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									     Volume 1 Issue 4

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  New Real Estate listings for 2007...                        Goods and services available from our                      Empire Trade Agents around Australia and
                                                              members around Australia. …                                the world …

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                                                                        Admin Updates

 Administration Fee
 The new monthly administration fee has now been implemented. This $11 fee will be applied to all accounts
 on the 28th of each month. It will enable us to provide a higher level of assistance and to introduce new
 services. We are happy to talk with members regarding this fee, just call us at Head Office, or speak with
 your Regional Agent

 Banking Details: Please ensure that all cheques are made out to Empire Trade Australia. Our bank account
 for direct deposits is with Suncorp Bank

      BSB                                       484 799
      Account Number                            027318880

DISCLAIMER: While every care has been taken in preparing this publication, Empire Trade Exchange Pty Ltd (including its Executive Advisory Committee, associates and
agents) will not accept any responsibility or liability to any person or corporation seeking to rely on any information, advice or opinion provided in this publication or otherwise
given in any manner by the Executive Advisory Committee, associates and agents of Empire Trade Exchange Pty Ltd for any loss or damage of whatever nature suffered by
any such person or corporation. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the permission of Empire Trade Australia Pty Ltd.
                                                                       Forefront                                          News and updates on the Exchange

   Empire Trade Exchange International has appointed a new Australian Manager. Robert Howell is a long-term
   member of the exchange, as well as a regional agent. Due to his great success in his regions, he has decided to
   take on the National Agency.
   His plan is simple, and feedback has determined that the members of the Exchange in Australia need more sup-
   port. Through out the year teams of Member Support will be allocated around the country to assist in further im-
   proving our levels of service Australia wide.
   Members will receive extra contact, six monthly up to date members directories, additional regular local publica-
   tions, trade nights and further opportunities for promotion.
   Head office is still situated in Warana on the Sunshine Coast Queensland where the friendly staff are still available
   to take your calls, including member support, membership accounts, and membership sales.
   Some staff have stayed with Barter Exchange International. who will now focus on building the exchange around
   the world, which will include bringing on new countries, and better assisting existing countries. We are currently
   seeking new regional agents to represent the exchange; all proposals will be looked at seriously.
   Empire Trade Australia as with all the other E Banc Trade countries still falls under the Barter Exchange Interna-
   tional banner, and the International Barter Exchange Trading Rules. Each country also has its own National Trad-
   ing Rules, which conforms with the laws and taxes of that particular country.
   New services available to Australian members include;
   Online Shopping Catalogue
   Our online catalogue is now available on our corporate site. Currently products displayed are from our head office
   warehouse and Australian members. As soon as our first container of products is confirmed from China, products
   will be listed for sale. You can browse the catalogue without logging in, however you will need to log in to pur-
   The shopping cart can be used to purchase products in stock from the Head Office warehouse on the Sunshine
   Coast. Products displayed by Agents or Members must be ordered directly from the Agent or Member.
   Members are welcome to list products for sale on the catalogue. Criteria for listing products are as follows.
   Catalogue is for product and not services
   Member must have an ongoing supply of the product
   Must be able to supply Australia wide
   Product must be new and of good quality
   Price must be right
   Trade component a minimum of 40%
   Product from China
   Peter Barnes, one of the directors of International Barter Exchange is currently in China placing orders and building
   relationships with the Chinese manufacturers for the continuous supply of stock to the International Empire Mem-
   bership. If you are interested in importing anything, please contact Claire Sloane on 07 54377220 or email with your product requirements. As you can imagine the selection of product
   available out of China is enormous, therefore the more information you can give us including description, size, ma-
   terials, quantities, and price you are currently paying etc, will enable us to ensure we obtain the exact product you

                                                                     Our Condolences
                                       Wendy Dunstan from our Albury-Wadonga office sadly passed away
                                                                 this week.
                                      Our thoughts are with her husband Steve and her long time friend Karen
                                                     who both work for our Albury-Wadonga

Empire Trader Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                                      Page 2
                                                               R E A L E S TAT E                                  New listings and properties available now

    Olympus Realty has a variety of residential, commercial and industrial properties as well as land and businesses
                        for sale. Check out the property section at
                                           Olympus Realty - License No. 3155275
                                                  ABN: 91 120 781 240
                                             PO Box 1173, Buddina Qld 4575
                                          Ph: 07 5437 7075    Fax: 07 5437 7231
                                          Trading Hours:   Mon - Fri   9am - 5pm

   ID: 724 - Bundaberg Qld

   UNIQUE DEVELOPMENT SITE WITH OCEAN VIEWS - 3255m2 building site with DA for 5 tri-
   level townhouses, each residence approx 300m2. Situated in a prestigious area of Bundaberg.

                                  Priced at $1,250,000 including $312,500 Empire Trade

   ID: 733 - Amby Qld

   FREEHOLD HOTEL - situated on the Warego Highway, renovated in 2004, popular truck stop
   with powered sites for caravans and campers.

                                 Priced at $310,000 + S.A.V (trade component negotiable)

Empire Trader Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                                   Page 3
                                                                       Members Market                                              Empire Trade member specials for March


                                                           AUSTRALIA WIDE

                                               Burrows Computer Services
  The following quality Ex Gov systems are priced to sell, and often move fast. So get in quick to avoid disappointment. Free deliv-
  ery is available Gympie to Brisbane, Gold Coast & Toowoomba. Bank transfers via Visa, Master Card & Bank Cards are wel-
  come (for cash component). We also accept cash & trade on delivery (conditions apply).
  To order simply reply to this email, with your full contact details & desired product (include any options). We will contact you
  promptly to secure your order and organise delivery & payment. Systems will be supplied on a first in, first out basis (based on
  email time stamps). Feel free to contact us for further information or for any other requirements. you might have.

                          Dell Latitude D610 DVDRW Notebook Computer
                          Why buy new? High end ultra portable notebook at a low cash price!
                          Intel mobile centrino 1.86 GHz Processor        1GB (1024Mb) DDR2 memory
                          60 GB hard disk drive                           dvd+rw dl dvd burner (burns all dvd & cd)14.1” TFT
                          Active matrix                                   Sound card (stereo speakers) 3D output
                          Intel express 915 series 128Mb graphics         Touchpad / Stick
                          56k Fax / Modem                                 10/100/1000 LAN (broadband ready)
                          WiFi LAN (wireless network)                     1× PCMCIA expansion (type II/III)
                          4 × USB 2.0 expansion ports                     Lithium battery 2.5 hours
                          Bonus carry bag & USB mouse                     6 month warranty
              Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 (genuine license & restore CD) and Microsoft Vista ready (see info below)
                  AVG Antivirus + Anti-spy ware and Open Office - word processor, spreadsheet, presentation etc.
                                  Bonus preinstalled game pack to showcase system performance.
                                           Special Price $1898.00 50% Trade / 50% Cash
                                  That’s only $949 Trade and $949 Cash. (only one item in stock!)

                        Intel Celeron 2.4GHz Computer System
                        Great for home or office at a fraction of a new buy price!
                       Intel Celeron 2.4GHz Processor                       512Mb / 2GB Max DDR memory
                       20GB hard drive disk                                 CDRW (burns all cd media)
                       17” CRT monitor                                      Integrated graphics
                        Keyboard and mouse                                 10/100 LAN (broadband ready)
                        4 × USB 2.0 expansion ports                        90 day warranty
                                   Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 (genuine license & restore CD)
                  AVG Antivirus + Anti-spy ware and Open Office - word processor, spreadsheet, presentation etc.
                       Free delivery Gympie - Brisbane* Only 5 items in stock (discounts offered for 3+ buy)
                                         Priced to Sell $498.00 50% Trade and 50% Cash
                                              That’s only $249 Trade and $249 Cash
      Optional upgrade pack only $75 Trade and $75 Cash for a 40GB HDD, DVD+RW DL burner & 6 month warranty upgrade.
                                          Microsoft Windows Vista ready (see info below)

                       Acer Veriton 3600g SFF Intel Pentium 4 2.6 GHz Hyperthread Computer System
                       That’s TWO Intel Pentium 4 2.6GHz Processors!
                       Powerful Home or Office PC at fraction of a new buy price!
                       Intel Pentium 4 2.6 GHz Processor                     Integrated Graphics
                       512Mb / 2Gb Max DDR Memory`                           Keyboard, Mouse & Speakers
                       40 GB Hard Disk Drive                                 10/100 LAN (broadband ready)
                       DVD+-RW DL (burns all cd & dvd media)                 4 x USB 2.0 expansion ports
                        17" CRT Monitor                                       90 day warranty (R.T.B)
             Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 (license & restore cd) and Microsoft Windows Vista Ready (see info below)
                 AVG Antivirus + Anti-spy ware and Open Office - Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation etc.
                        Free delivery Gympie - Brisbane* Only 5 items in stock (discounts offered for 3+ buy)
                                          Special price $798.00 50% Trade and 50% Cash.
                                               That’s only $399 cash + $399 trade.
                 Optional upgrade pack only $85 Trade + $85 Cash for a 160Gb HDD & 6 month warranty upgrade.

Empire Trader Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                                                  Page 4
                                                                             Members Market                                                    Empire Trade member specials for March


                                                                AUSTRALIA WIDE

                       Acer Veriton 3600g SFF Intel Pentium 4 2GHz Hyperthread Gaming System
                       That’s TWO Intel Pentium 4 2.6GHz Processors!
                       Powerful Gaming / Graphic PC at fraction of a new buy price!
                       Intel Pentium 4 2.6 GHz Processor                      1Gb / 2Gb Max DDR Memory
                       160 GB Hard Disk Drive                                 256Mb Dedicated Graphics Card (great for games)
                       DVD+-RW DL (burns all cd & dvd media)                  17" CRT Monitor
                       Keyboard, Mouse & Speakers (with subwoofer)            10/100 LAN (broadband ready)
                        4 x USB 2.0 expansion ports                            6 month warranty (R.T.B)
             Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 (license & restore cd) and Microsoft Windows Vista Ready (see info below)
                 AVG Antivirus + Anti-spy ware and Open Office - Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation etc.
                                     Preinstalled Games Pack to showcase system performance
                        Free delivery Gympie - Brisbane * Only 5 items in stock (discounts offered for 3+ buy)
          RRP $1599 cash. Special Price $1189.00 50% Trade and 50% Cash. That’s only $599 Trade and $599 Cash.
    Optional upgrade pack only $299 Trade and $299 Cash or 19” TFT widescreen monitor (3 yrs) & a 12 month system warranty
                                                             50% Club Member
                                          Contact: Jeff Burrows on 1300 650 386 or 0421 737 661
                                                          Address: Caloundra QLD
    *All "Vista Ready" machines will accommodate the install without system modification. Other systems may only require ram upgrades etc. We
      are not currently recommending Vista due to lack of driver support and application incompatibility. Visit &
                                     for more information.
     *All ex demo / ex gov systems (PC's & notebooks) have usual scuff marks and scratches as expected from general use and shipping. All sys-
    tems are in Good condition, are covered by a return to base warranty or onsite warranty as specified (covered by United Electrical with 2000+
                    repair centers nation wide). All systems include genuine Microsoft licenses, & come complete with restore disks.

                                                    ETB PHONES
                                    Some offer it…Others promise it…We’ll deliver it
                                 The BEST Trade Component, The LOWEST Price, The BEST Service!
                          ETB Phones, your Empire Trade specialist telecommunications supplier, offers a full range of
                                         products and services to ALL Empire Trade customers.
                                  These include:
                                       •       Landlines.
                                       •       Mobile phones and service.
                                       •       Internet services.
                                       •       Business Phones Systems – 2 lines to 200.
                                  Compare your current supplier and service and see why so many are switching over to
                                                                  ETB Phones.
                                  The best prices:
                                         •       Great Customer Service
                                         •       100% Australian Owned
                                         •       Up to 33% trade at realistic starting prices on phone calls
                                         •       50% Trade on PABX Systems

                                  The best prices, great customer service and 100% Australian owned!
     Call ETB Phones today on 1300 55 49 56 or fax a current phone bill to 07 3272 6192 to arrange a “No-Hassle”
    phone bill ‘Check-Up’ against your current bill. Our aim is to save you money whilst utilising your Trade Dollars at
                                                     Competitive prices.

Empire Trader Volume 1 Issue 3                                                                                                               Page 5
                                                                Members Market
                                       Empire Trade member specials for April


                          AUSTRALIA WIDE                                         SE QUEENSLAND

                                                                           Bundaberg Mobile Phones
                                                                        Sales of new mobile phones & accessories
                  SHOP AT HOME & SAVE                                   Connection to Vodafone & Think Mobile.
     Book your own in-home presentation to have a
   great time with your friends and receive great addi-      All types of accessories for many makes & models of mo-
         tional benefits including a free gem stone.                      bile phones at reasonable prices.
    Hosting is easy and requires no responsibility by
         you to collect monies or distribute orders.
                                                                                   30% Trade
      It’s all handled on the day with the use of our                       Repairs to most brands of computers.
                       mobile EFTPOS                                                    30% Trade
   We Offer:                                                 Contact Colin Hart on (07) 4151 1040
   •        Solid gold jewellery at greatly reduced prices   Address: 59 Walker Street Bundaberg QLD
   •        Minimum of 2 years guarantee on all pur-
   •        Design of custom made jewellery                         EMPIRE TRADE SUNSHINE COAST
   •        Expert advice                                                        WAREHOUSE
   We Stock:                                                                     CLEARANCE
   •        Diamond rings in 9ct & 18ct gold                  DC Curve Dining Suite- Table and 4 Swivel Chairs with
   •        Dress rings                                               white leather padded seats $300.00
   •        Large range of 9ct earrings & studs                                    70% Trade
   •        Pierre Cardin watches and much more!                     Dining Suite-Table with 4 chairs $480.00
       To view our beautiful range of jewellery simply log                         70% Trade
                       onto our website*                                       Assorted Glassware
        We’re in the process of creating our brand new
                           catalogue!                                              70% Trade
                  70% Trade and 30% Cash                               Butchers Paper 18kg bundles $30.00
                 (not including postage costs)                                     80% Trade
                                                                             David Hart Prints $25.00
                                                                                   50% Trade
                                                              Café Latte Plastic Mugs - Great use for picnic baskets,
                                                              camping, giveaways, raffles, sausage sizzles etc Light-
                                                             weight mugs, easy to stack and pack. Looking for a cheap
                                                                       give away? Then here is the thing!!!
                                                                              55c each 90% Trade
                                                             Assorted hardware items- hasp & staples, hinges, screw-
                                                                                drivers, nails etc.
                                                                                   80% Trade
   Contact: Tony De Vita on (07) 3297 6086                   Contact: Kym Saron on (07) 5437 7220
   Address: Loganholme QLD                                   Address: 2 Production Avenue Warana QLD 4575
   Email:                         Web:
   Website:                        All Prices Include GST
   *Jewellery subject to availability

Empire Trader Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                                     Page 6
                                                                Members Market                                        Empire Trade member specials for March


                        NEW SOUTH WALES                                             NEW SOUTH WALES

                     Hiscocks Saddlery                           Don Brown Financial Services Group Pty Ltd

    Saddlery - Custom made Saddles                                  Did you think INSURANCE was expensive?
    Riding outfitters - Bits & Spurs, Hats, Stock Whips,                       WELL THINK AGAIN!
    Horse Rugs, Travelling Bags, Wallets, Pet Supplies.
                                                                Yearly Cost
    We have been in the Saddlery Business for 102               Female aged next Birthday
    years. Will supply Nationally.                              Non-smoker
    50% Trade.                                                    AGE    YEARLY COST           LIFE INSURANCE

    Contact: Garry Hiscock on (02) 6921 2458                     30      $242.64            $ 500 000
    Address: 21 Copland Street Wagga Wagga NSW
    2650                                                         35      $270.36            $ 500 000
    Fax: (02) 6921 2458
    Email:                           40      $327.43            $ 500 000

                                                                 45      $445.39            $ 500 000
                       Mr. Merchandise                           50      $704.44            $ 500 000

       Full colour printing of all stationery including:         55      $1060.00           $ 500 000

                                                                Yearly Cost
                        Business Cards                          Male aged next Birthday
                          Letterheads                           Non-smoker
                    Brochures and lots more!                      AGE    YEARLY COST           LIFE INSURANCE
    50% Club Member
                                                                 30      $297.43            $ 500 000
    We will setup all artwork for FREE for all business          35      $332.20            $ 500 000
    cards & flyers.
                                                                 40      $389.40            $ 500 000
    This offer is limited to the first 50 orders so don't de-
    lay!                                                         45      $556.93            $ 500 000
    To see our full range of products and very competi-
    tive prices please visit our website!                        50      $926.20            $ 500 000

    Contact: Paul Casson on (02) 9624 7249                       55      $1694.40           $ 500 000
    Address: 1/1 Tucks Road Seven Hills NSW 2147
    Fax: (02) 9624 5945                                         Contact: Don Brown on 1800 996 611
    Email:                              Address: Leeton NSW
    Website:                             Email:

                                                                                    K I Tiles Pty Ltd
                                                                Tile supplier. Indoor and Outdoor Tiles. Wall and Floor
                                                                Tiles. Ceramic and Natural Stone. Tiling Tools. Water
                                                                proofing. 30% Trade.
                                                                Contact Gordon Redman on 02 6554 7033
                                                                Address: 86 Kularoo Drive Forster NSW 2428

Empire Trader Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                                      Page 7
                                                                        Members Market                                           Empire Trade member specials for March


                             VICTORIA                                                       TASMANIA

        Automotive Service Plus                                                     Panogana Pottery
                                                                    Exquisite range of pottery including:
  Automotive Service Plus is not just a
  motor mechanic - they also specialise in                          •     Bowls
  gas conversions. Gas conversions
  generally cost between $2,500 (saloon
                                                                    •     Cups
  cars) and $3,200 (station wagons).                                •     Mugs
  They can go higher depending upon the type of vehicle. A          •     Serving platters
  Federal Government Rebate (fixed at $2,000) can be claimed
  – the claim is generally paid within 7 – 10 days. The rebates     Wholesale & Retail 70%
  are for private vehicles only and cater for one per person.       Trade.
  The following paperwork is needed: An invoice, a compliance
  certificate and registration papers.                              Contact: Bill Thomas on (03) 6265 8481
  Kits and tanks today are designed and engineered to suit.         Address: 8 Payeena Street Dodges Ferry TAS
  Every vehicle, even those with plastic manifolds, uses gas        7173
  injection. Even diesels have gas enrichment. Properly fitted      Email:
  systems have very few problems. Gauges are in-dash and so         Website:
  are the switches. Customer feedback is 100% satisfaction.
  And they are economical, especially if you have claimed the
  $2,000 cash rebate from the federal Government!                                       SOUTH AUSTRALIA
  Contact: Gary Fairweather on (02) 6056 7124
  Address: 72 Church Street Wodonga VIC 3690                                Brookman Wines 2007 Easter
                                                                                    Trade Offer Specials
                                                                    Premium quality wines from McLaren Vale region South
                                                                    For a limited time Brookman Wines is offering Empire
  This is a genuine opportunity to turn your trade dollars into
  real cash! How? With our shared mail out plan!
                                                                    Trade Exchange Members premium wines at the
                                                                    special price of $135.00 plus freight per dozen...
  1.      You supply your A4 DL Flyer                               30% Trade / 70% Cash
  2.      We will supply A4 envelopes and insert your flyer with    (Freight not part of trade offer). Normal RRP $178.80
          a few other business’
  3.      We will send a total of up to 40,000 envelopes to busi-   Option 1
          nesses in the western suburbs, eastern suburbs,           Mixed dozen includes:
          southern suburbs and Dandenong suburbs with all
          costs inclusive.                                          3 x 2005 Chenin Blanc
  4.      We can print your advertising flyers (additional $0.05    (Bronze Medal 2006 CBA McLaren Vale Wine Show)
          per page B/W or single colour)                            3 x 2004 Merlot
                                                                    (4 star Winestate Magazine March/April 2006 edition)
                       What’s the cost?
        $295 + GST per 1000 60% Trade and 40% Cash.                 3 x 2004 Shiraz
                         Paid in advance                            3 x 2004 Cabernet/Merlot
                Offer is for a limited time only!                   (3 star Winestate Magazine Sept./October 2006 edition
  Contact: Handline on (03) 9706 4448
                                                                    + Bronze Medal 2006 CBA McLaren Vale Show)
  Address: 50-52 Licola Crescent Dandenong South VIC 3175
  Email:                                   Option 2
                                                                    Any combination of Reds as above or straight dozens.
                      Parkers Steakhouse                            *Conditions Apply
  Purveyors of top quality steaks & fine wine. Extensive wine       Offer ends 30th April 2007! “DON’T MISS OUT”
  list, chicken & pork spare ribs also available. Warm comfort-
  able & relaxing atmosphere. Lunch Tues-Fri from noon. Din-        Contact: Silvestro on 0418 843 036
  ner Tues-Sun from 6pm. 50% Trade                                  Address: Blewitt Springs SA
  Contact: Douglas on (03) 5221 8485
  Address: 2 Shorts Place Geelong VIC 3220
  Email:                       Website:

Empire Trader Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                                         Page 8
                                                                                  Members Market
                                                         Empire Trade member specials for March


                                                               BEYOND HEALTH
                                                     Digital Therapy Machine
                                         Why do you need a Digital Therapy Machine?
           Do you get pains in your back, legs and neck? Do your muscles ache making it hard for you to relax?
                                Do you have poor circulation or do you have trouble sleeping?
                                    If you suffer from any of these discomforts we can help.
        With the digital therapy machine aches and pains can disappear allowing you to enjoy life to its full potential.
                               For the low Price of $300.00 AUS or 40% Trade and 60% Cash
                                       That’s only $180.00 AUS Cash and $120.00 Trade.
                                                     You can live in comfort.
 Contact: Nicholas or Bethany Treglown on (08) 8332 0161
 Address: Tranmere South Australia 5073
 Sales of digital therapy machines, pulse electro magnetic therapy equipment. Services, sales, spares etc. 12 month
 replacement warranty.

                                Trading Suspensions and Businesses no longer with the Exchange

                                                              TRADING SUSPENSIONS
      The member accounts listed below have been suspended from trading during the month of March 2007. Please do not accept any transactions from
       these members without first calling for authorisation regardless of the amount. Without an authorisation, the transaction will not be honoured by
                                                        Empire Trade. This list will be updated monthly.

   10709    Fiona Lawson                             12460    Linda Harney                              13631    Hobart Fruit & Veg Wholesale
   10877    Katrina's Hair Shack                     12478    Wendy Hilditch                            13632    S.E. Fruit & Veg Markets
   11300    All Seasons Insulation                   12486    Logo Mats                                 13957    G & A Motor Repairs
   11421    Kinchan Pty Ltd                          13035    Aria Telecommunications                   14005    AMC Computing Pty Ltd
   11439    Fists of Fury Boxing Academy             13244    Iron Range Designs                        14214    2 Way Driving School
   11578    Serak Corp                               13496    Retaining Wall Concepts                   14571    The Batt Cave Pty Ltd
   12066    The Bakery at Pt. Cartwright             13603    Bridport Bay Inn                          14614    Yandina Engineering
                                      BUSINESSES NO LONGER IN THE EMPIRE TRADE EXCHANGE
     The following businesses are no longer members of our exchange. In most part, these are businesses that have sold or closed. These are permanent
                                   deletions and transactions by these businesses will not be honoured by Empire Trade.

    10957   Tom & Dawn Vinson                         16321    Anointed Sounds Australia                 18588   Lisa Noda
    11338   Gold Coast Marine Maintenance             16349    Joshua Piggott                            18745   Clearview Partnership
    11675   G.Hollinger & Co.                         16427    Selina Dunstan                            18817   Mornington Removals
    11738   Not Just Dance Wear                       16684    Cara Sullivan                             19157   Peppi Dietracatella
    11844   Kublers Fruit & Vegetable                 16750    Shout Graphics Pty Ltd                    20417   7 Days Florist
    12528   Raelene Buchanan                          16764    Noosa River Lazy Days House               20843   Enoggera Flowers
    12625   Alan & Jan Atkins                         17160    Hillside Bed & Breakfast                  20936   Communication Wizards
    12711   Ausbrakes Pro 1 Performance               17433    Pearls & Mabe Direct                      23957   Aaron Applefield
    13338   Everything Occa                           17765    FCL Enterprises-First Choice Loans        24356   Body Specs 3
    13691   Skyline Tree Services                     17774    Leonie Featherstone                       25311   Cupid's Cake Decorating Supplies
    14612   Southern Re-Upholsterey                   17775    Natasha Daniel                            25351   Whiz Automotive
    15303   Alemco Financial Services                 17806    Hinterland Children Association           25680   Souls Massage Thongs
    15461   New Image Detailers                       17845    Jeanette Maree Cox                        26033   Chianti on Colins
    15630   HS Cooper & Company                       17857    Dan Cuda                                  26034   26564 Kym Bidstrup
    15655   Ridgetop Roofing                          18346    Golemmi Pty Ltd                           26671   Westcoast Mobile Car Detailing Service
    15800   Paul Vandersluis                          18514    Rob McMillan                              27113   Rettke's Meat Centre
    15982   Blunsdon Holdings                         18541    Don Brown Financial Service               28585   Rambling Rosaleigh

Empire Trader Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                                                                       Page 9
                             A U S T R A L I A N C O N TA C T S
                                                                HEAD OFFICE
ACT                                              Sunshine Coast                                  NEW SOUTH WALES
Canberra                                         Tel: 07 5437 7220   Fax: 07 5437 7230
                                                 Email:                  Coffs Harbour & Mid North Coast
 Craig Petroni          Tel: 0407 996 312
                                                                                                  Mike Hancock           Tel: 02 4947 0723
 Mayling Haywood        Mob: 0415 217 110                                                                                Mob: 0412 216 037                                                          
SOUTH AUSTRALIA                                  Albury / Wodonga          Tel: 02 6931 5537     NSW Regional South     Tel: 02 6931 5537
Adelaide              Tel: 08 8381 5014           Rob Howell               Mob: 0418 573 337      Rob Howell            Mob: 0418 573 337
 Paul Humphries       Mob: 0410 317 753                   Ballarat & Bendigo         Tel: 03 5447 2113
                                                  Neville Maconachie        Mob: 0418 346 307    Newcastle              Tel: 02 4947 0723
                                                            Mike Hancock          Mob: 0412 216 037
                                                 Geelong                    Tel: 03 5221 9377
Brisbane North          Tel: 07 5437 7220
                                                  John Neskovski            Mob: 0411 711 266
                                                           Sydney                 Tel: 02 4947 0723
Brisbane West          Tel: 07 3277 9921                                                          Mike Hancock          Mob: 0412 216 037
                                                 Gippsland                  Tel: 03 5447 2113
 Les Howard            Mob: 0421 631 027                                                
                                                  Neville Maconachie        Mob: 0418 346 307
                                                            Wollongong             Tel: 02 4947 0723
Cairns & Qld North      Tel: 07 4059 1430                                                         Mike Hancock          Mob: 0412 216 037
                                                 Goulburn Valley           Tel: 03 5831 6405
 Wayne Wilson           Mob: 0421 396 064         Ken McNamara             Mob 0413 555 908            
                                                 Melbourne                 Tel: 1300 731 651
Gympie & Hinterland     Tel: 07 5437 7220         Tony McMillan            Mob: 0413 156 665     WA
Townsville              Tel: 07 4059 1430
                                                                                                  David & Megan Byrne     Mob: 0404 754 606
 Wayne Wilson           Mob: 0421 396 064                                                         
Wide Bay & Burnett    Tel: 07 5437 7220          Tasmania                   Tel. 03 6234 6433
                                                  Malcolm & Maree Lockley Mob: 0429 161 961

                     I N T E R N AT I O N A L C O N TA C T S
NETHERLANDS                                      VIETNAM                                        MALAYSIA
Atilla Koller            Tel: 06 44 34 1519       Nguyen Tien Bang       Tel: +84 893 02897      E Planet Trade
                                                  Email:                    Esther Loh              Tel: +60 3 7781 0233
HUNGARY                                          UNITED KINGDOM
Head Office               Tel: +31 50 3146 527    Ian Godbold         Tel: 0870 011 4577        BELGIUM
 John Koleszar              Mob: 0408 645 066     Email:                    Attila Koller           Tel: 06 44 34 1519
  Email:                                                                    Email:
                                                 SPAIN                  Tel: +34 900 101 192
NEW ZEALAND                Tel: +64 9 358 0536    Pablo Salgado & Javier Arce
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