday Angels,             Tzena / The Little Bells / We‟re All
Al Shlosha D‟Varim, Everyday Angels,             Together Again / Make New Friends /
Vamos a Cambiae rl Mundo, Let There              Brownie Friend-Maker Song / Brownie
Be Peace On Earth, World Hunger                  Smile Song / Welcome Song / The
Grace, Green Trees, Juliette Taps,               Brownies‟ Song / I‟m Wise / Bamboo
Linger.                                          Fairies / Brownie Hiking Song /
                                                 Brownie Magic / Round-About Round /
VOL. 5 – Camp Songs for Every                    The Fairy Ship / Jump, Jump, Jump! /
Girl, Every Where – Sing Your Way                Frog Round / Donkey Riding / Don‟t
Home, Every Girl Every Where, Hey                Want to Go Home / My Ducklings /
Hey Bo Diddley Bop, Canoe Round,                 Funny Money Riddle / Clocks /
Princess Pat, De Colores, Rock My                Herdgirl‟s Song / Pretty Girls and the
Soul, Once An Austrian Went Yodeling,            Shoemaker / Paper of Pins / Three
Flea, „Neath These Tall Green Trees,             Little Witches / The Lame Crane / Zulu
One Bottle of Pop, Boom Chica Boom,              Warrior / Chairs to Mend Mend / The
Where Every Girl Has a Voice, Lu La              Barnyard Song / The Old Hungarian
Le, Flicker of the Campfire, Bed Is Too          Round / The Wind In the Willows / Tree
Small, Aloha Oe.                                 Song / Allelujah / Starlight, Starbright
                                                 / Come Follow, Follow / Lovely Evening
VOL. 6 – ―Happy Little Campers‖ –                / Taps / Each Campfire Lights Anew /
Thunderation, Buddies and Friends,               Rise Up, O Flame / Shalom Chaverim /
Little Happy Camper, Grey Squirrel,              Good Night Song/ On the Flying
Boogie Woogie Alligator, The Ants Go             Trapeze/ Looby Lou.
Marching, Lion Hunt, Baby Duck, Funky
Chicken, Simple Gifts, My Aunt Came
Back, Hands Around the World, Put a              ―SINGALONG SONGBOOK‖ -
Little Love In Your Heart/Learn On Me,           GSUSA, 1991 -- for all ages,
God is S‟mores, All Night All Day, Scout         especially Daisy, Brownie and
Vesper, Souallé, Circle of Love.                 younger Junior Girl Scouts; songs
                                                 include God Has Created A New Day /
                                                 Sing-Along Song / Clap Your Hands /
―ST. LOUIS SINGS‖-- Girl Scout                   Oats and Beans and Barley Grow / The
Council including include Music Shall            Frogs / Mexican Counting Song / The
Live / Why Shouldn‟t My Goose? / Fare            Veery / The More We Get Together /
Thee Well / French Cathedrals / Rose,            Sing Together / Bow, Belinda / The
Rose / Hey, Ho! / Dona Nobis Pacem /             Cuckoo / Ging Gong Gooli / I Love the
Whippoorwill / Kookaburra / White                Mountains / Kookaburra / Little Man in
Coral Bells / Canoe Round / Horsey,              the Woods (Jack-in-the-Pulpit) /
Horsey / Let Us Sing Together /                  Alouette / Bell Song / My Hat / Shoo,

Fly, Don‟t Bother Me / Bingo / A Ram              of children and adults from around the
Sam Sam / Sweetly Sings the Donkey /              world sharing songs native to their
Thanks A Lot / Hyda / The Leprechaun              lands and cultures; songs are from
/ Orchestra / Dolls Festival (Hina                Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, West Indies,
Matsuri) / Sur le Pont d‟Avignon /                Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guyana, Brazil,
Come and Go / We Are Daisy Girl                   Argentina, Peru, Norway, Sweden,
Scouts / Brownie Friend-Maker Song /              Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Scotland,
Piñata Song / My Dreidel / To Everyone            England, Netherlands, France,
in All the World/ Ach Ja! / Sandy‟s Mill          Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy,
/ San Sereni / Paw Paw Patch /                    Greece, Russia, Yugoslavia, Ghana,
Children Go Where I Send Thee / You               Nigeria, Zaire, Kenya, Turkey, Iran,
Gotta Sing / For Thy Gracious Blessing            Israel, India, China, Korea, Japan,
/ This Little Light of Mine / Cuckoo              Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and
Round / Whippoorwill / All the Pretty             Hawaii; songbook accompanying tape
Little Horses / Dors, Dors, Mon Petit /           has information about each country,
Sing Your Way Home / Soualle                      and directions for the games/dances
(Goodnight)                                       that go with some of the songs

―SISTERS HAND IN HAND‖ – New                      ―WEE SING SILLY SONGS‖ -- Price
Songs for Girl Scouts Everywhere                  Stern Sloan, 1982-- for all ages;
(GSUSA, 2002) – Sisters Hand In                   songs include John Brown‟s Baby /
Hand, All For One, Make New Friends,              Nobody Likes Me / Who Did Swallow
If I Were Brave (Girl Scout Version),             Jonah? / Three Jolly Fishermen / Lloyd
Unete A Las Girl Scouts (Find Yourself            George Knew My Father / The Limerick
in the Girl Scouts), I Want to Be a Girl          Song / Dry Bones / What Did
Scout, Let‟s Plant the Future, Sister             Delaware? / Father‟s Whiskers /
Thing, When Girl Scouts Gather, Thank             Michael Finnegan / Go Get the Ax / She
You Ms. Juliette, I Want to Thank You,            Waded in the Water / Do Your Ears
Still a Girl Scout, Girl Scout Cookies.           Hang Low? / My Hand On My Head /
                                                  Once An Austrian Went Yodeling /
                                                  Risseldy, Rosseldy / Animal Fair / The
―WE LIKE KIDS: Songs for the                      Bear Went Over the Mountain / Boom,
Earth‖ – a songbook and cassette                  Boom, Ain‟t It Great to Be Crazy? /
tape (90 min.) celebrate the earth                Rabbit Ain‟t Got / Little Bunny Foo Foo
with 30 inspiring songs about                     / Mules / We‟re Here Because We‟re
everything from dinosaurs to                      Here / Ten In A Bed / Grasshopper /
recycling: Baxter the Bear/ A Better              Baby Bumblebee / The Crocodile / The
Place to Live/ Birds of the Air/ Colors of        Ants Go Marching / Little Skunk‟s Hole
Earth/ Cycles/ Dirt Made My Lunch/                / Bill Grogan‟s Goat / Be Kind to Your
Garbage/ The Garden Song/ I Can‘t                 Web-footed Friends /
Wait for Spring/ I‘m A Tree/ The                  The Horse Went Around / Found A
Lambeth Children/ Let‘s Help this                 Peanut / A Peanut Sat On A Railroad
Planet/ Marching Through the Muskeg/              Track / Oh, You Can‟t Get to Heaven /
Mother Birds/ Over in the Endangered              There‟s A Hole in the Middle of the Sea
Meadow/ People Are Animals, Too!/                 / There‟s A Hole in the Bucket / 99
Picture This in Your Frame of Mind/               Bottles of Pop / 99 Miles from Home /
Places in the World/ Polar Bear Polka/            Nursery Rhyme Song / It Ain‟t Gonna
Rainbow Planet/ Raingear/ Save What‘s             Rain / Throw It Out the Window / My
Left/ The Season Song/ Snow Song/                 Hat, It Has Three Corners / The Green
Song for the Sun/ Take Good Care of               Grass Grows All Around / Down by the
the Earth/ We All Live Together/ We               Bay / Hinky Dinky Double D Farm /
Love the Animals/ We Recycle/ What                One Bottle of Pop / No, No, Yes, Yes /
Did the Dinosaurs Say?                            I‟m A Nut.

 ―WEE SING AROUND THE WORLD‖                      "WEE SING SING-ALONGS"-- Price
-- Price Stern Sloan, Inc., 1994 --               Stern Sloan, 1990-- for all ages;
for all ages; tape includes the singing           many "old favorite" camp songs, sing-

along songs, etc.; songs include The            ―GIRL SCOUT POCKET SONGBOOK‖
More We Get Together / Vive La                  (28 copies). Songs for Girl Scout
Compagnie / Hey, Lolly, Lolly / S-M-I-          occasions, fun and action songs,
L-E / Today Is Monday / Clementine /            Americana, folk music, part singing.
Sarasponda / The Upward Trail / Down
By the Old Mill Stream / Zum Gali Gali
/ I've Been Working On the Railroad /           ―STILL SINGING AFTER ALL THESE
She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain /           YEARS‖ –Celebrating the 90th
O, Susanna / We Won't Go Home Until             Anniversary of Girl Scouting (39
Morning / When the Saints Go                    copies) Rounds, action songs,
Marching In / Joshua Fought the Battle          campfire songs, ―Girl Scout‖ songs, art
of Jericho / Get On Board / Heaven,             songs, patriotic songs…Pocket-size
Heaven / Nobody Knows the Trouble               songbook.
I've Seen / Jacob's Ladder / Swing
Low, Sweet Chariot / Rock-a My Soul /
One More River / Rise and Shine /
Kookaburra / Why Shouldn't My
Goose? / Frog Round / White Coral
Bells/ Scotland's Burning / Little Tom
Tinker / Down By the Station / Are You
Sleeping / Row Your Boat / Three Blind
Mice / Reuben and Rachel / Sweetly
Sings the Donkey / Chairs to Mend / A           FLAGS:
Ram Sam Sam / Dona Nobis Pacem /
For Health and Strength / Make New              3-FLAG SET/8‘ Oak Poles: American
Friends / Come, Follow / Oh How                 Flag, World Association ( WAGGGS)
Lovely is the Evening / Sing Together /         flag, and Girl Scout flag; flags are 3‘ x
Hey, Ho! Nobody Home / Music Alone              5‘ and poles are 8‘1‖ with metal
Shall Live / Let Us Sing Together / He's        toppers - recommended for girls 11
Got the Whole World / Kum Ba Yah /              and older because of size and weight of
Tell Me Why / Michael, Row the Boat             pole/flags. Flag stands available.
Ashore / Down In the Valley /
Shenandoah / I Know Where I'm Going
/ Riddle Song / Wayfaring Stranger / I          3-FLAG SET/8‘ Pine and Oak Poles
Love the Mountains / Sing Your Way              - American Flag, WAGGGS Flag, and
Home / Every Night When the Sun                 Girl Scout (troop) flag; flags are 3‘ x 5‘
Goes In / Now the Day Is Over / Taps            and poles are 8‘1‖ - recommended for
                                                girls 9 and older because of size ands
                                                weigh of poles/flags. Flag stands
 ―WORLD THINKING DAY 2000‖ –                    available.
WAGGGS – for Juniors and older.
First recorded in 1957, the Centenary
Year of the birth of the Founder, Lord          4-FLAG INTERNATIONAL SET: 3X5‘
Baden-Powell; World Song by London              flags (on 8‘ poles) from the Four World
Guider‘s Singing Group, 1995. Tape is           Centre countries: United Kingdom (Pax
one-side only. The World Song (2nd              Lodge), Switzerland (Our Chalet),
verse)/Lady Baden-Powell‟s Thinking             Mexico (Our Cabaña) and India
Day Message/All Night, All Day/Maori            (Sangam.) Use with four wooden flag
Stick Game/Indian Song/Swiss                    holders, below.
Yodeling Song/Zulu Lullaby/Dona Nobis
Pacem/Taps/The World Song.
                                                3-FLAG SET/6‘ Pine Poles – Smaller
                                                flags and shorter, lighter poles: 2‘X3‘
                                                American Flag, World Association
SONG BOOK PACKS                                 (WAGGGS) flag, Girl Scout flag. Poles
                                                are 6‘ , oine, with wooden toppers.
                                                Flag stands available.

AMERICAN FLAG: 3X5 ‗ flag on 8‘
pine pole.

BROWNIE FLAG: 2X3‘ flag on 6‘ pine

flag on 6‘ pine pole.

FLAG STANDS: Set of 3 gold-colored
stands will hold any council-owned
                                                ACTIVE POSTER
flags designed to be posted in a stand.         KITS
FLAG STANDS: WOOD – Four gold-                  ―BULLIES NO, BUDDIES YES!‖ –
painted wooden criss-cross flag stands          Three posters plus an information and
for larger flags.                               activity packet designed to help Girl
                                                Scout Daisies and Brownies
                                                understand what a bully is and how to
FLAG HALTERS: White canvas strap
                                                deal with bullying. PROGRAM LINKS:
halters for flag bearers to use in              Courageous and Strong; Respect
parades or ceremonies where the flag            Myself and Others; Working It Out Try-
is carried, not posted.                         It. ALSO: use with “Say No to Bullies”
                                                Pathway kit.
raised on an outdoor pole – great
                                                ―GIRL SCOUT WAYS‖ – Use this 3-
for camp!) Reserve one or both:                 poster set to help Girl Scout Daisies
- American Flag                                 and Brownies
- World Association Flag                               Learn the Girl Scout Promise
                                                        and Law
                                                       See themselves as girls of good
GIRL SCOUT PODIUM                                       character
BANNER                                                 Begin learning about their
                                                        sister Girl Scouts and Guides
Green Girl Scout ―3 faces‖ trefoil (old                 around the world.
style) on white background. Hangs on
a podium or lectern; could be carried in
a parade.                                        ―IT‘S IMPORTANT TO ME!‖ GIRL
                                                SCOUT JUNIORS LIVING THE LAW -
                                                Girl Scout Juniors can use this 12-
                                                poster set to talk about the Girl Scout
                                                Law, the Promise, and the Slogan (―Do
                                                a good turn daily‖) or other issues and
                                                values that are important to them.
                                                There are activities and discussion
                                                topics on the backs of all but three*
                                                posters: 1) Citizenship 2) Compassion
     WOODEN                                     3) Cooperation 4) Courage is…*
FOOTBRIDGE                                      5) Generosity 6) Girl Scout Promise
                                                and Law 7) Honesty* 8) Perseverance
                                                9) Respectfulness 10) Responsibility
Made of un-finished wood, 50‖ long              11) Trustworthiness 12) Courageous
and 24‖ wide; slight arch; must attach          voices… PROGRAM LINK: The Sign of
side rail yourself! Not wheelchair              the Sun; Girl Scout Challenge 2; It‘s
accessible.                                     Important to Me badge.

                                                 hurts. We can stop it. 5) Courage is
                                                 what it takes… PROGRAM LINK: Girl
―LET‘S GET ALONG!‖ (―Friendly                    Scout Challenge 1; Working It Out Try-
and helpful‖) – Daisy and Brownie                It,
- Although this bulletin board set and
activity guide were created for the
classroom, they‘re a great resource for          ―WE‘RE ALL DIFFERENT‖ – Grades
the second line of the Girl Scout Law,           K-3: Four posters with activity guide:
(I will do my best to be) friendly and                  We‘re all different. We‘re all
helpful. But they also show how other                    special. We all deserve respect.
parts of the Law are important to being                 You don‘t get harmony when
a good friend. PROGRAM LINKS: Girl                       everyone sings the same note.
Scout Daisy Learning Petal activities or                Respect.
to expand on Amazing Daisy, her                         The hand of friendship has no
flower friends, and the Girl Scout Law                   color.
(for example, Sunny Sunflower is                 PROGRAM LINKS: Daisy Learning
friendly and helpful.) Girl Scout                Petals ―Respect Myself and Others‖ and
Brownie leaders might use this set to            ―Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout‖;
help new Brownies begin to understand            Caring and Sharing Try-It and Manners
the Girl Scout Law, but also as a                Try-It.
resource for the Manners Try-It, Caring
and Sharing Try-It, Working It Out
Try-It, and Citizen Near and Far. Try-

Girl Scout Daisies & Brownies:
Eight large activity posters to help Girl                 POSTERS
Scouts 5 to 8 years old understand
how the Girl Scout Law is part of their
                                                 for Display &
every-day life: 1) Acceptance 2)                 Demonstration
Friendship 3) Honesty 4) Kindness
5) Respect 6) Stand Up and do what‘s
right! 7) Trustworthiness 8) Citizenship         BROWNIE UNIFORMS AND BADGES
PROGRAM LINKS: Daisy Girl Scout                  – This large 3-poster set produced by
Learning Petals; Girl Scout Ways Try-            WAGGGS in the 1980s shows Brownie
It; Girl Scout Challenge 1.                      uniforms and pins (called badges in
                                                 may countries) from around the world.
                                                 Most of the uniforms have changed
STOP! AND LEARN: Steps In                        since then, but girls can still get a feel
Planning – Brownies & Juniors –                  for the great diversity of our world
an easy-to-use bulletin board-type               Movement.
visual aide for teaching girls the Steps
in Planning (collect ideas, choose
ideas, prepare for the activity,                 ―FRIENDS WHO CARE‖ - For Girl
participate, and evaluate.) Comes with           Scout Cadettes, Seniors and
a script and bulletin board ―assembly‖           Ambassadors- Five-poster set on
instructions.                                    disability awareness and understanding
                                                 PROGRAM LINK: Our Own Council‘s
                                                 ―What If I Couldn‘t?‖ interest project.
TAKE ACTION! – Grades K-4 – What
does it take to be courageous and
strong? To make the world a better               GEORGIA‘S STATE SYMBOLS – state
place? To respect yourself and others?           tree, flower, bird, fish, insect,
Five posters with activities or guide:           mammal, game bird, etc. PROGRAM
1) Think positive. You can do it. 2) Got         LINK: Wildlife badge; Our Own
a conflict? You can solve it! 3) Talking
it out will make it better. 4) Bullying

Council‘s Georgia On My Mind Try-It             Set Two:
and badge.                                          1. The World Association
                                                    2. Peace…Paz…Nabad…Shalom…
                                                    3. The Four World Centres
―GO! GET ORGANIZED!‖ TROOP                          4. Guides UK
ORGANIZER POSTER SET                                5. Girl Guide/Girl Scout Badges
                                                Set Three:
A 6-poster set to use in and around                    1. Flags of the World
your booth or display at organizational                2. The World Association
or recruitment events:                                 3. The Four World Centres
                                                       4. 36‖ figure (girl) in
    1. Girl Scouts…For every girl.                         traditional dress of Canada
       Everywhere. Para cada niña en                       Native (Inuit)
       todo lugar. [Big and sturdy –                   5. 36‖ figure (girl) in
       can be displayed on an easel]                       traditional costume of
    2. Girl Scouts Aim High. Succeed                       Japan
       With Us.                                        6. 36‖ figure (girl) in
    3. Parts of a Daisy/Brownie/Junior                     traditional dress of Kenya
       Meeting                                         7. 36‖ figure (girl) in
    4. The Girl Scout Promise/The Girl                     traditional Dutch costume
       Scout Law                                           (The Netherlands)
    5. To Serve God…[religious
       recognitions for Girl Scouts]
                                                LET‘S LEARN TO SIGN - Activity
                                                Poster with manual alphabet and
GO: GET ORGANIZED (Set 2)                       numbers 1-10; suggested activities
   1. The Girl Scout Promise and                and resource guide on the back.
   2. Catch Your Dreams – Today‘s
      Organization for Today‘s Girls            NATURE & ECOLOGY (Choose the
   3. Build A Solid Foundation                  ones you need): Coosa River
   4. The 4 World Centres                       Watershed; Chattahoochee River
   5. Catch the Spirit – Girl Scouts            Watershed; Georgia Birds In Peril; All
   6. Many Adults Are Needed…                   A-Flutter (Butterflies in Georgia);
   7. Girl Scouting Expands Your                Exploring Forest Habitats; What Is an
      Horizons                                  Insect?; What Is a Spider?; All Wildlife
                                                Needs Habitats; Earth Day Every Day;
                                                International Migratory Birds.

Americans – large poster and key.               OTHERS) – Small posters to use at
Includes Shirley Franklin, Martin Luther        organizational and troop parent
King, Jt., Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali,            meetings: the Girl Scout Promise, Law,
Maya Angelou, John Lewis, and Oprah             Mission, ways of work and religious
Winfrey.                                        awards; volunteer needs, girl-adult
                                                partnership; and the parts of a troop
Set One:                                         SNAKES OF GEORGIA – Extra large
    1. The World Association                    poster showing color photographs of
    2. Welcome to Our World                     snakes found in Georgia (including the
    3. Everyone Smiles In the Same              6 poisonous ones) and their range.
    4. The Four World Centres
    5. Girl Guide/Girl Scout Badges

WORLD MAP – 22‖ x 33‖ - bordered
by flags of larger nations. Small and
large globes also available.


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