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 Student/Parent/Guardian Handbook

              39 Dyer Avenue
         Canton, Connecticut 06019
           Telephone: 693-7717
               Fax: 693-7814
         Dr. Jordan Grossman, Principal

     CIS Website:
                  Canton Public Schools - Vision

Canton Public Schools is an educational community where all learners of
varying abilities and talents are equally valued. Our community develops
citizens who creatively solve problems, demonstrate ethical behaviors and
  make a difference in the world through their commitment, respect and
                        sense of global community.

         Canton Intermediate School Mission Statement

              The Canton Intermediate School Community
                     --develops the whole individual;
            --fosters mutual respect, support, and tolerance;
              --challenges and nurtures students to become
                       enthusiastic, lifelong learners
                       for a rapidly changing world.

                      Official School Hours
                      8:05 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.
                         (First Bell 7:55 a.m.)

                    Early Release time: 12:20 p.m.

           Call the CIS Health Room at 693-7792
                Health Room Fax: 693-5838
             Canton Intermediate School
     Regulations for Acceptable Use of Technology
Reasons for this Policy
The Canton Board of Education provides students
and teachers with a Computer Network and access
to the Internet. Therefore, the Board of Education
must also write guidelines so that the network and
Internet are used properly. Every year, everyone
who will use a computer in the Canton Schools
must read the policy and agree to follow the rules.
Some of these rules are for school use. Some of
the rules apply even when you are at home.
Everyone agrees to follow these rules by signing
the Acceptable Use Contract.

If you forget the rules, a copy of the rules can be found on the school’s website.


The Rules:

1.    I will use the school computers and school Internet only for school-related
2.    If I am unsure if what I want to do is OK, I will ask a teacher.
3.    I will not view or download UNACCEPTABLE PICTURES or information from
      the Internet.
4.    I will not DELETE another person’s work on the computer. I will not COPY
      another person’s work using the computer.
5.    I will not TOUCH other students’ computers while they are logged on, unless they
      ask me for help and the teacher says it is OK to help.
6.    I will not FORGE something on the computer. This means I will not put someone
      else’s name on something that is bad or not permitted, even when working on the
      computer at home.

7.    I will not use another student’s or a teacher’s personal information for any reason,
      including their LOG-IN names and PASSWORDS.
8.    I will not do anything to DAMAGE the computer equipment or the files.

9.    I will not REMOVE or SWITCH the mice, cables, or keyboards unless I am asked
      to do so by a teacher.
10.   I will not SWEAR or use impolite language when I am online, even when working
      on the computer at home.
11.   I will not pretend to be someone else online and THREATEN or make hurtful
      comments about other people at CIS, even when working on the computer at home.
12.   I will not play GAMES on the Internet at school, unless I have a teacher’s
13.   I will not BUY something or SELL something on the Internet at school.
14.   I will not TELL any personal information on the Internet – I will not tell my last
      name, my address, my telephone number, my school address, or any information
      about my parents on the Internet.
15.   I will not MEET anyone I have talked to on the Internet, even when working on the
      computer at home.
16.   I know the use of a computer and the Internet is a privilege, not a right.

17.   I know breaking the rules may mean I lose
      the right to use the computers or Internet at
18.   I will not take food or drinks near any
             2009 – 2010 Technology User Agreement:

Student must sign the acceptable use policy below by September 11, 2009 or the
account will be turned off.

I, __________________________________ (typed or printed name), understand
the rules and will follow the rules. I understand that these rules apply even when I
am at home and not supervised by my parents.

Student Signature:________________________________________

Date: _____________________________

Parent or guardian must also sign the acceptable use policy before September 11,
2009 for student to have continued access to the CBOE Computer Network.
Parents and guardians should read and consider both versions of this policy, as
there are protections in the full version that are not included here.

I, _________________________________________________(typed or printed
name), have read Canton Board of Education’s “Regulations for Acceptable Use of
Technology,” and I understand that this access is designed for educational
purposes only. I also recognize that it is impossible to restrict access to all
inappropriate materials. However, I accept responsibility for my child’s

Parent/Guardian’s Signature: ________________________________________

Food or Drink will not be taken or consumed in computer classrooms or near any
                          2009 - 2010

             Student/Parent/Guardian Handbook

  ACKNOWLEDGMENT – Please return by Friday, 9/11/09

I have read the Canton Intermediate School handbook. I
understand the school regulations/policies and agree to abide
by them.

_________________________ _________________________
Student Signature         Date

I have reviewed the CIS handbook and I will help my child
abide by school policies.

_________________________      __________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature      Date

Attention Students: At the start of the second week of school,
your teacher will check for signatures on both sides of this
page. Be sure to read and sign both sides yourself and share it
with your parents/guardians to read and sign. Please return
this form, signed on both sides, by Friday, September 11. 2009.
                                          In compliance with regulations
                                          implementing Title VI, Title VII of the
Board of Education meetings are
                                          Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of
typically scheduled for the second and
                                          Education Amendments of 1972
fourth Thursdays of the month at 7:30
                                          (H.E.W. Office of Civil Rights), Section
p.m. at the Canton Community Center.
                                          504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,
Please refer to monthly CIS newsletters
                                          the Civil Rights Act of 1987, the
to confirm dates of 2009-2010 Board of
                                          Americans with Disabilities Act, and
Education meetings.
                                          appropriate state laws, the Canton Board
                                          of Education adopts the following
Board of Education Members                statement:
Lou Daniels, Chair
Carlene Rhea, Vice Chair                  The Canton Board of Education as a
Patti White, Secretary                    matter of policy does not knowingly
Susan Crowe                               condone discrimination on the basis of
Leslee Hill                               sex, age, race, religious creed, national
Beth Kandrysawtz                          origin, color, marital status, sexual
Sue Saidel                                orientation, ancestry, present or past
Kyra Sheehan                              history of mental disorder, mental
Jonathan Webb                             retardation, learning disability or
                                          physical disability, in treatment, or
                                          employment, or admission or access to
P.T.O. Officers                           educational programs, and services
President: Angie Abbott                   provided or operated by the Canton
Vice President: Elizabeth Haynes          Board of Education.
Secretary: Amanda Turano
Treasurer: Amy Pelehach                   The Non-Discriminatory Compliance
                                          Officers for the Canton School System
Central Services
                                          Title IX/Equity Officer – Mrs. Lori
(860) 693-7704
                                          DeVito – 693-7707
Mr. Kevin Case, Superintendent of
                                          Sec. 504 Officer – call Superintendent’s
                                          office – 693-7704.
Ms. Lynn McMullin, Assistant
Superintendent of Schools
                                          In order to provide prompt, equitable
Mrs. Mary-Louise Dorpalen, Director,
                                          resolutions of citizen, student and
      Pupil Personnel Services
                                          employee complaints, the Board of
Mr. Jerry Domanico, Business Manager
                                          Education has adopted a grievance
                                          procedure that is available in the
                                          Superintendent’s and all school offices.
                                             DIRECTORY, 2009 - 2010
Principal:                  Dr. Jordan Grossman             SUPPORT STAFF
Administrative Assistant:   Mrs. Lorie Carlson
Secretary:                  Mrs. Roxy Austin                Paraeducators:
Secretary:                  Mrs. Janet Kochanowski          Mrs. Ruth Ann Golis
Nurse:                      Mrs. Jackie Crowley             Mrs. Deb Gula
Nurse’s Aides:              Mrs. Lisa Bahre                 Mrs. Jan Haller
                            Mrs. Kate Ciccarillo            Mrs. Kelly Holley
                                                            Miss Karaugh Kochanowski (504)
Mrs. Denise Dauria          Grade 4, Room 102               Miss Krystle Maisch
Mrs. Beth Dropick*          Grade 4, Room 105               Mrs. Jackie Marciano
Miss Carrie Futterleib      Grade 4, Room 104               Mrs. Eleni Nicholas
Miss Allison Godbout        Grade 4, Room 106               Mrs. Stella Richardson, (Library Media Aide)
Mr. Erik Perotti            Grade 4, Room 107
Mrs. Kristy Uveges          Grade 4, Room 103               Literacy Specialists:
                                                            Mrs. Theresa Gerlando
Mr. Tim Barth               Grade 5, Room 101               Mrs. Terri Humphrey
Mrs. Kama Cawley            Grade 5, Room 100
Mrs. Kathy Magarian*        Grade 5, Room 201               Tutors:
Mrs. Tricia Reynolds        Grade 5, Room 301               Mrs. Patricia Andersen
Mrs. Rebecca Truscio        Grade 5, Room 302               Mrs. Kris Collins
Mrs. Barbara Silverio*      Grade 5, Room 305               Mrs. Barbara Emerson
                                                            Mrs. Leslie Moore
Mr. Patrick Allen*          Grade 6, Room 208               Mrs. Maryann Schuppe
Mrs. Tina Roy               Grade 6, Room 209
Mrs. Jennifer Perry         Grade 6, Room 206
Miss Tracey Reichen         Grade 6, Room 204               Custodians
Miss Christie Stepensky     Grade 6, Room 207               Mr. David Dubay          Head Custodian
Miss Jennifer Weinberg      Grade 6, Room 203               Mr. Rob Howland          Custodian
*Grade Team Leaders                                         Mr. James Conlon         Custodian
                                                            Mr. Jim Varasconi        Custodian

                                                            Cafeteria Aides
                                                            Mrs. Peggy Dykema
SPECIALISTS                                                 Mrs. Marjorie Eldridge
Ms. Deborah Beaudoin     Art
Mrs. Debra Blaine        ESL Specialist
Mr. Andy Buckle          Technology Curriculum Specialist
Mr. Mark Buonfiglio      Instrumental Music
Ms. Kelly Conway         Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Lisa Deltano        K-6 Math and Science Coordinator
Mrs. Lori DeVito         Social Worker
Mrs. Marjorie Eldridge   Enrichment Program
Mrs. Helen Farmer        Occupational Therapist
Mrs. Elizabeth Halsey    Special Education, Gr. 5/6
Mrs. Diana Hiza          Special Education, Gr. 6
Ms. Vicki Holbrook-Duran Speech & Language
Mrs. Lynn Kaufman        School Counselor
Mr. Scott LaRock         Physical Education
Mr. Chris Markkanen      General Music
Ms. Claire McCarthy      General/Instrumental Music
Mrs. Jennifer Merriam    Special Education, Gr. 5
Mrs. Rebecca Mikus       Language Arts Consultant
Mr. Bill Phelps          Health Education - Wednesdays
Mr. John Pierce          School Psychologist
Ms. Lee Randall          Special Education, Gr. 4/5
Mrs. Jennifer Stevens    Building Substitute
                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
Canton Public Schools Vision/Canton Intermediate School Mission Statement
Canton Intermediate School Regulations for Acceptable Use of Technology
2009-2010 Student/Parent/Guardian Technology User Agreement Tear out Signature Sheet
2009-2010 Student/Parent/Guardian Handbook Acknowledgment Tear out Signature Sheet
Letter from the Principal
Board of Education Information
Directory of Faculty and Staff

                                      Table of Contents

The School Day………………………………………………….. 1
Office Sign-In……………………………………………………. 1
Reporting School Progress………………………………………..1
Homework……………………………………………………….. 1
CIS Observation Practices……………………………………….. 2
Home/School Communication……………………………………2
        Newsletter……………………………………………….. 2
        Principal Coffeehouse……………………………………2
        Telephone, E-mail………………………………………. 3
Website………………………………………………………….. 3
ALERTNOW Phone Message System………………………….. 3
Cell Phones and Personal Electronic Devices…………………… 3
Insurance………………………………………………………… 3
Lost and Found…………………………………………………... 3
Damages…………………………………………………………. 3
Financial Obligations……………………………………………. 3
Lockers and Desks………………………………………………. 4
Responsive Classroom…………………………………………… 4
Character Counts………………………………………………… 4
No School/Early Closings………………………………………...5
Transportation/Student Drop-offs and Pick-ups………………….5
Attendance/Absences/Tardiness………………………………… 7
Health, Illness, Injury……………………………………………. 8
Wellness Policy………………………………………………….. 8
CIS Lunch Program………………………………………………9
CIS Safety………………………………………………………... 9
Special Areas of Instruction
        Physical Education…………………………………….... 10
        Art………………………………………………………. 10
        Music…………………………………………………… 11
        A.C.T. (Enrichment Program)………………………….. 11
        Library Media Center…………………………………… 11
        Computer Lab…………………………………………… 11
                  School Computer Use…………………………. 11
                  Misuse of the Internet…………………………... 11
        Volunteer Program……………………………………… 11
        Book Fair……………………………………………….. 12
        Computer Club………………………………………….. 12
        Student Council (SAC)…………………………………. 12
        Field Trips………………………………………………. 12
        Financial Assistance……………………………………. 12

Student Conduct:
       Student Responsibility and Code of Student Conduct
               Student Responsibility…………………………..12
               Parent and/or Guardian Responsibility…………. 13
       CIS Community Behavior Expectations………………... 14
       Dress for Success………………………………………. 14
       Canton Public Schools - Policies:
               Bullying Policy……………………………….…15-21
               Firearms, Weapons, Drugs & Felonies………… 21
               Drug and Alcohol Regulations………………….21
               Laser Pointers…………………………………...22
               Sexual Harassment Policy………………….…... 22
               Suspension/Expulsion Policy…………………... 23-25
               Students-Assignment of Students……………….26

Student Services
        Guidance………………………………………………… 27
        Psychological Services………………………………….. 27
        Social Worker Services…………………………………. 27
        Special Education………………………………….......... 27
        Student Intervention Team……………………………….27
        Speech and Language Program…………………………. 28
        Title I Services………………………………………….. 28
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)………….. 28
Floor Plan of Building
Calendar, Canton Board of Education*

*Please note on Canton Public Schools Calendar, 2009-2010, the Tentative Last Day of
school and the June Early Release days, which are also tentative, based on make-up days for
emergency closings. In the Spring, please call CIS school office at 693-7717 to confirm.
           THE SCHOOL DAY                            REPORTING SCHEDULE 2009-2010
Canton Intermediate School students begin their      November 16:             Report Cards Issued
day at 7:55 a.m. when the first bell sounds and      November 17, 18*, 19:    Parent Teacher Conf.
                                                     March 22:                Report Cards Issued
they go to their classrooms. The official start of   March 23, 24, 25*:       Student/Parent/Teacher Conf.
the day is at 8:05 a.m. when Morning                 Last School Day:         Report Cards Issued
Announcements begin. Students should not             *Evening conferences as well as daytime
arrive at school prior to 7:30 a.m. as we have       (Additional Communication As Needed)
no supervision available before that time.
School ends at 2:45 p.m.                                             HOMEWORK
                                                     Homework is an important aid in helping
             OFFICE SIGN-IN                          students make the most of their school
A surveillance camera allows office personnel        experience. It reinforces what has been taught
to view those entering the building. Upon            in class, prepares students for upcoming class
arriving at the school office, visitors must stand   topics, teaches students to work independently,
where they can be identified and then “buzzed”       and develops self-discipline, responsibility and
into the office.                                     organizational skills. Homework may be for
                                                     reinforcement, extension, or enrichment of
All visitors, guests and parents/guardians are       studies previously presented in class.
required to:
    • Sign in and out of the CIS office;             A conscientiously working student can expect to
    • Speak with office personnel, stating           spend approximately one hour per night
        purpose of visit and destination;            completing assigned homework. Students in
    • Obtain an identification badge.                grade six can expect up to 1½ hours of
Lunchtime/recess visits are not allowed.             homework per night beginning in January of the
Students who wish to have a visitor must             school year. This will help them to be prepared
contact the main office at least one day in          for homework requirements of the Middle
advance of the anticipated visit. These              School. For the first marking period, fourth
procedures are for our students’ protection.         graders will be given forty-five minutes of
                                                     homework per night, four nights per week. This
REPORTING SCHOOL PROGRESS                            should make the transition from grade three to
Student report cards are formally issued three       grade four a smoother one.
(3) times each school year. Parent/Guardian-
                                                     It is expected assigned homework will take no
teacher conferences are scheduled for all pupils
                                                     longer than the above time allotments. If your
during the first marking period. A special
                                                     child has completed the designated amount of
parent/student/teacher conference will be
                                                     homework time, has been conscientious and is
scheduled in March for each student. Of course,
                                                     still not finished with homework, the
necessary conferences may be arranged at other
                                                     parent/guardian may send a note to the teacher
times by calling the school at 693-7717.
                                                     explaining the problem. Students will not be
If a student is not making satisfactory progress,    penalized for this and may be given additional
the teacher will notify parents/guardians by         completion time at school or at home. If the
phone, note, interim form or e-mail.                 child is regularly spending significantly longer
Parents/guardians with any questions regarding       time periods than the above, please contact the
school progress are urged to call the school         teacher immediately. It is understood children
office and leave a message. The teacher will         with special needs may have their homework
respond at the earliest possible free moment but     and time modified according to their individual
no longer than two school days (unless absent).      educational programs.
Parents/guardians should not hesitate to
                                                     Research consistently shows parents/guardians
communicate any concerns with the school.
                                                     are a key factor in children’s achievement in
                                                     school. It indicates, therefore, that
                                                     parents/guardians must play an important role in
the homework process. We ask                         All visitors, guests and parents/guardians are
parents/guardians to establish homework as a         required to:
top priority for their children. Make sure               • Sign in and out of the CIS office;
children do homework in a quiet environment.             • Speak with office personnel, stating
Establish a daily homework time. Provide                     purpose of visit and destination;
positive support when homework is completed.             • Obtain an identification badge.
                                                     Lunchtime/recess visits are not allowed.
Contact the teacher if the child is having           Students who wish to have a visitor must
problems with the homework.                          contact the main office at least one day in
                                                     advance of the anticipated visit. These
Students have responsibilities for meeting
                                                     procedures are for our students’ protection.
homework requirements. It is expected all
assignments will be completed. Students will                     HOME/SCHOOL
turn in work done to the best of their abilities.
Students are responsible for making up
homework assignments missed due to absence.
                                                     CIS sends home a monthly newsletter via
If there is a legitimate reason why a student is     “e-notice” at the beginning of each month.
unable to finish or do homework, please send a       Additionally, we have a web page--
note on the day the homework is due stating the
reason it is not complete. If the student has        If you would like a hard copy of e-notices,
diligently worked on the assignment for the          please contact the main office at the beginning
allotted homework time and has not completed         of the year.
the work, parents/guardians may send a signed        Feel free to contact any staff member regarding
note to the teacher describing the difficulty.       problems your child may be experiencing.
Students will not be penalized. The
                                                     PRINCIPAL COFFEEHOUSE
parent/guardian must sign the note.
                                                     Principal Coffeehouse is an opportunity for
Finally, if a student completes his/her              parents/guardians to meet with the Principal
homework before the allotted time, it is required    with no set agenda. No appointment is
the student spend the rest of homework time          necessary, but this is not a time when you will
doing independent reading.                           be able to speak about individual student
                                                     concerns. If you do have concerns regarding
HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS ARE                             your child, do not hesitate to set up a meeting
POSTED ON THE CIS WEBSITE FOR YOUR                   with me. Principal Coffeehouses will be held in
CONVENIENCE:               the CIS conference room during the year.
                                                     Dates/times are listed below. There are both
CIS OBSERVATION PRACTICES                            morning and evening times to meet the needs of
Twenty-four hours prior to an observation,           the entire school community.
parents/guardians must arrange the observation
in writing with the teacher responsible for the      Tuesday, September 15, 2009   7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
class being observed as well as with the             Tuesday, October 20, 2009     6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
                                                     Tuesday, November 24, 2009    7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
principal (This helps avoid an observer arriving     Tuesday, January 26, 2010     7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
on a day when the students are being tested or       Tuesday, February 23, 2010    7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
engaged in an activity likely to make children       Tuesday, April 13, 2010       6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
unusually self-conscious).                           Tuesday, May 18, 2010         7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
             OFFICE SIGN-IN                          TELEPHONE (693-7717)
A surveillance camera allows office personnel        Uninterrupted instructional time is very
to view those entering the building. Upon            important to our students. We will only allow
arriving at the school office, visitors must stand   students to receive outside calls or messages in
where they can be identified and then “buzzed”       emergency situations. Students are not
into the office.                                     allowed to make calls from the classroom.
Students may use the office telephone when         CELL PHONES/
absolutely necessary with staff permission only.   PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES:
The school office is staffed from 7:30 a.m. to     (CD players, i-Pods, cameras, electronic games
4:00 p.m. In emergencies, the school secretary     and toys, etc.): Students are not allowed to
will deliver parent/guardian messages to           use cell phones in school. Personal Electronic
students. Please, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, DO           Devices are not allowed in school and, for
NOT CALL THE OFFICE after 12:00 p.m.               security reasons, should remain at home.
TO DELIVER A MESSAGE TO YOUR                       Students who are required by parents/guardians
CHILD. Students may be at band or other            to have a cell phone must keep it in the “Off”
locations. It is often difficult to deliver a      position in lockers during all school hours.
message during the last hour of school. Again,     Students who remove their cell phone from their
every time a message is sent to a student,         locker and subsequently lose it or any personal
instruction in the classroom is disrupted.         electronic device may not spend time retrieving
Thank you for your understanding.                  them during school hours. Cell phones and
                                                   personal electronic devices will be confiscated
CONTACT BY E-MAIL                                  and kept in the office where they can be
An efficient and quick way to contact a staff      retrieved at the end of the day.
member is through e-mail. While sometimes a
conference or telephone conversation is
necessary, information can also be
                                                   At the beginning of the school year, children
communicated through e-mail. Any staff
                                                   will receive insurance information.
member can be contacted electronically by
                                                   Parents/guardians should sign the form whether
using the staff member’s first initial, last
                                                   or not they want the coverage. Signed forms For example,
                                                   should be returned to the school as soon as
Teachers check their e-mail daily.
CIS WEBSITE                                                   LOST AND FOUND
Canton Intermediate School maintains a website     We have Lost and Found Boxes located in the
to provide information to students and parents.    cafeteria against the left wall as you enter.
Individual teachers have homework assignments      Parents/Guardians are requested to place the
posted on this site. Parents can use the website   child’s name on all of his/her outer clothing,
to communicate by e-mail with teachers. The        boots and lunch boxes. Students and parents
web address for CIS is       may check the Lost and Found at any time.
and click on Canton Intermediate School.
ALERTNOW PHONE/E-MAIL                              Damage to textbooks, chairs and other school
MESSAGE SYSTEM                                     equipment is the responsibility of the student
The Canton School System uses an automated         and will require payment.
phone/e-mail message system to quickly get
information to parents/guardians.                       FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS
Parents/guardians are phoned/e-mailed by           Final report cards may be withheld until a
Central Office in the event of an emergency.       student has met all of his/her financial
Principals use the system to contact               obligations.
parents/guardians with a variety of messages        l. Textbooks - Students are expected to return
including distribution of report cards, PTO        all school textbooks at the end of each course. If
news, etc. If a parent/guardian does not want to   a book is damaged or lost, the student will be
be part of this system, please contact Lorie       expected to pay the repair or replacement cost.
Carlson in the main office at 693-7717.             2. Library Books - Students will be billed for
                                                   any library books not properly returned. At
                                                   present there is no fine system in the library for
                                                   late return of books. Students are expected to
return or renew books on the due date. (See            •   The greatest cognitive growth occurs
section on Library and Media Center for                    through social interaction.
additional information.)
 3. Accidental Damage - If a student                   •   There is a set of social skills children
accidentally damages school property, he/she               need in order to be successful
must accept liability. Arrangement for                     academically and socially: cooperation,
replacement or financial restitution will be made          assertion, responsibility, empathy, and
on an individual basis. No disciplinary action             self-control.
will be taken with students who voluntarily
report accidents to the office.                        •   Knowing the children we teach—
 4. Vandalism - Vandalism is defined as a                  individually, culturally, and
willful act of destruction. Students apprehended           developmentally—is as important as
in acts of vandalism will be subject to:                   knowing the content we teach.
    a. full restitution for damages;
    b. appropriate disciplinary action;                •   Knowing the families of the children we
    c. possible referral to the police.                    teach and inviting their participation is
                                                           essential to children’s education.
The student lockers at CIS are in excellent            •   How the adults at school work together
condition. It is extremely important that each             is as important as individual
student treat lockers with respect and care.               competence: lasting change begins with
Lockers should never be overloaded, forced                 the adult community.
shut, slammed, kicked or defaced in any
                                                    For more information on Responsive
manner. Students who mistreat lockers will be
subject to serious disciplinary consequences.
Lockers and desks are school property and are
subject to inspection at any time by the
superintendent, principal or their designated
                                                            CHARACTER COUNTS
                                                    Our school is a “Character Counts” School. As
agent. No locks are permitted on lockers.
                                                    a school we uphold the following six pillars of
       RESPONSIVE CLASSROOM                         character: Responsibility, Citizenship, Respect,
Canton Intermediate School has formally             Trustworthiness, Caring and Fairness. These
adopted the Responsive Classroom philosophy.        pillars guide us in all we do in our school. Both
The staff is trained in this approach to teaching   students and staff have established principles for
and learning. Each day, students and their          each of the six pillars of character.
teacher participate in a morning meeting.
                                                    ALL CIS STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO
Classmates gather in a circle to greet one
                                                         LIVE BY THE FOLLOWING
another, to listen and respond to one another’s
news, to practice academic and social skills, and
to look forward to the events in the day ahead.
The guiding principles of responsive classroom
                                                    All CIS students are responsible for the school
                                                    environment. Students are responsible for
   •    The social curriculum is as important as    themselves. They will look at their actions and
        the academic curriculum.                    the consequences for these actions. Students
                                                    will meet all school requirements, be positive
   •    How children learn is as important as       role models for others and always try their best.
        what they learn: process and content go
        hand in hand.

CITIZENSHIP                                                      TRANSPORTATION
All CIS students are expected to follow the
school rules. Students will keep our school           BUS RULES
environment safe and clean.                           The bus driver has immediate authority over
                                                      students at all times students are on his/her bus.
RESPECT                                               The bus driver is fully occupied driving the bus
All CIS students should treat individuals with        and alert to traffic, pedestrians and other
respect and expect the same in return. Students       hazards. Therefore, it is particularly important
need to be courteous and polite. Everyone will        children abide by the following specific rules of
have respectful behavior at all times while in        safety and courtesy.
school.                                               1. Students shall at all times be courteous to the
                                                      bus driver and follow his/her instructions.
TRUSTWORTHINESS                                       Students shall not disturb or distract the driver.
All CIS students will show trustworthiness by         The bus driver is in charge of the bus and all of
respecting people’s privacy. Students will be         the students riding on it.
good listeners, help solve problems and share
their thoughts and ideas in a safe environment.       2. No student may ride on a bus other than the
CARING                                                one he/she is assigned unless a note from his/her
All CIS students will treat everyone as they          parent/guardian has been approved by the
would like to be treated. They will show caring       principal or Business Manager (child care
by being aware of people’s feelings.                  purposes only). No special stops shall be added
                                                      to a bus route for social affairs, recreation or
FAIRNESS                                              religious instruction.
All CIS students will show fairness while             3. Students shall be at their assigned pick up
playing games at recess or while in the school        points five (5) minutes prior to the published
environment. Students will listen and be open         time for their stop. No child shall be allowed to
to different opinions.                                board the bus at any point other than
                                                      published/approved stops. STUDENTS MUST
For more information on Character Counts:
                                                      BE IN CLEAR VIEW OF THE DRIVER.
                                                      4. Students shall enter or leave the bus only by
 NO-SCHOOL – EARLY CLOSING                            the front door except in cases of emergency.
An ALERTNOW message will be sent and                  When entering or leaving the bus, students shall
announcements will be made on the radio and           avoid crowding or in any way disturbing others.
television stations listed below as well as on the    IF IT IS NECESSARY FOR A STUDENT TO
website: Please                 CROSS THE STREET TO GET ON OR OFF
discuss with your child the procedure he/she          THE BUS, THE STUDENT SHALL CROSS
should follow in the event no one is at home          IN FRONT OF THE BUS. NOTE: The bus
when an early dismissal occurs.                       shall not proceed until the child is safely off the
AM STATIONS        FM STATIONS         TV STATIONS    traveled portion of the street.
WTIC – 1080        WRCH – 100.6        WVIT – Ch 30
                   WDRC – 103.0         WFSB – Ch 3
                    WKSS – 95.7
                                                      5. No student shall leave the bus except at
                                                      his/her stop or at the school.
The following schedule is observed if school is       6. Bus windows shall not be opened without
delayed due to weather conditions:                    permission from the driver. Students shall not
2 hour delay        10:05 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.            extend anything out of the window.
Please Note:                                          7. No indecent or profane language, rowdy
Lunch will not be served on early-release days.       behavior or loud talking shall be permitted.
                                                      Students shall not converse with the bus driver
while the bus is in motion. THERE SHALL BE             During morning and afternoon student drop-offs
NO SMOKING ON THE BUS. Students                        and pick-ups, please drive down the designated
should refrain from damaging or abusing the            car lane accessed from Dyer Avenue and exit
bus or throwing papers or materials. Students          onto Simonds Avenue. PLEASE HAVE
shall be held liable for any damage or abuse           YOUR CHILD EXIT THE CAR ON THE
caused by them.                                        PASSENGER’S SIDE AND CROSS THE
                                                       BUS LANE AT THE LINED SPOTS ONLY,
8. Books, chairs, instruments, equipment or            WHERE THE CROSSING GUARD IS
articles shall not be placed in the driver’s area of   LOCATED. Any drop-offs and pick-ups
the bus or in the school bus aisles.                   between the hours of 11:30-1:30 must be made
9. Hazard-creating articles such as water              from Simonds Avenue only. This is due to
pistols, knives, etc. are not to be carried on the     student recesses. Students being picked up at
bus. Do not eat on the bus; do not leave articles      dismissal must have their names checked off
behind when leaving the bus.                           by the crossing guard.

10. Students should not move about the bus             BIKE RIDERS
while the bus is operating.                            You may ride your bike to and from school if
                                                       your parents permit. You must wear a helmet,
                                                       as it is a Connecticut State law. Park and lock
Penalties for Violation:                               your bike in the bike rack at school. Please be
The bus driver shall report to the school              sure to ride on the right side of the road with
principal any student who violates any of the          other traffic. Obey all traffic signs and stay
above rules and regulations. The principal may         alert. Plan to arrive at school no earlier than
withhold transportation privileges from any            7:30 a.m. Cross the street only where a traffic
student who violates any of the above rules and        guard is stationed.
regulations. The principal will provide
consequences for inappropriate behavior. The           WALKERS
principal shall notify the student’s parent/           Please be careful on your way to and from
guardian of any violations and the discipline          school and take the following precautions:
applied.                                                  • Cross the street where the crossing guard
ACCIDENT PROCEDURE: If at any time a                          is located.
bus should be involved in an accident, students           • Always use the sidewalks.
should follow these procedures:                           • If there is no sidewalk, walk single file
   • Listen to and follow the directions of the               on the left side of the road facing traffic.
       bus driver;                                        • Don’t take shortcuts.
   • If an older student is assisting the bus             • Respect private property.
       driver, follow his or her direction;               • Don’t accept rides from anyone you and
   • Exit the bus in a quiet and orderly                      your family don’t know very well.
       manner;                                            • Don’t loiter – walk directly to and from
   • Stand off the road;                                      school.
   • Do not leave the area where the bus has              • Plan to arrive at school no earlier than
       stopped until told to do so.                           7:30 a.m.
Bus Route information is available at each
                                                       All Canton Intermediate School’s paved areas
school and on our website,
                                                       are busy parking lots. It is very dangerous to
                                                       skateboard in these areas at any time. Children
                                                       may not bring skateboards to school or
                                                       skateboard on school property at any time.

               ATTENDANCE                              91-303, defines a “truant” as a child enrolled in
                                                       a grade from kindergarten to eight, inclusive, in
SCHOOL ATTENDANCE:                                     a public or private school who has four
Regular and punctual attendance is a must for          unexcused absences from school in any month
success at school. Doing makeup work at home           or ten unexcused absences from school in any
is a poor substitute for actual participation in the   school year and a “habitual truant” as any such
teacher-directed learning process at school.           child who has twenty unexcused absences within
Please plan any family vacations for those             a school year.
times when school is not in session. Vacation
taken while school is in session is posted as an       The names of truant students are reported to the
unexcused absence. Four unexcused absences             State. If a parent/guardian does not verify
in any month constitute truancy as defined by          his/her child’s reason for absence with the
Connecticut Statutes (see below). Teachers are         office, an unexcused absence is recorded.
not required to provide homework information
prior to a vacation taken during while school is       PARENT/GUARDIAN NOTES
in session. Please refer to school website. We         Notes should be brought to the school office
know there may be emergencies, and we will do          whenever there is a change to the student’s
our best to help you in these instances.               routine. Examples include: absence; removing
                                                       the student from class for an appointment; early
TARDINESS                                              dismissal; permission to walk to the library;
(Arrival in the classroom past 8:05 a.m.) Tardy        permission to stay after school; change of phone
pupils are to secure a tardy admission slip from       or address and going home other than the usual
the Health Room before going to their                  manner—walking, riding bike, different bus,
classroom. Please help your child avoid being          different bus-stop, etc.
tardy. The beginning of the school day is one of
the most critical times of our students’                                ABSENCES
education. During the early morning,                   1. Parents/guardians are required to call the
information is disseminated, classroom morning         school at 693-7792 (Health Room/Attendance
meetings occur, or students attend academic, art,      phone) before 9:00 a.m. any day of absence. If
music, or physical education classes. The              a student is absent and we have not been called,
academic tone for instruction is set and               we will call the parents/guardians. This may be
expectations are determined. When your child           an unexcused absence.
misses this time due to tardiness, he/she is           2. If a student is absent for one day, the teacher
missing a great deal. In addition, joining a           will help the student make up the missed work
group already in progress can begin your child’s       the next day.
day in confusion.
                                                       3. If a student is going to be absent for two or
Parents/guardians will receive a letter from the       more days and is well enough to do some
CIS office if your child is tardy three or more        schoolwork, a parent can request work when
times. If the nature of the tardiness is               calling (before 9:00 a.m.) to report the absence.
unexcused (decision by the Principal), the             The teacher will get the work together and have
student will serve a detention after school            it on the office counter by 2:30 p.m. on day two
following the third tardy. Parents/guardians           of illness for parent pickup. If absence
will be expected to pick up students in the            continues, parents should leave completed work
office.                                                when picking up the next day’s work.
                                                       Homework assignments are posted on the CIS
TRUANCY                                                website for your convenience:
When will students be determined to be “truant”
and “habitually truant” according to the truancy
law?                                                   4. Since homework is usually based on a review
Section 10-198(A) of the Connecticut General           of class work or enrichment, assignments will
Statues, as amended by Section 4 of Public Act
 not necessarily be available to students who are           called. First aid will be administered for
 absent due to vacations not on the school                  all minor injuries.
 calendar. It is expected that any missed work
 will be made up upon return on school.                4.   All accidents, occurring at school or en
                                                            route to or from school, are to be reported
 5. Excessive absences could result in a student            to the school immediately. If the student
 not meeting grade level expectations and being             is insured under the school accident
 retained in that grade.                                    insurance program, the parents/guardians
                                                            should request accident claim forms from
 SCHOOL ARRIVAL                                             the CIS Health Room.
 Students should not arrive at school prior to
 7:30 a.m. (unless specific arrangements have          5.   Supervised play periods (recesses) are part
 been made with a staff member). WE HAVE                    of the regular school day. A physician
 NO SUPERVISION AVAILABLE BEFORE                            must authorize in writing exclusion from
 7:30 A.M.                                                  recess. Children are expected to come to
                                                            school properly clothed for the weather
 It is the responsibility of the student to sign the        conditions. This means heads and hands
 classroom attendance sheet upon arrival at                 are covered as well as legs (no shorts) and
 school.                                                    a warm coat. In the interest of student
 EARLY DISMISSAL                                            health: If the school feels the student is
 Early dismissal is discouraged since it interrupts         not dressed appropriately for the cold
 class continuity and instruction. If it is                 weather recess, i.e., lack of a coat, he/she
 absolutely necessary to remove a student prior             will be notified they cannot participate in
 to 2:45 p.m., the office should be notified. A             recess and will be supervised in the office.
 note should accompany the child to school.                 A notification indicating the child did not
 Students will be dismissed from the office only.           participate in outdoor recess will be sent
                                                            home to the parent. If the parent/guardian
      HEALTH, ILLNESS, INJURY                               feels the child’s dress was appropriate, the
                                                            parent/guardian would sign the form
1.    Parents/guardians will receive an                     giving approval for the student to
      Emergency Information Card (for Health                participate in outdoor recess with the lack
      Room records) and Annual Student                      of a coat. If the student chooses not to
      Information form (for the office records)             follow the parent/guardian directive for
      to be completed and returned to the CIS               appropriate dress for outdoor recess, the
      office. It is essential that our Health Room          student will receive disciplinary action.
      and office have updated and current              Administration of medication:
      emergency information.                           Connecticut State law requires a physician’s
                                                       written order and parent’s or guardian’s written
 2.   Children who are ill or show signs of            authorization for medicinal preparations to be
      becoming ill should not be sent to school.       administered at school. Forms for this purpose
      If a child becomes ill at school, the            are available in the school office or at the State
      parents/guardians will be called and asked       Department of Health.
      to provide transportation. There must be
      an adult to receive and take care of an ill      CANTON BOARD OF EDUCATION
      child.                                                WELLNESS POLICY
 3.   When a child suffers a serious accident at       In an effort to promote an understanding of the
      school, parents/guardians will be notified       benefits of nutrition on overall health and
      immediately. If parents cannot be                disease prevention, the Canton Board of
      reached, the family physician will be            Education adopted a wellness policy at its
                                                       6/22/06 meeting. This policy is described on

the website: which
includes a link to the list of foods that meet the   Funding of the Student Cafeteria Account
Connecticut State Department of Education            System will be in advance through Café Prepay
guidelines. Your students will see a heightened      (see school website) or by Check Only made
emphasis on nutrition education which shall be       payable to: Canton Public Schools Cafeteria
integrated into the Health Curriculum taught in      Program. Parents or Guardians may deposit any
the first through twelfth grades. Other ways in      amount of money into the student’s account.
which this policy will be implemented include        Money will be drawn from the general balance
changes to the school cafeteria menu, parental       for meals, milk and snack purchases. It is
guidelines for alternate, healthful snacks for       recommended that a minimum fund balance of
student celebrations, and an ongoing review of       $10.00 be maintained in each account.
foods offered at school functions.                   Payment Procedure:
                                                     -Checks may be brought to school by your child
     CANTON INTERMEDIATE                             to the cafeteria or School Office;
    SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM                             -Checks may be sent by mail to your school to
Students have the option of bringing a bag lunch     the attention of: Canton School Cafeteria
or purchasing hot lunch. Lunches are available       Program, c/o Canton Intermediate School, 39
at a reasonable price in the school’s cafeteria.     Dyer Ave, Canton CT 06019
Families eligible for free or reduced price          -Parents/Guardians may use Café Prepay
lunches may obtain applications in the school
office. In the cafeteria, students are expected to   In either case, funds must be in a sealed
practice the good table manners learned at           envelope marked to the attention of “Canton
home. These include: leaving the table and           School Cafeteria Program.” Include a slip inside
surrounding area clean and neat and putting          each envelope with your child’s name,
trash in proper containers. Absolutely no food       homeroom teacher’s name, and payment
purchased will leave the cafeteria area.             amount.

Cafeteria Account Payment System                     Parents/Guardians will be provided with an
A computerized Student Cafeteria Account             account update each week only if the account
System has been instituted at the CIS Cafeteria.     balance is below the $10.00 minimum. These
This system adds flexibility to payment options      updates will be sent home with your child on an
and helps improve cafeteria line efficiency. The     “as needed” basis. If your child’s account
system also allows us to provide parents or          should reach a zero dollar balance, we will
guardians with a report on what each student has     allow a maximum of three emergency meals.
purchased within a specified time frame              These emergency meals will be charged to your
including payment dates, amounts, and current        account which will put your individual account
balance. Additionally the system has the means       into a deficit.
to track and control a student’s special
                                                                     CIS SAFETY
limitations or dietary restrictions.
Each student has an individual account. Funds        A surveillance camera allows office personnel
are to be provided by the parent or guardian in      to view those entering the building. Upon
advance. Your child will then draw against           arriving at the school office, visitors must stand
those funds to pay for their lunches. Students       where they can be identified and then “buzzed”
state their name when they come through the          into the office.
lunch line. The system then accesses the
                                                     All visitors, guests and parents/guardians are
student’s account and draws from the balance.
                                                     required to:
As a security precaution, the system displays the
                                                         • Sign in and out of the CIS office;
student’s photo on the screen. This photo is
then used for recognition to ensure the correct          • Speak with office personnel, stating
account is being charged.                                    purpose of visit and destination;

   • Obtain an identification badge.                  10. Good sportsmanship is to be shown
Lunchtime/recess visits are not allowed.                  always.
Students who wish to have a visitor must
contact the main office at least one day in           11. Students are to play safely on the swings
advance of the anticipated visit. These                   and other playground equipment. Only
procedures are for our students’ protection.              one child is to be on a swing. Children
                                                          are not to hold hands with other students
FIRE DRILLS                                               while swinging.
Fire Drills are required by law. It is important
students respond promptly and clear the               12. Roughhousing on the playground is not
building using the posted route as quickly and            permitted.
quietly as possible. The teacher will accompany    SPECIAL AREAS OF
the students and tell them when to return.
School officials have worked with town officials   PHYSICAL EDUCATION
to develop safety plans for a variety of           The physical education program is an integral
emergencies (i.e. bomb threats, suspicious         part of the total education process for all
intruder, hostage situation, hazardous material    students. Some of the components of the
incident, hurricane, etc.). In our effort to be    program include:
proactive, stay-put (lockdown) drills will be          • Physical Fitness
conducted with staff and students during the           • Ropes Course Challenges
year.                                                  • Recreational and Leisure Games
                                                       • Team Sports
PLAYGROUND RULES                                       • Manipulative Skills
The Six Pillars of Character must be followed          • Cooperative Games and Activities
along with the enforcement of the following            • Sportsmanship
playground rules during the school year:
                                                       • Human Anatomy
1. Students must follow appropriate rules when
   playing all games.                              Students in grades 4-6 have two physical
                                                   education classes each week. Sneakers are
2. Tackle football is not permitted.
                                                   required for participation and class credit.
3. Blocking during touch football is not           Sneakers must always be worn in the gym.
                                                   If students are to be excused for medical
   4. Slide tackling in soccer is not permitted.   reasons, a note to the nurse or physical
                                                   education teacher is required. If a child is to be
   5. Piggyback riding is not permitted.
                                                   excused for more than two (2) consecutive
   6. Students must use appropriate                physical education classes, the note must be
      language at all times.                       from a doctor.

   7. Students should pick up and return           ART
      equipment on the way to and from             In line with the National and State Visual Arts
      recess.                                      Standards, it our goal at CIS to further students’
                                                   artistic literacy. Students will explore various
   8. Students may not leave the playground        art media and techniques, respond and critique
      without permission.                          their work and the work of others, and express
   9. If there is snow on the playground, only     their thoughts, ideas and ideals artistically.
      children who are wearing boots will be       They will become skilled problem solvers and
      allowed on the field.                        gain an aesthetic appreciation for the visual arts,
                                                   as well as for the world around them.

Students receive one art class per week and            •   to provide ongoing student assessment
extra time for integrated lessons throughout the           and identification;
year. An art club is offered for interested            •   to integrate gifted programming
students during recess time. Please remember to            strategies into the regular classroom; and
have students dress appropriately on days of art.      •   to offer enrichment opportunities to all
Students are encouraged to wear smocks which               students inside and outside of the
are provided.                                              classroom.

MUSIC                                               LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER
The CIS classroom music program offers the          The Library Media Center is considered the hub
students a wide variety of experiences, fostering   of the school. Each class visits the LMC
and enhancing music appreciation and                regularly. Opportunities for book exchange,
enthusiasm. They will have the opportunity to       storytelling activities, information retrieval and
sing, dance/move, play instruments and listen to    library skills are provided. Students are allowed
the highest quality of music. They will also        to visit the LMC on an individual basis. LMC
learn and improve upon the basic music              materials and resources, both print and non-
fundamentals necessary for excellent                print, support curriculum needs. Faculty,
musicianship. Students meet with the music          students, parents and visitors are always
teacher two periods per week. Chorus is offered     welcome in our library-media center. Students
to all students once per week and is mandatory      are not charged fines for overdue books or other
for all students in Grade 4. Chorus is optional     library materials. However, students are
for Grades 5 and 6. Chamber Singers is an           charged for lost or damaged books or library
auditioned group that meets before school once      materials. It is expected all matters will be
per week.                                           settled by end of school.

The instrumental program at CIS is designed to      COMPUTER LAB
enhance the children’s knowledge, interest and      Each class has a designated period scheduled
enthusiasm in music.                                weekly in the Computer Lab. Our primary goal
                                                    is to use technology to improve instruction and
Students are given the opportunity to play a        learning. The computer technology staff and
musical instrument beginning in Grade 4 and         teachers work together in the lab and/or
continuing through grade 6 and beyond. Each         classroom. Students have the opportunity to
student receives one half hour small group          come to the lab individually, as needed.
lesson in addition to one band rehearsal per
week. Advanced students are given further           School Computer Use and Misuse of the
opportunities to perform in small chamber           Internet: Parents/Guardians and students
ensembles. Additional benefits to the program       must read the Regulations for Acceptable Use
include listening skill development, discipline,    of Technology and return the signed 2009-
memory training, increased and academic             2010 Technology User Agreement at the
awareness.                                          beginning of this handbook.

A.C.T. (Achieving Critical Thinking)                                ACTIVITIES
Our enrichment teacher works regularly in the
                                                    VOLUNTEER PROGRAM
classrooms on enrichment projects/activities
                                                    The Canton Intermediate School PTO enriches
with the students. The primary goals of the
                                                    our school in many ways. Volunteers work in a
Enrichment Program are:
                                                    variety of capacities throughout the school. The
    • to create an instructional environment
                                                    room parent/guardian program, implemented by
       encouraging the development and
                                                    the PTO, is of continuing service to the teachers
       demonstration of gifted behaviors in all
                                                    and students during the year.
                                                   FIELD TRIPS
The Computer Lab uses volunteers as computer       Field trips are chosen to coordinate with and
tutors. Our “expert” parents often enrich our      enhance the school program. Advance notice of
curriculum by presenting special lessons on a      field trips will be sent to parents/guardians.
variety of topics in their areas of interest or    Parent/guardian permission will be needed for
expertise. Parents always are encouraged to        field trips.
volunteer and/or visit our school. All non-staff
members entering CIS must report to the office     FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE
immediately upon arrival. They will be asked       No student will be excluded from CIS-
to sign in and out and wear badges.                sponsored activities due to financial hardship. If
                                                   assistance is needed, please contact Dr. Jordan
P.T.O.                                             Grossman, Principal.
The goals of the Parent-Teacher Organization
are to encourage and coordinate parent/guardian     STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY AND
involvement within the school, as well as to         CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT
foster parent/guardian interaction and
communication. The PTO sponsors several                    STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY
fund-raisers to help purchase necessary            Students are to conduct themselves properly, in
materials needed to enrich the educational         a manner prescribed by the teacher, and they
programs taking place in the school. The PTO       must comply with the applicable rules and
provides fabulous enrichment activities to our     policies of the school.
students and families.
                                                   Students are expected to:
The PTO holds both daytime and evening                1.      Develop good habits, such as:
meetings. Membership and dues will be                         • Attending school daily.
discussed during the CIS Parent Night. All                    • Arriving to classes punctually.
parents/guardians are encouraged to join and                  • Working well independently and
participate in this organization.                                 in groups.
                                                              • Using appropriate language.
                                                              • Maintaining good health habits.
The Book Fair is a CIS annual event held during
November conferences. The PTO conducts the            2.      Assume responsibility for their
Book Fair. The books offered are selected to                  actions by:
foster good reading habits and a love of                      • Being self-disciplined.
                                                              • Making his/her own decisions
                                                                  despite peer pressure.
                                                              • Accepting the consequences for
The CIS Computer Lab is available to interested
                                                                  their own behavior including
students during lunch/recess on designated days.
                                                                  penalties for inappropriate
Under the direction of a trained adult,
stimulating educational programs are offered
                                                              • Using time wisely.
during this period.
                                                              • Completing work on time.
STUDENT COUNCIL (SAC)                                         • Having good study habits.
The Student Council is composed of                            • Practicing neatness.
representatives from all Grade 4-6 classes,                   • Doing all assigned work.
selected by the students. The council meets
regularly to discuss important school issues,         3.      Maintain a positive attitude by:
concerns and to plan student-directed events.                 • Being proud of personal
All students may attend meetings.                                accomplishments.
                                                              • Being trustworthy.
     •   Having academic integrity.                   •   Being in the appropriate seat and
                                                          ready when the bell rings.
4.   Respect the rights of others by:                 •   Being prepared for each class
     • Allowing others to concentrate                     with appropriate materials and
        on their work.                                    assignments.
     • Allowing others to assume                      •   No gum chewing
        responsibility for their own
        actions.                              9.      Participate in assigned academic
     • Learning to resolve differences in             activities, such as:
        appropriate ways.                             • Attending all classes.
     • Realizing that their behavior will             • Bringing supplies as required for
        directly affect others.                           classroom work.
     • Respecting others’ property.                   • Talking when it is appropriate.
                                                      • Following instructions.
5.   Treat others with respect by:                    • Doing all assignments.
     • Working and interacting well
        with others.                          10.     Assume responsibility for
     • Being courteous.                               maintaining the learning
     • Being polite and helpful.                      environment, such as:
     • Caring for others.                             • Coming to school well groomed
     • Displaying affection                              and dressed appropriately.
        appropriately.                                • Walking quietly in the school
     • Appreciating others’                              hallways.
        accomplishments.                              • Staying in the classroom seat as
     • Expressing opinions and ideas in                  required.
        a respectful manner so as not to
        slander others.                       11.     Take care of the school, such as:
                                                      • Helping keep it clean.
6.   Treat teachers and school staff with             • Keeping it free from destruction.
     respect by:                                      • Cooperating with school staff on
     • Being cooperative.                                vandalism cases.
     • Being attentive.                               • Helping keep the school a safe
     • Listening to teachers.                            place to be.
     • Being polite.
                                                 PARENT AND/OR GUARDIAN
7.   Respect the authority of teachers and              RESPONSIBILITY
     other school staff by:                  Parents/Guardians have the responsibility to:
     • Listening to them.
     • Following their directions.            1.      Ensure that their child complies with
     • Questioning the classroom                      district and school policies, rules and
         teacher appropriately.                       regulations.
     • Seeking changes in school rules
                                              2.      Assist their child to attend school
         and policies in an appropriate
                                                      well groomed and dressed
         and responsible manner through
         approved channels.
                                              3.      Communicate regularly with the
8.   Obey all school and classroom rules              school concerning their child’s
     and procedures, such as:                         academic progress and conduct.

4.    Provide for the physical needs of the                 self-disciplined, mature and
      child.                                                responsible individual.

5.    Participate in parent/guardian-
      teacher conferences and other                CIS COMMUNITY BEHAVIOR
      activities in which their child is                 EXPECTATIONS
                                                Students proceed to their lockers or classrooms
6.    Cooperate with and support the            after morning bell rings.
      teachers and the school
      administrators in their efforts to            • Be silent and pay attention to morning
      achieve and maintain a quality                   announcements.
      school system.
                                                    • Walk in hallways; stay to right.
7.    Discuss report cards and classroom
      assignments with their child.                 • Be reasonably quiet in the hallways and
                                                       display appropriate behavior.
8.    Inform the school of any problems or
      conditions in the home which affect           • Be silent when passing working groups in
      their child.                                     hallways or classrooms in session.
9.    Provide a work area free of                   • No sliding down staircases, touching
                                                       ceiling or locker slamming.
      interruption where their child may
      study and do homework.
                                                    • At assemblies:
10.   Maintain up-to-date home, work, and                  o Focus on speakers or performers;
      emergency telephone numbers at the                      do not talk or make inappropriate
      school.                                                 noises.
                                                           o Clap appropriately.
11.   Prepare the child emotionally and                    o Do not leave an assembly unless
      socially to be receptive to learning                    it is an emergency. Only the
      and discipline.                                         back door should be used.

12.   Encourage the child to develop                • Follow cafeteria rules which are posted on
      proper study habits at home.                     the cafeteria wall.
13.   Send their child to school regularly
      and on time.                                       DRESS FOR SUCCESS
                                                Students are expected to dress and groom
14.   Teach their child to respect authority.   themselves for the business of school so as to
                                                neither distract other students nor teachers,
15.   Insist that the child spend a             disrupt the education process or pose a health or
      minimum period of time studying           safety threat to anyone. Any attire that
      each day.                                 interferes with the learning process or could be
                                                injurious to the health and safety of any student
16.   Assist the child to assume                will not be allowed. Student dress should be
      responsibility for appropriate            modest and in good taste for an educational
      behavior and to accept the                setting. It is the responsibility of each student to
      consequences of inappropriate             understand the dress code. While the following
      behavior.                                 is not an all-inclusive listing, specific items that
                                                are not permitted for wear include:
17.   Cooperate with the school in              a. hats
      assisting their child to grow into a
b. flip-flops                                       It is imperative that bullying be identified only
c. clothing with alcohol, tobacco or other drug     when the specific elements of the definition are
messages                                            met, because the designation of conduct as
d. clothing having indecent writing, indecent       bullying carries with it special statutory
pictures or indecent slogans                        obligations. Any misconduct by one student
e. clothing which exposes bare back and             against another student, whether or not
midriffs                                            appropriately defined as bullying, however, will
f. clothing which exposes undergarments             subject the perpetrator to disciplinary action in
g. strapless clothing                               accordance with the Board’s policies on student
h. halter tops                                      disciplinary suspensions and expulsion.
i. spaghetti straps                                 I.      Definition
j. clothing which overexposes the chest and/or      In accordance with state law and Board policy,
thigh areas                                         “bullying” means any overt acts by a student or
k. pants worn below the waist                       a group of students directed against another
l. sweatshirt hoods cannot be worn on the head      student with the intent to ridicule, harass,
                                                    humiliate or intimidate the other student while
Coats should not be worn to class. Shoes (foot      on school grounds, at a school-sponsored
wear) must be worn at all times. Clothing           activity, or on a school bus, which acts are
should be neat, decent and clean.                   committed more than once against any student
                                                    during the school year.
The school administration or assigned designee      In accordance with this definition, the following
has the authority to deal immediately with any      factors should be considered before identifying
violators of the dress code. Students dressed       conduct by a student or group of students as
inappropriately will be asked to arrange for a      bullying in violation of Board policy. The
clothing change. With repeat offenders              determination that conduct does not constitute
parents/guardians will be notified and              bullying under state law and Board policy,
disciplinary consequences may be levied.            however, does not restrict the right of the
The intent is to encourage all concerned to         Administration and of the Board of Education to
dress, groom and conduct themselves in keeping      impose appropriate disciplinary consequences
with an atmosphere reflecting sensitivity to and    for student misconduct.
respect for self and others and the overall              • Types of conduct. Bullying can take
functions of the school.                                    many forms and can include many
                                                            different behaviors having the overt
BULLYING REGULATION                                         intent to ridicule, humiliate or intimidate
                                        5131.911            another student. Examples of conduct
Students                                                    that could constitute bullying include:
Bullying                                                 1. Physical violence and/or attacks;
The following sets forth the procedures to               2. Verbal taunts, name-calling and
implement Board Policy 5131.911 concerning                  put-downs, including taunts based on
the prohibition against bullying. Bullying                  ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual
behavior is strictly prohibited, and students who           orientation, or other protected and/or
are determined to have engaged in such                      individual characteristics;
behavior are subject to disciplinary action,             3. Threats and intimidation (through words
which may include suspension or expulsion                   and/or gestures);
from school, in accordance with the Board’s              4. Extortion or stealing of money and/or
Student Discipline policy. The district’s                   possessions.
commitment to addressing bullying behavior,              • Ridicule, humiliation, and/or
however, involves a multi-faceted approach,                 intimidation. Bullying behavior is more
which includes education and the promotion of               than misconduct. Such behavior is
a school atmosphere in which bullying will not              marked by the intent to ridicule,
be tolerated by students or staff.                          humiliate or intimidate the victim. In
    evaluating whether conduct constitutes              under Conn. Gen. Stat. §10-233d(a),
    bullying, special attention should be paid          however, school officials are authorized
    to the words chosen or actions taken,               to impose discipline for such off-campus
    whether such conduct occurred in front              conduct only if such conduct markedly
    of others or was communicated to                    interrupts or severely impedes the
    others, how the perpetrator interacted              day-to-day operation of the school.
    with the victim, and the motivation,         II.    Complaint Processes
    either admitted or appropriately inferred,       A. Publication of the Prohibition Against
    of the perpetrator.                                 Bullying and Related Procedures
•   Repeated incidents. Bullying behavior               The prohibition against bullying shall be
    in violation of Board policy must be                publicized by including the following
    committed more than once against any                statement in the student handbook of
    student during the school year.” An                 each of the district schools:
    isolated incident, however egregious, is            “Bullying behavior by any student in the
    not “bullying” under state law and Board            Canton Public Schools is strictly
    policy. Similarly, numerous acts of                 prohibited, and such conduct may result
    misconduct against different students               in disciplinary action, including
    may not constitute “bullying” under state           suspension and/or expulsion from
    law and Board policy. Conversely,                   school. “Bullying” means any overt acts
    where there are repeated incidents of               by a student or a group of students
    bullying against a single individual or             directed against another student with the
    recurrently perpetrated bullying                    intent to ridicule, harass, humiliate or
    incidents by the same individual, the               intimidate the other student while on
    responsible administrator shall develop a           school grounds, at a school-sponsored
    case-specific intervention to address               activity, or on a school bus, which acts
    such repeated incidents of bullying,                are committed more than once against
    which may include both counseling and               any student during the school year.
    discipline.                                         Bullying outside of the school setting
•   Location. Bullying behavior in violation            may also be addressed if it has a direct
    of Board policy must occur on school                and negative impact on a student’s
    grounds, at a school-sponsored activity,            academic performance or safety in
    or on a school bus. Conduct that                    school. Students and/or parents may file
    occurs off-campus (e.g. harassment over             verbal or written complaints concerning
    the Internet, physical intimidation in the          suspected bullying behavior, and
    community) may be considered bullying               students shall be permitted to
    under this Policy if it has a direct and            anonymously report acts of bullying to
    negative impact on a student’s academic             teachers and school administrators. Any
    performance or safety in school.                    report of suspected bullying behavior
    Conduct that would otherwise be                     will be promptly reviewed. If acts of
    considered bullying occurring                       bullying are verified, prompt
    off-campus (and outside of any                      disciplinary action may be taken against
    school-sponsored activity) may subject              the perpetrator, consistent with his/her
    the perpetrator to disciplinary action.             rights of due process. Board policy and
    Discipline for such conduct, if it has a            regulation #5131.911 set forth this
    direct and negative impact on a student’s           prohibition and the related procedures in
    academic performance or safety at                   detail, and are available to students and
    school, may be imposed if such conduct              their parents/guardians upon request.”
    violates a publicized policy of the Board        B. Annual Notification of the Complaint
    and is seriously disruptive of the                  Process
    educational process. Unless such                    The process by which students may
    conduct triggers a mandatory expulsion              make formal, informal, and anonymous
   complaints as set forth below shall be              receive the complaint. Should
   publicized annually in the student                  anonymity be requested, the Principal or
   handbook of each of the District schools.           his/her designee shall meet with the
C. Formal Complaints                                   student to review the request for
   Students and/or their parents or                    anonymity and the impact that
   guardians may file written reports of               maintaining anonymity of the complaint
   conduct that they consider to be                    may have on the investigation of the
   bullying. Such written reports shall be             complaint and/or possible remedial
   reasonably specific as to the actions               action. At such meeting, the student
   giving rise to the suspicion of bullying,           shall be given the choice as to whether to
   including time and place of the conduct             maintain the anonymity of the
   alleged, the number of such incidents,              complaint. Anonymous complaints shall
   the target of such suspected bullying,              be reviewed and reasonable action will
   and the names of any potential student or           be taken to address the situation, to the
   staff witnesses. Such reports may be                extent such action may be taken that (1)
   filed with any teacher or administrator,            does not disclose the source of the
   and they shall be promptly forwarded to             complaint, and (2) is consistent with the
   the Building Principal for review and               due process rights of the student(s)
   action in accordance with Section IV                alleged to have committed acts of
   below.                                              bullying. No disciplinary action shall be
D. Informal/Verbal Complaints by                       taken solely on the basis of an
   Students                                            anonymous report.
   Students may make informal complaint        III.    Staff Responsibilities and Intervention
   of conduct that they consider to be                 Strategies
   bullying by verbal report to a teacher or        A. Teachers and Other School Staff
   administrator or other professional                 Teachers and other school staff who
   employee such as a guidance counselor,              witness acts of bullying, as defined
   school psychologist, nurse, social worker           above, shall promptly notify the
   or therapist. Such informal complaints              Building Principal and/or his/her
   shall be reasonably specific as to the              designee of the events observed, and
   actions giving rise to the suspicion of             shall promptly file a written incident
   bullying, including time and place of the           report concerning the events witnessed.
   conduct alleged, the number of such                 Promptly is defined as no longer than the
   incidents, the target of such suspected             next school day. Teachers and other
   bullying, and the names of any potential            school staff who receive student or
   student or staff witnesses. A teacher,              parent reports of suspected bullying shall
   other professional employee, or                     promptly notify the Building Principal
   administrator who receives an informal              and/or his/her designee of such report(s):
   complaint shall promptly reduce the                 Formal written complaints shall be
   complaint to writing, including the                 forwarded to the Building Principal or
   information provided. Such written                  his/her designee.
   report by the teacher, other professional           Informal complaints by a student
   employee and/or administrator shall be              received by a certified teacher shall be
   promptly forwarded to the Building                  reported on the Report of Bullying Form
   Principal for review and action in                  and forwarded to the Building Principal
   accordance with Section IV below.                   or his/her designee.
E. Anonymous Complaints                                Informal complaints by a student that are
   Students who make informal complaint                received by non-certified school staff
   as set forth above may request that their           shall be verbally reported to the
   name be maintained in confidence by the             Principal and/or his/her designee.
   teacher(s) and administrator(s) who
   In addition to addressing both informal           of bullying are verified, a
   and formal complaints, teachers and               recommendation for intervention,
   other professional staff members are              including disciplinary action. Where
   encouraged to address the issue of                appropriate, written witness statements
   bullying in other interactions with               shall be attached to the report. This
   students. Teachers and other                      written report is confidential and for
   professionals may find opportunities to           internal use only; it shall not be shared
   educate students about bullying and help          with the family of either the perpetrator
   eliminate bullying behavior through               or the victim, except as provided by law
   class discussions, counseling, and                (e.g. court order/subpoena).
   reinforcement of socially-appropriate             When a student making an informal
   behavior. Teachers and other                      complaint has requested anonymity, the
   professional employees should intervene           investigation of such complaint shall be
   promptly whenever they observe student            limited as is appropriate in view of the
   conduct that has the purpose or effect of         anonymity of the complainant. Such
   ridiculing, humiliating or intimidating           limitation of investigation may include
   another student, even if such conduct             restricting action to a simple review of
   does not meet the formal definition of            the complaint (with or without
   “bullying.”                                       discussing it with the alleged
B. Administrator Responsibilities                    perpetrator), subject to receipt of further
1. Investigation                                     information and/or the withdrawal by
    The Principal (or other responsible              the complaining student of the
    program administrator) shall be                  condition that his/her report be
    promptly notified of any formal or               anonymous.
    informal complaint of suspected              2. Remedial Actions
    bullying received by any building            a. Non-disciplinary Interventions
    administrator, teacher or other                 When verified acts of bullying are
    professional employee. Under the                identified early and/or when such
    direction of the Building Principal or          verified acts of bullying do not
    his/her designee, all such complaints           reasonably require a disciplinary
    shall be investigated promptly. In order        response, students may be counseled as
    to allow the District to adequately             to the definition of bullying, its
    investigate all formal complaints, the          prohibition, and their duty to avoid any
    parent of the student suspected of being        conduct that could be considered
    bullied must complete a consent form            bullying.
    that allows their District to release that      If a complaint arises out of conflict
    student’s name to those third parties           between students or groups of students,
    who the District contacts as part of its        peer mediation may be considered.
    investigation of that complaint with            Special care, however, is warranted in
    regard to the investigation of informal         referring such cases to peer mediation.
    complaints, the parent of the student           A power imbalance may make the
    suspected of being bullied must                 process intimidating for the victim and
    complete the above-referenced consent           therefore inappropriate. In such cases,
    form so long as that student has not            the victim should be given additional
    requested anonymity.                            support. Alternatively, peer mediation
    A written report of the investigation           may be deemed inappropriate to address
    shall be prepared when the                      the concern
    investigation is complete. Such report       b. Disciplinary Interventions
    shall include findings of fact, a               When acts of bullying are verified and a
    determination of whether acts of                disciplinary response is warranted,
    bullying were verified, and, when acts          students are subject to the full range of
   disciplinary consequences. Anonymous               teachers and other professional staff
   complaints that are not otherwise                  members in each school:
   verified, however, shall not be the basis          a. Respectful responses to bullying
   for disciplinary action.                               concerns raised by students, parents
   In-school suspension and suspension                    or staff;
   may be imposed only after informing the            b. Planned professional development
   accused perpetrator of the reasons for the             programs addressing bully/victim
   proposed suspension and giving him/her                 problems;
   an opportunity to explain the situation,           c. Data collection to document
   in accordance with the Board’s Student                 bully/victim problems to determine
   Discipline policy.                                     the nature and scope of the problem;
   Expulsion may be imposed only after a              d. Use of peers to help ameliorate the
   hearing before the Board of Education, a               plight of victims and include them in
   committee of the Board or an impartial                 group activities;
   hearing officer designated by the Board            e. Avoidance of sex-role stereotyping
   of Education in accordance with Board                  (e.g., males need to be strong and
   policy. This consequence shall be                      tough);
   reserved for serious incidents of bullying         f. Awareness and involvement on the
   and/or when past interventions have not                part of staff and parents with regards
   been successful in eliminating bullying                to bully-victim problems;
   behavior.                                          g. A curriculum that promotes
c. Interventions for Bullied Students                     communication, friendship,
   The Building Principal (or other                       assertiveness skills, and character
   responsible program administrator) or                  education;
   his/her designee shall intervene in order          h. Modeling by teachers of positive,
   to address repeated incidents of bullying              respectful, and supportive behavior
   against a single individual. Intervention              toward students;
   strategies for a bullied student may               i. Creating a school atmosphere of
   include the following                                  team spirit and collaboration that
• Counseling;                                             promotes appropriate social behavior
• Increased supervision and monitoring of                 by students in support of others;
   student to observe and intervene in                j. Employing classroom strategies that
   bullying situations;                                   instruct students how to work
• Encouragement of student to seek help                   together in a collaborative and
   when victimized or witnessing                          supportive atmosphere.
   victimization;                               IV.   Reporting Obligations
• Peer mediation where appropriate.                   A. Report to the Parent or Guardian
3. General Intervention Strategies                        of the Perpetrator
   In addition to the prompt investigation of             If after investigation, acts of bullying
   complaints of bullying and direct                      by a specific student are verified, the
   intervention when acts of bullying are                 Building Principal or his/her
   verified, other district actions may                   designee shall notify the parent or
   ameliorate any potential problem with                  guardian of the perpetrator in writing
   bullying in school or at                               of that finding. If disciplinary
   school-sponsored activities. While no                  consequences are imposed against
   specific action is required and school                 such student, a description of such
   needs for such interventions may vary                  discipline shall be included in such
   from time to time, the following list of               notification.
   potential intervention strategies shall            B. Reports to the Victim and his/her
   serve as a resource for administrators,                Parent or Guardian

        If after investigation, acts of bullying            information, which is confidential
        against a specific student are                      information by law.
        verified, the Building Principal or        5131.911
        his/her designee shall notify the          ANNUAL BULLYING NOTICE
        parent or guardian of the victim of        The Canton Board of Education will notify
        such finding. In providing such            students annually of the process by which they
        notification, care must be taken to        may anonymously report acts of bullying to
        respect the statutory privacy rights of    teachers and school administrators. This
        the perpetrator of such bullying. The      wording will be included in student handbooks.
        specific disciplinary consequences         Bullying behavior by any student in the Canton
        imposed on the perpetrator, as             Public Schools is strictly prohibited, and such
        reflected in the student's educational     conduct may result in disciplinary action,
        records, shall not be disclosed to the     including suspension and/or expulsion from
        parents or guardian of the victim,         school.
        except as provided by law (e.g.,           “Bullying” means any overt acts by a student or
        court order/subpoena). The parents         a group of students directed against another
        of the children involved in the            student with the intent to ridicule, harass,
        bullying incident shall be invited to      humiliate or intimidate the other student while
        attend at least one meeting at school.     on school grounds, at school-sponsored activity,
   C. Notices shall be simultaneously              or on a school bus, which acts committed more
        mailed to the parent/guardian with         than once against any student during the school
        whom the student primarily resides         year. Such overt acts, which occur off-campus
   and the other parent/guardian if                (and not at a school sponsored activity) may
   requested. This mailing requirement             also constitute bullying if it is determined that
   shall be in effect for as long as the           they have a direct and negative impact on a
   student attends the school in which the         student’s academic performance or safety in
   original request is made.                       school.
D. List of Verified Acts of Bullying               Students may file verbal or written complaints
   The Principal of each school shall              concerning suspected bullying behavior, and
   maintain a list of the number of verified       students shall be permitted to anonymously
   acts of bullying in the school, and this        report acts of bullying to teachers and school
   list shall be available for public              administrators. In addition, parents may also file
   inspection upon request. The list shall         written complaints concerning suspected
   be reported annually to the Department          bullying behavior. Any report of suspected
   of Education in such manner as                  bullying behavior will be promptly reviewed. If
   prescribed by the Commissioner of               acts of bullying are verified, prompt disciplinary
   Education. Given that any determination         action may be taken against the perpetrator,
   of bullying involves repeated acts over         consistent with his/her rights of due process.
   time, each report prepared in accordance        Board policy and regulation # 5131.91 set forth
   with Section III (1) above that includes        this prohibition and the related procedures in
   verified acts of bullying shall be tallied      detail, and are available to students and their
   as one verified act of bullying unless the      parents/guardians upon request.
   specific actions that are the subject of        Informal/Verbal Complaints of Bullying by
   the report involve separate and distinct        Students
   acts of bullying. The list shall be limited     Students may make complaints of conduct that
   to the number of such verified acts of          they consider to be bullying by verbally
   bullying in the school, and it shall not set    reporting to a teacher, administrator, or other
   out the particulars of each verified act,       professional employee such as a guidance
   including but not limited to any                counselor, school psychologist, nurse, social
   personally identifiable student                 worker or school therapist. Student complaints
                                                   of bullying should specify the actions giving
rise to the suspicion of bullying, including the        FIREARMS, WEAPONS, DRUGS
time and place of the conduct alleged, the                    AND FELONIES
number of such incidents, the target of such          Students should be aware that several
suspected bullying, and the names of any              Connecticut laws can have an impact on their
potential student or staff witnesses. A teacher,      ability to attend public school. The content of
other professional employee, or administrator         these laws and policies is summarized below:
who receives a student complaint shall promptly
reduce the complaint to writing, including the           1. It is illegal for students to bring firearms,
information provided by the student. The                    knives, dangerous weapons or dangerous
written report by the teacher, other professional           instruments to school. These items
employee and/or administrator shall be                      should never be brought on to school
promptly forwarded to the building Principal (or            grounds. Being in possession of such
other responsible program administrator) for                items in school may result in arrest by
review and action.                                          the police and suspension and expulsion
Formal/Written Complaints of Bullying                       from school.
Students and/or their parents or guardians may           2. Students who illegally possess a firearm
also file formal written complaints of conduct              outside of school or who use a firearm,
that they consider to be bullying. Such written             dangerous weapon or dangerous
reports should specify the actions giving rise to           instrument in the commission of a crime
the suspicion of bullying, including time and               and are arrested by the police for such an
place of the conduct alleged, the number of such            act will be reported to school officials by
incidents, the target of such suspected bullying,           the police. Such actions may result in
and the names of any potential student or staff             suspension or expulsion from school.
witnesses. Such reports may be filed with any            3. Students who possess, distribute or sell
teacher or administrator, and they shall be                 illegal drugs in school or outside of
promptly forwarded to the building Principal for            school are subject to arrest by police.
review and action.                                          Such actions are reported by the police
Anonymous Complaints of Bullying                            to school officials and may result in
Students who make complaints of bullying to a               suspension or expulsion from school
teacher and/or administrator may request that               (see the entire Canton School Drug
their name be maintained in confidence by the               Policy below).
teacher(s) or administrator(s) who receives the          4. All felonies and Class A misdemeanors
complaint. Should anonymity be requested, the               committed outside of school are reported
Principal or his/her designee shall meet with the           to school officials by the police. School
student to review the request for anonymity and             officials are required by Connecticut
the impact that maintaining anonymity of the                state law to meet and determine if it is
complaint may have on the investigation of the              safe for students involved in these
complaint and/or possible remedial action. At               activities to remain in school.
such meeting, the student shall be given the
choice as to whether to maintain the anonymity
of the complaint. Anonymous complaints shall          CANTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS
be reviewed and reasonable action will be taken       DRUG AND ALCOHOL
to address the situation, to the extent such action   REGULATIONS
may be taken that (1) does not disclose the           There are serious consequences for using,
source of the complaint, and (2) is consistent        possessing, selling, dealing or giving away
with the due process rights of the student(s)         alcohol, illegal drugs, narcotics and/or restricted
alleged to have committed acts of bullying. No        drugs by students in the Canton Public Schools.
disciplinary action shall be taken solely on the
basis of an anonymous report.                         Definition:
                                                      A drug may be defined as any mood-altering
                                                      chemical used to affect behavior, promote abuse
or psychological or physiological dependence.                 concerns and suggestions for
These substances include alcohol and all                      parent/guardian action. In the event
controlled substances defined by CT State                     that the student is in possession of
Statues (Section 21a-240). Among these, but                   alcohol or controlled
not limited to, are amphetamine type,                         substances/drugs or in possession of
hallucinogens, morphine type, cannabis type,                  related paraphernalia, the police will
cocaine type, barbiturate type, steroids, and                 be contacted.
other stimulant or depressant drugs. Also                  3. Resources – the parent/guardian may
included are any substances prescribed by a                   be referred by the building
physician that are not used in the prescribed                 administrator to appropriate outside
manner.                                                       agencies and will be made aware of
                                                              in-school resources for help.
Search:                                                    4. Other – the student may also be
School administrators may search a student’s                  subject to any other consequences as
car, locker, bag, and backpack and may demand                 outlined in school handbooks.
that a student empty his/her pockets if they have
reasonable cause to believe that the student
                                                                LASER POINTERS
possesses chemicals or objects related to the
                                                    A Connecticut law which went into effect in the
drugs defined above.
                                                    fall of 2000 forbids public school students from
                                                    possessing or using laser pointers in school
Consequences of alcohol or other drug
                                                    (Students are only permitted to do so under the
possession, use, and/or distribution by
                                                    direct supervision of a teacher in a classroom
                                                    setting). Students are never to bring laser
Any student in the Canton Public Schools in
                                                    pointers to school without the specific
possession of, using/misusing, or under the
                                                    permission of the Principal. Students are not
influence of alcohol or controlled
                                                    permitted to purchase laser pointers while on
substances/drugs, or in possession of related
                                                    school field trips.
paraphernalia on school premises or on/at a
school-sponsored activity shall be subject to
the following penalties:                               CANTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                                     SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY
       1. Suspension/Expulsion – immediate          It is the policy of the Board of Education to
          suspension from school for ten (10)       maintain a learning environment that is free
          school days and possible                  from sexual harassment. The Board of
          recommendation to the Board of            Education prohibits any form of sexual
          Education for expulsion. Expulsions       harassment. All complaints of sexual
          may last 11 to 180 days. In               harassment will be investigated promptly in
          accordance with the Canton Board of       accordance with administrative procedures.
          Education Policy (Section 5114):          Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted and
          students offering for sale, or            unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature which
          possessing with intent to sell, a         interferes with a student’s right to learn, study,
          controlled substance on or off school     work, achieve or participate in school activities
          grounds shall be expelled for one full    in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. In
          calendar year.                            addition to school policies, sexual harassment is
       2. Contact/Conference – the school will      illegal and is prohibited by federal and state
          contact the parent/guardian in order      laws.
          to inform them of the incident. A         As a student at Canton Intermediate School, you
          conference will be held with the          have the right to participate in all school and
          student’s parent/guardian and the         classroom activities in an atmosphere free from
          building administrator to discuss the     sexual harassment. You have a responsibility
          extent of the problem and share
not to engage in sexual behaviors that are
unwelcome or offensive to others.                    CANTON BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                                     SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION POLICY
If you are concerned that sexual harassment          A student may be suspended or expelled for
may be occurring, ask yourself the following         conduct on school property or at a school-
questions:                                           sponsored activity that endangers persons or
    • Is the behavior of a sexual nature?            property, is violative of a publicized policy of
    • Is the behavior unwelcome by anyone            the Board, or is seriously disruptive of the
        involved?                                    educational process, including but not limited to
    • Does the behavior make you or any              one or more of the following reasons:
        other person feel uncomfortable?                 a. Conduct causing danger to the physical
    • Does the behavior interfere with                      well- being of himself/herself or other
        anyone’s ability to learn or to enjoy               people that is not reasonable necessary
        school or classroom activities?                     for self-defense.
    • Does the behavior involve one person               b. Intentionally causing or attempting to
        trying to have some power over another              cause physical injury to another person
        person?                                             that is not reasonably necessary for self-
    • Is the behavior part of a pattern of                  defense.
        repeated behavior?                               c. Intentionally causing or attempting to
    • Would you want this behavior to be                    cause damage on school property or
        directed toward a member of your family             material belonging to staff (private
        or toward a friend?                                 property).
There are many types of behavior that could be           d. Stealing or attempting to steal private or
considered sexual harassment. Some examples                 school property or taking or attempting
of these would be:                                          to take personal property or money from
    • Staring or leering at parts of someone                any other person.
        else’s body                                      e. The use, either spoken or written on
    • Comments, gestures or jokes of a sexual               clothing, of obscene or profane language
        nature                                              or gestures on school property or at a
    • Displaying of sexual pictures or objects              school -sponsored activity.
    • Spreading sexual rumors or commenting              f. Deliberate refusal to obey the directions
        about sexual behavior                               or orders of a member of the school
    • Repeated pressuring for dates or                      staff.
        unwanted sexual activity                         g. Harassment and/or hazing/bullying on
                                                            the basis of that person’s race, religion,
    • Touching, grabbing and pinching
                                                            ethnic background, gender or sexual
    • Asking for sexual favors in exchange for
        grades, promotions or participation in
                                                         h. Open defiance of the authority of any
        school activities
                                                            teacher or person having authority over
    • Physical sexual assault                               the student, including verbal abuse.
    • If a student thinks that he/she is being           i. Threatening in any manner, including
        sexually harassed, he/she should report             orally, in writing, or via electronic
        the problem to the Principal, the school            communication, a member of the school
        guidance counselor, the social worker, a            including any teacher, a member of the
        teacher and their parents/guardians.                school administration or any other
        Students are encouraged to take action              employee, or a fellow student.
        and get help when needed. Ignoring               j. Blackmailing a member of the school
        sexual harassment is not a way to stop it.          community, including any teacher,
Additional information or help is available from            member of the school administration or
the Canton Schools District Title IV                        any other employee or fellow student.
Coordinator: School Social Worker, 693-7707
k. Possession of a firearm, deadly weapon,        u. Violation of school rules and practices or
   dangerous instrument, or martial arts             Board policy, regulation or agreement,
   weapons, as defined in Section 53a-3,             including that dealing with conduct on
   such as a pistol, knife, blackjack, etc.          school buses and the use of school
l. Possession of any weapon or weapon                district equipment.
   facsimile, including but not limited to        v. Violation of any federal or state law
   knife, pistol.                                    which would indicate that the violator
m. Possession, transmission, distribution,           presents a danger to any person in the
   selling, use of consumption of alcoholic          school community or to school property.
   beverages, dangerous drugs or narcotics        w. Lying, misleading or being deceitful to a
   or intoxicant of any kind or any                  school employee or person having
   facsimile of a dangerous drug, narcotic           authority over the student.
   or intoxicant of any kind.                     x. Unauthorized leaving of school or
n. Knowingly being in the presence of                school-sponsored activities.
   those who are in possession of, using,         y. Unauthorized smoking.
   transmitting, or being under the
   influence of any dangerous drug,            SUSPENSION FOR CONDUCT OFF
   narcotic, hallucinogenic drug,              SCHOOL GROUNDS
   amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana,
   alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant of any    1. Students are subject to suspension for
   kind.                                       conduct off school property and outside of
o. Participation in any unauthorized           school-sponsored activities in accordance with
   occupancy by any group of students or       law, for conduct that violates a publicized policy
   others of any part of any school, school    of the Board and is seriously disruptive of the
   premises or other building owned by any     educational process, including but not limited to
   school district after having been ordered   the following:
   to leave said school premises or other          a. Conduct leading to a violation of any
   facility by the Principal or other person           federal or state law if that conduct is
   then in charge of said school building or           determined to pose danger to the student
   facility.                                           himself/herself, other students, school
p. Participation in any walkout from a                 employees or school property.
   classroom or school building by any             b. Adjudication as a delinquent or a
   group of students and refusing to                   youthful offender as a result of a felony
   immediately return to said classroom or             if the conduct leading to the adjudication
   school building after having been                   is determined to pose a danger to the
   directed to do so by the Principal or               student himself/herself, other students,
   other person then in charge of said                 school employees or school property.
   classroom or school building.               2. In making a determination as to whether
q. Intentional incitement which results in     conduct is “seriously disruptive of the
   an unauthorized occupation of, or           educational process,” the administration, Board
   walkout from, any school building,          of Education or impartial hearing board may
   school premises, facility or classroom by   consider, but such consideration shall not be
   any group of students or other persons.     limited to; (1) whether the incident occurred
r. Repeated unauthorized absence from or       within close proximity of a school; (2) whether
   tardiness to school.                        other students from the school were involved or
s. Intentional and successful incitement of    whether there was any gang involvement; (3)
   truancy by other students.                  whether the conduct involved violence, threats
t. The use or copying of the academic          of violence or the unlawful use of a weapon as
   work of another and the presenting of it    defined in Section 29-38 and whether any
   as one’s own without proper attribution.    injuries occurred, and (4) whether the conduct
                                               involved the use of alcohol, narcotic drug,
hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate         SUSPENSION PROCEDURE
or marijuana.                                         1. The administration of each school shall have
                                                         the authority to invoke suspension for a
MANDATORY EXPULSION                                      period of up to ten days or to invoke in-
It shall be the policy of the Board to expel a           school suspension for a period of up to five
student for one full calendar year if:                   days of any student for one or more of the
1. The student, on grounds or at a school-               reasons stated above. The administration
    sponsored activity, was in possession of a           shall have the authority to immediately
    firearm, as defined in 18 U.S.C. 921*, as            suspend from school any student when an
    amended from time to time, or deadly                 emergency exists as that term is defined
    weapon, dangerous instrument or martial              above.
    arts weapon, as defined in C.G.S. 53A-3; or          If an emergency situation exists, the hearing
    the student, off school grounds, did possess         outlined above shall be held as soon as
    such firearm in violation of C.G.S. 29-35 or         possible after the exclusion of the student.
    did possess and use such a firearm,               2. In the case of suspension, the administration
    instrument or weapon in the commission of            shall notify the student’s parents and the
    a crime; or the student, on or off school            Superintendent of Schools within twenty-
    grounds offered for sale or distribution a           four (24) hours of the suspension as to the
    controlled substance, as defined in                  name of the student who has been suspended
    subdivision (9) or C.G.S. 21a-240, whose             and the reason therefore. Any student who
    manufacture, distribution, sale, prescription,       is suspended shall be given an opportunity
    dispensing, transporting or possession with          to complete any class work including, but
    intent to sell or dispense, offering or              not limited to, examinations which such
    administering is subject to criminal penalties       student missed during the period of his/her
    under C.G.S. 21-277 and 21a-278.                     suspension.
2. Such a student shall be expelled for one           3. Except in the case of an emergency, as
    calendar year if the Board of Education or           defined above, a student shall be afforded
    impartial hearing board finds that the student       the opportunity to meet with the
    did so possess or so possess and use, as             administration and to respond to the stated
    appropriate, such a weapon or firearm,               charges prior to the effectuation of any
    instrument or weapon or did so offer for sale        period of suspension or in-school
    or distribution such a controlled substance.         suspension. If, at such a meeting the student
3. The Board may modify the period of a                  denies the stated charges, he/she may be at
    mandatory expulsion on a case-by-case                that time present his/her version of the
    basis.                                               incident(s) upon which the proposed
4. A firearm, as defined by C.G.S. 53a-3                 suspension is based. The administration
    includes any sawed-off shotgun, machine              shall then determine whether or not
    gun, rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver, or other      suspension or in-school suspension is
    weapon, whether loaded or unloaded from              warranted. In determining the length of a
    which a shot may be discharged, or a                 suspension period, the administration may
    switchblade knife, a gravity knife, billy,           receive and consider evidence of past
    black jack, bludgeon or metal knuckles.              disciplinary problems which have led to
         *A firearm; currently defined by 18             removal from a classroom, in-school
U.S.C. 921, is any weapon that can expel a               suspension, or expulsion.
projectile by an explosive action and includes        4. No student shall be suspended more than ten
explosive devices, incendiaries, poison gases,           times or a total of fifty (50) days in one
and firearm frames, receivers, mufflers or               school year, whichever results in fewer days
silencers.                                               of exclusions, unless a hearing as provided
                                                         in paragraph H (5) is first granted.
                                                      5. No student shall be placed on in-school
                                                         suspension more than fifteen times or a total
   of fifty (50) days in one school year,           including results of teacher-made tests and other
   whichever results in fewer days of               measures of skill and content mastery,
   exclusion, unless a hearing as provided in       standardized results, criterion-referenced tests
   paragraph H (5) is first granted.                and teacher observation of student performance.
                                                    The teacher shall take into consideration the
      PROMOTION/RETENTION                           learning potential of the student and the effects
The Board of Education is dedicated to the best     any handicapping condition may have on that
total and continuous development of each            student. The Principal shall direct and aid the
student enrolled in its schools. Therefore, the     teachers in their evaluations and review grade
District will establish and maintain the highest    assignments in order to assure uniformity of
standards required for each grade and monitor       evaluation standards.
student performance in a continuous and
systematic manner. The administration and           In all cases of promotion or retention, the
faculty shall establish a system of grading and     parent/guardian is to be fully involved and
reporting academic achievement to students and      informed throughout the promotion/retention
their parents/guardians. The system shall also      decision making process. Parents will be
determine when promotion and graduation             notified as early as possible that retention is
requirements are met.                               being considered and, except in very unusual
                                                    circumstances, no later than April 15. A
The Board desires to minimize/eliminate the         subsequent meeting will take place no later than
practice of promoting students to the next grade    June 1. The Principal shall be responsible for
level for social reasons when they are failing      making the final decision as to retention and
academically. The Board expects students to         promotion.
progress through each grade within one school
year. To accomplish this, instruction should                                                    5122
accommodate the varying interests and growth        Students
patterns of individual students and include         Assignment of Students
strategies for addressing academic deficiencies     Children transferring from schools outside
when needed. Students shall progress through        Canton shall be placed according to the best
the grade levels by demonstrating growth in         interests of the child and at the discretion of the
learning and meeting standards of expected          Principal. The former grade level shall be a
student achievement.                                general guide to placement, but consideration
                                                    should also be given to the child’s age, record and
Schools shall identify students at risk for         achievement, and social, emotional and physical
retention. Prior to deciding on retention for a     maturity.
student not mastering the appropriate skills, the
district shall provide and may require the          Assigning Students To a Teacher and Classes
student to attend one or more alternatives for      in Grades K-12
remedial assistance. Opportunities provided for     Each building Principal will have the
supplemental and remedial instruction to assist     responsibility and the authority for assignment
the student in overcoming his/her academic          of each student to his or her class and, therefore,
deficiencies may include but are not limited to:    his or her teacher with the best interests of the
Title 1 tutorials, math and language arts lab       child in mind. Principals will not take requests
support, other in school assistance, after school   to place children with particular teachers. The
programs, summer school, summer assignments,        parent(s) is/are encouraged to consult with their
and cross-age tutoring or student mentoring.        Principal or designee in the spring prior to
                                                    classroom assignments concerning the child's
Pre-K-8                                             learning style, specialties and difficulties, and
In evaluating student achievement each teacher      particular needs, personal or educational. The
shall make use of all available information,        parent(s) is/are also encouraged to discuss with
the building Principal the child's progress in the   worker talks with students and family members,
fall once classes are under way. However, the        when necessary, to help them consider possible
Principal will make the final determination in       solutions to problems and assists them in their
placing all children.                                selection of appropriate alternatives. In addition
                                                     to counseling, the social worker serves as
Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes        consultant to school personnel and as a
                                                     community resource. To offer the most positive
10-221(b) Boards of Education to prescribe rules.    experience for students, the social worker works
                                                     closely with and receives referrals from
STUDENT SERVICES                                     guidance counselors, school administrators,
GUIDANCE                                             ancillary staff, teachers and parents/guardians.
Canton Intermediate School has a                     Student interviews with the social worker are
comprehensive school counseling program              scheduled by appointment or if the social
which is an integral part of the total educational   worker is available, a student may drop in.
program. The school counselor, through regular
sessions with each homeroom, presents a              SPECIAL EDUCATION
systematic and structured curriculum.                The Special Education staff services children
                                                     who are identified by a Special Education
The guidance activities help students in             mandated Planning and Placement Team. The
understanding the school environment,                staff offers instruction and remediation of
developing school success skills, understanding      deficits through an integrated program of
self and others, developing decision-making and      reading, writing, spelling, oral language, and
problem-solving skills, developing interpersonal     mathematics. The particular structure of the
and communication skills and developing a            program varies to accommodate the age ranges
sense of community. In addition, the school          and specific needs of the students with as much
counselor offers individual and group                independence and integration into the
counseling and consultation.                         mainstream as possible.

The school counselor is available for                Diagnostic services, consultation with
consultation with individual students, teachers      classroom teachers and direct instruction are
and parents/guardians.                               components of the special education program.
                                                     Physical therapy, occupational therapy and
PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES                               adaptive physical education services are also
The school system may provide psychological          available to students identified through the
services to children who are experiencing            Planning and Placement Team process.
difficulties and are in need of evaluation. The
school psychologist uses a wide assortment of        STUDENT INTERVENTION TEAM
tests to measure both achievement and potential      Our collaborative assistance team meets on a
for learning. Parent/guardian permission is          weekly basis. Members of the team include:
required prior to any testing. In addition to the    the principal, classroom teacher, school
above, the school psychologist offers individual     counselor, special education teachers, language
and group counseling and consultations.              arts consultant, K-6 math/science coordinator,
                                                     and school psychologist. The team follows the
SOCIAL WORKER                                        Response to Intervention (RTI) model.
The school social worker serves as a support
resource person. By utilizing interviewing           This is not a special education process, but
techniques, psychodynamics in human behavior,        rather a regular education team that meets to
and an understanding of the family and its social    discuss children experiencing difficulties,
environment, the school social worker counsels       seeming to inhibit academic growth. The team
students individually and in groups. The social      may:

   • Offer specific strategies to the classroom     2. The right to request the amendment of the
        teacher.                                       student’s education records that the parent
   • Offer to observe the child in the classroom       or eligible student believes are inaccurate or
        to gather data.                                misleading.
   • Collect more information by conducting                • Parents or eligible students may ask
        an informal screening.                                 Canton District to amend a record
   • Recommend a formal referral be started.                   that they believe is inaccurate or
The team tracks each child’s progress. Careful                 misleading. They should write the
notes are kept of the meeting, recording                       school principal, clearly identify the
concerns and actions taken by the team.                        part of the record they want
                                                               changed, and specify why it is
SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PROGRAM                                    inaccurate or misleading.
This special education program services                    • If the District decides not to amend
students whose speech and language deficits                    the record as requested by the parent
adversely affect their academic performance.                   or eligible student, the District will
These delays can be in the areas of verbal                     notify the parent or eligible student
expression, comprehension, articulation or                     of the decision and advise them of
stuttering.                                                    their right to a hearing regarding the
                                                               request for amendment. Additional
Sessions are held one to several times a week,                 information regarding the hearing
individually or in small groups, depending on                  procedures will be provided to the
the child’s needs. Consultation with the                       parent or eligible student when
classroom teacher and parents is critical to                   notified of the right to a hearing.
integrating therapeutic and curriculum goals
                                                    3. The right to consent to disclosures of
into a meaningful and natural environment.
                                                       personally identifiable information
Parental support and supervision is essential to
                                                       contained in the student’s education records,
the success of this program.
                                                       except to the extent that FERPA authorizes
                                                       disclosure without consent. One exception
                                                       which permits disclosure without consent is
Students may receive supplementary help in
                                                       disclosure to school officials with legislator,
math and/or language arts. Achievement scores,
                                                       supervisor, instructor, or support staff
classroom performance, and/or teacher
                                                       member (including health or medical staff
recommendation identify those receiving help.
                                                       and law enforcement unit personnel); a
Services may be a combination of small group
                                                       person serving on the School Board; a
and/or individual time in language arts,
                                                       person or company with the whom the
additional classroom support in math.
                                                       District has contracted to perform a special
                                                       task (such as an attorney, auditor, medical
 Canton Schools Notification of Rights                 consultant or therapist); or a parent or
  under FERPA For Elementary and                       student serving on an official committee,
        Secondary Institutions                         such as a disciplinary or grievance
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act          committee, or assisting another school
(FERPA) affords parents and students over 18           official in performing his or her tasks. A
years of age (“eligible students”) certain rights      school official has a legitimate educational
with respect to the student’s education records.       interest if the official needs to review an
They are:                                              education record in order to fulfill his or her
                                                       professional responsibility.
1. The right to inspect and review the student’s
   education records within 45 days of the day      Upon request, the District discloses education
   the District receives a request for access.      records without consent to officials of another

school district in which a student seeks or
intends to enroll.

4. The right to file a complaint with the U.S.
   Department of Education concerning
   alleged failures by the District to comply
   with the requirements of FERPA. The
   name and address of the Office that
   administers FERPA is:

       Family Policy Compliance Office
         U.S. Department of Education
        600 Independence Avenue, SW
         Washington, DC 20202-4605

[Note: In addition, a school may want to
include its directory information public
notice, as required byS99.37 of the
regulations, with its annual notification of
rights under FERPA.]

                                     CANTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS
       August (0 days)               September (20 days)               October (21days)                 November (19 days)
  M     T   W      T        F       M   T   W      T     F         M     T   W      T   F             M   T    W     T     F
   3      4    5     6       7            1    2     3     4                          1   2            2    3    4     5     6
  10    11    12   13       14       7    8    9 10 11               5     6    7     8   9            9 10     11   12    13
  17    18    19   20       21      14   15  16 17 18              12 13      14    15  16            16 **17 **18 **19    20
  24    25    26   27       28      21   22  23 24 *25             19 20      21    22  23            23 24 ^25      26    27
  31                                28   29  30                    26 27 *28        29  30            30

   December (17 days)                    January (19 days)            February (18 days)                 March (23 days)
  M   T   W     T     F             M      T    W     T    F       M     T   W      T         F       M   T    W     T     F
        1   2     3     4                                    1       1     2    3     4        5       1    2    3     4     5
   7    8  *9    10   11             4      5    6     7     8       8     9  10    11        12       8    9   10   11     12
  14  15  16     17   18            11     12   13    14   *15      15 16     17    18        19      15   16   17   18     19
  21  22 ^23     24   25            18     19   20    21    22      22 23     24    25        26      22 **23 **24 **25     26
  28  29  30     31                 25     26   27    28    29                                        29 30     31

        April (16 days)                    May (20 days)                  June (10 days)
  M      T     W     T      F        M     T     W    T   F        M       T    W     T       F
                       1      2         3    4    5     6   7              1    2     3       4
    5      6     7     8      9       10    11   12 13 14          7       8    9    10      ^11
   12    13     14   15     *16       17    18 *19 20 21          ^14     15    16   17      18
   19    20     21   22      23       24    25   26 27 28         21      22    23   24      25
   26    27     28   29      30       31                          28      29    30
 August 27,28,31           Professional Development
 September 1               First Day of School                              No School
 September 7               Labor Day                                 **     Conferences - early release
 September 28              Yom Kippur                                       11/17,11/18,11/19,3/23,3/24,3/25
 October 12                Columbus Day                              *      Early Release-Professional Dev.
 November 26 & 27          Thanksgiving Recess                              9/25,10/28,12/9,1/15,4/16,5/19
 December 24 to 1-4        Winter Recess                             ^      Early Release 11/25,12/23, 6/11, 6/14
 January 18                Martin Luther King
 February 15 & 16          President's Day-Winter Recess
 April 2                   Good Friday
 April 19-23               Spring Recess
 May 31                    Memorial Day
 June 14                   Tentative Last Day***
 June 15,16,17,18,21       Make-Up Days for Emergency Closings

If the number of emergency closing days exceeds five (5) days, any additional days will be taken from the spring recess beginning
Monday, April 19, 2010.

 Canton High School – Principal, Mr. Gary Gula                                             693-7707
 Canton High School – Assistant Principal, Dr. Nancy Bean                                  693-7707
 Canton Middle School – Principal, Mr. Joseph Scheideler                                   693-7712
 Canton Intermediate School – Principal, Dr. Jordan Grossman                               693-7717
 Cherry Brook Primary School – Principal, Mr. Andrew Robbin                                693-7721
 Director of Pupil Personnel Services – Ms. Mary Dorpalen                                  693-7714
 Central Services: Superintendent – Mr. Kevin Case                                         693-7704
 Central Services: Assistant Superintendent – Ms. Lynn McMullin                            693-7704
 Central Services: Business Manager – Mr. Jerry Domanico                                   693-7704

 Adopted: April 15, 2009

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