B.A. in Liberal Studies by yaofenjin


									                                                    B.A. Program Associate

  B.A. in Liberal                                   Ingrid Ingerson

  Studies                                           Adjunct Faculty
                                                    Cori Adler, Ph.D.
                                                    Denise Bill, M.A.
The B.A. degree program is designed for adults      David Bloom, M.Div.
returning to college to complete a bachelor’s       LueRachelle Brim-Atkins, M.A.
degree in liberal studies. Antioch recognizes the
valuable knowledge that adult learners have         Elizabeth Burke, M.A.
gained through life experience and challenges       Carmen D’Arcangelo, M.B.A.
students to reflect on this previous learning       Dan Dodd, M.A.
and its relationship to their goals, values and
interests. Each student develops a design for       Talal Hattar, M.A.
an educational program that integrates previ-       Vincent Kovar, M.A.
ous college studies, prior life experiences and     Sara Beth Lohre, M.A.
current work at Antioch within a liberal arts
framework. The process of developing and            Barrett Martin, M.A.                                 Note: Most courses in the B.A. program
directing one’s own learning experiences is         Joyce LeCompte-Mastenbrook                           are taught for variable credit. Students
challenging and empowering, and helps each          Phoenix Raine, Ph.D.                                 register for three or four credits in consul-
student develop a greater sense of personal                                                              tation with their adviser and then follow
direction and professional competence.              Ken D. Turner                                        the instructor’s syllabus guidelines for
                                                    Kenneth O. Turner, M.Ed.                             appropriate workloads. Classes are limited
Program Faculty and Staff                           Mark Wicks, Ph.D.                                    to 20 students unless otherwise noted.

                                                                 All Antioch writing courses are run by the Learning and Teaching Co-op.
Interim Director                                                       Find a list of writing courses at the end of this course listing.
Bryan Tomasovich, Ph.D.
                                                    B.A. Thursday evening Spring 2011 core/foundational courses:
Core Faculty
Nada Elia, Ph.D.                                               Date              Week #        Courses
Mary Lou Finley, Ph.D.
                                                              April 7            Week 1        Integration & Synthesis Seminar (sect. 1 only)
Candace Harris, M.A.
Anne Harvey, M.S.W.                                          April 14            Week 2        Learning from Life Experience: Priors
Randy Morris, Ph.D.
Ormond Smythe, Ed.D.                                         April 21            Week 3        Integration & Synthesis Seminar (sect. 1 only)
Susan Starbuck, Ph.D.
Sue Woehrlin, Ph.D.                                          April 28            Week 4        Learning from Life Experience: Priors

Visiting Faculty                                              May 5              Week 5        Integration & Synthesis Seminar (sect. 1 only)
Marcia Tate Arunga, M.A.
                                                             May 12              Week 6        open
Jeff Birdsall, M.A.
Cindy Updegrave, M.A                                         May 19              Week 7        Integration & Synthesis Seminar (sect. 1 only)
                                                                                               Learning from Life Experience: Priors
Affiliate Faculty
Katie McClendon                                              May 26              Week 8        open
Brian McDonald
Melanie Noel, M.F.A.                                          June 2             Week 9        Integration & Synthesis Seminar (sect. 1 only)
                                                                                               Learning from Life Experience: Priors (Opt 2nd cr)
B.A. Student Services Coordinator
Jesse Mae Metts
                                                              June 9             Week 10       Integration & Sysnthesis Seminar (sect. 1 only)
Administrative Assistant to the Director
Jack Johnston                                                               Course descriptions are available on myAntioch.

                                                                                                                                  Spring Quarter 2011 1

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