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					                          GBG Platinum Business Overview

The GBG business Opportunity really is all about Platinum. Gold customers are just that – customers. It is true
that unlike anywhere else that I know of – we allow our customers at GBG to earn money by just being
customers and referring other customers. Even up to thousands of dollars a month can be earned by Gold
customers – but it takes time and more importantly, most customers aren’t motivated to refer other customers,
they just like the product.

Platinum business builders on the other hand are people who are focused on making money. And when you
show anyone who is interested in making money how the Platinum businesses opportunity works, and how it
pays, they can’t help but get excited.

Here are 7 reasons why.

First, as a Platinum, you receive the 100 sampling kits that are worth $500 for only $399.97. You save more
than $100. And these sampling kits are the crux of your GBG business. They make it so that you can easily get
off to a fast start and succeed like never before. You also earn maximum fast start bonuses for everyone you
personally enroll. Whether they’re Gold customers or Platinum Business Builders, it just makes sense to earn
maximum pay when you introduce anyone to GBG. Just by bringing other Platinums on board, you earn $70
for each of your 1st two Platinums, and $220 from your 3rd one on. Every time you sponsor another Platinum,
cha-ching – you earn another $220. And Fast Starts are paid weekly; sponsor a Platinum this week – get paid
$220 next week. Sponsor 2 and get paid $440. This is one of the driving factors of the Platinum Machine. It’s
like priming the pump.

Second, you are instantly qualified for 10 levels of product and Platinum pay just for becoming a Platinum.
That means you could actually earn over $125,000 a year without even sponsoring anyone. So don’t you think
anyone looking at this will see the immediate benefit of instant qualification by just becoming a Platinum? Of
course they will.

Third, by sponsoring just 2 Platinums, you’re qualified for 15 levels of pay. 15 levels!!! That could add up to
more than $1.5 million per year! Do you think people are going to be motivated to sponsor at least 2 other
Platinums? Of course they will. Who wouldn’t? And won’t those two want to do the same thing? See how
this just keeps growing, almost automatically?!

Fourth, by sponsoring just one more Platinum, you earn the top position in GBG – you’re a Presidential
Platinum. Everyone wants to be at the top – and it’s never been easier. Just 3 Platinums! Think about this, as
you find people that want to make money (not hard to do these days) and give out your 100 sampling kits that
you got for becoming a Platinum, you only need 3 people to say YES, and you’ve reached the top position in
GBG. That means you could have a 97% failure rate and still become the “Grand Pooh-Bah,” as we like to say.
Plus, your third Platinum is the one that starts earning you the $220 Fast Starts. Once people get those weekly
checks for $220, they get almost addicted to them. It’s instant gratification. So they keep going, sponsoring
more and more people and earning more and more $220 Fast Starts. But you also earn Pay Points from your 3rd
Platinum on. Most people don’t realize how powerful Pay Points are first, at least not until they start seeing
their monthly checks paying them multiple times on the same activity. Then, when they do understand the
Power of Pay Points, they’re totally hooked, and the $220 Fast Starts pale in comparison. Now they’re
sponsoring for Pay Points.

Fifth, as a Presidential Platinum, you just earned your way into the first of 10 Platinum Bonus Pools, where you
share in a piece of the entire company’s sales, world-wide! Who wouldn’t want that?! Everyone everywhere is
now on your team, no matter whose downline they’re in. And that’s just the beginning. As you sponsor more
Platinums, you earn your way into more and more of the 1% Bonus Pools. 2 more Platinums (for a total of 5)
gets you into the 2nd world wide bonus pool. Then 2 more for a total of 7 gets you into yet another pool. Each
pool is made up of 1% of the entire company’s gross sales. NOT NET PROFIT – GROSS SALES. This is
HUGE! Then as you get cranking and sponsor more and more Platinums - 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, and finally
100 - you are sharing in up to 10% of the world-wide sales of GBG. And remember, you’re earning $220 Fast
Starts for every Platinum you sponsor. And those are paid to you every year as your Platinums renew! But
that’s just the beginning!

As you sponsor more Platinums, more of them will want to do what you are doing and become Presidential
Platinums themselves, especially because it’s so easy and profitable; and for all the same reasons we just
discussed. Well as more of your personal Platinums become Presidential Platinums, your team grows. And as
your team grows, so does your volume. As both of these things occur naturally, you start earning from the 2nd
set of 10 world-wide bonus pools. That’s right, there’s an additional 10 pools at 1% each of the entire
company’s world-wide sales! That’s ten more percent for a total of 20% that you can share in just by being a
Platinum and continuing to sponsor other Platinums. Just 10 personal Presidential Platinums and the volume
that comes from an average of just 2 getting 2 for 10 levels gets you into all 20 of the 1% world wide Bonus
pools. You share in 20 PERCENT of every GBG sale made anywhere by anyone! But it gets even better.

Sixth, as I just said, in the same way you chose to sponsor at least 3 Platinums to earn the top position, get the
$220 Fast Start and earn your first Pay Point, your team members are going to want to do the same thing. But
nobody can get to 3 without first sponsoring 2. And as everyone sponsors their first 2, we pay out 30 levels of
Platinum Promotion Pay! Just 10 levels can earn you more than $100,000 a year. 15 levels can earn you more
than $1.5 million a year when you add it to the product pay from everyone buying just ONE PRODUCT! But
we pay 30 levels! If you do the math, you probably won’t believe it. But it’s true! And the amazing thing is,
there’s even more!

Seventh, and really the icing on the cake, is that all of that Matrix Pay is PER PAY POINT! If you like the idea
of $100,000 a year, or even $1.5 million a year, why not double it, or triple it, or just keep going! Like I said
earlier, when people finally understand Pay Points, they don’t even care about the $220 Fast Starts anymore.
They see the big picture. Pay Points are one of most powerful things that make GBG different from every other
company out there.

So, are you getting the picture here?
        •        Instant qualification, double Fast Start pay, and 100 sampling kits for a 20% discount get
                 people in as Platinums
        •        Fast Starts and additional qualification for even more pay gets them to sponsor other Platinums
        •        More Fast Starts, Bonus Pools, and Matrix Pay get them to keep sponsoring Platinums
        •        Increasing Matrix Pay gets everyone excited and fuels the sponsoring “fire”
        •        Pay Points increase the Matrix Pay and throw more fuel on the sponsoring inferno
        •        Volume growth increases the number of Bonus Pools you’re qualified for and since everyone
                 wants into all 20 of them, this creates more Platinum sponsoring
        •        Which creates more Platinums sponsoring more Platinums, and getting more Fast Starts, more
                 Pay Points and bigger Matrix Pay
        •        Which excites everyone (money always does) and creates more sponsoring, more Platinums,
                 increasing Matrix Pay, bigger bonus pool checks, and it just keeps going on and on and on!

It’s a cyclical frenzy and you’re in at the beginning! So what are you waiting for?! Start NOW! Tell everyone
you meet about GBG’s Platinum Business Opportunity and grab your piece of history in the making!

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