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Boy Scout Troop 814


									                                           Boy Scout Troop 814

                                Committee Meeting – September 28, 2010

Attendance:         Janet Bailey                       Becky Landy                          Mark Landy (SM)
                    Bill Daugherty                     Doug Miller
                    Debbie Daugherty                   Jeff Smith                           Matt Landy (SPL)
                    Anna Halbison

Minutes: Minutes from the August 24 meeting were distributed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: No change from the August report. $575 left in budget for the year.

                                                Eagle Scout Updates

Name           DOB       Comments (Life Scouts - dark)        Justin Lanier       10/93 L
Justin Miller 09/92 E – BOR 9/27, paperwork to Nat’l          Ian Losey           03/94 S
J Bruggeman 10/92 L – project work is almost complete,        Greg Hooper         04/94 L
       write-up in progress, MB’s to complete                 Matt Landy          05/94 L
Josh Martin    10/92 T – inactive                             Matt St Clair       09/94 S
Ariya Fathi    01/93 L – district approval ?, work soon       Jacob Rosen         05/95 S
Sean Ruff      08/93 S – working on Life                      Connor Colvin       11/95 L
                                           Note: DOB and rank may be incorrect.

Eagle Scout Presentations: None.

      Court of Honor – Held Sunday, September 26, at Mr. Smith’s. Many rank advancements and merit badges.
      Online Advancement – Becky is doing this online. Paper forms will end. Mary Smith at Council has retired.
      Eagle Advancement Coordinator – Janet Bailey will retire after Ariya completes his Eagle.
      Boards of Review – Future BOR dates are Tuesday, 10/26 (due to troop meeting at the Blue Jacket game on
       Monday), Monday, 11/29 (one week late), and in December as needed. Normally, these are on the 3rd or 4th
       Monday of each month and precede the PLC and Committee meetings, which are on the 4th Tuesday.

Senior Patrol Leader’s Update: Matt Landy (SPL) reported on events.
      Troop Meetings – 10/4 wood carving (Mr. Hohman); 10/11 first aid; 10/18 first aid scenario; 10/25 Blue Jackets
       game (Mr. Gettinger); 10/26 PLC; 11/1 survival cooking; 11/8 survival skills; 11/15 cold weather gear and first
       aid; 11/22 inter-patrol competition; 11/29 elections; 11/30 PLC.

Campouts and Activities:
      October 1-3 – Feast of the Hunters Moon – Cary Camp, Lafayette IN – Mr. Gettinger is organizing. An
       additional adult or parent may be needed. 6 or 7 scouts signed up.
      (October 15-17 – Fall Camporee – We will not participate due to full camping schedule.)
      October 23-24 – Webelos Recruiting Campout – Madison Lake – with other Hilliard troops - Mr. Landy will
       check the status of the campout and if other troops are attending.
      November 12-14 – Survivor Man Campout – Camp Chief Logan – Mr. Landy to check availability of camp.
      December 10-12 – Planning Campout – Camp Lazarus
      July 3-9, 2011 – Summer Camp – Camp Rotary, Clare MI – Mr. Ehret is organizing.
High Adventure: (additional information added after the meeting)
       Philmont: The troop is wait-listed for 2011, priority for 2012. We could possibly join a Council contingent in
        2011, with Simon Kenton or Heart of Ohio (Mansfield/Ashland). Crew size is 7-12 (min 2 adults, max 4 over 21).
        Age 14, or age 13 and completed 8th grade, by trek date. Cost $725 for 12-day trek in 2011, plus significant
        transportation and other costs. The troop’s traditional 3-year cycle is 2011. However, there appears to be no
        great demand within the troop for 2011. It appears we need to apply for 2012 in the central region week
        between 10/31 and 11/6 (or in the open week between 11/28 and 12/4). Note: Philmont’s website indicated that
        all on the 2010 wait-list were invited due to the economy and National Jamboree.
       Tinnerman: Canoeing is possible in 2011. Crew of 8 (2-3 adults). Age 13 by 9/1 of trip year. 2011 full crew
        cost is $450/person, plus full crew bus transportation of $175/person. At this time, there are four 1-week trips
        available starting on Sundays, 6/26 to 7/17. Mr. Landy stated that little interest has been shown so far.

Scoutmaster’s Update: Thanks to Jeff Smith for COH and the Flemmings for Campout. Low attendance at troop
      meetings probably due to sports.

Membership: Dues for 2011 will be $40 for scouts (or $75 if they do not participate in popcorn sales) and $25 for adults
     (up from $20). They are payable by 11/1 and should be given to the treasurers (Bill or Debbie Daugherty).
     Youth Protection Training is required of all adults before they can re-register for 2011. Mr Landy will send an
     email to inform the troop. Doug Miller volunteered to complete the online recharter.

Quartermaster and Equipment: Trailer lights (and other problems) need repair. Doug will send an email to some
       adult leaders requesting help (and possible coordination with other church groups using the trailer). (As a result,
       Troy Brown volunteered to fix lights.)

Roundtable: No report.

Fundraising: Popcorn sale is from 9/25 to 11/17. Show and sale at the Sawmill Sam’s Club on 11/7; more may be set
       up. Debbie will check with SRUMC for Sundays or at craft show. Debbie will email Bryan StClair for more
       information that can be emailed by Mr Landy. We need to inform scouts and parents and promote the sale.

Activity Hours: No report.

Adult Training: Youth Protection Training is required for all adult leaders to register for 2011. Email will be sent to
       inform all current leaders. Jim Ehret will collect records on training. Youth Protection Training and other courses
       are available online at

Troop Website: No report.

Other Committee Reports: None.

                                                      Old Business

Uniform Requirements: Scouts to be informed of full uniforms requirements for Board of Reviews.

Campout Planning: Responsibility class at Planning Campout by Mr Landy, Mr Yates, and Mr Andromalos.

                                                     New Business

Adopt-a Family: Adopt-a-Family should be discussed October PLC and committee meetings.

                                                  Next Meeting Dates

PLC and Committee Meetings: The next meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays, 10/26, and 11/30 (one week late, due
      to start of Thanksgiving break). Normally, these meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

                                                                                           Submitted by Doug Miller

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