National Annual Meeting
Commissioner Elective
May 31, 2007
Commissioner Priorities

   To improve the quality of program in
    every unit in your Council.

   To ensure that every eligible youth is
    provided a quality program experience
    and retained in the program.
    Components to Success
   Commissioner Web Site–
    – The Commissioner quarterly newsletter
    – Description of basic commissioner literature,
      audiovisuals, and other resources
    – PowerPoint presentations from previous and today’s
      national meeting commissioner electives
    – Downloadable copies of commissioner worksheets and
      self-assessment tools
    – Commissioner Identity Items for Sale
    – Other key commissioner resources of interest
      Components to Success
   Support of Training
     – Online E Learning Center Courses
          New Commissioner Fast Start being developed
          District Operations Interactive Game—help with
            identifying, recruiting, and engaging district level
            volunteers– available now
     – Revision of Basic Commissioner Training Course Manual–
       initial changes made in June—later additional support
     – Continuing Education for Commissioners
       Manual will be revised later this year
       - College of Commissioner Science program—
               Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate
       - Commissioner Conference
       Components to Success
   Support of Training
     – Commissioner Service and District Operation Support DVD
         Helping Units Succeed
         District Operations for the 21st Century: How Districts
         Commissioner Helps

     – Commissioner Annual Orientation
         DVD available to use at a meeting annually
         Webcast of DVD in small modules—
          view as a refresher of the process
         Guidelines for Unit Action Planning Meeting
            – Use of Self-Assessment forms
            – Agenda for meeting
      Components to Success
   Commissioner Podcasts on Web site—
    – Access on—
    – Podcasts will eventually all have a PowerPoint connected
    – Use for training, staff meetings, conferences, as homework
         Monthly Unit Visits
         Membership Validation Process
         National Strategic Plan
         Centennial Quality Awards Program Overview
         National Parent Initiative
         Commissioner Recruiting
         Youth Retention
         Unit achievement of Centennial
           Quality Unit Award
        Components to Success

   Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service being
    revised and printed in loose-leaf

   Philmont Training Center
         Unit Commissioner

         Administration for Commissioner Service

         Advanced Commissioner Service

         Council Key 3

         District Key 3
          Components to Success

       A Handbook for District Operations
        manual, No. 34739
         Released end of May 2007
         Covers four functions
            Finance
            Membership
            Program
            Unit Service
         Includes Job Responsibilities and
          Work Plans for each committee
       Components to Success

   Local Council Charter Review Process
     – Tailored to the needs of each council and the region
     – Parallels the five principles of the National Strategic Plan
     – Each region/area targeted questions of interest

   Strategic Plan Progress Survey Recently Completed
     – Questions targeted key issues from each division
        at national office and what their focus should be
        in the next year to better support local councils
        Components to Success
   Council Executive Board Orientation (CEBO) DVD
    Interactive Workshop –
     – Every council will be given a complimentary copy
        of the DVD and workbook at the National Meeting
     – Workbook includes—
          DVD
          CD with handouts downloadable to printout
          Syllabus of each of the 18 modules
          Facilitator Guide

   Ethnic Market Study
     – Hispanic emphasis
     – African American emphasis
     – Asian American emphasis

   Generation X and Millennial Families Study
   Commissioners at all levels are being
    measured on their ability to improve &
    maintain the highest quality units

   It boils down to unit commissioners
    having a ―face-to-face‖ working
    relationship with each of their
    assigned units
          A Closing Thought…
Our goal is to achieve the vision…

   ―To improve the QUALITY of program in every unit in America!‖
Share your ―Best Scouting Methods‖—

      Keith Christopher
      National Council, SUM 230
      Boy Scouts of America
      1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
      P. O. Box 152079
      Irving, Texas 75015-2079
      Office Tel: 972-580-2125
      Email :

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