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					                       Bruins Baseball Camp
                       Rules and Regulations
The following will NOT be tolerated:
                                                                           BASEBALL CAMP
        -Fighting or Arguing


        -Destruction of camp equipment, property, or facilities

        -Disrespectful actions toward the camp staff

Any of the above problems will lead to suspension of the
offender(s) for the day. A repeat offense will lead to dismissal
from the camp without refund of the fee.


                         Typical Camp Day
                                                                        AGES 8- rising 9th graders
Roll call and loosening-up activities ...............9:00-9:30 AM

Drill work and individual defense.................9:30-10:30 AM
                                                                            June 21-23, 2010
Hitting instruction and drills .......................10:30-11:30 AM

“Little things in Baseball”......................... 11:30-12:00 noon

        Hurry space is limited!!!
                           Bruins Baseball Camp
Ages 8-rising 9th graders…….June 21-23……9:00AM-12:00(noon)
Coaching Staff:
       Mickey Drew - Head Varsity Baseball Coach – Camden Co. HS           Emergency Phone Number:__________________________________
       Jeff Winslow – Varsity Asst. Baseball Coach – Camden Co. HS
       Mike Ott –      Head JV Baseball Coach – Camden Co. HS              Insurance Company:_______________________________________
       Other area baseball coaches and Varsity players
                                                                           Policy Number:___________________________________________
Eligibility:      Boys age 8- rising high school freshmen
                                                                           Medical Disorders:________________________________________
Program:          The Bruins Baseball Camp will stress fundamentals of
                  throwing, catching, infield/outfield play, hitting and             I, ______________________________, understand that
                  base running.                                            responsibility for any medical claims and /or damages received while
                                                                           participating in the camp will be that of the parent/guardian and in no way
Facilities:       Camden High School                                       will I hold the camp staff or Camden County Baseball responsible.

Health:           ALL CAMPERS MUST BE COVERED BY                           Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________Date:________
                  PERSONAL INSURANCE.
What to bring: glove baseball shoes socks                                                         Registration Form
               baseball bat (one you can swing)
Transportation: Each camper will be responsible for getting to and                Last          First          MI
                from camp each day.
Fee:              BEFORE June 14:                AFTER June14:                     Street/PO Box         City          State  Zip

                         $50                               $60             T-Shirt Size      Youth                      M        L        XL
                                                                           (Think Big)       Adult             S        M        L        XL
                   Send checks and registration form to:
                           Jeff Winslow                                    Parent/Guardian:__________________________________________
                           296 Up River Road
                           Belvidere, NC 27919                             Home Phone:_________________Work Phone:__________________
               For more information call: 252-333-7786
                                                                           Emergency Contact:_______________________Phone:___________

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