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					                               Brandon Bell
Decmber, 2007 &
January, 2008

Volume 6, Issue 4

                    Brandon Elementary School/ 805-571-3770

                    “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind man see.”
                    -Mark Twain

                    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
                    -Winston Churchill

                    December is the month of gifting.

                    Gifting happens when we take something valuable of ours, and transfer it to someone else. Wrapped,
                    taped, and decorated with ribbon and a card, many gifts are given on special occasions, a birthday, an
                    anniversary, or a cultural event. Gifts honor the person who receives them, as well as the person who
                    makes the gift. Often, however, we are led to believe that all gifts are wrapped and taped. This is untrue.

                    Indeed, I would suggest that the best gifts of all could never be wrapped, and the tape would find no edges.
                    Many of the best gifts we could ever give come from our power to embrace kindness. In its simplest form,
                    kindness is consideration. It doesn’t have to be wrapped, because consideration is attention, the most
                    basic of human needs. What it all boils down to is this: most of us really just want the attention we deserve.
                    A smile, a considered word, and even quiet listening are some of the best gifts we can give one another.

                    Here at Brandon, we work hard to embrace kindness and consideration in a professional environment. All
                    of our children deserve this gift. We are given the task of educating and investing in our children not just the
                    minimal standards outlined by the State, but also the joy of hard work and the resolution of curiosity. When
                    we support learning with professional skill and a healthy dosage of kindness, we wrap our classrooms and
                    our school community into a gift that students are eager to open.

                    Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” We can all benefit in this short, busy month of pageantry
                    and stimulation, if we remember the power of repeated kindnesses.

                    Have a great month, and give freely.

                    Lynette Meyer
                    Principal of Brandon School

                                Winter Break - 12/22- 1/6
                                BSSC Meeting - 1/10
                                PTA Holiday Party - 12/13
                                PTA Meeting 1/10
                                Martin Luther King Holiday - 1/21
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Festival of Lights life and any study
Because holidays are an important part of family
of cultures, each year at Brandon School we study the history and
significance of several winter holidays. This unit of study is called
Festival of Lights because light plays an important role in each holiday
we study.

We study these different holidays from various cultures to promote a
feeling of respect and inclusiveness for all children, to create a feeling
of togetherness among our students, and to celebrate our differences
as well as our similarities. The study of holidays is included in the social
studies curriculum for the State of California. We have designated a set
of holidays for each grade level.

The week of December 17 through December 21, we will be spending
time teaching our students about several of the different winter holidays.
If you have any questions about these lessons or would like to volunteer to help in the classrooms in support of this unit of study, please contact
your child’s teacher.

                                                  Character Counts - Responsibility
                                                  This month, teachers will talk with students about the Character Counts core value of responsibility.
                                                  The six key traits of responsibility are:
                                                                       •        Do what you are supposed to do.

                                                                       •        Persevere: keep on trying!

                                                                       •        Always do your best.

                                                                       •        Use self-control; be self-disciplined.

                                                                       •        Think before you act—consider the consequences.

                                                                       •        Be accountable for your choices.
                                                  These traits will be taught and reinforced in the classroom and on the school playground. We invite you
                                                  to support our effort by talking about these important traits with your child at home.

Nava Celebrates Speed Limit Law
The Safer School Zone Act (AB 321), a bill authored by local
Assemblyman Pedro Nava, stipulates that local authorities have the
option of reducing the motor vehicle speed on residential streets that
have a posted speed limit of 30 mph or less to 25 mph 100 feet from a
school site and 15 mph within 500 feet of a school.

According to the Safer School Zone Act fact sheet, the measure is
intended to reduce injury and deaths of school-aged children. Annually
in California, pedestrian fatalities are the third leading cause of death for
people under the age of 15.

GUSD has already applied for this reduced speed status and the City
of Goleta has already passed funding for the new signage necessary to
implement this law.

So...please drive carefully around our school!
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Wellness Policy Highlights- December 2007/January
Goleta Union School District Nurses

The curriculum for instruction in physical education is based on standards set by the California Board of         Mrs. Wolf and her Green Machine had a great
Education. It is an ongoing process and builds on skills learned from year to year. The lessons are designed      time decorating their t-shirts for the jogathon!
to facilitate learning and will include ample time to practice and master the skill. There will be a variety of
activities introduced to enhance the physical and social development of all students. Appropriate discipline
and classroom management will be maintained. An assessment of each student’s fitness level and well
being will be done at periodic intervals.

Nurses Notes-December                                    is influenced by three factors: the amount of time
                                                         spent listening to music, the closeness of the sound
2007                                                     to the ear and the volume at which it is played.
                                                         Most 14-20 year olds listen to a personal stereo
Lynn Hudson, Karen Neuenschwander, Susan
                                                         (earphones and iPod, MP3) at least 3 hours a day.
                                                         Earphones can introduce a sound as loud as 139
                                                         dB, right against the eardrum. That is equivalent to
Music Induced Hearing Loss                               the sound made by a jet airplane taking off. Here
                                                         are a few guidelines to help minimize damage to the
Does your child have an iPod on their holiday wish       ears.                                                     Mr. Pierce as our own Jack Sparrow
list?                                                                                                              motivated the runners all morning long. He
                                                                                                                   will shed his lovely locks if he sees enough
                                                         Limit earphone use to less than 1 hour per day.          of the gold!!
Due to exposure to loud music, it is estimated that      Use earplugs at concerts and clubs.
teenagers today will have significant hearing loss by    Use an automatic volume limiter that does not
the age of 50. Music induced hearing loss (MIHL)         exceed 85 dB.

Nurses Notes-January                                     nervous or moody and crave carbohydrates.

2008                                                     Symptoms should go away with longer daylight
                                                         hours, but be sure to speak with your health care
Lynn Hudson, Karen Neuenschwander, Susan
                                                         provider if SAD symptoms continue into the spring
                                                         and summer months.

The Winter Blues                                         Tips to minimize SAD symptoms:
Do you crave sugar and want to hibernate in your
bed? Is it hard to concentrate at work or school? Do     1. Exercise outdoors. Exercise increases serotonin
you just feel a little down or depressed? You may be     levels and sunlight makes melatonin levels drop.
suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.       2. Eat more protein. The brain can make its own            Mrs. LaPlante and her kindergartners were
This problem is caused by the decreased sunlight         “anti-depressant” from protein rich foods such as          full of energy! Look at them go!
during the winter months, which disrupts the body’s      eggs, turkey and chicken.
internal clock or “circadian” rhythm.                    3. Avoid foods high in sugar such as soda and                     What a great Jogathon
                                                                                                                             we had this year!
                                                         candy. These foods give you a quick burst of energy
In response to darkness the body increases                                                                            Thank you to Michelle Pintor and
                                                         but then drop your blood sugar levels making you
production of the hormone melatonin, which helps                                                                     her crew of helpers for making this
                                                         feel depressed.                                                   healthy event happen!
us sleep. The darkness also stops the release of         4. Bring as much natural light into your home. Open
a brain chemical called serotonin, which makes           curtains, rearrange living areas or ask you doctor
us feel happy. The end result is that you feel tired,    about using a light box.

Unity Shoppe
The holiday season is approaching! Unity Shoppe is getting ready to help almost 3,500 low-income households that will be referred to them by over
213 non-profit agencies, churches, schools and hospitals in Santa Barbara County. Families will be given the opportunity to shop for their holiday
needs with dignity. Their goal is to service low-income families with children and give them the opportunity to shop for their own needs. If you need
some help this holiday season please pick up an application in the office and return it as soon as possible. Please bring in a picture ID when you
drop off your completed form. We need to make a copy for Unity Shoppe.           Gloria Perissinotto, Community Liaison
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Goleta Union School District
District Advisory Committee
Minutes for October 11, 2007

Welcome and Introductions
James Davis, Chairperson called the meeting to order at 9:20 AM at Isla
Vista School.
Attendance: Kathy Halloran, Elizabeth Blair, Liz Salentine, Maggie
Perry, Holly Boss, James Davis, Kathy Boomer, Marianne Wampler,
Chris Messner, Valerie Kushnerov, Lisa Maglione, Dawn Heimendinger.

Approval of Minutes
Minutes reviewed, typographical error corrected as “Halloran”, motion
by Elizabeth Blair, second by Kathy Halloran to accept minutes as            -Garden Grants have been made to Hollister, Ellwood and El Camino
corrected.                                                                   Schools.
                                                                             -Partners In Educations is $650,000 away from their goal of being self-
Host Presentation – Lisa Maglione                                            sustaining for Computers for Families. They are forward looking into a
Lisa Maglione, Principal of Isla Vista Elementary School welcomed DAC        mentoring program.
to campus and gave her presentation using the “SMART” cart. Each             -Pioneer Grant in progress for 3rd graders at Stow House
Successful Meaningful Active Resource Teaching or “SMART” cart               - 4 PE grants for Ellwood, La Patera, Hollister, and Kellogg
contains a digital projector and a digital visualizer or document camera.    - AB 321 Passed, press conference with Pedro Nava at Foothill later
They will initially be used in the upper grades, with a peer teacher         today
pairing with a new user. She presented the ASCD news article written         - Dr Boomer and Lisa Maglione will be presenters at UCSB Education
about IV and how it exited PI under NCLB. IV levels students without         Conference
pulling out by incorporating reading/math along grade levels at the same     - Brandon, Mountain View, and Hollister are eligible to apply for
time. Teachers decide which child needs to focus/accelerate/intervene        California Distinguished School awards
and they are placed in appropriate groups. Gate and resource children
go at the same time so no one misses out. The school is open from 6:45       Discussion ensued regarding changing DAC to more of an advisory role
AM-6PM, and parent education continues on until 9:30PM. A handout            to the school board. Input would be given to the board in an organized
outlining a snapshot of the school demographics and standing was             manner; DAC would need the board topics for discussion.
distributed Ms. Maglione presented information regarding all of the after
school opportunities available at IV. A hand out was presented detailing     Future Agenda topics:
the programs, how they are funded, and how many children they serve.         November: ESL site to be determined
Additionally, the after school homework program continues focused,           December: GATE at Ellwood School
educational standards. IV has a long-standing history of professional        January: World and Local Demographics
community partnerships.                                                      February: School Board
                                                                             March: open
City of Goleta Report - Dr. Kathy Boomer                                     April: Strategic Plan Update
Dr. Boomer distributed a copy of the class size reduction letter from Jack   May: Special Education
O’Connell’s office.                                                          June: open

Dr. Boomer gave a presentation along with a colorful map of the myriad       PTA Reports:
of development projects in various stages of progress for the Goleta         Committee members reported on events for their respective schools.
Valley area. The majority of the projects are commercial developments
except for the Sumida Gardens project, which is about 2 years away.          Next Meeting:
The city of Goleta has no Parks and Rec department due to lack of            The next meeting will be on November 14 at 9:15AM SITE TO BE
funding at this time. UCSB has ambitious development plans, and is not       DETERMINED. The meeting was adjourned at 11:02AM.
subject to county development regulations. There is more information
on a website about UCSB by using googling vision 2025 UCSB.                  Respectfully submitted,
                                                                             Dawn M. Heimendinger RN
District Report – Dr. Kathy Boomer                                           Isla Vista PTA President

                  Please drop students at school no earlier than 7:30 a.m.
                                               There is no supervision prior to 7:30 a.m. Thank you!!
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                                     Gift from FLIR
                                     Thanks to donations from FLIR employees Neil Cutcliffe and Vu
                                     Nguyen, Brandon School has $2,000 this year to support ceramics
                                     instruction provided by Max of Color Me Mine. We are very
                                     appreciative of these donations and are excited to bring on board a
                                     new specialist! Beginning in January, each classroom at Brandon will
                                     participate in two ceramics classes that relate specifically to their grade
                                     level California state social studies curriculum. We would also like to
                                     express our appreciation to Patty Palmer for her time spent researching
                                     a ceramics teacher for us both this year and last year!

Swimming Lessons for Third Graders
Through the efforts and grant writing of Dr. Boomer, all of the third grade students in the Goleta
Union School District will again receive nine sessions of swimming lessons at UCSB, along with free
swimsuits. These lessons will happen directly after lunch and will not impact core academic time.
Transportation by school bus will be provided by the district. Qualified instructors will be waiting
and life guards will be on duty. Brandon will begin in the month of February: 2/27, 2/29, 3/ 7, 3/10,
3/12, 3/14, 3/17, 3/19, and 3/21. Mr. Pierce, as well as the classroom teachers will be attending the
swim lessons providing addtitional supervison.

                          Grant from Exxon-Mobil
Through the joint efforts of Jay Chao, owner of the Mobil gas station at the corner of Glenn Annie
and Calle Real, and Brandon School, we have received a $500 grant from the Exxon-Mobil
foundation. This grant was written to support graphic arts at Brandon. We are using this grant to
fund art classes taught by Patty Palmer (Brandon parent and art specialist at Mountain View and
Foothill) during parent conference weeks while our regular specialists are not teaching. We wish to
express our great appreciation to Jay Chao and Exxon-Mobil for providing us funds with which to
support and enhance our program here at Brandon!

            PTA Holiday Potluck Party!
             All Brandon PTA Members & Friends are invited to attend
             the Annual PTA Holiday Gift Exchange and Potluck Party!

                       Thursday, December 13th at 6:00pm
                       3 San Mateo Avenue at the Pintor’s
                                                                    Optional $10.00 gift exchange
                                                            Ideas: Ornament, Coffee mug filled with treats.
                                                          Be creative! Please have gift wrapped with bow only.

                                                 Last Name Beginning with A-H – Please bring Salad or Side Dish
                                                     Last Name Beginning with I-P - Please bring a Main Dish
                                                     Last Name Beginning with Q-Z – Please bring a Dessert
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News From the PTA
Mission Statement: The PTA will work collaboratively and in equal partnership with parents, teachers and
school leaders in its commitment to build a school community that embraces all children. When all children
are successful, our individual children will be successful.
Dear Brandon Families,
                                                                             I want to thank Michelle
Here it is already the first week of December, the Holliday’s are knocking   Gleissner, Michelle Pintor, Rose
at the door. I hope everyone had a nice and safe Thanksgiving.               Baker, and Lisa Steinberger
                                                                             for organizing the jog-a-thon.
We had a nice turn out for Reflections. It is always nice to see so many     Thank you to all of the parents
families come out to show support for the children, they worked so hard      who volunteered to help on
on their art projects. The students from Dos Pueblos High did a great        the day of the event and also
job as well as our 6th graders did serving food. Thank you to Sonia          Annette Taylor for the new
Thompson for organizing this event and to Denise Maddalon for all of         water system that seemed to work very well, and once again thank you
the tasty snacks.                                                            to our fantastic teachers and Principal at Brandon! We could not have
                                                                             done this without you!
 WOW! The Jog-a-Thon “Rainbow of Dreams” opening ceremony with
the Marine Corp Color Guard was a very moving event. I hope all of the       On Thursday December 13th from 6:00 to 8:30 everyone is welcome
parents who were at the school were able to see the raising of the flags.    to join us at my house at 3 San Mateo Ave. for our annual PTA Holliday
The Brandon students and teachers looked so amazing in their t-shirts        party. This party is a pot luck so bring your favorite dish to pass. If you
when they followed the Marines around the field. I want to thank all of      would like to participate in our $10.00 gift exchange you may do so but it
the students for being so respectful to the Marine Corp Color Guard.         is optional. Remember this party is for adults only.
I was so very proud! Todd Gillespie was very generous to donate his
time and his equipment and of course his talent to help us on that day.      I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holliday!
Thanks Todd!                                                                  Mario Pintor ( PTA President)

PTA Reflections Art Contest 2006 -                                           Primary (K-3)
                                                                             Visual Arts
“I can make a difference...”                                                 • 1st Place: Natalya (Ting) Foreman
                                                                             • 2nd Place: Nicole Calene
Sonia Thompson, Reflections PTA Chairperson                                  • Honorable Mention: Evan Steinberger, Cameron Holder
                                                                             • Merit Awards: Sammy Moore, Miki Triplett, Kaeli Spence, McKenzie
Thank you to all the teachers and students for submitting the students       Heras
artwork for the Reflections 2007-08 Contest at Brandon. We had an            Literature
incredible turn out and such fantastic artwork!                              • 1st Place: Jack Wang
                                                                             • 2nd Place: Sophia Thompson
Special Thank you to our Judges:                                             • Honorable Mention: Zachary Steinberger, Jack Landis
• Mark Bright                                                                • Merit Awards: Juan Vela, Julia Holland
• Maria Rendon
• Jennie Esquer                                                              Intermediate (4-6)
• Jaclyne Keleman                                                            Visual Arts
                                                                             • 1st Place: Thea Hsian
Behind the scenes - -There are a lot of people who worked behind the         • 2nd Place: Kevin Nguyen
scenes to make this night happen:                                            • Honorable Mention: Sadie Andreasen
Susie Naughton (Darby & Phoebe’s Mom), Sandra Goodenough (Lilly’s            Literature
Mom), Jeanne Barbieri-Low (Jordan & Nicolas’ Mom), Lyn Dee & David           • 1st Place: Karenna deSilva
Heras (McKenzie & Oliva’s Mom & Dad), Steve Thompson (Sophia’s               • 2nd Place: Hannah Morelos
Dad), Erica Monson (Sophia’s big sister), Denise Maddalon (PTA               • Honorable Mention: Kevin McGlinchey, Cherise Staggs
Hospitality & Joseph’s Mom), and the Dos Pueblos Usherettes.                 Photography
                                                                             • 1st Place: Juan Esparza
All the Teachers and students who helped with the Gallery opening!!!         • 2nd Place: Daniel Hernandez
                                                                             • Honorable Mention: Maya Morelos
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Check out the Brandon Website!
Brandon has an informative website that is updated regularly for Brandon families.
Our website address is
Bookmark this site as a favorite and have easy access to the school calendar,
what’s being served for lunch and enjoy looking at recent photos of special school
events. A useful feature can be found on the Staff Page. There you will find
links to your children’s teachers class web sites as well as quick links to email
teachers. Almost all of our teachers are maintaining individual web sites and new
sites are being added weekly. The sites are a great way to keep current on what
is happening in our classrooms. There is also information on the PTA, and the
daily schedule at school. It’s even possible to read the newsletter online, just in
case you misplace your paper copy. We hope you will find this Internet resource
a useful tool for learning more about what is going on at Brandon!

                                            Lost and Found
                                            All of the jackets that are not claimed by December 20 will be donated to a local charity. Please check
                                            the tables outside of the office if you are missing any sweaters, jackets, or sweathshirts.

                                            Needed: Neutral colored sweats in child sizes for loan from the office.

                                             Teacher and Parent Conferences
                                             This month, I want to congratulate all of the hard-working staff and supportive parents who helped to
                                             make our conferences productive and valuable for our children. The communication between home
                                             and school is a significant part of the academic and social success of our students, and your active
                                             participation is important. I know that we can work together to make these last few weeks before the
                                             winter break an effective time of teaching and learning.     - Lynette Meyer

The Brandon Band...
If you are not participating and would like to join the Brandon Band, get forms and information in the school office from Maggie. We still have
space! Following is the schedule:
                                            Tuesday - 7:15 Clarinet in room 25, 7:30 Saxophone in room 24
                                          Wednesday - 7:20 Band rehearsal in room 25 (beginning Oct. 24),
                                               Thursday - 7:30 Trumpet in room 24, 7:30 Flute in room 25

 There will be a Brandon Band concert in our MPR at 5:30 on December 13, prior to the PTA holiday potluck (adults only) at the Pintors.

                       All Visitors...
    Please sign in and get visitor passes at the office.
                             The Evergreen gate and the Brandon gate will be
                          locked during the school hours of 8:15 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
                         Please enter and leave the school through the front office.
                                               Thank you!

                          Winter Break - Dec. 22-Jan. 6
                                                School resumes January 7.
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Greetings from the Brandon Library
Remember our parents’ warning about “birds of a feather flock together”? This saying was often
used to prevent us from keeping bad company but in the case of Brandon School, it has taken on
a whole new meaning. We are becoming collectors of feathers. We are becoming junior birders.
We even have a clock that issues bird calls on the hour!

Collecting is a hobby all kids should take up. It doesn’t matter if it is stamps, coins, bottle caps,
feathers, rocks, bugs, sports cards or buttons. The skills developed include organization,
classification, presentation and pride of ownership. These certainly are good preparation
tools for the future. One only has to stick their head in the door of the library to notice the
presence of a lurking collector there. Note the library wall behind the hard working Sonja Holland returning tons of books on a typical Wednesday

New books are still arriving daily and the demand for even more still persists. Reading a series insures continuing interest. As the holiday season
                                                         nears, include books in your gift selection. Pick a series that will capture your child’s interest
                                                         and imagination. Old stand-bys include The Magic Tree House series (Historical/Fantasy),
                                                         Cam Jensen (Mystery), Nate the Great (Mystery), Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries.

                                                          Newer series include Secrets of Droon (Young hero described as like a Harry Potter little
                                                          brother),, The Herculean Jones Mysteries by Betsy Byars, Shredderman, Spiderwick
                                                          Chronicles and the hugely popular Fairy Realm.

                                                          For upper graders: The “Alice” books by Naylor, The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth
                                                          Nix, Sammy Keyes Mysteriesy Van Draanen , the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Stroud, the silly
                                                          mythology series Myth-O-Mania by McMullan, thriller Alex Rider novels by Horowitz,
                                                          anything by Eoin Colfer and of course, Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars.

                                                          It would seem our children want to read anything BUT realistic fiction. Who can blame them.

                                                          Enjoy your days with your children. I certainly do during their days here at Brandon.

                                                          Mrs. T

 This Year’s Families Theme – Wellness (From a Kid’s Point of View)
 The November 19th Families Day began our yearlong theme of Health and Nutrition. Each Family was assigned a simple task - make a poster that
 shows ways to be healthy. The students’ ideas ranged from eating fruits & veggies and playing soccer to dancing to your favorite song and laughing
 a lot. The kindergarten through six graders seemed to have a great time talking about health and designing their posters, which are displayed all over
 the school.
 We will continue developing this Health and Nutrition theme throughout the school year. Our goal for Families this year, is to help the students better
 understand that anyone, of any age, can have a positive impact on their own health and wellness.

                                                After School Classes
All after school classes are conducted by independent contractors and are not affiliated with the school. Some of the classes extend past the
time the office staff is on duty so please be certain you pick your child up on time and that you have arranged a pick up spot. There is no school
supervision after 3:15 p.m. (or 2:15 p.m on Thursdays). All classes are in rooms with access outside of the Brandon Bowl. We are currently
offereing: KidsArt, Color Me Mine, Santa Barbara Symphony String Workshop, Wilderness Youth Project, Page Youth Center Basketball, . We hope
our students are enjoying these exceptional opportunities!
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              Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
                                                  Jan. 21 - no school
                                                  Safety Issue: Crossing Guard
                                        Parents, when you are walking your child to and from school, through our
                                        crosswalks while the crossing guards are there, please wait for the crossing
                                        guards to cross you and your child. The students crossing without their
                                        parents get confused and do not wait for the crossing guard, which creates a
                                        dangerous situation for them. Thank you for your support and understanding!

                                        Nick Priester, our crossing guard at Cathedral Oaks and Brandon Drive, will
                                        be retiring this December. We will greatly miss his smiling face and warm,
                                        friendly manner. Enjoy your free time, Nick, and feel free to visit!!

               B.O.W. W.O.W.  Bike or Walk on Wednesday!
                           Walk to school with your child every Wednesday!
                 Increase your child’s excercise, decrease the traffic in our parking lot,
                                   and enjoy a stroll in the morning!

Do you B.O.W. W.O.W? We seem to have a very good weekly turnout for this event. Keep up the good
work. The reasons behind this weekly event are to reduce traffic congestion, improve the environment,
and exercise. The goal should not be to just win the class prize. Please be honest with yourself and
your teachers with who biked or walked from your homes. If you live too far, then drop your child off
farther away from campus every day of the week and let them walk. Let’s Be Fit, Have Fun, and Enjoy
Friends together!

 Free English Language                                                         held in Rm. 22 here at the Brandon campus from 6-8pm. As an added
                                                                               bonus, childcare will be available!
                                                                               If you are interested in learning English and having some fun, please
 Classes for Adults - CBET                                                     contact one of the following people:
                                                                               • Elli Rushing, Instructor at 571-3770
 Brandon Elementary School is pleased to announce it will be hosting           ext. 140
 Community-Based English Tutoring (CBET) for adult members of                  • Maggie Desruisseaux, Office
 the Brandon community who wish to learn or improve their English.             Manager at 571-3770
 The CBET classes are offered at no charge to you and will include             • Nelly Perez, Office Assistant
 instruction in vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking. Additionally,      (bilingual) at 571-3770
 parents will receive information on what their children are learning in
 the classroom.                                                                Thank you very much for your time
                                                                               and interest. I look forward to meeting
 Elli Rushing (that’s me ), our Brandon computer specialist, will be          you!
 teaching the classes each week. Classes will be held Monday and
 Wednesday evenings as listed on the enclosed schedule. They will be           Sincerely,
                                                                               Elli Rushing
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December                                                                                                     2007
An up to date calendar is also always available on our website. Updates or changes are available

 2             3                                                                                                                  8
                               7:30am-Sax (24)          7:20am Band (25)          7:30am-Trumpet(24)
                               7:15am Clarinet (25)                               7:15am Flute (25)
                               8:30 a.m. CEDAC Mtg.      8:30 a.m.Playground
                                       at D.O.            Supervisor Meeting
                                Core Life Skills-Muhr
                                                             Core Life Skills-    Core Life Skills-Hughes
                               2:30 Jogathon Awards            Hernandez
                                 7:00 p.m. Science
                                Adoption Curriculum
                                parent preview night
                                      at D.O.

 9             10              11                       12                        13                         14                   15
                               7:30am-Sax (24)              7:20am Band (25)      7:30am-Trumpet(24)
                               7:15am Clarinet (25)                               7:15am Flute (25)          Assembly on Alaska
                                                         8:30 a.m.Playground      9:15 DAC meeting               12:30 (K-2)
                                Core Life Skills-Muhr     Supervisor Meeting      (Ellwood)                       1:30 (3-4)
                                                                                  Core Life Skills-Hughes
                                                             Core Life Skills-    2:30 Distirct Curriculum
                                                               Hernandez          Council Mtg (D.O.)
                                                                                  5:30 Holiday Band
                                                             Board Meeting        Concert (Brandon
                                                               7:30 p.m.          Band)
                                                                                  6:00 p.m. PTA Holiday

 16            17              18                       19                        20                         21                   22
                               7:30am-Sax (24)          7:20am Band (25)          7:30am-Trumpet(24)
               2:00 Families   7:15am Clarinet (25)                                  7:15am Flute (25)
                                                             Core Life Skills-
                                Core Life Skills-Muhr          Hernandez          Core Life Skills-Hughes

 23            24              25                       26                        27                         28                   29

 30            31              1                        2                         3                          4                    5
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January                                                                                                2008
An up to date calendar is also always available on our website. Updates or changes are available


 6             7                      87:30am-Sax (24)         9                         10                       11                      12
                                       7:15am Clarinet (25)        7:15am Band (25)       7:30am-Trumpet(24)
                                                                                           7:15am Flute (25)
                                       Core LIfe Skills-Muhr       8:20 Playground
                                                                   Supervisor Mtg.          2:00 RAD inservice
                                                                                          (teachers and support
                                                               10:45 Lulu Washington
                                                                     Assemblies                   staff)
                                                                3:15 District Wellness        2:30 BSSC
                                                                   Co. Mtg. (D.O.)        PTA Mtg. (6:30 p.m.,

 13            14                     15                       16                        17                       18                      19
                                         7:30am-Sax (24)       7:15am Band (25)          7:30am-Trumpet(24)
                                       7:15am Clarinet (25)                                 7:15am Flute (25)     Ceramics Classes for
                                       Core LIfe Skills-Muhr    Ceramics Classes for                                  grades 3 & 4
                                                                    grades 5 & 6
                                       Ceramics Classes for                                 2:00 RAD Inservice
                                           grades 1 & 2            Board of Trustees      (teachers and support
                                                                       Meeting                    staff)
                                       7:00 Parent Preview           7:30 at D.O.
                                      Night of Sex Education                              Ceramics Classes for
                                         Materials (D.O.)                                      grades K

 20            21                     22                       23                        24                       25                      26
                                                               7:15am Band (25)          12:30 Talent Show for    2:15 Talent Show for
                 Martin Luther King   7:30am-Sax (24)                                          grade K-3               grades 4-6
                      Holiday         7:15am Clarinet (25)      8:30 a.m Playground      6:30 p.m. Talent Show    (Watch for the flyers
                   (No School)                                     Supervisor Mtg.        7:00 GATE Advisory      from Julie Salinas!!)
                                                                                               Co. (D.O.)

 27            28                     29                       30                        31                       1                       2
                                      7:30am-Sax (24)          7:15am Band (25)
                   2:00 Families      7:15am Clarinet (25)     8:30 a.m Playground       7:30am-Trumpet(24)
                                        Ceramics for grades    Supervisor Mtg.           7:15am Flute (25)        Ceramics for grades
                                              1&2              8:45 - 10:15 6th grade     Ceramics for grade K          3&4
                                                               Health Fair at D.O.            2:30 District
                                                               11:45 GVJH Band             Curriculum Council
                                                               Concert for 6th                 Mtg. (D.O.)
                                                                 Ceramics for grades

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