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					Beginner triathlon program
6week program including appraisal and next step. Upfront payment prior to course commencement is required to book
your spot. If we have more than 10 enrollments, the swim stroke session will be split with a Monday and a Wednesday
(pm) session.

Training sessions - 5sessions per week (each with technique / skills training). Triathlon specific skills training and
fitness development. Followed by an assessment in the final week with training plan progression

Athletic level requirement
Swim - Swim 50m continuously without stopping. Cycle - A bicycle that’s in working order and all basic equipment
(Approved helmut, pump, spares, tyre levers) Run - Be able to run for 10 to 20minutes continuously. Each enrolled
athlete will fill out a questionaire prior to commencement that will assist us to set the best program
based on your starting level of fitness and experience.

Next Course - October 11th to November 21st
We will need a minimum of 10 athletes prior to commencing this program. Limited number, so first in first served!

Beginner Training Schedule
Day               AM/PM            Session                                 Venue         Coach          Beginner
MONDAY            6:00-7:00PM      Swim Technique / Drills                 SYS           Ben            
TUESDAY           6:00-7:15PM      Run – Technique & Tips                  Tan           Ben            
WEDNESDAY         6:00-7:30PM      Swim Technique / Drills                 SYS           Ben            
THURSDAY          6:00-7:00AM      Bike – Spin class - Cadence / technique SYS           Chris          
SATURDAY          7:15-9:15AM      Bike – Beginner group ride              PMSLSC        Ben            
SUNDAY            8:00-9:00AM      Run – Aerobic Long Run                  VARIOUS       Sean           
Note : If you are unable to make the Monday swim session, then only then you can attend the Wednesday session instead.
Please see the Venue legend worksheet tab below for venue details

Specific Skills Covered
Swimming (Pool)
Floatation, body position and streamlining, breathing, stroke mechanics, kicking
Swimming (Open Water) - Seasonal
Course reconnaissance, entries and exits, sighting, turning, landmark recognition, rough water swimming, soft sand running
Equipment and safety, bike setup, bike handling, pack riding, pedal action, riding positions
Breathing, pacing, run technique, efficiency tips, footwear, running off the bike
Swim to Bike and Bike to Run method and reinforcement

$180.00 for the 6weeks program
This includes all training sessions, and a 6week swim/gym membership to South Yarra Sports

Beginner course cycling package
Thanks to our bike store sponsor CBD Cycles, here is a product offer to course members
Giant Defy 2 Bicycle                                                     $1,299.00
Shimano R076 Shoes                                                         $169.95
Giant Control Mini 3 Pump                                                   $44.95
Giant Shadow Micro Saddle Bag                                               $39.95
Giant 700x23 Tube                                                           $12.00
Giant Bottle Cage                                                           $12.00
Tyre levers                                                                  $3.00
Sub Total                                                                $1,580.85
Discount                                                                   $170.85
Total                                                                    $1,410.00
For more info on this, contact Sean at for details
Training Venue                           Code
South Yarra Sports                       SYS
Hawthorn Velodrome                       HV
Kew Boulevard – Top Loop                 K.TL
Kew Boulevard – Studley Park Boathouse   K.SP
Port Melbourne SLSC                      PMSLSC
The Tan Track                            TAN
Richmond Boulevard                       RB
Variable = Venue changes                 Various
Own Venue                                OV
Location                                                   Melways
(Melbourne High School), 679 Chapel St, South Yarra        Map 58 E2
Cnr Reserve, Robinson, enter via Robinson Rd.              Map 59 E3
Off Studley Park Rd / Yarra Boulevard                      Map 44 G4
 Off Yarra Boulevard                                       Map 44 H4

 Between Bay St. & Pickles St.                             Map 57 C4
(Botanic Gardens) Horse Trough, 100m E of Swan St bridge   Map 2G A9
Kevin Bartlett Reserve                                     Map 45 B12
N/A                                                        N/A
N/A                                                        N/A

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