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					                BOROUGH OF BARROW-IN-FURNESS

                        EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

                                Meeting, Wednesday, 2nd November, 2005
                                         at 2.00 p.m.

     NOTE: Group Meetings at 1.15 p.m.



1.   To note any items which the Chairman considers to be of an urgent nature.

2.   To receive notice from Members who may wish to move any delegated
     matter non-delegated and which will be decided by a majority of Members
     present and voting at the meeting.

3.   Admission of Public and Press

     To consider whether the public and press should be excluded from the
     meeting during consideration of any of the items on the agenda.

4.   Disclosure of Interests.

      A Member with a personal interest in a matter to be considered at this
      meeting must either before the matter is discussed or when the interest
      becomes apparent disclose

      1.    The existence of that interest to the meeting.

      2.    The nature of the interest.

      3.    Decide whether they have a prejudicial interest.

      A note on declaring interests at meetings, which incorporates certain other
      aspects of the Code of Conduct and a pro-forma for completion where
      interests are disclosed accompanies the agenda and reports for this

5.   To confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd September, 2005 (copy

6.   Apologies for Absence/Attendance of Substitute Members.

7.   Minutes of the Grants Sub-Committee, 27th September, 2005 (copy
           FOR DECISION

(D) 8.     Festival of the Sea – Future Arrangements.

(R) 9.     Review of Electoral Arrangements – Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council.

(D) 10.    Holocaust – The Past in the Present.

(D) 11.    Budget Preparation 2006/07.

(D) 12.    Write off of Sundry Debtors.

(R) 13.    Business Rate Relief – Barrow Power Boat Racing Club.

(D) 14.    Local Authorities and HSE Working Together.

(D) 15.    Waterside House – Entrepreneur Centre.

(D) 16.    Environmental Improvement Projects.

(R) 17.    Heart of Barrow Urban Regeneration Programme.

(D) 18.    Saddler‟s Field, Biggar Bank.

(R) 19.    Drug and Alcohol Policy.

(R) 20.    The Rootings, Rating Lane, Barrow.

(R) 21.    Revisions to the Capital Programme


(D) 22.    Central Barrow Gateway Townscape Heritage Initiative Bid.


    NOTE      (D) - Delegated
              (R) - For Referral to Council
Membership of Committee


T. L. Waiting (Chairman)
Pidduck (Vice-Chairman)
M. A. Roberts
J. Waiting
                                                                          Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                       (D)
Date of Meeting:            2nd November, 2005                           Item
Reporting Officer:          Chief Executive

Title:      Festival of the Sea – Future Arrangements

Summary and Conclusions:

The Council has established an annual “Festival of the Sea” programme as part of
our tourist development strategy and to exploit opportunities created by the
planned redevelopment of “The Waterfront”.

In each of the first two years this programme has included a major “event”
sponsored by the recently established Festival of the Sea fund. In order to
maintain this activity on a long-term basis and to accommodate physical works on
site we should now stage a major “event” on a bi-annual basis.


(1)      To agree that the Council agrees that we develop arrangements for a “Navy”
         Festival of the Sea event in 2006, built around the visit of HMS Cumberland
         and thereafter the Council plan festival events on a bi-annual basis
         commencing in 2008; and

(2)      To instruct the Chief Executive to prepare a report on arrangements for
         2006 and options to raise finance on an ongoing basis to maintain the
         festival fund and expand activity as The Waterfront project moves into
         development phase.


The Council has established a Festival Fund to support an annual Festival of the
Sea, which in each of the first two years has included a major event to promote the
potential of The Waterfront and the plans for the regeneration of Barrow Docks.

The inaugural “Tall Ships” event in 2004 made full use of the undeveloped site and
sought to explore the full capacity before construction work commences. The
event required overall subsidy of £127,246 from the Festival Fund.

In 2005 a more modest “Tall Ships” event was arranged to simulate the scale of
activity, which could be sustained after regeneration takes place and derelict and
underused land is redeveloped.
Despite poorer weather conditions, which affected income the event was able to
operate on a significantly reduced subsidy of £85,760.

Both events have shown that there is the capacity and potential to exploit The
Waterfront for festival activity, but only, as with similar events in Whitehaven and
the Barrow Air Show, with substantial sponsorship or subsidy.

Accordingly, regeneration proposals for The Waterfront will incorporate features to
facilitate and enhance future festival events. As we now move into a period of
intense physical redevelopment of The Waterfront, our festival activity must by
necessity be constrained. However, given the need to maintain and develop
sponsorship and subsidy for future events, an opportunity to pause and consider
our future festival strategy is opportune.

Funding arrangements for the two events to date can be summarised as follows: -

Barrow Festival Fund

                                         2004/05                    2005/06

Festival Fund                            258,508                    231,262

Income from Event                        129,555                     42,834

Expenditure                              256,801                    128,336

Fund Balance                             131,262                    145,760

Cost of Event to Fund                  £127,246                     £85,502

Conclusion and Way Forward

The operation of a major event requires subsidy of around £100,000. The balance
of the Barrow Festival Fund stands at £145,760 and would be exhausted by two
further events. Moving the event to a bi-annual timetable will reduce the annual
subsidy requirement to around £50,000. Clearly the fund will need to be
replenished, as the event is unlikely to achieve breakeven and will continue to
require significant sponsorship. The Council through its Town Centre and Festivals
Manager will continue to promote an annual “Festival of the Sea” using a variety of
mainstream and regeneration resources, but with a major Waterside event
supported by the Festival Fund every second year.

In 2006 we have the opportunity to build a “naval” rather than Tall Ships event
around a scheduled visit of HMS Cumberland. Such an event will require Festival
Fund subsidy of no more than £50,000. Following this, we would move to a bi-
annual programme with the next event taking place in 2008, by which time the
Marina access and Cruise Ship Terminal should be available.

This approach has a number of advantages
      1)   It reduces the annual subsidy target for the event from £100k to £50k.

      2)   It brings us into synchronisation with Whitehaven on an alternative year

      3)   It minimises activity during the planned construction phase of The
           Waterfront Marina and Cruise Ship Terminal, which would create major
           operational and logistical problems for the event.

      4)   It reduces the very significant demand for Borough Council officer time in
           the management and organisation of the event.

Background Papers

                                                                         Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                      (R)
Date of Meeting:           2nd November, 2005                           Item
Reporting Officer:        Chief Executive

Title:    Review of Electoral Arrangements – Barrow-in-Furness
          Borough Council
Summary and Conclusions:

Owing to reduced elector numbers a significant disparity has developed in the
councillor/electorate ratio since the recommendations of the last review completed
in 1997 were given effect by the implementation of new warding arrangements
introduced by the Electoral Changes Order 1998. The report sets out the results of
the consultation exercise and the draft recommendations.


To recommend the Council:-

(1) To approve the draft recommendations as detailed in the Consultation
document to be considered by the Council on 29th November, 2005; and

(2) To authorise the Chief Executive to submit the draft recommendations as the
Borough Council‟s submission for the Review of Barrow-in-Furness electoral


I refer to Minute No 69 of this Committee at its meeting on 22nd September 2005,
when I was authorised to go out to consultation on the draft recommendations and
to consult with political parties, Parish Councils, other interested bodies and the
public on those proposals and to report both the draft recommendations and the
results of the consultation exercise to this meeting.

As reported at an earlier meeting this is just the first stage of the Review. The
Boundary Committee will generally seek to complete the review in a period of
about one year. The Barrow review began on 6th September 2005 and will follow
the usual four stage process –
         Stage one typically 12 – 15 Commencement       of   review and
         weeks                       submission of proposals for future
                                     electoral arrangements.

         Stage two       typically   12-16 The Boundary Committee considers
         weeks                             proposals,     determines    draft
                                           recommendations and prepares draft
                                           recommendations report.

         Stage three typically 8 weeks      The Boundary Committee publishes
                                            draft recommendations report and
                                            invites representations.

         Stage four      typically   12-16 The Boundary Committee considers
         weeks                             representations, reaches conclusions on
                                           final recommendations and submits a
                                           final    report   to   The     Electoral

The draft recommendations for changes to the electoral arrangements are
contained in the Public Consultation Document which is attached at Appendix A
and a copy of which has already been circulated to all Members on 26 th September
2005. A copy of this document has also been placed on deposit for public
inspection at Barrow Town Hall and these have also been circulated locally to the
political parties and to the Clerks to the three Parish Councils. Public Notice of this
document has also been placed in the North West Evening Mail (29 th September)
and in the Advertiser (6th October) and written representations have been invited
from all parties by 21st October 2005.

Also included as part of the consultation document are maps outlining the
proposed Ward Boundary changes. Copies of the plans have been placed in the
Members Room. These maps have also been supplied to the political parties and
to the Clerks of the three Parish Councils.

The Consultation paper outlines the details of the draft recommendations which
have been drawn up by an Officer Working Group which has taken into account
guidance and procedural advice issued by The Electoral Commission.

The purpose of the review is to achieve as good electoral equality as practicable,
having regard to the statutory criteria. The Commission will only recommend the
retention of substantial imbalances where it can be demonstrated that no other
option is feasible. Departures from the principle of electoral equality will therefore
need to be fully justified. The Electoral Commission expect the recommendations
of the Boundary Committee for England to provide for high levels of electoral
equality, with variances normally well below 10%.
The effect of the draft recommendations as summarised in the Public Consultation
Document are that only Dalton North and Dalton South Wards in view of the
geographical nature of the Borough forms a distinct boundary between the two
sections of the Borough. They are the only wards which are on or over the 10%
range of variation.

The result of the draft recommendations has ensured that there is a greater degree
of weighting amongst the electorate than exists at the present time.

At the time of writing this report I have received one response from Lindal and
Marton Parish Council who are happy to support the proposals insofar as they
relate to the Dalton North ward.

The Committee are therefore asked to consider these draft proposals and to make
recommendations thereon to the full Council at its meeting on 29 th November 2005
in order that the Borough‟s submission can be made to The Boundary Committee
for England no later than 12th December 2005.

Background Papers

Barrow in Furness Draft Recommendations Consultation Document
Chief Executive‟s letter to all Members of the Council dated 26th September 2005
Chief Executive‟s letter to political parties and Clerks to Parish Councils dated 28th
September 2005
Public Notice in the North West Evening Mail dated 29th September 2005
Public Notice in the Advertiser dated 6th October 2005
Files on public deposit at Barrow Town Hall
                                                                           Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                        (D)
Date of Meeting:           2nd November, 2005                             Item
Reporting Officer:         Chief Executive

Title:    Holocaust – The Past in the Present

Summary and Conclusions:

The report advises the Members of a request for financial assistance for the above


The Committee is requested to agree to donate £500 to become a partner in the


The Leader of the Council has received a letter from Unison Cumbria County
Branch and an e-mail from the Secretary of the Barrow Branch asking the Council
for financial assistance to become a partner in the above event.

Unison has commissioned a film called “Arek” which tells the story of a Jewish
child‟s experience of the holocaust, including his incarceration in Auschwitz and
Birkenau Concentration Camps; he was 15 at the time and a veteran of the
Ghetto‟s and Labour Camps, having lost his entire family when he was just aged
11 years old.

The film will be sent to every secondary school in the country.

Unison would like to launch the film in Cumbria on 25th January 2006 at Rheged,
the purpose of the event is – “To support and promote community campaigns
against racism, linking this to the promotion of good citizenship”.

It is hoped that a representative from every secondary school in Cumbria will
attend and that schools will produce a form of artwork which depicts their definition
of respect, dignity or citizenship. These pieces of work will be displayed at an
exhibition in Rheged on the day of the event.

Background Papers

Letter from Unison Cumbria County Branch.
E-Mail from Unison Barrow Branch
                                                                        Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                       (D)
Date of Meeting:            2nd November, 2005                           Item
Reporting Officer:          Director of Finance

Title:      Budget Preparation 2006/07
Summary and Conclusions:

The report sets out the proposed assumption and timetable that Officers have
drawn up for the preparation of the 2006/07 budget.


To agree the proposed budgetary assumptions and timetable for the preparation of
the 2006/07 budget.


Officers have started the preparation of the budgets for the year commencing 1 st
April 2006. The following assumptions are being made by Officers in the budget

         Wage inflation                                2.95%
         Employers contribution to pensions            20.2%
         Utilities and business rates                  3%
         Insurance premiums                            as the October renewal
         Other expenditure (except named exceptions)   no increase
         New borrowing rates                           5%
         Lending rates                                 3.5%
         Increases in fees and charges                 to be proposed separately

It is proposed that:-

1.       The Housing Revenue Act proposals will be taken to the meeting of the
         Housing Forum for consultation on 19th January, 2006.

2.       The overall budget proposals will be presented to this Committee for
         agreement and consultation on 1st February, 2006.

3.       The Council will be asked to approve the budget and associated proposals,
         including the setting of the Council Tax at its meeting on 28 th February,

Background Papers

                                                                           Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                         (D)
Date of Meeting:            2nd November, 2005                             Item
Reporting Officer:          Director of Finance

Title:     Write off of Sundry Debtors
Summary and Conclusions:

The report advises the Committee of debts written off under my delegated powers
and recommends the Committee to agree to write off debts above my delegated


The Committee will be requested to note the debts written off under the Director of
Finance‟s delegated powers and agree the write off of a further debt in the sum of


In the half year to 30th September, 2005 I have agreed the write off of 506 Sundry
Debtors in the sum of £57,616.53. These can be analysed as:-

                                                 Number               Amount

Deceased                                           1                     123.24
Uneconomical to pursue                           364                  12,681.44
Despite efforts – unlikely to recover            141                  44,811.85

                                                 506                  57,616.53

A further debt of £5,648.82 for property repairs from a former housing tenant is
also recognised as being, despite Officers efforts, unlikely for collection. This debt
is above my delegated authority and I am recommending Members to agree its
write off.

Members are reminded that writing off debt is a bookkeeping exercise and a record
is kept and any opportunity taken to recover debts previously written off.

The total write offs become 507 in the value of £603,265.35 and represent 8.5% of
the value of invoices raised in the half year 1st April, 2005 to 30th September, 2005.

Background Papers

                                                                         Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                       (R)
Date of Meeting:           2nd November, 2005                            Item
Reporting Officer:         Director of Finance

Title:    Business Rate Relief – Barrow Power Boat Racing Club

Summary and Conclusions:

The Report describes the new business rateable status of the Barrow Power Boat
Racing Club and advises on the cost of providing relief.


To recommend the Council to grant full relief from Business Rates for the year 31 st
March, 2006 and to agree to a supplementary budget of £175.74 for this purpose.


Barrow Power Boat Racing Club occupy a building at the port to house their rescue
boat and have subsequently received a Business Rate Invoice in the sum of
£702.95 for the period 1st June 2005 to 31st March 2006.

The Committee will be aware that the Power Boat Racing Club is seen as an asset
to the development of the Marina Complex.

The Grants Sub-Committee at its meeting on 27th September 2005 agreed to
request a £4,854.72 supplementary budget.

The Barrow Power Boat Racing Club is an amateur sports club, and the cost of
providing full relief in this year would be £175.74.

Background Papers

Correspondence held by the Director of Finance.
                                                                          Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                        (D)
Date of Meeting:         2nd November, 2005                               Item
Reporting Officer: Chief Environmental Health Officer

Title:    Local Authorities and HSE Working Together

Summary and Conclusions:

The report seeks this Committee‟s endorsement of action taken by Councillor T. L.
Waiting, Leader of the Council, in signing a Statement of Intent on behalf of this


To agree that this Committee endorses the Barrow Borough Council and Health
and Safety Executive Statement of Intent for the „Local Authorities and Health and
Safety Executive Working Together‟ Strategic Programme.


Members will be aware that this Council is an enforcing authority for health and
safety legislation delivering enforcement in partnership with the Health and Safety
Executive (HSE) on behalf of the Health and Safety Commission.

To date partnership working between the HSE and local authorities has been
based on an allocation of enforcing responsibility for premises dependent on risk,
delivered through a set of enforcing authority regulations.

The Statement of Intent proposes a closer working partnership to develop a
strategic programme of activity to deliver a shared vision.

For information I have attached a copy of the Statement of Intent at Appendix B.

I believe that the formalisation of closer partnership working between local
authorities and HSE as required in the Statement of Intent reflects positively on the
work already undertaken in Cumbria in that the six district councils and the local
HSE regional office in Carlisle have agreed joint work programmes and
enforcement priorities annually for the last two years. The Statement of Intent is
aimed at ensuring effective partnership working consistently throughout the country
and I am aware that the best practice demonstrated in Cumbria has been used to
inform the development of the Statement of Intent.
At a meeting of the district councils of Cumbria and Lancashire and HSE at
Lancaster University on 13th October 2005, Councillor T. L. Waiting signed the
Statement of Intent on behalf of this Council and I would ask Members to endorse
this action.

Background Papers

                                                                         Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                       (D)
Date of Meeting:          2nd November, 2005                             Item
Reporting Officer:        Director of Regeneration

Title:    Waterside House – Entrepreneur Centre
Summary and Conclusions:

The report contains a progress report on the development of the Entrepreneur
Centre and makes recommendations regarding the procurement of business
support services.


To note the progress report and agree to appoint Furness Enterprise as the lead
tenant and supplier of business support services to the new Entrepreneur Centre.


Funding approval has now been received from the North West Development
Agency (Urban Development Fund) and the Government Office North West
(ERDF) for the purchase and alterations to Waterside House to create an
Entrepreneur Centre.

The proposals will provide approximately 876 square metres of lettable area for
new businesses, 234 square metres of lettable space to the Lead Tenant Business
Service provider and 820 square metres for use by link organisations, exhibition
space, training, meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities. The project is
targeted to create 46 jobs over the next three years and brings back into use one
unused property.

The adaptations and extensions have been designed by Craig and Green
Architects who have tendered the works which have been won by Leck
Construction of Barrow. Work on the project will commence in early November
with a contract period of approximately 30 weeks.

The project is targeted to support SME size businesses either just starting up or in
need of support to expand. This support will be provided by an on-site lead tenant,
who will manage the property on a day to day basis on the Council‟s behalf. They
will provide the business and reactive support required by these types of
developing businesses. The lead tenant will also procure specialist advice where
appropriate. The proposed extension to Waterside House has been specifically
designed to accommodate a lead tenant to provide these necessary services.
NWDA require the Council to select a lead tenant who will provide best value for

There are only a limited number of organisations capable of filling the role of lead
tenant/business support provider and only one, Furness Enterprise, whom are
Barrow based.

As Furness Enterprise are supported financially by this Council, County Council
and other public bodies and the Council‟s financial regulations recognise that a
criteria for selection should be to support local business, I consider that best value
would be achieved by appointing Furness Enterprise to be the lead tenant and
supplier of business support services for the new Entrepreneur Centre.

The centre will continue to be known as Waterside House and will be fully
broadband enabled.

Background Papers

                                                                          Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                        (D)
Date of Meeting:          2nd November, 2005                              Item
Reporting Officer:        Director of Regeneration

Title:    Environmental Improvement Projects
Summary and Conclusions:

The report sets out recommendations to extend Gillespies appointment to act as
the Council‟s representative to develop briefs for environmental projects in
Hindpool and the Central Barrow Housing Renewal Area.


To agree that Gillespies contract be extended and they be appointed to produce a
brief and scope of work for the development of an environmental improvement
project for both Hindpool and the Central Housing Renewal Area.


The preparation of the Urban Design Framework was undertaken by lead
consultants, Gillespies, a Land Use Planning and Environmental Consultancy.

The Council is now seeking to develop proposals under the NRF and Cleaner
Greener Spaces Initiative to undertake a streetscape and environmental
improvement scheme in Hindpool and the Central Housing Renewal Area.

The Barrow Urban Design Framework sets out broad guidance and
recommendations for both streetscape design and public art initiatives in these
areas. As most of the work included in the two initiatives will be on public realm
initiatives, which significantly will feature improvements of the highway and
streetscape, it is most likely that the works will be jointly promoted by the Borough
and County Councils. To ensure that the principles in the Urban Design
Framework are developed in to more detailed design concepts, it is recommended
that a client‟s representative is appointed to develop the briefs and identify the
scope of works to be included in the two projects.

As Gillespies, who are the lead consultants in developing the Urban Design
Framework are also experienced landscaped designers, it is considered
appropriate to extend their initial contract to cover their appointment as the
Council‟s Client Agent in respect of these two schemes.

Background Papers

                                                                         Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                       (R)
Date of Meeting:           2nd November, 2005                            Item
Reporting Officer:         Director of Regeneration

Title:      Heart of Barrow Urban Regeneration Programme
Summary and Conclusions:

The report sets out progress and recommends actions to ensure that this year‟s
delivery plan is achieved.


To recommend the Council to note the progress made on the current delivery plan
for the Heart of Barrow Urban Regeneration Programme and grant the Director of
Regeneration delegated authority to progress those projects listed in the report to
be undertaken by this Council.


The Heart of Barrow 2005/2006 delivery plan has a capital value of approximately
£4 million and is made up of the following projects:-

        Purchase of the former Campus Ventures Business Centre – complete.
        Purchase and adaption of Entrepreneur Centre – approved.
        Construction of new Gateway Offices, former Apollo Cinema – approved.
        A590 Junction Improvements pre-design works – approved.

New projects which have received the support of the Investing in the Future
Implementation Groups where full applications have been invited include:-

   a) The refurbishment of Furness House.
   b) The refurbishment of the Ambassador Restaurant and upgrading of the
      Dalton Road Market elevation.
   c) The refurbishment of 77-79 Duke Street (Poole Townsend).
   d) The extension and refurbishment of Forum 28 to provide improved tourism
   e) Environmental improvements to Ramsden Square (former hoarding and car
      park site).
   f) Environmental improvements to vacant land Cavendish Street/Duke Street.
   g) The acquisition of land and funding for new retail development within the
      Hindpool Regeneration Project.
   h) Funds to support the appointment of consultants to provide legal, surveying
      and valuation services in respect of the acquisition of land to facilitate the
      Marina Village development.
There is a small amount of money identified for the acquisition of strategic sites,
which is still to be allocated.

Six of these new projects are being lead by this Council and I recommend that you
grant the Director of Regeneration delegated authority to submit applications to the
Heart of Barrow Board for funding to support these projects and where appropriate
to let building contracts or complete land acquisitions.

The six council projects and funding levels are:-

      a)   The refurbishment of the Ambassador Restaurant and upgrading of the
           Dalton Road Market elevation and Mall improvements (£400k).
      b)   The improvements and extensions to Forum 28 (£250k) to provide a new
           Tourist Information Office and refurbishment of the bar and foyer areas.
      c)   Environmental improvements to Ramsden Square (£50k) to remove the
           hoardings which will be replaced by a brickwall and railings and the
           provision of a pedestrian link from the Square into Slater Street.
      d)   Environmental improvements to Cavendish Street/Duke Street car park
           (£100k) to create a piece of public art and soft landscaping to recognise
           Barrow‟s iron and steelwork heritage.
      e)   The acquisition and development of a new retail unit within Hindpool
           Regeneration area (£100k) to allow the existing Fax-a-Snack Shop to be
           relocated to facilitate the creation of Hindpool Urban Park.
      f)   Provision of legal, surveying and valuation services for the Marina
           Village (£150k).

Plans and details of schemes a) to e) are attached at Appendix „C‟.

Background Papers

                                                                        Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                      (D)
Date of Meeting:          2nd November, 2005                            Item
Reporting Officer:        Director of Regeneration

Title:    Saddler’s Field, Biggar Bank
Summary and Conclusions:

The report recommends the closure of Saddler‟s Field Caravan Site, Biggar Bank,
Walney and the termination of the remaining agreements on the site.


To agree that the remaining six licensees occupying sites at Saddler‟s Field be
notified that the site will close permanently in October 2007 and that authority be
given to serve the appropriate Notices to Quit.


Saddler‟s Field is a small caravan site, comprising of three caravans and three
huts, located on Biggar Bank, Walney Island.

During this summer there have been cases of building works being undertaken
without permission and unauthorised caravans being moved on to the site and this
has prompted a review of the current situation.

In 1972 the Council resolved to close Saddler‟s Field because it did not comply
with the Caravan Sites Act of 1960 and lacked all basic amenities. At that time
there were approximately 22 licensees on the site.

Saltmarsh Caravan Site on Carr Lane was provided as an alternative for the
displaced licensees.

In 1977 Notices to Quit were served on all the occupiers of the site but further
action was suspended when the licensees banded together in a bid to provide the
required facilities and save the site. No works were ever carried out and the site
still lacks basic amenities.

The Council remains committed to closing the Saddler‟s Field site and the
assignment of plots from one person to another, whether family members or not, is
strictly prohibited. Over the years the number of occupiers has dwindled from
more than 20 down to six. It is apparent that although the Council has never
formally approved any change of tenancy, some of the remaining six occupiers are
not the original tenants.
Legal advice has confirmed that if the Council were minded to close the site the
tenants would be entitled to four weeks notice to quit. My recommendation is that
the remaining licensees be advised that the site will close in October 2007; this will
allow a generous amount of time for them to make alternative arrangements.

Background Papers

                                                                         Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                      (R)
Date of Meeting:           2nd November, 2005                          Agenda
Reporting Officer:        Assistant Director (Personnel                   19
                          and Performance)

Title:    Drug and Alcohol Policy

Summary and Conclusions:

The Council‟s Health and Safety Group have highlighted the need for us to
formulate and implement a Drug and Alcohol Policy.


To recommend the Council to approve the Drug and Alcohol Policy.


Discussions at the Health and Safety Working Group prompted by the Councils
insurers Zurich Municipal have highlighted the need for a proper Drug and Alcohol
Policy to be introduced as soon as possible.

The Council has a duty of care under the relevant legislation to ensure that
employees are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol if this would pose a risk
to their health and safety or to the health and safety of others.

This matter has been discussed with Safety Representatives and with the Councils
Healthwise Group and both of these groups endorse the policy which is attached
as Appendix D.

Background Papers

                                                                          Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                        (R)
Date of Meeting:          2nd November, 2005                              Item
Reporting Officer:        Director of Regeneration

Title:    The Rootings, Rating Lane, Barrow

Summary and Conclusions:

The report outlines a request from the Woodland Trust for funding to enable the
establishment of woodland on land at The Rootings, Rating Lane, Barrow-in-


To recommend the Council to approve the letting of land at The Rootings, Rating
Lane, Barrow-in-Furness to the Woodland Trust on those terms reported and that
provision be made in the Capital Programme for 2006/07 for a grant of £20,000.


This Council owns 18 acres of arable land at The Rootings, Rating Lane, Barrow-
in-Furness, as shown hatched on the attached plan at Appendix E.

The land has, over the years, been let to various „agricultural tenants‟ for arable
purposes but has recently reverted back to the Council. The Estates Department
have marketed the site but have been unable to attract a tenant and have,
therefore, looked at alternative uses for the land.

Following discussions with the Woodland Trust it has been identified that the site
would be ideal for the establishment of a „Community Woodland‟ and to this end
the Woodland Trust have formally requested of the Council a lease of the land.

The „Community Woodland‟ would consist of the planting of native broadleaved
trees over approximately 70% of the 18 acre site and the establishment of a
network of informal footpaths to encourage public access. The scheme would see
the upgrading and replanting of all hedge boundaries and, following on from
informal discussions with Cumbria County Council, the possible „linking‟ of the site
with the established „Rights of Way‟ network.

The participation of local community groups, and in particular, local schools, in the
planting process will be actively promoted by the Trust.

The Woodland Trust has indicated that the overall project cost for the first five
years of a 10 year management programme would be £58,000. The Trust would
look to secure part funding through the Forestry Commission and part funding
through donations – the creation of new woodlands fits within the councils adopted
Community Plan and also Agenda 21 of the global Sustainable Development
Programme and, therefore, you may wish to consider making a contribution from
the Council‟s Capital Programme towards the project.

The Woodland Trust would require a formal lease, the main Heads of Terms being:

      Term          10 years

      Rent          Nominal

      Use           Woodland/Woodland Management

      Outgoings     All running costs/maintenance costs/management costs to be
                    borne by the Woodland Trust

Background Papers

                                                                         Part One

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                       (R)
Date of Meeting:            2nd November, 2005                           Item
Reporting Officer:          Director of Regeneration

Title:      Revisions to the Capital Programme

Summary and Conclusions:

The report sets out proposals to amend the Capital Programme to accommodate
revisions resulting from:-

a)       Additional office improvements within the Town Hall;
b)       The relocation of the Herbert Leigh R.N.L.I. Lifeboat at the Dock Museum;
c)       Development proposals for Forum 28.


To recommend the Council:-

1.       To agree that the Capital Programme is adjusted in accordance with the
         details set out in the report;

2.       To authorise the Director of Regeneration to apply for Heart of Barrow
         funding towards the Forum 28 Project;

3.       To authorise the Director of Regeneration to apply to West Lakes
         Renaissance for the additional funding required for the Dock Museum
         Project; and

4.       To authorise to Director of Regeneration to implement the three Projects as
         detailed in the report.


Town Hall Office Improvements

During this financial year significant improvements have been undertaken to
relocate the Council‟s I.T. Section to the second floor of the Town Hall and free up
space on the ground floor for the creation of a Customer Relations Management
Telephony Unit and also an integrated face to face Customer Contact Centre to
deliver both Benefit and Council Services. New DDA standard access doors to the
main entrance have also been installed.
In addition to this, plans are also being developed to create new office
accommodation for Committee Admin Services and a new office for the
Community Services Manager and members of his team. A new meeting room
facility has also been created in the former gents toilets on the second floor.

It has been possible to accelerate the programme to accommodate the
establishment of the two CRM facilities.

Dock Museum – Herbert Leigh R.N.L.I. Lifeboat

The major external exhibit at the Dock Museum is the former R.N.L.I. Lifeboat, the
Herbert Leigh. The lifeboat has traditionally been located at the rear of the site in a
low key location.

Recently, the boat has been fully restored and re-painted in its original livery. The
Museum Curator considers that as a key element of the museum collection, the
boat should have a more prominent location and should be protected from the

Owen Williams have undertaken a feasibility study to relocate the Herbert Leigh to
a position adjacent to the main North Road boundary wall, siting the boat on a steel
inclined cradle to give it a high profile visual impact at the front boundary of the
museum site.

Investigations have also been undertaken to examine options for providing a
protective roof structure to the lifeboat which would add value to the visual impact
of the exhibit as well as providing protection against the elements. A plan of the
proposed relocation and provision of a protective roof structure is attached as
Appendix E. The cost to relocate the boat onto a steel cradle with associated
landscaping is approximately £50,000. The provision of the pen fold roof structure
is an additional £80,000.

It is recommended that the Capital Programme should be amended to include the
provision of £50,000 to facilitate the relocation of the Herbert Leigh in the position
shown with all the necessary foundations and infrastructure to receive the roof
covering at a later date. It may be possible to raise funds through West Lakes
Renaissance for the provision of the roof structure and I request delegated
authority to submit a relevant grant application and if successful award a contract
for the additional works.

Extensions and Improvements to Forum 28

 Following the successful refurbishment of the upper floors of Forum 28, proposals
have been drawn up to undertake a similar refurbishment scheme to the bar and
main entrance foyer on the ground floor.

At the same time, plans are being prepared to extend the ground floor of the
building to fill in the area below the overhang created by the gallery. This area is
very dark and vulnerable, and is a location where youths assemble and cause
The additional space will provide the opportunity to relocate Tourist Information into
a more visible and higher profile location. It would also allow us to integrate Tourist
Information and Forum Box Office staff to deliver an integrated service.

The existing TIC area would be modified and become back office support for the
remaining Forum staff. The overall costs of the project are estimated to be
£600,000, of which £70,000 would be provided by the Catering Operator, £250,000
could be secured from the Heart of Barrow Urban Regeneration Programme,
leaving a balance of £280,000 to be funded by the Council.

There is £40,000 remaining in this years Capital Programme, and £270,000 in the
2006/07 Programme allocated to the Forum. I recommend that I be given authority
to apply for Heart of Barrow funding of up to £250,000 and the Capital Programme
be adjusted as necessary to balance the spending profile for the project.

The Director of Finance has confirmed that the above adjustments can be
accommodated within the Council‟s current borrowing limits.

Background Papers


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