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					           Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Guild
                                                                    Meeting Date: Nov.10, 2009
                                                                                   7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
                                                                    First United Church
                                                                    William & King Sts., Waterloo
                                          Newsletter                Pattern and Shape with
                                                                    Laura Chau
November, 2009                                                        Kate Seely, Editor
KWKG Executive 2009-2010                              A Word from the President
These are the people who volunteer their time to
make your guild the best it can be.                     The Guild is off to a good start this year. At this
President: Karen Austen, 519-888-1898              time there are 155 members. We have had two
                      informative meetings with excellent speakers, we
Vice President: Anne Blayney, 519-884-9488         have a new program called "Spare one for Change"
                   a KWKG Charity Knitting program, Christmas
Past President: Cari Angold, 519-883-1992          ornaments to knit for exchanging and our entry
                     for the Adjudicated Show in June to knit. The Guild
Membership: Karen Crouch, 519-662-9916             is very busy.
                             Last Saturday was a beautiful Fall day for
Treasurer: Debbie Olheiser,      travelling to the Woodstock Fiber Festival. My
Secretary: Suzanne Carter-Jackson                  husband doesn't mind going along on these trips and
          is very understanding when I purchase more yarn
Programme: Lynne Sosnowski                         because he also has a hobby. It is wood working. I
                   don't complain when more oak , walnut or cedar
Goodwill: Mary Kanters, 519-634-8262               boards arrive in the garage. His stash is a little
Library: Selina Siu,       harder to hide.
Promotion: Wendy Hood-Morris, 519-658-1071               This was the first year of this Festival . The
                organizers should be proud of the show. The booths
Volunteer Co-Ordinator:                            were well set up with lots of space, good variety
        Bev Mawdsley, 519-634-8615                 merchandise, a refreshment area with hot soup and
Knitters’ Fair Organizer:                          sandwiches and there was even an area outside with
       Louise Krmpotic, 519-744-6700               two llamas, three angora bunnies and three sheep .
Adjudicated Show: Janelle Martin                   Of course, I found some yarn I just had to have and
                 also a couple of books.
Raffle Table: Alfie Galda, Marilyn Everingham            As I was looking at some variegated silk yarn,
Yarn Table:                                        I heard a voice say, "That is so wonderful to knit
Web Site Co-Ordinator: Ashley Reid                 with I got two skeins of it at the KW Knitters' Fair.
Newsletter: Kate Seely, 519-578-3468               Just look at how it knits up." I looked up and sure                         enough it was one of our Guild members. She had
       Snail Mail Wizard: Lisa Fortin              brought her son along to keep from staying too long                        and spending too much. I know how that is as I saw
       E-Goddess: Teresa Cornwell                  my husband patiently waiting for me to finish. The                          highlight of the day came as I was talking to Karen
       Web Angel:Lina Forner                       and Lynn when someone came up and gave me a
Newsletter deadline for items or articles:         hug. A person I miss seeing at the Guild meetings
     20th of each month
                                                         endorse Laura's book as an excellent sock teaching
                                                         guide, as it covers socks from the top down, from
because she is always full of such enthusiasm.           the toe-up, on dpns, on two circulars, on magic loop
                                                         - even how to darn your socks if you wear holes in
     Keep spreading the joy of knitting. See you         them!
with a smile and a knitting project on Tuesday,          See you in sweater weather,
November 10.
                                                         Lynne Sosnowski
       Karen                                             Jen Plasket and Janelle Martin

                   Programme                             Last meeting we picked up the following books:
                                                          Amigurumi Knits
                                                          Men's Knits by Erika Knight
Pattern and Shape
                                                          Essential Guide to Color Knitting by Margaret
Knitting, in it simplest form, makes a fabric that has
stretch and drape. Even the humble rectangle takes        Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters
on life when hung around a shape, such as a neck.         Yarn Bombing
Armed with a few increases or decreases, knitted
                                                         You will be able to find these and more at our
fabric can closely follow the outline of a form. Add
                                                         online catalog -
three-dimensional elements such as short rows or
form knitted darts, and knitted fabric can make way
                                                         Our older books are still being added slowly, so
for curves like a pregnant belly, bulging biceps, a
                                                         check back often. In the next meeting, we are
voluptuous chest, or even leave a little more
                                                         hoping to have these books for you:
comfort for a spare tire. But what happens when
                                                           Teach Yourself VISUALLY Sock Knitting by
you add a pattern to that knitted fabric, such as
                                                         Laura Chau (our guest speaker!)
cables or open lace?
                                                           Noro: Meet the Man Behind the Legendary Yarn
                                                         by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
Join us for our November meeting, and you'll be
                                                           Knitters Book Of Wool by Clara Parkes
treated to hearing Laura Chau speak on issues of
                                                           100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet by Lesley
designing shaped knitting, and the kinds of effects
that are made by different pattern choices. Laura
Chau is the designer behind Cosmicpluto Knits!             Fairy Tale Knits: 32 Projects to Knit Happily
                                                         Ever After by A.Stewart-Guinee
(, the author of "Teach
Yourself VISUALLY Sock Knitting" (Wiley,
                                                         As usual, let us know if there are any books you
2008), and is a knitting teacher, spinner, yarn dyer
                                                         think the library is missing!
and maker of beautiful patterns.
                                                         We are aiming to have a silent auction during the
There will be a selection of Laura's patterns, and
                                                         December meeting, so if you have any knitting
copies of her book available for purchase at the
                                                         books that need another loving home, please let me
meeting. I'll unabashedly share that I heartily
                                                         <> know! We are looking
into a subscription for an international knitting       You can view this story at:
magazine, which may be quite pricey, so any funds
will probably go towards that.                          --graffiti-gangs-chant-knit-one-purl-two

And speaking of magazines, Yarn Forward noticed that I is
was searching for international magazines on            a good website to bookmark. It has all kinds of tips
Ravelry, and sent us a complimentary copy to            and techniques, each with a video. Very helpful if
enjoy! We also got half a dozen copies of The           you’re alone at home and stuck with a problem.
Knitter donated by Karen Austen. Both of these are
UK magazines. I am looking into other magazines
as well, but if you have a favourite you would like
the Guild to carry, do let me know!

We are also contemplating a technology change,
from VHS to DVDs. While we have no plans to
get rid of our current VHS collection, we would like
to know of their usage. Stop by the library to let us           Toot Your Own Horn
know what you think, or click here
<        Or in this case – carry your own torch! WOW!
6MA> to answer this short survey!                       Congratulations, Zona!

                                                        Olympic Torchbearer

                 Retreat                                Last May, I went to see the Olympic torches when
                                                        they were on display in Kitchener. I enjoy watching
Good news! We have a full house and a waiting list.     the Olympics and thought how thrilling it would be
                                                        to become a torchbearer. At that time I submitted
                                                        my nomination with to be an Olympic
                                                        torchbearer. Then in July, when I heard the City of
                                                        Waterloo was looking for one staff representative to
                                                        carry the torch I thought one more entry wouldn’t
                                                        hurt. When my name was randomly drawn, I
                                                        shouted out with excitement and I started hugging
                 Web Sights                             co-workers and crying. It means a lot to me and my
Betty, I think you are spending way too much time       family to be a part of the Olympic torchbearer
surfing.<vbg>                                           experience.
                                                        One of the most exciting things about the relay is I
Graffiti gangs chant: Knit one, purl two                get to keep the torch I’m carrying. The 300 m walk
Yarnbomb – verb. To gently fasten knitted and           will take around 10 minutes. I will be carrying the
crocheted works to public surfaces as cozy,             torch on Day 59, Sunday, December 27th in
impermanent graffiti: The kindergarten teacher          Waterloo. I will find out 3 to 5 weeks before the
yarnbombed a pole in the park with a stocking stitch    relay where exactly I will be carrying the torch. It
in shades of blue and green.                            would be great to have the Kitchener-Waterloo
                                                        Knitting Guild show up to support me as an
Olympic torchbearer. I am hoping I will know
before the next Newsletter comes out.                     Donate the yarn to the KW Knitters’ Guild Spare
Whenever I think about the torch relay, I get so          One for Change program (SOC) and make room for
excited. I feel sometimes like a child waiting for        some bright, shiny new yarn in your stash. Yarn
Santa to come. This year the best present I get will      can be dropped off at the charity knitting table at
be on December 27th when I carry the torch.               Guild meetings or at participating local yarn stores
Zona Endres                                               (LYS).

Let’s get together as a Guild group to support Zona       Volunteers will put the yarn together with
when she carries the torch!                               appropriate patterns and these “kits” will be
                                                          available for people to pick up at KWKG meetings.
                                                          The finish items are returned to the charity table and
                                                          will be donated to one of this year’s featured

                                                          And while you’re out stash-enhancing, why not buy
                                                          an extra ball for the SOC program? Add the cost of
                                                          a ball of yarn to your purchase and drop it in the
                .                                         SOC basket. The LYS will make sure all donated
      Now that’s a Good Idea!                             yarn makes it to a SOC volunteer.

Cabling in the round? An easy way to keep track of        2009-2010 Projects
the cable rounds is to make your own stitch marker
for the end of each row. If you have a pattern that       1. Growing Healthy Two-gether Program
calls for cables every 6th row, use split rings or jump   This Prenatal Nutrition Program is offered at 5 sites
rings that will fit round your needle. Make a chain       in Waterloo Region and is for pregnant women and
of 5 rings, then add a sixth of a different colour and    youth who want to have a healthy baby, but may be
larger. On row 1 you will use the bottom ring. As         financially disadvantaged or socially isolated.
each row is completed, change to the next marker
up the chain. When you have reached the top ring,         For this project, we will be making Elizabeth
it’s time to cable. After the cable row, start again at   Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jackets and are
the bottom ring. Always work up the chain. You            looking for donations of baby yarn, fingering
can make a chain marker like this for any row             weight or sport weight yarn and buttons (sets of 3
repeat number.                                            – 5 buttons).

                                                          2. Canada Food For Children - Pneumonia Vests
                                                              and Caps
                                                          Canadian Food for Children is a registered
                                                          Canadian charity that distributes food, clothing and
                                                          medicine to the poor in about 40 countries,
                                                          including Canada. It is entirely volunteer run and
            Needs and Deeds                               has 0%administrative costs. Each donation of $1.00
                                                          provides the equivalent of 40 good meals for the
Spare One for Change, KWKG’s Charity                      poor overseas.
Knitting Program
Not sure what to do with your leftover yarn?              For this project we are looking for donations of
Looking for a good home for those odd balls or            sport or DK weight yarn in dark shades
unwanted stash?                                           (synthetic yarn for practicality in washing).
                                                        questions about this new program? Contact Janelle
                                                        Martin by email or at the charity table.
3. Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre
The Kitchener Downtown Community Health
Centre provides, or facilitates access to, a
continuum of care - including comprehensive
primary health care, illness prevention, health
promotion, and community capacity development -
for people in the downtown Kitchener, and those
from different ethno-cultural groups, with particular
emphasis on those who experience barriers to
accessing health resources.                                    Words from your LYS*
For this project we are looking for donations of all    * Local Yarn Store
weights of yarn to make baby layettes (so that each
newborn goes home with a blanket, sweater and hat       We invite all knitters to visit Yarn Indulgences at
set), adult and child toques, mitts, and scarves. As    your Kitchener market, 5 days a week or visit our
well, they like to have handmade dolls and dolls        website at
with clothes and/or teddy bears to give out to sick     Carolyn Anstey’s Main St. Yarns is at
children who have nothing.                    
                                                        Anne Featonby’s She Ewe Knits is at
4. KW Humane Society – Blankets                         Alpaca Acres welcomes visitors to our farm and
                                                        store. Call 519-625-1064 or
The KWHS is contracted by the local governments         All Strung Out, is at 7 Quebec
to perform animal control activities and to enforce     St., Guelph with Ashley Reid.
by-laws. They reunite families with stray pets, find
new homes for pets, and care for the stray animals      Shall We Knit? is excited about doing our 2nd
of Kitchener-Waterloo. While animals are in the         Men’s Christmas Shopping Night on Tuesday,
care of the shelter, blankets are used to make the      December 15th from 4-8pm. We will have elves
animals more comfortable and reduce stress.             ready to assist with their shopping and to gift wrap
                                                        their choices, as well as some snacks to help them
For this project we are looking for donations of all    keep going. And in our next shop Newsletter we
weights of yarn.                                        will have reminders that you can put on your fridge
                                                        and even fill in some suggestions.
                                                         This is a good time to remind everyone about our
Why have we adopted an official program for our         Wishlist. You can fill out a little card and leave it at
charity knitting? The Guild gets many requests to       the shop with what you would like to find under the
donate or knit for various charities. SOC provides a    Christmas tree, so when your loved ones come in to
means of keeping requests organized and tracks the      shop we can lead them to exactly what would put a
contributions of individual knitters and the KWKG       smile on your face. (We do this all year, not just for
as a whole. It allows us to show the community that     Christmas.)
the Guild “gives back” and utilizes the underused
resources we all have tucked away.                      Thank you,
We will shortly add a request form to the Guild
website for charities to use to contact us with their
requests, along with details of the process to
become an approved Guild charity project. Any
                                                       On Thanksgiving weekend, as I was trying to
                                                       decide whether to get a flash drive or an external
                                                       hard drive in order to back up all my documents and
                                                       e-mail, I was also running a ‘Disk Clean’ function
                                                       on my laptop. It never got finished. My hard drive
                                                       bit the dust, and I was left with nothing but a series
                                                       of ‘if only’s. If only I had backed up… If only I had
                                                       gotten around to buying a flash drive… If only I
              Show and Tell                            hadn’t thought that it would be ‘no big deal’ to lose
Lina Forner – ‘Wings of Horus’ shawl                   my drive…
Ann Clayburn – Alpaca Acres Webkinz sweater
Catt Groen – Knitting for Dummies sweater              I found out that it really was a big deal. All my
Lynn Sosnowski – Lenpur linen shrug                    documents, past Newsletters, grandbaby pictures
Teresa Cornwell – Sugar Rush Pompa scarf               were gone. Not only that but my e-mail history and
Lisa Fortin – ‘Baby Sophisticate’ jacket               my e-mail address book. MY ADDRESS BOOK!!!

                                                       Remember last month and the story of my faithful
                                                       pen pal of 50 odd years? Well, I never wrote down
                                                       her e-mail address. It was in my Address Book.
                                                       How am I ever going to explain this to her? Will
                                                       she believe me? Will she forgive me?

                                                       So back up your hard drives. You never know how
                     Raffle                            important your electronic history is, until it’s gone.
                                                       I’d like to go and knit now, but it reminds me of
Lori Perotta – Yang yarn from All Strung Out           how many patterns have gone to that big hard drive
Kara Guild – Alpaca Webkinz sweater kit                in the sky – never to be seen again.
Teresa Cornwell – Bag
Barbara Kerr – Mug
Gail Mercer – ‘Soak”                                   Kate
Dixie Lee Arbuckle – Alpaca Webkinz sweater kit
Patricia Beck – sock yarn
Wendy Hood-Morris – Loop de Loop book
Bev Church – note cards
Dixie Lee Arbuckle – knitting bag

Karma’s a b***h. Last month I told you in the
Last Word that I was a big time procrastinator.
Well, it certainly came back to bite me in the butt!
                 Other Stuff
Ever wonder what goes on at an Executive meeting?
Thought about volunteering, but don’t know what’s
involved? As a Guild member, you have the right to
attend Executive meetings, albeit without a vote. If
you’d like to sit in, get in touch with Karen at, or 519-888-1898 for
information. The next meeting is scheduled for
November 24/09.

Every time you turn in Zehr’s tapes to the raffle
table, you get a free raffle ticket.
Every time you send something to get printed in the
Newsletter, you get a chance to win a gift certificate
in May.
Knit’n’Chat continues on 4th Tuesday evening of
the month from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Region
of Waterloo Public Health and Social Services
Building in Room 210/211 located on the 2nd floor.
Park on Regina Street or behind City Hall. Diehard
chatters meet every week.
        Knitting 911, Knitting 411
Kate Seely is usually at Starbucks in Waterloo
Chapters from 10 to 11 a.m. on any given
Wednesday. I can answer questions or tell you who
can, or I can calm your panic attack with laughter
and caffeine.

  Call MARY Kanters at 519-634-8262 if you
know of a Guild member who needs sympathy or
   congratulations. We like to look after our
members, but need to have the info to do that so
          that Mary can send a card.