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					1314     ND      (7 Ed iii) Nich. de Segrave to grant land & rent in Alsthorpe, Burley & Cottesmore to a chaplain in the
                 chapel of Alsthorpe, retaining rent in Alsthorpe. AQD File 97 no 15.
1316     ND      ( 9 Ed 2) Nich. De Segrave retains the manor of Burleigh ADQ File 112 No 1
1327     Jun 6   Chart R I Edw iii ? 22 One acr of land in Astrop (Astanestorp) granted by Ralf Proger of Astrop, on the
                 E side of the road to Okeham, to the Abb & Cony of Bourne. Confirmation.
1386     Apl     Wm Daweson vicar of Burlee having been excommunicated for 40 days & being manifestly contumacious
                 is handed over by the bishop of Lincoln to the secular arm (Chancery significations of excommunication
                 File 108) - see also Hambledon
1397     ND      Gaol Del Roll 177 P.R.O. 1397
                 arc Johes Scryven captus pro eo qd felonice furatus fuit vernus calicem ptii xiiis die ? px post feu Onm
                 Stor a ?? Ric ii viresinio de Cottate villa de Burley ? covam J. de Wyttelsbury et soc suis custoditreu
                 pacis dui Regis in corn paco in du catus & venit & u . . . duct & viso indictamento & dicto instanter &
                 Justic allo cutus est qualiter se velit de felonia & dta acquitare: dicil ? ipse in nullo est modo culpabilis.
                 Et de hoc de bono et mato & omit se super priam. Jo fiat modo jursti triati & Jura -ti dicunt sup
                 sacrmtm suuum as & detuc Johes culpabilis est de felon a & dta: remdat catalla suis nulls Et super hoc
                 potus Joh. Dicil se clicum else et tradito ei libro & cur legil ut....... Super hoc venil decanus Roteland
                 gerans siras Johannis & nuisisere diurna Lincoln Epi ad avigend st……end voce & auctie nostr. Scdu librat.
                 Ecclesiastican et regui consuetu dinem approbat. quescunque clicer sen alie Ecclesiasticis pro quescunque
                 sen transgresso captis of in corn Roteland incarceratis sen incarcerandis a quibuscunque Justic dui nri
                 Regis se nescallis balliv sen ministris diis quintuscunque ? liberandi habantibus potestate Et vigente ?
                 ipsicus Epi quas idem Decanno hic fofest et mand . . . est apud Nettelham vicesimo die mens Augusti an°
                 Dmi millesimo ccc° nono gesinis septimo et sue commecratiorus tricesuus quinto & stil ipsum languam
                 clicum sibi liberare et se liberat salius castrodient. Sub pdo quod manibel pc (before Wm Thruying &
                 Thoms Frysby, J.J. at Oke)
15xx     ND      CI suls        /11 Chauntry lands do not pay their subsidy = Xs iiiid
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1516     Dec 12   Exec: of Edward Mather to prove will.
1528     Nov 7    [Margin note – Brewer “item” 8 iv 5508] John Haryngton apptd guardian to Ric Flower son of Roger
                  Flower & grandson of Ric Flower (Prob refers to Okeham)
1529     ND       The Flower lands sold to John Harington
1537     ND       Willms Hoyes presents that the rood chancell ther ys ruinous by the defect of the Prioress of Nuneton
1547     ND       The Chauncell there is in Ruyne (38 Hen 8)
1562     ND       dud Gilbartus Ormston, vic, exht (see Mkt Orton)
1570     ND       Robert grew, vic:
1581     May      Their is a Wette blown upp uppon their churche but the workman is spoken to for to amend the same.
1589     Sep 2    The fame goeth Grace Foster hath committed fornication with Jeffrey (? Walter) Greene (also on Sept
1589     Oct 2    Grace Faser (? Foster) ut supra Sept 2 Galford Greene also presented: also 11 Mar
1589     ND       Cive Willus Dalbie V bm null grad adveat ? Dom Edmund Pet episci 1111 Mart 1568 et ante admin suam ad
                  ordin fuil scholar Cant: Predicator. Ecc, val Xli
1590     Apl 28   Grace Faser to certify
1591     ND       Mr Willmus Dalbye, vic
1594     ND       Will: Daulbee, vic.
1614     May 18   Wardens pay 6s 10d with their bill
1616     Jun 14   Cecilia Watkin exect. of the will of Wm Watkin late of Burley dec: desires probate
1616     Oct 30   Barth Rasin: 6 marus 'Comp: for incont.

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1617     Jun 3    Thomas Browne d AM be to serve cure at B.
1618     ND       John Mowbray & Henry Fleminge, silv
1618     ND       The Wardens suffered Mr Gibson who is deprived & no licensed preacher to preach upon a Sunday since
                  Easter last
1618     Apl 29   Wm Dalbye for ploweringe & harrowinge in the felde upon ye holy days in Lent last as the comon fame
1618     Jun 4    William Dalby to produce a certificate regarding the performance of penance.
1618              Sam Gobson V comp Ep. visit - To exhibit his letters of institution
1619     Jun 14   Jefery Hudson son of John Hudson Capt at Oke (the famous dwarf) - His clothes at Ashmolean Mus.
1620     Jul 28   Geo & Eliz Wilford A.N.F.
1621     Dec 14   Oliver Rogers for comm. Of fornic with Agnes Free of Exton
1622     May 24   Thos Watkin for not paying 2s ad rep. Ecc.
1623     Oct 29   Archd of North ? Rect of B Not paying procur.
1623     Nov 11   Recd of Thos Roise of Exton for the procuracous of Barley & Gretham with the aquitance 15s 10d for
                  Mr Lambe's fee 3s 4d for the xpses & ? 2s ? for ? 12d is pd to Gorham
1624     Apl 13   Wm Collington late servt to Mr Gibson of B did ?begat Mary Hewet & the same as the fame goeth
1624     Feb 12   Humfrid Winterton & ?ux: a.u.f.
1626     Feb 1    Anthony servt of Mr Poole, late of Okeham now of Burley about a year and a half since was married at
                  Dalby in the Woowldes being in Liecs. without banns

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1626     Mar 1    Anthony Hartshorne ? ? forn. & adverts he was married to An. Stevens his now wife about some three
                  weeks before Xstmas last in the parish church of Dalby in the Wowlds nither any banns askinge
1629     Nov 4    Henry Greene not comimng to church as by lawe he ought
1630     Apl 28   Wm Jarvis & Mary Dalby F.
1630     Jun 3    Wm Jarvis jun & Mary Dalby sen. F.
1632     Feb 26   Exec. of Wm Dalby to administer
1632     Oct 30   The church wanteth whiteinge and the King's armes are not done as they ought to be and the sentences
                  of scripture are defaced and not presented. The chancel also is very fowle & not presented
1635     Jan 14   They want a poore man's box
1636     Jun 1    John Newberry for absenting himself from church 2 Sabbath days together
1636     Feb 16   Beetfields good to be administered
1637     Nov 2    John Mobery for absenting himself from the church
1637     Nov 2    John Mobery absents himself fr ch.
1641     May 11   Wm Fowler of Barlithorpe for retaining a levy of 35s being levyed in his father's tyme upon a ground
                  called the Middle Alsthorp
1651     Apl 20   Excheq. Dep. Lawrence Hungerford, minister at B
1660     Dec 11   Robert Freckleton instituted: the first after the Great Rebellion in all the Diocese. The last induction
                  recorded is to Weedon 7 Oct 1645 & the first after the Great Rebellion to Kislingbury 27 Aug 1660
1662     ND       Thos Perkins, a preacher against pride in apparel: after being ejected he travelled several miles on the
                  Lord's Day to preach at 10s a day. There is a story that on his niece, as housekeeper, telling him that

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                    the larder was empty and that only 3d was left, some unknown messenger brough a side of visnison,
                    some wheat & malt. His son took Holy orders. Calamy & Palmer, Noric. Men
1662                Bps Visit Mr Freckleton Com ? & Exht. Inst & Induc: non exht bras ordin, a Frusat se satisfecisse duum
                    Episci tempore institut.
1663     May 14th   see Whitwell
1725     May 30th   Rich. Coxall, Samuel Winterton, William Rawson, all excomm: for marr: clandest:
1819     Mar 29th   John Applewhaite Jones cl MA inst as V. By Charles (Manners Sutton) Abp Cantuar: cede Petrib. Vac.

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