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Being A Daily Deal Publisher versus A Daily Deal Aggregator

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					Being A Daily Deal Publisher versus A
Daily Deal Aggregator
Here at HC Consulting Group, we have two very similar products, DOD Aggregator & Daily Deal
Builder, however, these products do very different things, so in today’s blog post we are going to
be discussing the differences and pros and cons of either being a daily deal publisher versus
running a daily deal aggregator website.
The daily deal industry has exploded in recent years, and there are many different routes that
you could take to get in on the action. There are many ways that you can make money in the
daily deal industry, and we are going to focus in on two of the major ones:
    1. Being a daily deal publisher and running a daily deal website.
    2. Running a Daily Deal Aggregator website.
    ● Being A Daily Deal Publisher…
A daily deal publisher is someone who runs a daily deal website. You might most easily
recognize daily deal websites such as,,, and, however, there are hundreds of potential avenues and unique hook angles that you
could take to start your own daily deal website with great success. I have even blogged about
18 great ideas that you can run with.
Our daily deal software, Daily Deal Builder, allows you to quickly and effectively launch your
own daily deal website to the marketplace without having to get involved in the technical side of
It works like this:
Being a daily deal publisher is incredibly easy using Daily Deal Builder and we have literally
lowered the barrier to entry to get involved in this area to basically nothing by providing our
software at an incredibly cost effective price to the marketplace.
PROS -You have massive potential to generate huge amounts of revenue by running a daily
deal website. The market still has plenty of unique angles geographic locations that are
untapped. Using Daily Deal Builder, you can tap into our deal feed so that you don’t have to
negotiate and work out deals yourself.
CONS – Running a daily deal website can be more time consuming. Although you can tap into
Daily Deal Builder’s deal feed, you still probably want to set up and run your own deals
negotiated by you.
    ● Being a Daily Deal Aggregator
Another route that you could take would be to run a daily deal aggregator platform. In an earlier
blog post I discuss 5 ways to make money from a daily deal aggregator, and running one of
these properly can be huge.
Aggregation on the internet is where a web site or computer software aggregates syndicated
web content on a wide variety of topics and nearly all aggregator websites will follow similar
methods to monetize the websites.
DOD Aggregator works like this:

You run a DOD Aggregator website that pulls deals from major daily deal websites on the
internet and focus on building your core subscriber base.
PROS – Running a daily deal aggregator website is incredibly easy and hands off. You don’t
have to create any deals, negotiate and terms, or write any copy. Your main goal is to simply
drive traffic to your aggregator website and focus on building your userbase. This truly is
automation at it’s finest.
CONS – Although you can generate plenty of revenue running a daily deal aggregator website,
your revenue is typically going to be much less than it would be if you were to run a daily deal
All in all, the best bet would probably be to run both an aggregator website, along with your own
daily deal website – but the ultimate decision is of course based on you and your business.

To start your own daily deal website, visit:

To start your own daily deal aggregator website, visit:

Description: DODAggregator software, a hosted daily deal aggregate platform. The software, which will be launched from DODAggregator, is a daily deal aggregate platform designed to let individuals create their own daily deal hub that showcases deals from across the expanding number of daily deal and group buying websites. This new software allows easy entry into the already famous model of group buying and daily deal services without any prior technical knowledge.