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									             CAMP CATERPILLAR                                                          Hospice House marks 1st Anniversary
               in its 3rd Year
On Saturday October 8, 2005 at about        Children from all over the county, who
8:00 a.m. the Hospice of San Joaquin        have experienced the death of a loved
office building on Pacific Avenue will      one within the past two years, will
be filled with unusual sights! There will   come together to participate in a day
be a clown out front making balloon         designed to help them identify and
animals; groups of children getting         express their grief and to deal with the
their face painted, groups of children      changes in their lives while having a
making special butterflies; groups of       great time!
children practicing singing and other       During the day each camper will visit

                                                                                       Robert (Bob) Sweyd, a patient resident of the Hospice House with volunteer is Evelyn
                                                                                       Rich and therapy dog, Ilka.
                                                                                       Hospice Executive Director Barbara Tognoli reports that 111 patients have been
                                                                                       received into the first hospice residence in San Joaquin County at the campus on
                                                                                       Pacific Avenue. Patients have come from throughout the county for a total of 1498
                                                                                       patient days. The patients are attended to by the registered nurse and hospice
                                                                                       house manager, Cheryl Novak, assisted by licensed vocational nurses, certified
                                                                                       nurse assistants and a full time cook. Volunteers assist with serving patient meals,
                                                                                       visiting and reading to patients, including those who come to play the piano in the
                                                                                       living room for the enjoyment of the residents.                                 ■
                                                                                            HOSPICE OF SAN JOAQUIN AWARDED HIGHEST
                                                                                                    STANDARDS FROM JACHO
                                                                                  On August 19th HOSPICE OF SAN                   for Hospice of San Joaquin because
                                                                                  JOAQUIN achieved a three year accred-           we want it to be the best. " Hospice of
                                                                                  itation from the Joint Commission               San Joaquin is Medi-Care and Medi-
                                                                                  on Accreditation of Healthcare                  Cal certified.
                                                                                  Organizations. Upon completion of               Hospice of San Joaquin is a commu-
                                                                                  an in-depth, on-site survey Hospice of          nity-based, non-profit agency that has
                                                                                  San Joaquin was found to be in com-             provided nursing and supportive care
                                                                                  pliance with the highest standards for          to over ten thousand (10,000) termi-
Fay Hanson, Hospice of San Joaquin Volunteer, with Campers.
                                                                                  hospice care. The survey focused on             nally ill patients and their families in
                                                                                  hands-on clinical care of patients in           cities, towns and rural areas of San
groups playing games. Approximately four activity areas designed to help the hospice program and compliance                       Joaquin County and bordering com-
45 children will be getting ready to them express their feelings, improve with the national safety standards. In                  munities since 1982.                 ■
spend the day at “Camp Caterpillar,” communication and learn coping skills addition, there was scrutiny of board
our one day bereavement camp for to deal with current and future losses. management, administrative policies,                              C      O N T E N T S
children kindergarten to sixth grade.     In “Creative Crafts,” campers will make personnel qualifications, medical pro-           PAGE 2 . . .. . . . . . . . . . EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S CORNER
This year will be our third annual camp.                                          cedures, education and performance               PAGE 3. . .PARTNERS IN HEALTH CARE, DIRECTORS NAMED
                                                     See Camp Caterpillar page 3 improvement programs.
                                                                                                                                   PAGE 4. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .WAYNE BONHAM, INTERVIEW
   The mission of Hospice of San Joaquin is to                                    Barbara Tognoli, Executive Director,
                                                                                                                                   PAGE 5. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ANNUAL RECOGNITION
provide comprehensive medical, physical, social,                                  states, "Achieving accreditation dem-
                                                                                  onstrates our entire staff's commit-             PAGE 6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TRUCKIN’ FOR HOSPICE
  spiritual and emotional care for terminally ill                                                                                  PAGE 7. . . . . . .BUTTERFLY AUXILIARY, ANNUAL MEMBERS
                                                                                  ment to provide the highest quality care
      patients, their families and caregivers.                                    to our patients. We seek accreditation           PAGE 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CALENDAR OF EVENTS

                                                                   Message from Barbara Tognoli


                       s our nation focuses more and more on the escalating

                       costs and other problems of health care delivery, we
                                                                                                  Hospice of San Joaquin Board
                                                                                                    of Directors 2004-2005

                       are bombarded with statistics – how many millions of

                       dollars are spent, how many hundreds of thousands of

              patients fall into this category or that category, what percent-                                    Barbara Wegner
                                                                                                           President, Community Volunteer
              age of health care costs are allocated to this group or that group.

                                                                                                                  Stephen Guasco

                                                                                                       Vice President, Catholic Healthcare West
              The reality is, however, that for each patient, there is only one

                                                                                                                   Sandra Mayer

              diagnosis, one illness, one hospital room, one medical test, one                               Secretary, Dameron Hospital

                                                                                                                  Nicholas Aninag
              surgery that matters: his or her own.                                                   Treasurer, Vice-President, Bank of Stockton
                Every day our hospice staff sees nearly 100 different patients. But at the

                                                                                                                    David Bentz
                                                                                                  Retired Police Captain, Stockton Police Department
              very core of Hospice of San Joaquin is the recognition that each patient is                        Vicki Burgess, RN
              unique, his or her needs, personality, circumstances, family relationships,                  Coordinator, Kaiser Permanente
              life outlook, experiences and even medical characteristics are unique. Our                           Karen Carlson
                                                                                                            Property Management Experts
              “special way of caring” is rooted in the individuality of each patient. You                    Karen Knight Frank, R.N.
              will read about one of our patients in this newsletter, Wayne Bonham.                             Nurse Administrator,
                                                                                                           San Joaquin General Hospital
                Our new Hospice Center and Hospice House are a witness to this special                          Richard Ghio, CPA
              way of caring which has succeeded for nearly 24 years and for thousands                    Instructor, San Joaquin Delta College
              of patients. Our community believes in the services we provide and has                            Pete Gormsen, CPA
                                                                                                          DeGreogori, Gormsen, Ringer Inc.
              eagerly become a partner in this tender care by helping build the magnifi-
                                                                                                                 John Harris, Esq.
              cent hospice campus.                                                                                 Harris & Parisho
                Last year Hospice of San Joaquin provided care for 833 patients and                               Jim Linderman
                                                                                                              St. Joseph’s Medical Center
              families, exceeding our prior year’s patient census by 18%. Our nursing
                                                                                                                    Harry Olson
              visits have doubled and our presence in nursing homes has increased,                              Community Volunteer
              assuring that those who are no longer able to remain at home can die in                          Barbara Sexton, R.N.
                                                                                                                Community Volunteer
              dignity wherever they may be. We welcomed over one hundred patients
                                                                                                                 Danae Sharp, R.N.
              and families into our Hospice House since October and they have voiced                              Dameron Hospital
              a similar sentiment: “What a beautiful place to be when one is dying. The                       Noreen Tighe, L.C.S.W.
                                                                                                              St. Joseph’s Medical Center
              peace and the beauty, the surrounding hospice family gently allow our
                                                                                                                  William Trezza
              loved one to leave this earth.”                                                                  Chief Executive Officer,
                We could not do this without the magnificent support of our Hospice                        Bank of Agriculture & Commerce
                                                                                                                     Diane Vigil
              Butterfly Auxiliary; you will find evidence of some of their activities in               Director, Dameron Hospital Foundation
              these pages.                                                                                         Mark Wallace
                Yes, we are growing and serving more and more people. The Schwemley                         Director of Human Resources,
                                                                                                               Lodi Memorial Hospital
              Foundation, created by Robert G. and Kathryn R. Schwemley, is providing                              George Wehrs
              a grant to Hospice of San Joaquin to maintain and expand our bereave-                        Wehrs Direct Marketing Services
              ment services – that is, assistance to individual and families adjusting to
              the death of a loved one. The grant will allow Hospice to offer more indi-      Hospice Awareness is a semi-annual publi-
              vidual and family counseling, support groups and community education            cation of Hospice of San Joaquin, a private,
                                                                                               nonprofit organization serving terminally
              programs in the areas of grief and loss.                                       ill patients and their families in San Joaquin
                I hope you will continue to support “your” hospice as we again surpass          County. Inquiries regarding the content
              our expectations in another year of hospice services to terminally ill           of Hospice Awareness may be directed to
              patients and their loved ones. While we are able in these pages to list only     Barbara Pombo, Director of Development
              a fraction of those who annually support hospice care for their families          & Public Relations, 3888 Pacific Avenue,
                                                                                                  Stockton, CA 95204 (209) 957-3888
              and neighbors, we remember each with sincere gratitude. ■                                    www.hospicesj.org
 CAMP CATERPILLAR                               Partners in

                                                                                                                                         HOSPICE OF SAN JOAQUIN’S
                 Continued from page 1                                                                                                     VEHICLE DONATION

special keepsakes and reminders of
their loved ones while sharing with one
                                                Healthcare                                                                                      PROGRAM
                                                                                                                                         Hospice of San Joaquin offers own-

                                                                                                                                                                                  U M M E R
another the story of their special per-        This section is dedicated to highlight-                                                   ers of unwanted cars, trucks, boats,
son who died. “Music and Relaxation”             ing professionals, individuals and
                                               organizations, whose care for the sick                                                    trailers and RV’s an easy way of
will allow the campers to express feel-        complements the work of Hospice of                                                        disposing of those vehicles while

ing through music and movement as            San Joaquin. The goal of this collabora-                                                    making a gift that supports hospice

they will beat on a drum or play other        tion, coordination and mutual support

                                                                                                                                                                                  P R I N G
                                             is to search out and deliver the best and                                                   services in the community.
musical instruments to show what fear,                                                    Noreen Tighe, L.C.S.W.
                                               most appropriate care for our shared                                                      Vehicle donations made to Hospice
anger or sadness “sound” like.                                patients.
                                                                                          The Internet, and health-focused tele-         of San Joaquin are tax deductible

“Creative Writing” will find each child
                                            Noreen Tighe has served the patients          vision programs have assisted with

beginning their own special journal                                                                                                      to the full extent of the law. The
                                            and families of St. Joseph’s Medical          patients and families being more               IRS allows the donor to claim a tax

                                                                                                                                                                                  O A Q U I N
designed to write down or draw memo-
ries about their loved one. As they         Center for over 25 years. She describes       informed. This is very empowering to           deduction of
write and share they will learn that        her work: “I am a Social Worker in            patients and families who have both
                                            the hospital who is assigned to the           more knowledge and more choices                (a) the value of your vehicle up to
their feelings and memories are the

                                            oncology unit, Cancer Center and on           than in earlier generations.                       $500;

                                                                                                                                                                                  A N
same as their peers. In “Storytelling”
                                            occasion, the Emergency Room. I am            Hospice of San Joaquin is an option            (b) or, if the vehicle sells for more

campers will listen to a story and then
                                            a member of the Palliative Care Team          for patients and families, depending               than $500, a receipt on the

                                                                                                                                                                                  O F
relate the story back to the group using
their own experience of grieving as the     and a social work supervisor. My role         on their goals for care. If their goals            value of the vehicle will be

                                                                                                                                                                                  O S P I C E
backdrop.                                   includes supporting those with life-          are comfort, hospice services are an               mailed to the donor for tax pur-
Interspersed among these core activi-       threatening illnesses and those in trau-      option. If their goals are active, aggres-         poses.
ties are periods of organized play,         ma. I assist with mobilizing resources,       sive treatment, hospice care is not an
                                                                                                                                         Help in removing that unwanted

snacks, a picnic lunch, visits to the       aiding with adjusting to the changes          appropriate referral. I do believe it is
                                            that illness brings to patients and fam-      important to provide education about           vehicle is just a phone call away.
Camp Caterpillar store, picture taking,                                                                                                  For more information or to receive
face painting and lots of laughter and      ilies. Attending to issues that sur-          the services of Hospice of San Joaquin
                                            face, clarifying role and relationship        may be a resource down the road as             help in processing your vehicle
singing of the camp song.
                                            changes are a part of the services that       condition change or their goals of care        donation, call Hospice of San
The day will close with a special cer-
                                            are provided. Financial challenges fre-       shift."                                ■       Joaquin at (209) 957-3888.
emony with everyone participating
and parents and guardians watching.         quently are present. I find myself in
Campers will play their instruments,        the role of advocacy for people, for
                                            instance if insurance is cut off, I help to
                                                                                              Hospice of San Joaquin Names Clinical
twirl with their streamers, sing their
camp song, relate their camp experi-        connect the patient with legal or other             and Finance/Operations Directors
ence and watch in awe as live butter-       resources; if a patient is displaced from
flies are released into the sky.            his/her apartment, I link the person to
All campers will leave the camp site        resources that can provide safe and
with their families taking with them        appropriate discharge. Helping peo-
their camp tee-shirt, a “goodie” bag        ple with their choices, and identifying
filled with their crafts, journals, store   options is paramount my work on a
purchases and pictures and many spe-        daily basis.
cial memories of the day.                   I work with patients and families
Camp Caterpillar is offered free of         that are newly diagnosed with can-
charge to any child from kindergar-         cer through patients receiving end of
ten through sixth grade who has expe-       life care. I am also a member of the
rienced the death of a loved one in         Palliative Care Team that started at St.
the last two years. This is made pos-       Joseph's in 2004. A cancer diagnosis
                                            is a life-changing event even when            Gail Wigley, RN, BSN, Director of Clinical   Michael J. Hoffman, Director of Finance/
sible through generous grants from                                                        Services                                     Operations
the Independent Order of Foresters,         the prognosis is very good. As a social
United Way and the H.C.E. Foundation.       worker, I support people in the grief         Gail Wigley, R.N. has been named             Michael J. Hoffman has been named
Support for the Bereavement Program         process that goes along with any seri-        Director of Clinical Services, supervis-     Director of Finance and Operations,
is also received from the Schwemley         ous illness: denial, anger, bargaining,       ing the medical care of approximately        supervising the departments of
Foundation. Space is limited and reg-       depression and acceptance. People             one hundred (100) patients a day. Under      Finance, Human Resources, Facilities
istration is open until September 30th      go through this process as their health       Mrs. Wigley’s direction, fifty healthcare    and Information Systems. Most recent-
■                                           status or that of a family member has         professionals including registered nurs-     ly, Mr. Hoffman served as principal,
                                            changed. Everyone copes differently.          es, licensed vocational nurses, certified    St. Paschal Baylon School, Oakland.
                                                                                          nursing assistants, home health aides,       In addition to education, Michael
                                                                                          as well as medical records, a dietician      Hoffman has served as a Deputy
                                                                                          and massage therapist serve patients in      Probation Officer, San Joaquin County
                                                                                          their homes, nursing and assisted liv-       and Personnel Supervisor, US Air Force
                                                                                          ing facilities and in the Hospice House.     Active Duty and Reserve. He has served
                                                                                          Gail Wigley served as nurse manager          on the C.H.O.I.C.E.S. committee for the
                                                                                          with Dameron Hospital for 30 years. In       Diocese of Stockton and served as a
                                                                                          the late 1990’s through 2003 she served      chairperson for the visiting commit-
                                                                                          on the Hospice of San Joaquin’s Board        tee, Western Association of Schools and
                                                                                          of Directors and was President of the        Colleges for a number of years. He is
                                                                                          Board when ground was broken for             married to Mary Lou Hoffman; they
                                                                                          the administration and hospice house         are the parents of three children and
                                                                                          facilities on Pacific Avenue.                grandparents of five.                ■
                                                                                          She is married to Marvin Wigley; they
Bereavement Volunteer Kevin Costello with Camp Caterpillar Campers                        are the parents of four children and
                                                                                          grandparents of eleven.               ■

                  Wayne Bonham pursues life, friends and hobbies with vigor


                         hen asked, “Who are you?”, Wayne
                         Bonham answers with his story: “I met

                         a girl in the First Baptist Church in San

                         Jose when going to school in 1941. .
              .and she said “Yes” and we’ve been getting along
              pretty good for 65 years. Two months after I gradu-

              ated from college, I was drafted in to the Army. . . .I

              was in accounting for ten years; back to school. A

              school teacher for 27 years, junior high.”

                When asked about managing junior       Bonham interjects: “One woman,
                                                       who was a little girl whom Wayne

              high students, Mr. Bonham smiles
              and chuckles with a laugh that comes     really spent time helping in school,
                                                       now helps us at times by driving us     Left: Beverly Cardoza, Volunteer, welcomes Bonham’s critique of her stained glass
              often and easily, it seems, from deep                                            work.
              down within. “I pushed for and           to the doctor’s office.”
                                                                                               Right: The Carousel – perhaps the most intricate of the hundreds of Wayne Bonham’s
              got microscopes in the schools –           The phone rings, Wayne answers        artistic stained glass creations.
              learn by doing, not (just) reading. I    and has a short conversation while I
              wanted to teach about living things;     talk with Katherine. Hanging up he      responds with notes of appreciation        rect.” Wayne: “We forgot one thing.
              to examine cell tissue; the students     says, with typical humor and real-      and questions. Later, when urged to        We have to put in the knees.”
              could see that hair cells are much       ism: “My minister; called to see if I   reflect on his impact on others, Mr.         I remind Wayne of a comment
              different from bone cells.” Then in      was still warm.” He smiles broadly      Bonham chooses the words: “doing,          he made during his first meeting
              his typical, straightforward teach-      and chuckles again.                     influencing, challenging others, giv-      with Hospice Social Worker, Terasa
              ing style, Mr. Bonham launches into        “What do you most enjoy? what         ing them confidence to their best”.        Dannecker, in March 2004: “I have
              teaching a lesson: The cell as an        do you most enjoy?” “I’ve been a          This description of his impact on        a hypothesis for you: hospice will
              individual unit. We learned the parts    rock-hound since starting to teach      others was soon made alive for me.         not be able to help me.” He doesn’t
              of the cell – organs (DNA) How am        junior high.” Mr. Bonham, the           On a second visit to the Bonham’s          remember saying that, but responds:
                                                                                               I met Beverly Cardoza, Hospice of          “They help me quite a bit. Hospice
                                                                                               San Joaquin volunteer, there on her        (from a scientific and business
                                                                                               weekly visit. “When we came to             point of view) is on the loosing end
                                                                                               the Bonham’s to Christmas carol in         – the people you work with will die;
                                                                                               December, I couldn’t take my eyes          Hospice’s end is ‘bye-bye’. And I feel
                                                                                               off his stained glass pieces that are      lonesome when the hospice nurses
                                                                                               hanging and placed on tables and           and others leave the house; they are
                                                                                               shelves throughout the entry, liv-         very good. Really great people.”
                                                                                               ing room and dining room. Later              “What do you dream of doing?” “I
                                                                                               I called and asked to come by to           would like to drive, go back to my
                                                                                               see his work; I was so fascinated by       friends of 15 years in the stained
                                                                                               his three-dimensional work. Wayne          glass workgroup, they are like fam-
                                                                                               introduced me to lessons in stained        ily. My wife and (the stubborn) nurse
                                                                                               glass; he sent me to class and each        won’t back me up. Both daugh-
                                                                                               week I come to him to have my work         ters say ‘NO’.” Katherine: “She (the
                                                                                               critiqued. “I love it”. Wayne inter-       nurse) wants you to make up your
                                                                                               jects: “You get started on this sort       mind.” Wayne says determinedly, “I
              Left: Wayne Bonham in his workshop planning the next project.                    of thing, challenged to do the next        don’t want to go to the hospital.” He
              Right: Wayne and Katherine Bonham share a moment together in their back yard.    harder project—just like these skate       then begins to describe his last heart
                                                                                               boarders look for the next harder          attack: “I was pouring water (sweat),
              I going to get the kids to remember      teacher, launches into another story    trick to do.” Beverly and Wayne            my chest felt like a hot iron. . . I like
              that term – (I turned it into a) CLASS   of an early and memorable trip to       and Katherine talk back and forth          Mary Atkins, the nurse, she came in
              YELL. “Diox-y ri-bo-nuclaic acid”.       dig obsidian in Napa; and then,         about 4 or 5 projects that they have       and took hold, right now. That gave
              The kids shouted it, sang it, repeated   how it is cut, polished and placed      underway.                                  me confidence right away. Mary
              it on the playground!”                   into settings to make jewelry. He         Beverly says: “He is always the          knows how to handle me. When she
                Reflecting on his relationship to      shows me the decorative buckle on       teacher, science as well as the glass      got to me, I knew I was in safe hands,
              students he frankly admits: “We          his belt. In recent months he has       work. When doing my first stained          don’t have to worry any more.”
              want students to love us (as teach-      shared his rock collection with a 10-   glass butterfly, he called to ask if I     Finished with that story, he invites
              ers). Many tolerate us; some hate        year old pen-pal, John. Again, he       knew how many legs a butterfly has!        me to follow him to his workshop in
              – just breaks my heart; and a few        teaches, with written commentary        I learned that all insects have six (6)    the backyard. More projects, more
              liked us – a lot.” Mrs. (Katherine)      on the rock pieces shared and John      legs.) It must be scientifically cor-      teaching to be done. ■
                                                                                                                                                                                             U M M E R

           ayor Ed Chavez and Senator and Mrs. Michael Machado joined in congratulating retiring Hospice

                                                                                                                                                                                             P R I N G
           Board Chair William Trezza and volunteers and employees who celebrated benchmark years of ser-
           vice at the 23rd Annual Awards & Recognition event held at Elkhorn Country Club. Other special

           guests included Lodi City Manager Blair King, Cathleen Galgiani from Assemblywoman Barbara

Matthew’s office and Adam Struck from Congressman Richard Pombo’s office.

                                                                                                                                                                                             O A Q U I N
                                         Newly installed Board President, Barbara Wegner, assisted by moderator Harry Olson, presented special awards to out-
 Annual Awards                           standing supporters of Hospice’s Patient Care and Bereavement Programs. Among those supporters present were Gayle

                                         and John DeGregori, representing the Robert G. and Kathryn R. Schwemley Foundation, Truckin’ for Hospice represented

                                                                                                                                                                                             A N
   Honorees                              by Steve Blanchard and the Hospice Butterfly Auxiliary represented by Sharon Stokes, President. Other annual sup-

                                         porters recognized were the PG&E’s Community Campaign, Employee Workplace Giving and A.G. Spanos Companies.

                                                                                                                                                                                             O F
            VOLUNTEERS                   Representative of the annual host sites for the Tree of Lights were brought to the podium for recognition: Diana Slawson,
                FIVE YEAR

                                                                                                                                                                                             O S P I C E
                                         Foundation Director, representing San Joaquin Delta Community College; Carin Von Latta, Marketing Director, Doctor’s
           Andy Coronado                 Hospital of Manteca and Blair King, City Manager, Lodi. PG&E employees, Mark Rasmussen, Greg Cobarrubias and Evan
          Evelyn Coronado                Slaydon, representing themselves and the several PG&E volunteers who have maintained the trees for over 16 years, were
              Linda Dillon

                                         warmly recognized.                                                                                                     ■
              Grace Head
              Eva Hodges
         Burnetta McCreath
                                             Hospice of San Joaquin 2005 Annual Members
           Duane Ostgaard                The annual membership contribu-          Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cabral           George and Shirley Michaeloff       Dr. and Mrs. J. David Bernard
                                         tion of our members support the          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Caminata         Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mordaunt          Boboli International, Inc.
                TEN-YEAR                 day-to-day care of nurses, social        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carlile         Kenneth Mullins                     Fred Cain
              Kim Boccia                 workers, chaplains, home-health          Lois Carpenter                       Jeremiah Murphy                     Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lee Crawford
           Mary McCleary                 aides and volunteers for the 80 to 100   Paula Carroll                        Laurel Murphy                       F & H Construction
                                         patients and families served each day    Danny and Madalyn Caruso             Alyce Nishima                       Myrna Filley
               Joan Topp                 throughout the year by Hospice of        Michael and Evonna Cerri             Sil and Gerrie Nogare               Financial Decisions
             Joanne Wood                 San Joaquin.                             Chee and Chun Chan                   Nancy O’Brien                       John and Barbara Galgiani
                                         BENEFACTORS                              Charlotte Cheek                      Dennis and Chris Olin               Dr. and Mrs. William Gorham
            Diane Watson                 Gerald and Sharon Herrera                Rabbi Steve Chester                  Duane Ostgaard                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunefeld
            Louise Vavrik                Dr. Lawrence Hildebrand                  Dorothy Clark                        Alfred and Clara Patane             Larry and Susan Johannaber
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hill                   Bruce Clendenin                      Doris Perez                         Nila Kraus
             EMPLOYEES                   Kathleen Hines                           Lex and Marilyn Corrales             Ogden Perry                         William Marre
                FIVE YEAR                Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hobin               Souad Courey                         Dr. Robert L. Protell               Wyman and Andrea Osborn
           Angel Galloway                Chuck and Yolanda Kelley                 Rudy and Stephene Croce              Otto Ragains                        Mr. and Mrs. John Pozar
                                         Albert and Margaret Low                  Steve and Terasa Dannecker           Roy and Peggy Reimche               Cathy Quinn
       James Russow, Chaplin             Jeanne Morando                           Mr. and Mrs. Al Davidson             W. James Robertson                  Jack and Diane Renger
         Ligaya Sakata, LVN              Barbara Richards                         Erma De Carli                        Clason Rohrer                       Yolanda Roscelli
                                         Dr. and Mrs. Peter Salamon               James and Joan Deak                  Jim James Sanguinetti               Beverly Sheehy
                TEN-YEAR                 Craig and Cathleen Schrader              Noelle Delore                        Geraldine Schaffer                  Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sonntag
          Jo Paganini, MSW               Barbara Sexton                           Lee and Sue Dempsey                  Ronald and Susan Schofield          Joan Stevens
           Teri Palmer, RN               Danae Sharp                              Carroll and Marcia Doty              Eugene Schreyer                     Glynn Tarrant
                                         Thelma Stewart                           Gary and Krista Duda                 Earl Seely                          Judith Tirapelle
           Paris Brown,RN                PATRONS                                  Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dunn             Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shea             George Tometti
         Diane Madden, RN                Anne Beeson                              Elmer’s Heating & Air Conditioning   Father Harmon Skillin               Louise Vavrik
                                         Carolyn Bennett                          F & M Bank                           Deanne Smith                        William Tank Lines
              FIFTEEN YEAR               Frank Bertuccelli                        Grace Fedor                          George and Margaret Smith           SUPPORTING DONORS
        Barbara Gregory, RN              Mr. and Mrs. C. Joseph Crane             Dr. Peter Gannon                     St. Mary’s High School              Richard Altamirano
                                         Ernie George                             Mr. and Mrs. David Gates             Eleanor Stafford                    Robert Andresen
   Hospice House                         Walter and Judith Ghio
                                         Eugene and Dianne Gini
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Gotelli
                                                                                  Marilyn Graffigna
                                                                                                                       Donald Summerhays
                                                                                                                       John Thompson
                                                                                                                                                           Karen Angerstein
                                                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Larry Anundson
    Committee                            Michael Hakeem
                                         Loyal and Jean Hutchison
                                                                                  Arlene Haack
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Halecky
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Preston Thompson
                                                                                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Walter Tim
                                                                                                                                                           Dolores Arbios
                                                                                                                                                           James Areida
                                         Don Little                               Doug and Marsha Haydel               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tippett         Bonnie Arrington
     Honorees                            Charles Mechling
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rishwain
                                                                                  Argel Hays
                                                                                  Tony Hernandez
                                                                                                                       Travaille Insurance Agency, Inc.
                                                                                                                       Roberta Uecker
                                                                                                                                                           Dolores Artemenko
                                                                                                                                                           Andrew and Norma Battaglia
 Committee members who success-          Dawn Tognoli                             Mr. and Mrs. Tom Horita              Paul and Jan Umdenstock             Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bava
                                         Stella Tognoli                           Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hutchison       James Vetter                        Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Beckman
fully raised funds for the building of   Bill and Joan Topp                       Judith Hutton                        Theodore and Fern Vieira            Jane Belcher
    the first hospice residence in       Harvey Webb                              Dean and Kathleen Janssen            Mary Helene Vieira                  Mr. and Mrs. George Blum
         San Joaquin County.             CENTURY DONORS                           Margaret Johnston                    Dr. and Mrs. Roger Vincent          Barton Bona
                                         George Abdallah                          Larry and Lucy Kallman               Eva Volpi                           Maynard and Jane Bostwick
             George Wehrs                Richard Abel                             Matt and Rosemary Katicich           Bobbie Wallinger                    Leonard Breakfield
            Douglas Haydel               Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Abernathy            Diana Kaul                           Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Wegner          Don Buck
                                         Florence Allen                           Robert and Dian Kern                 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wells           Violet Carlson
            Sharon Bensch                Mr. and Mrs. Perry Andrews               Rick and Linda Kibler                Nancy Whitaker                      Frances Carter
             Ann Johnston                Mr. and Mrs. James Anthony               Thomas Kopping                       Roy and Jean Whiteker               Joyce Cates
          Florence Kamigaki              Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Asuncion             Philip and Jackie Korbholz           Mark and Sherri Wilbur              Robert Chargin
                                         Esther Auman                             Mr. and Mrs. John Lane               Thomas and Peggy Willard            Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Clark
            Harvey Sundahl               Dr. and Mrs. Gary Baughman               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leiting          Cherald Williams                    Duane and Teresa Clark
          Dr. Robert Browne              Dr. and Mrs. George Bensch               Alice Lenz                           Dr. Jack Williams                   Mr. and Mrs. K.R. Class
           Doug Wilhoit, Jr.             Jacques Bernier                          Catherine Lewis                      Ron and Susan Williamson            Shirley Coleman
                                         Mr. and Mrs. William Biddick             Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lilienstein      Barbara Wilson                      Mr. and Mrs. Corey Colla
       Corie Coleman-Maxwell             Dr. Robert Bley                          Lodi Funeral Home                    Nadeen Womble                       Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cooper
               Joe Curtis                Janet Bonner                             William and Geraldine Lounsbury      Ann Wunsch                          Judy Crosby
                                         Jon and Christine Brandstad              Laura Lucchesi                       Karen Yescas                        Eva Day
              Linda Dillon               Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Brownfield            Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Marzion           Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Yucht          Lawrence and Alma DeRicco
              Connie Fox                 Cameron Buck                             Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mattingly          SPONSORS                            Muriel DeSelm
              Pat Gabbard                Mr. and Mrs. Albert Buffington           Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne McClendon        Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Angeli            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Diehl
                                         Bruce and Norma Burlington               Mr. and Mrs. Bill McCormack          Ben Salas Funeral Home
               Chris Olin                C & R Fence Contractors, Inc.            Karen McKee                          Robert Bansmer and Phyllis Berger            Continued on page 7

                      Sponsors of the 4th Annual

                         Truckin' for Hospice
              The contributions of Sponsors and      Paccar Financial

              Riders netted the August 13th event    Paul Oil, Co., Inc.

              $52,000 which was received equally     Peterbilt
              by Hospice of San Joaquin and          PPG Paint
              Community Hospice of Modesto           Ralph Hayes & Son, Inc.

              A.C. Trucking, Inc.                    Redfern Trucking, Inc.

              Air Products                           Reeve Trucking Co, Inc.                                                               Approximately 400 riders make the 143-

                                                                                                                                           mile run through the Sierra Foothills
              Aramark                                Riverside Transport                                                                   with the run starting at Valley Harley

              Arlen Ness Motorcycles                 S.J. Trucking Association                                                             Davidson and stops at Hospice of San
                                                                                                Jan Brown and daughter, of Bud Brown

                                                                                                                                           Joaquin in Stockton, Mokelumne Hill,
              Auto Industrial Paint Company, Inc.    Silva Trucking                             Trucking, Modesto, take a break at the     Murphys, Jamestown and ending at
              B & B Trucking dba Beachler &          Sterling                                   first stop of the day-long Truckin’ for    Community Hospice in Modesto. The rid-
              Beachler, Inc.                         Steves Chevrolet - Buick Inc.              Hospice ride.                              ers enjoyed having both Hospice locations

                                                                                                                                           on the run and were able to see first hand
              BJJ                                    Sunrise Sanitation                                                                    their donations at work.
              Burns Truck & Trailer Services         Sward Trucking
              Cal-Neva Slush                         T's & Tops                                                                             Looking Forward to
              Carl Gisler Trucking                   Teresi Trucking, Inc.                                                                   25th Anniversary
              Central California Kenworth Cherokee   Tiger Lines, LLC
                                                                                                                                          Hospice of San Joaquin will celebrate
              Freight Lines                          Tuff Boy Leasing
                                                                                                                                          25 years of patient care in January
              Cherokee Truck Parts                   Unifirst Corporation
                                                                                                                                          2007. Your memories, photos and
              Chili's Bar and Grill                  USI Insurance Services                                                               notes are needed to help to put togeth-
              Dameron Hospital                       USI Northern California                                                              er the history of hospice services in
              Dan Dewald, Inc. dba Western Star      Valley Truck Wrecking, Inc.                                                          San Joaquin County from the commu-
              Trucks                                 Wells Fargo Bank N.A.                                                                nity’s point of view. Please send your
              Delta Truck Center                     Wells Fargo Bank N.A.                                                                memories and photos of helping with
              Diesel Master, Inc.                    West Coast Detail                                                                    Hospice of San Joaquin as a volunteer
              Dream Rides                            Western Pacific Truck Schools                                                        or former staff member; or personal
              DynoMaster, Inc.                       Western Transportation Services                                                      family memories to
              Food-4-Less / PAQ, Inc.                Wild Signs                                                                           Hospice of San Joaquin
              Foster Dairy Farms                     Williams Tank Lines                                                                  25th Anniversary Committee
                                                                                                                                          3888 Pacific Avenue
              Freightliner                           Yamaha of Modesto                          Executive Director Barbara Tognoli,
                                                                                                “Mystery Biker”.                          Stockton, CA 95204
              Fuel Delivery Services, Inc.           Yellow Freight
              Gillies Trucking, Inc.                                                  CELEBRATE WITH HOSPICE OF SAN JOAQUIN
              Gilton Solid Waste Mangement, Inc.
                                                                                      THE 1ST ANNIVERSARY OF OUR HOSPICE HOUSE
              Golden Gate Truck Center
              Holt of California                                                                      A HOME AWAY FROM HOME
                                                                                        The first and only hospice residence in San Joaquin County
              Idealease of Stockton, Inc.
              Idealease, Inc.                        NAME (Please Print): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
              International Truck and Engine Corp    Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
              Interstate Truck Center, LLC
              Jack Frost Ice                         City __________________________________ State ________ Zip ________________E-mail ____________________________ @ ___________
              Jamestown Harley-Davidson              Home Phone: ________________________________________________________ Work Phone________________________________________
              Joe Gonzales, Jr. Trucking             Check enclosed or Please charge to      Mastercard        Visa         AmEx        Discover
              John Phillips                          Credit Card # ____________________________________________________________________          Exp. Date ____________________
              Leather Works                          Signature__________________________________ ______________________________________              Date ________________________
              Livermore Harley-Davidson/Buell        Hospice House Fund Contributions
              Lori & Company                              Benefactor: 1,000 or more                          Sponsor: $250 - $499                 Supporting: $50 - $99
              MICA Recovery & Transport, Inc.             Patron: $500 - $999                                Donor:   $100 - $249                 Sustaining: $25 - $49
              Mitchell Modesto Harley-Davidson
                                                          Other _______
              Mountain Valley Express                                                       Your donation to Hospice of San Joaquin is appreciated!
              My Evil Twin Choppers                        With you contribution to the Hospice House Fund, Hospice patients who cannot remain in their own homes are welcomed
              Nor Cal Beverage                                                        and the House is sustained and maintained for generations to come.
              Norcal Beverage/Bill Bryant                                    Gifts Payable to: Hospice of San Joaquin, 3888 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95204
              Northern Refrigerated                                                                              THANK YOU
                                                                                                                                                                                                     U M M E R
Hospice of San Joaquin 2005 Annual Members                                                         Roy Damilano                    Barbara Hyduke                   Virginia Purviance

                                                                          Continued from page 5
                                                                                                   Shirley Dare                    Independent Order of Foresters   Ernest and Delphine Reed

                                                                                                                                                                                                     P R I N G
Patrick and Christina Doran      Elaine Miller                   Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wanner        Joan Davis                      Andrew Inouye                    Helen Reggio
Albert Eckert                    Thomas and Laura Moore          Waterloo Ladies Social Club       Roland and Pat Davis            Duane Isetti                     Holly Renfro
Emily Escalante                  Dr. and Mrs. John Morozumi      Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wheat         Mr. and Mrs. Victor De Ganna    Jeff and Lynda Jackson           Josephine Rerich
David and Paula Evans            Lee and Mary Nash               Irene Wilbur                      Daniel DeAngelis                Ronald and Joann Jacobs          Bob Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Facaros       Jennie Newberry                 Dana Willard                      Janice DeBenedetti              Don and Janet Johnson            Mary Reynolds

Laszlo and Connie Fodor          Virginia Newberry               Carolyn Williams                  Adelaide Del Prete              Carol Jolly                      Elaine Riley
Foster Lumber                    Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Norling      Mary Zawilla

                                                                                                                                                                                                     O A Q U I N
                                                                                                   Joseph and Louise Della Santa   Grace Kenmotsu                   George Riley
Connie Fox                       Therese Pearse                  SUSTAINING DONORS                 Madelyn Delucchi                Troy Kilmer                      Edmund Rishwain
Austin and Mary Frederick        Bruce and Marilyn Peirano       Tess Aberle                       Gregory and Patricia Delucchi   Billie Kinder                    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Risso
Mr. and Mrs. Jeryl Fry           Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Perry        Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Alexson      David Dodson                    Dr. and Mrs. Norman King         Jane Roberts
Eyvon Gaines                     Harriett Peterson               John Allen                        Cynthia Donahue                 Arthur Kinney                    Ray Roncale

Ida Belle Gallego                Anthony Pezzi                   Joyce Altheide                    Camilo and Debra Donia          Raymond Knapp                    Mary Ross

                                                                                                                                                                                                     A N
Robert Gallo                     Don Plath                       Carol Anderson                    Lorean Doss                     Agnes Kotecki                    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ruhstaller
Dino and Clydene Gherlarducci    Tom Podany                      Mr. and Mrs. Art Aulwurm          Jean Doughty                    Mr. and Mrs. Dave Kraft Bernie   Teddy and May Saiki

David Giger                      Elva Pollock                    Matt Barton                       Elsie Down                      Krebsbach                        Stan and Dorothy Sandelius

                                                                                                                                                                                                     O F
Gertrude Glaves                  Nita Powell                     John and Margaret Basalto         Susan Drawve                    Mr. and Mrs. Hart Laurence       Steve and Lorraine
Fay Goleman                      Mr. and Mrs. Allan Preston      Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bauer      Marlene Drew                    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lawrence     Sanguinetti

                                                                                                                                                                                                     O S P I C E
Harvey and Francine Gottlieb     Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Primack     D.L. Beddock                      Mardee duBois                   Carol Le Noach                   Mr. and Mrs. William Sarcander
Jerry and Laurie Hall            Olive Quilter                   Robert and Linda Bennitt          Alfred Eigenberger              Ricardo Leao                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Savage
Mr. and Mrs. William Hao         Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Revillar    Fred Bentley                      Joe Elsey                       Florence Lenz                    Velma Scarborough
Robert and Lynne Hargis          Lynn Reynolds                   Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bettencourt   Lee Elwood                      William and Mary Ann Libbey      Tillie Schock

Evelyn Hassbaum                  Phyllis Roche                   Sue Beyer                         Ella Evans                      Darlene Lillard                  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schumacher
Heiser Foundation                Phil and Norma Rodoni           Alex Bianchi                      Paul Fairbrook                  Clarence Lozier                  Maurio and Marsha Segarini
Heiser Law Corporation           Flora Rosek                     John and Ida Birtwhistle          Diana Farano                    Capt. And Mrs. William Lynch     Janis Sheen
Ida Hentschel                    Karl and Jerri Ross             Erma Bissell                      Margaret Ficovich               Frank and Terry Macedo           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sheen
Brenda Higginson                 Russell C. Heller Fund          Wally Blum                        Jose Fidel                      Lillie Madison                   Mr. and Mrs. Russ Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hnath        Mildred Russo                   Mr. and Mrs. Don Bo               Ann Filson                      Linda Mahon-Costa                Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Shrope
Helen Holt                       Elmer Salini                    Gloria Bonotto                    Shirley Flaningam               Andrew Mangili                   Paul and Josephine Signorelli
Mary Jane Horning                Mr. and Mrs. Richard Salvetti   Verma Booth                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Floriddia   Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Marek        Debra Simas
Ruth Howell                      Raul and Jane Sancehz           Teresa Botsford                   John and Lori Formento          Alice Martin                     Florence Sinoqui
Reverend and Mrs. Karl Irvin     Mr. and Mrs. John Sandman       Dorothy Knox Bramsell             Alan Foster                     George Martin                    Altora Smith
Lois Jacobs                      Mr. and Mrs. Jose Santiago      Phyllis Brooks                    Annalies Foster                 Tom Martin                       D. David Smith
Edythe Jenkins                   Helen Schneider                 Yvonne Brown                      Morton and Joanne Foster        Eugene and Jo Ann Marx           Leon Snyder
 Barbara Jones                   Mr. and Mrs. James              Mr. and Mrs. Frank Budesa         Maureen Foster                  Lucile Mason                     Dolly Sonne
Claud and Judy Jordan            Schweichkardt                   Grace Bueno                       Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Francis      Mr. and Mrs. George Matsumoto    Mary Patricia Sorini
Dr. and Mrs. Mas Kamigaki        Frederick and Norma Selin       Augusta Cabral                    Joyce Freeman                   Emyle McElwee                    Stan Steele
Noble and Evelyn Keddie          Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Serra       Judith Cabral                     Rose Freggiaro                  William and Priscilla McGregor   Pat Stegall
Gary and Mary Keeney             Marie Shane                     Adelene Campbell                  Lorraine Frick                  Duane Meacham                    Marian Stetson
Judge and Mrs. Frank Kim         Carol Shilue                    Norma Canepa                      Robert Gerber                   Rena Meier                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stirton
Rita King                        Louis and Audrey Shoneff        Tatiana Castleton                 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard            Faith Meling                     Arlene Stocker
Jeffrey Knudson                  Mildred Silveira                Paula Cazale                      Ghilarducci                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mercer       Lynne and Barbara Sutton
Patricia La Prath                Harley and Brigette Smith       Angela Cerri                      Jack and Bette Gianelli         Jeanette Michaels                Linda Taberna
Ted and Beverly Lacy             Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith          Stephen Chervony                  Tillie Giovannetti              Jon Miller                       Mr. and Mrs. John Takahashi
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lepisto       Joe and Alice Solari            Tom Chinchiolo                    Alfred Giovannoni               Mr. and Mrs. Sid Mireles         Masako Takaya
Mr. and Mrs. James Limbaugh      Soroptimist Intl of Lodi        Jean Chute                        Faye Giovenetti                 Mokelumne Federal Credit         Gertrude Tapucol
Arlene Little                    Elizabeth Stabler               Elmer and Rasheeda Clawson        Christina Goehring              Union                            Marie Taylor
Hal and Debbie Lurtsema          Wesley Steyer                   Ted and Jane Cobb                 Angie Gonzales                  Shirley Montgomery               George Teixeira
Madeleine Lynch Lynch            Natalie Stockton                Mr. and Mrs. Jack Coffelt         Olive Gorham                    Thomas and Frances Moore         Louis and Janice Thanas
William and Grace Machado        Charliz Thompson                Mr. and Mrs. Bert Collins         Gary and Rita Gorham            Peter and Cindy Morelli          Edwin Tiede
Michael and Diana Machado        Marjory Thornton                Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cooper         Dr. and Mrs. Walter Gough       Therese Moreno                   Mr. and Mrs. Felix Torlai
Mr. and Mrs. Guido Marengo       Amy Travaille                   Carlos and Gloria Cordero         Helen Gough                     Mike and Leona Murray            Delores Torre
Joel and June Mauser             Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trucco       Olga Cornelison                   Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Grabinske    Marla Nahorn                     Benjamin Totanes
Barbara McCandless               Hersha Turner                   Melvin and Harriet Corren         John Green                      Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Nelson        Jeanne Towns
Mary McCleary                    Virginia Upwall                 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Corry           Nancy Greenwood                 James Wilburn and Susanne        Russell and Helen Triolo
Jean McGurk                      Giulio Vaccarezza               Salvador and Irene Cortes         Mr. and Mrs. Jon Gustorf        Nelson                           Tony and Dawn Troncale
Mr. and Mrs. E. Leslie Medford   Catherine Van Nest              Frieda Costa                      Dolores Guzman                  Mildred Neve                     Jean Truex
Doreen Melendez                  E.M. Vandenbroeder              Mr. and Mrs. William Crow         Dr. and Mrs. Harlan Hague       Edward and Shirley Newland       Georgia Turkatte
Fran Meredith                    Al and Barbara Veerkamp         Ann Crowl                         Dorothy Halliday                Mr. and Mrs. Neal Newlin         Elaine and Alvina Ulrich
Hubert Mettler                   Mr. and Mrs. William Vukovich   Patricia Culbertson               Michael Halloran                Mary Ng Lam                      John and Helen Underhill
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mettler       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walker      Betty Ann Dal Porto               Robert Handel                   Harold Nicholson                 Kathe Underwood
                                                                                                   Nancy Hanson                    Mildred Niswonger                UPPEC Council #138, Lodi
                                                                                                   Helen Harkness                  Audrey Norris                    Louis Van Anne
                                                                                                   Frances Harrell                 Royce Northcott                  Glenn Van Pelt
                                                                                                   Vernon and Marjorie Hellwig     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Null        Joanne Vaughan-Cobb
                                                                                                   Mary Henderson                  Don O’Leary                      Virginia Wagers
                                                                                                   Bob and Dorothy Henning         Mae Offermann                    Thelma Welch
                                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hermann     Harry and Lori Olson             William and Elaine Werner
                                                                                                   Martin Herzog                   Marjorie Ott                     Georgie Whitney
                                                                                                   Darlene Hieb                    Frank Pegg                       Iva Jean Whitver
                                                                                                   Bernie Holmes                   Jerold Percival                  Mr. and Mrs. Duke Wilkinson
                                                                                                   Shew Hong                       Genevieve Anne Peters            Robert John Winkler
                                                                                                   Bea Grasham and Naomi Horton    Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Phillips     Mr. and Mrs. Mark Woehl
                                                                                                   Katalin Horvath                 Karen Pillsbury                  Ann Worth
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Leonard            Bud and Marjorie Proulx
                                                                                                   Humphreys                       Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Prudhel

Jan Watts, Rosa Solis and Sharon Stokes of the Butterfly Auxiliary present the huge
check for $75,000 at the Hospice of San Joaquin’s Annual Dinner. The contribution
represents the year’s work on behalf of the Hospice House.
                                                                                                                                                            Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                            U.S Postage
                                                                                                                                                            Permit No. 557
                                                                                                                                                             Stockton, CA

3888 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95204

Return Service Requested

For more information about News and Events     Volunteer Training                                              2005 TREE OF LIGHTS:
go to our web site: www.hospicesj.org          To register, call Julie Lofy, 957-3888                            SAVE THE DATES
Adult Bereavement Support Groups               Hospice of San Joaquin Office,                         Delta Community College Stockton, Pacific & Yokuts
to register, call Lee Johnson, 957-3888        Monday/Thursday afternoons                                      Tuesday, November 22, 6 p.m.
                                               Oct 17 – Nov 10, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.                          Doctors Hospital of Manteca, Cottage & North
                                                                                                                  Tuesday, November 29, 6 p.m.
Hospice of San Joaquin Office, 3888 Pacific    Bereavement Volunteer Training
Ave, Stockton 95204 Wednesdays                 Hospice of San Joaquin Office,                                     Lodi, City Hall, 221 W. Pine Street
Oct 18 – Nov 15, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.              Nov 14 and Nov 17, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.                                Thursday, December 1, 5:30 p.m.
 SPANISH SPEAKING GROUP                        Monday/Thursday

Oct 26 - Nov 30, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.               Visit our website www.hospicesj.org to
                                               learn more about the services of Hospice
Manteca:                                        of San Joaquin, to make a contribution
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church,                    online or with a mail-in form and for a                                       Butterfly Auxiliary
Louise and Cottage in Manteca                  calendar of Bereavement and Butterfly
on Thursday evenings Oct 13 - Nov 17,                 Auxiliary events, or Volunteer
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.                                             opportunities.                      Order your Poinsettia's for Christmas!
                                                                                                                       All sales benefit Hospice House
Lodi:                                                                                     6" plants (in red, white, pink, or jinglebell) are just $10.00
Emanuel Lutheran Church,1540 W. Lodi                                                      Ten inch plants (in red or white) are $25.00
Avenue, Lodi Monday evenings Nov 7 - Dec 12,                                              Order by November 24th. Delivery in the first week of December.
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.                                                                          Mail order or check to:
                                                                                          Hospice Butterfly Auxiliary, 1500Academy St. Lodi, CA 95240
Workshop: Coping With the Holidays
Location:Hospice of San Joaquin Office,               Hospice of San Joaquin              Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
Nov. 12, 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.                        is a United Way participating           Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________
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