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                                adult                    arts & leisure

    Resident                                                                                     Knitting I
   Registration                 Arts & Leisure                                                   An introduction to knitting for beginners, a refresher for
  Begins Nov. 27                Hartman Recreation Center                                        others, this class focuses on pattern-reading and
                                                                                                 understanding abbreviations and symbols, as well as the
                                511 N. Collins St                                                basics of all knitting patterns. With quick, fun projects
   Non-Resident                                                                                  demonstrated each lesson, you will ultimately aquire the
    Registration                Introduction to Microsoft Office                                 skills required to follow a pattern to complete a final class
                                Come to this one night workshop that will cover the basics       project, such as a sweater and hat ensemble. Syllabus and
   Begins Dec. 4                of the following programs: Word, Powerpoint, and Publisher.      materials list will be mailed out two weeks before class.
                                Age: 16 yrs and over           Deadline: 2/8                     Age: 21 yrs and over          Deadline: 1/15
                                Hartman Recreation Center                                        Multi-Purpose Center
                                5-7000-11           Wed        2/9           6:30-7:30pm         5-7004-11        Thurs        1/20-3/10        5-7pm
                                $10/$5(RDC)                                                      $115/$110(RDC)

                                Introduction to Computers                                        Crocheting I
                                Join this one night workshop and learn basic computer skills.    An introduction to crocheting for beginners, a refresher
                                Age: 16 yrs and over           Deadline: 1/18                    for others, this class focuses on pattern-reading,
                                Hartman Recreation Center                                        understanding abbreviations and symbols, as well as the
                                5-7001-11           Wed        1/19           6:30-7:30pm        basics of all crochet patterns. With quick, fun projects
Senior Services Center          $10/$5(RDC)                                                      demonstrated each lesson, you will ultimately acquire the
If you are 50 years and over                                                                     skills required to follow a pattern to complete a final class
and want to learn more about    Multi-Purpose Center                                             project such as a sweater and hat ensemble. Syllabus and
                                                                                                 materials list will be mailed out two weeks prior to class.
trips, programs, health and
                                3000 W. Jefferson St.
social services, and the                                                                         Age: 21 yrs and over          Deadline: 1/15
Meals on Wheels program         Forensics 101                                                    Multi-Purpose Center
for seniors, call the Senior                                                                     5-7006-11        Fri          1/21-3/11       5-7pm
                                Learn all about crime scene investigation(CSI) and
Service Center of Will County                                                                    $115/$110(RDC)
                                forensic science in a fun, hands-on way with simulated
at 815-723-9713. The Center
                                crime scenes! This class will be taught by the American          Mustang Sally!
is open Monday-Friday, from
                                Forensic Training and Consulting Group, LLC (AFTCG), a
                                team of practicing crime scene investigators and forensic        Women’s Car Care Clinic
                                scientists who enjoy sharing their expertise with the public.    This is a ladies only class! We will learn how to change a
Nothing Kills a Good            Collectively, the team has over sixty years of experience in     tire, check/correct all fluids, adjust tire pressure, jump a
Program Quicker…                crime scene and forensic examination.                            car, and more! You will also learn of all the necessary
                                                                                                 items you should have in your car at all times. No
Than everyone waiting until     Age: 21 yrs and over             Deadline: 12/17, 1/27
                                Multi-Purpose Center                                             equipment or men necessary. You will also receive a
the last minute to register.                                                                     packet containing all the items you’ll learn and a little gift.
If there are not registrants,   5-7002-11            Wed         1/5-1/19       6:15-8:15pm
the program is cancelled,       5-7003-11            Wed         2/2-2/16       6:15-8:15pm      Age: Adult                     Deadline: 2/15
and coming in the day of the    $100/$90(RDC)                                                    Multi-Purpose Center
program won’t save it!                                                                           5-7155-11        Sat           2/26             11am-1pm
So please register early                                                                         $35
to keep the program
alive!                                                                                           Picture Perfect Seminar
                                                                                                 This photography seminar will help you make the most of
                                                                                                 your digital camera. You will learn how to get started, the
                                                                                                 basics of camera use, and the art of photography. Please
                                                                                                 bring your digital camera and be ready to enhance your
                                                                                                 picture taking skills.
                                                                                                 Age: 18 yrs and over                Deadline: 3/2
                                                                                                 Multi-Purpose Center
                                                                                                 6-7151-11 Sat          3/5          11am-1pm

                                                                                                      Dance the
                                                                                                   night away with
                                                                                                     Dick Biondi
                                                                                                  on February 12!
                                                                                                See page 8 for more
                      learn to knit!
                                                                                                   arts & leisure • dance                                           63
                                                                                                        815-741-PARK (7275) • jolietpark.org

learn to rumba and waltz!
Bird Haven Greenhouse                                                                Dance
225. N Gougar Rd.
Container Class                                                                      Provena Saint Joseph Inwood Athletic Club
You bring in your favorite container and we’ll supply the rest. Don’t forget         3000 W. Jefferson St.
you need to get it home with dirt in it so make sure it fits in your vehicle flat.
Age: 18 yrs and over                       Deadline: 5/1
                                                                                     Ballroom Dance
Bird Haven Greenhouse                                                                Beginner’s Ballroom Dance will teach fundamentals in addition to basic
6-7701-11             Sat                  5/7                  9am                  patterns for the Foxtrot, Rumba, Swing, and Waltz. The Advanced Beginner’s
$20 per container                                                                    Class will introduce participants to Cha-Cha along with additional patterns,
                                                                                     combinations, and styling for the dances learned in the Beginner’s Class.
Easter Arrangement                                                                   You will dance to a variety of music including Big Band, Contemporary,
That special Easter touch is just a class away. Make your own holiday                Latin, and Country. Couples only please (fee is per couple). Instructors:
centerpiece or arrangement for yourself or as a hostess gift.                        Rosanne and Tom Vogen.
Age: 18 yrs and over                       Deadline: 4/15                            Age: 16 yrs and over                      Deadline: 1/3, 3/7
Bird Haven Greenhouse                                                                Provena Saint Joseph Inwood Athletic Club Studio II
6-7702-11             Sat                  4/23              9am                     Beginners
$18                                                                                  5-7501-11             Thurs               1/6-2/24           8:15-9:10pm
                                                                                     6-7501-11             Thurs               3/10-4/28          8:15-9:10pm
Snowman Decor                                                                        Advanced
Create a cute snowman jar complete with a winter-themed silk arrangement.            5-7500-11             Thurs               1/6-2/24           7:15-8:10pm
                                                                                     6-7500-11             Thurs               3/10-4/28          7:15-8:10pm
Age: 18 yrs and over                   Deadline: 1/10
Bird Haven Greenhouse
5-7703-11            Sat               1/15               9-10:30am                  Sunday Afternoon Dance Party
                                                                                     Love to dance the classics but have nowhere to go to practice your steps?
Bracelet Making                                                                      Our two-hour Sunday dances provide the perfect opportunity to dance a
Come make a beautiful handmade bracelet. All materials included.                     variety of dances to the types of music heard at most social events. These
                                                                                     dances are especially suited to couples enrolled in our Ballroom Dance
Age: 18 yrs and over                Deadline: 2/1                                    classes but are open to anyone who loves to dance. Bring your friends and
Bird Haven Greenhouse                                                                escape for a fun afternoon of social interaction. Pre-registration is
5-7704-11            Sat            2/12                 10am                        necessary by deadline. Instructors: Rosanne and Tom Vogen.
                                                                                     Age: 16 yrs and over                      Deadline: 2/10, 4/8
Birthday Cards                                                                       Inwood Athletic Club Studio II
Need that special birthday greeting for that person who has everything?              5-7505-11              Sun                2/13                3-5pm
Make them a one of a kind handmade card. All materials included.                     6-7505-11              Sun                4/10                3-5pm
Age: 18 yrs and over                      Deadline: 3/1
Bird Haven Greenhouse
6-7705-11             Sat                 3/12              10am
     adult         day trips

     Shanghai                  Day Trips
     & Chinatown               Mature Munchers
                               Come out with us to some of the most popular restaurants in the suburbs.
                               Fee includes van transportation, lunch.
     Flower &                  Age: 21 yrs and over                  Deadline: 1/15, 2/15, 3/15, 4/15, 5/10
     Garden Show               5-7201-11      Maggiano’s             Mon      1/31      10:30am-2:30pm
                               5-7202-11      Bierstube              Mon       2/28     10:30am-2:30pm
     at Navy Pier              6-7201-11      Chama Gaucha           Mon      3/28      10:30am-2:30pm
                               6-7202-11      Papadeaux              Mon      4/25      10:30am-2:30pm
                               1-7201-11      Mongolian BBQ          Mon      5/23      10:30am-2:30pm

                               Magnificent Monday –
                               Drake Tea & Chicago History Museum
                               Enjoy afternoon tea at the historic Drake Hotel in Chicago’s “Gold Coast”
                               just off the Magnificent Mile! Feast on sumptuous finger sandwiches, fresh
                               baked scones, sweet breads, and French pastries in the hotel’s elegant Palm
                               Court as you listen to live, melodic harp music in the background. Before
                               afternoon tea, we’ll tour the new Chicago History Museum, recognized as
                               one of Chicago’s finest. Charter bus transportation included in fee.
                               Age: 21 yrs and over                    Deadline: 12/5
                               Palm Court at the Drake Hotel, Chicago
                               5-7101-11            1/31               Depart at 8 am
                               Chicago Flower & Garden Show
                               Navy Pier’s Festival Hall will come alive with a kaleidoscope of colors! Stroll the
                               lush, themed gardens of the midway and stop to see hands-on demonstrations.
                               Get ideas for your spring gardens. Afterwards enjoy a delightful lunch at Bubba
                               Gump’s Shrimp Company. Charter bus transportation included in the fee.
                               Age: 21 yrs and over                         Deadline: 1/15
                               Navy Pier, Chicago
                               6-7102-11               Mon                  3/7                 8am
                               Cirque Shanghai & Chinatown
                               This dazzling show embraces traditional Chinese entertainment with today’s
                               contemporary flash. Marvel at amazing acts of contortions, hoop diving,
                               juggling, and dance. Before the show spend time in Chicago’s Chinatown.
                               Visit the interesting shops, which feature colorful clothing, statues, hand-
                               painted fans, and jade jewelery. Enjoy a delicious family-style lunch at the
                               House of Fortune Restaurant, acclaimed as one of Chicago’s best Chinese
                               restaurants by Chicago Magazine. Charter bus transportation included in fee.
                               Age: 21 yrs and over                       Deadline: 4/5
                               Skyline Stage at Navy Pier, Chicago
                               1-7106-12               Wed                June/TBD             8am

                               Millies Lunch & Cabaret Show
                               Enjoy a scenic ride to Millie’s Restaurant & Shopping Village in the tranquil
                               Wisconsin countryside. Experience its Victorian charm as you stroll through
                               the unique shops before enjoying a delicious homemade lunch. Later, sit
                               back, relax and enjoy the music. Show to be determined. Charter bus
                               transportation included.
                               Age: 21 yrs and over                       Deadline: 7/15
                               3-7110-12              October/TBD         Depart at 8am
                                                                                                       long distance trips                                            65
                                                                                                    815-741-PARK (7275) • jolietpark.org

Long Distance Trips                                                              Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival & Shipshewana
                                                                                 Join us for 3 days/2 nights as we head to two of Indiana’s most popular
Miami and Key West                                                               destinations. First, we’ll explore the Shipshewana Flea Market, the Midwest’s
Come with us for 9 Days/8 Nights to colorful Key West and exciting Miami         largest outdoor flea market with over 800 vendors covering 60 acres. Then,
Florida. Your trip will include motorcoach transporation (video and              it’s off to the Arts & Crafts Fair at Amish Acres in Nappanee. Enjoy old-
restroom equipped) plus 13 meals, including 8 breakfasts/5 dinners. The          fashioned fair activities including musical entertainment, roving clowns, a
trip features:                                                                   medicine show, square dancing, paddle boats, cloggers and festival foods.
                                                                                 Charter bus transportation included in the fee.
• A visit to the fabulous Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
• A guided tour of Miami with free time in famous “South Beach”, plus a          • 2 nights hotel accommodations in Shipshewana
   visit to Key West                                                             • Dinner at Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Shipshewana
• A cruise by celebrity homes on Biscayne Bay                                    • Admission to the Arts & Crafts Fair at Amish Acres in Nappanee. Admission
• A visit to Bayside Marketplace.                                                    includes films, tours, a wagon ride, family style dinner and a theatre
Age: 21 yrs and over                  Deadline: 12/10                                performance in the Round Barn Theatre.
Multi-Purpose Center                                                             • Quilt Gardens and Heritage Trail Mural Tour with a local expert gardener
5-7210-11                 Sat         2/26-3/6                8am                • Homemade cinnamon roll making demonstration & tasting.
                                                                                 Age: 21 yrs and over                         Deadline: 6/15
Hawaiian Cruise                                                                  Nappanee & Shipshewana, IN
There is no better time than now to start making plans for this marvelous trip   2-7120-12          Wed-Fri                   8/3-8/5           Depart 8am
to Hawaii. The trip begins with a two night stay at Seaside Hotel at Waikiki     $399/$389(RDC) based on double occupancy
Beach. After enjoying two days in Honolulu you will say “Bon Voyage” and         Boston, Massachusetts
board Norwegian’s Pride of America for a 7 day cruise with visits to Hilo and
Kona on the Big Island, and overnights in Maui and Kauai for two full days of    Enjoy 6 Days/5 Nights in the historic Boston area. Your trip will include
exploration and enjoyment. Make your reservation today. Space is limited!        motorcoach transporation (video and restroom equipped), 5 nights lodging,
                                                                                 including 3 consecutive nights at a Boston area hotel, plus 8 meals (5 breakfasts/
Package Includes:                                                                3 dinners). The trip features:
• Roundtrip air departing Chicago O’Hare to Honolulu                             • A guided tour of the historical city of Boston.
• Fresh Flower Lei greeting in Honolulu                                          • A visit to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
• Roundtrip transfers from airport to hotel, hotel to pier, ship to airport      • A guided tour of Lexington and Concord and a guided tour of Salem.
• Two night accommodations in Honolulu                                           Age: 21 yrs and over                           Deadline: 8/15
• Seven nights accomodations/cruise on Norwegian’s Pride of America              Multi-Purpose Center
• Cancel for any reason Trip Protection Insurance                                3-7211-11                                      10/6-10/11           Depart 8am
• All applicable taxes and fees.
Age: 21 yrs and over                      Deadline: 7/30
Balcony                4-7125-12          11/3-11/12, 2011 $2999
Oceanview              4-7126-12          11/3-11/12, 2011 $2965
Inside                 4-7127-12          11/3-11/12, 2011 $2499
*Price based on double occupancy. Airfare estimated. Prices subject to change.                                                Take a

                                                              a Cruise
                                                       Join us to learn more about
                                                      the amazing Hawaiian Cruise
                                                       we will be taking in 2011 as
                                                      well as other cruising options
                                                        that may suit your fancy!
                                                          Multi-Purpose Center
                 with us to                                February 16 • 7 pm
                                    adult                    sports

Sports                                                                             Open Volleyball
                                                                                   Get your team together and use this time as practice or bring your friends
Men’s Basketball League                                                            and have a little fun. Please bring your own ball. The Joliet Park District
This is an eight team recreational league that plays a 10 game schedule with a     reserves the right to cancel Open Gym should a conflict occur with other
single elimination tournament at the end of the regular season. Registration is    programs.
limited to the first eight teams. Trophies will be awarded to the top two teams.   Age: 16 yrs and over
Age: 18 yrs and over                     Deadline: 2/7                             Multi-Purpose Center
Multi-Purpose Center                                                               Sun                     1/9-5/15          1-3pm
5-7600-11                Thurs           2/17-5/19              6:30-9:30pm        Wed                     1/5-5/18          8-10pm
$450/$400(RDC)                                                                     $5                      Gym Closed 5/4

Mixed Volleyball League Recreational                                               Open Gym for Seniors
Men and women–get together to participate in this fun-filled league! Two           The Multi-Purpose Center’s gymnasium is available just for seniors. You
divisions will be offered, competitive and recreational. Please specify when       can shoot baskets, walk indoors, or practice your golf swing with our
registering.                                                                       indoor practice tees. For more information call 815-741-7275 ext. 170.
Age: 18 yrs and over                   Deadline:                                   Age: 50 yrs and over
Multi-Purpose Center                                                               Multi-Purpose Center
5-7601-11              Fri             2/18-5/20         6:15-10pm Games           Mon                   1/7-5/13            8-9am
5-7602-11              Fri             2/18-5/20         6:30-10:30pm Games        Wed                   1/5-5/18            8-9am
$330/$300(RDC)                                                                     Fri                   1/8-5/14            8-9am
                                                                                   $2/present your valid Resident Discount Card and receive FREE admission.
Men’s Flag Football                                                                No Open Gym 2/9, 2/10, 2/11, 3/14, 5/4, 5/6, 5/13
Get your friends together to throw the pigskin around. This men’s league           Adult Summer Softball
will be eight on eight. C league will consist of seven regular season games
with a single elimination tournament at the end of the season. U.S.F.T.L.          The Joliet Park District offers men’s, women’s, mixed, men’s 35 and over,
rules will be used for the league.                                                 40 and over, featuring recreational to competitive levels of softball play.
                                                                                   Teams that participated in 2010 leagues have priority to register February
Age: 18 yrs and over                                Deadline: 3/28                 21-March 4. New teams may register on a first-come first-served basis
Inwood Sports Complex                                                              provided space is available, beginning March 7. Registration ends Friday,
6-7604-11          C League       Sun               4/3-6/12        9 am-5pm       March 25. A complete packet of information listing leagues, levels of play,
6-7605-11          D League       Sun               4/3-6/12        9 am-5pm
                                                                                   fees and league rules will be available February 1, 2011. All 2010 teams
                                                                                   will receive the information in the mail. New teams may pick up the packet
Women’s Volleyball League                                                          at the Multi-Purpose Center, 3000 W. Jefferson St beginning February 1.
                                                                                   For more information call the Joliet Park District at 815-741-7275, ext 170.
Matches consist of three games, with each game counting in the standing.
Awards will be given to the top two finishers in the league.
Age: 18 yrs and over                   Deadline: 2/7
Multi-Purpose Center
5-7603-11             Thurs            2/17-5/19           6:15-10pm Games