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									How to go to Macau from Hong Kong International Airport?
There are two ways to go to Macau, and Route 1 is mostly recommended.

Route 1
-   “Hong Kong International Airport” transit to “Macau Ferry Terminal” by Turbo
    Jet Sea Express (which takes approx. 1 hour),
-    “Macau Ferry Terminal” to “Hotel Golden Dragon” by Taxi (within 5 minutes).

Below is the website about the Turbo Jet Express from Hong Kong Airport to Macau.
Please check you arrival time in Hong Kong and match the Turbo Jet Sea Express.
Remember to book your ticket early.
    Hong Kong International Airport to Macau   Macau to Hong Kong International Airport

          8S521                  10:50              8S211                   08:15

          8S523                  12:45              8S213                   10:00

          8S121                  14:00              8S215                   12:30

          8S122                  15:30              8S210                   13:45

          8S524                  17:25              8S216                   15:00

          8S522                  19:10              8S217                   16:45

          8S124                  22:00              8S218                   20:15

If you are going to take Turbo Jet Express boat from Hong Kong International Airport
to Macau, please remember the following:
1) After Check In from your local Airport, please Keep your Baggage Tag saved.
2) When you arrive Hong Kong International Airport, go to the Turbo Jet Express
    counter located on arrival hall area E1 (before the custom area). DO NOT go pass
    the custom in Hong Kong International Airport!!! Ask the airport staff if you
    are not very sure!
   You are going to transit to Macau by Turbo Jet Express therefore baggage reclaim,
   immigration and customs procedures are not required.
3) When you are in the Turbo Jet Express counter, they will ask for your Baggage
   Tag, and the Turbo Jet Express ticket (or purchase ticket from the counter) for
   checking in the boat.
4) Then go to boarding gate 10 to take a bus to the pier.
5) When you arrive Macau, you can claim your baggage.
   To understand more you can visit the following website and watch the Flow
   Demonstration Video.

In Macau Ferry Terminal you can take Taxi to Hotel Golden Dragon, which takes
within 5 minutes. OR take the Hotel Scheduled Bus to Hotel Golden Dragon. There
will be lots of buses to different hotel in the Bust Stop Area, you will need to pay
attention to look for the right one to Golden Dragon. Below is the schedule:
    Ferry Terminal to Hotel Golden Dragon
        10:30                   16:30
        11:30                   17:30
        12:30                   18:30
        13:30                   19:30
        14:30                   20:30
        15:30                   21:30
Route 2
-   “Hong Kong Airport” to “Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal” in Sheung Wan
    (located in downtown Hong Kong) by Taxi (around 50 minutes),
-   “Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal” in Sheung Wan to “Macau Ferry Terminal”
    by Turbo Jet (takes approx. 1 hour),
-   “Macau Ferry Terminal” to “Hotel Golden Dragon” by Taxi (within 5 minutes).

Below is the sailing schedule and details about Turbo Jet.
            Hong Kong to Macau                                      Macau to Hong Kong

                 0700 - 2359                                              0700 - 2359

         (departures every 15 minutes)                           (departures every 15 minutes)

          * Additional sailings with depatures every 5 minutes will be added during peak hours

         0030                     0400                          0030                      0400

         0100                     0445                          0100                      0600

         0130                     0600                          0130                      0630

         0230                                                   0230

Cash Exchange
You should prepare Hong Kong Dollar cash, because we will use Hong Kong Dollar
in our Tournament Hall, and Hong Kong Dollar is more common to use in Macau.
The rate is 1 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) equal to 1 Macau Pataca (MOP).

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