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					                                                                                                                                             Francis Li
Distributed Electronic Collaborative Learning                                                                                            James Landay
                                                                                                                                        Anthony Joseph
Supporting lifelong learning on and off the campus                                                                           Group for User Interface Research
                                                                                                                                                 UC Berkeley

 Growing Educational Demands for                                         Fall 2000 Study and Evaluation Plans
 Engineering and Information Technology Professionals                     Metrics for project progress monitoring and evaluation:
  We expect a 50% increase in student population in our program alone            Metric                        Source
  Industry demands more than just a large knowledge base:                        Individual time spent         Self-report
     Ability to work in a team                                                   Team member participation Peer assessment
     Effective communication and presentation skills                             Personal Action Items         Self-report
     Real world problem-solving skills
                                                                                  Project Milestones            Self-report
  The knowledge base is continuously being updated and refreshed
                                                                                  Communication patterns        Instrumentation logs
                                                                          Provide reports and visualizations to both students and instructors over
 Research Ideas                                                            the course of the semester
  Integrate real-time and asynchronous communication tools with
                                                                         Deployment Plans
   existing work practices
  Instrument and analyze tools to determine progress and
   understanding of students
  Promote peer-review and self-assessment to increase feedback and

 Fall 1999 Preliminary Study
  Target course: CS160 User Interface Design and Prototyping
    Students work in small teams on a semester-long project
  Students interact opportunistically with other groups                  Each student equipped with a wirelessly networked notebook computer
    They have limited knowledge of other groups’ progress                  Team desktop (custom Windows ActiveDesktop) presents:
  Students tend not to report problems with “social loafers”                  Awareness metrics of team members
    Instructors don’t encounter the problem until it is “too late”            Individual, team, and class progress reports and visualizations
  Students in a group prefer to work co-located                               Central point of access for Web-based assessment tools
    Crowded labs, restricted schedules                                     Instant messaging client instrumented for communication analysis

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