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					           Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Guild
                                                                    Meeting Date Feb 09, 2010
                                                                                   7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
                                                                    First United Church
                                                                    William & King Sts., Waterloo
                                          Newsletter                The History of with
                                                                    Amy Singer
 February, 2010                                                      Kate Seely, Editor
                    See Page 7 for time sensitive activities.
KWKG Executive 2009-2010                      A Word from the President
These are the people who volunteer their time to   The sun is shining, the air is clear and cold, what a
make your guild the best it can be.                beautiful January day. The month is just flying by.
President: Karen Austen, 519-888-1898              Last weekend my daughter and I went to London to
                      see Skate Canada's Canadian Championships. The
Vice President: Anne Blayney, 519-884-9488         day was very exciting because the top two in each
                   discipline were chosen to represent Canada at the
Past President: Cari Angold, 519-883-1992          Olympics. This weekend, we will see Jan Arden at
                     Center in the Square and the following weekend
Membership: Karen Crouch, 519-662-9916             Rascal Flatts and Darius Rucker at Hamilton Place.
                       Then, the Month of January will be gone.
Treasurer: Debbie Olheiser,      February is going to go just as fast with following
Secretary: Suzanne Carter-Jackson                  the Olympics and Guild meeting with the guest
Programme: Lynne Sosnowski                         Amy Singer - The History of
                   I seem to recall the last time Amy came to speak,
Goodwill: Mary Kanters, 519-634-8262               about three years ago, the audience was not only
Library: Selina Siu,       most of the members, but also 35 extra guests. Amy
Promotion: Wendy Hood-Morris, 519-658-1071         is an interesting, enjoyable speaker.
                I received a suggestion from the volunteer who is
Volunteer Co-Ordinator:                            looking after the calculating and exchanging of the
        Bev Mawdsley, 519-634-8615                 Zehrs tapes for money which is then donated to the
Knitters’ Fair Organizer:                          Library for the purchase of new books.
       Louise Krmpotic, 519-744-6700               Please clip from the bottom of the bill any
Adjudicated Show: Janelle Martin                   personnel banking information, leaving only the
                 amount spent.
Raffle Table: Alfie Galda, Marilyn Everingham      Also hand in only Zehrs slips.
Yarn Table: Dee-Ann Shillinglaw                    If you are turning in more than one tape please add
Web Site Co-Ordinator: Ashley Reid                 up the amount of all the slips, staple them together
Newsletter: Kate Seely, 519-578-3468               with a total on the top slip.                         Marion's job will be much easier particularly when
       Snail Mail Wizard: Shelagh Hitchens         she has about $80,000 of slips, like last month, to                       add up.
       E-Goddess: Teresa Cornwell                  I hope someone found the Moebius that was left on                          the Show and Tell table after last meeting. Please
       Web Angel:Lina Forner                       bring it to the next meeting and it will be returned to
Newsletter deadline for items or articles:         the anxious owner.
     20th of each month
 See you Tuesday, February 9. Come on time for a
good seat.

       Karen A.

                                                          New books in the new year! For January, the Guild
                                                          picked up
                                                            Knitted socks east & west
                                                            Haiku knits
                                                            Double Knitting: Reversible Two-Color Designs
                                                            Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the
                                                          Brioche Stitch
                                                            Mostly Mittens: Ethnic Knitting Designs from
                   Programme                              Russia
Amy Singer, and The History of                   The Enchanted Sole
                                                          I am expecting new books for February, but because
This month, we’re going to take a departure from          of the difficulty predicting what will arrive, I am
knitting techniques and lace adventures (though           going to stop announcing them in the Newsletter. If
there are plenty of both to be found here too!), and      you do want to know what the library might get in
spend some time with online knit-publishing maven         advance, you can check out librarything
Amy Singer. Amy is founder and editor-in-chief of         (, an online knitting magazine that is           closer to the meeting date! I generally add the
celebrating its 30th published issue.                     books a few days before the Guild meeting, when I
                                                          get them. I am also hoping to get new magazines in
Knitty is treasure-trove of knitting advice and           time for the February meeting. Keep your fingers
techniques along with a truly vast array of free          crossed!
knitting patterns for all types of knitted articles and
all range of knitting abilities. The patterns in Knitty
are some of the best-edited and trustworthy on the        Selena
‘net. Many a Knitty technique page has saved a
knitter from hair-pulling or project-abandoning. For
our fellow fibre fanatics, Knitty also produces a
sister publication called Knittyspin within the

Come on out in February and be entertained by
Amy as she shares tales of Knitty’s history, and                          Retreat
gives us a behind-the-links view of how the
magazine so many of us love and anticipate each           Good news! We have 2 openings for the Knitting
quarter comes into being.                                 Retreat at Brentwood on the Beach. Please contact
                                                          me if you wish to come.
Lynne Sosnowski, Programme Co-
ordinator                                                 Zona
Jen Plaskett and Janelle Martin,                          (519)749-9762
Programme Committee                             

                 Web Sights                                  Now that’s a Good Idea!
From Betty Bax:
scarfes.html                                           Susanne once gave me a great idea worth sharing.
                                                       When doing a shawl or project that requires
                                                       increasing on alternate rows, if you’re using
                                                       straights, with an elastic mark your needle when
                                                       you’re ready to increase. Every time you see it on is    the needle (without stitches) you’re ready to
a good website to bookmark. It has all kinds of tips   increase!
and techniques, each with a video. Very helpful if     Alfie Galda
you’re alone at home and stuck with a problem.

                                                                   Needs and Deeds
                                                       Do you like knitting and children?
                                                       Waterloo Public Library, McCormick Branch,
         Toot Your Own Horn                            needs a Saturday morning helper. Their Knifty
                                                       Knitters group of 7-12 year olds meets on Saturday
                                                       mornings from 10:30 to 11:30 and Deb Wilson
                                                       needs a helping hand. The girls have already
                                                       learned to knit and purl and starting in January they
                                                       will be knitting slippers.
                                                       This is a great chance to help in the community and
                                                       nurture young knitters. I help at the Main Branch on
                                                       Fridays and love it! If you are interested please e-
                                                       mail Kate at, or see me at the
Derek and I had a bouncing baby boy named              meeting. This is a really worthwhile project if you
Samson Alexander Fortin on Sunday January 3 at         can bail her out.
9:15 pm at Stratford General Hospital, weighing 8
lbs, 4 oz and measuring 20 in. I'll try to bring him   Knitters Anonymous
next month if I can. Hi to everyone!
                                                       … because true charity is anonymous, right?
Lisa Fortin (Snail Mail Wizard until maternity
                                                       Janelle Martin has kits already made up with
                                                       donated yarn and patterns to knit various items. If
                                                       you wish to knit and don’t know where to donate,
                                                       four suggestions are:
Growing Healthy Together
Canadian Food for Children
Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre
K-W Humane Society

Of course, if you have a charity that you already
donate to, feel free to use the kits and send the
results along to your own favourite.

Kits and information can be found at the Charity
Table at each Guild meeting. These are freely given             Words from your LYS*
and given for free.
                                                         * Local Yarn Store

Knitting and Haiti                                       We invite all knitters to visit Yarn Indulgences at
                                                         your Kitchener market, 5 days a week or visit our
While I was dropping off pneumonia vests (thank          website at
you, knitters), I asked about knitting for Haiti and     Carolyn Anstey’s Main St. Yarns is at
the situation there in general. I can only tell you
what Canadian Food for Children said and other           Anne Featonby’s She Ewe Knits is at
charities may have different plans, so check with
your own charities. Canadian Food for Children           Alpaca Acres welcomes visitors to our farm and
acknowledges that international relief agencies,         store. Call 519-625-1064 or
such as the Red Cross, are in a much better position     All Strung Out, is at 7 Quebec
to gather, ship and distribute aid, whether it’s food,   St., Guelph with Ashley Reid.
medicine or clothes. To that end, they are not doing     Karen Crouch’s Shall We Knit? can be found at
anything out of their ordinary shipping to Haiti,
although they stand by, ready to act as soon as an
international agency requires them. In the 2 weeks
since the Haiti earthquake there have been
earthquakes in Nicaragua, the Cayman Islands,
Venezuala and Argentina.
So keep knitting those items on the charity table,
they will go to needy people around the world, and
may indeed, end up in Haiti if someone calls for

Thank You, Knitters
The Healthy Children Growing group were the
proud recipients of 45 knitted sweater sets. So I
wish to thank all who contributed to this group.
The moms really loved the sweaters and sent a
wonderful thank you note with a couple of photos.
So as the person who holds this group close to my                                        Help!
heart, I thank you; your kindness and generosity
means more than you will ever know.                      After the Guild meeting, I left my mobius behind on
Thanks. Bev Grabe                                        the “Show and Tell” table. Did someone else pick
up after those of us who are losing it??                Karen Hess – quilted needle holder
Any info would be helpful.                              Dee-Anne Shillinglaw – shawl pin
                                                        Lina Forner –betty bag
Thanks,                                                 Kara Hess – note cards
Margaret Skells - one "old" memory- challenged          Janet Davidson – bead kit
member                                                  Sue Wilson – book of knitting tips
                                                        Mary Haight – accessory case
                                                        Karen Hess – knitting journal

              Show and Tell                             I was feeling really smug as I contemplated writing
As the Guild grows, the time for Show and Tell has      this Last Word. You see, usually I listen to the
to be carefully watched. Please try to limit yourself   speaker and am amazed at all the things that I can
to two items.                                           learn. I wonder if I will be able to remember and
Wendy Sloat – alpaca mittens                            implement them. Not this time, though. I went
Joan Coley – Mermaid sock from Lucy Neatby              home and looked in the laundry room and
                market bag                              remembered Kate Atherley’s words about a separate
Merlin McRae – standard army sock measuring tape        bag for each project. Grinning, I looked at – the
Laura Letson – boy’s and girl’s baby hats               project bag that I take to Winston Park, the bag that
Dee-Anne Shillinglaw – swallowtail shawl                goes to the Prayer Shawl group at church, the bag
Julia Farquar – Juno regina shawl                       that has my next Christmas grandbaby sweater in it,
Margaret Skells – mobius scarf (Where are you???)       my always-have-one-on-the-go pair of socks bag
Sally Gray – mohair shawl                               and my scarf bag. Yes, I felt really smug! And then
                striped sweater                         I felt a little overwhelmed at just how many project
Shelagh Hitchens – lace stole                           bags were sitting there staring back at me.
Joan Herrington – Koigu shawl
                                                        But let me tell you about the scarf bag. I have really
                                                        enjoyed this. I was using a pattern that was tailor
                                                        made for ends of balls of yarn. You’ve probably all
                                                        seen one like it – cast on 200 stitches and knit garter
                                                        in various colours, cutting the yarn at each end to
                                                        make a fringe. Well, I made one and decided that I
                                                        didn’t like the colour choices but wore it until
                                                        someone said “What a nice scarf!” So I gave it to
                     Raffle                             her, and knit another. I gave that one away too. And
                                                        now I have knit 6 scarves, and given them all away
Liz Aitcheson –stitch markers                           to the first person who admired one.
Johana Botari – Addi turbo needles
Bev Church – bag & sock yarn                            What a hoot! I enjoyed every minute of it and
Shonna Bechtel – stitch holders                         intend to keep on doing it. I guess it falls into the
Terri Radley – stitch markers                           category of a “random act of kindness”, but I feel
Sarah Whaley – measuring tape                           like I got the best of the deal. If I had run into
someone who was scarfless and looked cold, I              4th Tuesday evening of the month from 7:00 p.m. to
would have given it to them, but I got that nice         9:00 p.m. at the Region of Waterloo Public Health
compliment on each one instead.                          and Social Services Building in Room 210/211
                                                         located on the 2nd floor. Diehard chatters meet every
Go out in 2010 and knit a random act of kindness.        week.
                                                         Knit Night at Chapters Waterloo, 2nd Tuesday of
Kate                                                     each month in the store at Chapters.

                                                         Open. None scheduled at this time.

                                                         All Strung Out in Guelph in the evening.
                                                         Informal meetings 6-9 in various Uptown Waterloo
                                                         locations. Currently at the Duke of Wellington Pub.
                                                         Greenwood Quiltery 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the
                                                         month, upstairs.

                 Other Stuff                             Friday
                                                         Shall We Knit? From early afternoon til closing in
                                                         New Hamburg.
Ever wonder what goes on at an Executive meeting?
                                                         Cambridge Starbuck’s Knit & Chat starting 9ish in
Thought about volunteering, but don’t know what’s
                                                         the a.m. at Hespeler Rd. and Sheldon Dr.
involved? As a Guild member, you have the right to
                                                         Creative Sewing Centre in the HiWay Plaza,
attend Executive meetings, albeit without a vote. If
                                                         Kitchener, alternate Friday evenings from 6-8 p.m.
you’d like to sit in, get in touch with Karen at
                                                         Yarn Indulgences, Kitchener Market,1-4:30 Friday, or 519-888-1898 for
information. The next meeting is scheduled for
Feb. 2, 2010
                                                         All Strung Out in Guelph 1-3 p.m.
Every time you turn in Zehr’s tapes to the raffle
                                                         Yarn Indulgences, Kitchener Market,1-3:30
table, you get a free raffle ticket.
                                                         Saturday afternoons.
Every time you send something to get printed in the
                                                         This is the basic info only. Full information will be
Newsletter, you get a chance to win a gift certificate
                                                         going up on the website soon.
in May.
                                                                 Knitting 911, Knitting 411
                  Knit’n’Chat                            Kate Seely is usually at Starbucks in Waterloo
                                                         Chapters from 10 to 11 a.m. on any given
Monday                                                   Wednesday. I can answer questions or tell you who
Cambridge Starbuck’s Knit & Chat starting 9ish in        can, or I can calm your panic attack with laughter
the a.m. at Hespeler Rd. and Sheldon Dr.                 and caffeine.
Guelph Fibre Arts Club 7-9 p.m. at Studio 490, 490                               ***
York Rd., Bldg 1 (upstairs).
Lily Lee’s Knit & Chat 7-9 p.m., 648 King St. E.,        Call Mary Kanters at 519-634-8262 if you know
Cambridge                                                  of a Guild member who needs sympathy or
                                                            congratulations. We like to look after our
Tuesday                                                  members, but need to have the info to do that so
                                                                   that Mary can send a card.
                                                      If this Newsletter reaches you in time:
                                                      In early November Huricane Ida caused major
                                                      mudslides and flooding in El Salvador where my
                                                      husband's family is from. His family is fine,
                                                      however, many others were not and lost everything
                                                      they had. The local Latin American Community is
                                                      working together to plan a musical event to raise
                                                      funds for those in El Salvador affected by Hurricane
                                                      January 31ST, 2010, 4:00PM
                                                      At The Registry Theatre
                                                      122 Frederick St, Kitchener
                                                      ormigo que Canta--A local Marimba group from K-
                                                      W Los Cipotes Galanes--A latin american band
                                                      (ages 5-17) from Toronto Grupo Teatro--a theatre
                                                      group from Toronto
                                                      Show Admission: $ 12.00

                                                      Thanks in advance
                                                      Sue Grande

                                                      The DKC Winter Workshops will be held on the
                                                      weekend of February 6-7, 2010 at Metro Hall.
                                                      Information on the classes as well as the registration
                                                      form can be found at the following link:
If the weather is bad, a decision will be made by
3:00 p.m. on meeting day as to whether or not the
meeting will be cancelled. It will be posted on the
                                                      Hope to see you there.
website and an e-mail will go out to members. If
                                                      Wendy Mauzeroll, Treasurer
you have no access to the website or e-mail, call
                                                      Downtown Knit Collective
Karen Austen at 519-888-1898 after 3:30 p.m. on
meeting day. She will leave a message on her
machine to say whether or not the meeting will go
on as planned.