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									                                                         The Omicron Delta Kappa

Spring 2008
                                              LEADER                                    “To Recognize Leaders Among Leaders”

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MARYLAND                                             SHANNON AUXIER SELECTED AS
           DAY!                                                           THE 2008 COL. J. LOGAN

    t's the 10th Anniversary of Maryland Day! The
    University of Maryland's extremely popular open house
                                                                        SCHUTZ ODK LEADER OF THE
    will be held Saturday, April 26, and this year there will
be something very special. University Dining Services will

distribute 50,000 cupcakes on Hornbake Plaza. Folks are                       hannon
already hard at work baking chocolate, red, gold and white                    Auxier has
cupcakes to be assembled to form the university seal and,                     been a
                                                                       leader from the
                                      (continued on page 2)
                                                                       first day she ar-
                                                                       rived on campus,
                                                                       entering Maryland
                                                                       as a member of the
                                                                       prestigious honors
                                                                       program and being
                                                                       actively involved as
                                                                       a member of the
                                                                       University of
                                                                       Maryland Dance
                                                                       Team. She also
                                                                       jumped right into
                                                                       the National         2008 Col. J. Logan Schutz ODK Leader of
                                                                       Student Speech       the Year, Shannon Auxier.
                                                                       Language and
                                                                       Hearing Association. During the next few years at
                                                                       Maryland, she continued her involvement in these activities
                                                                       and took on greater leadership roles as well. She served as
                                                                       an Honors 100 Section Leader and Student Coordinator
                                                                       and later was both a teaching assistant and research assis-
                                                                       tant in her major. She became the Co-Captain then Team
                                                                       Captain for the University of Maryland Dance Team. She
University President Dan Mote,Testudo and Patsy Mote preparing         has served as the Vice President and then President of the
cupcakes for Maryland Day. (Photo by John Consoli)                                                         (continued on page 2)

                                   IN THIS ISSUE                 OF THE      LEADER...
•    CALVERT COTILLION BIG SUCCESS                                 •     HOMECOMING 2007 PHOTOS
•    CAMPUS STRATEGIC PLAN                                         •     ADAM CHEPENIK     IS   NEW ODK REGION II DIRECTOR
•    LECTURE PROGRAM      IN   FULL SWING                          •     CANDIDATES   ON   CAMPUS


                          The Omicron Delta Kappa                                              LEADER
 Message from the President
 By Sigma Circle President, Roberto Münster
            Greetings ODKers!                       in large numbers and continued to          Programs and ODK. The semester
                                                    make it a spectacular tradition.           will continue with more activities, in-
                                                         Our Fall and Spring selection         cluding Fun at the Fountain on

             hat a
                                                    meetings were very successful. We re-      Maryland Day, our lecture series and
                                                    ceived almost 200 applications each        a new service project.
 we’ve had so far!                                  semester and selected an impressive             Throughout the years, members
 As always, ODK                                     group of leaders. Special thanks to all    of ODK have contributed significantly
 has been involved                                  our faculty, staff and alumni who par-     to the campus and broader communi-
 in many aspects                                    ticipated!                                 ty. Our alumni are an important part
 of campus life                                          Furthermore, our Vice President       of ODK’s past, present, and future,
 and we have more plans for the                     Jesse Chen led a great group of            and we encourage you to stay con-
 remainder of the year.                             ODKers in the selection process of         nected. I am sure that next year will
                                                    the ODK Top 10 Freshmen and                bring new and exciting opportunities
     The Calvert Cotillion was
                                                    Sophomore Leader of the Year. The          so don’t miss out and continue your
 our most recent success. Thanks
                                                    recipients will be announced at the        involvement!
 to our Calvert Cotillion Chair
 Shannon Auxier the event was                       Annual Awards Banquet in May spon-
 great! ODK members turned out                      sored by the Office of Campus                  Roberto Münster
                                                                                                   Sigma Circle President

  The Omicron Delta Kappa                           (Maryland Day continued from page 1)

        LEADER                                                                                      hopefully, break a World Record.
                                                                                                    Even President and Mrs. Mote
                                                                                                    have gotten into the kitchen to
                                                                                                    help with this massive undertak-
ROBERTO MÜNSTER           SHANNON AUXIER                                                            ing. Last year’s event drew more
       President          Calvert Cotillion Chair
                                                                                                    than 77,000 visitors to the cam-
    JESSE CHEN            DIANA BERNSTEIN                                                           pus, and this year’s open house
    Vice President              Historian
                                                                                                    promises to be even bigger and
Corresponding Secretary     Region II Director
                                                                                                    better with 400 free, interactive
                                                                                                    events across the campus.
       Ritualist             Faculty Advisor        Diana Newsom, Lindsey Bernstein,
JAVIERA ALARCON               LOIS VIETRI           Tad Greenleaf, and ODK Maryland Day
   Newsletter Editor         Faculty Advisor        coordinator Elise Falcicchio ’07 working
   ADAM COHN                 JIM OSTEEN             the fountain at 2007 Maryland Day.
  Scholarship Chair         Faculty Secretary

                                                    (Leader of the Year continued from page 1)

                                                    Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.               the Calvert Cotillion Planning
                                                    Shannon has also committed herself         Committee. This year’s event, co-
                                                    to the Relay for Life, a campus event      sponsored with the Senior Council,
                                                    that raises funds for the American         was the most successful Cotillion in
     SIGMA CIRCLE OF                                                                           recent memory. As a member of the
                                                    Cancer Society. In Fall 2007,
  OMICRON DELTA KAPPA                                                                          ODK Executive Board, Shannon is al-
                                                    Shannon was selected as one of the
    University of Maryland                                                                     ways the first to volunteer and never
                                                    Spirit of Maryland winners.
    2108 Mitchell Building                                                                     skips a beat. You can always count on
   College Park, MD 20742                                In ODK Shannon has been a very
                                                    active officer serving as the Chair of     her to take care of every detail in any
      www.odk.umd.edu                                                                          task she undertakes.

                        The Omicron Delta Kappa                                          LEADER
    Message from the Faculty Secretary
    By Sigma Circle Faculty Secretary, Jim Osteen
                                             Fun at the Fountain at this year’s           your next contribution to us. These
     Greetings from College Park!
                                             Maryland Day on Saturday, April 26.          make a big difference in our schol-

                 e are having another                                                     arship and lecture programs.
                                             Please stop by to say hello. I also
                                             hope to see each of you at Vice                   Also, please keep us informed
                                             President Clement’s breakfast recep-         of what you are doing. You can
    year in ODK. In
                                             tion at the start of the day. This is the    send us a note via the web site
    addition to se-
                                             10th anniversary of Maryland Day             www.odk.umd.edu or send email
    lecting two
                                             and it looks as if it will be the best       directly to odk@umd.edu. We love
    groups of new
                                             ever. I look forward to trying one of        getting your news and your photos
    members, we
                                             the Guinness Book of World Records           for the newsletter.
    have also partici-
                                             cupcakes served by our Dining                     Thanks again for all of your
    pated in commu-
                                             Services.                                    support. I look forward to seeing
    nity service projects, hosted
    several social events (including              I continue to be amazed at the          you on April 26.
    the very best Calvert Cotillion in       generosity of our alumni in support of
    recent history), and continued           Sigma Circle programs. Thank you                  Jim Osteen
    the superb ODK lecture program           all for the wonderful response to our
                                                                                               Sigma Circle Faculty Secretary
    for the campus.                          appeals for assistance. You will find
                                             an envelope in the center of this
         We will once again sponsor
                                             newsletter to assist you in mailing

                                     CALVERT COTILLION LIVES ON
By Shannon Auxier

          n February 23 over 160           ognizing leadership on campus as well             Cotillion, New York Nightlife, was
          members of the senior class      as the senior class. As the Cotillion             portrayed through the dim lighting,
          danced the night away at this    gained new life a few years ago, the              city skyscraper background draped in
year’s Calvert Cotillion. The Calvert      Senior Council became co-sponsors                 lights, and red and white feather cen-
Cotillion, also known as the Senior        with ODK to bring back the great                  ter pieces. All guests enjoyed the hors
Formal was hosted by Omicron Delta         tradition, and the two groups have                d’oeuvres, dancing, and good compa-
Kappa and the Senior Council in            continued their success with this                 ny. Even faculty secretary Jim Osteen
Orem Alumni Hall of the Samuel             year’s Cotillion.                                 took a turn on the dance floor.
Riggs IV Alumni Center.                         The theme of the 2008 Calvert                     Senior ODK member Hadass
     The Calvert                                                                                            Kogan commented,
Cotillion is an honored                                                                                     “The event was really
tradition of the                                                                                            well organized, the
University of Maryland                                                                                      theme was great, and I
and Omicron Delta                                                                                           had a lot of fun!” Many
Kappa as well. The                                                                                          other seniors and ODK
dance was originally                                                                                        members had similar
sponsored by ODK and                                                                                        sentiments and loved
used as a means of tap-                                                                                     the opportunity to
ping new initiates until                                                                                    spend time with their
1955 when the dance                                                                                         friends. For photos of
was discontinued on                                                                                         the evening go to
campus. In recent                                                                                           http://alumni.umd.edu/
years, the Cotillion has                                                                                    gallery/cotillion_2008/.
been revived to celebrate
its original spirit of rec- ODK members at the 2008 Calvert Cotillion in the Riggs Alumni Center.

                       The Omicron Delta Kappa                                    LEADER
                       INTRODUCING THE FALL 2007 ODK CLASS
    This past fall, the Sigma Circle inducted 29 new members into its ranks. The Fall 2007 class was a talented group
with outstanding achievements in all 5 areas of campus. Congratulations are in order for these new accomplished
Omicron Delta Kappa members:
Barrie Adleberg                          Laura Elizabeth Chiriaco                  Laura Nichols
Jenna Marie Aidikoff                     Jazalyn Denise Dukes                      Melissa Raimondi
Megan Elizabeth Baker                    Rachel Miriam Finkelstein                 Raakhee Sharma
Jennifer Leigh Bandzwolek                Morgan Goodspeed                          Shannon Nicole Sterritt
Annika Rebecca Betancourt                Megan Elizabeth Harvey                    Maeling Janelle Nicole Tapp
Jennifer Leigh Bonnet                    Constance Amaka Iloh                      Karen Sutterer Thornton
Heather Bradshaw                         Susan Kopen Katcef                        Theodore K. Tien
Clare Margaret Cavaliero                 Yoolee Choe Kim                           Bobby Truong
Christopher Chan                         Hadass Kogan                              Dawn Cherie White
Gary Tak Chen                            Shelley Marie McDuff

                       CONGRATULATIONS SPRING 2008 INDUCTEES
    On February 27, 2008, the current members of the Sigma Circle met to select the Spring 2008 induction class. From
among the many highly qualified applicants, 34 new members were selected. We invite you to join us on April 13, 2008 at
the Memorial Chapel as we formally initiate our newest class of ODKers! Congratulations Sigma Circle Spring 2008
Oluwatoni Eniola Aluko                   Jacqueline Itohan Zuoke Iloh             Marvin Rabovsky
Meagan Rose Baccinelli                   Alka Kirit Jhaveri                       Kerry Anne Rigley
Alyson Janna Blair                       Danielle M. Kogut                        Shai Eitan Romirowsky
Andrew Mark Bowen                        Anita Alyson Kohli                       Steven Rotter
Richard Domenick Brecht                  Samantha Jean Lazarus                    Brett Saffer
Alison Anne Daniels                      Joel Michael Liebman                     Nicholas R. Singer
Bradley Alan Docherty                    Leslie Diane Lin                         Jessica Margaret Thompson
Adam Shlomo Fisch                        Katherine Minkoff                        Candace Tomkiel
Arin Dubrov Foreman                      Shawna Quianna Murray                    Anne S.K. Turkos
Elana Dorit Gelbart                      Danielle B. Parnass                      Jennifer Marie Wright
Arkady Gelman                            Cory Perlowitz
Rijak Grover                             Lisa A. Pfeifer

Fall 2007 initiation
                       The Omicron Delta Kappa                                       LEADER
                              PLANNING            FOR THE          NEXT TEN YEARS
By Devin Ellis

        rovost Nariman Farvardin            plan along with the Vice Presidents, a      University community for review and
        has only been on the job since      handful of Deans, faculty/staff, and        feedback.
        July, but has tackled the awe-      an undergraduate student Senator.                Over the next two months further
some task of creating a new Strategic       The document has been broken into           drafts, incorporating the comments
Plan for the University to cover the        several major segments covering gen-        and ideas from across the community
next ten years with energy and ambi-        eral education (CORE), graduate ed-         will be created. The goal is to present
tion. The document, which will lay          ucation, international programs,            the finished plan by the end of the se-
out a vision for how the University         research and development, the sur-          mester. I hope you will take a few
will break into the ranks of the Top        rounding community, faculty and             moments to visit the strategic plan-
Ten over the coming decade, will in-        staff, among others. A significant          ning website at www.sp07.umd.edu
clude some significant changes.             amount of work has gone into creat-         and offer your feedback on
     I have been privileged to sit on       ing each of these segments by special-      Maryland’s future!
the Steering Committee for the new          ly assembled subcommittees, and the
                                            first draft has been submitted to the

By Tad Greenleaf

         he Sigma Circle has                                                                         spring. On April 24 at 4
         been hard at work                                                                           p.m. in the Prince George’s
         this year putting to-                                                                       Room of the Stamp
gether our annual lecture                                                                            Student Union, ODK will
series, composed of the                                                                              host Nautica Men’s
Drury G. Bagwell Lecture,                                                                            Sportswear & Nautica
the William L. Thomas, Jr.                                                                           Jeans Company President
Lecture, and the Lessons in                                                                          Karen Murray as part of its
Leadership series.                                                                                   Lessons in Leadership se-
     This past fall the Sigma                                                                        ries. Murray has been
Circle brought Mike                                                                                  called “one of the most re-
Tidwell to campus for the                                                                            spected executives in the
Drury G. Bagwell Lecture.                                                                            men’s apparel arena” by
Mike Tidwell is the author                                                                           DNR magazine. Prior to
of the book The Ravaging                                                                             her work at Nautica,
Tide: Strange Weather, Future Former ODK Faculty Secretary Dru Bagwell, Tad Greenleaf,               Murray was a former
Katrinas, and the Coming        Lindsey Bernstein, author Mike Tidwell, and ODK President Roberto Group President at Liz
Death of America’s Coastal      Münster at the fall ODK lecture.                                     Claiborne.
Cities. Tidwell is a local presence,         and fourth overall that the Sigma                On May 8th, President Dan
making his home in Takoma Park,              Circle has worked with                       Mote will present the eighth Lessons
MD. He has written several other             Undergraduate Studies to bring a             in Leadership lecture. He will be
books on both travel and nature and          First Year Book author to campus.            sharing the lessons he has learned
is a recipient of four Lowell Thomas         The lecture filled Hoff Theatre to           over the course of his career at both
awards. He is the director of the U.S.       near its capacity of 550, as students,       the University of California Berkeley
Climate Emergency Council.                   faculty and staff listened to Tidwell        and at the University of Maryland as
     Tidwell’s book was chosen by            speak for about an hour and take             a national leader in higher education.
Undergraduate Studies as the First           questions from the audience.                     And, on Monday, April 28,
Year Book this past year for its inves-            The Sigma Circle Lecture               sportscaster Michael Wilbon will be
tigation of global warming, and the          Committee is working to line up the          the William L. Thomas lecturer for
lecture marks the third straight year        remainder of the lectures for the            2007-8.

                      The Omicron Delta Kappa                                         LEADER
                                ODK WALKS                FOR THE          HOMELESS
By Diana Bernstein & Adam Cohn

    n the early hours of the brisk
    morning of Saturday, November
    17th, a group of ODK members
congregated at the College Park
metro station. Bundled up in coats
and scarves, we made our way down
to the National Mall where we were
joined by thousands of other partici-
pants of the annual Help the
Homeless Walkathon. For the past 20
years, the Fannie Mae Foundation
has sponsored the annual walkathon
to raise funds and awareness to sup-
port the homeless population in the
Washington metropolitan area.
Through 2007, the event has cumula-
tively raised more than $62.5 million
for local non-profit organizations that
help homeless people work towards
living independent lives.
     This wonderful service experience
also opened an opportunity to tour
our nation’s capital. Together we ap-     Roberto Münster, Tad Greeneleaf, Adam Cohn, Diana Bernstein, Shannon
                                          Auxier, and Gary Cheng in front of FDR statue in DC.
preciated the scenery along the
Potomac River and even stopped for a
photo with an honorary ODK in-                Upon returning to the mall at the       Darius Rucker performing in the
ductee, President Franklin D.             conclusion of the walk, we were greet-      background, we walked back to the
Roosevelt and his famous pup, Fala.       ed by Mayor Fenty of Washington,            metro feeling fulfilled with our partic-
Aside from taking in the sights, we       who shook hands with volunteers and         ipation and efforts. Next year, we
had the chance to know each other on      thanked everyone for their contribu-        hope to have an even bigger turnout
a more personal level.                    tions. With our t-shirts in hand and        for this amazing event.

By Joe Williams
     At this year’s ODK National          over 70 ODK Circles in the                  ings occurring in the off years.
Convention, Adam Chepenik ’04             Northeast. Duties include maintain-         Highlighting this year’s event was a
was elected one of three Region II        ing contact with Circles, writing a         series of discussions and meetings
Directors. Adam will be taking over       quarterly newsletter, chartering and        among ODK students, faculty and
Regional duties that were previously      re-establishing new Circles at univer-      staff from all over the country. Joe
held by Joe Williams ’06. Adam is         sities, and serving as a liaison with the   Johns, a prominent CNN correspon-
currently attending Harvard Business      National Headquarters.                      dent based out of Washington, DC,
School in Boston, Massachusetts, but           Adam was elected during the            was a keynote speaker during the
when he was at Maryland, he served        National Convention which was held          convention.
as the President of the Sigma Circle.     in Atlanta Georgia in late February.
     Adam is one of three Regional        Every two years, ODK holds a na-
Directors who oversee and manage          tional convention with Regional meet-

                      The Omicron Delta Kappa                                        LEADER
                  CANDIDATES ON CAMPUS
 HUCKABEE, CLINTON AND OBAMA ADD UM TO THE                                                   CAMPAIGN TRAIL
By Lauren Effron

       or most college students,
       Monday means back to the dai-
       ly grind of class and note tak-
ing, but for tens of thousands at the
University of Maryland, Monday,
February 11th meant skipping class.
     Word got out over the weekend
that presidential candidate Sen.
Barack Obama, D-Ill., was coming to
campus to speak in the middle of the
afternoon and nothing – not even
waiting for hours in blistering cold
temperatures and ice to get in - could
hold some students back from catch-
ing a glimpse of Obama.
     Originally scheduled to be in
Cole Field House on campus, the
event drew such enormous student
support through Facebook invites and
group announcements that the event
was moved to Comcast Center. It           Students wait in line to see Obama.
was estimated that upwards of 18,000      veteran’s hall,” he told them. “We’ll          Huckabee courted a young crowd
people attended the event.                invest in you, you invest in America,      by touching on subjects ranging from
     The energy was just as intense as    together we’ll march forward.”             education and the economy to illegal
a Maryland vs. Duke basketball game,           Obama struggled to be heard           immigration and faith, according to
complete with the wave started by a       above enormous amounts of cheers           The Diamondback. Huckabee men-
small group of students behind the        and applause as he said, “We cannot        tioned his own tuition woes as a stu-
stage, chants of “O-BA-MA,” and           afford to wait. We can’t wait to fix our   dent and jokingly said he was
boos rang out when the crowd real-        schools; we can’t wait to fix our          considering appointing Chuck Norris
ized yet another guest speaker – not      health care system. We can’t wait to       Secretary of Defense.
Obama – was approaching the stage.        send our young people to college in-           In his attempt to shave some
     Obama covered the usual array of     stead of to prison; we can’t wait to       skepticism on his chances to secure
topics from health care, to the Iraq      stop global warming; we cannot wait        the candidacy, Huckabee told the au-
War, and education.                       to bring this war in Iraq to a close. We   dience: “I did not major in math - I
     On education Obama said, “I          cannot wait.”                              majored in miracles.”
don’t know about you but I think it’s          Maryland’s campus was bom-                Chelsea Clinton was met by
about time we make college afford-        barded with campaign stops over the        dozens of Hillary supporters as she
able for everybody,” he added, “We’re     course of a weekend from other fron-       stumped for her mom in the food
going to have a $4,000 tuition credit     trunners in a post-Super Tuesday           court area of the Union the following
– every student, every year – so that     dash to the finish line of the presiden-   Sunday morning, but the audience
young people aren’t burdened by           tial race that the Maryland, Virginia,     held more adults than students.
debt.”                                    D.C. primary had expected to pro-              Complete with a live garage band
     But that break is no freebie;        vide.                                      to play at her entrance, Chelsea host-
Obama told the students that he ex-            Former Arkansas Governor Mike         ed a one-hour long question-and-an-
pects something back in return.           Huckabee gave a speech in the Grand        swer session and addressed issues
“You’re going to have to participate in   Ballroom of the Stamp Student              ranging from the war in Iraq to fiscal
community service, national service,      Union to a crowd of around 1,000           responsibility to gender equality, ac-
work in a homeless shelter, work in a     people on Saturday, February 9th.          cording to The Diamondback.

                      The Omicron Delta Kappa                           LEADER
                                       Homecoming 2007

Greg Hollen '76 and Logan Schutz '38
                                                               Roger Cohill '47


                                             Bob Vincent '82, Greg Hollen '76, Steve Brannan '88 and Dru Bagwell

  Ann Mowrey Tatsios '86 and Bruce                               Jill Sheinberg Josephson '79 and Larry
  Winter '84                                                     Kirsch '79

                    The Omicron Delta Kappa                                 LEADER
                                  Homecoming 2007

Jane McCarl, Jon DuMond '57, and Phil Rever '64              Deven McGraw '86, Jay Gilchrist and Shari Cohen
                                                             Chase '78

                                                                           A SPECIAL FEATURE OF THIS
                                                                           YEAR’S RECEPTION WAS THE
                                                                        INAUGURATION OF THE WALL OF
                                                                         FAME FEATURING THE NAMES OF
                                                                          ALL RECIPIENTS OF THE MAJOR
                                                                          CAMPUS LEADERSHIP AWARDS.

Kathy Barham '84 & Dan Campbell with son, Danny, and Marsha Guenzler-

                                                         Dana Sears '98, her finance Mike, and Eric Carzon '93
   Sammy Popat '02 and Maggie Lassack '01
                       The Omicron Delta Kappa                                      LEADER
                                       Homecoming 2007

ODK President Roberto Münster, US Representative Stenny Hoyer
’63, University President Dan Mote, and ODK Faculty Secretary Jim                   Mike Kerr '99 and Melanie Michaelson
Osteen                                                                              '88

                            Joel Willcher '06, John O'Brien '07, Michael Fontz '07, and Andrew
                            Publicover '07

                                                                        SGA President Andrew Friedson, US
       Hillary Cherry '97 & Doug Mintz '95 and                          Representative Stenny Hoyer ‘63, and former
       Jim Osteen                                                       SGA President Emma Simson ’07.

                 Derrick Weatherspoon ’05, Stephanie Altamirano ’07, Susan Woda ‘99. Eric Carzone ‘93, and
                 James Bond ‘01 in front of the new Wall of Fame in the Stamp Student Union.
The Omicron Delta Kappa   LEADER

                       The Omicron Delta Kappa                                       LEADER
                                  ODK Alumni Updates
                                          “Bootie” Cosgrove Mathers ’77,
                                          has taken a big step in retirement in
                                          Ocean City – she is learning to
                                          cook!!!! And, rumor has it that she is
                                          a cross between Paula Deen, Rachel
                                          Ray, and the Naked Chef!!! [Who
                                          knew Bootie could cook!!!]

                                          Sabina Mazzanti Baker ’78, and
                                          her family have moved “home” to
Bob Rossomondo ’77, wife Lisa, and        Kennedyville, Maryland.
children                                                                             Lou Magazzu ’79 and family
                                          Luis Luna ’78, continues to work as        Kim Dawson Aluisi ’80, is continu-
Bruce Berlage ’’56, was awarded the
                                          Assistant Administrator at the U.S.        ing to concentrate her Maryland law
College of Agriculture and Natural
                                          Environmental Protection Agency,           practice in the area of family law. Her
Resources Distinguished Alumnus
                                          spending weekdays in Washington and        son is now a sophomore at UMCP
Awards by the University of
                                          weekends at home in Salisbury. He          bringing back to Kim lots of great
Maryland Alumni Association.
                                          also travels a great deal throughout       memories of her own years at UMCP.
Gordon England ’61 has served as          the country
the 29th Deputy Secretary of Defense                                                 Tim Andreadis ’81, served as the
                                          Rick Inguanti ’79, as Rick Adamson,        Chair of the prestigious High Power
for the past three years. Recently his
                                          continues to freelance on-camera,          Microwave Systems and Effects
wife Dorothy was seen in the press
                                          voiceover, audiobook narration and         Conference of the Directed Energy
christening the USS New York, a new
                                          corporate branding & training proj-        Symposium last March, 2007.
ship crafted with scrap steel from the
                                          ects in the NYC tri-state area and in-
ruins of the World Trade Center.
                                          ternationally from his home NJ
Pedro Wasmer ’62, was awarded             studio. With a wife running for town
the Tyser Gottwals Award by the           council and three boys always hungry,
University of Maryland Alumni             he hasn’t been pursuing theatre so
Association for unique and significant    much lately. He’s glad to hear that his
service to the university. This major     buddy, Larry Kirsch ’79, may be
award was presented at the annual         eastbound again! On a visit to cam-
Alumni Gala.                              pus last year, he took the time to visit   Mike Hayes, Karen DeMatteo, Drury
                                          the ODK fountain.                          Bagwell, Sylvia Stewart

Lt. Gen. James Clapper ’63, was
awarded the College of Behavioral                              Jack Kaufman          Robert Vincent, II ’82, is a
and Social Sciences Distinguished                              ’79, is doing well    Commander in the Judge Advocate
Alumnus Award by the University of                             in Colorado. He       General's Corps of the United States
Maryland Alumni Association.                                   is studying Italian   Navy. Currently, he is an Appellate
                                                               and has traveled      Military Judge at the United States
Edward Robert Smith ’75 has been                               to Sicily to pur-     Navy-Marine Corps Court of
the manager of Homeland Security                               sue his studies.      Criminal Appeals.
Projects for the Federal Government
during the last 5 years. Previously, he   Jack Kaufman ‘79      Lou Magazzu          Michelle Friedman ’84, is a coun-
served as a professor of microbiology                           ’79, has resumed     seling psychologist who lives in
at several colleges and a researcher in   his private law practice in Vineland,      Slingerlands, NY. She is employed by
vaccine development.                      NJ, and continues his position as          R.G. Psychological Services, PC.
                                          President of the New Jersey
                                          Association of Counties.

                         The Omicron Delta Kappa                                     LEADER
Sheryl Wengel ’84, is working as                                                     National Guard and military for sav-
senior partner with Saterfield and                                                   ing their home.
Associates executive search firm. She
is a seasoned recruiter with 20 years                                                Julia Young Brubaker ’89, is a
of relevant experience and success in                                                "stay-at-home" mom who is busy with
marketing and sales for Fortune 500                                                  volunteering at her three sons' schools
companies in consumer package                                                        and has recently launched a website
goods, durables, and banking.                                                        for her new business: hand made pho-
                                                                                     to note cards and enlargements of
Dr. Caryn Brenner Williams ’84                                                       butterflies, flowers, snowy streets, and
and Dr. Ron Williams ’85, continue                                                   anything interesting found in nature.
their busy lives in Harrisburg,                                                      Visit her at www.marktheseason.com.
Pennsylvania. Caryn is still working        Michele Barone Hunn ’85 and family
with FairCode (reviewing hospital
                                            you are just as good a mom as you
charts) and at Hershey Medical
                                            were a lawyer, Michele.]
Center, where she teaches. Ron con-
tinues to be in demand as an expert
                                            Shira Low Itzhak ’86, is currently
in adolescent and childhood obesity.
                                            the marketing director for a
He also works as a hospitalist and the
                                            Diagnostic Imaging Facility and is al-
program director for the Med/Peds                                                    Stuart Ritter ‘89, Sarah Linde-Feucht
                                            most finished with her MBA. She and      ‘88, Julie Young Brubaker ‘89, and Eric
Residency program at Penn State
                                            her husband, Samuel, live in Norfolk,    Young ‘89.
Hershey Medical Center, and in his
                                            VA with their 3 children Noam (14),
spare time he is working toward his                                                  Eric Young ’89, continues his work
                                            Avidan (13), and Ayolet (10).
black belt in Tae Kwon Do.                                                           with The National Center for
                                                                                     Leadership, where he serves as the
                                            Steve Olds ’86, and his wife, Nancy,
                                                                                     Co-Chair of the Board of Directors.
                                            have started a new company called
                                                                                     He has been involved since the
                                            “Stratworx” to help members turn
                                                                                     Center was established 10 years ago.
                                            their ideas into intellectual property
                                            and then into income, profit, and eq-
                                                                                     Brad Rhoads ’89, is now the
                                                                                     Executive Producer for CNN

Clyde Taber ’84 with wife and children at
the Cast and Crew premiere of Magdelena:
Released from Shame.

Clyde Taber ’84, and his wife,
Shirin, have been providing leader-
ship to the production of the film
“Magdalena: Released from Shame”,                                                    Sherita Hill Golden ’90 and her family
which had its world premiere at the         Steve Carlson ’82 and family
United Nations. Over ten million                                                     Dr. Sheita Hill Golden ’90, contin-
people have seen the film since the re-                                              ues to combine clinical research,
                                            John Tegen ’86, has had a stressful
lease.                                                                               teaching and patient care as a mem-
                                            year. Living in San Diego, John and
                                                                                     ber of the Endocrine Faculty at Johns
                                            his family had to face the terrible
Michele Barone Hunn ’85, has giv-                                                    Hopkins, and this past fall was pro-
                                            wildfires that hit southern California
en up the practice of law, but reports                                               moted to Associate Professor of
                                            in October. Even though they had to
that her new practice has only 3                                                     Medicine and Epidemiology in recog-
                                            evacuate their home on very short no-
clients – daughter Rachel and twins                                                  nition of her national contributions to
                                            tice, they credit the many hardwork-
Josh and Melissa. [We’re sure that                                                   the field of diabetes.
                                            ing firefighters, law enforcement,

                      The Omicron Delta Kappa                                         LEADER
                                          George Stathis ’92, and his wife,           federal prosecutors.
                                          Jacqie, are the proud parents of sec-
                                          ond daughter, Lucy Kay, born on July        Nicole Marasco Merson ’94, just
                                          5, 2007.                                    had her 5th child, Roman. Over the
                                                                                      holidays she planned ways for her fam-
                                          David Stollman ’93, is still associat-      ily to participate in holiday community
                                          ed with the Association of Fraternity       service projects and is currently enjoy-
                                          Advisors Association and doing great        ing the relaxed pace of Midwest coun-
                                          work to support the fraternity and          try life in Troy, Missouri.
                                          sorority movement across the country.

Dawn Nichols ’93 and her family           Dr. Ken Brown ’93, was selected as
                                          one of the “Forty Under Forty” list
Dawn Nichols ’92, purchased anoth-
                                          which honors the most influential
er home about two miles away from
                                          people (under 40) in the Cedar
her prior home in January of last year.
                                          Rapids/Iowa City corridor. He was
Her husband Joe Shultz came up with
                                          honored for his work introducing new
a new kitchen and bathroom design,
                                          technology in the classroom, service
and they entered a four month reno-
                                          learning projects for students, and
vation process. They moved the en-
                                          work with local non-profit agencies.
tire family on the first of June and
                                          [Congratulations Dr. Ken on this well
spent six weeks unpacking and adjust-
                                          deserved honor!!]
ing to a newborn (Eva), a new toddler
                                                                                      Laurie Head Atkinson ’90, husband Jay
(Emma) and a new home.                    Dana Lowenstein Weinstein ’93,              & son Jack
                                          married fellow Maryland Alum, Ken
                                          Weinstein, and recently had a son --        Michael Seelman’94, and his wife,
                                          Nathaniel (Nate) Pierce Weinstein.          Michelle, have been doing a lot of
                                          Dana is the Membership Director at          traveling, including a cruise up the
                                          the United States Holocaust
                                          Memorial Museum.

Drew Cameron ’89 and family

Monica Boner ’92, continues to
work as Director of Marketing for
Security Moving and will assume of-       Mike Leotta ‘94 with his wife Allison and
fice as the first woman President of      son Jack.
the Washington, DC, chapter of            Michael Leotta ’94, and his wife
Rotary International on July 1, 2008.     Allison recently welcomed their first
She also recently competed in the MS      child, Jack! According to Mike, he's
Challenge Walk, raising lots of money     adorable, but he has a hard life ahead      Dawn Pisanti Pons ’98 and husband greg
to fight the disease. [Congratulations,   of him, since both of his parents are       with new baby Sydney Olivia
Madam President!!]

                       The Omicron Delta Kappa                                          LEADER
                                                      Suzana Pereira ’95, with          Randy Katz ’98, is a federal prosecu-
                                                      her family (husband Nuno,         tor in South Florida and enjoys being
                                                      daughter Natalia who is 6,        able to make a difference and working
                                                      and son Danny who is 4)           in public service. He was promoted
                                                      moved to a new home on the        to the Economic Crimes Section of
                                                      water in Edgewater over the       the U.S. Attorney's Office, where he
                                                      summer.                           prosecutes securities fraud, health
                                                                                        care fraud, wire fraud, computer
                                                      Jeffrey Smith ’95, has ac-        fraud, and also prosecutes child ex-
                                                      cepted a new position work-       ploitation cases and works with many
                                                      ing within the administration     child victims.
                                                      of Mayor Sheila Dixon of the
                                                      City of Baltimore. Jeff serves    Christina Maria Lagdameo ’98,
                                                      as the Executive Liaison for      was awarded the Outstanding Young
                                                      Public Policy with the            Alumnus Award by the University of
                                                      Mayor's Office of                 Maryland Alumni Association for dis-
                                                      Employment Development            tinguishing herself as a young gradu-
                                                      (MOED).                           ate both personally and professionally.

                                                David Marks ’95, continues
                                                to work in Washington, DC,
Mike ’91 and Rhonda Newton Smith ’92 &         on the staff of the National
children                                       Surface Transportation Policy
coast of South America; Cape Cod;              and Revenue Study
weddings in Baltimore, New York,       Commission. Last year, David took
and Connecticut; the Shenandoah        his family (Stephanie and son
Valley; and a trip to a Dominican re-  Nicholas) to Walt Disney World.
treat house deep in the Virginia
                                              Ann Kirwan Horton ’97, lives in
woods!! But, he still found time to
                                              Silver Spring with her husband,
continue his work with the FBI, pro-
                                              Brendan, and their two girls Daly (5)
ducing the Director’s interactive town
                                              and Julia (2). In April 2007, Ann
hall meeting that was seen by 10,000
                                              started Collaboration
employees around the world.                                                             Karen Haven Megary ’98, and husband,
                                              Communication, a marketing and
[Michael, sounds like you are still                                                     Jay Megary.
                                              communication firm serving health
your “never slow down” self!]
                                              care, public health, and social service   Karen Haven Megary ’98, married
                                                               clients.                 Jay Megary in July 2007. Since then
                                                                                        they’ve honeymooned in Vancouver
                                                               Kelly Stepno ’97,        and Alaska and bought a home in
                                                               says that she has        Olney, MD. Karen continues to work
                                                               been bitten by the       as a consulting teacher for
                                                               “travel bug”, with       Montgomery County Public Schools.
                                                               trips to Africa,
                                                               Ireland, Germany,        Debra Salob BenAvram ’98, is liv-
                                                               Prague, Vienna,          ing and working in Silver Spring,
                                                               London, etc. [Kelly,     Maryland. She is married to Vincent
                                                               we’re not sure what      Condon BenAvram and they have
                                                               etc. means, but it       one son Lev, who is 4 years old. She
                                                               seems impossible for     is working with a health care associa-
                                                               you to have done         tion, using her skills to develop future
Rob Seidman ’93 with wife Lori and children
                                                               much more!!]             leaders programs for physicians. She

                       The Omicron Delta Kappa                                      LEADER
says that “to tell you the truth, it’s                                              Brian Bender ’00, is now a
much like college student personnel                                                 Managing Consultant with Kroll's
but with folks with jobs!” [Debra,                                                  FAS Practice in the Reston Office. He
we’re glad that you’re still using those                                            and his wife have a boy named
great leadership we saw from you at                                                 Nathan and live in McLean, VA.
                                                                                    Adam Lilling ’00, is practicing law
Jonathan Busch ’99, a graduate of                                                   at Morrison & Foerster in McLean,
Rutgers University School of Law, is       Rachael & Ryan Spiegel '00               Virginia and is engaged to be married
an Associate at Wilentz, Goldman &         Ryan Spiegel ’00, married Rachael        to Catherine Hershey.
Spitzer in Woodbridge, New Jersey.         Golden on October 14, 2007. A huge
                                                                                    Larry Long, Jr. ’00, has been work-
                                           wedding was a typical “Ryan
Jeff Wang ’99, is a Senior Manager at                                               ing since September, 2007, as a
                                           Production.” Who else but Ryan
Accenture, leading next generation                                                  Territory Manager for Medfusion, a
                                           would get married under a Chupah,
wireless technology and strategy pro-                                               medical practice industry.
                                           in a Masonic Lodge, with a gospel
grams at Carriers, Equipment
                                           choir performing, and serving a spe-
Manufacturers, and                                                                  Kelly Newsome ’00, living in New
                                           cial drink called a “Ryan-Tini”, which
Application/Content providers.                                                      York City, has expanded her corporate
                                           was an “Extra Dirty Olive Martini”!!!
                                                                                    law practice into non-profit represen-
                                           Ryan also was elected to the City
Adam Cohen ’00, is transitioning                                                    tation, which she really enjoys. A lot
                                           Council of Gaithersburg, Maryland,
from the lobbying industry into for-                                                of her time goes to Human Rights
                                           winning 56% of the vote!!
mal legal practice when he joins the                                                Watch and the Make-A-Wish
                                           [Congratulations to a former ODK
Rockville-based law firm of Stein,                                                  Foundation, where she is also a part
                                           President, a great person, a consum-
Sperling, Bennett, De Jong, Driscoll                                                of their volunteer leadership branches.
                                           mate politician, and a true leader.]
& Greenfeig. At Stein Sperling, he
                                           [An historical note - Ryan’s great
will provide both legal and legislative                                             Danielle Firetag Feinblum ’01,
                                           grandmother, the late Henrietta
counsel to local governments and as-                                                lives in Los Angeles with her hus-
                                           Spiegel, was initiated into ODK in
sociations as part of the firm's munic-                                             band, Dan. She completed her MBA
                                           1989, and was the oldest graduate
ipal law section, as well as practice in                                            at the University of Southern
                                           from the University of Maryland in
the firm's business law section.                                                    California in May 2007 and now
                                           its history!]
Congratulations on your move,                                                       works for Deloitte Consulting. At a
Adam.                                                                               recent national training session she
                                                                                    spent time with Jason Ward ('01) who

Wedding of Susan Hunter and Eyal Darmon ‘00 with Meghan Duffy ‘99, Avery Straw Janow ‘99, Josh Janow ‘99, Brian Romick ‘98,
and Meghan’s partner Jenna Jones.

                        The Omicron Delta Kappa                                     LEADER
works with her in the same group at       Fischer. Their wedding was selected       ABC affiliate, and living close to
Deloitte. They had a great time remi-     as part of a Style Network television     friends and family in Philadelphia.
niscing about their days at Maryland      special "My Destination Wedding,          For the past 2 years she has been an-
and in ODK.                               with the Knot" and aired in mid-          choring and producing the morning
                                          December. Since graduating, Neil          news for WJCL/FOX28 in Savannah,
Phil Barnes ’02, is in his 5th year as    has been working in finance and is        Ga. Trish has been working in news
Director of Bands & Orchestras and        currently a mortgage bond trader at       since she graduated from UMD in
Music Department Chairman at              Barclays Capital in New York City.        May of 2005. While she is not looking
Rockville High School. In January,                                                  forward to leaving the sunny weather
the RHS Marching Band was selected        Danielle Dani Harlan’03, was              of the South behind, she can't wait to
to represent Montgomery County in         awarded a Jacob K. Javits Fellowship      be back in the Northeast...and to
Governor Martin O'Malley's inaugu-        to continue her graduate studies at       make a few visits back to the
ral parade. In May he was named a         Stanford University. Since graduation     University of Maryland as well.
Class Nobel Educator of Distinction       she was worked for Teach for America
by the National Society of High           in the San Francisco Bay Area, and        Sakisha Jackson ’06, is still working
School Scholars. Phil has been select-    worked for non-profits in New York        at PWC (IT audit), and is enjoying
ed to conduct the Montgomery              City and China. Danielle recently         herself. She is in the process of ap-
County Junior Honors Band in              completed her first year of the Ph.D.     plying to law school.
January 2009.                             program at Stanford and spent the
                                          summer working in South Africa.           Jeannette Lopez ’06, will be gradu-
Angela Andreae Tuell ’02, was re-                                                   ating from Cornell University in May
cently married on August 11, 2007.        Deanna Bridge ’04, is working as a        of 2008 with her Master of Industrial
She now lives with her new husband        Physicians Assistant in a family prac-    and Labor Relations. She will be be-
in Indianapolis, IN where she is the      tice office in Pennsylvania. She is in-   ginning her career as an Assistant
media relations manager for Crowe         volved in state society in a leadership   Human Resources Manager for
Chizek and Company LLC. Her hus-          position and mentors students.            General Mills in Murfreesboro, TN.
band, Brian Tuell, works for the fed-
eral government and was transferred       Patrick Grzanka ’04, reached ABD          Jesse Fox ’07, moved to New York
from Tennessee to Indianapolis.           status in August 2007 and plans on        and is now running the booking de-
                                          graduating with his PhD in American       partment of a small music media
Sara Zailskas ’02, switched to trade      Studies from the University of            firm, Organic Entertainment.
magazines after a couple years in         Maryland in May 2009. For the past
newspapers as a copy editor. She is       year he has also served in several di-    Kurt Pfund ’07, spent his senior year
now an assistant managing editor for      rectorship capacities for the Honors      on a Study Abroad adventure based
Reed Business Information in Oak          Humanities Program at UMD.                in Tuebingen, Germany, which al-
Brook, Ill., and lives in Chicago's                                                 lowed him to explore new parts of
Wicker Park neighborhood.                 Becky Zonies ’04, traveled around         Europe and the Middle East. Now, he
                                          the world (literally) as a Resident       is pursuing academic and spiritual ad-
                                          Director for Semester at Sea. She re-     ventures, beginning with an M.Div at
                                          turned home to the University of          Gordon-Conwell Theological
                                          Maryland and is now the Assistant         Seminary outside of Boston.
                                          Director of the College Park Scholars
                                          - Life Sciences Program. A proud          Alana Williams ’07, recently moved
                                          and true "Terp for Life" she is living    back to the area to take a position as
                                          in DC and is excited to be an active      an Army Contractor working in the
                                          voting alum for the Sigma Circle.         Contracting Office of the Army
                                                                                    Research and Development Lab. She
Neil Agarwal and Brooke Fischer wedding   Trish Hartman ’05, has just accept-       is happy to be back in Maryland and
                                          ed a reporting job in Scranton, PA        look forward to participating in ODK
Neil Aggarwal ’03, was recently           with WNEP-TV and is looking for-          Alumni Events!
married in October to Brooke              ward to working for this dominant

                        The Omicron Delta Kappa                                         LEADER
                             FACULTY /STAFF /HONORARY UPDATES
Katherine Pedro Beardsley,                   Maryland. She and her husband               Brooke Supple is now Dr. Brooke
Assistant Dean of Behavioral and             Peter look for every opportunity pos-       Supple, and husband, Matt Supple
Social Sciences, was presented the           sible to visit their daughter Kristen in    has started down the same road, be-
Outstanding Woman of the Year                New York City where she is establish-       ginning the doctoral program in
Award by the President's Commission          ing herself as a designer.                  College Student Personnel last fall.
on Women's Issues.
                                             Marsha Guenzler-Stevens,                    Dale Vander Wall, has officially as-
Linda Clement, Vice President, con-          Director of Activities, and Warren          sumed the Director of Operations po-
tinues to provide excellent leadership       Kelley, Assistant Vice President for        sition at the University of Maryland
for the Division of Student Affairs at       Student Affairs, have headed up an          Center for Advanced Study of
                                                                initiative to better     Language and is now responsible for
                                                                serve veterans re-       the human resources, communica-
                                                                turning to campus        tion, and information management
                                                                following service to     functions of the Center.
                                                                their country.

Matt, Stirling, and Brooke Supple

                                                                      Dale Vander Wall and family

                                                                                             IN MEMORIAM
                                                                                           Victor Holm ’57
Greig Stewart, partner Jake, and son David

                        The Omicron Delta Kappa                                            LEADER
                                              ALUMNI INFORMATION

Please use this form to update us on what is happening in your life. Or, contact us at www.odk.umd.edu if you prefer.

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