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									2010 Coastal Communications Catalogue
       A key ingredient to your marketing success.
A key ingredient.

  Coastal Communications is pleased to present to you our

2010 catalogue. In it, you will find examples of various

marketing pieces that will assist you in promoting your

healthcare facility. Please keep in mind that these are merely
                                                                     We’re always
examples, and we are always happy to create something

new for you if desired.
                                                                     happy to cook up

  For 2010, we’ve cooked up some new collaterals,
                                                                     something new
revamped some old ones and added additional products                 for you!
to our promotional offerings. A few highlights include:

neighborhood postcards (pg. 10), impressive greeting

cards (pg. 12), color designs for the admission packet

covers (pg. 13) and two entirely new series of trifold

brochures (pgs. 20-21).

  So, take a look through our 2010 catalogue. Get to know

a little bit about us, what we do and how we can be a key

ingredient to your marketing success.

  Note: We cannot be held responsible if you suddenly feel extreme
hunger while browsing through this catalogue.
The Communications Department at Coastal Administrative Services provides a wide array
of collateral design and print services designed to assist our customers in effectively
promoting their facilities and services. As always, you have the option to change
colors, pictures, font styles or content to suit your needs.

Our Available Products/Services
We encourage you to contact us for all of your printed collateral needs, even if you need
something that is not listed.

• Full-color brochures (trifold/bifold/booklets)
• Specialty service flyers                                     Other Services
• Web site development, design and support                     • Media management
• Admission packets                                            • Press releases
                                                               • Talking points
• Holiday and weekend admission flyers
                                                               • Resident/family
• Postcards/direct-mail pieces                                    communications
• Promotional items (T-shirts, pens, magnets, bags, etc.)      • Employee communications
• Letterhead & envelopes
• Greeting cards
• Large format prints (posters, banners, table cloths, etc.)
• Product line collateral packages
   • Orthopedic rehabilitation
   • Wound care
   • Pulmonary rehabilitation
                                                                 We’re happy
   • Stroke care
                                                                  to design a
• Alzheimer’s/dementia care                                      custom piece
• Employee handbooks                                                for you.
• Invitations, greeting cards and envelopes                       Just ask us!
• Facility newsletters - masthead design, editing and
  printing (content must be provided by facility via e-mail)
• Advertising campaigns — print ads, radio ads, and other
  advertising services
• Recruitment ads — postcards and newspaper
                              3               4


Our Chefs
1   Alan Cosby
    Vice President of Communications
                                       4   Kelly Inkrot
                                           Graphic Designer
                                                                          6      Fanny Naritama
                                                                                 Graphic Designer

2   Ebu
    Team Mascot
                                       5   Meredith Ellis
                                           Graphic Designer
                                                                          7      Adam Glassman
                                                                                 Production Coordinator

3   Hanson Montoban
    Print Production

                                                              Other mascots not pictured include:
                                                              • Alfie (Fanny’s Dachshund)
                                                              • Guinness & Nylah (Adam’s Rottweiler and Basenji-mix)
                                                              • Miho (Meredith’s Shiba Inu)
                                                              • Rocky (Hanson’s Valley Bulldog)

Coastal Communications — A key ingredient to your marketing success.
meet your chefs ...
Alan Cosby — Alan has over 20 years of marketing experience in the long-term care/post-acute industries. Alan worked
for Centennial HealthCare for 14 years, including eight years as its Vice President of Marketing. At Centennial, he directed the sales
and marketing efforts for the company. Alan’s interests include travel, exercise, gardening and volunteerism, among others. For
over five years, he has been an active volunteer with Project Open Hand, an organization committed to meeting the nutritional
needs of people living with HIV/AIDS, the homebound/critically ill, and seniors. As a volunteer of Big Brothers Big Sisters for the past
four years, Alan has also served as a Big Brother to his wonderful little brother, Ashton, age 13. Alan shares his home in Atlanta with
“Ebu,” his tenacious English bulldog. Alan’s favorite foods include any type of sushi, any Vietnamese and Thai food and pretty much
any type of gummy or fruit/sour flavored candy….Oh, and grapes (in the mashed and liquefied form)!
            One food to eat without any negative health repercussions? Alan’s choice: A sea of Swedish fish

Adam Glassman — The three F’s — football, family and friends. That is what matters most to Adam. Born and raised in
South Florida, Adam is an avid Miami Dolphins & Miami Hurricanes fan. He moved to Atlanta in the Fall of ’06 with his wife Claudia
and joined the Coastal team as Production Coordinator shortly thereafter. Adam enjoys beach volleyball, fishing, traveling, good
music, reading, exercising, hiking and of course, delicious food. He has two lovable dogs — Guinness, a rottweiler-mix, and Nylah,
a basenji-mix (think Australian dingo).
                 One food to eat without any negative health repercussions? Adam’s choice: Doughnuts

Fanny Naritama — Fanny was born and raised in Indonesia and came to the U.S when she was 17 years old. She gradu-
ated from Pensacola Christian College, where she majored in Graphic Design. She joined the Coastal team as a Graphic Designer
in ’07. Fanny is happily married to Hendry and loves teaching new tricks to Alfie, her mini Dachsund puppy. Believe it or not, she
just found her new hobby, which is singing (although everybody else around her might have to cover their ears).
                One food to eat without any negative health repercussions? Fanny’s choice: McDonald’s

Meredith Ellis — Meredith, an Atlanta native, is a graduate of the University of Georgia class of ’07. Go Dawgs! Though she’s
passionate about all things creative, her undergraduate degree is actually a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (A.B.J.). Meredith briefly con-
sidered a career in news journalism but soon realized it’s much more fun to create newsworthy work than to report it! She loves films
that make you say “ahh,” as well as spontaneous road trips. She joined Coastal in the Spring of 2008 and has been pushing Adam and
Alan’s creative boundaries ever since. Why shouldn’t our brochures have a slot for business cards and lottery tickets?
             One food to eat without any negative health repercussions? Meredith’s choice: Cookie dough

Kelly Inkrot — Kelly was born and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, where the rest of her family still lives. After at-
tending the University of Cincinnati and the University of Louisville, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
in 2005. She moved to Naples, Fla. after graduating, where she lived and worked for three years, but never had a tan because she
worked too much to go to the beach. In 2008, Kelly moved to Atlanta, where she began working for Coastal. She adores her team,
and couldn’t be happier to have found her way here. When she’s not at work, Kelly loves to play sports of any kind, and she espe-
cially loves to go boating with friends in the summer. Kelly’s real passion is cooking, and she spends most of her evenings and
weekends trying new recipes and drinking good wine with friends. She is the only one in the department without a puppy, but
hopes that will change in the near future.
                 One food to eat without any negative health repercussions? Kelly’s choice: French fries

Hanson Montoban — Hanson has been working in the printing industry for over 10 years. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. (but
raised in Long Island), he moved to Georgia in the summer of 2007 with his wife Marie and his daughters Ashley and Rachel. He
spends the majority of his time attending various dance, gymnastics, music and chorus activities that his kids are involved in, but
he also makes time for his wife (frequently dining at nice restaurants or on weekend getaways). Hanson’s hobbies include cooking
(his specialty is homemade pasta dishes) and watching the N.Y. Giants and N.Y. Mets play. He absolutely hates shopping!
             One food to eat without any negative health repercussions? Hanson’s choice: N.Y. cheesecake
     How to contact us
                Alan Cosby
                VP of Communications

                ph 770.730.1111
                fax 770.234.5348

                                          Adam Glassman
                                             Production Coordinator

                                              ph 770.730.1222
                                             fax 770.234.5348

                Meredith Ellis
                Graphic Designer

                ph 770.730.1236
                fax 770.234.5348

                                           Fanny Naritama
                                                  Graphic Designer

                                                  ph 770.730.1194
                                                 fax 770.234.5348

                Hanson Montoban
                Print Production

                ph 770.730.1223
                fax 770.234.5348

                                                 Kelly Inkrot
                                                  Graphic Designer

                                                  ph 770.730.1164
                                                 fax 770.234.5348

303 Perimeter Center North, Suite 500 • Atlanta, GA 30346
          Table                           of      contents
Appetizers (pgs 9-16)
   Greeting cards
   Joint replacement booklets
   Admission packets
   Employee handbooks
   iCARE materials
   Candy bar wrappers

Meals (pgs 17-36)
   ”New view” trifold brochures
   “Classic” trifold brochures
   Past series of trifold brochures
   Assorted brochures (non-series)
   Pictorial tour booklet
   Large format (banners, table cloths, etc...)
   Web sites

Desserts (pgs 37-55)
   Employee recognition items
   Promotional giveaways
     (pens, shirts, letterhead, etc...)
   Health recognition calendar
   Coastal ordering info
   Price list
Respite Postcard                                                          Guardian Angel Postcard
A quick, eye-catching postcard that explains your facility’s respite      Details your Guardian Angel program and lets you write in a
program. Offered in two colors (blue or yellow). We also have a respite   specific Guardian Angel name at the bottom. Two design op-
brochure that goes into more detail about your program (see pg. 25).      tions available.

Neighborhood Postcards
A large, two-sided postcard that displays a big
facility map, as well as main services and contact
info. Great for showing how close your facility is
to local landmarks & hospitals. Two designs
available (illustrated or front door). NOTE: Front
door piece has multiple door options for various
locations around the country. Pairs nicely with our
Factors to Consider flyer (see pg. 27).

                                                                                      A nice hospitality item, these cards invite a
                                                                                      patient or a guest to enjoy a free service
                                                                                      compliments of your facility. Available for eye
                                                                                      exams, massage, newspaper, meal, hair salon,
                                                                                      manicure or facial. Of course, we’re always happy
                                                                                      to design a custom one just for you!

Bedside Cards
Wonderful card that sits on a nightstand or bed. Can have any
message of your choosing, from a warm welcome (top left) to a
housekeeping or laundry message (middle) to a bed reservation
card (right).

                                                                                 Business Cards
                                                                                 We can create any custom card for your facility, or you can begin
                                                                                 by choosing some of our template pieces above.

Rating Card
Informative piece that lets you advertise your high survey rank-
ings. Did you know we also offer rating flyers and posters? (See pg. 28 & 32)

Rehabilitation Postcard                                                         30-Day Window Postcard
Lists rehab information and services. Printed front and back on                 Reminds recipients of your 30-day window opportunity for admissions.
cardstock. Can be used for mailings as well.                                    Great for mailings! Did you know we offer a Medicare brochure? (See pg. 25)
Get Well Cards                                                               Sympathy Card
A card that sends your best wishes to those who are ill or are recover-      A simple, touching sympathy card from your facility that sends
ing from surgery. Available in other designs.                                your condolences. Available in other designs.

Welcome Cards                                                             Thank You Card
A warm welcome to your facility. Available in other                       Vibrant thank you card from your facility that sends your appreciation.
designs.                                                                  Available in other designs.

Happy Birthday Card
An upbeat card that offers your best wishes to that lucky birth-
day person. Available in other designs.

                                                                            Thinking of You Card
                                                                            A warm card that lets your patients know you care. Available in
            12                                                              other designs.
Total Joint Replacement Book                                            Facility Employee Handbook
A booklet that walks patients through joint surgery and what the        Details personnel policies, procedures and benefits. Multi-page,
post-surgery recovery will entail. Both hip and knee books are          professionally bound booklet.

Admission Packet
A clean, professionally bound booklet for new admissions with perforated tear sheets in the back containing signature forms. New design
choices include (clockwise from top left): green swirl, blue stripes, green/brown plants, miss ladybug and abstract pattern.
                                                        This 5x7'' postcard explains the program and lists the phone number large across
                                                        the bottom. Great for displaying and passing out at the nurse’s station.

Oversized 24x36'' poster that’s perfect for
displaying at the nurse’s station or in the
lobby area of your building.

                                               Wallet Card
                                               Small cards (front and back) that have the iCARE phone num-
                                               ber for quick reference. Fits in a wallet.

   Button                                                                                                    in Spanish!
   A great way to show that your employees care about customer service!
                                                                                                          The postcard,
                                                                                                          wallet card & poster
                                                                                                          are all available
                                              Please note that the iCARE materials                        in Spanish!
                                              may not be available to all customers.
              Candy Bar Wrappers
              Displays contact information with your choice of holiday or general theme. Designed to fit around a
              standard Hershey’s chocolate bar. Have you seen our holiday admissions flyers on page 29?

Triangle Table Top Stand                                             Labels
Unique item that stands on top of any table and displays             Features either the facility logo or contact information on white
three panels of information. Customized with your con-               labels. Sizes available: Mini (1'' x 2.5'', 30 per sheet), Small (1'' x
tent.                                                                4'', 20 per sheet) or Large (3'' x 4'', 6 per sheet).
                                                                     Don’t see what you need? Ask us about our dozens of other label options!

            We’re always happy to make any design or
            content changes to better suit your needs.
      5   foods
Did you know that
  sushi is one of
   Alan Cosby’s
 favorite foods?
  “A new view”
  A beautiful, modern series which utilizes welcoming nature photography and a clean design.
  Brochures open vertically for a unique look and feel.

General Brochure                                                            Admissions Welcome Brochure
Our most popular item. Gives a general outline of the facility and          Outlines basic admission information, including which items the
its services.                                                               resident will need to bring upon admission.

Rehabilitation Brochure                                                    Wound Care Brochure
Details the various rehabilitation programs at the facility.               Describes your facility’s specialized wound care services, including
                                                                           what remedies are used.

 Falls Prevention                                              Alzheimer’s                                Outpatient
 Details safety information regarding falls pre-               Dementia                                   Provides information about the
 vention and awareness.                                        Describes the facility’s                   outpatient therapy program and
                                                               Alzheimer’s/Dementia Unit staff            rehab-to-home services.
                                                               and services.
“Classic series”
A more conservative series, these brochures have nice photography in a clean, simple format.

General Brochure                                                         Admissions Welcome Brochure
Our most popular item. Gives a general outline of the facility and       Outlines basic admission information, including which items the
its services.                                                            resident will need to bring upon admission.

Rehabilitation Brochure                                                 Wound Care Brochure
Details the various rehabilitation programs at the facility.            Describes your facility’s specialized wound care services, including
                                                                        what remedies are used.

Falls Prevention                                      Alzheimer’s/                            Outpatient
Details safety information regarding falls pre-       Dementia                                Provides information about the outpatient
vention and awareness.                                Describes the facility’s                therapy program and rehab-to-home services.
                                                      Alzheimer’s/Dementia Unit staff
                                                      and services.
 Past series
 All of our past series of brochures are still available.

Journey Series                                       Extraordinary Series

Flower Series                     Touching Hearts            Picture a Healthier
                                  Series                     You Series

     5    foods
Did you know that
  Meredith Ellis
 loves crab legs?
About Your Stay
This attractive, oversized brochure (11x17”) provides an overview of what a patient can expect during his/her stay. Available in blue, red
and green.

Innovative Treatments Brochure                                         Assisted Living Brochure
A four-fold brochure that gives an in-depth look into the rehab        Gives information regarding your facility’s accommodations for
equipment and unique therapies that your facility may offer.           those needing assisted living.

                                           Did you know that we can customize any piece to suit your needs?

Medicare Overview                                                    Respite Brochure
Explains Medicare benefits and coverage. Updated for 2010.           Details your facility’s accommodations for those needing respite
                                                                     care. Have you seen our respite postcard (pg 10)?

Rehab Outcome Report                                                    VitalStim Brochure
This trifold brochure is a great way to inform referral sources of      Explains the VitalStim therapy program at your facility for
their patient’s progress. There’s even a spot inside the brochure       patients with dysphagia.
to place a photo of the patient.
Pre-Registration Brochure                                           Pictorial Tour Booklet
Outlines your pre-registration program for those needing rehab      A great visual brochure that shows specific pictures of your
                                                                    facility as well as general information. We will need your best
after surgery. Includes an insert for the patient to fill out and
                                                                    pictures to create this piece.
return to your facility.

Post-Cardiac Brochure                                               Bariatric Care Brochure
Gives an explanation of available services and treat-               Outlines the treatment and care for the Bariatric patient.
ments for the cardiac patient.

Patient Care Guide                                                   Physician/Team Bios
These guides provide information to your patient and/or family       This flyer introduces your Medical Director, Physician Advisors
members about program services and expectations. Available for the   or facility team members in detail and provides information
following programs: Orthopedic, Neurological Care, Pulmonary Care,   about medical specialties, education, etc. Information and
Cardiac Care and Wound Care.                                         high quality photo(s) must be provided by facility.

Factors to Consider Flyer
Lists questions and considerations families should take
into account when choosing a healthcare facility. Large
map printed on back side of the sheet. A great way to
show confidence in your facility! Offered in multiple
designs to fit your locale.
Clinical Program Overview                                              Post-Acute Services Overview
This flyer provides an overview of your specialty clinical program.
                                                                       Provides a general overview of your facility’s post-acute clinical
It can be used for both referral sources and patient/family. Avail-
able for Orthopedic, Cardiac, Neuro, Pulmonary and Wound Care.

Rating Flyer                                                             Referral Flyer
Informative piece that lets you advertise your high survey rankings.     Describes your facility’s rapid referral and admissions process.
Did you know we also offer rating postcards? (See pg. 11)

      5   foods
 Did you know that
  stuffed peppers
      is one of
Hanson Montoban’s
  favorite foods?
Admissions Flyer
Promotes your facility’s 24/7 admissions services and can be tied to an upcoming holiday. One-sided flyer.

Satisfaction Survey                                                    Case Study/Patient Testimonial
This survey can be used to evaluate physician, patient or family       Displays information about a patient who received rehab care and
satisfaction regarding your facility. Available in blue (shown),       was discharged. We will need information and a high quality
green, orange, red or yellow.                                          photo. The facility needs a signed consent form from the patient.
Staggered Sheets                                                           Facility Services Flyer
A perfect fit inside your 9x12” presentation folders. These                Details facility services and features. A nice comprehensive
sheets can highlight various aspects of your facility and                  overview.
are custom designed. Discounts offered on orders of four
or five page sets. Did you know we offer presentation folders for
these staggered sheets (see pg 42)?

Custom Event Flyers
Ask us about creating a custom flyer for your next health fair, marketing event or open house!

      5   foods
Did you know that
 quiche is one of
Fanny Naritama’s
 favorite foods?
Ask us about creating a custom poster to advertise your superior rating, an upcoming event, a special recognition or just a simple
informative piece. Many sizes available, and options include foam backing and attached easels.

Banner (indoor/outdoor)
Perfect for open houses, special events or holiday parties. Talk to us about designing the right banner for you.

Banner Stand                                                               Table Cloth
A great way to display your facility’s services in a professional,         Many colors available! Invest in a good table cloth that you can
eye-catching way! Perfect for open houses, events, medical                 reuse for every event.
gatherings or trade shows.
Web Site Creation
A majority of your prospective patients’ families will search the Internet for information about your facility. Shouldn’t you have a Web site
that outlines the quality services you provide?

Talk to us today about creating a Web site for your facility.

      5   foods
Did you know that
 seared scallops
    are one of
  Kelly Inkrot’s
 favorite foods?
       5    foods
 Did you know that
pumpkin pie is one of
  Adam Glassman’s
   favorite foods?
Note: Prices may vary.

                                                                                                                              Golf Tee Pack
                                                                       Golf Tees                                                QTY: 250            500       1,000
                                                                         QTY: 1,000                2,500                                 $1.04      $0.99      $0.89
                                                                                      $0.19        $0.17                      Convenient package of 5 long golf tees.
                                                                       Biodegradable golf tees. Tees are 2.75” long.

   Gift Basket
     QTY: 12-47             48-143
               $19.89       $19.43                                                                                           Golf Tee Set
   More than 9 ounces of great tasting treats                                                                                  QTY: 150             250             500
   to be shared. Includes hazelnut chocolate                                                                                            $2.40       $2.19       $2.09
   filled wafers, scottish shortbread cookies                Crystal Trinket Box
   and cinnamon apple crisps.                                 QTY: 1-12                   13-47                              Durable plastic tees and three ball markers
                                                                                                                             included. Refillable with standard tees.
                                                                           $28            $27.25                             Chain attaches to belt loop or bag.
                                                            Beautiful crystal jar. 3.5” diameter.

                                                                                                                                    Soft Towel
                                                                                                                                      QTY: 100               250

                                                                        Metal Key Chain                                                          $3.48       $2.82
                                                                           QTY: 250                                                 Soft, absorbent velour/terry cot-
                                                                                                                                    ton towels. Great for the golf
                                                                                         $1.50                                      course or even work around the
       Blue Standing Cube
                                                                                                                                    house. Avail. in orange, blue,
         QTY: 1-12              13-47                                   Laser engraved silver key
                                                                                                                                    yellow, pink or red. $85 setup.
                                                                        chain. Other shapes avail-
                  $39.47        $37.59                                  able. $45 setup.
      Artistic blue cube with your message
      inscribed.                                                                                                                  Business Card Holder
                                     Classic Key Loop                                                                               QTY: 100                250
                                         QTY: 250         500                                                                                   $2.51       $2.34
                                               $2.45      $2.35                                                                   Laser engraved silver business
                                                                                                                                  card holder. $45 setup.
                                     Laser engraved key chain. Black
                                     or brown simulated leather.
                                     $45 setup.

                                                                                                                         Don’t overlook the
   Clear Award                                                                                                           power of a sincere,
     QTY: 6                50                                                                                            handwritten card.
               $22.80      $21.60                      Recognition pins
   Reward your employees with a beautiful
                                                                                                                         See our greeting cards
                                                         QTY: 25                 50       100
   acrylic award.
                                                                   $4.16         $3.15     $2.89                         on pg. 12.
                                                       Stock pins for years of service. Available in
                                                       years 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30.                                 See more great gift ideas on the
                                                                                                                       following pages!

                                                 Notepad & Calendar
                                                      QTY: 150                250          500
                                                            $3.08             $3.04        $2.98
                                                 Calendar and adhesive notepads in self-
                                                 contained portfolio case. $50 setup.
Magnetic Bookmark
   QTY: 500           1000
            $0.42      $0.38
Glossy, thick bookmarks that have
a magnet on the backside for ready
display! Full color print! Over 30
colors/backgrounds available.                                                                                                                Wire Clipboards
$50 setup.
                                            Stress Reliever                                                                                      QTY: 100                  250           500
                                               QTY:      100               250         500                                                   1 color           $4.65       $4.36         $3.79
                                            1 color      $1.10             $1.05      $1.02                                                  9x13” clipboard with custom imprint.
                                                                                                         Memo Clip                           Avail. in over 15 colors. Two-color print
                                            Heart shaped stress reliever. $40 setup.                                                         also available. $40 setup.
                                            Other shapes available.                                         QTY:      250 500
                                                                                                         1 color     $2.25     $2.19
                                                                                                         Heart shaped memo clip.
                                                                                                         $50 setup.

Mouse Pad
   QTY: 100           250        500                                                        Calculator                                 Magnifier
                                                                                               QTY:     250        500                       QTY: 150                  250          500
1 color    $2.16      $1.74      $1.68
                                                                                            1 color     $2.22      $2.15               1 color            $0.95        $0.91        $0.80
8” square mouse pad. Avail. in red, blue,
green, black or beige. $40 setup. Ask us                                                    Colorful calculators. Batteries            Slim magnifier to assist in reading that
about our full color mouse pads!                                                            included. Avail. in green, blue,           small print. Avail. in clear/black or white.
                                                                                            red or black. $40 setup.                   $32 setup.

 Large Portfolio (8.5 x 11”)                                     Spiral Notepad (5x7”)
   QTY: 20            50          100                               QTY: 100                    250       500                      Flexi Clocks
1 color     $9.18      $8.76     $8.40                           1 color           $3.00        $2.84    $2.76                         QTY: 100                    250             500

Snap closure portfolio. Includes large                           Inside flap pocket, small writing pad                              1 color             $3.49       $3.30       $3.24
writing pad, card holders, pen loop and in-                      included. Pen loop inside. Avail in purple,                       Fun, flexible clocks that can hold notes,
side flap pocket. $40 setup.                                      blue or red. $40 setup.                                           pens or business cards! Avail. in orange,
                                                                                                                                   blue or gray. $40 setup.

                                                                                         golf shirt
                                                                                          QTY: 12
                                                                                        Outer Banks mois-
                                                                                        ture wicking shirt.
                                                                                        65% cotton/35%
Golf Shirt                                  Long Sleeve T-shirt                         polyester. Avail. in
                                                                                        nine colors
  QTY: 12                                    QTY: 12
          $19.55                                       $17.25
100% pre-shrunk cotton. Two button          100% pre-shrunk cotton. Double-needle
collar with cuffed sleeves and double-       collar & bottom hem. Over 20 colors.
hemmed bottom. Over 12 color choices.                                                                                       T-shirt (screen print)
                                                                                                                             QTY: 12             19
                                                                                                                                       $7.13      $6.68
                                                                                                                            100% pre-shrunk cotton. Over
                                                                                                                            40 colors! Embroidery also

Zippered Hoodie Sweatshirt                  Crewneck Sweatshirt
 QTY: 12                                      QTY: 12
          $23                                          $17.25                          Hats                                          QTY: 24
Pill resistant, double napped fleece with    Pre-shrunk fleece sweatshirt. Over 15
spandex cuffs & waistband. Over 12 colors.   colors.
                                                                                         QTY: 24                                                 $7.49
                                                                                                  $9.25                            Fabric closure with Velcro.
                                                                                       Soft structure, low profile. Velcro          Embroidered art.
                                                                                       closure. Embroidered art.

                                                                                                                                  QTY: 12
                                                                                                                                100% micro polyester
                                                                                                                                outer shell windshirt.
                                                                                                                                Water resistant. 10 colors.

Hoodie Sweatshirt                           Robes
 QTY: 12
                                            Ask us for details. Typical prices range
          $19.55                            from $29 - $40                             Please note: On all items, prices are for sizes S-XL.
                                                                                       Larger sizes are at additional cost. All items (except
Heavy blend sweatshirt with pouch
pocket. Over 20 colors.                                                                T-shirt) are shown with embroidered artwork. $50
                                                                                       setup for embroidered art on first-time orders ($10
Can you spot the Coastal employees?                                                    after that). Screen prints also available for all items.
Identity                                                           Don’t see what you want?
                                                              Give us a call and we’ll be happy to offer other options!

                                                                                  Health Care

                                                                                                                   1200 Brush Hill Rd., Milton, MA 02186

             Sticky Pads (3x3”)
               QTY: 500          1000
                        $0.65     $0.56
             FREE full color! FREE setup! Other sizes

                                                                             1200 Brush Hill Rd., Milton, MA 02186 • ph 617-333-0600 fax 617-364-1169

                                                                             Letterhead with envelopes (includes both!)
                                                                               QTY: 500                        1000 1500
                                                                            1 color             $360            $419                   $530
                                                                            2 colors            $462            $485                   $615
                                                                            Classic crest paper with watermark. Cus-
                                                                            tom designed for your facility. Full bleeds
                                                                            are additional cost.

                                                        Magnet Business Card
                                                          QTY: 500          1000 2500                                               Business Cards
                                                                                                                                  See pg. 11 for details.
                                                                   $0.38    $0.29           $0.25
              The Rehab Center                          FREE full color print! FREE setup!
             at Heritage Healthcare

                                                                    We also offer:
  Presentation folders                                                • Employee name badges
    QTY: 250            500       1000                                • Custom buttons/pins
  1 color      $1.25     $0.98    $0.85                               • Window envelopes
  2 colors     $1.68     $1.38    $1.19
                                                                      • Security-lined envelopes
  9x12” pocket folder with business card slot.
                                                                      • Small return envelopes
                                                                      • Hundreds of label options

             42                                                                                                                            Note: Prices subject to change.
                                             Regatta Pen
                                               QTY: 200
                                             1 color       $1.03                                 Canoodle Pen                             Sassy Pen
                                                                                                   QTY: 250                                 QTY: 250                    500     1000
                                             Satin metallic grip, retractable
                                             pen. Avail. in green, blue or                       1 color       $0.73                      1 color         $0.56         $0.50    $0.47
                                             burgundy. $40 setup.
                                                                                                 Contoured design.                        Rubber grip. Avail in white barrel
Envoy Pen                                                                                        Rubber grip. Retractable.                with red, blue, lime green, yellow,
  QTY: 300                                                                                       $40 setup.                               purple, black or pink accents. $40
1 color     $0.83
Transparent barrels.                                Gemini Pen
Retractable pen, medium                              QTY: 300
point black ink. $40
setup.                                          1 color         $0.73
                                                One of our best sellers!
                                                Contoured transparent barrel,                                                                                 Heart Stressball Pen
                                                retractable pen. Satin grip.
                                                Avail. in smoke, blue, red and                                                                                  QTY: 200
                                                green. $40 setup.                                                                                             1 color       $1.38
                                                                                       Ringo Pen                                                              Unique pen and stressball in
                                                                                           QTY: 250 500 1000                                                  one. Fun design lets you
           Sprinter Pen                                                                                                                                       squeeze away stress while
                QTY: 100           250         500                                    1 color     $0.56 $0.53          $0.48                                  you work. Avail in blue or red.
                                                                                                                                                              $40 setup.
           1 color       $0.67      $0.64       $0.59                                  Rubber grip. Frosted translucent col-
                                                                                       ors. $40 setup.
           Avail. in red, blue, green, black or
           white. FREE setup!

                                                     Rio Gel Pen
                                                        QTY: 250           500     1000                                                             Nano Stick Gel Pen
                                                     1 color       $0.80   $0.74   $0.72                                                              QTY: 250                  500
                                                     Rubber grip for comfort. Gel ink. Avail.                                                       1 color         $0.85       $0.83
                                                     in metallic: charcoal or blue; translu-
                                                                                                                                                    Rubber grip for comfort. Gel ink.
                                                     cent: orange, red, green, purple, blue or
                                                                                                                                                    Avail. in translucent black, red
                                                     charcoal. $40 setup.
                                                                                                                                                    or blue with silver trim. $40

                                                                                                           Sierra White Pen
      Matrix Pen                                                                                             QTY: 250            500        1000
          QTY: 100           250         500                                                               1 color       $0.59    $0.57      $0.56
      1 color        $1.18   $1.14          $1.08
                                                                                                           Sleek modern design with rubber grip.
      Classy metal pen at an inexpensive price.                                                            $40 setup.
      Avail. in white, burgundy, blue or black.
      Gold laser imprint on all except white
      (black imprint on white). $33 setup.

                                                                                                                     Highlighter Pen Combo
                                                                                                                        QTY: 250 500                  1000
                  Slimline Pen
                     QTY: 100            250           500                                                           1 color     $1.10      $1.02         $0.95

                 1 color         $1.78      $1.39       $1.25                                                        Silver barrel with grip. Ball point
                                                                                                                     pen on one end, highlighter on
                  Slim metal pen avail. in blue, red or black.                                                       the other. Avail in pink, blue,
                  Silver laser imprint on all. $33 setup.                                                            green and yellow. $40 setup.
                                                                                                                                   Sling Backpack
Bags                                                                                                                                  QTY: 50            100            250
                                                                                                                                   1 color       $8.64       $8.22      $80.4
                                                                                                                                   Adjustable padded shoulder sling with
                                                                                                                                   mesh cell phone holder. Built-in slot for
                                               Mesh Sports Pack                                                                    ear buds for wire-free traveling. Large
                                                    QTY: 100          250       500                                                front zippered pocket. $45 setup. Can
                                                                                                                                   also be embroidered.
                                               1 color     $2.36       $2.25       $2.20
                                               Drawstring mesh/nylon sports pack.
                                               Avail. in royal blue, red, navy or black.
                                               $45 setup.

                                                                                                                Drawstring Backpack
                                                                                                                  QTY: 100            250
                                                                                                                1 color    $4.74      $4.52
                                                                                                                Polyester backpack with two outside
                                                                                                                pockets. Avail. in lime green, black,
                                                                                                                royal blue and red. $45 setup.

                                                             Little Thunder Tote
                                                               QTY: 250               500       1000
 Frosted Shopper
                                                            1 color        $2.33      $2.22     $2.32
   QTY: 250              500        1000
                                                             Sturdy non-woven poly tote bag with                             Messenger Bag
 1 color        $0.62     $0.60     $0.52                    dual reinforced carrying handles. Bottom
                                                             gussets. Bag is 12”w x 13”h. Avail. in lime,                      QTY: 50               100
 High density frosted plastic bags with
 side and bottom gussets, fused loop han-
                                                             red, navy, orange, khaki, royal, white,                        1 color          $6.12    $5.88
                                                             black or hunter green. FREE setup!
 dles. $50 setup (reorder is FREE setup).                                                                                    Adjustable shoulder strap. Avail. in red,
                                                                                                                             royal blue or black. $45 setup. Can also
                                                                                                                             be embroidered.

           Celebration Tote                                           White Shopper Bag                                                Popcorn Bag
             QTY: 250             500       1000                        QTY: 250              500       1000                             QTY: 250              500        1000
           1 color      $2.04     $1.85     $1.73                     1 color       $0.62     $0.60     $0.56                          1 color       $0.47      $0.37      $0.20
           Premium non-woven poly tote with side                      White kraft paper shopper with twisted                           Traditional popcorn bag perfect for
           and bottom gussets. Bag is 13”x13”. Avail.                 handles. $50 setup (reorder is FREE setup).                      those movie nights in your healthcare
               in over 10 colors. FREE setup!                                                                                          facility! Avail. in over 20 colors!
                                                                                                                                       $50 setup (reorder is FREE setup).
                                                                                                                                                                    Prices may vary.

                                                                                                                                           Kalea Nylon Tote
                                                                                                                                              QTY: 100          250       500
                                                                                                                                           1 color      $7.49    $6.97     $6.44
                                                                                                                                           Durable nylon tote bag. Great for the
                                                                                                                                           beach or a picnic! Fun, comfortable
                                                                                                                                           rope handles with color accent wrap.
                                                                                                                                           Avail. in blue, green and yellow. $50
                                                              Boating Tote                                                                 setup.
Canal Tote                                                       QTY: 100            250
  QTY: 100              250        500                        1 color       $11.51   $10.64
1 color      $5.88      $5.46      $5.12                      Super heavyweight canvas tote
Clear PVC front with polyester bottom and                     with 2-ply handles. Avail. in neu-
handles. Clear front pocket. Avail. in                        tral/red, neutral/green, neu-
green/blue, purple/yellow and black/white.                    tral/navy and neutral/black. $50
$50 setup.                                                    setup.

                                                                                      Economy Cotton Tote
                                                                                        QTY: 100             250       500
                                                                                      1 color        $4.07   $3.73     $3.48
                                                                                      Quality cotton tote with long han-
                                                                                      dles. Zippered closure. $50 setup.
                                                                                                                                        Economy Six Pack Cooler
                                                                                                                                          QTY: 150
                                                                                                                                        1 color      $2.55
                                                                                                                                        Nylon exterior with zippered main com-
                                                                                                                                        partment. Holds six cans. Insulated and
                                                                                                                                        water-tight. Avail. in over 15 colors! $50
   Six Pack Cooler                                                                                                                      setup.
      QTY: 50             100        250
   1 color      $9.00      $8.76      $7.26
   Durable, double-insulated, leak proof
   cooler. Bottom section holds up to six cans;
   top compartment is great for sandwiches
   or snacks. Avail. in red/black, navy/khaki or
   royal blue/black. $50 setup.

                                           Large Ice Chest                                 ID Lunch Bag
                                              QTY: 48              96                           QTY: 100         250       500
                                           1 color       $8.77      $8.52                  1 color       $3.72     $3.54     $3.36        Tall 12-pack cooler
                                                     Insulated, collapsible tub            Insulated nylon lunch bag with Velcro            QTY: 50             100      250
                                                     that’s great for tailgating,          closure. Side mesh pocket for bottles.
                                                                                                                                         1 color      $5.65     $5.34    $5.22
                                                     picnics, open houses, etc.            Avail. in lime green, black, forest green,
                                                     $45 setup.                            royal blue, red, purple, yellow, navy,         Tall nylon cooler with drawstring side
                                                                                           pink and orange. $45 setup.                    pocket and large front zippered pocket.
                                                                                                                                          Avail. in blue, red, forest green and black.
                                                                                                                                          $50 setup.

                                                                    Not seeing exactly what you want?
                                                                                              Give us a call and we’ll be happy to offer other options!
Note: Prices may vary.

                                                                                                                                 Water Jug (18 oz)
                                                                                                                                   QTY: 48                96       144
                                                                                                                                 1 color       $3.44      $3.28    $3.16
                                                                                                                                 Useful jug that’s BPA-free and
                                                                                                                                 impact-resistant. Self-attached screw
                                                                                                                                 top. Avail. in translucent charcoal or clear
                                                                                                                                 with Black Lids; translucent pink, blue,
                                                                                                                                 red, orange, yellow, green or purple (with
Stadium Cup (16oz)                           Stadium Cup (22oz)                                                                  matching lid color). $40 setup.
  QTY: 50                100     250           QTY: 50              100        250
1 color      $1.63       $0.66   $0.47       1 color       $1.63     $1.03      $0.45
Durable stadium cup that’s                   Durable stadium cup that’s
dishwasher safe and made with                dishwasher safe and made with
recyclable materials! Price includes         recyclable materials! Price includes                  Plastic Stein (14 oz)
two-sided imprint! Avail. in over 25         two-sided imprint! Avail. in over 25                     QTY: 100           200
colors!. $38 setup.                          colors! $38 setup.
                                                                                                   1 color     $1.29     $0.92
                                                                                                   Recyclable mug with handle. Great
                                                                                                   for picnics & parties. Avail. in black, blue,
                                                                                                   forest green, frosted, granite, green, neon
                                                                                                   green, neon pink, orange, red, translu-
                                                                                                   cent blue, translucent green or white.
                                                                                                   $38 setup.

Travel Mug (14 oz)                                     Bike Bottle (20 oz)                                                         Steel Sports Bottle
  QTY: 100               200                             QTY: 50             100          250                                        QTY: 50               96       250

1 color      $3.80       $3.09                         1 color      $2.53     $1.50       $1.43                                    1 color        $6.90    $6.59     $6.36

Stainless steel/plastic tumbler with                   Squeezable workout bottle. Push-                                            Stainless steel, spill resistant screw-on lid
thumb-slide, screw on lid. Avail in black.             pull lid. Avail. in black, blue, frosted,                                   with ring clip. Avail. in blue, black, red or
$38 setup.                                             granite, green, purple, red, silver or                                      green. $40 setup.
                                                       white. $38 setup.

Thermal Mug (22 oz)
  QTY: 100
1 color      $2.64
                                                                                                                                             Water bottle labels
Recyclable insulated mug with
drink-through lid. Avail in                                                                                                                    QTY: 250            500       1000
black, forest green/Ivory liner,
                                                                                Drink Cooler
                                                                                                                                             1 color      $0.79    $0.49     $0.33
granite, red mug with white                                                        QTY: 200
liner or white. $38 setup.                                                                                                                   Custom designed labels fit a standard
                                                                                1 color       $0.80                                          plastic water bottle. FREE setup! Add $50
                                                                                Collapsible foam can cooler. Avail. in over                  if 2-color print is used. Note: Water
                                                                                20 colors! $38 setup.                                        bottles not included.


                        10” Ruddly Animals
                                                                         7” Clinger Animals
                            QTY: 24        250 or more
                                                                           QTY: 24           250 or more
                                   $4.54    $4.16
                                                                                    $5.40    $5.04
                       Many animals and colors available!
                       Ask us for details. $25 setup.                   Many animals and colors available!               6” Brite Babies
                                                                        Ask us for details. $25 setup.                     QTY: 24          250 or more
                                                                                                                                   $5.40    $5.10
                                                                                                                         Many animals and colors available!
                                                                                                                         Ask us for details. $25 setup.

                                                    10” Bentley Bear
                                                       QTY: 24         250 or more                   Key Chains (4”)
                                                               $6.05    $5.61                          QTY: 24            250 or more
9” Pudgy Plush Animals
                                                                                                                $3.25      $2.85
  QTY: 24          250 or more                      Bears available in white, light brown
                                                    or darker brown. $25 setup.                      Comes in tons of animals! $25 setup.
           $5.43    $4.95
Plush animals — leopard, panda,
elephant, bear, cow, moose, tiger, lion,
dog, monkey, koala or pig available.
$25 setup.
                                                                       Jamie Bear (6”)
                                                                         QTY: 24            250 or more
                                                                                  $3.92     $3.58
                                                                       Very soft bear in white, tan or brown.
                                                                       $25 setup.

                                                                                                                        Leslie Bears (8”)
                                                                                                                         QTY: 24           250 or more
                        7” Tumbles Bear                                                                                        $5.60 $4.95
                            QTY: 24        250 or more                                                              Regular bear available in dark brown
                                                                                                                    (shown), honey brown or white. Panda
                                   $4.86    $4.50
                                                                                                                    also available. $25 setup.
                             Baby soft bears avail-
                             able in white, pink,                                                     11” Tumbles Family
                             light brown, light blue                                                    QTY: 24            250 or more
                             or dark brown. $25
                             setup.                                                                             $7.28      $6.55
                                                                                                     Baby soft animals, 11” tall. Available
                                                                                                     in dog (shown) or bear, several color
                                                                                                     choices each. $25 setup.

                                                                                                                      Six Compartment Pill Box
                                                                                                                        QTY: 150              250          500
                                                                                                                      1 color        $0.86     $0.84       $0.80
                                                                                                                      Great pill holder with six compartments.
                                                                                                                      Avail. in white.

  QTY: 1 case         3 cases 5 cases
1 color     $81.95    $78.69     $62.45
                                                                    First Aid Kit                                               Seven Day Pill Box
Tasty hard candies individually wrapped in a                                                                                      QTY: 150              250        500
custom wrapper just for your facility. Mints                          QTY: 100                250
come in either buttermint or peppermint                             1 color         $2.88     $2.64                             1 color      $1.03       $0.99     $0.96
flavors. Add $10 for color wrappers. $60 setup.
NOTE: Quantities are by the case, which contain                     Kit includes an assortment of                               Great pill holder for the whole week. Avail. in
1,000 mints. Other flavors and options available.                    bandages, two alcohol pads,                                 white. $32 setup.
                                                                    one roll of surgical tape and
                                                                    10 ear swabs. Avail. in red. $40

                                                                                                                                 Medicine Spoon
                                                                                                                                    QTY: 250             500        1000
                                                                                                                                 1 color      $0.90       $0.87      $0.85

Pedometer                                                 Star Massager                                                          Medicine spoon with standard and metric
                                                            QTY: 150                 250        500        1000                  measurements up to 2 teaspoons. $32 setup.
  QTY: 100           250       500
1 color     $2.33    $2.21     $2.15                      1 color           $1.83     $1.74     $1.71      $1.67

Laser-tuned pedometer with easy-to-read dis-              Hand-held massager available in clear or
play. Clip on back for easy attachment to belt.           translucent blue. $32 setup.
Avail. in translucent red, orange, green, purple,
pink and blue; or solid white or silver. $40 setup.

Gel Sanitizer Tottle
  QTY: 150
                                            Sanitizer Squeeze Bottle                             Sanitizer Beads                                     Sanitizer Spray
1 color     $2.42
                                              QTY: 150          250            500                    QTY: 150        250          500                 QTY: 150              250     500
Contains 2 oz. of blue tinted gel
hand sanitizer. Add carabiner clip          1 color    $2.36        $2.34       $2.30            1 color      $1.84   $1.79         $1.74        1 color          $1.92      $1.87   $1.80
for only $0.36 each! $50 setup.             Contains 2 oz. of gel hand sanitizer.                Contains 1 oz. of gel hand sanitizer                Contains 5 ml of sanitizer in a conven-
                                            $50 setup.                                           with blue beads. $50 setup.                         ient spray tube. $50 setup.

                                                                                                                                                  Misc. fun

     Floating Safe                                           Floater Keychain                                                   Oval Keychain
          QTY: 250           500        1000                      QTY: 250           500       1000                                 QTY: 250            500     1000
     1 color       $1.02      $0.98      $0.92              1 color          $1.90   $1.79       $1.67                          1 color      $2.38      $2.26   $2.20
     Waterproof safe perfect for the beach! Long             Never lose your keys again! A great safety key-                    Laser engraved oval metal key tag.
     neck strap. Avail. in blue, white and red. $50          chain, especially for boaters, because it floats in                 Avail. in shiny silver with blue, black
     setup.                                                  water. Avail. in blue, yellow, lime, silver, red, pink,            and red. $45 setup.
                                                             neon orange and light blue. $40 setup.

  Folding Umbrella
    QTY: 50                100        250
 1 color        $9.42      $8.40      $7.95
 44” folding umbrella with metal shaft and
 plastic handle. Avail. in over 30 colors! $50 setup.

                                                                                                             Latex Balloons (9”)
                                                                                                               QTY: 200             500       1000
                                                        Ice Cream Scooper                                    1 color        $0.49    $0.31      $0.22
                                                          QTY: 150               250                         Celebrate your event in style! Tons of color
                                                                                                             options and sizes available. $35 setup. Mylar
                                                        1 color       $2.23      $2.19
                                                                                                             balloons also available.
                                                        Metal ice cream scooper
 Swivel Flashlight                                      perfect for your afternoon
                                                        social! $33 setup.
   QTY: 150                250        500
 1 color        $1.58      $1.55      $1.51
 Flashlight with 60 degree rotation. Sturdy clip
 on back. Batteries included. Avail. in silver, blue,
 black and yellow. $50 setup.

                                                                   Bumper Sticker
Crown Flyer
                                                                      QTY: 100           250
  QTY: 250
                                                                   1 color       $4.33   $2.38                    Puzzle (9 pc.)
1 color        $0.99                                                                                                   QTY: 250           500        1000
                                                                   Promote your facility every-
Made in the U.S. Biodegradable                                     where you drive with these                     1 color       $2.15     $1.94      $1.69
frisbee flyer. 9” diameter. Avail.                                  custom bumper stickers! FREE
in translucent purple, clear, blue,                                full color print. No setup! Size               Have some fun with these custom puzzles! Use a
red or green.                                                      shown is 3x7”. Other sizes                     picture of your facility, staff or any other image
                                                                   available.                                     you want. FREE setup for full color! Price is for
                                                                                                                  5x7” puzzle. Larger options and more pieces
        2010 Healthcare Recognition Events
 Below are a few select dates that you may want to recognize throughout the year. Please remember that it takes time
 to design, print and ship whatever promotional items you may request. The key is to plan ahead — way ahead — to
 make sure you don’t have to pay additional rush charges or higher shipping costs. Call us today for assistance!

           January                                 February                                   March
• National Random Action Month           • American Heart Month                   • Nat’l Optimism Month
• Thyroid Awareness Month                • Nat’l Patient Recognition Week (1-7)   • Nat’l Nutrition Month
• Nat’l Glaucoma Awareness Month                                                  • Patient Safety Awareness Month
                                                                                  • Social Work Month

              April                                     May                                    June
                                         • Nat’l Arthritis Month
• Occupational Therapy Month                                                      • Nursing Assistants Week (11-18)
                                         • Nat’l Stroke Awareness Month
• Nat’l Public Health Week (5-11)                                                 • Risk Management Week (14-18)
                                         • High Blood Pressure Education Month
• Administrative Professionals (18-24)   • Older Americans Month
                                         • Nat’l Nurses Week (6-12)
                                         • Nat’l Nursing Home Week (9-15)

               July                                  August                              September
• Social Wellness Month                  • Happiness Happens Month                • Cholesterol Education Month
• Therapeutic Recreation Week (11-17)    • Psoriasis Awareness Month              • Healthy Aging Month
                                         • Cataract Awareness Month               • Environmental Services Week (5-11)
                                                                                  • Grandparents Day (12)

           October                               November                                 December
• Breast Cancer Awareness Month          • American Diabetes Month                • AIDS Awareness Month
• Physical Therapy Month                 • Nat’l Hospice Month                    • Hand Washing Week (5-11)
• Customer Service Week (4-8)            • Alzheimer’s Disease Month
• Healthcare Food Service Week (4-10)
• Physician Assistant Week (6-12)
                  HELP US BETTER SERVE YOU!
We are committed to making your ordering experience as convenient as possible and to making sure you get the
most out of your collaterals! We realize that you have many responsibilities beyond just ordering brochures and
related marketing items. So, below are some tips and recommendations that will help facilitate a smooth ordering
process and help ensure the end product is exactly what you want!

When requesting a marketing piece, think about                    If you are requesting a collateral item that involves a
what you are looking for prior to contacting us. Please           collaborative effort between the RSC & facility, please
consider:                                                         agree on the specifics of the order before requesting
 • What kind of piece are you looking for – flyer, brochure,      the item.
   postcard, etc.?                                                 We often get caught in the middle between the various
 • What is the goal of the marketing piece?                        parties, which results in production delays, errors, customer
 • Who is its target audience?                                     frustration, etc. This especially applies to the review of
 • What service or other aspect of your center are you trying      design proofs.
   to promote?
 • Are you actually ready to promote a specific service or        If e-mailing your collateral request, please clearly
   aspect of your facility? If not, you may want to consider      identify what you are requesting.
                                                                   Please do not forward e-mail chains between various
                                                                   parties discussing the piece as we are unable to decipher
Plan ahead! Doing so has many benefits!                            chain e-mails in an attempt to determine what is being
 • You can ensure you’ll have your items in time for your          requested. If you order a particular item, please specify
   event.                                                          what the item is and how many you’d like.
 • You’ll give us enough time to design a beautiful piece for
   you.                                                           Review e-mailed proofs carefully.
 • You won’t have to pay rush or expedited shipping charges.       Once your piece has been designed, a member of our
 • You’ll reduce your own stress (and ours)!                       Communications team will e-mail proofs to your facility.
                                                                   Please review every aspect of the piece carefully, making
                                                                   sure all text is spelled correctly and is accurate.
If you are submitting content or pictures for a collat-
eral piece, please hold your submission until you have
                                                                  Consolidate any changes into one request.
all the information together.
                                                                   This will help us expedite your changes and get the final
 This will help avoid errors, lost information, and duplicative
                                                                   piece completed in a timely manner. Whenever possible,
 efforts. We cannot work on jobs until we receive all of the
                                                                   please avoid multiple changes to the same piece at differ-
 required information.
                                                                   ent times.

                  Let’s get


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