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   Product Roll-Out
IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit

                      PMG REV 2/2/01

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      90 Inverness Circle East  Englewood, CO 80112
                              IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit
                                Product Documentation
                                    PMG Rev 2/2/01
The IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit is an accessory for EchoStar Infrared (IR)-only receivers
(DISHPlayer excluded). Installations using a single DISH Network IR receiver
connected to multiple TV’s in a home benefit from convenient whole house operation
using the UHF/IR universal remote control and signal converter included in the kit.

Product Features:
   Easy to install. Plug in the converter power cord and place it next to your DISH
    Network IR receiver, install batteries (included) into the remote and your are done!

   Kit includes a standard blue button UHF/IR remote control (like that included with
    the Model 4900 receiver), one pyramid-shaped signal converter, and an IR extender

   The UHF/IR universal remote controls any DISH Network infrared (IR) satellite
    receiver from anywhere in your home*. *Excluding DISHPlayer

   Perfect for installations where a single receiver is shared with multiple TVs.
   UHF/Infrared 4-Component Universal Remote Control (“Blue Button") – controls
    satellite receiver up to a distance of 100 feet through walls and other obstructions and
    can be programmed to operate up to three additional components, including TVs and

   Signal converter operates the DISH Network receiver using IR blast or IR extender

   Compatible with DISH Network Receiver Models 1000, 2000, 2700, 2800, 3000,
    3700, 3800, 3900, and Pro 301 receivers. (Not compatible with DISHPlayer.)

Approximate Dimensions (Signal Converter): Base: 75mm Height: 110mm
Approximate Weight (Signal Converter): 8 oz.
Color (Signal Converter): Matte black base with dark purple plastic upper section

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                              IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit
                               Product Documentation
                                   PMG Rev 2/2/01

Pack-Out, Pricing & Availability (as of 2/2/2001):
IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit (Part #106248) - MSRP: $69.00
       Kit contents include: UHF/IR 4-component universal remote control, UHF/IR
        signal converter, IR extender cable, batteries and instructions.
       Estimated availability: March 2001.
       Available from DISH Network retailers or our Customer Service Center by calling
        (800) 333-DISH.

Warranty Specifications:
Warranty on the IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit, parts and labor is valid for one year from date
of sale. There are some items that are not covered under warranty, including installation,
cosmetic damage, damage due to lightning, electrical surges, fire, or other acts of
Nature, accident, misuse, abuse, repair or alteration by other than authorized factory
service, improper or neglected maintenance. Other restrictions apply.

   Will the IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit work with a DISHPlayer? No, due to the
    DISHPlayer's unique IR modulation, the IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit is not compatible.
   Do I have to connect the signal converter directly to my receiver? No, as long as the
    signal converter is placed in the vicinity of the receiver, where the receiver can
    receive the signal converter's commands via IR Blast.
   What if the IR blast cannot work because the signal converter cannot be located in a
    suitable location near the receiver? An IR extender cable is included to help insure the
    IR signal reaches the receiver from the signal converter.
   Will the UHF/IR universal remote operate other components? Yes, but not using
    UHF. It will operate them (if programmed) using IR, which requires a direct line of
    sight to control those units.

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