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Tablet Punching Machine (DOC)


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									Tablet Punching Machine
Tablet Punching Machines are extremely sophisticated and technically advanced machines utilized for tablet
punching. Different kinds of granular particles and materials are shaped into tablets of varied shapes. A tablet
press is basically used to compress powder into tablets which are of uniform weight, size and shape. A tablet
is formed by the collective pressing action of two punches and a die.

Tablet punch presses help give various shapes to tablets, be it round, capsule, oval or any other
unconventional shape from granules. Bearing in mind the tablet size, material, shape and press configuration,
a tablet punching machine can manufacture 250,000 to over 1,000,000 tablets an hour.

Types of Tablet Press Machines

1] Single Punch Press
2] Rotary Press

Single Punch Press and Rotary Press can be divided into different types. Single-punch is driven by both motor
and hand and is utilized for pressing tablets from a variety of granulated materials. Tablet Punch Machined
are basically utilized for research and developments and in manufacturing of herbals, pharmaceuticals,
nutriceuticals and other products. Tablet Press is known by different names such as tablet making machine,
pill press machine, tablet compression machine and tablet press machine.

Product Uses

* For producing tablets.
* Can produce tablets of diverse variety like pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, cosmetics.
* Varied kinds of tablets are formed from granular raw materials.
* Can be electronic motor driven as well as hand-operated.
* The filling depth of material and tablet's thickness is adjustable.

Application of Tablet Punching Machine

* Food
* Metallurgy
* Scientific research
* Pharmacy
* Chemical

Demand of Tablet Punching Machine from India

China and India

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Bahadurgarh, Chandigarh , Changzhou , Chennai, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Mehsana, Secunderabad, Wadhwan

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